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puppets drama

episode 53 "i'm going, i'm going.i'm going to the next world." move aside. we must go to him.we must accompany him on his last journey. the physician has advised you not tomove as you have internal damage. please remain calm.you can die from your injuries! then that's what we will do. - we will all rather die with our teacher!- please! please let us go!it is pitiful enough for him to have died in this way.

we cannot allow him to go by himself! - please let us accompany him on his last journey!- please don't do this! look, all of you.stop this. don't talk about dying so easily. do you think that is what he would have wanted? have you all forgotten how his majesty heldteacher and cried tears of sorrow? but if you all put yourselves in harm's way, how much more will his majesty suffer? do you understand?

if you are so bitter that you want to die,then use that energy to live. do not let teacher's death be in vain! teacher!teacher! teacher! your majesty, please forgive mefor my disloyalty. councilor, do not give up.i will save you! i will save you no matter what! it is already too late for me, your majesty. - councilor!- even though it was brief, the time that i spent serving you,

was the greatest honor in my life. councilor... you treated me and allowed me to liveas a whole man, and not as a half-blood bastard. please continue to keep that heart, and care for all your people in the same way,your majesty. no, councilor!you cannot die like this! - teacher! teacher!- no, councilor! no! - you can't go like this!- councilor!

councilor! i heard that silly prince in the palacehad the people beaten. but that's not the important thing. whether it's food or clothing,our country does not have enough basic necessities. the most important thing is to provideenough of the basics so that the people don't starve. how many days do you think we canperform our duties for? the scholars and rest of the governmentwill never allow this to happen. they will rise up in protest and thatwould mean the end of our destiny. do not forgive me, councilor.

do not forgive this useless kingwho was unable to protect you. get up! speak!tell me who ordered you to do it! i told you i don't know anything! it's your last chance. if you don't tell me,you will follow the councilor to the netherworld! please don't do this to me!it wasn't us! - we were at makpo that night!- you bastard! halt! my lord!

- my lord!- what are you doing? do you think this will solve things? - my lord!- it is useless. i was ordered by his majesty to investigate. they have left the capital. that night, one of the gangs ofyanghwajin went into hiding. went into hiding? then what do we do?do we just let them get away with it? don't be foolish.we will never let that happen. his majesty will make them pay for what they have done!

how can you say that, your majesty?you think no ron was behind this? no need to look so shocked, councilor. the councilor and the other custodians wereattacked at the same time that night. who else could have ordered that attack? even children would know that if was no ron's worksince you opposed them in the first place. - councilor.- it is true that we opposed the half-bloods. but how could we have ordered such a terrible thing? i know nothing about this, your majesty! yes, i'm sure you know nothing.in fact, you should know nothing.

that is the only wayyou will save yourself from death. but how interesting.i assumed that you controlled the movements of no ron. but how surprising that you don't know. that means that you and i are bothpuppets to the members of no ron. - your majesty!- but i will not forgive them. as long as i am king, i will pursue all thoseresponsible and make them pay. tell me who did this! did one of you do this? how can you ask us this, excellency?

how can we be the only ones whoopposed the appointment of the half-bloods? the citizens of the country had strong feelingsagainst those that did not know their place. but why do you think his majestyhas targeted us? he is using this as an excuse to threaten us! that's right, excellency.ask him for evidence. if he does not have any evidence,then this is a plot against us! so then, you are all saying that you are innocent? fine, if that is what you say,then i will believe you. i do not want to think that youhave lied to me!

but keep this in mind. if anyone of you here was behind this, you will answer to mebefore you answer to his majesty! you have done a foolish thing. you did an unnecessary thing andcaused this commotion. is this problem going to go awaybecause you get rid of a few bastards? - excellency, i don't know what you...- be careful not to get caught. if something goes wrong, even if you have servedthe councilor for years, he will not protect you. - your majesty.- did you look into it?

yes, we are having the no ron officialsfollowed by the imperial guards. lord jang tae woo will be doing hisown investigations as well. i deliberately wounded his pride. his pride will make him try to find theculprit who did this without his approval. i want the councilor to rest in peace. to do that, we have to find the culpritsas soon as possible. yes, your majesty.we will heed your words. - is her majesty inside?- yes, she is waiting for you. - hand it over.- yes, your highness.

