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puppets dragon

previously on "once upon a time"... emma:maleficent's back. you should be lookingfor the author. he left hidden cluesin some of his works. august might know somethingabout it that we don't. too bad he isn't aroundto ask. but pinocchio is. pinocchio: everybody wants meto remember. i just don't.

you rode a motorcycle. you wore leatherand didn't shave! he's not trying hard enough. we want you togo undercover with them and help us stoptheir plans. what exactly did you doto maleficent? because of us... maleficent lost her child. [ wind gusting ]

[ bell jingles ] so, the rumors are are back from the ashes. what are you doing here,regina? making it easier for you. if you want to try to kill me,i'm right here. so that's why you thinki'm back -- to kill you. i trapped you undergroundfor 30 years, and you're not bigon forgiveness. that's true.

but what you did is nothingin the grand scheme. there are far worse crimesthat must be answered for. careful, darling. she's thickas thieves with those heroes. not by choice. you know how muchi wanted my revenge. but in this town,i had to play nice to survive. alone -- watching them enjoythe happiness i was denied. if you're planning on destroyingsome of that happiness,

i want in. you can't expect usto believe that. of course she doesn't.that's why she's here. she wants us to seeshe's still one of us. i am. then let's find out. are you still a bad girl,regina? [ glass shatters ] the worst.

♪♪♪ hyah! [ chuckling ] come on, roman. well, hurrah for snow white. [ grunting ] ooh!i love a touch of irony! [ giggles ] the day you met snow white,she nearly died on a horse. and yet today, she's the bestrider in all the land.

it's her precious horse that'swon those medals, not her. still, good fortunedoes tend to, uh, fall in her lap,does it not? [ sighs ] and you promisedto teach me magic so i can endher charmed life! well,i'm teaching you, deary. though you sounda bit impatient. sneaking out here to read --what is it?

maleficent's spell book? i found itin my mother's things. she can turn into... a fire-breathing dragon.yes, yes, yes. a bit showy if you ask me. i'm just tired of watchingsnow grow up. i am tired of hergetting everything, and i -- i want to finallyhave my revenge. you don't even know what revengelooks like, deary.

you're right. all i know what your lessonslook like, and they'retaking me nowhere. before you startthrowing stones, you might want to lookin the mirror. and i'm not speakingmetaphorically. what is this place? mr. gold:it's a wasteland. but years ago,it was a lush forest

till maleficentburned it down. her dragon flameburned so hot that there's one treestill on fire half a lifetime later. do you know how she did it? with a powerful magic that she cultivated with that most preciouscommodity -- time. if you ignore the gift of timeand rush into things,

you... will never be ready. or maybe this is alljust excuses, and you're just not a skilledenough teacher to show me. you thinkshe's gonna help you? i thinki'm tired of waiting. and that is exactlyyour problem. good luck with maleficent. rumple.

i'm sorry.regina's doing what? she's going undercover. with someone who could turninto a dragon? are you out of your minds?why didn't you call me? there wasn't time. she told us the plan.that was it. you should've told me. mary margaret: why? you really thinkyou could've stopped her?

i could've helped.i was a bail-bonds person. pretending to be someone elsewas part of my job. i know that, but i really thinkregina can take care of herself. i hope you're right. when is she supposedto check in? mom? dad? about an hour ago. [ tires squeal ] now, will someone please tell mewhere the hell we're going?

want me to spoilall the fun? you'll find out soon enough. fine. but out of...professionalcuriosity, i have to know, just... how did you tworesurrect her? first things first. you see, some of us don'texactly trust you. [ tires screech ]

[ train horn blaring ] [ bell dinging ] what are you doing? playing my favorite game. it's called"don't be a hero." first onethat saves us loses. you got to be kidding me. you don't like it,then just poof us out of here. [ blaring continues ]

[ dinging continues ] [ blaring intensifies ] come on.don't look at me like that. i told you she'd gone soft, up. she's just doesn't mean anything. what do you think? are we playing too roughfor you? i think we should get outof here... ...and go findsome real trouble.

