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…designed to help you use your abilityto create quality videos and stories for your nonprofit organization. we willbe starting the recording in just a moment. and we thank you for joining us today. welcometo the techsoup digital storytelling challenge. this is evonne haning,interactive producer for techsoup. for those of you who arenew to the techsoup world, techsoup is an international nonprofitorganization. we are based in san francisco with offices in over 30 countries aroundthe world. you will find us at and if you are part of our global audience,you can also go to to find an office inthe country near you.

for the last 25 years techsoup hasbeen providing technology resources including information, software, tools, andmany different types of educational resources including the digital storytelling challenge.during the month of february we are hosting the third annual techsoup digitalstorytelling challenge where we encourage you to make 1 minute videos or a five photo setthat helps tell the story of your organization. this can be some subset of your work. itcan be a program that you are proud of. it can be a tool for fundraising,advocacy, building volunteers, or whatever it is that your organization needs to accomplish.we are encouraging you to enter your videos and photo sets by february 29. andthe website for more information

is on your screen. it is and today we are happy to welcomedavid neff of lights camera help. i am going to bring up just a little bit ofinformation about david as we get started. you can see his lovely face there. david isthe creator and cofounder of lights camera help. he is an author. he is aspeaker, a network weaver, and he calls himself a social media scientist.he has been creating videos and stories with nonprofits for over 10 years includingwork with the american cancer society. and yes you can find him on twitter@daveiam.and you can find lights camera hel on twitter @npfilm. david i am going tobe passing the screen share on to you.

and thank you for joining us today. david: yeah, you bet. thanks forhaving me. that's such a bad photo, i need to update that on our website. evonne: well, we will let you make your ownstory. and there is actually a video of you on the website as you can see david in action if you are looking for informationabout the digital storytelling challenge. david, you were teaching ustoday about production, correct? david: that is correct. we are goingto walk through some basic steps on being able to go through. and ourfirst kind of session, rich vazquez

who is one of the cofounders of lightscamera help, and he is on our board currently, walked you guys through what to dobefore you ever picked up a camera. so today we will talk about whatto do once you pick up a camera or the iphone and startviewing yourselves. evonne: great. well, we are going to startout with a poll, and we wanted to find out just a little bit more information about who ouraudience is today, and what skill level we are at. so i am going to ask kyla to go aheadand share the poll with our audience. and then i am going to give you thescreen and let you take us through it. you will see the poll in front of you askingyou what is your video production skill level.

so let us know where you are at so that wecan help answer your questions in this hour. david, thank you, andthe floor is all yours. david: cool. thank you very much. socan you guys see the first slide there? kyla: we are actually still showing thepoll real quick, and i am going to close that in just a second david, just so youknow. i'm going to close the poll in about five, four, three, two, one. and really quicki'm going to go ahead and share those results just so everybody can see them. reallyquick, it looks like 40% say they have never created a video before.38% say they have created a few videos. 20% say they have created videos quite abit but are still learning. and 3% are ready

to teach other people how to make videos. soi'm going to close that and now it is all yours. david: i think that's perfect, kind of ourskill set, because what we are going for today is definitely that i have picked up a camera,or i am just now starting to pick up a camera. so i think we will be just perfect. so i will — are wechanging presenter right now? there we go, perfect. so i am going to take you through today. iwill first tell you guys a little bit about what is lights camera help. so lightscamera help was founded about four years ago, and we are the world's first organizationthat connects filmmakers and nonprofits,

nonprofits and filmmakers. and we are very bigbelievers in the fact that nonprofits, ngos, and cause driven organizationsshould be showing their message, not just talking about the message. so you canfind out more about us at or @npfilm on twitter. the hashtag of course, for this is #tsdigs, but we also have our own hash tagsthat we monitor at #lch and #npvideo. so the first thing we are going to talktoday is about putting your director's hat on. so kind of the idea as you areout doing film [indistinct…] working with volunteers, or the populationyou serve, or even with your internal staff, you have to have a differentmindset then what you normally have.

you have to have the ability to putyour director's hat on, and remember, and in fact embody all of thethings that we will talk about today. so i have here kind of the stereo typicalphoto of a director, very intense, wild hair, their headphones on to monitor theaudio, somebody behind him taking notes with their script in their hand. and maybeyou guys don't need to get that heavy, but you do need to remember to put yourdirector's hat on, because as a director, as a producer you are going to bedoing things you are uncomfortable with. and basically, you will also be doing stuffother people might be uncomfortable with. and this could be anythingfrom asking hard questions

all the way to asking your ceo to go changetheir shirt because it is not the right color. putting your director's hat on means a lot ofthings, but really it means having complete control of the situation as much as you can. so if yourceo messes up, you don't say hey, no worries. you say hey, we need to do that again. ifyou have a client that you are interviewing that is just not saying what you really need themto say, is figuring out what question to ask them to get that soundbite out of them. so thatis the main thing, and one of the main things that i wanted you guys to learn todayis putting that director's hat on when it comes to production. so we are going to go throughthe top five nonprofit video tips.

obviously this is a lot more involved than thetop 5 list, or a top 10 list, or any amount. we actually teach about a six hourfilm and video class off-line to people. and a big part of that is this production,and actually having you guys go out, complete worksheets, actually go film eachother, edit it, have computers in front of you. but today because of the time andtechnology we don't have that. so i want to give you guys simple take a ways thatyou can take away from the folks at techsou and lights camera help around how to thinkand how to actually go out and produce video. so number one is think in frames. i'm sure a lotof you've taken a photography class in high school, or college, or maybe at the post college-level,but we talk a lot about in photography,

in film the rule of thirds. so what you see hereon the left, and what you see here on the right are basically the same photo but with differentprinciples of photography applied to them. on the left you see kind ofa very boring great way shot. on the right you see what we like to call the "ruleof thirds," the ability for us to break up a shot in two thirds. so you see in this photo thereare one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine squares. and thosenine squares are across everything whether you are shooting with a wide anglelens, whether you are shooting with your iphone, or your android phone, or whether youare shooting with one of the flip cameras offered by our friendsand partners at techsoup.

we want you to look at images and break themup in your mind in to the rule of thirds. and what makes the rule of thirds work is thatthings that are not in the center of the rule of thirds automatically become interestingphotos. and when you go and look at the artwork in your house, or you go and look at photosthat you take of your children or your dogs, or of artwork that you have hanging up inmuseums, you see the most interesting things in our society. and the way that our mindsare programmed is to have things off centered using the rule of thirds. and so think this way. never have yourexecutive director, or a client, or a volunteer, or a patient lined up in the middleof a shot. that can be easy to do,

but it is also one of the most boring andvisually uninteresting things you can do. and that is why when you see professionaldocumentaries they always have people to the left or to the right. if they are on theleft they have a vase of flowers on the right, or a piece of artwork on the right,something to offset them in the screen. for us, in this frame, the picturethat is more interesting is on the right because it uses the rule of thirds. it isoffset and you see the clouds in the background. you see the sand below the rock that is what is interesting to us is framing these thingsusing the rule of thirds. the second thing we are goingto talk today about is head room.

so this is something that a lot of peoplehave problems with. you are filming in a hurry. you haven't given yourself enoughtime. your subject has to leave. you are in a crowded environment.there are thousand reasons for you guys to film something and not leaveenough head room. but what it does is it makes you look unprofessional,and it also makes it a lot harder for you to go back and actually edit the at the end of the day, if you have someone with too little head room or too much headroom, your editor's going to try to fix that when you give it to them. or if you are the editoryou're going to have to try to fix that later. so why not take the extra time to lineup your shot using the the rule of thirds

which none of these are, and then alsogiving the appropriate amount of head room. so you see in the first photo aportrait of guitarist that demonstrates an excessive amount of head room withthe subjects nose centered in the frame, a common mistake. number two, a subtlelack of head room with the subjects eyes only 28% of the way down from thetop, not 33%. for the third photo, good composition with the subjects eyesone third of the distance down from the to of the frame, following — you guessed it —the rule of thirds. and then the last panel, for moving images the act of zooming in tofill the frame with the subject requires tilting of the camera shown by the red lines tomaintain the correct amount of head room.

conversely, zooming outrequires tilting down. so what that means in plain englishis that you can adjust the camera. you can adjust the person. you can adjust thecamera. but what is a total pain to do afterwards is to try to adjust it in the editing. now a lot of you when you are doingyour tsdigs story will probably be doing maybe a little short documentary piece, ormaybe an interview with someone interesting, or maybe an interview with one of your clientsor your patients, or an expert in your field. so you want to make sure that you are liningthem up correctly using the rule of thirds. and you want to make sure that you are givingthem the appropriate amount of head room.

and when you watch youtube videos you willsee that people mess this up all the time. they either cut off the top of theperson's head, or they cut off the bottom, or the left side of their face is wayoff to the right or way off to the left. and you will just see people go crazy withthis. but what you want is really the perfect amount of head room to have aclean professional looking video. so the top 5 nonprofit video tips, number3 that we are going to talk about today is worry about sound. and this comesdown to technology at the end of the day, but it also comes down to common some of the hard and fast rules around sound is that people will always watcha video that has bad video but good sound.

so let me say that again. people willalways watch a video that has bad video but good sound. however, no one will watcha video that has good video but bad sound. so inversely that law is will want to make sure the sound in all of your video productions isas high-quality as you can make it. so that means putting your director's hat on.that means even though you schedule a meeting room on the left side of the hallway, when youget in there and you turn on the lights, and you hear that horriblehum from the fluorescents, and even though you scheduled it and youthought you were going to be in there, you have to put your director's hat on and belike, i know this is going to be a bad interview

because i can hear that fluorescent light we need to move. maybe we need to go outside. maybe we need to travel down thestreet to a quieter neighborhood. maybe we need to move insideif you planned to film outside. no matter how beautiful it isoutside you need to worry about sound. the worst thing that you can do is do anentire interview, watch it, play it back, and realize that the audio is messed up, orthe microphone level wasn't set high enough, or that you were too far away,or that you were to close. so you should alwaysbe worrying about sound. we are going to get to camerarecommendations in a second,

but we really encourage all of you to buycameras that have external microphones. so the ability to plug a microphone intoyour camera, and whether that is an android or an iphone or a kodak zi8 whichis a camera that we really like, you really want to go for a camerathat has the ability to buy a microphone and plug it into the side of it. now the flips are a little bit of an exceptionin that the flips have a really good audio quality and a good price. our friends attechsoup have been able to work with cisco to get those cameras back out tothe public. you see them on ebay. you guys probably might even see them at swapmeets and garage sales and things like that.

and those cameras have good audio,not as good as the next camera we are going to talk about. so what you guys see here is a really basicnice microphone by sony. it is the ecm ds70p. sony has absolutely horrible names for theirproducts. they are all a jumble of letters and numbers, but this is a greatmicrophone that you can find online. it's actually probably not as cheap aswhat you guys see here on google products, but you can find it used for aroundthis price. so for all the video shoots that lights camera help does whether we areinterviewing people who come to the film festival, whether we are interviewing each otherto do videos for the folks at techsoup,

or interviewing people at southby southwest, we use a kodak zi8 and then this sony ecm microphone,and that makes a great combo. but regardless of getting lost in therabbit hole of technology and microphones and how much to spend, acrossall cameras, across all models, whether you are spending $5000on a camera or $80 on a camera, you really want to look for one that you areable to actually plug an external microphone into. so number 4, buy (or hire) a good for the purpose of the tsdigs story you guys are doing really short videos. we reallywant to encourage you guys to film yourselves, or get people involved in your office, or yourvolunteers, or people that can help you with this.

