Wednesday, March 1, 2017

puppets jeffy

(announcer) previously on "i survived a japanese game show"... (rome) cathy! the soccer mom was sent back tothe outnumbered green tigers. wow, wow, wow! i can't even believethat they would give us cathy. go! in "soccer time with grandpa"... (tiger growls)

the green tigers were led by their newest teammate... to the right! while the red robots looked lost. where am i? (all) two... (buzzer) winner--green tigers! soccer is my thing. in the second team game,

the red robots found themselvesin a very sticky situation... ha ha ha! i have never feltanything this sticky. while the green tigers... good teamwork. cleared more balls to clinch the victory. green tiger is safe! their prize-- a trip to yamagata... kampai!

for the best sake and beef in japan. amazing. meanwhile, the red robots suffered... (jamie sneezes) as they harvested slimy seaweed. ew. ew! ew! it is disgusting. back at the house,

jamie and drew's newfound relationship... so you guys thinkthat the two of us should go inbecause we've gotten too close? made them a target. i can'ttrust you guys. and they ended up competing ina dramatic elimination game... drew, hurry up! where the bittersweet win went to...

jamie! sending drew back to america. tonight, seven hopefuls remain on the craziest show in the world. (cheering) (drew) come this way! (dan) yeah! in the end,only one will get the glory... (brent) wow.

a quarter of a million dollars... welcome! and the honor of being able to say... (man yells) (mama-san) i not your mama! (women giggling) (judge bob) okay! (rome) hai, majide!

aah! oh. yeah. it's sad. i know. i know. i didn't want himgoing home, but... yeah, people getting leave. oh, i know. i know. yeah, this--this ishard game and also hard--

so hard! yeah, i know. this winis definitely bittersweet. drew, i'll see you back at home.we'll hang out, catch up. and i'll haveall that nice money, take you outto a nice steak dinner. see you later. bye-bye. all right. see you, guys!

i'm justso pissed right now. drew's gone--the one person i actually trustedin this freakin' house. it's done. i feeleveryone turned on me, so my two teammatesdan and justin are the two that i would love to seego home next at this point. good job, jamie. thank you.

can we have a hug? yeah. thanks. good job. thanks. jamie, you rocked that. it sucks. i know it does, jamie. i'm sorry. since me and dan aligned

to put jamie and drewinto elimination, i feel very responsiblefor sending drew home. (justin) you did so good,and i know it sucks, but you'll see in the endthat this is better. that means... (inhales) this guy is the ringleaderof the red robots. i still want it to bethe three of us in the end. that's me, but... no offense,

but i'm notbelievin' (bleep). i honestly haven't liedto you at all in this game. dan, i--no,i-i-i love you, but i-i just, again, i... now i'm just like, i-i have,like, snakes around me, and i just gotta keepeliminating 'em one at a time until i get that moneyin the end. while both teams have returned to the guest house, the red robots are still focused

on the drama of the day. if you isolate yourselvesand i ask you questions, and you changethe subject... there's something shady there.and something... something's going on... it's comical? honestly, like, what... i'll say itif you want to talk about it. then tell me.i-i would like to hear.

i don't think that we (bleep)you in any aspect. yeah, did we get along? yeah, but thathas nothing to do with lying to you guys. (brent whispering)shh, shh. listen. listen. (normal voice) guys-- and if we isolatedour-ourselves, sorry. i didn't feel left outof your relationship, i felt left outon the team.

and when someoneisolates themselves, it could make you think thatit's--it's a plot against you. if justin is jealous of, like, the whole, like,"me and drew being close" thing, get the hell over it. i didn't knowif i could trust you guys, because we talkedtogether so openly, and then it just felta little more shut out. the red robots, their teamis just a train wreck.

they don't trust each other.i love this. it's a new day in japan... (car horn honks) and tokyo's famous cherry blossoms are in full bloom. but for the americans, there's no time to smell the flowers, as they must get ready for the next team game. good morning. (gasps) inner tubes!

