Tuesday, October 18, 2016

puppets devil may cry

we will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. national... - competition on worries! / - competition on worries! let me introduce today's guests. please welcome an sunyoung who's crazy about her son. hello, hello. we also have the handsome and smart singer and actor, kim jeonghoon. (kim jeonghoon)

china's favorite, hwang chiyeul. (hwang chiyeul) he's china's favorite korean singer at the moment. are you head over heels with your son? i am. i doubt i've ever loved a man this much. - he's your son. / - his name is "baro". - it's a korean name. / - was he conceived right away? (what a lame joke.) - we conceived him in barcelona. / - i see.

we jokingly said if we had a boy, we'd call him "baro" and a girl "lona". if we put it in english form, it's "baro seo". - it means... / - "baro seo"? it means "to stand straight". don't say that in front of dongyeop. i love looking after my son. that's a lovely name. (be upright, like your name.)

chiyeul, china's favorite singer. the year of 2016 must've been a great year for you. it must've felt so special. it feels like it's been five years. does it? - i experienced so many things. / - that many? you earned five times more. did you have to put it that way? you're so big in china.

did you give your parents an allowance? - how much? / - a thick wad. a thick wad of cash? - how did they react? / - "i don't need money." "i care for your health, not for money." / - right. but they took the money. (it went into their pocket.) i'm envious. (learn from him, baro.)

you debuted a while ago now. was it 15, 16 years ago? - 16 years ago. / - i see. - right? / - gosh. you look so young. your skin and everything. nothing much has changed - since then. / - he looks young. - sechs kies and s.e.s... / - right. both groups got reunited and released an album.

will your duo un come back next year? my friend's currently working as an actor, and i want to focus on acting as well. i don't think either of us want to go back to being un. but it would be nice to perform together someday. chiyeul was on "immortal songs" before. did you sing un's hits? - did you? / - i know them. start me off by saying "one, two".

one, two. ♪ the sea is so dazzlingly beautiful ♪ this is great. ♪ my eyes still see you, even more beautiful ♪ (summoning memories of a summer beach) this song... you know, if you go to - a bar that plays oldies... / - a bar? - people go crazy. / - they play this often. home shopping channels as well.

- that's right. / - in the summer. as usual, we have three worries to deal with today. let's see what they're about. (the keywords are revealed.) that's so pretty. - "the devil in my house". / - "the devil in my house". - a devil? / - "reasons for not talking". taejoon and i will introduce the first story together. hello, i'm a mother of two boys and one girl.

i'd like to tell you about my daughter, yerin. this happened shortly after she started school. (ringing) "hello, ma'am, i'm yerin's homeroom teacher." "when she's at school," "she doesn't speak." i didn't believe it when i heard my talkative child didn't say a word at school. "hello, i'm yerin's second-grade teacher."

"yerin won't say a word" "i'm yerin's third-grade teacher." - is he the same teacher? / - they sound the same. did she have the same teacher for three years? - did she? / - change your voice. go on. "hi, i'm yerin's third-grade teacher." - "does she have issues?" / - it's a woman this time. "she won't speak."

she's in her fourth year of school now and yerin hasn't even said yes to answer a question. oh dear. one day this happened. "i'm home." "what's wrong? are you sick?" "i feel really sick." "you're boiling up. why didn't you tell anyone?" no matter how sick she is, she keeps it

to herself and won't tell anyone. - she's still so young. / - what's wrong? why won't she talk and whose fault is it? it's so heartbreaking i need to ask for your help. she doesn't speak at school. now that you have a child, this must frustrate you. how do you feel? as soon as i got pregnant, i started to worry.

- what if my baby's not healthy? / - of course. - i had all sorts of worries. / - anyone would. i hadn't felt this way until i'd become a mom. if i were her mom and i got a call four years in a row saying - that my child hadn't spoken, / - it's frustrating. i'd be terribly upset. you would, wouldn't you? this letter is from a mom who's concerned

that her daughter won't say a word at school. let's meet the mom. (who's the worried mom?) hello (kim sunhee) (welcome) take off your shoes. does yerin not speak a word at school? she's in her fourth year of elementary school.

she hasn't said a word so far. at school? does she speak when she's not at school? - say, at home? / - yes. since i'm here, i might as well tell you my wish. i want to see her answer a question with a loud "yes" at school. you must've been very upset. - ma'am. / - yes?

- we'll sort it out for you. / - thank you. (she's already tearing up.) when did all this begin? when yerin was very young she went to a small preschool, but then she transferred to a larger one. - everything's unfamiliar to her. / - of course. she became timid and clammed up and the kids said, - "why won't you speak?" / - the kids?

"maybe she can't speak." "she can't talk, miss." she became too shy to talk. because it was such a large preschool, the kids go to the same elementary school. when the teacher called yerin's name, the kids said, "she can't talk." - she was... / - too intimidated. yes, intimidated.

that's why she stopped talking. she'd be talkative if she's anything like her mom. - exactly. / - for example, at school, what happens if she has to urgently voice her opinion? does she write it out? if she needs an eraser, she won't ask to borrow one. - she writes, "will you lend me your eraser?" / - what? if someone asks her a question... - instead of answering? / - she does that.

yerin cried every time when the teacher and her grade changed. why? because she can't speak up on the first day, and the kids go, "she can't speak." - every year? / - repetitively. some teachers make her stand until she'll speak - to punish her. / - they think she's rebelling. she cries hard at home. she's so stressed.

our crew had to interview her before the show. yerin wouldn't talk at first. that's why they tried to talk through an application. after that, she slowly opened up and spoke to the writers. let's read a bit of what yerin said. can you put it up on the screen? "yerin, can i ask a few questions?" "yes."

she wants people to know that she wants to speak. - she wants us to know. / - she wants to speak in public. (she likes birds and shin chan.) since she said she likes shin chan, if we get her to open up, maybe she'll dance for us. like this, right? - that's a bit extreme. / - sorry. (it's a quick admission.)

let's meet yerin. hello, yerin. - hello. / - welcome. - you're so pretty. / - yerin. could you introduce yourself to us? start with, "hello, i'm so-and-so." hello... (her brother helps out.) hello, i'm

- you are? / - in fourth grade, and i'm jang yerin. (well done!) - her lips are so cute. / - right now, your friends aren't here to taunt you. we're just older people, married or not, who want to - cheer you on. / - who's old? - me. i am. / - fine, not you. yerin, i'm not old. she's just a bit older than your mom.

(she can't refute that.) yerin, how does it feel to be here? be honest. - i like it. / - do you? do you feel nervous but good? do you like anyone here? yeongja. (she didn't even hesitate.) (she stands.) (it's yeongja's shin chan ceremony.)

