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puppets eating

number 15. bloody mary a rough explanation of this video makes itseem pretty innocent. it’s just a man holding what seems likea ventriloquism puppet, singing “it’s raining, it’s pouring”. the thing that makes this video creepy isthat the puppet is a demonic and ghostly one, the ventriloquist is using a eerie whisperingvoice, and the lyrics are changed to “it’s raining, it’s pouring, i killed the oldman so he won’t wake up in the morning.” the ventriloquist holding the puppet goeson to say “that’s terrible!” and says

that the doll is the spirit of the urban legendbloody mary. taking a look at this performer, ventriloquistvance, there’s nothing too out of the ordinary. he just seems to be someone interested inusing youtube as a platform to practice and publish his work with ventriloquism. the bloody mary video was a questionable one,though. it was originally posted in august 2015, meaningthat it was likely not a halloween special. this video was actually originally found onpetite tube, a website that randomly generates a video with less than 100 views, every timethe page is refreshed. a link was posted to 4chan explaining howcreepy this was, and it went on to gain over

1000 views from there. seeing this on a website with no context musthave made it even more unsettling than it already is. number 14. ricardo lopez or the bjork stalker this 21-year-old single exterminator gainedan unhealthy obsession with the icelandic popstar bjork. he was caught in a psychopathic turmoil betweenloving her and hating her. while mostly it was his unhealthy romanticobsession that fueled his delusions, he also

grew a certain hate for her after findingout she was in a serious relationship. he planned to send her a letter bomb, so thatshe would die. he also planned to kill himself so that theycould be united in the afterlife. he recorded several hours’ worth of vhstapes, documenting his obsession and his sick plan. in this tape he recorded himself committingsuicide via shotgun to the end. the full video is actually available on youtube,and is pretty unsettling. the police found his body and interceptedthe letter to bjork. saving her, and spoiling ricardo’s plan.

this is one of few suicide videos to everbe left up on youtube and it’s kind of uncertain why, it’s not really of historical importance,is certainly hard to watch and isn’t intended for most viewers. number 13. 911 call – stalker outside window this video is filmed from the inside of anupper floor apartment, where an eerie figure as been staring up into the owner’s bedroomwindow for several hours, apparently. the owner decided to start recording in caseanything drastic happened, or in case the suspect fled the scene, he would have someevidence to offer police.

the video is pretty much just a shot out thewindow of this figure standing perfectly still and staring directly at the owner as he’son the phone with 911. this actually the first of over 25 videosin a small series where a couple seems to document their time being stalked by an unknownman, that even breaks into their home. of course many viewers seem to think it’sscripted, but regardless it conveys the fear of pretty much anyone living in the city. not only are people out there interestingin breaking in and stealing from you, there’s plenty of sick people out there that justwant to mess with your head. the first few videos of this series with theman standing below the window are especially

haunting as the quality is low and his facecannot be seen. number 12. radiator creature the most terrifying part of this video ishow much suspense it manages to build. this was another great petite tube find, thatwas featured in a list by shrouded hand, and imagining this being originally found on awebsite that gave no context or warning you can imagine how terrifying it was at first. the video is pretty short in length, lastingonly about 3 minutes. but considering the content featured in that3 minutes, it seems like an eternity.

someone operating the camera shows a coupledifferent angles of a white in-home radiator. the camera person doesn’t say anything andbut many background noises such as clanking can be heard. the camera goes into one of the rows of theradiator and zooms into what looks like a light. as the camera begins to focus, a monkey orchimpanzee’s face can be seen. in a mere split second, the monkey makes aloud noise and the camera person jumps back, before ending the video. a monkey isn’t really a chilling idea, butit does lead the viewer to a lot of questions.