but as you progress, as you begin to see thepower of video, you'll want to actually go out and hire people and find people who are good atshooting video in your neighborhood, in your city, in your town, and hire those local peopleor get them to volunteer. or find somebody at the local college who is looking to do avolunteer project as part of their service learning or an internship. and that is what lights camerahelp does. at our core we want to connect all of you on this phone call today with greatfilmmakers all across the united states and all across the world who make these causedriven nonprofit ngo focused type of films. so please, you guys can checkus out and then flash resources to see some of thegood local people we use in austin texas.

and then e-mail us forpeople all across the country who are good camerapeople to help you film. now in the case of tsdigs we arereally encouraging you guys to go out and do this on your own. so the camerasthat we love a little bit more than the fli although cisco makes a great product is theactual kodak zi8 which is what you see here. so the kodak zi8 is also not as cheap asthis. kodak i think last time i checked is either discontinuing it and has comeout with a new model. but we really love zi8 which you can find on ebay or craigslist, orget donated from people who are not using their's or whatever it might be. but the kodakzi8 we love because you can actually

put an sd card in the side of it. so you canstick an sd card in, fill it, pull it out. you can plug a microphone into theside of it. the battery life is great. it takes great 5.0 mega pixel still photosas well for those photography folks out there. and it records at 1080 p whichis just a great resolution. we love the flips too. flip has great hdresolution. the flip has good sound onboard, although you can't plug a microphoneinto it. and the flip actually has its own easy to use editing software which is a pluswhen it comes to you guys recording this. so cameras like this sub 200 cameras,sub $200 us cameras and things like that are a great price range for the types of videosthat we want you guys out and doing for tsdigs.

and the ability to pick up a camerathat weighs a couple of ounces, point it at your executive director and get a blogupdate, or point it at your director of fundraising and get a blog update, or walk down the halland interview somebody interacting with a patient or a client, or talk to somebody inthe field and have them record a video and send it back to your office topost as a blog is absolutely amazing and ties in perfectly to allyour social media channels. think of getting a camera like this, doinga 2 minute update about what you are up to and then being able to send that to facebook,twitter, all of your social media channels, updating it, putting it on youtube,google plus, is a phenomenal thing.

and it's technology that was notavailable even 2 to 3 years ago. so this is the flip. you see they use to have a flipspotlight program. we are all big fans of the flip. this is kind of a 'rest in peace' flip slideas it were. but our good friends at techsou have brought this back and are now able tooffer to you guys two one-hour flip video cameras and a tripod for $28 which isan absolutely phenomenal deal. and you can check that out and actually go to the page. and like i said, we love these cameras. theywork perfectly on windows and macs as well. so the last thing we are going to talk about todayin kind of our high level overview of production and technique, is the abilityfor you guys to have good lighting

and for you guys to be able to have goodlighting when it comes to your video projects. so once again, some of you have neverpicked up a camera before. some of you have. some of you could be teaching thisclass right now according to our poll which i think is great. and some of youare probably professional film makers even dropping in. but we want youguys to come away with the idea that light is very, very important. so if you imagine what light lookslike in your office, if you are like me i am in a conference room right now. i'vegot one florescent light peering down at me, and i've got two fluorescent lights flippedupwards that are bouncing off the ceiling.

so this room actually has pretty good light. thereare not five banks of fluorescents shining down at me turning everything green which isthe color that fluorescents naturally are when you look at's kind of a greenish hue. and instead, i've got one kind of softlittle led light looking down in the room with some really good back matter where you guys are right now, except some of you hot in cubes,look at the closest window to you and take a second to just observe thetype of light coming in from the window. is it soft? is it hard light? is itfiltered through the shade in front of it? do you have venetian blinds onit? what does that light look like?

think about it inyour mind for a second. now, next time you are ableto, especially after this call, get up and just stand in front of the window.put your arm out and look at the shadows that are cast from the light. wheni do this in this conference room, even though i have a soft led bulb, i havehard shadows. i can make out shadow puppets on the wall, or the outline of my hand, orthe outline of my hair even on the walls. that is an important characteristic oflight, is how bright of a light is it? and of course the key when filmingis to manipulate that light, right? when you do your video entry fortsdigs, be aware of the light.

sometimes you can be outside inwhat we like to call the 'magic hour' which is later in the afternoon right before thesun starts to go down and the light is gorgeous. there are orange hues in the sky. thereis red, and all sorts of different colors. and sometimes the light will be perfect.if you go outside and film at high noon you are going to get a very harshstaring down at you, long shadows, light. and if you film in the morning, that is anothergreat time where the light is a little bit softer, a little bit nicer. for those of you who gorunning, i love the light that shines in the morning when i get up and take a run in austin texasaround 7:00 am. it is just absolutely gorgeous. and all of this is interpreted differentlyby you and i's eyes and what the camera sees.

so we have to adjust for what our eyes see,but then we have to take out our camera, take out our iphone, take out our android phone,and if that is what we are using for filming what does the light look like through the lensof a camera? and that is something very important to remember. you can't justgo on what you see yourself. you have to go on what thedigital device sees as well. the reason this photo that you guyssee on the screen is so interesting is the way the light is coming through her is illuminating the right side of her face, not the left side of her face. it isactually reflecting off of her jewelry. you can see that curtain behind actually absorbs some of the light.

and your shots don't have tolook like this for tsdigs, right? but what we want you to think about isnot having shadows on people's faces, not having to have them wearsunglasses because you put them outside and they are staring directly intothe sun, not filming things at night where there is not enough light. we wantyou guys to pick good lighting conditions in your videos and really highlightpeople. we think of light as something that can really highlight the scene. it issomething that gives your video maybe even an edge off the next video in the tsdigs we really want you guys to play with light and put your director hat on. if you setup a chair somewhere and you get there

and the person you are interviewing isrunning late, and by the time they get there the light is bad, hey, sorry.we've got to reschedule. or hey, we are going to have to move.we are going to take all this stuff and move and go to another room. now, if you are filming outside that is one thing.if you are filming inside in a conference room and you like the light, that is the good thing.but if you want to even have an extra edge on this, there is something in the business welike to call standard three point lighting. so there are three lights, and that could belights in the room, or that could be lights that you go buy at your local hardwarestore, or you order off amazon.

just really simple work lights do thetrick. and number one is the key light. number two is the fill light. andnumber three is the back light. so the back light can go anywhere youwant it to go. you see that object. you see number one is on the left. number twois on the right. and number three is on the back. now number three is at an angle. the objectwould be the person facing towards the camera with one lighting the left side of his or her face,two lighting the right side of his or her face, and the back light just givinga nice soft glow behind them. what you want to avoid if you get thiscomplicated in your tsdigs video, is shadows. you want to set up the lights to eliminate asmuch of a shadow off a person's face as possible.

unless you are trying to put a shadow ontheir face for some sort of artistic reason, or maybe it is an old film noir movie andyou're trying to make the person look good or bad depending on the shadows. a greatmovie that uses shadows a lot is any of the coen brother'sfilms, but especially fargo. i mean, light was its owncharacter in fargo. and who knows, maybe we will see the tsdigs fargoequivalent this year now that i've said that. but standard three pointlighting is really easy to use, especially when you areactually interviewing someone. but then again, that is kind of an advance thing,but it is something you guys can definitely try out,

experiment with, and actuallybuild into the storytelling process. so unfortunately we have way too manyof you for exercise time on this call, but i will give you guys a little bit ofhomework. what i would like all of you to do that are going to participate in thetsdigs challenge, or even if you are not, is to do this little bit of homework. that isto simply find a partner in your office, at home, one of your kids, your boss, whoever itmight be, and do a little video exercise. take your camera whether it is your iphone, ordigital still camera that has video capabilities, or a kodak, or a flip, and just ask themtheir name. ask them their position title, and have them give you their missionstatement. what is the mission statement

of your organization? and then set it up.go outside and film it. film it inside. go film it in the back room of youroffice. go film it in your backyard and see what all those different conditionslook like. and that is really going to help you get ready for when you do the tsdigsvideo. and then give that person the camera and have them film you in twoor three different conditions. and then at the end of this homework assignmentyou will have six tiny little videos of 30 seconds each that you can watch and see how the lightis different, see how the sound is different. see if you put your director's haton and asked good hard questions. and then something that when you learn fromaaron bramley who is coming up later this month

on how to edit, you'll actually have six or maybefour or five or even six little pieces of video that you can then practice editing withbefore you do your main tsdigs entry. so that's the main things that i am going to covertoday. and i know it is kind of complicated stuff, but it is all based on really simple ideas andconcepts, stuff that hopefully you guys can do without a big expensive camera, something thatyou can do by screwing in an extra light bulb, or turning the lights off in a room.sitting by a road, see how cars sound when they drive by. and it is all experimentalgetting you guys ready to do your first video. and with that being said, i willhand it back over and take questions. of course i am happy to answer questions ontwitter for those of you who are a little bit shy.

i know the folks from techsoupare happy to do that as well. evonne: thank you david. that is veryhelpful. we have a lot of questions coming in. some of them are more nuts and bolts.and first off i am going to answer just a few quick questions about thetechsoup digital storytelling challenge. we have people asking ifit is too late to enter? no, not at all. you can enter yourphoto or your photo sets or videos. that's a 1 minute video, upthrough february 29 at and we've had people ask if they cando both a photo set and a short film. and yes, you can enter one in eachcategory. we encourage you to do so.

these webinars are recordedand archived at you can go and find our previous events.last week's webinar with rich was fantastic on writing and preproduction. and this onewill also be archived along with next week's with aaron bramley. if you look inthe chat window you will see the link to next week's webinar next thursday at 11:00am. and we would love to have you join us on that one will be on postproduction and lookingat what happens after you do the recording. so the other questions that are comingin are little more nuts and bolts. there are a few people askingabout those microphones. and we've also had a number of peopleasking about lots of other things.

so question about an externalmicrophone, mare swallow asks, i have an ap 2020 that has a usb mic. ifi plug that in an use my onboard camera on my mac, will that work? david: good question. i havenot used that microphone before, but i think that would work great justdepending on the microphone quality. if you are happy with it, and youare happy with the camera on your mac. if you have a pro or an air, of coursethey have great built-in cameras. then i think you have a prettygood solution right there. evonne: yes. and that also can work for thoseof you who are struggling with the quality

of your camera. for instance, we did havesomeone who was struggling with the flip ultra sound quality. and so keep in mind thatyou can record sound on a secondary device even while using a videocamera like your flip ultra. david: definitely. and i think aaron willcover too, that you guys can actually go out and film something really cool on your iphone,and then go in and do a little bit of a voiceover describing where you were, what you wereseeing, or getting that one friend of yours who has that amazing voice to do thevoiceover and have you write it for them. so that is always an option. andone of the great parts about film and production is mixing and patching.

evonne: right. and dave while we are here, aretheir particular software that you recommend for audio capture? david: yeah, that's a good question. i am abig imovie fan. and imovie actually let's you do voice capture in it as well, if you are on themac platform. and then there are just various and sundry online websites that let you —probably they were designed for podcasts — but just let you do audio quality. andthen of course, going back to the macs, not to over hype our friends at apple, but garageband makes an excellent recording tool as well. evonne: right. and there are othertools from adobe that are very useful that i have used as well. you can get a fairlygood audio capture even off of an iphone.

and so think about like if you needto get audio in the moment with someone that you are not going to be able to bringinto the office, get them in a quiet room and record what you can. and then you may beable to do some mastering of that sound later. we have a similar question. can youdiscuss an extensive software for editing. these are people who have found that theyhave hit the limit on what they could do with the flip cam software. so besides imovieare there other tools that you can recommend? david: yeah, you've bet. the good part isthat besides imovie is premier. adobe premier is coming down in cost a lot. so adobe premieris something interesting for you guys to look at. lightbox, l-i-g-h-t-b-o-x makes an open sourcevideo editing program that is really robust.