(thank you, yerin.) you dance so well. - she's really good at it. / - keep going. when your mom told you about this show, you said you'd come along. why is that? i wanted to have courage. - courage? / - courage? can you not speak like this when you're at school?

no. - i see. / - you... you want to talk but you can't? - yes. / - i see. she has the will to speak, but she just can't. were you aware of that? yes. before the new school year starts, she always promises me, "mom, today i'll say hi and yes or no."

when i ask how the day went when she gets home, she cries so hard and when i ask why. "mom, i wanted to say hello to my new friends," "so i went to the toilet and said hello 100 times" "before going into the classroom." as soon as she put up her hand to wave and say hi, - her voice got caught. / - it wouldn't come out. i once watched her class do an english play. yerin won't speak, so she was told to carry a basket.

i said, "weren't you pleased you didn't have to talk?" "mom, i can speak in english too." - "i was sad i had the basket." / - she was upset. that's when she asked me to send her to get therapy. - we saw a therapist for two years. / - what happened? did seeing a therapist help at all? she still can't say a word at school, but the therapist told me not to push yerin. - she gave me a lot of courage and help. / - i see.

why do you think she clams up at school? because everyone knows her as the girl who can't speak, when she makes a sound, everyone stares at her. she fears that situation. - it's when she's noticed. / - yes. when she was in preschool, i met her teacher once. she said, "yerin won't say a word in class." "take her to see a doctor." - she said that in yerin's presence. / - oh, no.

of course. she started to cry. - that hurt her. / - of course, it did. that's a huge wound. - yerin is just fine. / - adults should be careful. the whole family must be worried about her. her brother is in the sixth grade of the same school. he talks to her and carries her backpack for her. he looks out for her right now. - but he'll start middle school next year / - right.

and she'll have to fend for herself and i'm worried. is your son the vice-president of the student body? yerin said she wanted to be called the vp's sister. her brother said, "then, do you promise you'll speak in class?" she promised. was this yerin's idea? - she wanted her brother... / - to be the vp. - yes. / - did she say that?

why are you so surprised? it sounded like she wanted to be the puppet master. i was just joking. (what do you mean?) he wasn't voted in, but still... - did he lose? / - he lost? it was close. only a few votes were in it. - it's always a close race. / - it is. - he's a reliable brother. / - he's great.

just because his sister asked him to... running for vice president is a huge deal. it's a lot of pressure. let's meet the brother. hello. hello, i'm jang hoin, and i'm in sixth grade. his voice is changing. - his voice is changing. / - it is. as a brother, what do you want your sister to be like? i want her to talk to her friends and be happy.

- happy? / - yes. she doesn't seem happy now. what is she like at home? do you talk to each other? when she's at home, she calls me, "silly pig". "silly pig"? yerin, you said you like yeongja. (if i can make yerin smile...) she's talkative.

what is she like at school? - what? / - at school. she makes this strange face and just waves silently. it must upset you. it does, whenever i see her. is the man next to you your dad? it's pretty obvious. - hello. / - it would be strange if he weren't. i'm yerin's dad.

can i ask how you feel? - it breaks my heart. / - right. - i'm actually quite timid and reserved. / - i see. i find it hard to speak. i wonder if yerin got that from me. parents feel that way. - if there's a problem, / - if something happens - we wonder if it's our fault. / - i feel bad. i'm not sure if this is the right time to tell a story,

but this happened for real this morning. my son had pooped and called me to help him clean up. - i rushed over to wipe his bottom. / - to clean him. instead of being embarrassed or grateful he said, "i hope you get poopy hands." i wondered if he took after me and i felt guilty. - of all things to say... / - poopy hands? blame yourself. that's how all parents think.

we're all the same. yerin, i have a question. he's the handsome guy. - her expression changed. / - just a moment. yerin, do you think he's good-looking? yes. is he the best-looking guy here? she prefers someone else. (there's someone who is better-looking.)

- who is the most handsome? / - please tell. - there are six guys here. / - this is intense. - are you number one? / - let's go this way. - i'm the "animal farm" guy. / - one, two, three... she might have weird taste in men. don't include me, yerin. i'm not a guy. pick one of us. no pressure. which one is it? (it's unusually tense.)

number one. (she chose chiyeul.) chiyeul. congratulations. - say something. / - ask her a question. kids do not lie. the less-handsome guy has a question for you. - are you upset? / - now, now. i'm not upset. do you have a hard time talking to your teacher too?

(nodding) do you not talk to your teacher, either? do you want to talk to your teacher? but you just can't speak up? if her teacher is watching, he or she might've heard her for the first time. we were going to invite her teacher on the show, but then we thought yerin wouldn't speak. that's possible.

that's why we have the teacher on the phone instead. yerin, can you call your teacher for us? ready, go. miss. a bit louder. "miss." - miss. / - that's it. well done. - miss! / - teacher! - hello. / - hello.

(yerin's homeroom teacher) have you never really heard yerin's voice until now? i thought it was such a pity that i never got to - hear her voice at school. / - i see. i was listening to her talk to you - and i felt so emotional. / - of course. i'm so proud of her. how do you like her voice? - i think it's so cute. / - yes.

she looks cute too. she has an adorable voice - and i hope to hear it more in class. / - i see. could you call out her name? say hi back. (will yerin respond for the first time?) - say hi. / - hello. (hello.) - well done. / - that was so moving.

- right then... / - my goodness. it may sound strange, but your teacher must've wanted to hear your voice. ma'am, how did that answer make you feel? i'm so pleased and happy. i'm glad i heard it even though we aren't in class. what is yerin like at school? - she's very reliable and hard-working. / - i see. she enjoys art a lot.

whenever she draws or paints, it's very nice and complete. - she's good with her hands. / - i think very highly of her skill. (she's a great student.) does she get along with her classmates? she's closest to a child called jowoon who's in her class. jowoon looks out for her a lot.

i see. yerin's best friend's here. let's meet her. - hello. / - hi, jowoon. hello. i'm kim jowoon and i'm in fourth grade. (yerin's best friend) - she's choeun. / - choeun? choeun? hello, i'm baek choeun.

(another friend) choeun and jowoon. - jowoon and choeun. / - jowoon and choeun. - jowoon. / - i was confused. what is yerin like? she's positive and cheerful, and she has a pretty voice. - you're more cheerful. / - you're more positive. (she agrees.)

does she talk to you a lot? since the start of the school year? in the first semester, my friend and i - tried to tickle her. / - why? we tried to make her talk. (triple speed) yerin... - keep it short. / - she didn't talk. - it's okay. / - let her talk.

she's doing fine. she started to talk when we visited jowoon's house. jowoon, what do you think yerin is like? she has no weaknesses. - none? / - you're a true friend. she can't be human without any weaknesses. do your other classmates want to talk to yerin?

- yes. / - does she not talk to them? no. we talk in the toilet when others aren't around. that's when we say hi or talk in short sentences. yerin, do you not want others to see when you and jowoon chat? is it embarrassing? i feel uncomfortable. because you're used to not talking to them. - yes. / - but

don't you think it would be nicer? compared to now? - i think so. / - right? there must be a lot you want to say. (she wants to talk.) i have a question for hoin. what do you think would make or help yerin talk? i think our mom should stop asking yerin if she talked or not.