where is this monkey located, and why? more importantly the suspense built up forseveral long grueling minutes before the jump of the monkey’s noise creates a perfectjump scare. even better, after being scared senselessyou’re left going through the video several times to make sure it really was a monkeyand not some creature hiding within the walls. number 11. driving through hell this video of someone racing through hellis pretty terrifying. the driver speeds down a lonely road as firesblaze beside them and smoke shrouds their

vision. it isn’t actually hell, of course, it’sa massive forest fire that began may 1st 2016 in fort mcmurray, alberta. it lasted for several days, spread severalmiles and caused over 3 billion dollars’ worth of damage. this driver was likely trying to get throughthe mess right when it began to pick up. plenty of people fear fire and natural disastersbut when you consider religion, even more people not only believe in but fear the possibilityof hell. even some that aren’t religious fear theoff-chance of being sent to an eternal oven

of pain and suffering. seeing a video like this is pretty chilling,but being in a situation like that is probably much worse. this is literally a life or death situation,with a terrifying scenery to accompany it and remind anyone able to see it that thiscould possibly be their eternity after death. number 10. haunted puppet this video was posted in august 2015, it seemsto be a night camera set up to view a glass cage like setup in which a doll or puppetis locked.

the title of the video claims this is footageof a haunted doll, that allegedly choked it’s owner and then was sealed in this containerto keep it from harming anyone else. the video which is about 1 minute and 15 secondslong, shows the puppet moving it’s arm to knock loudly on the glass of the container. not only is this some pretty creepy imagery,hearing your inanimate doll knock on glass this loudly in the middle of the night isprobably pretty paralyzing. this of course isn’t the only haunted dollcaught on tape, and who can forget the infamous annabelle that was said to be haunted by anevil entity? those that believe in the paranormal stronglyagree that it’s possible for spirits to

possessed non-living things. there have been stories of things as simpleas jewelry being haunted by lost souls. it’s more popular that they control dolls,though, as they’re the most human-like inanimate things around. more importantly, nothing makes for a scarystory like a doll controlled by unknown forces from beyond. number 9. pete the meat puppet this is yet another video that has gainedquite a bit of popularity across the web.

pete the meat puppet is a musical like animationuploaded in 2008. it seems to be a type of parody of childrenscartoons, as it has fun lyrics and cheerful music. but it also parodies the common fall downof a famous celebrity. the images and some of the lyrics are quiteunsettling, and certainly not meant for a younger audience. which puts the whole video into this weirdlimbo category. basically the story goes that a lonely lunchlady created a little boy out of raw meat, that eventually comes to life and becomesfamous with a fast food franchise.

he becomes addicted to sex, drugs, and alcoholbefore a sex tape is released and he loses everything. he is forced to live on the street and prostitutehimself, he explains that maggots and worms crawl through him and he becomes so hungryhe eats his own leg. he then says he’s traveling town to towntrying to find the meaning of life. while the song and story are more of a joke,the production decisions for this meat puppet make everything a little more horror basedthan the creators probably intended. number 8. man relates his out of body experience

this video isn’t that haunting from firstglance. it’s just a man singing in front of thecamera. perhaps just for fun, perhaps for practice. it’s the content of this man song that trulyadds an eerie air to the video. the 3-minute video was uploaded by jsandler48in january 2007. basically he’s singing a song about a neardeath experience and the afterlife. it wouldn’t be so bad if the morbid subjectwasn’t presented in such a cheery tone by this performer. more importantly this video was apparentlyposted to 4 chan from petite tube as well,

making it even more creepy. taking a look at the rest of jsandler48’scontent it’s pretty apparent that he’s interested in writing his own music, probablyfor theater. that should make light of the video, but itactually makes it worse considering most of his videos are either very morbid and centeredaround death, or intensely sexual. overall he seems happy and content with hiswork, he’s just enjoying himself and probably knows that people find his videos comicalor a little odd. either way nothing can take away from thecreepy feeling you get hearing someone say “i’m glad i died” while clapping andsmiling.

the latest video to his page was uploadedabout 6 months ago. please keep in mind that this guy is justtrying to use the youtube platform to express himself and you should not gear hate towardshim, even if his videos are a bit questionable and unsettling. this video as well as the next one were featuredin a petite tube list created by reign bot horror, who will be linked below. number 7. the game is afoot. we must return him to this world.

this video also gained most of its’ attentionfrom petite tube, but looking at the rest of the content on the channel actually fuelsthe horror aspect of this video. while it does seem to be some sort of artproject, or horror series, the off chance of someone believing these posts is enoughto worry anyone who stumbles across them. this particular video was posted on january12th 2016, from the youtube channel ‘zaon’s chosen’. the video is barely over a minute long, andit consists of a point of view perspective of someone tearing apart paper that has cartooncharacters printed on it. the paper also has “no no no stop” typedout on the top.