change. change. playful, yes. i need waterto get these suckers on. this is awesome. (megan) day at the beachwith "majide." i used to be a lifeguard.what do you need? you need the butterfly?you need the backstroke? i can do freestyle.this is my challenge! whoo, these are tight!

i haven't swamsince i was like 12. nuh-unh! not kidding. (dan) i don't likeswimming at all, and i'm a little bit concernedabout showing off my legs, and i'm pretty sureamerica's not gonna like it. (woman) hurry up,hurry up, hurry up. (all chanting) majide! majide!majide! majide! uh... (speaking japanese)

game time. game time. game time. yeah! (cathy) the green tigers--we are pumped up. with drew missing,we're definitely feeling like they're missingtheir team leader. so the red robots are kind ofright where we want 'em. (speaking japanese) red robots are ready to go.we're ready to win.

i'm hoping jamie can get overher drama and help us win today. the red robotshave got to win. (woman) majide! welcome to "majide"! whoo! so as you already know, judge bobis wise and talented. you cannot fool him. his eyes, like a hawk.

(hawk screeches) but his brain,like a pigeon. (pigeon coos) so very important-- when you winthe first team game, you will get a huge advantagefor the next game. the first team gameis very cool and refreshing, like summer breeze...

in south pole. (megan) i'm nervousat this point. i have no ideawhat the challenge is gonna be. let's open. (dramatic organ music playing) rome unveils the tank. it's filled with ice. it's filled with squid and fishthat are frozen. i am grossed out.

this game title is...(speaking japanese) in "brain freeze fish breath," the team members will take turns bobbing for frozen fish... (groans) in ice-filled tanks. (gurgling) they must collect as many fish as possible using only their mouths.

the team with the most fish after 2 and 1/2 minutes wins the game and a huge advantage. oh, i got one. red robots,are you ready? (red robots) yeah! green tigers,are you ready? (cathy and brent) yeah! dead fish,are you ready? (bubbling)

let's go! (rome) jamie and linda lead off. let's see how long they can take it. (rome) it's really cold!look at that! (cathy) all right, linda!let's go! come on! (bleep, bleep) it is freezing cold! brr!

it is in-sane! like, you feellike your whole head is just gonna be like...and, like, fall off. it's that freaking cold. i'm out! jamie tagged out. (gurgling) justin, you gotta getinto the water! (bleep)

oh! it's too cold! holy (bleep)! my head is freezing.i have a brain freeze. it feels like i just chuggeda slurpee... nobody got a fish yet! (justin) go! (rome) it's freezing! grab it! go, "aah!"go, "aah!"

librarian dan is the most determined. get that one!get that one! he's not worried about fish breath. got it! good! (bell dings) dan got a fish! the librarian got a fish, let's go do this! (brent) come on, megan! whoo! aah!i'm so cold!

i can't feel my face!i don't want to go back in! 1 1/2 minutes! (cathy)get it, get it, brent! brent won't give up. he loves the cold. oh, brent got a fish!brent got a fish! we're all tied at 1 to 1! things are heating up, but not their faces. ha ha ha ha ha! the green tigers take the lead with 2. (cathy) go! go! go! go!

i got a fish! (rome) 30 seconds. (justin) come on,jamie, go! robots need one more fish to tie it. i think jamie sees one. (jamie groaning) maybe this time, she'll be tougher. (shivers) aah! oh, no! they needed that!

(jamie gasps) (justin) that's okay. five, four, three... (megan) come on, brent!just get it. oh, and brent gets one more for tigers! game over! green tigers, robots, 1. (speaking indistinctly) that, honestly, was the hardestchallenge for me, by far.

sick of the damn losses. the winneris green tigers! green tigers, you get a huge advantagein the next game! when you winthe next game, you are safe! (all) safe! and the loserof that next game, you can go home.

(audience) whoo! so, everyone, go backstageand change! good job, good job. next game is my favorite game ever! judge bob, do you knowwhat it is? (baby crying) "baby go boom, boom." everybody, hai...

