Tuesday, February 28, 2017

puppets jazz bar

captioning made possible bynew line home video [sirens and horns honking] man: neighbours heard themscreaming at each other, like, for 2 hours.nothing new. then they heard the gungo off, both barrels. crime of passion. yeah. just look at allthe passion on that wall. yeah, well,it's a done deal,

all but the paperwork. the kid see it? what? the kid. what kind of fuckingquestion is that? we are all goingto be real glad when we get ridof you, somerset. it's alwaysthese questions with you. "did the kid see it?"who gives a fuck?

he's dead.his wife killed him. anything else, it hasnothing to do with us. detective somerset? i'm detective mills. mills: lieutenant,i apologize for interrupting, but i just get in town20 minutes ago, they dump me here. look, um...mills? i thought we mightfind a bar someplace.

i'd like to get to the precinct,if it's all the same. not much time forthis transition thing. i meant to ask yousomething when we spokeon the phone before. yep. why here? i don't follow. well, all this effortto get transferred. it's the first questionthat popped into my head.

i guess the samereasons as you, the same reasonsyou had before you decidedto quit, yeah? you just met me. maybe i'm notunderstanding the question. it's very simple. you actually foughtto get reassigned here. i've just never seen itdone that way before. i thought i coulddo some good.

it would be great for meif we didn't start out kicking each otherin the balls. but you're callingthe shots, lieutenant. yes.i want you to look, and i want youto listen, ok? i wasn't guardingthe taco bell. i've workedhomicide 5 years. not here. i understand that.

over the next 7 days,detective, you'll do me the favourof remembering that. [man shouting] [dog barking] [clicking] ♪ you've got mecloser to god ♪ [sirens] [clank] [ring]

hello. yep. ok. mm-hmm. say it again. [truck engines roaring] i thoughtwe moved here to get away from tractor pulls. ha ha ha! hmm...

serpico's got to go. yeah. well... you might wantto get rid of this little crusty--this eye, serpico. did you get it? got it. good. coffee? no? nothing'sbeen touched.

everything'slike i found it. what timewas death established? like i said, i didn't touchanything, but he's got his facein a plate of spaghetti for about45 minutes now. no one botherswith vital signs? did i stutter? this guyain't breathing

unless he startedbreathing spaghetti sauce. so that's how it'sdone around here? i beg your pardon,detective, this guy's sitting in a pileof his own piss and shit. if he wasn't dead,he would have stood up by now. thank you,officer. thank you. i wonder... what exactlywas the point

of the conversationyou were about to get into? mills: don't know. how many timeshas barney fife found dead bodiesthat weren't dead? drop it. [sniffs] whew. oof! somebody phone guinness.

i think we'vegot a record here. better homes and gardens. who saidthis was murder? no one. the guy's hearthas got to be the sizeof a canned ham. if this isn'ta coronary... ha ha! well,i don't know. whoops!

how about that? we had this case once... guy dead on the ground, knife in his back. got to be murder, right? fuck. anyway, big insurancepolicy involved, yeah? the guy tookthe tip of the blade, stuck it inhis own shoulder blades.

must've screwed up a few times.there was multiples. could you pleasebe quiet? wait a minute. got a bucket here. what's in it? ugh! oh, god! fucking vomit. any blood in it?

i didn't see any.help yourself. are you thinkingit's poison? oh, wonderful. very moody. are you thinkingit's poison, somerset? you girls have gotforensics waiting outside. i don't knowif we'll all fit, though. there's room.light's the problem. hi. detective mills, wouldyou go help the officers

question the neighbours? send in forensics onyour way out, please. he's dead. thank you, doctor. you've seenmy files, right? you've seenthe things i've done. no. well, i did my timewalking the beat. i did that shitfor a long time.

and? my badge says detective,the same as yours. look, i made a decision. i had to considerthe integrity of the scene. couldn't worrywhether you thought you were getting enough timeon the playing field. hey, man... just don't jerk me off. that's all i ask.don't jerk me off.

he's been deada long time, and i can tell youit was not a poison. oh, man. how does someone letthemselves go like that? it took4 orderlies just to get himon the table. oof. but how'dthe fat fuck ever fit outhis front door? please. it's obvioushe was a shut-in.

now look at this. see how bigthis stomach is? and the strange thing isit stretches. here. look at the sizeof the cardiac orifice where the food-- i see, but thatmeans nothing to me. he's got lines of distensionacross the duodenum, and the interior wallis ripped open. this man atetill he burst?

he didn't really burst,not all the way, but he was haemorrhaginginternally. there was a haematomain the rectus. so he did dieby eating. yes and no. what aboutthese bruises up here? i haven't figuredthat out yet. gun pressedagainst his head? pressed hardenough, sure.

fuck, yeah. the marksfrom the front side flush with the muzzle. ladiesand gentlemen, we have ourselvesa homicide. somerset: killer puta bucket beneath him, kept on serving.took his time, too. coroner said this could'vegone on more than 12 hours. victim's throatwas swollen,

probablyfrom the effort, and there wasdefinitely a point when he passed out. the killer kicked him,and he burst. oof! sadisticfucker, huh? when you want somebody dead,you drive by and shoot them. you don't risk the timeit takes to do this, unless the act itselfhas meaning. come on.

somebody had a problemwith the fat boy and decided to torture him.simple as that. in the grocery bags,we found 2 receipts. that means the killerstopped in the middle and made a second tripto the supermarket. so? hey, man...it's his thing. i've been out inthe rain all day. this is beginning.

we've gotone dead guy, not 3. no motive. don't even start yourbig brain cooking on this, all right? please. i'd liketo be reassigned. what? whoa. what in the hellare you talking about? this can't bemy last duty. it's just going togo on and on.