whoever is recording cuts the paper and crumplesup a large portion of it. they then take that piece to a dirty toiletand attempt to flush it. this person then proceeds to stab at a redtable with some sort of headphone or audio jack, before hitting a wall with either thesame wire or a black rope. as all of this occurs there’s some strangeaudio track playing over everything. the rest of the videos seem to be cell phoneclips obtained from someone’s daily activities, such as driving in a car or visiting a starbucks. most of the videos have a jazz or rock tracklayered over them but they’re all titled things like “zaon makes us faster” “servezaon” and other related things.

another dark and confusing video featuredon the channel is titled “who is zaon”. the contents of the video vaguely explainwhat can only be understood as some god-like entity. the video also offers the same symbol usedas the channels logo, and instructs the viewer to write the symbol down on walls so thatit may be seen. some of the comments are from channels sharingthe same logo saying things like “my task is complete”. the entire project gives a strange digitalcult feel and it’d be no surprise if more, even darker videos caught the attention ofhorror buffs across the web.

number 6. craigslist tape found this video comes along with a story from redditby user enteryourtexthere, however it was uploaded to youtube and read by theglitched64readsin early february 2016. the story goes that an english teacher boughta batch of edgar allen poe vhs tapes. the seller of the tapes promised that he wouldhave the tapes to him by the 23rd of january. on the 31st only a few minutes after gettingthe package at his front door, the teacher receives a phone call from the seller, whosevoice was apparently “really weird”. he asked “has it come yet?

they’re probably there, huh?” the teacher responded “who is this?” andthe seller simply said “the tapes? did you get them yet?” he confirmed that he had received the orderbut the conversation went on for 5 more minutes, where every time the call would break up theseller would call back from a new number. when the call finally ended and the teacherwent through his tapes, he found that most of them were in normal condition aside fromone. it seemed to have been taped over. most of the content was old nickelodeon shows,but there were some pretty unsettling scenes

from the movie cube zero, where a mans fleshburns off. there’s also a recording of the night skyand a short clip from the popular music video rubber johnny that was once related to thehorror community, as it is pretty creepy. aside from these few creepy things, the teachersaid the most unsettling thing was the vibe he got about the tapes. it’s got to be pretty easy to imagine howgetting something like this in the mail, just after a sketchy phone call can make someonenot only nervous but scared as well. number 5. local 58 contingency

in more recent years, plenty of people havecome out saying that they basically have a phobia of emergency alert messages. even if you’re not totally terrified ofthem, seeing one pop up on your tv screen at 3 a.m is always unnerving, since half thetime you don’t know what to expect. take that feeling of uncertainty and applyit to this video. the 3-minute long video was posted by chainsawsuitoriginal, but was found on 4chan and made more popular by a several youtube videos displayinga collection of creepy things. the video starts with the nightly schedulefor a channel called local 58. it seems to be a local antenna channel whichwould be accessible by anyone with a tv, in

theory. this footage also seems to be very grainyand vintage, possibly from the late 60’s. an american flag is sprawled across the screenas the star spangled banner plays over a message that reads “3 a.m – end of broadcast day”. this seems like a normal end of broadcastmessage for tv of it’s time, until we are met with an error screen and a loud, longringing. a logo eventually pops up that is labeled “the u.s department for the preservation of americandignity”. another screen pops up that lends us somemore information, this message is apparently

not to be used after november 13th of 1970,meaning that this would have to have been a broadcast from before that time. the screen also reads “to be used only inthe event of united states complete surrender to insurmountable enemy forces.” this leads us to the conclusion that thisis an emergency broadcast message in relation to not only a time of war, but a time whenthe u.s has apparently planned to surrender. from here the “contingency” message begins. the following screens are a set of instructionsthat advise “though they occupy our streets, they will never occupy our spirits”.