it also has a difficult learning curve to it, sothat one is a little bit tricky to teach yourself, but there is a good community online aroundlightbox. but in reality, video editing software is usually pricy and has a bit of alearning curve, just because it can and because there are only certainpeople in that market making it. and no one yet has designed that just killervideo app. so for all you software people out there trying to think of your next big idea,a cloud based video editing software that is easy to use i'm sure would kill. evonne: absolutely. and keep in mind thatthere are now apps available for your ipad. so you could even shoot via your ipad or yoursmart phone and edit it in the device itself.

there are a handful of apps that i have used.i can't say that i recommend one over the other, but there are different tutorials and websitesthat you can look at that will compare and contrast the different apps that are available. mostof them are under five dollars which is great. if you are looking for a low cost solutionthat is going to allow you or your volunteers to shoot on the fly, or out the field. we have a lot of questionscoming in around lighting. so i am going to gothrough a few of these here. the first one, can you talk a little moreabout lighting? a lot of our building is darker. any recommendations about whatlighting to use or where to purchase?

david: so leave your building; know, people should not be tied to spaces for any of these videos. if you have agreat story to tell, and you want to tell it in your community garden, or a park,or someone's house that is just perfect, then you should be able to go anddo that. so don't be tied to spaces. and if your building hasbad lighting, avoid it. evonne: that's very true. and otherswere asking about temperature of lighting. and this is something that we work with quitefrequently. i live and work in hollywood, and have a special effectscompany on the side as well. and you can use very simple and inexpensiveleds. but keep in mind that leds maybe too cool.

if it is a light leds it is goingto look a little bit bluish at times, and so you may look for something a littlebit warmer. there are warm white leds. and those are going to be a little bitkinder to skin tone versus a cooler white led. but you can get very low cost clip lights for $10to $15, and use that effectively in your office if you need to go ahead and do a shootin the office showing what you are doing. there are a lot of differentways to do low-cost lighting. i recommend clip lights becausethey are very easy to move around. david: and the only thing i would add to thatis if you are asking about color, temperatures, and lights, you are probably above and beyondsome of the stuff we talked about today.

but if you are actually looking to spendmoney and by lights, is always go led. led lights, although they cost more than atraditional lighting kits, make beautiful changes in color. i love the lights. you can actuallychange on the fly what color they are through gels, or its preprogrammed to turn red when youhit a button depending on the lights you need. and leds are going to be a lot better obviouslyfor your electricity bill, and for your health in that they are not burning hundredsof degrees, and can severely burned you if they break or explode, or ifyou touch them in the wrong way. so led lights are definitelythe wave of the future. evonne: yes. and we are seeing clip light,like you can get at your local hardware store.

a very simple clip light with a light bulb in it,they allow you to sort of attach it to different types of things, so that makes it easier toposition the light exactly where you need it to get the right light shining on your thank you for those questions that are coming in. david: yeah. and the other tip and trick i wouldadd is ikea, the universal furniture company, at least here in the united states, and inother countries as well has a great desk light that clips on. so it is basically your standarddesk light that you have in any corporate setting, but it has a great clip on it.and it is maybe $18 at ikea. evonne: great. and it sounds like anumber of the questions that are coming in, some of them are around alternativeways to tell story beyond video.

and just a note, we had someone ask, doesit have to be video, or can it be photos that are put into basicallya one minute photomontage? and last year our tsdigs winner did exactlythis. they took their photos i believe into imovie or something similar, and itwas just photos with a voiceover. it was very simple but it was very effectivestorytelling. so do not feel limited to capturing video to create a video. you cancertainly use your photos and put them together in creative ways to createvideo out of your photo sets. we have a number of people asking about morequestions on the audio than anything else, the best and cheapest way to capture audio.are there any sort of on the fly solutions

that you would recommenddavid, that we haven't hit yet? david: evonne, i think you nailed thatone on the head when you said your iphone, or your android phone. theability to capture audio on the fly is definitely the realm of mobiledevices. so whether it is an app, whether it is something that is normally on yourphone, that always makes a cool tool to have. and even though i see a lot of directorswho do this when you are filming with your normal camera, you have aniphone on the table capturing audio. as long as your iphone is not ringing in the middleof the interview, that could be very beneficial to have a secondary go into mobile devices.

when i was at the american cancersociety about six or seven years ago, i remember i actually went out and boughtlittle audio recorders that were digital made by the folks at creative labs, ifyou remember the guys at creative labs. and we would take these andactually do podcasts from them. or if our ceo was giving a speech we wouldput one right up next to him on the podium. or while we were filming we would have thatsecondary source of audio from an mp3 player that was set on record. so definitelyget creative around the audio. nowadays of course it's a lot simpler thanit was back in my dinosaur ages of production in that you can just put your cellphonedown and fire up and have it record.

does evernote record audio as well? evonne: i haven't used evernotefor audio, but there may be others. we've had a couple people asking about ourfavorite apps for the iphone, or for the android for doing editing and also for capture. idon't know if you have any particular apps you would recommend. david: i don't. i am kind of old school inthat i love to do all my editing on the computer versus the mobile. so maybe somebodyelse on the call can throw that out there. evonne: yes. okay, so i am looking throughour questions to see which ones we have missed. for those of you who are wondering ifthese sessions are recorded, they are.

the slides along with the recordingwill be available on our website soon, and we will be sure to send afollow-up not only for this week, but also encouraging you to registerfor next week's webinar with aaron where we will be talking aboutpostproduction, and getting into deeper on how to do the editing side, andthen how to handle distribution as well. we have a mention here around imotion as apotential app to look at. i am testing one called blurb mobile right now on my ipad whichallows you to weave together photos, videos, and audio capture into one's story. and thereare some really interesting apps been developed right now for bringing together differenttypes of media into creating rich stories

that are available and that can be pushed toyoutube and to your other social sites as well. we have a few more questions around howto deal with those of us who have cameras with the microphone inside, is there a way to stillshoot with a device with the microphone inside? how close do we have to be in order to get goodsound quality? and you give us in tips on that? david: good question. and our goodfriend michael delong says yes, evernote does record audio. so forthose evernote addicts out there which i have recently become one, that isa good source for audio as well is evernote. and then on the video, it's true. you want to be2 to 3 feet away from someone to get good audio, not more than that. i mean, it is hard,it is definitely hard with anything

that has an internal microphone to rely on it. andlike i said you know, people are correct to worry about audio, because people willflip away if there is bad audio. but the good thing is that you put your director'shat on. you film it and then you say hey thanks. can you hang around a second while i previewthis. and then you play the entire thing back while they are there. they can get to sit thereawkwardly and make small talk while you listen. and then you see if it's good. and if itis good you call it a wrap. you're done. but if it is bad, you move closer or youmove farther away because they talk loud. so good audio versus bad audioreally comes down to the person. and we like to blame technology, butin reality it is up to us as producers

and directors to put that hat onand re-do it if it is not good. evonne: and we also have some questionsaround how to deal with motion. let's say you are out in the fieldwith your smart phone or your flip cam and you don't have a tripod. arethere any tips to keeping it steady? david: yeah, good question. just hold your armback and keep your arm as close to your body as possible. so you will seeprofessional photographers do that. you will see professional video folks dothat. even the guy who shoots your local news keeps that camera on their shoulder or asclose as possible as they can to their body to keep it still. so that is a big, big taperight there, is just to keep that arm close,

and keep it as close as you can intoyour body to keep that camera image still. and plus, you know, we are very lucky nowdays. we are spoiled by image stabilization that is built into everything from oursmart phones, to the kodak, to the flip. so that is always goingto help you as well. evonne: great. this has been extremelyhelpful. i hope we are getting to as many of these questions as possible. we'vehad a couple of questions around people wanting to use dslrs that have good videocapability, people who are journalists and need a camera, but want onethat will do both stills and video. do you have anyparticular recommendations?

david: gosh. i mean, that is its own sub fieldof what we do for a living, and entire classes are taught on dslrs. so if you have the moneyto go out and spend 3k on a canon 7d, or a ti, or a 2, or all those beautiful, beautifulcameras out there, by all means, go do it. i think that's a little above andbeyond most nonprofit's folks' resources. but a digital slr that shootsvideo, especially nice hd video, i have just seen absolutely amazingshot on those. so if you have the money and you have the budget, definitelyby one. i think they are great. and i especially lovethe canon products. evonne: yes, yes, i agree. the canon'shave great lenses. some of the sonys

with the zeiss lens are quite good. and youcan even find dslrs that will shoot in 3-d which the fujis are really fascinatingif you are looking to do something unique, and possibly appropriatefor 3-d as well. we have a couple morequestions — go ahead. david: i was going to say evonne, are you readyfor your first 3-d film in tsdigs this year? evonne: i would love to see 3-d film intsdigs, and i would love to see more nonprofits able to get their 3-d films into the marketplace, because there are media producers and distributors hungry for good 3-d contentright now. there are more 3-d channels than there are content. so we havean opportunity therefore nonprofits

to think about how to tell their story andnew ways, especially if you can take people into places that they haven't been before,if you are giving them an opportunity to see a perspective that they arenever otherwise going to get to, that can be an extraordinarystorytelling tool. david: yes. i am absolutelyready to screen our first 3-d film at the lights camera help filmfestival this year. so bring it on guys. evonne: great, great. we have someother questions coming in around other types of software like corel, videosstudio x4. i've also used final cut express. these are tools that you may be ableto get sure hands on fairly affordably

depending on your educationallicensing and those sorts of things. some libraries have access tothose quite affordably as well. so whatever video editing tool you can getyour hands on and feel capable to learn and use would be an appropriate tool for you.but if it feels like it is too much, or if it feels like it is going to take youtoo long to learn it, go for a simpler tool. something like imovie is very intuitive. yesterdaywe also talked about some of the online tools like wevideo and stroome that allow you todo it online with your collaborative teams, and not necessarily need to learnthe nuts and bolts of video editing. so we have just a few more questions.any recommendations for framing

regarding subtitling and subheadings?does that change your frame? david: good question. it usually isgoing to always be the lower thirds, so it shouldn't change your framing if you haveyour interview subject on the left-hand side. you have something visually interesting onthe right-hand of the screen such as a piece of artwork, or flowers, or a candle, nothingthat is alive and moving. avoid cats, dogs, animals in your frame whichcan be very, very distracting unless you are an animal rescueorganization, then that makes sense. but the titles in that case would either beat the bottom left, so underneath your subject, or the bottom right underneath yourvisually interesting artwork or flowers.

so i am not too worried about that, becausethat is always going to be in the lower thirds of your shots. so don't worry aboutthat too much. but yes, the more tsdigs we saw that had nice titlescoming across the bottom, and had that kind of professionalshine, i think the better. evonne: yes, absolutely, and especially aswe are thinking about international audiences and being able to have our globalstories be understood, subtitles. and yesterday also talked about a toolcalled dot sub that can be very helpful for getting your stories out into multiplelanguages as well. so we encourage you to go ahead and think about subtitling, not only foraccessibility, but for international audiences.

we have had a number of questionscoming in about the flip cams and whether there will be more in stock. wewill do our best to get more information on that, and get back to you as a community in ourfollow-up e-mails. i know that there have been flip cams, and i know that they have beenvery quickly flying through the techsoup stock. so we will do our very best to findout more of a product update on that. and let me see, there were some questionsaround whether audacity for windows would do the sound editing. ibelieve that would work fine. i have not used audacity, have you dave? david: i have used audacity. it has been probablytwo years. but i really did like audacity.

