Thursday, February 9, 2017

puppets in naruto

-so that's his real body? -i've waited 20 years. i want to see mygrandson's face. -what took you so long? -i got back hereas fast as i could. and besides, you're the onewho didn't send a replacement border guard soon enough. it was your plan, and itcompletely fell apart. -really?

i carried out yourselfish request, even though i hadjust been poisoned. you don't seem very grateful. if you ask me. well then, shall we go? -yeah. -yes, sir. -it can still move? -well played.

i should've expected noless from my own granny. no wonder even a kid likethat could dodge my attacks so easily. you can foresee myattacks, old woman. then you control thegirl with chakra threads using your puppet master jutsu. sakura (voiceover): he knows. -by the way, how clever ofyou to attach chakra threads to hiruko's tail too.

silly me. i only noticed whenthe tail's motion was brought to an abrupt halt. you did it when you threwthose kunai, didn't you? the thread tied to theknife stuck to his tail once they were deflected. -good. even though i used thetiniest bit of chakra to keep the stringsundetectable,

you still figured it out. -but of course. remember who taught mehow to play with puppets, who drilled the talent into me. it was you. -indeed. but, unfortunately,play time is over. -you don't knowhow right you are. [gasp]

-so, do you still thinkthis'll be easy, granny chiyo? -lady chiyo, is that personthere the real sasori? -i don't understand. your face is exactly the same. you haven't aged. sakura (voiceover):it can't be him. they told me sasori left thehidden sand 20 years ago. he couldn't be that young. [theme music]

-ah, damn it all to hell. kakashi (voiceover):there's noise coming from inside the cavern. no doubt about a battle'salready underway. i need to know what'sgoing on in there, but-- naruto: i've had it. hand over gaara right now! deidara (voiceover): it'sonly a matter of time until my man sasori takescare of their friends inside.

but if he rushes out here, thewhole point of using this guy to draw out thatnine-tailed jinchuriki you will be for nothing. naruto: you bastard! you're not getting away! hold it right there! -naruto, no! stop! -just stay and help sakura.

i can take thisguy, kakashi-sensei. -ah, damn it. guy, come in. how are things on your end? guy: haa! hate to say it,kakashi, but i think this is gonna take a while. -rotation! if you're tryingto delay someone,

i can't think of abetter way than this. -this is toughwhen your enemy has the same exact skills as you. -i believe it will notbe very easy to bring this fight to an end. your moves are good, imposter. kakashi (voiceover):at this point, there's no way ican help the others. sakura, lady chiyo, you'll haveto hold your own a bit longer.

-there's no chance i'mletting you get away! -still chasing me. hm. you'd better catchup with me soon! but when you do reach me,i'll take care of you. -everyone stop. -wh-- why'd youstop us, kankuro? -we should all rest for a while. -do what?

what are you talkingabout, kankuro? we don't have time to justsit here and take a load off. -now don't be so impatient. it's not like you tolose your cool, sis. [panting] -i'm sorry that wecan't keep up, temari. -a few more minutes. then we'll be able tostart running again. -please.

let us catch our breath. -no discipline. you people callyourselves shinobi? -you're asking the impossible. look at 'em, will you? they took turns on borderguard duty 24 hours a day, then the second theyget back to the village, they're called to run outhere as fast as they can. no matter how disciplinedthese ninja might be,

you can't force them todo more than they're able. -no. we can keep going! we can't give in toour own weaknesses when lord gaara's in trouble! -we must do everythingin our power for the sake of the kazekage! -that's right. to protect our dear kazekage.

-lady temari, we'reready whenever you are. -all right then. that's the passion i want. -now, now. let's not get too fired up. -lo-- lord ebizo,what do you mean? -remember. a good ninja neverloses his composure under any circumstances.

when kankuro forgot that,and recklessly chased after an enemy, he nearly gothimself killed, didn't he? look at yourselves,all worked up. you don't even realizewhere we are, do you? -what are you talking about? -well, for example, over there. -look at that. -it appears to be theaftermath of a battle between the akatsukiand leaf ninja.

-but that means-- it is safe to assumewe have already crossed into the territorycontrolled by the akatsuki. there's no telling whatkind of dangerous traps are out there waiting for us. all of us must make ourway through this area with extreme caution. if the five of you were tojust go rushing in, especially in your worn outcondition, you would

be annihilated inno time at all. [gasping] -it'll be fine. in fact, whileyou get some rest, i could tell you a storyabout the old days. it was a long, long time ago. i'm sure you young people musthave heard something of it before, what happenedwith the third kazekage. -wait a minute.

the third kazekage? -yes, dear. the one before ourprevious leader. the third kazekage was saidto be the most powerful of any kazekage, but then,in the blink of an eye, his mysterious disappearancechanged everything. the village wasoverwhelmed with distress trying to findtheir lost leader. looking back on it, youcould see how easily

people could let paniccloud their judgment. the village guardbecame distracted, allowing the enemy to invade. pandemonium ensued. if they had takena collective breath and dealt with things calmly,the subsequent bloodbath could have been avoided. now, i of allpeople am painfully aware of how eageryou must feel.

even so, you must notallow emotion to blind you, else you'll repeatthe mistakes that were made in the timeof the third kazekage. -but, lord ebizo, howdoes the story end? did they ever find out whathappened to the third kazekage? -for years, the anbublack ops continued to investigate insecret, but no body was ever discovered,nor any sign that the kazekagehad been kidnapped.