you're retiring. 6 more days andyou're all the way gone. won't be the first timeyou've left unfinished business. those cases were taken as closeto conclusion as possible, and if i mayspeak freely... we're all friends here. this should not behis first assignment. come on! i knew it. this is not my firstassignment, dick.

it's too soon for him. i'm here. you can saythat shit to my face. it's too soon. captain, if we canjust talk in private. this isn't working.it's a personal thing. shut up, mills. look. i don't haveanyone else to put on this. this is metro.you don't get to swap. give it to me.

say what? he doesn't want it,fuck him. sorry.see you later. have a nice time.give it to me. no. i'm putting youon something else. go on, mills.just go on. i'm sorry, old buddy, but it looks like you're stuckcleaning up the fat man. all right.here we go.

quiet down. all right.calm down. calm down. quiet down! calm down. quiet down. now, here's howit's going to be-- i'll answer questionsfor 10 minutes only. if those questionsdo not come in a calm, sane,and orderly fashion,

i'm on my wayout of here. detective? can i have a momentof your time? i will not discussthe details of this ongoing investigationso don't bother asking. man: there he is. that's the guy. shh. man: it looks like we won'tbe eating dinner.

who is this kid,anyway? hotshot. what have you guysgot for me? nothing yet,boss. why don't you guysgo get a coffee, ok? newscaster: we havethis breaking story for you. we're going togo live downtown where defence attorneyeli gould was found murderedthis morning. district attorneymartin talbot

is taking questionsfrom reporters. reporter: a conflict ofinterest between your office-- talbot: that is ridiculous tothe point of being offensive. there is no conflictwhatsoever, and any claim there could beis irresponsible. reporter: is it true you're farfrom apprehending a suspect? talbot: i've come from a meetingof law enforcement officials, and they've assured me they havetheir very best men on this.

this will bethe very definition of swift justice. pardon me, george. somerset. come in. have you heardthe news? nope.haven't heard. eli gould was foundmurdered this morning. someone broke intohis law firm

and bled him to death, wrote the word "greed"on the floor. [scraping on door] greed? yeah. in blood. mills is heading upthe investigation. excuse me.excuse me. could you notdo that, please? oh, ok.

well, good for him. what in the hell are yougoing to do with yourself out there, somerset? oh, i'll work,maybe on a farm, fix my house. don't you feelthat feeling? you're not going to bea cop anymore. that's the whole idea. i don't thinkyou're leaving.

hell, you can'tleave all this. a guy's outwalking his dog, gets attacked. his watch is taken,his wallet. while he's lying there on the sidewalkhelpless, his attacker stabs himin both eyes. this happenedjust last night about 4 blocksfrom here.

yeah, i read about it. i don't understandthis place any longer. it's the wayit's always been. maybe you're right. you do this work,you were made for it, and i don't thinkyou can deny that. maybe i'm wrong. oh, uh... the coroner sentthis down for you.

found themin the fat boy's stomach mixed inwith the food. looks like plastic. set them on the desk,please. they were, uh...they were fed to him. [children squealing] oh, lord. this was foundon the wall behindthe refrigerator

at the obesitymurder scene. "long is the wayand hard that out of hellleads up to light." it's from milton. paradise lost. all right.i'm confused. it means thatthis is beginning. this was found behindthe same refrigerator, written in grease. there are 7 deadly sins,captain--

gluttony... greed... sloth, wrath,pride, lust... and envy. seven. this is noteven my desk. you can expect5 more of these. now wait a minute. i can't getinvolved in this. somerset!

he wanted it. i'm all over it. where you headed? far away from here. thanks, george.how you doing? ok. i've got a few thingsto look up. ok. sit whereyou'd like. how's everybody?

hi there,smiley. come on, george.your cards are getting cold. duty calls. [men laughing] gentlemen, gentlemen. i'll never understand. all these books... a world of knowledgeat your fingertips. what do you do?

you play pokerall night. hey, we got culture! yeah. we got culturecoming out our ass. all right! how's thisfor culture? [classical music playing] ohh... yo, smiley. you reallygoing to miss us.

i just might. fucking dante. goddamnedpoetry-rhyming faggot piece of shit! fucker! arggh! yeah? good work, officer. thank you, lord.

oh. sorry. be out of your wayin a second. you want your chair? no. you goright ahead. [telephone rings] phone. it's a packagedeal. it comeswith the office. mills.

are you ok?is something wrong? you dingleberry. i told younot to call me at work. yeah. why? why? it's my wife. sorry? she'd liketo speak to you. uh, this isdetective somerset.

well...it's niceto talk to you, too. uh, i appreciatethe offer, but... well, in that case,i'd be delighted. yes, thank youvery much. bye. hon, what-- [dial tone] well? i've been invited

to a late supperat your apartment. i accepted. my...how's that? tonight. hello, men. hi, loser. hi, idiot. this is trace.tracy, somerset. happy to meet you.i've heard a lot about you.

except, of course,your first name. it's william. hmm. it's a goodname, william. william, i'd like youto meet david. david,this is william. i'll be right back.how are the kids? good. they're in their room.come on in. oh, good dogs! [dogs barking]

mills: how are you? [barking continues] smells good. the... oh, yeah.i mean thank you. um, please,have a seat. would you likesomething to drink? uh, no. no, thanks.i'll wait. just throw thatanywhere.

excuseall this mess. we're stillunpacking. i understand you twowere high-school sweethearts. pretty hokey, huh? i knew on our first datethat this was the guy i was going to marry. really? he was the funniest guyi'd ever met. well, it's kind of rarenowadays, you know--

i mean, that levelof commitment. oh, don't worry. i won't wear itto the dinner table. i, uh... no matter how ofteni see guns, i just...i can'tget used to them. same here. [jazz playing] why aren't youmarried, william?

oh, trace.what the hell? i was close once.just didn't happen. it surprises me. it really does. well...anyone who spends a significantamount of time with me finds me disagreeable. just ask your husband. very true.very, very true.

so how longhave you lived here? too long. how do youlike it here? you know, takes timeto settle in. it'll be good. you get numbafter a while. [dog barks] there are thingsto any city...

