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puppets dolls

number 15. infinite fractals this video is a visual and audial experiencethat will likely make you quite uncomfortable. these fractals are simple geometric figuresthat are meant to confuse the eyes and make it hard to focus on one point at a time. theshepherds tone is a type of auditory illusion that seems to grow higher and lower, but isnot actually doing this. if you play this video at random points, it will sound likethe start of the tone rising or falling, but if you start earlier and go forward you willnever find a point that sounds like the beginning of the tone. when these two illusions areput together viewers have reported feelings of falling or floating. while to some thiscan be quite relaxing, to other it is similar

to the terrifying feeling of falling beforeawaking from a dream. in fact, people have claimed that when they play the shepherdstone near a sleeping friend, they have a dream where they fall and awaken. add the confusingimagery of fractals and you’ve got yourself quite a trip. number 14. daddy long legs if you’re afraid of spiders or creepy crawlingthings of any sort, this is bound to terrify you. even if you don’t have a problem withspiders, a mass this big can make you itch. the video is exactly what it looks like, theoriginal poster was walking through some woods in arizona and came across this bundle ofdaddy long legs spiders. he first touches

them gently with his hand and several of themdisperse from the group. he then brings a stick into the mix and pulls the spiders almostlike gum stuck to a wall. this causes them to all fall and run apart. literally millionsof legs stumbling all over one another. the description states that the spiders laterreassembled near the ground. according to spiders cluster for one of severalreasons. baby hatchling spiders huddle to stay safe from predators and to feed on theyolk of their own eggs. other species of spiders cluster up for the same reasons, only thatthey are more mature in age. clusters can be brought together for warmth, safety, orliterally just to be social. daddy long legs are a particular species that cluster up everyautumn. the worst part of these mass clusters

is that they are easily mistaken for moss,mold, or dirt and you never know when they will disperse. sometimes it happens unprovokedbecause the spiders are simply done in their group setting. just be wary in areas wherespiders may cluster such as the sides of trees, corners of garages, basements and attics,as well as in dark holes on wooden or concrete surfaces. number 13. i-be area (pasta locker to jamie'sarea) many viewers have claimed that this videois a avant garde performance, or a social commentary presented in the form of a clusterof artistic ideas. the video a was posted in january of 2008, and comes from a channelwith very similar content. the name of the

channel is y.o.w and this video is part ofan entire film by the title i-be area, directed by ryan trecartin. the last upload to y.o.wwas also in 2008 and there has been nothing since. the general summary of this video involvesa lot of colorful paint, destroying what appears to be a set of some kind, possibly occurringin a theatre class. there are also instances of dialogue such as “i hate this piece ofwood!” and “she makes me feel like i have no friendship”. the person, who can be consideredthe main character of the video, is covered in bright yellow and blue paint. she or heis also wearing bright green contacts and a short blonde wig. since there’s no realinformation behind this piece, the majority of ideas are just speculation. even the imbdpage for the full film doesn’t give much

insight to any sort of message behind thisart work. again, this piece is quite headache inducing and will leave you overwhelmed, andkind of scared. plenty of skip shots, screaming narrations, and backwards tracks make thealready clustered video even more unsettling. number 12. united states messaging from as early as the 1950’s america hashad a love hate relationship it’s government. many of the most popular conspiracy theoriesever created are based around the u.s governments corruptness. this video was originally uploadedby user jzsd14me in april 2012. the description reads “…this is an actual televised sign-offfrom the 1960's that i filmed in high speed and slowed down so that you can see what you'renot supposed to see.” the video shows that

as the subtitles of the national anthem change,there are quick shots of different subtitles which say things such as “trust the u.sgovernment”, “god is real and god is watching”, and “rebellion is not tolerated”. theway that the messages are flashed unnoticeably at normal speeds, is what ushers them intothe category of subliminal messaging. if you’re american this will you by the simple factthat the government is so untrusted, and corrupt. even if the subtitles are not real, someonewas able to create this and get thousands of people to believe it, which is really justanother factor to prove the government has a broken trust with it’s people. and ifyou’re not american you’re likely still unsettled by the idea of an overbearing anduntrusted government rule.