the message leads americans to believe thatwhat they are about to do is in order to preserve the perfect image of america. this message is allegedly signed by the president,though the name is not legible. the following screens instruct viewers touse whatever method is most available to them to commit suicide, though firearms are mostpreferred. furthermore, local law enforcement has beeninformed to take out anyone who refuses to comply with these instructions. before killing themselves, viewers are toldto take the “victory stance” which involves laying in their front yard, face up, feettogether.

they are also instructed to take care of theirchildren and pets for themselves, to leave no one behind. after this the station goes back to normaland a message is delivered that the station was hacked, and this was a hoax. a pretty horrible hoax that would have ledto thousands of dead americans laying in their front yards. of course from viewing the rest of this channelscontent, this was more of an art project. but if you’re someone easily scared by emergencybroadcasts this video is pretty horrible, and there are several other similar videosconcerning local 58 on the chainsaw suit original

channel. number 4. meatsleep this entry is based more around an entireseries of videos, as opposed to a single one. this channel has caused it’s audience tobe filled with questions, fear and theories. some believe that it’s a work of a fictionlike an art project or horror film promo. others believe it is the secret messages fromsomeone being held captive and abused, or messages from the abuser himself. another theory is that this is part of a realitygame.

the first video by this channel, the videothat gained the most attention, is titled in grate – surrounded by symbols. the video is shot in a damp and dark basement,random trash is thrown across the floor and there’s either a flickering effect happeningwith the footage or there’s a light that flickers constantly. there’s also distorted audio of a voicesaying “you live here, i gave you a home, you’re ungrateful”. these images give the idea that whoever liveshere, is living their against their will. their bed seems to be a wet sleeping bag andthere’s no bathroom, of course no food,

and the conditions are generally unhealthy. there are several videos in this series, andseveral things that point to what this could be. such as a girls hand coming from the bottomof a basement door, images of newspaper clippings of missing or abused women, women being filmedfrom a distance in parking garages, an ad for a date rape drug and far off shots ofcrime scenes. coming across something like this with noidea what you’re watching can be pretty concerning. it’s clearly about kidnapping of some sort,and other videos that show meat being cook

could also suggest a hint of cannibalism. scaretheater has done a great in depth analysison the content of this channel. even with this analysis, though, there’sstill no certain answer as to what is really going on with these videos. there are several theories going around theweb, and when taking details into account for each theory, any of them could be true. it’s probably certain that this is not justfound footage, as it seems to be edited and published with a clear plan. the message behind the project is a more questionabletopic.

is this just an elaborate art project or game? is this a series published by a victim ofabuse? or is it the work of a serial killer tryingto admit to his crimes? number 3. blank room soup this video has been pretty popular for quitesome time now, making it’s ways through creepypasta forums and debunking channelsalike. it’s not certain where this was originallyposted, but it seems the earliest youtube upload was january 2014, by a channel namedcreepypaste.

the original titled for this was blank roomsoup .avi, which of course was eventually shortened as it made it’s way through theweb. the video is a minute and roughly 5 secondslong, and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect, to a point. the video starts with a blank room. full of white walls that are bare from dã©corwhich gives the feel of either a home that isn’t lived in, or an interrogation room,office, or hospital of some kind. there’s a man sitting at a table in themiddle of the cameras view, his eyes are censored and he’s eating soup with a large spoon.

pretty much immediately, in the backgroundthrough a doorway there’s someone in a character costume. the character has a large white head withshort hair, two big black circles for eyes, no other details and mitten shaped hands. this character is also wearing all black. he walks up to the man who is crying and slightlypanicking while eating the soup, and begins to pat him on the back. the man begins to cry even harder as he eatshis soup, nearly hyperventilating. another identical character comes from off-screenand begins patting the man on the back as

well. there are several videos as to what this videois about. the original story claimed that this was foundon the deep web, and these two characters had kidnapped and tortured this man. of course this was revealed to not be trueat all. it’s more likely that this is an art projector advert of some sort. several other videos of these characters havepopped up around the web. such as a clip of them standing on stage atwhat seems to be a concert. no matter the story behind this video, it’scaused quite a confusion over the web and

has plenty of terrifying theories attachedto it. take a look at the full length video yourselfto get a better understanding of just how uncomfortable it can make its’ viewers. number 2. illusion of bias this video is the product of influential pictures,alexander bizarski and sparx rojas. from the message offered at the beginningand end of this project, it can be assumed that the main message here is to be gratefulfor what you have. to not constantly question what you’re givenor ask for more.