[rumbling noiseand dogs barking] the subway. it'll go awayin a minute. it's nothing. that real-estate guy. fucking piece of...sorry, hon. shows us the placea few times. i think it's good.trace likes it. then i startwondering why

he only brings us here5 minutes at a time. we found outthe first night. the soothing, relaxing,vibrating home, huh? i'm sorry. yeah, all right,laugh it up. i don't know what you're laughing at. all right already. the guy had to get inbefore the office closed and security tightened.

gould would have beenworking late. i'm certain. he was the biggestdefence lawyer in town. infamous, really. the body was foundtuesday morning. the officewas closed monday. the guy could havegotten in on friday, laid low tillthe cleaning crew left, and had his way all daysaturday, sunday,

maybe even monday. look at this. gould was bound,his right arm free. he was handeda butcher's knife. check out the scale. a pound of flesh? "one pound of flesh,no more, no less. no cartilage, no bone,but only flesh." merchant of venice.

didn't see it. "his task done,then he would go free." that chair wassoaked with sweat. of course. the killer would havewanted gould to take his time, to sit and decidewhich cut to make first. imagine it--there'sa gun in your face. which part of your bodyis expendable?

how aboutthe love handle? cut along the sideof his own stomach. all right, let's takea fresh look at these. even though the corpseis there, look through it. edit out the initial shock. the trick is to findone item, one detail, and focus on it until it's an exhaustedpossibility. i'm going to getanother beer. beer?

wine, please. he's preaching. he's punishing. the sins were usedin medieval sermons. there were7 cardinal virtues and 7 deadly sinsused as teaching tools. like in the parson's tale,and what's-his...oh, dante. you read them. yeah. well, parts.

hey, rememberin purgatory, dante and his buddy, they're climbing upthe hill, checking out allthe sinners, yeah? yeah. the 7 terracesof purgation. right, but there,pride comes first, not gluttony. well, for now,let's consider that the bookswere the inspiration.

the sermons were aboutatonement for sin. these murders are likeforced attrition. forced what? attrition. it's whenyou regret your sins but not becauseyou love god. oh, like becausesomeone's sticking a fucking gunin your face. no fingerprints. nope.

totally unrelatedvictims. yup. and no witnessesof any kind. which i don't get because the fuckerhad to get back out. well, in any major city, minding your ownbusiness is a science. first thing they teach womenin rape prevention is never cry for help.

always yell "fire." nobody answersto "help." holler "fire,"they come running. that's fucked up. must have leftanother puzzle piece. you know what? thank you fortalking this out, but i got to sleep,walk the dogs. this is to satisfymy curiosity.

i'm still leavingat the end of the week. aw, shit.wait, wait. gould's wifewas out of town, except this meansshe saw something. what if it's a threat? i put herin a safe house. she wasn't happyabout it. [dogs barkingand subway passing] what if it isn'tsomething she has seen

but somethingshe's supposed to see but hasn't beengiven a chance? yeah, ok. what? i don't know. but that'sthe one thing. mills: sign us in. we've got to seemrs. gould. [woman talking] we want you to havea phone line, but...

mrs. gould? [sobbing] mrs. gould,i am sorry. i truly am. i don't understand. i need you to lookat each photo very carefully. look and seeif there's anything strangeor out of place,

anything at all. i don't see anything. you sure? please, i can't do thisright now! somerset:it's got to be now. there may be somethingwe haven't seen. wait. here. this painting,it's upside down.

you sure your mendidn't move this? no, no, no. those shots were takenbefore forensics. nothing. there's got to besomething. moved the screwsto rehang it. what the fuckis that? switchblade. goddamn it!

must be something. he didn't paintthe fucking thing. now he's fuckingwith us. that's whathe's doing. see this?this is us. just wait a minute. now somerset's climbingon the furniture. you're kidding me. call the print lab.

honestly,have you ever seen anything like this? i can tell you guys just by lookingat the swirl pattern, they're not the victim'sfingerprints. mills:i don't know, man. i'd sayhe's whacked enough. doesn't fit. he doesn't want usto help him stop.

who knows? freaks out theredoing evil deeds they don'twant to do. "voices made me do it.my dog made me do it. jodie fostertold me to do it." i've seen this take3 days to make a match, so maybe you want to crossyour fingers somewhere else. you meant what you saidto mrs. gould, didn't you, about catching this guy?

i wish i still thoughtthe way you do. why don't youtell me what the hellit is you thinkwe're doing? picking upthe pieces. we're collectingall the evidence, taking all the picturesand samples, writing everything down, noting the timethings happen.

that's all? that's all. putting everythinginto neat little piles and filing it awayon the off chance it will ever be neededin the courtroom. picking up diamondson a deserted island, saving them in casewe get rescued. bullshit. even the mostpromising clues

usually only leadto others. so many corpsesroll away unrevenged. don't try to tell me you didn't getthat rush tonight. i saw you. we're gettingsomewhere. wake up, glimmer twins. you've got a winner. this guy goes by the nameof victor.