recite to me the virtues of womanhood. the virtues of womanhood are not abouttalents and ability, but about composure and geniality. that's right.it is also wisdom in thought and action, and being warm in heart and consideration. if so, what must one do? - one must restrain against jealousy and loose lips.- that's right. you must distance yourself from jealousyas nurturing it is like nurturing an illness in your body. yes, your majesty.i will heed your words. then what are the fourteen mottosfor a paragon of virtue?

why do you not respond? forgive me, your majesty, but evenlittle girls know the instructions for womanhood. why do you ask me these questions? what did you say? i am very sorry for what happened earlier,so please do not punish me like this anymore. i see that you have realized nothing! you still do not understand why i askedyou to bring the manual and what you have done wrong! how can you be sorry when you don'teven know what you have done wrong? your majesty!

that is enough for today.we will continue again tomorrow. why do you just sit there?didn't you hear me tell you to leave? your highness!your highness! your highness!help me carry her! concubine hong has collapsed?how could this happen? - mother...- what did i tell you? i told you to let go of your disappointmentand take care of her. but you have scolded her and disciplinedher with the manual! she only recently entered the palace,and is bound to not know our customs.

how can you lecture her beforeyou have even given her guidance? please forgive me, mother.this happened because of my negligence. sit down, please sit down. how do you feel?are you better now? yes, the physician told me that it was anemia.please do not be too concerned. how can one who has to borne the heirto the throne be so weak? - forgive me, mother.- no, this is because you are lonely here. i will visit his majesty and tell him tovisit you more often. - attendant yi.- yes, your highness.

- tell the bureau i would like a new folding screen.- yes, your highness. a folding screen, mother? i will commission a fertility talisman for you.i hope that you will give me good news soon. thank you, your highness! then get some rest.i have taken up too much of your time. mother, i have a request.may i speak? if you are going to commission it from thebureau, may i have an acquaintance from there do it? - an acquaintance from the bureau?- yes, mother. good!it's really good!

amazing music! how can delicate fingers like yoursmake such amazing music? i can't help it when i'm withsuch a handsome man like yourself! handsome?you're sweet with words too! those aren't words coming out of your mouth,but honey out of a honeycomb! oh sir! by the way, is something wrong?why are you only drinking water? come, let me pour you a drink. to wash away the greed of the world,this wine would be best.

master, do you know how expensive this wine is? have you forgotten what i said aboutdiscarding the things of this world! mae hyang, go and bring two bottles ofthe ho san choon wine! ho san choon, wine?yes sir! what was that gasp for? come here, my sweet! he told me to discard things,but i think he wants to rob me! mae hyang, how much is the bill so far? let's see, in the past three days,you've had twelve tables of food.

twenty bottles of ho san choon wine,twelve bottles of jin han wine, and... - so how much is that?- i think it would be over a hundred yang. - what? a hundred yang?- yes, a hundred yang. a hundred yang! oh, how handsome you look!a hundred yang! oh, how handsome you look! but your lack of a beard is... because of secretary hong, i am now aneighth level government official! close up the inn.i'll be earning the wages from now on!

by the way, how much is your wages? come here.3 bags of rice and 5 bales of cotton cloth a month. goodness, that much? this is great! my life is going tobe rosy because of you! my husband! - what's wrong with him?- sir! - what's wrong with you!- sir? what happened? i... i'm broke. give me something to eat!

my wife is going to kill me! so you're telling me that in order topay the bill at the gisaeng house for that erotica master,you didn't even eat? he kept ordering moreeven before he was finished! must you really do all thisjust to learn from this man? you didn't see his brushstrokes! i have to learn from him,but he has no intention of teaching me! something is fishy about him!he must be a con artist! have you ever seen him paint?

i mean, are you sure that thepainting was really drawn by him? you've been tricked! he is doing thisso that he can get money out of you! these are reforms on slavery. yes, i thought you might want totake a look at them first. alright. how are the investigations going? i will submit a report to you within three days. your majesty, it is official nam. your majesty, the custodians havereported for work at gyujunggak.

what do you mean? the physician said thatthey are not to move until next month! his majesty the king! what is the meaning of this?why are you all here? how can we sit idle when the work is piling up? those of us who can move around havereported to work, so please do not be worried. reported to work? no!how can you work in your state? - your majesty...- return to the hospital and do not come back! it is enough that we lost the councilor. i will not allow you to be hurt furtherbecause of my inadequacy!