(all) majide! (announcer) in the first game "brain freeze fish breath"... the green tigers were arctic assassins, catching more fish and earning a big advantage in the next game. now both teams are backstage where they will dress... to regress. diapers!

you've got to bekidding me. wah! (giggles) i do not wantto be a baby! (cries) aah! this is so upsetting. this is how you changea frickin' baby. i get a diaper, a bib and a little strip of my dignitytaken away.

(sucks pacifier) you are likea hairy beast. i am. mothers,save your babies. (all)majide! majide! majide! (microphone feedback whines) hi. hurry up, please. green tigerswith a huge advantage. so we are ready to go a-and getout there and be a baby! (man speaking japanese)

(all) one, two, fwee, wo-bots! there's no losing. if we don't win this, i know that i'mgonna be in elimination. (rome laughs) (lullaby music playing) baby tigers, come here. baby tigers, come here.that's the way, baby. baby robots--ba-baby robots over here.

(tiger meows) (mechanical noises) game title is... (announcer) in "baby go boom, boom," the team members will spin in a giant crib. whee, whee, whee! while dizzy, they will climb out... (boy) oh, my turn. fill their cups with the milk...

got milk? and make their way through the obstacle course. (slapping sounds) the babies that getthe most milk in the bottle... okay. at the end win the game. first game,baby tigers won! so they have... (retches)

a huge advantage! none of your team has to rideon the grandma's back! (rome) they don't have to wear this costume. ha ha ha ha ha! losing team,some of your teammates have to rideon the grandma's back. so you have to decide... baby tigers, you cango backstage and relax.

time is up. who's gonna rideon the grandma's back? i will! (jamie) big boy dan. big boy dan.big boy dan. putting danin the grandma costume, it's a win-win situation. either he does really well at itbecause he's a taller person and can maneuver aroundin it better, and if he fails,it's a win situation for me

because it makes melook better. baby robots,get in position now! (jamie) stakes are very highat this point. no crying! crying's for babies.we're not babies. maybe we are,but we gotta win this. baby robots,are you ready? (baby robot) goo goo ga ga! they are getting dizzy. they have to be herea long time.

(justin) we have to spinat least 20 times before the first personattempts the obstacle course. so me and jamie,we close our eyes, pay no attentionto the spinning, and we just sing. (justin and jamie)♪ let's have a good spin ♪ (dan) go, jamie! (justin) go, jamie! (jamie) so i jump offthe spinning thing.

i'm thinking,oh, my god, i will totally barfall over everybody, everything. (rome)really good balance, yes! (justin)really good, jamie! come to the spin,come to the spin. oh, gosh. getting the milk is the easy part. but now it gets tricky-- getting through spinners. jamie fall down!

she lost her shoe! (groaning) (screams) whoa! (audience) oh! keep walking, walking. (woman) i spill! milk's flyin' everywhere! it's insane! (rome) i've got to see that again!

baby jamie tired. she lay down, take a nap. now she's off to the spankers... judge bob's favorite. baby spills a lot. (man) baby go boom. she is takinga long time. hurry, jamie, hurry! yes! excellent! go, justin, go! spinning wasout of control!

i don't know if my brainis shaking! it's crazy! baby justin has his milk. let's see how he handles the spinners. justin is very steady. red robots need some milk. (baby cries) very good. get into the gate. he's still got a lot. oh, look what he's doing. oh, he poured it.he transferred it.

good call. oh, no! justin still havea lot of milk! baby in the homestretch. this is justin's best game ever. a lot of milk!justin, way to go! here comes grandma with baby dan on back. he's dizzy. he's dizzy. grandma and i are dizzy.

i have never hada drop of alcohol in my life. but something tells me thisis what being drunk feels like. (dan) oh! ha ha! (woman) big spill! dan! this is very hard. (grunts) (rome) lose a game, gain a grandma. that's a big disadvantage.

(baby cries) now here comes the hard part... (man) baby go boomm. getting through the blasters. baby dan squishing grandma. 1 more minute! hurry, baby dan. the sooner you get off, the sooner another baby gets on with more milk.

not much from dan and grandma. ah, baby justin taking another turn. i'm readyto do it again. i know jamie's havinga rough time with it, so i'm like,"jamie, i'm gonna go next." go! justin's dizzy. justin's still dizzy. pour milk. don't dropyour milk, justin!

the buzzerstarts going off, and i have to getall the way to the other end with two cups of milk. justin! hurry up! (jamie) go, baby! 20 seconds! justin! come on! come on! he's naked.he's losing his diaper.