i used it for a lot of podcasting back in the i am sure if it has maintained its product level, that would be great. evonne: yes. and for those of youasking about youtube and google plus, we will be talking more about distributionnext week. so if you want to tune in to our tweetchat on tuesday, on socialamplification. that will be tuesday at 11:00 am. also, you can check in and for our nextwebinar as well, and that will be next thursday with aaron your colleague. you can see that onthe screen right now, the tweetchat on the 14th is on amplification and helping to getyour story shared, where google plus and youtube come in very handy. and thenwe are going to talk more postproduction

with aaron on thursday at the same time. you will also see on your screenright now to the tsdigs google group. if you have more questions and wantto speak to others in the challenge, you can join the google group. and you canget your questions answered in our forums. and dave, and aaron, and many of ourpros have been hopping in there to answer your questions regularly. so we encourage youto go ahead and use these resources as well if you didn't get your questionsanswered during this particular session. and as a reminder, you do have until february29, so now is not too late to start creating your stories and get them up and running. wewould like to see your photo sets or your videos.

david: 20 days left. that's veryexciting for everybody out there. evonne: yes. i have some reallyfascinating questions coming in. and thank you to our audience todayfor giving us so many different options. again, those of you who want to dothe five pictures set of the video, you may want to try something likeanimoto for a very quick version of that. otherwise you may want to do that inimovie to put in audio track or a voiceover on top of your five photos. that can bea much more effective storytelling method for some people. it helps set the tone, andit also makes it available in different ways. okay, interesting. we had some questionsaround color to suggest for a one-on-one video.

i am not sure if there is one color oranother that would set a tone appropriate. but dave, any suggestions? i knowi tell people never to wear patterns on camera because thatcan be really trippy. david: i am a big fan of blues and greens. avoidthe purples and the reds and things like that. i don't know. it goes back and forth. i seepeople wearing earth tones and they look like they melt into the couch behind them. but iguess that all depends on the color of the couch as well. but yeah, evonne is right. avoidpatterns, and wild stripes, and big hats that cover people's faces. if youare outside i know a lot of people want put people in sunglasses, but unless youare going for that miami vice cool hipster look,

try to avoid sunglasses. peoplelike to see people's eyes. evonne: very true, very true. and for thoseof you who can't possibly show your subject for one reason or another, whether it is asafety concern or a need to retain anonymity, think about finding different ways. you canuse silhouettes. instead of showing their faces you can show their hands while you haveaudio of them. hands are very personal and allow you to feel connected to the personwithout necessarily showing their full body or their face. so thereare ways to feature them. david: yeah. and another good thing on that,evonne is absolutely right on the hands. but you know, you can show the backs of people,so if it is kids, the backs of kids playing

on a playground. maybe it's a softer focusso you can't really see what's going on, but you know people are there laughinghaving a good time on a playground. another thing is feet. i always love, if you areshowing an event just showing hundreds of feet walking towards the camera, or peoplerunning if it is a running event, or if it is a concert the same thing, thatkind of just low to the ground interesting shot of people walking or running ordancing is always a very cool shot. evonne: yes, thank you david for helpingus figure out how to be both personable and personal in the way we tell our stories.thank you for the tips on lighting, and framing, and sound quality. and also, thank you toall of our participants and guests today

who have been asking great questions. if you did not get your question answered, pleasego to the forums. that is again, for that url. and we wouldlove to answer your questions there. from all of us at techsoup this is evonne haning,interactive producer. i am joined by kyla hunt our webinar producer, and davidneff of lights camera help. thank you so much david for joining us today. david: yeah. and i just want to thanksusan, evonne, christy, michael, kyla, and everyone who has just beenamazing at techsoup for having us, and letting us be apartner in tsdigs this year.

evonne: well thank you for powering us. and wewill let you go for today, and thank you again for joining us next week for thenext webinar and the next tweetchat. have a great day everyone. and we willrecord this and archive this section for you. thank you for joining us at techsoup.

Friday, October 28, 2016

puppets eating

number 15. bloody mary a rough explanation of this video makes itseem pretty innocent. it’s just a man holding what seems likea ventriloquism puppet, singing “it’s raining, it’s pouring”. the thing that makes this video creepy isthat the puppet is a demonic and ghostly one, the ventriloquist is using a eerie whisperingvoice, and the lyrics are changed to “it’s raining, it’s pouring, i killed the oldman so he won’t wake up in the morning.” the ventriloquist holding the puppet goeson to say “that’s terrible!” and says

that the doll is the spirit of the urban legendbloody mary. taking a look at this performer, ventriloquistvance, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary. he just seems to be someone interested inusing youtube as a platform to practice and publish his work with ventriloquism. the bloody mary video was a questionable one,though. it was originally posted in august 2015, meaningthat it was likely not a halloween special. this video was actually originally found onpetite tube, a website that randomly generates a video with less than 100 views, every timethe page is refreshed. a link was posted to 4chan explaining howcreepy this was, and it went on to gain over

1000 views from there. seeing this on a website with no context musthave made it even more unsettling than it already is. number 14. ricardo lopez or the bjork stalker this 21-year-old single exterminator gainedan unhealthy obsession with the icelandic popstar bjork. he was caught in a psychopathic turmoil betweenloving her and hating her. while mostly it was his unhealthy romanticobsession that fueled his delusions, he also

grew a certain hate for her after findingout she was in a serious relationship. he planned to send her a letter bomb, so thatshe would die. he also planned to kill himself so that theycould be united in the afterlife. he recorded several hours’ worth of vhstapes, documenting his obsession and his sick plan. in this tape he recorded himself committingsuicide via shotgun to the end. the full video is actually available on youtube,and is pretty unsettling. the police found his body and interceptedthe letter to bjork. saving her, and spoiling ricardo’s plan.

this is one of few suicide videos to everbe left up on youtube and it’s kind of uncertain why, it’s not really of historical importance,is certainly hard to watch and isn’t intended for most viewers. number 13. 911 call – stalker outside window this video is filmed from the inside of anupper floor apartment, where an eerie figure as been staring up into the owner’s bedroomwindow for several hours, apparently. the owner decided to start recording in caseanything drastic happened, or in case the suspect fled the scene, he would have someevidence to offer police.

the video is pretty much just a shot out thewindow of this figure standing perfectly still and staring directly at the owner as he’son the phone with 911. this actually the first of over 25 videosin a small series where a couple seems to document their time being stalked by an unknownman, that even breaks into their home. of course many viewers seem to think it’sscripted, but regardless it conveys the fear of pretty much anyone living in the city. not only are people out there interestingin breaking in and stealing from you, there’s plenty of sick people out there that justwant to mess with your head. the first few videos of this series with theman standing below the window are especially

haunting as the quality is low and his facecannot be seen. number 12. radiator creature the most terrifying part of this video ishow much suspense it manages to build. this was another great petite tube find, thatwas featured in a list by shrouded hand, and imagining this being originally found on awebsite that gave no context or warning you can imagine how terrifying it was at first. the video is pretty short in length, lastingonly about 3 minutes. but considering the content featured in that3 minutes, it seems like an eternity.

someone operating the camera shows a coupledifferent angles of a white in-home radiator. the camera person doesn’t say anything andbut many background noises such as clanking can be heard. the camera goes into one of the rows of theradiator and zooms into what looks like a light. as the camera begins to focus, a monkey orchimpanzee’s face can be seen. in a mere split second, the monkey makes aloud noise and the camera person jumps back, before ending the video. a monkey isn’t really a chilling idea, butit does lead the viewer to a lot of questions.

where is this monkey located, and why? more importantly the suspense built up forseveral long grueling minutes before the jump of the monkey’s noise creates a perfectjump scare. even better, after being scared senselessyou’re left going through the video several times to make sure it really was a monkeyand not some creature hiding within the walls. number 11. driving through hell this video of someone racing through hellis pretty terrifying. the driver speeds down a lonely road as firesblaze beside them and smoke shrouds their

vision. it isn’t actually hell, of course, it’sa massive forest fire that began may 1st 2016 in fort mcmurray, alberta. it lasted for several days, spread severalmiles and caused over 3 billion dollars’ worth of damage. this driver was likely trying to get throughthe mess right when it began to pick up. plenty of people fear fire and natural disastersbut when you consider religion, even more people not only believe in but fear the possibilityof hell. even some that aren’t religious fear theoff-chance of being sent to an eternal oven

of pain and suffering. seeing a video like this is pretty chilling,but being in a situation like that is probably much worse. this is literally a life or death situation,with a terrifying scenery to accompany it and remind anyone able to see it that thiscould possibly be their eternity after death. number 10. haunted puppet this video was posted in august 2015, it seemsto be a night camera set up to view a glass cage like setup in which a doll or puppetis locked.

the title of the video claims this is footageof a haunted doll, that allegedly choked it’s owner and then was sealed in this containerto keep it from harming anyone else. the video which is about 1 minute and 15 secondslong, shows the puppet moving it’s arm to knock loudly on the glass of the container. not only is this some pretty creepy imagery,hearing your inanimate doll knock on glass this loudly in the middle of the night isprobably pretty paralyzing. this of course isn’t the only haunted dollcaught on tape, and who can forget the infamous annabelle that was said to be haunted by anevil entity? those that believe in the paranormal stronglyagree that it’s possible for spirits to

possessed non-living things. there have been stories of things as simpleas jewelry being haunted by lost souls. it’s more popular that they control dolls,though, as they’re the most human-like inanimate things around. more importantly, nothing makes for a scarystory like a doll controlled by unknown forces from beyond. number 9. pete the meat puppet this is yet another video that has gainedquite a bit of popularity across the web.

pete the meat puppet is a musical like animationuploaded in 2008. it seems to be a type of parody of childrenscartoons, as it has fun lyrics and cheerful music. but it also parodies the common fall downof a famous celebrity. the images and some of the lyrics are quiteunsettling, and certainly not meant for a younger audience. which puts the whole video into this weirdlimbo category. basically the story goes that a lonely lunchlady created a little boy out of raw meat, that eventually comes to life and becomesfamous with a fast food franchise.

he becomes addicted to sex, drugs, and alcoholbefore a sex tape is released and he loses everything. he is forced to live on the street and prostitutehimself, he explains that maggots and worms crawl through him and he becomes so hungryhe eats his own leg. he then says he’s traveling town to towntrying to find the meaning of life. while the song and story are more of a joke,the production decisions for this meat puppet make everything a little more horror basedthan the creators probably intended. number 8. man relates his out of body experience

this video isn’t that haunting from firstglance. it’s just a man singing in front of thecamera. perhaps just for fun, perhaps for practice. it’s the content of this man song that trulyadds an eerie air to the video. the 3-minute video was uploaded by jsandler48in january 2007. basically he’s singing a song about a neardeath experience and the afterlife. it wouldn’t be so bad if the morbid subjectwasn’t presented in such a cheery tone by this performer. more importantly this video was apparentlyposted to 4 chan from petite tube as well,

making it even more creepy. taking a look at the rest of jsandler48’scontent it’s pretty apparent that he’s interested in writing his own music, probablyfor theater. that should make light of the video, but itactually makes it worse considering most of his videos are either very morbid and centeredaround death, or intensely sexual. overall he seems happy and content with hiswork, he’s just enjoying himself and probably knows that people find his videos comicalor a little odd. either way nothing can take away from thecreepy feeling you get hearing someone say “i’m glad i died” while clapping andsmiling.