- she keeps asking. / - is that just more stressful? there are times when yerin doesn't want to answer. i want mom to stop putting pressure on her. do you want your mom to wait? - her brother is great. / - what do you want? that's so observant for a sixth-grader. what do you want mom to do? she needs to learn to sympathize. - more sympathy? / - more sympathy.

mom isn't good at sympathizing. you want her to sympathize. when you're at home, how do you usually talk to yerin? "yerin, did you talk in class today?" "did you answer any questions? what did you do?" - "yes or no?" / - you push her. do you ask questions without giving her - a chance to answer? / - yes.

yerin, what does mom say that stresses you the most? - "did you talk in school today?" / - i knew it. - asking her that... / - it's stressful. - is it stressful? / - why does that upset you? i want to talk, but i just can't. were you aware that this is how she thought? were you? no, i wasn't.

i thought she had trouble with her friends which made me anxious. when kids start school, i meet the other moms. the other moms say, "your daughter can't talk," and they point at me. it stresses me out, - so i end up pushing her. / - you urge her to talk. we consulted some experts and they said

though they can't be sure, they think yerin's suffering from selective mutism. when she's in a certain space or with certain people, that's when she clams up. did you notice that? i think you're right. she's usually... this is a new space and she talks just fine. as soon as someone says or implies

- that she can't talk, that's when... / - i get it. then she never speaks again. but once she starts to talk, she won't stop. - she keeps going. / - because she forgot. she said it began when someone pointed out yerin can't talk. you're making the same mistake at home. - "did you talk or not?" / - "yes or no?" everyone knows she wants to talk and yet

she's forced to say she didn't. - that's why. / - she's upset. not only does she get stressed at school - but at home too. / - right. "yerin, talk whenever you want to." - then she'll be able to relax. / - give her time. sir, tell us what kind of a mom your wife is. you've been talking to her for a while.

as you can see, she's not exactly the warm or friendly kind of mom. how could you say that? - she's not like that. / - that's her personality. you said "as you can see," but that's not what we saw. you gave us a lot of information in that sentence. does she stress you out? - we'll let you talk. / - i didn't mean it that way.

i'd like her to give yerin some time. - to relax. / - to cool down. it would help if she were more understanding. is your wife a bit impatient? i must agree. from the way she speaks, i can tell that she's very upbeat. to shy or timid people who need encouragement, - it can seem like pressure. / - it's rapid-fire.

there's something i want to know. if you thought yerin had issues with her friends, did you ever invite her friends over to your home to try to help her get along with them? - since she talks at home. / - on her birthday. it may sound like an excuse and i feel terrible about it now, but i never held her a birthday party or let her have friends over.

i was raising three kids while working, so i was always tired when i got home. - i see. / - i should've cared more for her but i was never able to help her at school. yerin, did you ever wish your mom would let you have friends over for a birthday party? - on your birthday. / - yes. - would you like that? / - yes.

- that's what she wanted. / - how many friends would you like to invite? - no idea yet? / - five. - five? / - five? what are their names? - choeun will be one. / - choeun and jowoon. we might be wrong. - it's her birthday. / - you're right. (please invite us.)

would you invite any boys? she's too embarrassed to say so. if you keep quiet and choeun will invite three boys. (she's so outgoing.) that's her job. let's see who yerin wants to invite. (let's hear her answer.) songyeon, hanbyeol, and moonhee. - hanbyeol. / - moonhee.

- hanbyeol. / - hanbyeol. - songyeon. / - choeun, stay out of it. she's like me as a kid. i feel sorry for her. (she's so distracted.) what i want to know is what you want to eat. - fried chicken. / - chicken? chicken? send her some cultwo chicken.

we'll send some over. - buy her some. / - it's a deal. - give her coupons. / - ten chickens. when is your birthday? i need to know. - august 4th. / - august 4th? - that's months away. / - yerin. think about it. maybe you were born in january. january 4th, maybe?

we'll send some over on christmas for a party. invite some friends over. because birthday parties are important, but your mom feels bad she didn't host any for you. - host her a christmas party. / - i will. your friends will find out you were on tv when they see this. say hi to them.

"hello, guys." guys, i'd love to talk to you too. she wants to talk. (well done.) the chicken's on us! look! - my goodness. / - who are they? gosh. yerin's friends...

(surprise guests) - there's a guy. / - is he her boyfriend? (we invited them in secret.) - hello. / - they're so cute! - come and sit down. / - did you come now? did you come all the way from dangjin for yerin? sit down. - introduce yourselves. / - say your names. i'm in class 5 of year 4, and my name is ahn hyosung.

also say something to yerin. yerin. from now on, i'd like you to talk to us more. - you heard it today. / - yes. what did you think? it's very pretty. (her voice is very pretty.) it is pretty.

i am kim songyeon. - songyeon. / - you're songyeon. yerin, you have a lovely voice. i want you to talk to us a lot. you should say, "okay, i will." okay. (her mom is touched.) you have a nice voice and sound cute when you talk. i hope that you can be yourself and talk to us more.

i want yerin to talk to us during breaks between our classes. yerin, i've only seen you talk in the bathroom. it'd be amazing to see you talk to us in class. she wants to chat with yerin in class. (they want to get closer to her.) yerin, all of your classmates want to chat with you and want to become closer to you. do you want - to say something to them? / - they came here for you.

thanks for coming here today. anything else? how will you change from now on? invite them over for fried chicken. yerin, tell them what you want to say. - we'll wait for you. / - we can wait. take your time and say what you want to say. (i'm sorry that i've been impatient.) (i'll be more patient and wait for you from now on.) you don't have to say much. just call their names.

start with this friend here. what's his name? hyosung. my gosh, she knows you. she knows your name! yerin knows your name. congratulations. you can eat fried chicken on christmas. (he can eat fried chicken on christmas!) songyeon, minseo, haeun, and hanbyeol.

let's be close friends. yes, you guys should be. - she wants to be close friends with them. / - yerin. invite them over for christmas. i want to invite you guys to my place. - what will be on the menu? / - fried chicken. thanks, guys. you can go back to your seats now. - thanks, guys. / - thanks so much. - you can sit with yerin. / - they're so sweet.

sit beside yerin. thanks, guys. (yerin had fun with her friends on christmas eve.) (friends, let's make many fun memories together.) (smiling) that's awesome. seven of her friends are here. that must make you feel so much better, ma'am. her homeroom teacher has been listening to everything. - is she still on the phone? / - still?

- yes. / - seriously? - are you still there? / - her arm must be hurting. yes, i'm here. hello? - i thought you were long gone. / - you're... - her teacher is... / - i'm touched. is there a reason you stayed on the phone? was it because of fried chicken? no. i was just so amazed to hear yerin - talking freely to her friends. / - i see.

that's why i stayed on the phone. - how touching. / - thank you. she's such - an awesome teacher. / - before you go, you should say a few words to yerin. yerin, your classmates and i are all rooting for you. we believe in you, yerin. thank you. - good. / - that was great.

thank you so much! - thank you. / - thank you. chiyeul, you go first. do you think that it's a worry? i personally think it is. - i think it's a big worry. / - you think it's a worry. listening to her story made me realize how crucial teachers' and parents' roles are. i think that it's a very important issue. if people around yerin understand

the fact that she'll talk if they're patient with her, she'll be able to enjoy her school life so much more. it'd be great if everyone around her helps her out. i'd like to press the button to show my support. if you empathize with it or want to be supportive, please press the button. (what does the audience think?) - in five, four, / - in five, four, - three, two, one. / - three, two, one.