his real nameis theodore allen. his prints were foundby homicide. he's got a long historyof serious mental illness. his parents gave him a strictsouthern baptist upbringing, but somewhere they fell short. victor dabbled in drugs,armed robbery, assault, spent time in prison herefor attempted rape of a minor, but his lawyer saw to itthat didn't last long. his lawyer is eli gould,the greed murder victim.

we're going to finishthis today. victor's beenout of circulation, but there's stilla residence in his name. you're not buyingall this, are you? doesn't seemlike our guy. you tell me. our killer seems tohave more purpose. you ever takea bullet? never in my 34 years,knock wood.

i've only takenmy gun out 3 times with the intentionof using it. never pulledthe trigger. not once. you? yeah, but--no,i never took a bullet, but i pulled my gun once,shot it once. it was my first one of these.secondary unit. i was shaky going in.i was a rookie.

we bust open the doorlooking for this junkie, and the fuckeropened fire. one cop got hitin the arm. christ,what was his name? spun him like a top. you know? i mean,more like slow motion. i remember... riding inthat ambulance. well,he died right there.

right there. christ, what washis fucking name? swat goesbefore dicks. they love this. police! clear! good morning, sweetheart. get up now, motherfucker. now!

get up, you sack of shit. [coughing] oh, fuck me. dicks! you want to cometake a look at this! jesus. victor? that's just victor. somerset:call an ambulance.

a hearse would bemore like it. get your peopleout of here. go! no one touchesanything! some kind of freakingwax sculpture or something. "sloth." goddamn. somerset: this picturewas dated 3 days ago. this must bethe first one. look.

it's dated exactlyone year ago today. i got a hair sample,a stool sample, piss. i got fingernails. he's laughing at us. you got whatyou deserved. [coughs] he's alive! he's alive! that cocksucker's alive! calm down! emergencyon that ambulance!

[siren] he's playing games. ah, no shit. we have to divorceourselves from emotion. we have to remainfocused on the details. man, i feed offmy emotions. are you listening? yes, i can hear you. excuse me.

closed crime scene.get the fuck out. i got a right. get out of here,piece of shit! get out of here! i gotyour picture, man. detective mills.m-i-l-l-s! fuck off! i'm surprisedyou can spell. fuck you! how do they get hereso fucking quick?

they pay policefor the information and pay well. hey, man, i'm sorry. i... well, he pissed me off. it's impressiveto see a man feeding offhis emotions. a year of immobilityseems about right judging bythe deterioration

of the musclesin the spine. blood tests show manydrugs in his system, even an antibiotic which must havebeen administered to keep bedsoresfrom infecting. has he triedto speak or communicatein any way? even if his brainwere not mush, which it is,

he chewed off hisown tongue long ago. uh, doctor. is thereabsolutely no chance that he might survive? detective, he'd dieof shock right now if you shineda flashlight in his eyes. he's experienced aboutas much pain and suffering as anyone i've encountered,give or take, and he still has hellto look forward to.

good night. [telephone ringing] radio: we bring youthe charlie parker quintet, featuring charles thompson onpiano, herb pomeroy's trumpet, jimmy woode, bass,kenny clarke, drums, and the alto saxophoneof charlie parker. hello, william? it's tracy. tracy?

is everythingall right? yeah. yes,everything's fine. where's david? he's in the other room.he's in the shower. i'm sorryto call you like this. oh, it's all right. what can i dofor you, tracy? um, i needsomeone to talk to. do you think youcould meet me...

somewhere maybetomorrow morning? i feel stupid calling,but, uh... you're the only personthat i know here. there's no one else. if you can,just give me a call, ok? i have to go now. it can bea hard place. i don't know whyi asked you to come. why don't you talkto him about it?

tell himhow you feel. i can't...you know,i can't be a burden, especially now. i'll get used to things. you know, i thinki just wanted to talk to someone who's livedhere for a long time. i mean, upstate, you know, it's a completelydifferent...environment. really.

did david tell youthat i teach fifth grade? well, i did. he mentioned it. i'm going around, you know,looking at schools, but the conditions here... are horrible. what aboutprivate schools? why don't you tell me

what's reallybothering you, tracy? david and i aregoing to have a baby. oh, tracy... i don't think i'm-- i'm the one totalk to about this. i hate this city. i hada relationship once. it was very muchlike a marriage. we got pregnant.

this wasa long time ago. i remember gettingup one morning and going to work, just another daylike any other except it wasthe first day after i knewabout the pregnancy. and i felt this fear for the first timeever. i remember thinking,

how can i bring a childinto a world like this? how can a person grow up with all thisaround them? i told her i didn'twant to have it... and overthe next few weeks, i wore her down. i want to have children. i can tell younow... i'm--i know--

i mean-- i'm positive i madethe right decision, but there's nota day that passes that i don't wish that i'd madea different choice. if you don't keep... the baby-- i mean, if that'syour decision,

don't ever tell himyou were pregnant. but if you chooseto have this baby, you spoil that kidevery chance you get. [sighs] that's aboutall the advice i can give you,tracy. [beeping] i got to go. william.

somerset: victor'slandlord said there was cash inthe office mailbox the firstof every month. "i never hearda single complaint "from the tenantin apartment 306, "and nobody evercomplained about him. he was the best tenanti've ever had." yeah, a landlord'sdream-- a paralysed tenantwith no tongue.

who paysthe rent on time. i'm sick ofall this waiting. this is the job. why aren'twe out there? why do wesit here rotting, waiting tillthe lunatic does it again? that's dismissiveto call him a lunatic. don't make that mistake. come on. he's insane.look.