number 11. if on the note of government, this video is quite. plenty of people all over the world have expressed that they have an unexplainablefear of “broadcast emergency messages”, and an even larger number of people are afraidof nuclear bombs, and with good reason too. this video by vsauce gives us an idea of whatwe would see on our televisions if there were to be a nuclear attack. america has an emergencyalert system, which takes over all broadcasting in case of emergencies. the system overtakesradio signals, tv signals, and can text cell phones. while this is particular to the u.sthere are several similar systems in countries all over the world. in this example of whatthe alert system would broadcast during a

nuclear attack, you hear common alert sirensand a message about what is coming. the video overall is quite terrifying, as the host michaelgoes into deep scientific and political details of several catastrophic events; this clipof the broadcast alone is sure to give you a scared sinking feeling in your chest. number 10. the numbers station a numbers station is a type of radio transmissionthat can be found all over the world. they often involve a voice reading out numbers,phrases, letters, or codes. the voices are often females or children although can occasionallybe male. some of these broadcasts also include creepy music that resembles that from a musicbox or children’s toy. the stations were

used to secret communication amongst governments,or government officials. literally everything in the broadcast if part of a coded message.most numbers stations were used before the end of the cold war in 1989. it’s not uncommonfor many to still be operating either by choice of it’s creators or by a signal that wasabandoned and never cut off. this numbers station known as the swedish rhapsody is oneof the most popular and most of archived numbers stations. it features the voice of a youngchild reading out words and numbers in german, with occasional intermissions of creepy child’splay music. people have claimed that even today the broadcast will occasionally interferewith other transmissions, and so it has become popular for being a “haunted” station.if numbers stations are interesting to you,

the conet archive channel has several othervideos of similar transmissions. while the story behind number’s stations is more terrifyingfrom a political stand point, hearing something like this randomly cut into your radio inthe middle of the night can be rather uncomforting. number 9. mama this video was the original short film forguillermo del toro’s motion picture by the same title. the film is loosely based on themexican folklore known as la llorona. the legend dates back as far at 1502, and is believedto have come from the aztec peoples. the story follows a mother who her two children, andnow roams through the night, wearing a soaking wet white night gown, crying or moaning loudlyabout her children. the reason behind the

of her children varies amongst regions, butmost commonly the mother her children as revenge toward her husband who left her for a youngerwoman. the legend also entails that la llorona will come for any children who are still awake,this aspect of the story is mainly used to scare children into behaving and going tobed on time. in the film by del toro, things take a different direction. two young girlsare abandoned in the woods and adopted by the ghostly mother. when the children’suncle adopts them after they are found, the ghostly and quite figure begins to haunt thefamily in an attempt to get “her” children back. this version, is the short film createdbefore the major motion picture, although it’s just as terrifying. the dark, floating,and shaky ghost stopping and charging toward

the camera is the perfect form of jump scare.even without the jump scares, the distorted body and dark face of mama is terrifying,and certainly not something you’d want to see in the of night. for viewers who prefertheir fear more audio based, mama lets out a heart wrenching and bone chilling groanas she cries for her children. number 8. creepy anime video most things related to anime are meant tobe cute, or at the very least. but this short animation seemed to have taken a very differentturn. the title is in japanese and says the following, if you know what it says go aheadand comment down below. the video starts off as what appears to be a very happy, cutesyanime intro but about 20 seconds in, the screen

switches to static and the audio becomes distorted.the rest of the video is an array of creepy anime characters with huge smiles and emptyeyes. there’s also a main blue haired character that smiles in front of images of, crawlson all fours over rocks, random people, and has interjections of negative color screentime that adds an even deeper level of “what the”. the video was uploaded in 2009 andthe description reads “nitori has gone mad”, this is in reference to the young, blue haired,female character whom is the center of the video. nitori kawashiro is a character froma japanese game which translates to urban legend in limbo. the general idea behind thecreepy video is that it was fan created. unless you know japanese, you likely won’t knowwhat the voiced narrations are saying, over

the images of this character being a psychopathicghostly, despite that not being part of her character in the game at all. number 7. japanese hospital ghost from the same region as our creepy anime creation,we find yet another gem of footage. this video is likely one of the most popular videos onlinewhen it comes to ghosts and the supernatural. it has been viewed over a million times onyoutube and even more so on other platforms. the video even begins with a warning thatmany viewers have been driven to after seeing this. a female news reporter is on the sceneof a very creepy, abandoned hospital. she claims that the hospital went bankrupt andhas become a popular spot for teens interested

in ghost hunting, or just getting a scare.the teens apparently say that every photo taken there has a spirit, ghost, or imagesomewhere in it. the scene cuts to the woman doing some interviews about photos that havebeen taken there, sure enough the photos feature ghostly apparitions. the reporter is toldby her crew that they are going into the hospital, and she is clearly already scared. once insidethe building, they find a camera that was likely left behind by the group that was interviewed.while the reporter goes through the photos, which are filled with spirits, she looks upand. the footage is slowed down to show that there was a figure standing in the doorwaybehind them, which is what scared the reporter. after this the man goes on to investigatefurther, and sees through a mirror a group