- stop! / - time is up. is there anything you want to say to your parents? from now on, don't cause trouble, and i'll be a good daughter. - you've been a good daughter. / - you - never caused any trouble. / - never. she was probably implying - that her mom... / - her mom is a troublemaker.

she wants her mom to stay away from trouble. - don't get into trouble. / - listen to yerin. - tell your parents that you love them. / - you should. i love you. - good. / - yerin. - you have to keep your promise, okay? / - she will. how many votes did this story get? show us the result. we see the last digit. i'm sure it'll get more than 100 votes.

will it be 192? (reasons for not talking) - my gosh. / - it got 152 votes. (her story got 152 votes.) that's pretty good. the next story is "mr. smart". judging from the title, it doesn't sound like a worry. i'm a housewife in my 30s who lives in asan. i'll tell you some of the things i've had to tolerate.

it sounds like his radio show. when my husband bought expensive baseball equipment, i tolerated it all. when he was trying to quit smoking, he spent 1,000 dollars on electronic cigarettes. - 1,000 dollars? / - why did he do that? i even tolerated that. then he started smoking both regular cigarettes - and electronic cigarettes. / - he's so good.

what do you think i did? - you tolerated it. / - you tolerated it. (i patiently tolerated it.) but this i absolutely cannot tolerate. my husband has to buy every single new smartphone as soon as it comes out. he also buys all sorts of smart devices. i mean, he's not a celebrity. but he has three mobile phones.

he's glued to his phone 24 hours a day. he works in the kitchen at a tonkatsu restaurant. once, he put his hand in hot oil. "gosh, i cut my finger on the knife." "look at all this blood." "thank goodness" "that my phone is okay." he sure needs a wake-up call. please stop him. let's meet her. please come on out!

(who's the woman worried about her husband?) (park nayoung) (welcome to the show.) welcome to the show. how many smart devices has he bought so far? you know the series from s brand, right? - s1 and so on, right? / - yes. he bought them all. right now, he has a tablet computer, two smartwatches, plus one smart wrist band, and three smartphones.

- those are what he has now. / - even a smart band. why does he use three phones? are they all activated? - no. one of them is only for mobile games. / - i see. the second one is his actual phone, and the third one is for watching movies. - movies? / - it's only for movies? - they serve different purposes? / - movies? - why does he do that? / - it must be costly.

it's very costly. he spends about 500 to 1,500 dollars every moth. - he spends up to 1,500 dollars? / - yes. - every month? / - that's right. is that how much he spends because of his phones? - yes. he needs accessories for them too. / - cases. he buys them in every color - in every color? / - and in every material. - my gosh. / - seriously?

- phone cases? / - yes. (it gets worse when he works.) he works in the kitchen, so he has to be careful when using knives and so on. one day, i heard him screaming in the kitchen, so i went over there. he was using his phone while cooling off his hand. what was he doing on his phone? what was he looking at?

i think he was playing a game. - there are 3 holders in the kitchen. / - for phones. - he sure is mr. smart. / - he keeps his phones there. he must leave those games on no matter how busy he is. - yes, for 24 hours a day. / - even if he's busy... he leaves them on even when he sleeps. these days, people who are into mobile games always - they let it run automatically. / - keep them on. - i don't get it. / - they want their levels to go up.

all right. let's meet her husband now. he looks completely normal. (he looks so normal it's more provoking.) why do you buy so many smart devices? aren't most men like me? you don't want to fall behind? that's one of the reasons. if i don't own everything - on the market, i feel anxious. / - right. if i buy them late, i feel like i'm behind the times.

(jeonghoon can relate to him.) there's the term "early adapter", you know. buying... does it mean you have to buy the latest devices? when new products are launched, some become available immediately. - that's what i buy. / - do you have a blog? - that's a good question. / - do you write about them? - do you run a blog? / - no, i don't. early adapters are those who make good use of devices.

it doesn't refer to people who collect new products. - they do tend to buy many new devices. / - yes. - do you actually need three phones? / - i wonder too. yes. i bought them because i needed them all. why do you need them? you can use one to watch movies and do other things. what kind of games do you play? (he plays a time-consuming role-playing game.) you have to leave it on all night.

i see advertisements for that game all the time. i'd understand if he buys bluetooth accessories. - they'll help him with work. / - he can answer calls. - by any chance... / - the smart wrist band. you probably bought it because you work out a lot. - that's what it's for. / - i don't work out nowadays. then why did you buy it? to measure the temperature of tonkatsu? i can't measure temperatures with it.

i get that it's sort of your hobby, but shouldn't you think about money too? you should be more realistic. your wife works so hard. i don't always buy brand new products. many websites sell second-hand devices. i buy things from those websites to save money. then i sell them when newer models come out. - he sells them too. / - i don't spend that much. so you're saying what you're doing is okay

- because you don't keep buying things. / - yes. she keeps saying i spend too much. - but because that's an initial expense, / - of course. it doesn't mean anything. he's very fickle-minded. - he's fickle-minded? / - yes. he keeps buying and selling the gadgets. i checked the number of transactions before coming. it was 155.

a year has 52 weeks. he's been doing this for four years, so he changed his phone once every ten days. - then, it counts up to 155 times. / - really? - yes. / - i don't know about other things, but i'd be so sad if my husband always stares - at his phone. / - it would be frustrating. there were many people like him here. does he not help you with anything?

does he keep looking at his phone at home? - we have a 26-month-old son. / - goodness. it's a boy, so it's very tough. - you need your husband's help. / - you really do. they say it's important for him to play with his dad. - right. / - of course. but he goes straight to our room when he comes home and charges his three phones immediately. - he turns on the games. / - he uses the two

to play games and the other one for checking sns. - how about the child? / - he plays alone. whenever i try to get some chores done, he looks for his mommy and stops me from working. i think about playing with him more. but i do play with my son sometimes. - is that right? / - i play with him on the trampoline and slide. how much time do you spend with him every day?

perhaps 20 minutes. what's the ratio of cell phone to baby? it's roughly 99 to 1. - really? / - that's unbelievable. (how can he be so confident?) what made you really upset? we are the only ones in our building. - i told my husband to look after the baby. / - okay. i kept hearing people's voices, so i checked outside.

it turned out the baby crawled down the stairs and went down to the first floor. - goodness. / - no way. (just the thought of it makes us giddy.) - what about your husband? / - he was playing a game. you should've taken the phone away and thrown it. - your baby was in danger. / - he'll buy one again. i took the baby, went up the stairs, and yelled at him. - don't you feel guilty? / - what did he say?

that's over the line. what's that? - do you play less game now? / - yes. i feel guilty now. after i got yelled at... do you play less game now? no. i play just as much. (i just keep getting more and more frustrated.) i'm sorry, but do you not drink? i love drinking.