the latest video to his page was uploadedabout 6 months ago. please keep in mind that this guy is justtrying to use the youtube platform to express himself and you should not gear hate towardshim, even if his videos are a bit questionable and unsettling. this video as well as the next one were featuredin a petite tube list created by reign bot horror, who will be linked below. number 7. the game is afoot. we must return him to this world.

this video also gained most of its’ attentionfrom petite tube, but looking at the rest of the content on the channel actually fuelsthe horror aspect of this video. while it does seem to be some sort of artproject, or horror series, the off chance of someone believing these posts is enoughto worry anyone who stumbles across them. this particular video was posted on january12th 2016, from the youtube channel ‘zaon’s chosen’. the video is barely over a minute long, andit consists of a point of view perspective of someone tearing apart paper that has cartooncharacters printed on it. the paper also has “no no no stop” typedout on the top.

whoever is recording cuts the paper and crumplesup a large portion of it. they then take that piece to a dirty toiletand attempt to flush it. this person then proceeds to stab at a redtable with some sort of headphone or audio jack, before hitting a wall with either thesame wire or a black rope. as all of this occurs there’s some strangeaudio track playing over everything. the rest of the videos seem to be cell phoneclips obtained from someone’s daily activities, such as driving in a car or visiting a starbucks. most of the videos have a jazz or rock tracklayered over them but they’re all titled things like “zaon makes us faster” “servezaon” and other related things.

another dark and confusing video featuredon the channel is titled “who is zaon”. the contents of the video vaguely explainwhat can only be understood as some god-like entity. the video also offers the same symbol usedas the channels logo, and instructs the viewer to write the symbol down on walls so thatit may be seen. some of the comments are from channels sharingthe same logo saying things like “my task is complete”. the entire project gives a strange digitalcult feel and it’d be no surprise if more, even darker videos caught the attention ofhorror buffs across the web.

number 6. craigslist tape found this video comes along with a story from redditby user enteryourtexthere, however it was uploaded to youtube and read by theglitched64readsin early february 2016. the story goes that an english teacher boughta batch of edgar allen poe vhs tapes. the seller of the tapes promised that he wouldhave the tapes to him by the 23rd of january. on the 31st only a few minutes after gettingthe package at his front door, the teacher receives a phone call from the seller, whosevoice was apparently “really weird”. he asked “has it come yet?

they’re probably there, huh?” the teacher responded “who is this?” andthe seller simply said “the tapes? did you get them yet?” he confirmed that he had received the orderbut the conversation went on for 5 more minutes, where every time the call would break up theseller would call back from a new number. when the call finally ended and the teacherwent through his tapes, he found that most of them were in normal condition aside fromone. it seemed to have been taped over. most of the content was old nickelodeon shows,but there were some pretty unsettling scenes

from the movie cube zero, where a mans fleshburns off. there’s also a recording of the night skyand a short clip from the popular music video rubber johnny that was once related to thehorror community, as it is pretty creepy. aside from these few creepy things, the teachersaid the most unsettling thing was the vibe he got about the tapes. it’s got to be pretty easy to imagine howgetting something like this in the mail, just after a sketchy phone call can make someonenot only nervous but scared as well. number 5. local 58 contingency

in more recent years, plenty of people havecome out saying that they basically have a phobia of emergency alert messages. even if you’re not totally terrified ofthem, seeing one pop up on your tv screen at 3 a.m is always unnerving, since half thetime you don’t know what to expect. take that feeling of uncertainty and applyit to this video. the 3-minute long video was posted by chainsawsuitoriginal, but was found on 4chan and made more popular by a several youtube videos displayinga collection of creepy things. the video starts with the nightly schedulefor a channel called local 58. it seems to be a local antenna channel whichwould be accessible by anyone with a tv, in

theory. this footage also seems to be very grainyand vintage, possibly from the late 60’s. an american flag is sprawled across the screenas the star spangled banner plays over a message that reads “3 a.m – end of broadcast day”. this seems like a normal end of broadcastmessage for tv of it’s time, until we are met with an error screen and a loud, longringing. a logo eventually pops up that is labeled “the u.s department for the preservation of americandignity”. another screen pops up that lends us somemore information, this message is apparently

not to be used after november 13th of 1970,meaning that this would have to have been a broadcast from before that time. the screen also reads “to be used only inthe event of united states complete surrender to insurmountable enemy forces.” this leads us to the conclusion that thisis an emergency broadcast message in relation to not only a time of war, but a time whenthe u.s has apparently planned to surrender. from here the “contingency” message begins. the following screens are a set of instructionsthat advise “though they occupy our streets, they will never occupy our spirits”.

the message leads americans to believe thatwhat they are about to do is in order to preserve the perfect image of america. this message is allegedly signed by the president,though the name is not legible. the following screens instruct viewers touse whatever method is most available to them to commit suicide, though firearms are mostpreferred. furthermore, local law enforcement has beeninformed to take out anyone who refuses to comply with these instructions. before killing themselves, viewers are toldto take the “victory stance” which involves laying in their front yard, face up, feettogether.

they are also instructed to take care of theirchildren and pets for themselves, to leave no one behind. after this the station goes back to normaland a message is delivered that the station was hacked, and this was a hoax. a pretty horrible hoax that would have ledto thousands of dead americans laying in their front yards. of course from viewing the rest of this channelscontent, this was more of an art project. but if you’re someone easily scared by emergencybroadcasts this video is pretty horrible, and there are several other similar videosconcerning local 58 on the chainsaw suit original

channel. number 4. meatsleep this entry is based more around an entireseries of videos, as opposed to a single one. this channel has caused it’s audience tobe filled with questions, fear and theories. some believe that it’s a work of a fictionlike an art project or horror film promo. others believe it is the secret messages fromsomeone being held captive and abused, or messages from the abuser himself. another theory is that this is part of a realitygame.

the first video by this channel, the videothat gained the most attention, is titled in grate – surrounded by symbols. the video is shot in a damp and dark basement,random trash is thrown across the floor and there’s either a flickering effect happeningwith the footage or there’s a light that flickers constantly. there’s also distorted audio of a voicesaying “you live here, i gave you a home, you’re ungrateful”. these images give the idea that whoever liveshere, is living their against their will. their bed seems to be a wet sleeping bag andthere’s no bathroom, of course no food,

and the conditions are generally unhealthy. there are several videos in this series, andseveral things that point to what this could be. such as a girls hand coming from the bottomof a basement door, images of newspaper clippings of missing or abused women, women being filmedfrom a distance in parking garages, an ad for a date rape drug and far off shots ofcrime scenes. coming across something like this with noidea what you’re watching can be pretty concerning. it’s clearly about kidnapping of some sort,and other videos that show meat being cook

could also suggest a hint of cannibalism. scaretheater has done a great in depth analysison the content of this channel. even with this analysis, though, there’sstill no certain answer as to what is really going on with these videos. there are several theories going around theweb, and when taking details into account for each theory, any of them could be true. it’s probably certain that this is not justfound footage, as it seems to be edited and published with a clear plan. the message behind the project is a more questionabletopic.

is this just an elaborate art project or game? is this a series published by a victim ofabuse? or is it the work of a serial killer tryingto admit to his crimes? number 3. blank room soup this video has been pretty popular for quitesome time now, making it’s ways through creepypasta forums and debunking channelsalike. it’s not certain where this was originallyposted, but it seems the earliest youtube upload was january 2014, by a channel namedcreepypaste.

the original titled for this was blank roomsoup .avi, which of course was eventually shortened as it made it’s way through theweb. the video is a minute and roughly 5 secondslong, and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect, to a point. the video starts with a blank room. full of white walls that are bare from dã©corwhich gives the feel of either a home that isn’t lived in, or an interrogation room,office, or hospital of some kind. there’s a man sitting at a table in themiddle of the cameras view, his eyes are censored and he’s eating soup with a large spoon.

pretty much immediately, in the backgroundthrough a doorway there’s someone in a character costume. the character has a large white head withshort hair, two big black circles for eyes, no other details and mitten shaped hands. this character is also wearing all black. he walks up to the man who is crying and slightlypanicking while eating the soup, and begins to pat him on the back. the man begins to cry even harder as he eatshis soup, nearly hyperventilating. another identical character comes from off-screenand begins patting the man on the back as

well. there are several videos as to what this videois about. the original story claimed that this was foundon the deep web, and these two characters had kidnapped and tortured this man. of course this was revealed to not be trueat all. it’s more likely that this is an art projector advert of some sort. several other videos of these characters havepopped up around the web. such as a clip of them standing on stage atwhat seems to be a concert. no matter the story behind this video, it’scaused quite a confusion over the web and

has plenty of terrifying theories attachedto it. take a look at the full length video yourselfto get a better understanding of just how uncomfortable it can make its’ viewers. number 2. illusion of bias this video is the product of influential pictures,alexander bizarski and sparx rojas. from the message offered at the beginningand end of this project, it can be assumed that the main message here is to be gratefulfor what you have. to not constantly question what you’re givenor ask for more.

to not be filled with insecurities when you’reperfectly healthy, and so on. the video starts with images of gray, raining,hustling and bustling city scenes. messages flash along the screen such as “everyonehas their own insecurities and issues”. the short film then goes on to tell a horrifyingtell of a young girl who had a cancerous tumor, that made her very ill. she underwent surgery and doctors successfullyremoved the tumor with no major problems. however, some part of her psyche was tamperedwith and she was never able to see her own face again. in the film this is met with images of a girlwith a blank or blurred out face.

she fell into a depression, constantly insecureabout her appearance, and constantly unsure of herself. one night she had a wonderful dream whereshe felt euphoric, and knew that she could see her face again. this portion of the video is pretty innocent,with scenery from a field of wheat, as the girl bounds around in a white dress. the only thing haunting about this portionof the video is the deep distorted voice saying “everything will find it’s place, go withthe flow”. the girl awakens from her dream and goes tolook in the mirror, only to find that she’s

hideous and deformed. the image we are met with here is probablyone of the most terrifying from the video. her face seems to have scar tissues as wellas open wounds, certain parts of her face are not where they belong, her eyes bulgeout abnormally and she seems to be shrouded behind a layer of skin. she returns to bed and wishes to never seeher face again. according to the story, she luckily neverdoes, but every night she wakes up in a pool of her own vomit. a message then comes across that this couldhappen to anyone, even to you.

there are plenty of images, sounds, and animationsthat make this clip even more horrifying, so if you’d like to watch it in its’ entiretycheck the link below. or don’t, just go with the flow. number 1. hampstead cover-up or “papa kills babies” in february 2015, the affluent area of hampsteadlondon came under fire after a viral video where two children seem to expose an undergroundring of child sex slavery, pedophilia, and murder. the first video to make its’ rounds wastitled “papa kills babies” in this video

two children estimated between the ages of8 and 11, are talking to a male and female behind the camera. the first things they say in the video isthat “we promise to stop touching other children, touching each other and touchingourselves and killing babies”. of course right off the bat this video isquestionable, inappropriate and a little confusing. as it goes on the children explain that they’regoing to help bring justice to all of the people that have “done sex” to them. this of course is a more pg way of explainingthat they’re going to bring pedophiles that have raped them to justice.

the man behind the camera, possibly a copor investigator, asks the children who has “done sex” to them. they go on to list that their father, someonenamed papa, their teachers, social workers, priests of some kind, and even police officershave either raped or molested them. they go on to explain even more bizarre andterrifying aspects of this situation. they explain that there’s some sort of churchrun by “papa” where he sacrifices baby’s, drinks their blood, keeps their skulls andand dances around them. apparently these children are involved inthese strange rituals. they explain that they help papa kill thebabies.