of doctors standing around an operating table.but he can only see them through the mirror outside of the room they are in. there’sa pretty great jump scare when he turns the camera and sees a ghostly surgeon holdingwhat appears to be a baby. it is of course a staged video, but the jump scare and genuinefeel at the beginning make it pretty nightmare inducing. especially if you have an underlyingfear of hospitals. number 6. six feet under – the egg dream this video is a clip from the hbo series sixfeet under, which ran from 2001 to 2005. the series is a drama that follows the lives ofthe fisher family, who own a home. although there are underlying tones of comedy, suchas in the beginning of this scene. the main

character david is having a strange dream,where is he on a farm that resembles that of a children’s show stage. his friend pullsup on a tractor and a female wearing a very large puppet head walks out with a basketof eggs, which she offers to david. the giant puppet head is freak enough this it’s movementsand details. however, the more part of the scene comes after david bites into a rock-hardegg and looks down to see a disfigured, doll like baby in the basket. in a very dry andunsettling voice the baby says “daddy”, to which david screams and drops the basket. number 5. clip095.mp4 this video has been posed as a found footagevideo, and can be found on other channels

dealing with creepy pastas, found footageblogs, and other related things. however, it’s origin and intent are quite unknown.the video is a static, distorted vhs style clip of a masked figure, a dark room, a crypticmessage, and yet another terrifying figure with no arms waddling through what looks likesnow. there’s not much else to be said on the video. but if you’re the kind to befreaked out by found footage or unknown messages, or even confusing dark imagery in general,this is definitely for you. number 4. don’t move this short film directed by anthony meltonwas nominated for best horror short and best special effects makeup in the 2014 filmquestfilm festival. the plot follows 6 friends

who have gathered for a game night arounda ouija board. we enter the scene with several friends already. through the course of theshort we find that they have unleashed a which will them, but only if it can sense them movebecause it is deaf and blind. so the friends are stuck perfectly still, as their life dependson it, wherever they were when the demon came out. just thinking about trying to stay perfectlystill in strange positions, while completely struck with fear, is unsettling enough. butonce you see the grotesque which is followed by a thick black fog come on scene, it takesa complete turn. the short goes on to show the apart. to save any spoilers from thisgreat short, go have a watch for yourself. of course there are a couple jump scares butthe end has quite a twist that you’ve got

to see for yourself. number 3. robert the doll the legend comes from a young boy named roberteugene otto, who received this doll as a gift from his family’s maid who was said to practice.the doll was named robert, after his owner. eugene would often blame robert for thingsthat would go missing or break around the house. as eugene grew up, he became a well-knownartist. he preferred to work alone with only robert by his side. once eugene got marriedand moved to a new home with his wife, he still had an obsession with the doll, thathis wife looked down upon. the doll eventually got his own room in the home, and passerbyswould say that they could see robert staring

at them, waving, moving, and other things.eugene began to have fits, at the end of which he would say it was robert’s fault. thisvideo comes from the travel channel, during a special. give the video a watch for moreinformation on this creepy doll. even just the looks of this doll are quite unsettling,especially for our viewers who have a fear of dolls. which is more common than not. robertis now in the east martello museum. visitors say that they have witnessed the dolls expressionchange before their very eyes. and experts in paranormal happenings say that the dollhas a spirit of its own, which seems to grow older with the doll. there are also storiesthat go further back, which claim that the maid was pregnant when she came to the otto’shome, and her child after 2 months because

she wasn’t fed properly. this leads manyto believe that the soul in the doll of robert is the maids child that passed. number 2. body of a pig this video was uploaded by devinraymond, inmid 2007. this is allegedly an evp that was found while exploring an undisclosed location.the evp, once slowed down and cleared up says “i have the body of a pig” followed bya deep laugh, or pig like grunting. a photo from the same scene is also included in thevideo and a pretty creature or being can be seen. some say it’s fake, some say it’sa, some say it’s a ghost. either way, watching something like this in the middle of the nightwill make you turn a light on. just the audio

alone is haunting. number 1. the croatian stalking tape this video is another found footage video,from croatia. it follows two young men walking through parks, doing parkour and overall justfooling around. the boy operating the camera explains that the camera is new so they’retesting it out. at one point they see what the believe to be the shadow of an older man,in some bushes. but they see him again later and this time he approaches them. he is wearinga sack over his head and walking very strangely. the boys think that he is drunk so they jokearound with him, but he begins to chase them so they runaway. they are outside of a buildingwhen, almost out of nowhere the figure returns.

he chases them again and the camera cuts out,but in the next scene they’re inside some sort of apartment building. the open the elevatorand for literally a second the same figure can be seen standing inside as the elevatordoors open. it is rumored that the two teens went missing after this, and the police foundthe camera. the police allegedly released the footage to try and identify the stalker,although they never did.

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