- you do. / - yes. - how about smoking? / - he smokes too. - he does both. / - he still smokes and drinks. he still enjoys smoking and drinking very much. people who usually sit there say, "i'm just addicted to smartphones." "i don't drink or smoke like other men." but you do everything. (# onion man # layer upon layer # endless # infinity)

you're not just addicted to smartphones. we keep finding more wrong things about you. does he have any bad drinking habits? at the beginning of our marriage, i thought of divorcing him because of his bad drinking habits. he has very bad drinking habits. - what are those habits? / - what are they? he destroys storefront signs and human figure

advertisement boards in front of cell phone shops. (he's like pandora's box.) - he's got all the bad things. / - i hate it. - let's vote now. / - he's got every problem. it's hard to find someone with every problem. - it's fascinating. / - he's got everything. - i'm fascinated. / - are you into claw machines, too? he is. when i used to run a business in incheon,

- i used to like claw machines. / - goodness. (he's into everything bad.) do you remember what you did? i don't remember. you can't drink like that. - didn't you get hurt? / - you shouldn't drink. gambling will be the finishing touch. (then, he'll be doing everything he can.) ask him. do you sometimes gamble?

the only thing i am proud of myself is that i can't even play poker. - he's proud of himself for that. / - get real. gambling is the only thing he can't do. (this special man has) (the character of the one percent.) (he's fickle-minded.) (he's more than what you imagine.)

(he's the worst kind.) (it's not over until it's over.) (find out more about this man.) today, the husband's friend has joined us here. it's nice to meet you. your friend's wife came out here because of your friend's smartphone addiction. did you know? in college, we did a performance together.

even during rehearsal, he always missed his part because of his phone. - he missed his part. / - yes. even on the actual performance, he missed his turn. - because of his phone. / - yes. - we got really frustrated because of that. / - no way. i will say this since it's brought up. from morning to night,

or even early morning, he sends me messages. they are all game invites. - those are about asking for items. / - that's right. - do you get them in the early morning too? / - yes. i once blocked him because of that. when i first met his wife... of course, she's still beautiful, but she was gorgeous. - she is very pretty. / - she's still lovely. - she looks tired now. / - after she married him,

she looked like she's already aging. - he's mean. / - he's the type who attacks you while you smile. he insulted both of them. he's really immature. one time, he bought a new phone and... - he's very determined. / - yes. - he got a new phone, / - he might not be a friend. so he took a video and sent it to me.

it was his wife working in the kitchen. he sent me a video of her tenderizing meat and frying tonkatsu. - he's so immature. / - he even took a slow-motion video of her. how was it? - how was it when you watched it? / - honestly. did you think, "is that how tonkatsu is made?" - no. / - by the way, he's so immature.

- how can he take a video of / - his working wife. - his wife working? / - you should've scolded him. (how would he scold his friend?) tell him. tell him, "stop making lame excuses." - he's got nice eyes. / - in just that moment, he swore at his friend with his eyes. his eyes said it all. tell him something.

- yangjin. / - yes. it's time to become mature. his wife came out here to talk about it. - she looks very tired. / - she's worn out. how was your wife before marriage? your friend said she was really beautiful. she looked like sandara park. - right. / - she looked like her. she still does. how does she look now?

she looks a little tired. when i first saw her, i said she looks tired. who do you think made her like this? is it because of me? - it seems so. / - the work time is quite long. of course. it's not all his fault. - it's just marriage. / - it's tough for him too. but you could help lessen her burden a little.

because you're addicted to your phones, - you make her life even harder. / - but i think he's just addicted to games. - game addiction. / - he's addicted to games. he embellishes himself with new phones because he's worried about what other people might think. his happiness is determined by other people's opinions. it's not a simple problem.

the more we think about it, the deeper the problem seems to get. what is another thing that worries you because of his phone addiction? even when he's walking, he looks at his phone. - that's very dangerous. / - he almost fell many times. - he almost fell. / - he once fell into a manhole. - he fell into a manhole. / - it's very dangerous.

recently, an augmented reality game became famous. one of my friends actually fell into a manhole while playing that game. - he got 17 stitches. / - really? - i thought it was pathetic. / - does he... - it's pathetic. / - he's 41 years old. - he's 41 years old. / - he's 41 years old. does he look at his phone when he drives too? - in the expressway, / - that's dangerous.

he drives 140 to 150km per hour. there was a car in front. but he wasn't stopping. i shouted, "stop the car!" - only then he raised his head. / - then, he braked. - if i hadn't said it, it would've been bad. / - right. - that's too serious. / - you have a baby too. - yes. / - that's very serious. he must go over the lines all the time.

right. whenever he receives a message, - he checks it immediately. / - that's dangerous. - that's more dangerous than drunk-driving. / - yes. - really. / - if a driver looks at his phone for just one second, that's like driving 20m with his eyes closed. don't you realize how dangerous it is? i realize it. then, you should stop.

i should stop, but i can't stop. (i can't help myself.) (this accident killed an entire family.) goodness. - that... / - all of the children died. - the news was about this truck driver / - oh, dear. - who hit a car stopped in front / - while... while checking his phone. he didn't see the car,

- so he ended up crashing into it. / - yes. it all happened in two to three seconds. - and it was a big truck. / - the children... (you can also be a victim or an assailant.) you can lose your lovely family - in a blink of an eye. / - goodness. all of those children died. the driver who drove that truck was sent to jail for ten years.

how do you feel after seeing that? that's exactly what you do. i have mixed feelings. looking at your phone while driving - is really dangerous. / - it shouldn't happen. - you should never do it. / - you must regret it. why are you so obsessed with your phones? it became worse when i moved from incheon to asan.

i felt so lonely. - you didn't have friends. / - my family was there, but i was away from all of my friends. i get lonely very easily. i hate eating alone too. because my mother-in-law lives with us, i often get conscious. - it's not... / - you moved into your in-law's house. yes. it's not my house.

i started getting stressed because of those things. that's when i became more attached to phones. - he left his hometown. / - you're saying that it's the reason for your addiction. honestly, it's not easy to live with a mother-in-law. - right. / - right. the building we live in is owned by my mother. we moved to asan to save up for a few years. - you wanted to save on rent. / - right.

i want us to save up fast and get our own place. since we have a baby now, i want us to save more. i hope he'd stop spending on buying gadgets. he buys all the new phones, but you don't spend on yourself now. - right? / - right. i have to put my baby before me, and my baby before my husband. - right. that happens. / - i never expected it. one day, my husband told me

to close the shop and go back to incheon. he told me that. - it's immature for him to say that. / - right. we haven't done anything. what will we do in incheon? we don't have any savings. (she wants him to be more responsible.) - it's like that. / - what were you - going to do in incheon? / - what would you do? you should work to make time

to meet your friends. right? right. since i'm the breadwinner, i should take the responsibility. i'd do anything. do you have a plan? you won't feel lonely in incheon. right. i'd use my phone less. - goodness. / - then, how about your finances? he's helpless. i want to tell him this.

you said you look at your phone because you're lonely. but your wife is lonelier watching you use your phone. she can't feel your existence. - she would feel ignored. / - right. - she would wonder why she's with you. / - right. i never knew before that it affected her so deeply. do you feel sorry now? yes, i do. i feel sorry.