the way that they describe the step by stepprocess of murdering these infants is uncanny to the way you’d picture a satanic sacrifice. this story quickly took a turn from unsettlingto pure nightmare fuel. a blog titled the hampstead cover-up explainsthis case in much further detail. about how the children have given informationon all of those involved in this cult-like sex ring, and how they were taken from theirparents’ custody by the state. they were taken under the grounds that theyneeded to be questioned, as their safety was uncertain. however, as stated by the children in thevideo social services are in on this sick

game and their mother’s efforts to get herchildren back have been unsuccessful. this blog also shares interviews with thechildren conducted by a child psychologist, after the original video went viral. the things explained by these children wereexactly the same as in the first video, aside from some details that were simply more specific. this makes it hard to pass the entire storyoff as a child’s imagination, as it’d be unlikely for them to remember such detailswithout them having actually happened. more importantly, unless their parents wereallowing them to scroll the deep web, they wouldn’t even know how to describe suchimagery.

this has become a story all its’ own thatinvolves a possibly cult, mind control, sex slavery, murder, and government conspiracy. ever since the first video was posted it wasremoved from youtube several times and was even banned in the uk. for that reason, most of this video will becut short, and the children’s faces will be blurred. however, if you want more information on thisrollercoaster of a cover-up you can visit the blog which will be linked below.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

puppets easy to make

hello! i'm tommy :3 in this tutorial, we will be constructing a six foot puppet base. i will be guiding you from start to finish and you can use this base to make any character you wish. i recommend watching this entire video first before doing anything. if you are very young, i highly recommend parent supervision when making these puppets. also this video is closed captioned for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. click on those captions if you wish to see them. for this tutorial, i drew up some plans for you. you can download this, you can find the link in the description below.

we will be referring to these dimensions for this tutorial. ok so the first part of this tutorial... you will need to gather your supplies. the first thing you will need is lots of cardboard. you will need some cardboard (i recommend recycled) if it's dirty, just kinda wipe it down it doesn't matter how dirty it is, it will be covered with paper mache. i have lots of this stuff because i get this from work. they basically throw this stuff out because it's dirty. you will also need some old gloves. you can use gloves for crafting if you want.

for the arms you are going to need one of these. now basically what this is, is a "pipe insulation tube" (made of foam) i got this from canadian tire. you can get this at most plumbing departments. they do not cost very much. this one tube only cost me $2.00 you will need a good length of 72 inches. if it's too short then you can use epoxy glue like i did here. this is what i did, i epoxy glued this here. if it's too short you can use some epoxy glue. i'll show you a trick if you screw up. you'll need one of these, a measuring tape. some gloves

a measuring tape brushes, i have lots of that. you're going to need a big brush. this is actually a horsehair brush. i find that this stuff works good because horse hair actually absorbs water and stays wet. a single strain of pipe cleaner. doesn't matter what color you use, it's entirely up to you. a razor scissors razor blades are very sharp. you always have to be careful with them because you can cut yourself or hurt yourself. never cut towards yourself or anyone else or else you may get stabbed. (ironically, your puppet) styrofoam balls for the eyes, it doesn't have to be this size. you can go a little bit bigger if you want.

bigger or smaller that's entirely up to you used newspaper (recycled) you'll need some of this. and some toilet paper you will definitely need. you're definitely going to need some white glue. now, i recommend a 4 liter bottle of this stuff. a container to mix your glue solution with. you'll need some tape scotch tape and i have a little hockey tape a marker

and a hot glue gun. another word of warning. hot glue gun is hot. you can burn or blister yourself, so please use this very carefully. use gloves if it makes you feel safer. i don't want you guys burning yourselves so please use caution when using a hot glue gun. and with scissors and razors. always craft responsibly and know what you are doing. so yeah, that's all the basic materials you're going to need. they're very cheap, their very afforable, not expensive. so yeah. this is what you need. i'm just going to quickly go over them. you're going to need: lots of recycled cardboard, foam pipe insulation tube that's 6 feet long if you can. then you'll need some gloves. you'll need your brushes

you'll need some pipe-cleaner, styrofoam balls, scissors, razor, measuring tape, recycled newspaper, big bottle of white glue, hot glue, tape, charmin' ultra strong toilet paper or some other durable, absorbant toilet paper. but anyways, that's all the supplies that you're going to need. so, it's all out here on the table. as soon as you gather all you materials, you're ready for the first step **closed captioning under construction** bear with me, i'm working on it!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

puppets drawing

hey guys, it's adam here and we have anotherfun project. this one is going to be the biggest one yet. i just finished drawing these upin illustrator. we are going to make a full sized enderman. well.. it's going to be fullsize if you are a kid. i think an adult full size, like for me, would end up being 13fttall. just a guess. and i couldn't fit that in my basement. so this is going to be a bitsmaller but it will seem life-sized if you are a kid. which will be fun for halloween,i think we'll set this up. one thing i noticed; i was looking at the game and i drew all thisup, the legs are shorter than the arms and another weird thing was this jaw fits insidethe skull but it's a bit smaller. it's not

how i though it would be constructed. it'skind of strange. here i did a mock up in paper. so the squares that make up the jaw are smallerthan the squares on the skull. i'll have to figure out how that part is going to be constructed.but what i usually do is at least get started on the parts that i know and then when thereis a problem i'll slowly figure that out later. so this will be fun. we have to get some wood.all this will fit on a 4x8 sheet of plywood. i want to make it as light as possible butif i use wood that is too thin it could be breakable and flimsy. i'll have to find outwhat the right balance is between weight and that kind of thing because these legs areso long, and where they attach is so skinny... there is so much leverage on this, it's hardto anticipate before hand the physics of construction.

but i think i have a good enough idea, wecan just go ahead with it. so i'm going to run down and get some wood and we'll get thisstarted. i had home depot cut it in half for me. it makes it easier in the car and also easier to push around on the table-saw. i'm not moving a whole sheet. this is 1/2" thick.a bit thicker than i initially wanted. it's going to make the project heavier but it's ok. there is the barcode. lets see.... made in ecuador on this plywood i'm going to runon this half i'm going to run all the arms and legs except one of the pieces. i'm goingto follow the grain. also you will notice there is a good side and bad side. see thefilled in knot hole there? and on this side there is nothing. this side is going to beeverything exposed and these parts will be the inside.

all the pieces will be cutout of this wood except for the faces of the head. the front back and sides of the head.and that is because it needs to fit inside the lower jaw. i'll show you more about thatin a minute. what i'm going to do is take one of the halves of the plywood right now,cut it into 3" strips. i have the sawblade set just at the right depth. so we are readyto go. i'm going to turn on the shopvac. and that is it, lets have some fun building this.hopefully it turns out good you never know in the beginning what it is going to be likeat the end. but i'm usually pleased. i finished cutting out most of the pieceshere. there is the arms and the legs. the legs are actually smaller than the arms. there is the head and the torso pieces, or most

of them. and now i have to cut a 45⺠angleso that i can join these pieces. i cut a little test piece here and you can see this matchesup like that. so that way you don't have any of that plywood end-grain to you have to takecare of. if you don't have these kinds of tools that i am going to use and you wantto join it just like that you are going to have to take care of the exposed wood edge.i'm going to use my router for this. i have a 45⺠bit and that way i can run all thepieces i need to without adjusting anything. the other way to do it would be to tilt yourblade at 45⺠but you will need to move the fence around a lot, so that is whyi am opting for this method. now it's time to nail. we have most of the pieces cut up. there are some we cant do yet.

here is 4 pieces of one leg. were going to put these together. i'm going to hold it together with a rubber band and glue while i am using these little nailshere i think these are 3/4" or something like that. for the smaller more delicate partsi an going to use these pin nails. these tiny little things. these don't have a head onthem. they are just like little bits of wire basically. so we have this hooked up to anair compressor. this piece is the side of the torso and hereis the bottom. so there is going to be a notch in here for the piece to come up in. so thati can remove it later. here is the back of the torso, there is the side and this is thebottom. and this notch allows me to screw in a piece of wood there and also i can removeit so i can get to the inside for whatever

parts and screws. things like that. so i amgoing to nail and glue this just like the other parts. well here it is now and i'm going to explain the next three cuts. turns out this is the actual shape of the head butit sits one block lower into the torso because in minecraft they don't care about physicsbut in real life you have to. so this head should be this high. and this part just kindof sinks into the torso. what i am going to do is cut that bottom set off so it's theright height. next thing we are going to do is this torso is flipped around so i am goingto run this on the tablesaw now that i know the exact dimensions of this inset. so cutthis a little shorter so it fits in. and the third thing is these arms, they are goingto mount here and i am going to throw a bolt

through it and to make sure that it's gotenough material to hang securely i am going to put in a piece of wood in the middle lets do those three things. now to attach the arms i'm going to use these lag can see on one end it has machine threads. that's pretty cool, i'm going to put thisin here and it's going to be held securely because remember we reinforced all this. it'ssolid wood, at this part. not the whole thing. and then on this side right here, you cansee there is no threads, that is going to ride inside right here so it is not goingto grind the wood up. and on this side here it is just machine threads so i can put anut on. i'm going to use these gum-nuts. that is what these are called, you can see it hadrubber at the end and that rubber just helps

to grip it so that it does not come looseover time. you can always just use regular lag bolts if you want. i have to set thisarm down a little lower because if the arm is forward.. lets say the arm is right upthere, if i tilt the arm, you see it is going to come up right into the head and then thehead is going to be locked. so i'm going to move it down like that so that the arms canmove and the head can still move. and i am going to throw some bolts straight down intothe legs. the legs are not going to move at all. this is really kind of a top heavy we are also going to have to make a base because this will not stand by itself. itwill just fall over. now i'm drilling into the top of the leg for these bolts to go intoand you can see these holes that i notched

out. and that's just incase i want to runsome cables or wires or whatever in the future, then it will be easier. because i am makingthis up as i go along and i don't know if i am going to want to be able to do that soi just did it anyway because it is going to be easier to do it now. there is not enough wood to put in screws here soi'm going to glue some wood here, throw in some screws, and that will be how this attaches.but so far so good. i stuck a flashlight in so you can see what is going on. this is a really high bolt so i am going to add some washers. that way i don't have to spend toomuch time tightening it. i really have to get a wide angle lens, it make it a lot easierfilming. especially something big like this.

hey that is cool. look at that. lets see howfar we can go up before it tips over. there it goes. still... thats pretty neat. i'm happywith that. now lets do the other one. now it's time for the jaw now here is the base.this part is going to go in like that. and then you have these parts you can see i justdrew these up. there is the right side of the jaw, left side of the jaw. and once theyare cut out of wood it's going to be nailed on there like that. it slips in underneathand then when he gets all excited and yelling at you then his head raises and then you seethe rest of the teeth or whatever that stuff is. i have this page, the left and right sidesof the front. the sides of the jaw are right here, like that. i added an extra square becausei didn't want it exposed when he lifts his

head up. just in case i'm giving myself someextra room there. thats the sides... and the back, just a mirror image. i'll get all thesecut out and hopefully this fits in well and normally in these videos i like to tell you a bit about the tools i am using and i don't think wetalked about tablesaws yet. so i will take just a minute to tell you about how tablesawswork. this one is a multifunction tablesaw were you can add a router there and use thisas a router table, things like that and i really only use this as a tablesaw. you canget tablesaws pretty small. the first one i had was just little, i think it was maybe13" square for the table. and it uses a small blade. it was not that accurate but it wasreally good to have and i bought it used for