to not be filled with insecurities when you’reperfectly healthy, and so on. the video starts with images of gray, raining,hustling and bustling city scenes. messages flash along the screen such as “everyonehas their own insecurities and issues”. the short film then goes on to tell a horrifyingtell of a young girl who had a cancerous tumor, that made her very ill. she underwent surgery and doctors successfullyremoved the tumor with no major problems. however, some part of her psyche was tamperedwith and she was never able to see her own face again. in the film this is met with images of a girlwith a blank or blurred out face.

she fell into a depression, constantly insecureabout her appearance, and constantly unsure of herself. one night she had a wonderful dream whereshe felt euphoric, and knew that she could see her face again. this portion of the video is pretty innocent,with scenery from a field of wheat, as the girl bounds around in a white dress. the only thing haunting about this portionof the video is the deep distorted voice saying “everything will find it’s place, go withthe flow”. the girl awakens from her dream and goes tolook in the mirror, only to find that she’s

hideous and deformed. the image we are met with here is probablyone of the most terrifying from the video. her face seems to have scar tissues as wellas open wounds, certain parts of her face are not where they belong, her eyes bulgeout abnormally and she seems to be shrouded behind a layer of skin. she returns to bed and wishes to never seeher face again. according to the story, she luckily neverdoes, but every night she wakes up in a pool of her own vomit. a message then comes across that this couldhappen to anyone, even to you.

there are plenty of images, sounds, and animationsthat make this clip even more horrifying, so if you’d like to watch it in its’ entiretycheck the link below. or don’t, just go with the flow. number 1. hampstead cover-up or “papa kills babies” in february 2015, the affluent area of hampsteadlondon came under fire after a viral video where two children seem to expose an undergroundring of child sex slavery, pedophilia, and murder. the first video to make its’ rounds wastitled “papa kills babies” in this video

two children estimated between the ages of8 and 11, are talking to a male and female behind the camera. the first things they say in the video isthat “we promise to stop touching other children, touching each other and touchingourselves and killing babies”. of course right off the bat this video isquestionable, inappropriate and a little confusing. as it goes on the children explain that they’regoing to help bring justice to all of the people that have “done sex” to them. this of course is a more pg way of explainingthat they’re going to bring pedophiles that have raped them to justice.

the man behind the camera, possibly a copor investigator, asks the children who has “done sex” to them. they go on to list that their father, someonenamed papa, their teachers, social workers, priests of some kind, and even police officershave either raped or molested them. they go on to explain even more bizarre andterrifying aspects of this situation. they explain that there’s some sort of churchrun by “papa” where he sacrifices baby’s, drinks their blood, keeps their skulls andand dances around them. apparently these children are involved inthese strange rituals. they explain that they help papa kill thebabies.

the way that they describe the step by stepprocess of murdering these infants is uncanny to the way you’d picture a satanic sacrifice. this story quickly took a turn from unsettlingto pure nightmare fuel. a blog titled the hampstead cover-up explainsthis case in much further detail. about how the children have given informationon all of those involved in this cult-like sex ring, and how they were taken from theirparents’ custody by the state. they were taken under the grounds that theyneeded to be questioned, as their safety was uncertain. however, as stated by the children in thevideo social services are in on this sick

game and their mother’s efforts to get herchildren back have been unsuccessful. this blog also shares interviews with thechildren conducted by a child psychologist, after the original video went viral. the things explained by these children wereexactly the same as in the first video, aside from some details that were simply more specific. this makes it hard to pass the entire storyoff as a child’s imagination, as it’d be unlikely for them to remember such detailswithout them having actually happened. more importantly, unless their parents wereallowing them to scroll the deep web, they wouldn’t even know how to describe suchimagery.

this has become a story all its’ own thatinvolves a possibly cult, mind control, sex slavery, murder, and government conspiracy. ever since the first video was posted it wasremoved from youtube several times and was even banned in the uk. for that reason, most of this video will becut short, and the children’s faces will be blurred. however, if you want more information on thisrollercoaster of a cover-up you can visit the blog which will be linked below.

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