[ footsteps approaching ] hey. so, um, is -- is that the page that augusttook out of the storybook? did you find anything? i think this door somehow has something to dowith the author. i just have to figure outwhere it is. you will.

here. [ chuckles ] come on, august. what are you tryingto tell me? [ engine shuts off ] find anything in there? well, a burned table,broken bottles, uh, and a very irate granny. apparently, regina and thewitches drank the place dry.

i'd say she won them over. unless that's exactly whatthey wanted her to think. look, i know you're worried, but we don't even knowwhat happened yet. that's what's worrying me. she's not at home.she's not in her office. my parents are gonna checkher vault, but -- and you fear the worst. i can't help but think,

if the undercoverthing worked, if she's got the situationunder control, then why the hellisn't she back yet? maybe this was a bad idea. if something happenedto regina -- no, like you said,she'll be fine. she can take careof herself. look! [ brakes squeal ]

that's one ofmy sheriff's cars. what the hell happened? maleficent happened. and that is her ideaof a good time. regina... are you okay?what happened last night? [ sighs ]i had to prove myself. which meant some drinking,some burning, and lots of destruction.

sorry about the car. and you reallyshouldn't be here. next time,we have to meet covertly. david: next time? you didn't find outwhat they're planning? it was one night. but i did find outthey're hiding something, somethingincredibly powerful. well, what is it?

i don't know. so, the only thingyou accomplished was propertydestruction? i accomplished trust. last time,i had to come to maleficent. this time,she'll come to me. hello? maleficent? i've...

been studying magic. beginner stuff.[ chuckles ] but i thought... maybe... perhaps you can teach me? maleficent: [ echoing ]why don't you show mewhat you've learned and light that fireplace. come on. come on!

maleficent:that's pathetic. but it'll do. ugh, that feels nice. i haven't had a proper firein... years. what's that? you won't read about thisin any spell book. a single dropof sleeping curse mixed with seawater,toadstool...

takes the edge off. [ laughs ] what's the matter, dear? i'm not everythingyou expected? what happened to you? a rose. a briar rose. the one you put undera sleeping curse. until king stefanthe square jawed

undid all my workwith true love's kiss. do you know what? i don't even care anymore. the maleficent i read about,she would never just give up. y-you need to rememberwho you really are. that maleficenthad a foul temper, and if you insulted her, she'd turn into a dragonand eat your flesh. [ gasps ]

it's a good thing for youi already had breakfast. take your dusty bookand get out of my castle. well, where the hellhave you been all night? don't be nasty. regina came to find us. we had some catching up to do. regina? what was she after? she was sniffing aroundfor information.

i assume you didn't tell heri'm what you're hiding. oh, we were careful, darling.she doesn't know a thing. very interesting plan,bringing us all together. my plan's just beginning. but regina does presentan intriguing possibility. do you really thinkshe'll help us? heartbreak turned herinto a monster once. and now her heart'sbeen broken anew. she's lost another loveand is in great pain.

as you and i both know, painalways makes you stronger. indeed it does. when war hits storybrooke, everyone's gonna have to picka side, including regina. and what war is that? oh, the onewe're about to start. and tonight... we're gonna throwthe first punch. driver, stop!

[ horse whinnies ] my dear, what are you doing outhere in the middle of nowhere? walking home... to leopold's castle. oh.that's a long walk. if you'd like, i can take youas far as the next kingdom. i'm headed that wayfor the royal wedding. what wedding? i assume you've heardof the queen?

briar rose? her daughter aurorais to be wed. briar rose's daughteris getting married! a whole new generation isgetting their happy endings while you sit up hereand rot! and why in the helldo you care so much? because if... ...someone as powerful as youcan't get their revenge... ...that means i never will.

so, you've had someonetaken from you, too? yes. and the girl who's responsiblelives and breathes. and i still don't havemy revenge. do you want some advicefrom me? give up.find another hobby. no. isn't this a reasonto get up? to turn back into a dragon?to fight?

i can't. doesn't thismake your blood boil? did you hear me,stupid girl? i can't! i can't... turn into a dragon anymore. i lost the firea long time ago. then let's getthat fire back. sorry we couldn't stayto clean.

oh, that's okay. you need the beauty sleepmore than i do. it's good to see youagain, regina. hope you had funlast night. last night? yes. this morning? no. hmm.maybe i can help... with this world's versionof magic.

don't worry.they're not poison. they're aspirin. they help with the pain. i know what they are. it's just you're notusually nice. nice has nothingto do with it. i need you sharp tonight. for what? more games?

no. no more games. you want to know whywe're in this town? the fact is, we are after the same thingas you -- the author. how do you knowabout the author? rumplestiltskin. he spilled the whole storyto cruella back in new york. well,good luck finding him. i've been lookingfor months.

but you've been going about itall wrong. what you needare some new allies with new leadson this author. and these new leads, do they have anything to do with this powerful magicyou're hiding? before i let you inon that secret, i've got a little jobfor you. hey, we're here.