please do not say that, your majesty! the councilor would have beaten his chestif he heard those words! our teacher met the king of his dreamsand fulfilled his life's ambition. and now he has passed his dream on to us.so how can you say you are inadequate? - now look here...- he's right, your majesty! as long as we are breathing, we will work hereand help you to fulfill your dreams. - so please take back your order for us to return!- please take back your order! we followed lord min joo shik, lord park chul myungand lord lee dong su, but nothing was amiss. they were all being cautiousand were laying low.

but we have put our spies in the gisaenghouse and academy they frequent. three days have passed already.things can get more complicated if we do not hurry. - try and hurry everything along.- yes, my lord. - dae su, stay behind.- yes? - what is it, my lord?- i don't think we are going about it the right way. we must provoke them to do something. read this. - what is it?- i said read it. how could this be!my lord!

you mean the one behind the attackon the gyujunggak custodians was...! that's right. let's go. what's this?this is not the way to anggook! stop, you wretches!i said stop! i said stop! die! enough! - no, my lord! we should just...- that's enough.

this is good enough for now. who are you?who has done this to me! who am i?how foolish you are, my lord! if i were to tell you that,why would i have had you taken like this? what?who are you? i know why you had the gyujunggak half-bloods attacked. you wanted to show them the consequencesof standing against no ron. but all of us know you were behind this,and the others with you. we can take the evidence to the tribunal,

but that would be too easy and not as fun. since you showed them the consequences,now i will show you yours. so, just be patient. you will go through exactly what thegyujunggak custodians went through. really? secretary hong is not at theimperial guard headquarters? yes, he left around the hour of the ape.(3-5pm) in any case, i am happy that youhave returned to the palace, dal ho. it is an honor for me to be able toserve you again, my lord. i will serve you until my bones turn into dust!

- thank you!- but sir... may i leave now?i was supposed to have left a while ago. but you just said that you would serveme until your bones turned into dust. well that...i'm not a single man, you know. you fellow...alright, you may leave. yes sir! that fellow...! that's strange.how can secretary hong not be here? he should be busy preparing his reportto me for tomorrow.

in that case, i will send someone tosearch for him in the palace again. no, no need for that. i am sure min joo shik was behind this. now that he thinks we know everything,he will recheck his steps. - that is when we must catch him!- yes, my lord. his majesty will not forgive us if heknows what we have done. so we must keep this a secret. don't worry, my lord. i am of the sameopinion that we must do everything to catch them! but will you end this with lord min joo shik?will you approach the other officials as well?

don't worry about that.i told you this is just the beginning. we will corner them slowly.wait and see. vice councilor min joo shik was attacked?is that true? yes, your majesty.he was kidnapped last night by thugs. he is home safely, but his injuries are sobad that he could not report to work today. i am concerned that this will affectthe people as well. your majesty, it is official nam! your majesty, the body ofjustice minister lee dong su was just discovered! justice minister lee dong su?

your majesty,the commander of the palace guard is here. - let him enter!- yes, your majesty! commander, what is happening?how can the justice minister be dead? your majesty, his body was found bypatrolling soldiers near gwangshin! his servants say that he arrived home last night,but he was kidnapped! were his kidnappers identified? he said it was dark and he did notsee their faces. but there is something strange, your majesty. what is it?

this character was found written on the hand. isn't this the character meaning "again"? if this was found on the hand,then it must be a message from his killers! it appears so, your majesty. seeing how the word "again" was used,it must mean that this will happen again! send my condolences to his family,and send them someone to prepare with the funeral. yes, your majesty. it hasn't even been three days since the gyujunggakcustodians were attacked. how could this happen again? please forgive me, your majesty, butare you aware of the rumors going around?

- rumors?- well... people are wonderingif these attacks on the no ron members ...are in retaliation for the attacks on the custodians. secretary hong! shouldn't you ask about him, secretary hong? ask about who, your excellency?what do you mean? i am sure you have heard about lord min joo shik. if you saw me, isn't it only proper thatyou ask me about his condition? forgive me, your excellency.i was distracted by the many events in the palace.