- women have strong pride. / - they do. afraid that her friends would bad-mouth her husband, a woman never tells bad things about her husband. if she gets sad in front of her parents because of him, her parents would say bad things about him. so she never mentions them, and it makes her lonelier. but she managed to come out on tv. it means she's so miserable that she's willing to give up all her pride and take her friends talk

bad things about her and her husband. she's desperate. - right. / - yes. she's already burdened with so many things, but she would feel better if her husband says, "good job, honey. thank you." the happiness from it would get rid of fatigue. she's not getting any of that right now. that's what is happening. (she gets emotional as someone understands her.)

- that makes her feel lonely / - she got emotional. - even if she's with her husband. / - she's happy that she got to say everything and got heard. she's feeling better. that's how she feels. it's just like what i said. she doesn't want something big. say something to your husband. - tell him your wishes. / - wipe your tears. on hello counselor, you get to listen to each other.

- when you're alone at home, you just fight. / - yes. - but here, you have no choice but to listen. / - yes. - people are watching. / - yes. there are so many ears here. is it your first time to listen to her for a long time? (they desperately need communication and love.) tell him what you want. i hope you will stop playing games. when you work, focus on your work.

- focus on work. he can do it on free time. / - yes. there's something that has to go. at night, he charges five gadgets on top of our bed. because of that, i bought stickers that block electromagnetic waves and put them around our bed. but i felt pathetic while putting those stickers. - i felt pathetic for doing it. / - right. our child doesn't like him very much. whenever he tries to hug the baby,

the baby pushes him away. - he needs to get closer to his son. / - yes. what if he grows even more distant from you? aren't you worried about that? i'm worried. then you should try to change too. - be specific. / - make specific promises to your wife. i won't use my phone when i'm at home.

- i'll spend more time with the baby. / - that's good. how about when you're working in the kitchen? avoid using your phone when you're frying. avoid using it when you're driving. - i won't. / - never use it when you're driving. let's vote. - i think it's a worry. / - yes. jeonghoon has been very quiet. he said this a while ago.

"that game is..." - i'm a game addict. / - a game addict? he said he's not going to take out his phone at home. - that's impossible. / - what should he do then? - what's the efficient way? / - change the game. there are games you can play one or two hours a day. - please recommend him the games. / - yes, please. i'll tell him later. it doesn't take up as much time. there's no husband in this house.

he's not acting as a dad at all. he bathes the baby and watches him for 20 minutes. even a neighbor can do that. he's addicted to games now, but we'll never know what he'll get addicted to - when another problem arises. / - he will. he needs to think about how to live for his family. - press the button, please. / - it's a big worry. she said even a neighbor could bathe the baby.

but wouldn't it be strange if a neighbor does it? but we do understand what you mean. please be a little understanding of his situation. he moved into his in-law's house. he's got no friends. - he works with you all day. / - we understand. then, he goes home to his mother-in-law. in the end, you're a team for the rest of your life. you should trust and support each other. if you think her concern is something to worry about,

- in five, four, / in five, four, - stop. / - time is up. let's check the result. "reasons for not talking" got 152 votes. it's winning so far. if she gets 158 votes, she will win. let's see. - that's a lot. / - that's a lot.

it's a lot. "the devil in my house". hello. i'm a sad second daughter. before i begin, i'll introduce my family first. it consists of my parents and my 20-year-old sister. i'm the second daughter. i have a little sister who is in tenth grade, a little sister who is in seventh grade, a four-year-old brother,

- four-year-old? / - and - there's more. / - a two-year-old brother. there are six children in my family. - right? / - they must overflow with love. i want to report my family's troublemaker. "water, water, water!" "get me water! hurry up!" "don't you have hands? get it yourself." "you brat."

the person who acts like a devil is my elder sister. i do all the house chores and take care of my siblings. "help me hang the laundry or look after the baby." "shut it, you brat." "do you want to get beat up?" that's harsh. her swearing is something, isn't it?

is this the fate of a second daughter? it's driving me insane. can someone please change my sister? how many siblings do you have? - i have an elder sister. / - an elder sister. - then, there's my elder brother and i. / - okay. - there are three of you. / - i understand her. - do you? / - yes. when i was into dancing,

i danced in a suit. when i was going out, my sister, who was lying down, told me to wash the dishes before leaving. - i was wearing a suit. / - you were wearing a suit. - i was in a suit. / - you were in a suit. i said, "i'm all dressed up for the performance." i told her that she should do it. then she was like, "i said, do it." so, i did it. i folded the shirt.

my two elder sisters used to make me wear a skirt, put makeup on me, and make me go outside. even though you were young you must've looked hideous. - i think he did. / - right. (dongyeop does not like it.) she sent us the story because of her elder sister. please come on out. (who is the girl worried about her bossy sister?) (park habin)

she looks like a second child. - be careful. / - welcome. does your sister often order you around? when we eat, she keeps asking me for water. she keeps saying, "give me water, give me water." she repeats it until she gets it. - until she gets it. / - she's persistent. you should say, "no, no." that's a good idea.

one time, she was craving for tteokbokki. she told me to go get it. but she didn't give me money for it. she told me to pay for it too. - that's unfair. / - that's the worst. what if you refuse to do it? - she turns very scary. / - she turns angry. she swears at me. that's really scary.

when your elder sibling threatens you, - you do it. / - have you ever refused to do it? - have you? / - never. she'd pick things up. - she picked things up? / - yes. - to throw? / - yes. you listen to her because she's scary. right. she can do everything, but she hates it when i do something. she came to me and danced while singing for no reason.

- she suddenly appeared and did it. / - she appeared - yes. she appeared out of nowhere. / - and danced. come here. come here! (then, she dances.) - that must be scary. / - that's scary. - her sister is special. / - but when i sing, she tells me she doesn't want to hear my voice. how could she say that? why wouldn't she speak nicely?

did you not respond upon hearing that? you could argue. did you just keep listening? - i'd say, "who are you to say that?" / - "you". - then, she'd tap on my shoulder / - yes. and kick my hips. - does she kick your hips? / - the hips? like this? - middle kick? / - how? - it's a combination. / - yes.

that would also be unpleasant. let's meet her elder sister. hello, sister. (who is her dominating elder sister?) she looks simple and honest. she doesn't look like someone who'd do that. - hello. / - she's cute. - she looks nice. / - she doesn't seem like that. is it true you make her work on a variety of stuff?

yes. it's a privilege of being a big sister. - you're a year older. / - since i'm the elder sister, i can ask her to do things for me. since she's younger, - she ought to listen to me. / - i... i know that, but why must she pay for your tteokbokki? that's right. when i ask my sister to do me a favor, i reward her later on.