i said we neededto meet covertly. now i see you brought the entirecharming softball team and their pirate mascot? we were worriedabout you. well, then worry quickly.i can't be seen with all of you. regina, listen to me.this is a bad idea. this woman, this dragon,she's dangerous, and you don't know the firstthing about going undercover. i'm a quick study,

and maleficent already told mewhy they're here. apparently, they're afterthe author, too. i simply want himto change my fate. what do they want? they want to shiftthe entire balance so that villains winand heroes lose. they feel the only wayto get their happy ending is to destroy yours. do you think they can findthe author?

they have a lead,we don't. and tonight, they want meto help them steal it... whatever it is. i'm telling you,these things never end well. i understand your concern,but i'm in. okay, well, theni'm in too. what? i'm gonna stick by you. i'm gonna get your backwhile you do this.

no. it's too dangerous. i said i was a partof operation mongoose. i am a part of it. you wanted my help --now you're gonna get it no matter what it meansfor both of us. whatever she has plannedtonight, i'll be there. [ engine revs ] ready to take a drive? [ exhales sharply ]

you want meto get in that? cruella enchanted itto drive itself, or you could take the wheelif you prefer. yes, i'd very much prefer. where are the other two? don't worry about them. it's just you and me tonight,like old times. you have to trysome of this cake. it's delicious.

well, look at which two survivors founda dinghy together. i do hopei'm not interrupting. uh, killian,this is -- this is will. have the two of you met? that we have, yeah. ah. now, before you give into your pugilistic urges,

let's take this outside awayfrom the lady, shall we? and you clearlydon't get along. as much as i'd enjoyblooding you again, i'm here for belle. we need to talkin private. and no one knowswhat these three witches want reginato help them steal? not for sure. but they're powerful witchesseeking more power,

and who's more powerfulthan the dark one? his dagger -- it's stillin town, isn't it? why do you thinkthey're after it? what better wayto find the author than by getting the dark oneto do it for you? but how? isn't it useless as long ashe's outside of storybrooke? unless they found a wayto lure him back. any one of themcould control him.

or even worse --use the dagger to kill him and becomethe dark one herself. no.we won't let that happen. i assume you hid the daggersomewhere safe. yeah, of course. then let's move it. they knew himon the outside. they may have gleanedmuch about you and where you might hidesomething.

we have to put it somewherethey would never think to look. but where? don't worry about that. if you want to bury treasurewhere no one could find it, leave it to a pirate. we're here. this can't be right. this is marco's house,the town handyman. the only magical objectyou'll find here is duct tape.

i assure you, there's somethingfar more valuable. actually, someone -- that naughty little pieceof pine he calls a son. the magical object you're afteris pinocchio? he has informationabout the author, and we intendto make him tell us. which would be a good planif i hadn't tried already. he doesn'tremember anything. maybe the trouble was

you not asking your questionsmore forcefully. what's thatsupposed to mean? i'm beginning to worry cruellaand ursula were right. you've spent so much timearound heroes, you've forgottenwho you really are. i'd be careful questioningmy commitment. you want to prove to me you'rethe evil queen i remember, go inside there nowand steal that little boy. so, there's a tree i burnedthat's still on fire.

who cares?what does it matter? that's your spark. that's what's going to reignitethe dragon inside you. now, get dressed. [ moans ] did it work? i'm not sure. [ horse neighs ] we're about to find out.

look. [ horses neigh ] hello, stefan. stefan: maleficent... i promise, if you intend to take awayaurora's happiness, you will fail... just as you failedwith briar rose. you made sure of that,didn't you?

men, seize them! [ rumbling ] [ horses whinnying ] it would appear that you've madea fool of yourself once again... maleficent. wonderful work, pinocchio. she's ready, huh? all that is left is to seehow she gallops. how's that, papa?

she is a steedfit for a prince. [ knock on door, door opens ] hello, marco, pinocchio. may i come in? of course. is, uh --is everything all right? [ door opens ] regina. emma!

what are you doing here? i've been watching you. i saw you castinga sleeping spell, and my gut saidsomething was wrong. well, it will be if you don'tget out of here. not until you tell mewhat maleficent hasyou in here doing. [ sighs ]they're after pinocchio. i told you these thingsnever end well. we'll have to dothis quickly.

let's take him out the backand then find a safe place. one little snafu andyou're ready to pack up? what happens when mal realizesand lets loose her inner dragon? this is a child we aretalking about, regina. it's too big a risk. not if i'm thereto keep him safe. if they try to harm him, i'll stop themand fight my way out. three of them!one of you.