- please be gracious and forget my error.- distracted? how strange.you look perfectly fine to me. what do you think, minister?everyone is in a daze because of last night's events. but don't you think secretary hong's countenanceis as calm as ever? it is almost as if he knew everything beforehand. it can't be...secretary hong couldn't have done this...! - your majesty, here are the herbs you requested.- yes, well done. let's go. concubine hong has recovered,so let us go pay her a visit. what?no, your majesty!

you mustn't go yourself, your majesty!i will go deliver it to her. you were given a scolding because of her!why are you being so nice to her...! watch your words!you are the chief attendant of the queen! how can you still be so reckless with your words? please forgive me, your majesty. i thought song yeon was the worst of our problems,but now it's that concubine! i can't stand it! song yeon! - your majesty!- what are you doing here at this hour?

the bureau was ordered to paint a folding screen. a folding screen?for whom? it is for me, your majesty! - the room is ready for you. you may go now.- yes, your highness. stay right there, song yeon!what is the meaning of this? why did you summon her again?do you dare to take my words lightly? not at all, your majesty!how would i dare do such a thing? i did not take your words lightly.rather, i was merely following mother's orders. - mother's orders?- yes.

mother ordered this girl here specifically for me. since she is the elder of the royal family,it is only proper that i obey you. i will ask her highness to select someone else.do not concern yourself with this matter. no, your majesty, i am alright.please do not burden yourself with this. - song yeon...- you got in trouble with her highness because of me. why do you want to cause another fuss? please forgive me, your majesty,but this is my work. it is the bureau's responsibility to paintwhere it is called for. and i am an artist working for that bureau.

i will complete this work with my utmost effort.please do not worry about me. song yeon... thank you for having concern for me,your majesty. i think it would be better if you drewsix screens for concubine hong. - so what shall we draw?- i'm thinking of doing a lotus this time. - lotus?- yes, six continuous screens will be nice. that sounds lovely!lotus signifies purity and womanhood. then let's go tell official parkand begin painting! - yes.- her highness, concubine hong!

- so have you decided what to paint?- yes, your highness. i just heard you say that you weregoing to paint it at the bureau. don't do that.paint it in my chambers. i wish to see with my own eyeshow the folding screen will be painted. your highness, the painting has to be doneat the bureau because it takes many days to complete. - we need pigments and brushes and...- impudent wench! how dare you disagree with her highness? forgive me, your highness! then i will expect you in my chambers everyday. why is she insisting that we paint this here?why is she being so stubborn?

in any case, we have to go back and prepare. alright, let's leave. - wait, i wonder if sir yi has returned.- me too. do you think he's back? how sick is he that he hasn't cometo work for three days? i know. he can be lazy at times,but he wouldn't miss work. - is it much further from here?- no, we're almost there, sir. it's past naejunggyo and next to euiwonjin... wife, i'm sorry!i'll make ten times what i spent!

just be patient!wife! i thought he was sick! we went to visit him because wethought he was sick! how could he do this! i will tell official park and have him punished! please be calm, sir!i'm sure he has a good reason! how can you still say that?you saw him going to the gisaeng house! i haven't been homebecause i was helping him with his work! sir... sir!official park!

why is he so angry? i said i wanted wine.why did you put this garbage in front of me? garbage? isn't this your painting? shut up and go and bring more wine! no! if you want wine,then paint this painting again! - what did you say?- paint this so i can trust you! what a rascal you are! i told you to discardthe world, but you discarded your manners instead! you rascal! - royal artist yi! please come out for a while!- what is it?

please come out!it's urgent! if you want to drink wine,then do the painting! bring me wine first! who's here? sir! what is the meaning of this! - let me explain, sir...!- i don't want to hear it! i doubted royal artist tak when he told me,but how could you do this? - you must have so little respect for the bureau!- sir, please forgive me, but...

forget it. i have nothing to hear or say to you. you don't have to come to the bureaufrom tomorrow! - sir!- please forgive him, sir! he must have a reason for having done this! sir! please forgive me this once!please! here you go, you rascal! take that and give me my wine! sir chang yong! you mean he used to be an artistat the bureau?

he wasn't just an artist.he drew the late king's portrait four times. as a result, he was the first artist at the bureauto be promoted to fourth rank. you mean he is the artist that drew the maehwapainting sir jang hong bong? yes, you're right. as you can tell from hismaehwa painting, his skill surpassed all others. but after he left the bureau suddenly,no one knew his whereabouts for many years. where did you meet him? that... well, that... sir! sir! get a hold of yourself, sir!

