Thursday, October 27, 2016

puppets easy to make

hello! i'm tommy :3 in this tutorial, we will be constructing a six foot puppet base. i will be guiding you from start to finish and you can use this base to make any character you wish. i recommend watching this entire video first before doing anything. if you are very young, i highly recommend parent supervision when making these puppets. also this video is closed captioned for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. click on those captions if you wish to see them. for this tutorial, i drew up some plans for you. you can download this, you can find the link in the description below.

we will be referring to these dimensions for this tutorial. ok so the first part of this tutorial... you will need to gather your supplies. the first thing you will need is lots of cardboard. you will need some cardboard (i recommend recycled) if it's dirty, just kinda wipe it down it doesn't matter how dirty it is, it will be covered with paper mache. i have lots of this stuff because i get this from work. they basically throw this stuff out because it's dirty. you will also need some old gloves. you can use gloves for crafting if you want.

for the arms you are going to need one of these. now basically what this is, is a "pipe insulation tube" (made of foam) i got this from canadian tire. you can get this at most plumbing departments. they do not cost very much. this one tube only cost me $2.00 you will need a good length of 72 inches. if it's too short then you can use epoxy glue like i did here. this is what i did, i epoxy glued this here. if it's too short you can use some epoxy glue. i'll show you a trick if you screw up. you'll need one of these, a measuring tape. some gloves

a measuring tape brushes, i have lots of that. you're going to need a big brush. this is actually a horsehair brush. i find that this stuff works good because horse hair actually absorbs water and stays wet. a single strain of pipe cleaner. doesn't matter what color you use, it's entirely up to you. a razor scissors razor blades are very sharp. you always have to be careful with them because you can cut yourself or hurt yourself. never cut towards yourself or anyone else or else you may get stabbed. (ironically, your puppet) styrofoam balls for the eyes, it doesn't have to be this size. you can go a little bit bigger if you want.

bigger or smaller that's entirely up to you used newspaper (recycled) you'll need some of this. and some toilet paper you will definitely need. you're definitely going to need some white glue. now, i recommend a 4 liter bottle of this stuff. a container to mix your glue solution with. you'll need some tape scotch tape and i have a little hockey tape a marker

and a hot glue gun. another word of warning. hot glue gun is hot. you can burn or blister yourself, so please use this very carefully. use gloves if it makes you feel safer. i don't want you guys burning yourselves so please use caution when using a hot glue gun. and with scissors and razors. always craft responsibly and know what you are doing. so yeah, that's all the basic materials you're going to need. they're very cheap, their very afforable, not expensive. so yeah. this is what you need. i'm just going to quickly go over them. you're going to need: lots of recycled cardboard, foam pipe insulation tube that's 6 feet long if you can. then you'll need some gloves. you'll need your brushes

you'll need some pipe-cleaner, styrofoam balls, scissors, razor, measuring tape, recycled newspaper, big bottle of white glue, hot glue, tape, charmin' ultra strong toilet paper or some other durable, absorbant toilet paper. but anyways, that's all the supplies that you're going to need. so, it's all out here on the table. as soon as you gather all you materials, you're ready for the first step **closed captioning under construction** bear with me, i'm working on it!!

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