- later... / - if you listen to her... - when would that be? / - she said "rewards". you... - chiyeul, why are you laughing so much? / - tell us. - are you dumbfounded? / - my sister used to say that. (she's just like my elder sister.) "you'll get it once you grow up." i heard you speak in a blunt way and even beat her. you pat her, then kick her hips.

i admit the fact that i cursed at her. i normally curse a lot. - do you always curse out? / - yes. i'm good at it. - you're good. / - i feel bad about that, but when it comes to violence, that was just a prank. she says you kicked her. that's when i can't control my strength sometimes. you could understand if it was a prank. no. it hurts so much.

she holds a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo. - a fourth-degree black belt? / - a fourth-degree? then you must listen to her. you must listen to her. - a fourth-degree black belt. / - it's violence, then. (is that why her younger siblings are obedient?) did she do taekwondo since she was young? we did it together. what degree do you hold?

i also hold a fourth-degree black belt. - have a competition. / - let's have them do it. - and yet you stayed still? / - what's that? as i mentioned, she's way too strong that i can't even compete. even if you both hold the same rank? she's at a different level. her younger siblings have also come. - i'll say hello. hello. / - family...

the blue jean jacket must be your family uniform. - all three are wearing them. / - it must be a uniform. who suggested to wear the matching jackets? - i don't know. / - mom. - your mom did. / - what grade are you in? i'm park serin, a tenth grader. - i see. / - a tenth grader. upon hearing habin's worry, do you empathize with her?

i do. my elder sister is very sensitive. did you also struggle a lot because of her? i think i did. - i think she's afraid. / - has she ever beaten you up or does habin deserve to be beaten up? - speak freely today. it's okay. / - honestly, are you being careful because of soobin? - be honest. / - of course. she's right beside her. (do you have any problems little sister?)

(i can't look aside.) don't pat her back. it gives her more pressure. at least for today, give your sisters some freedom. tell them you'd forgive them for whatever they say. - tell her to speak freely. / - speak freely. i often space out, so i end up not listening to her. at those times, she frowns and lowers her voice. "hey," "why aren't you listening to me?"

she speaks like this. is it like chiyeul's elder sister? - does she lower her voice? / - i don't know her. - she's like her. / - a human being. - she's really like her. / - she's a human being. when we went somewhere together as a family, i got too excited - and ran around. / - of course. it feels nice. at that time, soobin said,

"hey, don't run." this is what she said. - why did you say that? / - she was excited. why stop? - soobin. / - she always runs when we're indoors. - what about it? / - you should be quiet indoors. - that's why i said that. / - like at a restaurant? yes. i told her to calm down. did she tell you to stop running at a restaurant? - did you run indoors? / - yes.

it was her fault. - that was wrong. / - good job, soobin. - that's right. / - don't run. she has a good system of education. the other sister, what grade are you in? she looks terrified. - hello. / - introduce yourself. grade seven. "grade seven". is that it?

(is that all for her introduction?) - what a rhythm. / - did you speak casually to us? - you'll be in eight grade next year, right? / -yes. it's like a symptom before you get a disease. (is it a symptom before you hit puberty?) she's about to hit puberty. feel at ease and say everything. when i sleep,

- i toss and turn a lot. she tells me to leave if i'll keep tossing and turning. - from the room? / - that's why i must be careful not to make any sound from swallowing saliva. the sound from swallowing saliva. - even swallowing saliva. / - she's like a king. - unbelievable. / - the sound of swallowing saliva. i keep it very quiet. then, do you salivate and not swallow it?

that's really sad. when she sleeps... sometimes, i drool. - she'd place a paper cup. / - i was afraid of that. have you been kicked out of soobin's room? yes, i have. is that why you ended up with habin and serin? - yes. / - have you talked about how mean soobin is among the three of you when she is not around?

have you thought about complaining directly to soobin? - i see. / - i see. all right. - she speaks very clearly. / - she speaks well. - she's very firm. / - was it - because you were afraid of soobin? / - yes. - you've thought of the idea, but never spoke? / - yes. - since you were scared? / - that's right. since they're afraid of soobin,

they even look down on me. when they make the room messy, i tell them to clean up. "i was going to clean up, for crying out loud." they always finish their sentences - with a foul expression. / - do they defy you? - yes. / - they don't do that to soobin, though. they can't say that because they're afraid of her. you could also become intimidating like soobin.

i don't want to be like her. "i'm different from you." (it's satisfying.) has soobin belittled you in front of your sisters? - in front of your sisters... / - when i scold my sisters, she tells me to stop, saying that i'm being loud. that's basically belittling you.

- it'll make you lose dignity. / - when i scold them, she needs to let me continue, - but she cuts me in the middle. / - she's loud. - that's why... / - "just do well yourself." habin won't be able to save her face. instead, you could say, "come here for a second." - take her to another room. / - you should take her... why would you scold her while she scolds other sisters? i should've been more considerate.

somehow, i feel that we're losing. have you ever told your parents that they should intervene? mom took soobin's side. "why are you doing that to your sister?" does she take your sister's side? - she shouldn't do that. / - even if - i've done nothing wrong, / - when you haven't... she says, "suppress it."

- "you're nice, so suppress it." / - how unfair. - "she's always like that." / - your mom says that. - "you should understand her." / - nobody's like that. she must be upset. you're her mother, right? we'll meet her mother now. - she has four daughters / - and two sons. - and two sons. / - she has two sons. the age difference of the youngest son

and the eldest daughter is 18 years. - seriously... / - you've been through a lot. she's amazing. there must be a rank for a big family, so you can talk about the problem as a group. it's really difficult to control them. is that why you take soobin's side? - do you always take her side? / - not at all. you tell habin to bear with her.

soobin has a strong sense of responsibility, but habin is not like her. - in her opinion... / - she always whines. you don't favor one over another? - i don't favor anyone. / - but... have you ever scolded soobin, then? - your eldest child. / - my eldest daughter? yes. it's because she tends to lose her temper, as it was mentioned earlier.

she always does things well, but she loses temper. whenever i spot that, i scold her. since she's the big sister, - i shouldn't overpower her. / - that's right. when i'm alone with her, i scold her. there must be an order of rank in the family. that's why your mom encourages the eldest daughter. she says she can't help it. - what do you think? / - she doesn't behave like one.

- she is... / - please elaborate. when i come home from school, i pick up dohyeon, our fifth sibling. - i pick him up on my way home. / - you pick him up. for household chores, i clean the dishes, vacuum, mop, and do the laundry. - that's almost everything. / - yes. i change my little brothers' diapers too. (she does everything the eldest daughter does.)

- you do everything. / - you help with everything. i do everything now. does your elder sister remain still? - she says she's doesn't want to. / - does she swear? yes. she curses out at me. - doesn't your mom say / - then... - that your elder sister must help? / - no. nonetheless, she only calls me and makes me work. - even your mom? / - she's used to it.