right now, he's probablydancing around in his grandma's panties, yeah, rubbing himselfin peanut butter. ooh, how's that? i don't think so. yeah, his luckwill run out. he's notdepending on luck. we walked intothat apartment exactly one year

after he tied victorto the bed. he wanted us to. you don't know thatfor sure. oh, yes, we do. this note he left, his first wordsto us. "long is the way,and hard, fuck him. so what? he's right so far.

imagine the will it takes to keep a man boundfor a full year, to sever his hand and use itto plant fingerprints, to insert tubesinto his genitals. this guy's methodical, exacting, and worstof all, patient. he's a nut-bag. just because the fucker'sgot a library card, doesn't make him yoda.

how much money you got? i got, like,50--50 bucks. i propose a field trip.come on. we'll make a list. at the top we'll put purgatory, canterbury tales, anything relating tothe 7 deadly sins. ask yourself,what would he study to do the thingshe's done? what arehis interests now?

jack the ripper,for instance. where are we going? the library. coupons! coupons! free coupons.discount coupons! they must have hadabout 50 health violations during their lastinspection. could you at leastsit across from me? i don't want peoplethinking we're dating.

give me your money. i'm giving you this, but i ought to knowwhat we're doing. hey, somerset.how are you? i didn't expecta mã©nage a trois. it's not a problem.sit down. only for youdo i do this. it's a big risk. we're justfair and square.

it's a deal. all right. about an hour. yeah, help yourself. well, that wasmoney well spent. by telling you this,i'm trusting you more thanmost people. good, because i'mabout ready to punch you. it's probablynothing,

but it's no skinoff our teeth. the guyin the pizza parlour is a friendfrom the bureau. who? stinky man? for years, the fbihas been hooked into the library system,keeping records. mm-hmm.assessing fines. no, monitoringreading habits. look.

certain booksare flagged-- books on, say,nuclear weapons or mein kampf. anyone who checks outa flagged book has his library recordsfed into fbi computers. wait. how isthis legal? legal, illegal--these terms don't apply. [scoffs] you can't use theinformation directly.

it's justa useful guide. it might soundsilly, but you can't geta library card without an idand a phone bill. so they run a list. precisely. if you want to knowwho's reading purgatory and paradise lost and helter skelter,

the fbi's computerswill tell us. could give us a name. it could get a college kid writing a term paperon 20th-century crime. at least you'reout of the office. get a haircut. how do youknow all this? i don't.neither do you. exactly.

the divine comedy, the history of catholicism. there's a book called murderers and madmen. modern homicide investigation, in cold blood, of human bondage. bondage? not whatyou're thinking. the marquis de sharday. it'sthe marquis de sade.

whatever. the writings ofsaint thomas aqua-something. saintthomas aquinas. he wrote aboutthe 7 deadly sins. is that it? let's try it. jonathan doe? we're sureabout that name? you saw the list.john doe. want to go back?

let's takea look at him. talk to him. this is crazy. ah, we'll justtalk to him. excuse me, sir. are you, by any chance,a serial killer? you do the talking. put that silvertongue to work. have you been talkingto my wife?

this is retarded. charlie's fucking angels. name off a computer. [child screaming] you're hit. he's going down!he's going down! fifth floor! child: mommy! mommy!

[door opens] police. is therea back exit? lock your door. [door shuts] man:what's going on? get out ofthe fucking hall, please. [woman screams] aah! get down!

get the fuck down! shit. [people shouting] [smashes window] [alarm ringing] man: hey,shut the fuck up! [alarm stops] [laboured breathing] [horns blaring]

taxi! [screaming] get out ofthe fucking way! move! [moaning] mills! no! mills? are you ok? i'm all right.

where are you going? i'm going in. wait, wait, wait. wait! what are youtalking about? he fuckin' shot at us. we can't go in.we need a warrant. we gotprobable cause. think. how didwe get here?

i can't tell anyone. i can't tellabout the bureau. we have no reasonto be here. listen to me. get the fuck off me! i'm sorry, but justpay attention. if we leavea hole like this, we can't prosecute.the guy will walk. is thatwhat you want?

by the timewe get the warrant-- nah, fuck that! no! we need a reasonto knock on this door! think about it! ok? ok, you're right. i'm all fucked up. you're right.you're right. well.

no pointin arguing anymore... unless you can fix that. you stupid son of a-- how much moneywe got left? so, yeah, like,i noticed this guy going out a lot whenthe murders was happening, and so i, um... you calleddetective somerset, right? right, so i calledthe detective

because he lookedcreepy and shit. and one of the murdershappened right over there. ok, ok, ok. i told youthe rest. you haveto sign it. you did good. i did what you said. here. you getsomething to eat. somerset: everybodystay outside.

victor. we had him. it was the fuckingphotographer on the fucking stairs. we had him,and we let him go. you're sure this is him? yeah. good, good. uh, yeah. good. we've gotnothing to go on.

no address books.just this receipt. then keep looking. this wasunder the bed-- his onlysource of funds. we got his money. fucking-a, good work. one more thingyou won't believe. we haven't founda fingerprint, not one. i don't believe you.keep looking.

we could usesome more men. i'm doingthe best i can. what's all this? there are 2,000 notebookson these shelves. each containsabout 250 pages. forget it. anythingabout the killings? "what sick, ridiculous,puppets we are. "what a gross littlestage we dance on. "what fun we havedancing, fucking,

"not a carein the world, "not knowingthat we are nothing. we are notwhat was intended." no, wait.there's a lot more. "on the subway today, "a man starteda conversation with me. "he made small talk, "a lonely man talkingabout the weather. "i tried to be pleasantand accommodating,

"but my head began tohurt from his banality. "i almost didn't noticeit had happened, "but i suddenly threw upall over him. "he was not pleased, and i couldn'tstop laughing." no dates. placed on the shelvesin no discernible order. just his mindpoured out on paper. looks like a life's work.