-what's the matter,granny chiyo? are you so filled withemotion that you can't speak? i'm not surprised. it's our firstunion in 20 years. -sasori, you-- sasori: while i have you, letme show you something special. i guarantee it will move you. this piece was particularlydifficult to acquire. -three?

what? -but on the other hand, that'swhat makes me so fond of him. that can't be. impossible. -what is? what's impossible? -it's him. it's the third kazekage. ok

-the third kazekage? [chuckling] -what do you think? doesn't he just takeyou back, granny chiyo? lady chiyo, what does this mean? -so this must bewhat happened to him. -are you saying? -it's been over ten years sincethe third kazekage suddenly disappeared from thevillage without a trace.

we scoured the countrysidebut could never find him. the strongest of ourkazekage simply vanished. sasori, it was you? and what if it was? i'm not afraid of aretired old woman. you've got one foot in thegrave and you want revenge. you can't even touch me. -retired? one foot in the grave?

maybe. but if i hadn't hauled thisold body here to face you, i would have died withfar too many regrets. my own grandson. it's bad enough you got yourselfmixed up with evil people, but to think you couldbetray your own village and meddle with thekazekage for the third time! -third time? -orochimaru may havebeen the one who

killed gaara's father,the fourth kazekage, but sasori was complicitfrom the beginning. and now he's taken gaaraand the third kazekage too. i wasn't involved with thedeath of the fourth kazekage. that was all the doingof one of my agents. -if that's thecase, it's the same as if you did itwith your own hands! do you claim youweren't involved at all? -it's true orochimaru and theakatsuki have some history.

we've done some work together. -so you were. if you worked withorochimaru, then you know all him and thethings that he's done. which means you have allthe answers i'm looking for. -hmph. chiyo (voiceover): sakura. -i'd love to stay andchat, but unfortunately i really must eliminatethe two of you,

and then go capturethat jinchuriki. i do hate to keeppeople waiting. sadly, there's no time toanswer your little quiz. well then, shall we begin? sakura (voiceover):here he comes. -die! -he's fast! chiyo (voiceover): didhiruko's tail just fall apart? -slick move, old lady.

but how are you goingto block this one? -no! sakura! sasori (voiceover):didn't work, did it? sakura (voiceover):that was close. sasori (voiceover): with theold lady controlling the action i'm not getting anywhere. [groaning] sasori (voiceover):well, in that case--

-what? quick. hold your breath, sakura! -poison. sasori (voiceover):control her all you want. it won't save her from the gas. -sakura! lee (voiceover):guy-sensei, this is awful! guy (voiceover):what is it, lee?

lee (voiceover): accordingto new intelligence, kakashi-sensei is the starof today's mini-feature! guy (voiceover): what? he gets a sweet deallike that while we're stuck down here fighting? lee (voiceover): wellthen, we will just have to take out these guysquickly and join 'em there. guy (voiceover):use the full power! neji (voiceover): we'llnever make it in time.

guy (voiceover):and all our effort will pay off, right, tenten? lee (voiceover): wait. where is she? neji (voiceover):she left all excited saying she got picked as the mc. lee (voiceover): say what? guy (voiceover):tenten, you traitor! tenten (voiceover): notablepeople in the leaf village.

here there. and now to introduce morefamous folks from the village. this time we planned tomeet the leaf's number one tactician, kakashi-sensei. that was the idea, but hestill hasn't shown up yet. it's pretty rude for a guyto keep a lady waiting. huh? -sorry i'm late. -finally.

-i know. apologies. but today i got-- -anyway, now that ourguest has arrived, time to find out all about him. kakashi: are you listening? -let's go. he commands naruto, sasuke, andsakura as leader of squad 7, and he's one of thevillage's top ninja.

outside the uchiha clan,he's one of the few who possesses sharingan,and because he can duplicate enemyjutsu, he's sometimes called mr. monkey-see monkey-do. i think you mean the copy ninja. tenten (voiceover): as such,kakashi-sensei's only original and most powerful jutsu is thesecret 1000 years of death. kakashi (voiceover): no. that's totally wrong.

it's called lightning blade. tenten, is it just me or wasmy intro the worst one ever? -oh. come on. don't be ridiculous.

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