- if you're good, she'll keep asking you. / - exactly. as habin said, you do favor soobin a bit. i was pregnant with habin when soobin was only 100 days old. from then, i kept delivering babies. since soobin was a baby, she's always been the responsible eldest sister who helps with chores. she always helps me. - habin does everything now. / - she does everything.

that's just now. did soobin do the chores, then? yes. before soobin got into 12th grade, she's done it. so she's only been doing the chores for a year? - about one or two years. / - is it true? i've never seen my mom asking soobin to work. i always see my mom doing everything. have you seen her doing the chores? no. she always stays in her room.

does she work in secret? then... between siblings, younger ones are always jealous of the elder ones. - seriously... / - i truly hated being the younger one. you didn't want to be born as the younger one. even the cash gifts on new years were 50 dollars for my brother and 30 dollars for me. i always got less. when i asked my parents, they said that it's because he's older than i.

you're implying that you're well-off. - exactly. / - i did imply that. before, the most you could get was five or six dollars. - i was so happy with ten dollars. / - that's a lot. - who got 50 dollars and 30 dollars? / - exactly. - i mean 50 dollars is a lot. / - of course, it is. didn't your mom compliment you at all? i ranked fifth in class for performance assessment. - you did well. / - you scored high.

when i told my mom that i ranked fifth in class, she said, "i'm busy now. let's talk later." - how upsetting. / - she could've spared some time. when my sister comes home, she says, "my friend's mom said i'm nice." ("my friend's mom said i'm nice.") (flustered) - she's quite unique too. / - a friend's mom? she heard it from her friend's mom.

- it wasn't about her rank? / - she got a compliment. upon hearing that, mom said, "you're the best indeed." - "you're the best indeed." / - "indeed." she praised my sister. let's hear it from her. ma'am, - you're so mean! / - why did you do that? you didn't respond much when she ranked fifth. soobin was just praised by her friend's mom. i was really busy when she came.

i was preparing dinner while my baby was crying. i was so exhausted then. she came and told me stuff i could hear later. i reacted like that because i was exhausted. - what about soobin? / - that's how you were. when soobin comes home, it's around 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. it's about time when my kids are already in bed. she tells me things when i'm resting and habin's timing - was off. / - tell her after 9 p.m. from now on.

- that's not it. / - i'd respond if she tells me then. - at what time? / - it was exactly the same situation. she said some stuff while mom was preparing dinner. it was the same situation, yet she didn't listen to me. - your upset feelings have piled up. / - she's upset. - she almost cried just now. / - she almost cried. - oh, dear. / - we all know how she feels. we can't stand unfair treatment. what compliment did you pay soobin recently?

she does well on her own. - she keeps complimenting her. / - already... - her mind is fixed. / - no, it is... does she not do well on her own? no, she doesn't. when i tell them to do the dishes, she does it well. on the other hand, she leaves some stains behind. - you have... / - you made her do what she didn't - want to do. / - ma'am, you delivered her, right?

she's a high school student, for goodness' sake. i don't get why she makes me do the dishes. hearing it makes you wonder why you've done it, right? my sister doesn't do a good job with the dishes. she has rarely done the dishes. she keeps thrusting her finger in her sister's face. - she's really angry right now. / - of course, she is. in our opinion, since she helps with the chores and changes her siblings' diapers, we'd be proud.

- of course. / - that's right. did you compliment her then? i said, "it's great that you're home, at least." what do you mean, "at least"? "it's great that you're home." - "it's so nice of you." / - "at least you're home." "what would i have done if you were not home?" - you should've done that. / - it wasn't negative. it was positive. "seriously,"

"since you're here at least, i don't struggle as much." you said that again, "at least". - you should sincerely thank her. / - "thanks to you." - all right. / - are you more upset with your mom or your sister? i'm more upset with my sister. your sister. i'm upset with my sister, and mom seconds her words, so i'm upset with both.

- she's like a mother-in-law. / - she pours oil... - that makes her dislike soobin even more. / - really. after hearing her side, do you get why she's upset with you or do you still not understand? - honestly? / - yes. i think she needs to go through more hardship. she needs to work more? - that's why you can say that. / - seriously,

once she learns what the society is like, she'd understand me. you're only a year older. you know how the society is? that's not it. i was wrong about swearing at her, but i think i am not doing so bad as a big sister. you did your best as the eldest daughter? yes. i always do my best. my parents count on me, so i think what i do is right. putting myself in her shoes, i find it very unfair.

it's unfair. when you send her on errands, you don't do anything while she's doing something else. you make her do stuff whenever. my brother made me do work every night. he told me to go buy something every night. i ground my teeth in anger, really. that's rather sharpening your sword. how can you grind your teeth like this? - it's because we're on air. / - how do you grind...

i'm trying to speak appropriately, hence the hand. besides, my mom favored him way too much. she always made me yield to my brother. i was always compared to him. - it was worse then. / - you already have that idea. one should feel that she's precious, cute and loved. however, if she doesn't receive love at home... - it lowers one's self-regard. / - that's right. she'd exaggerate her anger for a small thing outside.

- for a little thing... / - the second child has that. - since there wasn't much to give... / - that's right. there are some people who came as a family. when he said that it's a common thing for second child, they all nodded. i guess a lot of siblings have come. everyone's like that. ma'am, say a few words to habin who took the courage to post her story. habin.

you come home early these days to help me with cooking and cleaning. these days, you're a really lovely daughter for me. i'll listen carefully if you've done something well. i'll compliment you a lot. gosh, she's crying again. - this is what she wanted, ma'am. / - in fact, - this is what she wanted to hear. / - this is it.

- she's free of concern. / - she wanted to hear that. "give me my portion of love, mom." - that's right. / - hearing "thank you" moved her. "why did you give my potion of love to my sister?" she didn't pronounce it properly. it's "my portion". she didn't say it right. (she aimed his neck.) it sounded like "my neck of love". - "my neck of love." / - how scary.

we'll have the guests vote first from chiyeul. i think it's a worry. her mother needs to give habin some credits, not only to soobin. - such warm words will be nice. / - that's right. i don't think it's a worry. when i first heard the story, i thought soobin was a psychopath. i really thought she was cruel. she's not at all like that. she's funny - and cute. / - she's so humane.

- she won't be like that now. / - now... i don't think it's a worry, either. habin wouldn't understand it now, but she'll realize how big this asset is in ten years. she'll understand it then. after settling her worries, she'd be really happy when she watches this show after ten years. if you empathize with habin, press the button.

if it's a worry right now... stop. soobin, say a few words to your sister. first of all, i'll stop swearing at you. i'll try to fix it. when i send you on errands, i'll compensate you for the work. i'll probably say this for the first and the last time. park habin, park serin, park gain, park dohyeon, park dojoon, mom, and dad,

i love you all. (i love all my family.) - she is the big sister, indeed. / - yes. - she is the big sister. / - she's the eldest sister. i hope you'll communicate a lot as of today. let's see how many votes she's got. show us the result. did she get over 100 votes? - 86 votes. / - 86 votes.

(she earned 86 votes.) i believe you'll be happy. "reasons for not talking" is the winner of this week. winner will receive a 1,000-dollar gift certificate. congratulations. until the day we are all worry-free, hello counselor will continue to counsel you. - thank you! / - thank you! ("i hope i won't hate you" by kim nayoung)

(open tvut app and access hello counselor,) (to post your worry.)

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