$25 or so. you know, there are options. whati would prefer would be just a dedicated tablesaw with a really solid top but you have to havethe room and they are super heavy too. basic functions; you have a fence here. if i liftthe handle up i can slide the fence back and forth. i never use this, i always either lineup the the saw like this. see i'll look straight down and line up the edge of the blade withthe line i want to cut and then back the fence up to that edge. or sometimes i measure it.but usually i don't measure i just do it like this. line it up like that and then the fencewill meet it and then you lock the fence into place. when you are pushing the wood thoughjust make sure you don't do this, watch the edge here, don't turn it like that ok? becausewhat is going to happen is two things, one,

you are going to get a bad cut and two, youcan grab the blade. if you are pushing wood through and it grabs, it's spinning towardyou all these little teeth are coming right at you and it will grab the wood and throwit at you. so you want to make sure that when you are pushing it though it just rides thefence nice and flat. keep your fingers totally away from this. i have a guard i never useit. ever. so once the wood goes through like this, gravityjust makes these pieces fall onto the wood so that if the wood wants to throw back theseteeth bight into it. and this plastic part is just to make sure that your fingers don'ttouch the blade. i don't use it. i don't recomend not to use it but i don't. then you have apush-stick. you can make these out of wood.

you can cut out a handle just like this andit has that little notch right there, and that notch goes on your wood, and you canpush your wood through. that way your fingers are very far away. and that is especiallyhandy when the work is really close to the blade. i use this sometimes in combination,i'll hold this in my right hand, the wood over here. now lets say you need to cut apiece of wood like this... well you don't want to do it like that. you can, and sometimesi do, but that is not the right way to do it. with one this big it's very easy to makeit wobble and if you get this in here and it pinches against the blade again it's goingto fling it and throw it and you are not going to get a good cut. so they have a little miterfence. i doubt your saw is going to be like

this anyone who is going to be buying a saw.this is just what ryobi did on this model but here is how this one works. let me flickthat up. this goes down there, lock into place. what's neat about this one really... thiswhole thing moves. so it's not sliding on the table. so what you do, you put your woodon this fence and then you cut like that and you don't have to worry about it getting squirrelyon you. what else? your blade should be a bit higher than whatever you are trying to cut. not much more than that. and if you are doing a very deep cut, do it in several cuts. so if i was going to cut an inch or two deep i would have the blade that high, make a cutthen raise it make a cut. you don't want to remove too much material at once. if i spinthis it raises and lowers the blade. it's

good to lower the blade when you are doneusing your table saw, don't leave it up like that. that way if anybody comes in and turnsit on, it's not going to hurt anybody. so when you are done using it, lower it belowthe table. this is a lock so i can move that there and then i can spin it. right now itis at 0⺠meaning it's perpendicular to to table. if i spin it i can get the blade totilt. see that? then i can lock it in place. if i am going for exact i don't ever trustthese measurements, i'll hold rulers up to this.. angles and make sure that theangles are right. i can't think of too much else. stuff like this, safety switches, youhave to lift it up to turn it on but to turn it off you just hit that fast so that it iseasy to turn it off. i guess that is about it.

if you have any questions about how thesework let me know. anyway lets get back to building so right now i actually need to usethis and square some of this stuff up. one other thing, you can get what is called a'dado blade.' this is a bunch of blades, you can see one, two, and these oval shaped ones,there are several of them. so what you do with these is there is this little disc thatgoes in between them and you stack them. these two big blades are on the outside and theseoval shaped ones are on the insides and these are staggered. so you can have a tablesawblade that is super wide and can cut a nice big slot in the wood and that is helpful ifyou are doing things like drawers or shelves. you know i bought this for i think it was$80 and i have never used it. i have had it

for over a decade. otherwise if you do notwant to buy a dado you can pass the wood through it will make a cut in the wood only as bigas the blade. and then you slide it over, slide it over, and that is called can nibble a slot in, it's not as nice. so these are good but nobody wants to takethe time if you only need one cut like that nobody is going to remove the blade and putthis on, it's just a pain. but if you have a big project where you are making a lot ofthose kind of cuts then these are handy. i have never needed it. i should probably sellthis. it's just taking up space and if i have not used it by now, i don't think i am evergoing to use it. alright, lets get going. now we just let this dry a little bit. andwe can figure out how this will attach.

this part does not move, it can swivel but it'snot going to go up and down. i have tried thinking of a few ways this will work andi can't think of any other way than to have a rod come up and move the head up. i don'twant a rod showing but i really can't think of another way. this should go inside. hopefullyit works well. it's smaller than the top. when he screams he will be like that. yellingat you. it will have to be like that. because the teeth are goingto cover the eyes up otherwise. we will have it like that. i'll have to figure that out.that's a problem. let me figure that out. i just went and double checked. here is what'sgoing on, the jaw on the game is just a little bit smaller which would make the squares smallerbut not by that much, but it is up a bit like

that and they do cover the eyes behind nowbecause it is a video game that does not matter but in real life, this matters because thelight wont go through as well. i'm just going to go with it like this and we willadd the plastic here the plexiglass and see how much of a shadow it makes and make someadjustments later but i cant anticipate what it is going to be like now. we will have tojust go for it and if we need to make a change later we will do that but for now this ishow it is going to be. i will drill some holes in it. we'll try to get this head to swiveland see how we can make this lift. this top part is kind of heavy so i don't know howthis is going to work. i have been thinking about this for a while and this is what i figured out. i'm going to use 3/4" pvc for

sprinkler lines and this is going to controlthe swivel of the lower jaw. that's it. i'm going to attach this to the lower jaw. then inside here is going to fit this conduit and this is a metal pipe that usually you runromex cable in or something like that. that's going to be inside here and this isgoing to go up an down. the problem is i can't have the jaw swivel this way and the headswivel the other way. it has to stay locked so what i am going to do is cut a slot inhere 6.5" long and then through there i'm going to put a screw so that this can't when the head turns it's you know... kind of complicated. this is getting into puppeteeringreally. i have been practicing hole sizes on this scrap and i have the right diameter.unfortunately the drill bit is not one that

will fit in a power drill. let me show youwhat i have here. if you have never seen this kind of drill it's 'old-timey.' i got thisfrom my grandpa. you see the end of this bit? it's square and that fits... it's probablytoo dark. let's spin that so you can see what it looks like. inside see those jaws? theyare going to bite onto the square. it's kind of weird. you can cut this off and put itin a drill because it is just a round shaft. you can use a hacksaw and cut those off. it can go both ways or you can click this and itcan move just like a socket wrench. you can have it go one way, the other or both wayslocked. now this drill bit is an adjustable one. see the threaded screw here? it screwsinto the wood to pull it in. then you have

the tooth right here that bites it and chiselsit out. you see these markings here? if i undo this screw i can slide this bit so thati can have any sized hole i want. this is a really handy bit. i have one that will fitinto the drill but i can't find it. who made this anyway? irwin - made in the usa i'm going to put this screw rightthere and this is how it works. what's nice about this is that you can go at your ownspeed. so now the first cut is just going to gouge it and scrape it. i'm going to goabout half way through. that is about good enough. now because there is nothing for itto bite into anymore it doesn't pull itself all the way through. it has nowhere for thethreads to grab into. so i will take it out

and we will come in from the other side andthat way it will chisel a nice clean hole reverse it to clear some of the debris. lets see if that fits. yes that's good. it's notwobbling around. the same thing needs to happen on the top of the torso. a very thin little bit on the router tableand i am going to cut a slot into this about 6-1/2" long. i will mess around with thisand we will see if this works. well i forgot to film this part, i epoxied this in and iused a little bit of a coupling as a stop and that helped hold it in place while theglue was drying. i cut a slot on both sides and there will be a bit of metal to keep itfrom turning. this goes in there and that

is going to move like that. because thereis a lot of friction i am going to cut a hole in a disc and it will slide on the plasticand this is good because it is so big that the head won't wobble. i will use a hole sawin reverse. and it glides really well. there is such asmall gap in between the head and torso. we are going to add this conduit piece that icut too short so i had to put a coupler on i can just go out and buy another but i cando that later. you can see the little hole there. i am going to slip a coat-hanger wirethrough it. i have to put the camera down. spin it because its locked but it can go upand down. this shaft can spin.

if i stand it up i can spin the pvc pipe but i can'tspin the metal pipe independently. you can see how well this spins with the dvd, it'sreally smooth. i cut a piece of pipe because i cut the first one too short. we have the patient here. it feels like you have a corpseon your workbench. i'm going to use wood filler. i bet this is more like bondo. i have neverused this exact stuff. it comes with hardener so i bet it smells the same. there are somespots here and there.. i am going to paint it.. fill in the gaps. i'm going to work onmaking the head lift up later because if i run out of time i definitely want thisdone by halloween. i'll do the important stuff first and if i don't get to the head raisingup in time then so be it. right now i will

fill in the holes, sand it and paint it. iwill have to make a stand so this can stand on it's own and not tip over. lets take alook at this wood filler. yes this is just bondo. which i already have. maybei won't even use this more containers of chemical around here. ilike to use up what i have first. and boy this stinks! i really should not do it inthe house. my family is going to get mad, but i will do it quick and haul this thingout of here. i'm going to use the same bondo that we used on the bomb. don't mix up much becauseit is just a waste if you do not use it in time. i'll just guess on how much hardenerto use.

a few drops. the more hardener you use the quicker it sets. well that definitely reeks and it will take a lot longer than i thought. i'll do a sanding now and use regularwood filler on the nail heads but the corners i will use bondo. lets skip ahead. i'm going to paint it. here is what it looks like before sanding. i just got it all in the didn't take too much sanding to get it really flat and smooth. it really was fast.probably because it is all straight. it was

really easy. i will use this. its's a fillerso it is going to help fill in the texture of the wood. i will probably do a very lightsanding after this and then we paint it black. hopefully i can do this before it rains. just to try it out i got a $1 can of spray-paint. you can find it at walmart, home depot orlowes. i don't know if it is going to be worth it or not. let's find out. it seems kind ofthin. it's ok but you can tell it is not as good. lets just do a light coat. it's a dollar for a reason, it's not that good.boy this is bad spray-paint. it really is. i say it's worth it just to see that way youappreciate the good stuff. go ahead and spend $1 on this. good enough on this one. i willclean it of and wipe each side on my pant

leg so that i am not painting dust. i'm getting ready to paint this jaw this isgoing to be a quick test. you might think that painting a minecraft block is reallyeasy but it isn't. the colors differences are so subtle. if you are doing a dirt block, getting the different browns is not easy. i think this goes here. this is actually reallyhard. i need to find a better place to buy spray-paint. if you go to home depot or lowesand you want greys, you have maybe 2 options at best. it's either black, white or grey,and maybe some other kind of grey, but it's usually some sort of metallic so it wont work.or some textured grey. we have black here under the blue. then i got this can of automotivepaint that is more expensive. auto paint may

be the way to go when you want a greater colorchoice. i'm just doing the face of the jaw and i am going to see how this looks withthe car paint. the black paint is still fresh. lets go in the garage. this is what i got.dupli-color, it's supposed to duplicate car colors. this is a general motors color. theygive you the automotive number 'dark spiral grey met' so met = 'metal' maybe? it's reallyclose to black it might not be too noticeable but that's how the enderman is, it almostlooks black. these cans are small and more expensive.