even with 50 men,it would take 2 months. i know, i know,i know, i know. where's that phone? phone?phone? phone? people, quiet! i admire you. i don't knowhow you found me, but imagine my surprise. i respectyou law enforcement agents

more every day. well, i appreciatethat...john. i tell you-- no, you listen. i'll be readjustingmy schedule in light oftoday's little...setback. i just had to call andexpress my admiration. i'm sorry i had to hurtone of you, but i didn't havea choice, did i?

will you acceptmy apology? i would say more,but i'd ruin the surprise. [hangs up] tape: i'll bereadjusting my schedule all right,everybody back to work. you were right.he's preaching. yeah. these murdersare his sermons to us. look, we know him, we know him,we know him.

who's the blonde? looks like a pro. maybe. she caughtjohn doe's eye. man: he collected itlast night. mills: last night?this man? yeah. john doe.easy name. he had a limp. what was the jobyou did for him? i've got a picture.one sweet piece.

i thought he was one of themperformance artists, the sort of guythat pisses in a cap on-stageand then drinks it. performance art. [hard rock playing] i think i undercharged him,actually. you made thisfor him? i've made weirder shitthan that. so what?

[siren blaringand pager beeping] they foundthe blonde. the picture. the picture! fucking pigs! [dance music playing] get the fuckout of the booth, pal! i've been in this cagethe whole time, ok? come on. this way!

[loud music playing] can you do somethingabout this music? we're working on it.we're looking for the guy. you from homicide?you better see this. officer:stay still, all right? god, get this thingoff of me! get him outof here now. get him outof here now! mills: come on. i wantto hear it again.

tell me again. you heardnothing strange? you saw nothingstrange? he askedif i was married, and i could seehe had a gun. where was the girl? the what? what? the girl. the prostitute.where was she? someone comes toyour establishment,

they wantto go downstairs to get a littleooh-la-la, whatever, they got to cometo you, yeah? you didn't see anyonewith a package, a knapsack, somethingunder their arm? hey, everybodythat comes in there has got a packageunder their arms. some guys are carryingsuitcases full of stuff. she was just...

she was justsitting on the bed. who tied her down,you or him? do you like what youdo for a living? no, i don't. but that's life,isn't it? he...he...he had a gun, and...and hemade it happen. [gasps for breath] he made me do it.

he...he putthat thing on me. then he made mewear it. then he...told meto fuck her. and i did.i fucked her! oh, god. oh, god. he hada gun in my mouth. the fucking gunwas in my throat! fuck! oh, god! god!

god, help me.please. please help me! this isn't going tohave a happy ending. hey, man. we catch him,i'll be happy enough. if we catch john doe and he turns outto be satan himself, that might live upto our expectations, but he's notthe devil. he's just a man.

you know, you bitchand you complain and tell methese things and... if you think you're preparing mefor hard times, thank you, but... but you got to bea hero. you wantto be a champion. people don't wanta champion. they want to eatcheeseburgers,

play lotto, andwatch television. how did you get like this?i want to know. well... it wasn't one thing,i can tell you that. go on. i just don't thinki can continue to live in a placethat embraces and nurtures apathyas if it was a virtue. you're no different,no better.

i didn't say i was.i'm not. hell, i sympathize. i sympathizecompletely. apathyis a solution. i mean,it's easier to lose yourselfin drugs than it isto cope with life. easier to steal whatyou want than earn it. it's easier to beata child than raise it.

hell, love costs,takes effort, work. we are talking about peoplewho are mentally ill, people whoare fucking crazies. no, we're not. yes, today. we're talking abouteveryday life here. you can't affordto be this naive. fuck off. gee.

you should listento yourself. you say,"the problem with people "is that they don't care, so i don't careabout people." that makes no sense. you care? damn right. and you're going tomake a difference. whatever. the point is,

is that i don'tthink you're quitting because you believethese things you say. i think you wantto believe them because you'requitting. you want meto agree with you and say,"yeah, you're right. "it's all fucked up.it's a fucking mess. we should all go livein a fucking log cabin." but i won't.

i won't say that. i don't agreewith you. i do not. i can't. i'm going to go home. thank you, though. i love you, honey,so much. so much. i know.

[metronome clicking] 911. what'syour emergency? could yourepeat that? man:i've gone and done it again. what have you got? uh, sleepingpills... glued to one hand. telephone gluedto the other. you see what he did?

he sliced her up... then hebandaged her. call for help,and you'll live but you'll bedisfigured, or you canput yourself out ofyour own misery. cut off her nose. to spite her face. he did itvery recently.

somerset: listen,i've decided to stay on till this is done. one of two thingswill happen. either we'll getjohn doe, or he'll finishhis series of 7 and this case willgo on for years. you don't have todo me any favours. thank you, but-- keep me as your partnera few more days.

you'll be doing mea favour. mills: you knew i'd say yes.hey, we're here. woman: your wife called. get yourselfan answering machine. detective. after this,i'm gone. no big surprise. detective! you're lookingfor me.

hey! don't fucking move!on the floor! keep away from him! i know you. now! get down! get down!on your stomach! you pieceof shit! now! all the way! all the way, fucker!

down!faster! faster! faster, fucker!now! nose on the ground! jesus christ. what the fuckis this? i'd like to speakto my lawyer, please. captain: he cuts the skinoff his fingers. that's why we couldn'tfind one usable print. he's been doing itfor quite some time.

mills: what about the traceon his bank accounts? so far everything'sa dead end. no credit history,no employment records. his bank account'sonly 5 years old. it was startedwith cash. we're even trying totrace his furniture. the only thing we knowabout that guy right now is he's independentlywealthy, well-educated, and totally insane.

he's john doeby choice. when do wequestion him? you don't.he's going to court now. there's no way he wouldjust turn himself in. it doesn't makeany sense. it's not supposedto make sense. he's notfinished. no, he's justpissing in our faces. and we're taking itlike idiots.

you know whati'm talking about. for the firsttime ever, you and i arein total agreement. he wouldn't just stop. so what the fuck,man? he's 2 murders away from completinghis masterpiece. we'll waitfor his plea. my client says thereare 2 more bodies.