i know you think i'm inover my head, but i got this. you don't know themlike i do. then enlighten me, becauseever since they came to town, my superpower'sbeen going haywire, like everyone,including my own parents, is keeping somethingfrom me. emma, the only oneskeeping secrets are maleficentand her friends. they've taken a pageout of the heroes' playbook.

they're working together, which means we haveto take a page out of theirs and break some rules. i'll be right on your tail. i see anything i don't like,and i will come in blazing. it's good to have you back. i'm not going out like this. you're gonna fight? there's too many of them.

guess we'll have to hopemy fireballs have improved. you can't defeat them. you're right.not without a dragon's help. aah! ahh! kill her! [ roars ] retreat! look who's back. aah!

come on.what's the hold up? why aren't you... no! regina, what are you doing? [ aurora humming ] you must be aurora... ...briar rose's sweet-smellingbud of a daughter. but my father... said he was goingto protect you.

he failed. i was going to kill him,you know. i was going to killyour mother, too, until i realized... they would suffer far worse if they were alive to seewhat i'm going to do to you. my mother defeated you,as shall i. all it will take is what i haveand you never will. true love?

don't count on it. i have my own quite specialcurse in mind for your prince phillip. that was inspired. well, it never would've happenedif it wasn't for you. you reminded me of who i am. thank you. [ exhales ] thank goodness it's safe.[ sniffles ]

do, uh -- do you know whereyou're going to hide it? the less you know about it,the better. take gold's car. you won't seem me againuntil it's in a place where no onewill ever find it. thank you, killian. the idea of rumplereturning after -- after everythingthat happened, i...i don't knowwhat i'd do.

at least you don't have to worryabout that now. what is it, love?is something wrong? yeah, i just hadthe most awful thought. what if -- what ifrumple's already here? you mean inside the town lines?isn't that... impossible, yes,but...i don't know. i just have this --this terrible feeling. this is my only protection. well, if you're concernedhe's here,

there's one wayto know for sure. use the dagger.command him to come face you. if he's here,he has no choice. dark one, if you're here, come and face me -- now. [ thunder crashes in distance ] well, guess i was wrong. ah,, is the dagger safe? and now that it's hidden,

we have one last pieceof business. we must sweara pirate's oath. we must promiseto never talk about what happenedtoday again -- to one anotheror anyone else. it's the only way to assurethe dagger stays safe. you have my word. and you have mine. i'm guessing that's a giftfrom your admirer, will.

[ chuckles ] yeah. it was outsidewhen i got here. if you don't mind,are... things serious? what it is,'s new. and beyond that,i-i don't know. you're so...different. i know, and, after rumple,it's so nice to...

spend time with someone who's nothing morethan who he says he is. so you're over him,then, rumplestiltskin? i don't knowif i can ever be over him. but for now,will makes me smile. i'm glad to hear that. goodnight, then. oh, killian, uh... about will.

i was wondering, what h-- what happenedbetween you two? let's just say he took somethingi care for. how did you get hereso soon? on the back of a else? you mean maleficent? i was certainshe'd lost that power. well, it's more likeforgotten... until i helped her rememberwho she was.

i thought it was youthat was seeking a teacher, not the other way around. i was. but then i realized... ...i already had a teacher, one who was doing quite wellwith me. glad to hear it. i can see you're doingquite well, too. and why do iget the feeling

that that pony'snot just taking a nap? well, of course he is... for another 100 years or so. maleficent helped me see death is too goodfor snow white. i need to take awaywhat she loves. a lesson i've been tryingto teach. well... i'm finally readyto learn.

no matter how long it takes,i can do it. i can get my revenge. gold's cabin? what are we doing here? we needed someplaceout of the way to hang our headdresses and hideour kidnapped puppets, and this little hovelbecame available to us. your dark magic... it's not a spellor an object.

it's... mr. gold:that's right, deary. it's me. you didn't really think i'd staybanished for long, now, did you? i didn't. i learned quite a bitabout myself on my little journeyoutside storybrooke. [ chuckles lightly ] you were right, regina.

sometimes the teacher needsto learn from the student. and sometimes... you need to fallvery far... to finally see the light. well, then you've finallyaccepted the same truth i have. you can't get your happy endingwithout finding the author. i suppose that puts uson the same side. i suppose it does. and now, with the help ofthe real boy you've acquired,

we can takeour first steps. what are you going to do? step aside,and i'll show you. or have you gone soft? [ chuckles ] never. what a relief. you see, we're not gonna askyoung pinocchio here to remember anything... because he can't.

no amount of torturewill work on him. but it will succeed on the manhe used to be. welcome back, august. now... shall we begin?

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