i got this from auto-zone. o'reillyautomotive and those places seem to have this stuff. it's reacting. darn it! ok lesson learned.see how it is puckering? the old paint was not ready. this will still give us an idea of the color but that is not going to fly for the final product. look at that, how cracked it is. i will let this dry and see if we like the color, if so we will do the rest onceit is totally dry. i'll take this tape off. here is another test i'm going to try satinclear enamel, it's just a clear coat with a satin finish. maybe the contrast from asatin next to a gloss will make up for it not being grey. hopefully the paint does not pucker,

but this is the base anyway so i don't care so much. i don't see why it wouldn'tpucker. yes, it's doing it. well it's been about 48 hours. i really wanted to let thispaint dry because the reason it was puckering was it was in this in between stage of wet and starting to dry. if you remember wehad that puckering that we do not want. this was the base of the torso so it didn't reallymatter i'm not worry about fixing it. i didn't want to mess up the rest of the paintjob and have to sand it down and start over. this is still letting off paint stink butthat's only if you are close. i am going to

try again on this jaw. remember we did thecar paint which is fine but super expensive and i am not that happy with it. i think thislooks cooler. the gloss paint and the satin that makes it look lighter grey. what i willdo is tape this off and we are going paint on some flat clear coat and see what we likebetter, the flat or the satin. here is what i'm going to use it's a matte clear so itshould be very flat. we want to make sure does not pucker and look at that it really is. can you believe it? how long do you have to wait? not good.

this is not ready yet. unbelievable. it's doing it there, here and here. this paint needs longer to dry so letsmake a stand. here i already assembled a couple pieces of wood. about the right length. thisis just a scrap piece of wood from some furniture kit. these pieces are going to be bolted tothe base. the reason they look goofy is because i didn't have a piece this thick. it onlyneeds to be square on the ends. so that will go in there like that. slip down inside and then this piece will stop it from rattling around.

so we will set these back. he is notstanding right in the middle, he will have to stand back a bit because his arms are goingto be hanging out and he is going to be holding a cube so that is going to push the centerof gravity forward. because his arms are so long there is going to be a lot of weight.he will sit back on the edge of the wood and the cube will be somewhere around there. next up we need to add some wood in here so that when the base is on i have enough room toattach screws. if i put in screws now it would split the plywood. so i am going to glue insome pieces like this and that should be big enough for the screws.

normally i would staple this in from the other side but i don't want the stapes to go through and i cant clampit now that it is painted. i'm just going to force in wood as a brace until the glue dries. this paint puckering really stinks. it's making this project go a lot longer thanit should. i cant finish it. there is a lot of things i can't do because the paint willget messed up. i think i called it 'orange peel' earlier.

it's not, it is 'puckering.'orange peel is when you have too much paint and it is like the name, it looks like anorange peel. puckering is when it has peaks and it squishes up. this piece of wood will act like a spring. it's way too long. let me cut this one down too. oh, that's no good.i guess it will still work. well the glue dried. these are ready for drilling.

i have the legs and the base attached together. slip those in like that. i will do 3 screws this side, three on the other and one on the short sides. ok it's been three days now and i haveto be honest if this does not go on well and it causes puckering i think i will go a littleinsane. lets hope we get it right. i'm flattening it, making sure there are no raises in thetape. i will use the satin, i'm going to try a very light mist of the paint. hard to do.

so far so good. that was not a light mist there. it looks alright, i don't see any deformationin the paint i think we are good. lets let this dry and we will go back and compare this to the flat and see if we like the satin or the flat better. just when i was getting excitedand feeling good about it i put on another coat just before i brought this back in andit started puckering. isn't that terrible? look at that. ugh! there too, it's even worse.horrible. so the trick is a super light coat.

i'm still going to risk it because i cantspend forever on this i have to get this finished. unbelievably light coats. that is what i amgoing to do. tape it up, and we will just paint it and hope for the best. it might notbe easy to tell because it is so dark but this came out really neat. it looks reallygood. so that is definitely the way to do it. do the gloss and the satin and it lookslike two colors. on camera it doesn't come out as good because the gloss looksalmost mirror. but man that is good. i have the lower jaw here and it's going to go on. remember to put the plasticthat you choose. you want

something in there to help it slide. you canuse a milk jug or whatever. this is kind of reminding me of a project my brother, brother-in-lawand i did. back in 1995 we made a fan-vidof mystery science theater 3000. we built the robot puppets and everything. used pvc pipe to spin the head around. this is really bringing back memories. maybe i'll show that at the end of this video. this video willprobably end with just the basic build and then i'll figure out the lights inside. becausei want the eyes to light up. i want it to make sounds. i want the head to at least spin.i'm going to put this on the porch and hopefully

make it follow the trick or treaters whenthey are walking down the street. that would be kind of fun. if i can, i'll figure outhow to make an effective head raise and have him yell and scream as he does. but that isway too much to cram into this video so this is just going to be the basic build. to keepthis part of the pipe centered i'll add a piece of wood where the legs attach, so thepipe slips in over the wood. that way if i am pulling fishing line or something the pipe can move and not move around. if that makes any sense. sometimes this is just way complicatedto explain. remember we drilled a hole in here and this pipe fits in the slot. now i have to get a piece of metal wire and bend it around.

here is a quick look at the base again.just a piece of wood, i'll change it later. i have it screwed on underneath. if i move the legs in the right spot it just slides right on. nice and clean. on the topyou can see two bolts that hold those together. we will add the torso now. actually it is more than the torso, it's the whole upper body. it's not that heavy actually, i thoughtit would be heavier. next up, we get to add some eyes. i printed out some eyes on photopaper. played around with the color.

this looks correct right now but when i shine alight through it i have no idea what it is going to look like. hopefully it still looksgood. i might need to change this but for now i will use this. i'll cut one out. i have overprint so it's ok if i am a little sloppy. i don't really need to cut this part offbecause it is going to go right in the back like this. it will be held in place with someplastic. i'm using an old cutting mat. you can use whatever you want. i'm using this because it will diffuse the light.

old broken lcd tvs have... if you have never taken oneapart, go for it, it's kind of fun. you know how a cracked lcd tv is useless? if you open it up you can take the electronic screen part off and behind that is layers and layers ofplastic. they are designed to perfectly diffuse light. you can use some of those layers forthis if you like. lets cut this. right now i am going to secure this block. i drilled a hole for the pipe to go in. i will align it in the middle as best i can.

this isn't an exact science. i 'm going to do a dab of hot glue so i can remove this. when i know where it is supposed to go exactly then we can glue it permanently. alright, what do you guys think? is that creepy enough? i want the kids walking down the street and thisjust turns and follows them going down the sidewalk. at least. if i can get away withthat i would be happy. kinda fun. if you tighten

these arms really stiff they stay out. lookat that. i thought that would be way too heavy. let me get the camera off. yeah look at that. well here it is so far. we are going to wrap up this video now but lets take a minute totalk about what went well and what i might change. you can see some of the wood grain.coming through and that does not bother me but if you hated that and you didn't wantto see any wood grain you can just do a smear of bondo and that will get rid of all of it.but i didn't want to spend that much time.

i'm happy enough with how it came out. i'msurprised at how stable it is. this is really top heavy but if i shake it it is pretty sturdy.i thought being so top heavy it would have a lot of stress on this part but it seemsreally solid. it's heavier than i would like but that's ok it doesn't really weigh toomuch. i'm surprised that the arms are actually posable. if i grab this i can put it totallyhorizontal and it does not collapse. i really thought that the weight of an arm this extendedwould cause it to fall forward or down. i also put this off center because i knew itwould be front heavy when the arms are out. we still have to do some work on the eyes.i'm not happy with this. i shined an iphone through it and it's too washed out in thedark. i'l have to print this out darker or

mess around with that a bit more. i am goingto put a speaker inside. so it can play sounds. anyway it worked out good enough. one thing:this is about 1/8" thick washer in there, that is too big. i don't want to see thatbig of a gap. i'll probably put a thiner washer in there. but al in all, it's good enough.i'm happy enough with it. leave your comments on what you think about this what might i do better or different?or suggestions. to use this as a puppet will be difficult becauseyou will have to use strings or motors or some sort of servos or something like that.that will take a lot more time than i have in this video. lets wrap this up. i'll readsome viewer mails. we will end the giveaway

from last video probably in the next video.we won't do it this time. so i'll go grab the mail. alright really quickly before wego we'll do some viewer mails and if you want to send me one you can send it also if you click 'chanel' and 'about' in youtube you are going to find my email there.just put 'viewer mail' in the subject line that way it is easier for me to find and youcan send photo or whatever you want that way. this first comment is from louis sutter whohas a better way to drill a hole in a bomb. if you remember in the bomb video i put itin my lap and drilled. i know it's not safe to do that but the hard part is stabilizinga sphere when you drill it. he suggests using

a baseball bat doughnut. thats a really goodsuggestion. i think we are gong to go back and make another bomb. for some reason therehas been a lot of views on that video. i don't know why but if you look at the view statisticsit spikes for some reason. it's been out for a while but for some reason a lot of peopleare watching that one. we are going to make it again and make it a lot easier this timeso you wont have to use a lathe. he says: "seriously, i found it pretty funny you usingyour lap as a bench, then 10 seconds later you go all psa with the safety message." here is another one and this one is from skilar babcock and he sent some images and he wants

to know when we are going to make the scabbardsfor the master sword. yes, skilar we will do that. it looks like he rendered the skywardsword. he did that himself. so good job on that. yeah we will make one in the future.hopefully sooner than later. and here is a really long email. let me skim through thisreally quick. this one is from venger voldur. he is commenting on the hylian shield videoand he says "a little late to the party, but this was an incredible build. the result wasphenomenal, and i enjoyed watching the entire process. i'd like to mention some specificsthat i liked and didn't like." so he lists some pros and cons and we will read just afew of them here.

he liked the finished result and the way thehandles were attached on the back. he thinks it a better method than the first way i thoughtof doing it. the cons: "the way you spray paint drivesme nuts! this is a personal thing, really. but i've learned to make sweeping passes withspray paint, and you sort of point and shoot. obviously it works for you, as you had a greatfinish, so this really doesn't matter as a con." and then he suggests using acrylics.i think we will get into more acrylics. i don't pride myself on painting in fact i hatepainting. i love building but when it comes to the paint part it is not as fun for me.probably because i am not that good at it. we will take some of your suggestions on theacrylics and try that. acrylics are nice because

they are water based andthey are a lot more forgiving. he suggests using a clear coat on the acrylics. i am not sure how that worksbecause isn't clear coat and oil base and the acrylics are water? somebody comment onthat and let me know if you need a special clear coat for acrylic paint verses just spraypaint. again, what i would do on this build is i would have probably spray painted a satinblack first and then taped it off and then finished with a gloss black spray paint. notwhat i did: gloss / masked / and then a satin clear coat. i wouldn't do that because ifyou spray a satin first it has more texture and it will have a better bite for the cleargloss to go on. does that make sense? that

is what i would do differently. by the wayhe says "i was pleased to see that the "things you would do differently" part of the videowere on trivial things." i think we already covered what i would do differently on this.thanks for the comment that was a nice one. quickly just a few photos here. this one isfrom ian foster and you can see he made his sword and shield and they came out reallynice but he also mounted it on a frame and it looks like, you see these brass clips atthe bottom of the sword? it looks like you can take the off and on which is nice. it'snot permanently stuck. i think that is a really good idea. it came out nice. i think we shouldtry something like that because right now i have this sword and shield just kickingaround the basement. it gets moved around

a lot and pretty soon it is going to get damagedif i keep doing that. i think in a future video i will make a wall mount for the shieldsand swords. thanks for sending that in ian. the next one is from benjamin greenberg. checkit out he make his own kendamas. that is really cool. thanks for sending these in benjamin. he has a couple versions and the second one looks like it has a bit of a halloween theme.that came out really nice thanks benjamin for sending those in it's really nice to seewhat you guys are also making. that is going to do it for this video. thank you for subscribingand all the support. all the likes and the views it's really cool. we will finish thisup later we'll do some more videos in the future.

subscribe if you haven't and i'llsee you next time. bye!