2 more victimshidden away. he will take detectivesmills and somerset to these bodies, but only detectivesmills and somerset, only at 6.00 today. why us? he says he admires you. it's part of the game. my client claims

that if the detectivesdo not accept, these bodieswill never be found. frankly, counsel,i'm inclined to let them rot. hey, we've got him downstairs, locked up,done deal. he'll get roomand board, cable tv. hell, my wife doesn'teven have cable. hey, something stinks. and this one here...

yeah, you,in your $3,000 suit and that smug smile,dealing for that shit-- i am required by lawto serve my clients. ah, jesus christ. and theirbest interests. we don't make deals here. my client says ifyou do not accept, he will pleadinsanity. let him try it.i'd like to see him try.

with the natureof these crimes, i could get him offwith such a plea. i'm not lettingthis conviction slide. he says thatif you do accept, under his specificconditions, he will signa full confession, plead guiltyright now. it's your case.make a decision. full confession.i'm in.

it has to bethe both of you. if he wereto claim insanity, this conversationis admissible, the fact that he'sblackmailing us with his plea. my client reminds you,2 more are dead. the press would havea field day if the policedidn't seem too concernedabout finding them.

if there are 2 more dead. the lab report came. they did a quickieon doe's clothing. they found blood fromdoe slicing his fingers, blood from the womanwhose face he cut off, and bloodfrom a third party, as yet unidentified. you'd be escortingan unarmed man. let's finish it.

somerset: if john doe's headopens and a ufo flies out, i want youto have expected it. i will. hey, man, if i wasto accidentally shave off a nipple, would it be coveredby workman's comp? i suppose so. if you wereman enough to actuallyfile a claim,

i'd buy you oneout of my own pocket. i keep coming home late, my wife's going tothink something's up. you know... [microphone feedback] let's go! spin it around! there he is. late model black sedanat 10 o'clock.

who are you, john? who are you really? what do you mean? at this stage,what harm can it do to tell usabout yourself? doesn't matter. who i ammeans absolutely nothing. you need to stayon your left up here. so where are weheading? you'll see.

we're not just going to 2 more dead bodies,are we, john? that wouldn't beshocking enough. we've got newspapersto think about, yeah? wanting people to listen, you can't just tap themon the shoulder anymore. you have to hit themwith a sledge hammer. then you'll notice you've gottheir strict attention. but the question is,what makes you so special

that peopleshould listen? i'm not special. i've never beenexceptional. this is, though--what i'm doing. my work. your work, john? yes. i don't see anythingspecial about it, john. that's not true.

no, it is true,and the funny thing is, all this work,2 months from now, no one's going to givea shit or remember. you can't seethe whole complete act yet, but when this is done, when it's finished, it's going to be... people will barelybe able to comprehend, but they won't be ableto deny.

could the freakbe any more vague? as far asmaster plans go-- i can't wait for you to see.it's going to be something. i'm going to beright next to you, so when this big thinghappens, let me know. i wouldn't wantto miss it. oh, don't worry.you won't. you won'tmiss a thing. [police radio]

helicopter: roger. going south.keep 2 miles separation. roger. what's so exciting? it's not too far now. i've been trying to figuresomething in my head. maybe you canhelp me out, yeah? when a person is insane,as you clearly are, do you knowthat you're insane? maybe you're reading guns & ammo,

masturbatingin your own faeces, do you stop and go, "wow, it is amazinghow fucking crazy i really am"? do you guys do that? it's more comfortablefor you to label me insane. it's very comfortable. it's not something i would expect youto accept, but i did not choose.

i was chosen. i don't doubt thatyou believe that, john, but seems to me you're overlookinga glaring contradiction. meaning what? glad you asked. if you were chosen-- that is,by a higher power-- and if your handwas forced,

seems strange to me you would get suchenjoyment out of it. you enjoyed torturingthose people. just doesn't seem in keeping withmartyrdom, does it? john? i doubti enjoyed it any more than detective mills wouldenjoy time alone with me in a room without windows.

isn't that true? how happy would it make youto hurt me with impunity? that hurts my feelings. i would never-- you wouldn't only becausethere's consequences. it's in those eyesof yours, though. nothing wrong with a mantaking pleasure in his work. i won't denymy own personal desire to turn each sinagainst the sinner.

wait a minute.i thought all you did was killinnocent people. innocent? is thatsupposed to be funny? an obese man,a disgusting man who couldbarely stand up, who you'd point outto friends so they could join youin mocking him. if you saw himwhile you were eating, you wouldn't be ableto finish your meal.

after him,i picked the lawyer, and you both must havesecretly been thanking me. this man dedicated his lifeto making money by lying with every breaththat he could muster to keeping murderersand rapists on the streets! murderers. murderers, john,like yourself. a womanso ugly inside that she couldn'tbear living

if she couldn't be beautifulon the outside. a drug dealer-- a drug-dealing pederast,actually. and let's not forgetthe disease-spreading whore. only in a world this shitty could you even try to saythese were innocent people and keep a straight face. but that's the point. we see a deadly sinon every street corner,

in every home, and we tolerate it. we tolerate itbecause it's common, it's...it's trivial. we tolerate itmorning, noon, and night. well, not anymore. i'm setting the example, and what i've doneis going to be puzzled over and studied...