i am imperial guard park dae su.what happened? the 2nd minister of industrywas found dead this morning. what? what? it wasn't just the2nd minister of industry park chul myung, but third minister of personnel oh tae soo too? that's right. and both of them had thecharacter "again" written on their hands! that means... it's a serial murder? someone is planning on murdering theno ron officials one by one! dae su, do you know anything about this?

what?know what about what? people are saying that secretary hongis behind this. - what?- if that is true, things are going to be complicated. so if you know something, tell us. it's certainly that hong gook young! - what is it?- he is a governor with the tribunal, your majesty. for what reason did you bring atribunal governor here? i have completed my investigation of the murdersand am here to make my accusation! be careful of your words, councilor!how can you accuse secretary hong of such a thing?

i know him better than anyone.he would never do such a thing. then perhaps he does not take youall that seriously, your majesty! - councilor!- your majesty, i have evidence! i have brought evidence that secretary hongis involved in this. when i heard you accuse no ron ofthe attack on the gyujunggak custodians, i investigate them myself. but i found out something surprising. i found out that secretary hong hired thugs toattack lord min joo shik. the tribunal has already arrested these menand have gotten their confessions, your majesty!

what did you say?i was behind the murders of the officials? i heard that you hired thugs to attacklord min joo shik. is that not true? why did you do such a thing?did you not realize it could come back and haunt you? i ordered the attack on lord min joo shik. but i am innocent of the murders ofthe no ron officials! who is going to believe you? don't you realize that you cannot escape judgmentbecause of the attack on lord min joo shik? your majesty, secretary hong is here.

sit down. do you realize what you have done? why did you do such a thing?have i really misjudged you? please punish me, your majesty! when i was the crown prince,you did something similar to this. why do you keep repeating this mistake? this is all because of my inadequacies. please do not forgive me, your majesty! i am not talking to you to hear those excuses!

all of the officials are insisting on investigating you. they have concrete evidence against you.now they will pursue you to the end. what will you do now that thingshave come to this? your majesty, i will accept an investigation. - what did you say?- i will go to the tribunal and be interrogated. i did not order the murders of the officials. so please allow me to be interrogated, your majesty! i heard you went to the grand palace!what is going to happen? - it is not of your concern.- but the other officials are...

no matter what happens to me,do not come forward. do you understand?you must not be harmed by this! - but my lord...!- you must complete what you are supposed to do. that is more important for his majesty.do you understand? indeed?secretary hong was taken to the tribunal? yes, your majesty.i saw it with my own eyes. - alright. you may leave.- yes, your majesty. hong gook young...will you still reject my help? your majesty, secretary hong has beenarrested and taken to the tribunal!

your majesty, minister chae is here. - welcome, minister.- why are you still here, your majesty? i cannot sleep.how can i sleep in this situation? your majesty, the tribunal has asked for yourpermission to interrogate secretary hong. your majesty... - you're here to see his majesty?- yes, please tell him i am here, sir. - i'm sorry, but that will be hard.- yes? his majesty isn't in the palace. not in the palace?then where is he?

your majesty, why are you here? i realized that i never asked youwhy you did it. i'm sure you wanted to tell me,but i never asked you. so speak if you have something to say. i want to hear the truth. were you telling the truth when you saidthat you weren't behind the murders? would you believe me? would you believe me no matter whati told you, your majesty? your majesty, i, councilor jang tae woohave something to tell you.

i heard that you halted the interrogation ofsecretary hong. is that true, your majesty? yes, it's true. secretary hong's involvement in the beatingof lord min joo shik is already obvious. but what reason is there to continuethe interrogation? what reason? secretary hong plotted the murdersof the justice minister, 2nd industry minister and 3rd personnel minister... i spoke with secretary hong last nightat the tribunal. he said he had nothing to do with the murders. therefore i have ordered the investigation ofsecretary hong to be halted.

but this is outrageous!will a criminal confess without being interrogation? how can you halt the investigation withouta proper cause? shall i show you the evidence? shall i show all of you the evidenceof secretary hong's innocence? fine. i will show all of you proofthat he is innocent.

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