and followed... forever. delusions of grandeur. you should bethanking me. why is that, john? because you're going to beremembered after this. realize, detective, the only reasonthat i'm here right now is that i wanted to be.

no. we would havegot you eventually. oh, really?so, what were you doing? biding your time,toying with me? allowing5 innocent people to die until you felt likespringing your trap? what wasthe indisputable evidence you were going to useon me right before i walked up to you andput my hands in the air? john, calm down.

i seem to remember us knocking on your door. oh, that's right. and i seem to rememberbreaking your face. you're only alivebecause i didn't kill you. ok. sit back. i spared you. remember that every timeyou look in the mirror at that face of yoursfor the rest of your life,

or for the rest of what lifei've allowed you to have. sit back, you fucking freak! shut your fucking mouth! you're no messiah. you're a movie of the week. you're a fuckingt-shirt, at best. don't ask me to pitythose people. i don't mourn them any more than the thousands that diedat sodom and gomorrah.

is that to saywhat you were doing was god's good work? the lord worksin mysterious ways. do you seethose high-tension towers? that's where we're headed. helicopter: i see wherehe's talking about. follow the access road. your signal'sbreaking up. un-fucking-avoidable,sir.

we're in powerline city.deal with it. there sure as shitis no ambush out here. no fucking nothing out here. can't land anywherenear those wires. they're coming up behind usin about 2 minutes. go up, way up. 30 seconds, back east.on my mark. 30 seconds. i'm getting him out. we've got youin sight.

mills: get out... slowly. stop. stay. what do you got? dead dog. i didn't do that. what time is it? i'd like to know.

7.01. it's close. well, let's gotake a look. it's this way. bird two,close your distance. they're movingaway from the car. we got them,we got them. closing in. negative, negative.

down. down, down. watch him. there he goes. it's good we havesome time to talk. stay on the guyin red. do not take the cross hairsoff the guy in red! there's a vancoming down the road from the north.

be readyfor anything now. wait for my signal.wait for me. [gunshot] get out of the van! out! jesus christ, man.don't shoot me! step away! turn around.put your hands on your head! what the hellis going on?

what are youdoing here? i'm just deliveringa package, man. i got this packagefor this guy david, detectivedavid mills. get it... he's openingthe back of the van. we've got himin sight. this guy paid me500 bucks to bring itout here, man.

he said he wanted ithere at exactly 7.00. put it down. we got a box. we got a box! call the bomb squad.we got a box. face the van. hands up. turn around. ok. go.

off you go. go! i'm sending the driverout on foot. he's headed northalong the road. have him picked up. i don't know.i don't know. i'm going to open it. when i said i admired you, i meant what i said. there's blood.

you've made quite a lifefor yourself, detective. you should be very proud. shut the fuck up,you piece of shit. uh! california,stay away from here. stay away from here.don't come in here. whatever you hear,stay away. john doe hasthe upper hand. here he comes.

throw your gun down! i wish i could havelived like you did. what the fuckyou talking about? do you hear me,detective? i'm trying to tell youhow much i admire you and your pretty wife. tracy. what youfuckin' say? it's disturbing how easilya member of the press

can purchase informationfrom the men in your precinct. what the fuck? throw your gundown! i visited your homethis morning after you'd left. i tried to play husband. i tried to tastethe life of a simple man. throw it away! it didn't work out...

so i took a souvenir-- her pretty head. what the fuck'she talking about? what's going onover there? put the gun--put the gun down. what was in the box? because i envyyour normal life. put the gundown. it seems that envyis my sin.

oh, what'sin the box? what's in the fucking box? he just told you. you lie! you'rea fucking liar! that's what he wants. he wants youto shoot him. no! no! you tell methat it's not true.

become vengeance,david. she's all right.tell me. become...wrath. tell me! if you murdera suspect, david... she begged for her life,detective. she begged for her lifeand for the baby... shut up! he didn't know.

give me the gun, david. david... if you kill him... he will win. oh! oh, fuck. he shot him! set it down somewhere. come on. set us down. holy christ,somebody call somebody.

call somebody. well, we'lltake care of him. whatever he needs. where are yougoing to be? around. i'll be around. somerset:ernest hemingway once wrote, "the world is a fine place and worth fighting for."

i agreewith the second part. david bowie: ♪ ohh ♪ ♪ there's alwaysthe diamond friendly ♪ ♪ sittingin the laugh hotel ♪ ♪ the heart'sfilthy lesson ♪ ♪ with her hundred milesto hell ♪ ♪ oh, ramona ♪ ♪ if there was onlysomething between us ♪ ♪ other than our clothes ♪

♪ something in our skies ♪ ♪ something in our blood ♪ paddy? who's been wearingmiranda's clothes? ♪ it's the heart'sfilthy lesson ♪ ♪ heart's filthy lesson ♪ ♪ falls upon deaf ears ♪ ♪ heart'sfilthy lesson ♪ ♪ falls upon dead years ♪

♪ if only there wassome kind of future ♪ ♪ and these cerulean skies ♪ ♪ paddy ♪ ♪ oh ♪ ♪ paddy,will you carry me? ♪ ♪ i think i've lost my way ♪ ♪ i'm already5 years older ♪ ♪ i'm already in my grave ♪ ♪ i'm already ♪

♪ will you carry me? ♪ ♪ oh, paddy ♪ paddy... what a fantasticdeath abyss. tell the others. captioned by the nationalcaptioning institute--www.ncicap.org--

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