(man) baby go boom. look how quick he is. they grow up so fast. running, even with diaper stuck on foot. get milk in bottle, justin. real way to go! i got a whole cup in! a whole cup? yay! (rome) everybody, action!

i rocked"baby go boom, boom." (laughs) when we come back,the other babies will play. (train whistle blows) (announcer) in the first half of "baby go boom, boom," the red robots had their share of spills, but justin was a diaper dandy, with two successful runs through the course. now it's time to see if the baby green tigers

can keep their winning streak alive. (audience counting downin japanese) baby tigers,are you ready? ready! judge bob,are you ready? brent, linda, cathy, megan-- they're all dizzy. this is awful!get me out! okay, let's go!

(rome) baby megan takes her first steps. she's being extra careful. she's getting a lot of milk.hope it makes your body strong. (rome) oh! (laughing) whoa! this is humiliating. bad baby. you need a spanking. ha ha!

(megan) ow! spanking! my edamame! (rome) megan must hurry--other babies getting very dizzy. go, megan! (milk pouring) now, cathy, baby! (rome speaking japanese) cath--whoa, a lot of milk.

she's running.she's running. (woman) big spill. (rome) aah, cathy dropped one whole milk. but she doesn't give up, moving forward. spank zone!ba ba ba ba! "nobody puts babyin the corner!" (rome) cathy still has some milk. hurry! pour it and ring the bell. he looks so dizzy, very slow.

oh, man, stay on your feet, brent. oh, oh! whoo! this big babywas dizzy. (rome) milk-- big sp--aah!brent, go! go! yes! done with spinners. now his booty is big target for spankers. you are bad baby,bad baby. 1 minute left.

(rome) brent got through the spankers, and look at all that milk. tigers pulling it together. (rome speaking indistinctly) linda is next baby. oh, my god, i'm pretty dizzyat this point. i mean, i've beenthe longest spinning, and i'm just like,"linda, do not puke." linda, go. (woman) aah!

(rome) not much time, and she's doing great on the spinners. (woman) oh! (rome) linda's a great baby jock out there. she made it across! now on to the spankers. she's going to combine them. oh, but she has too much. 30 seconds. (rome) now it's on to the steamer. (yells)

ay! it looks like she's stuck. got to hurry up. running out of time. she's got one and a half pitchers. so much milk. can she make it in time? hurry up, linda. don't let your milk expire. four, three, two... (woman speaking japanese) i slam on the buzzer,and i made it

with a whole cup,so i'm feeling good. i'm like, i contributedto my team. i just wanted to go again. judge bob,official announcement, please. (rome) ta-da! grandma, you didreally good job. thank you, grandma. grandma, are you nervousabout the outcome of this game? (doll squeaks)

baby tigers, open. (audience) oh. (rome) okay. (baby wails) winner is baby tigers! baby, boom, boom, blow out--i am pumped! what the hell? we lost... again.

we lost again. you are good babies, so we havea good prize for you. (gasps) yes! you will meet biggest stars in japan-- sumo wrestler! it's the first thing i saidwhen i came to japan is i wanted to see live sumo. so i am super, super jazzed upabout this. i cannot wait.

losing team, baby robots, don't be sad. you will still learn about sumo wrestling. you'll be sumo servantsworking for them. more importantly,two of you guys will play inelimination game tomorrow. loser of tomorrow's game go back to america. bye-bye.

this camera.everybody, hai... ♪♪♪ (whispering) it's downto the three of us, and i don't want themto decide for us. right. two people out of three haveto go into an elimination round. that's really toughwhen one person is cleared free, but that's when it's time

for justin the puppet master to work his magic. i did gettwo full cups in. yeah, you did do really well.i mean, but i had this, too, and i got milk know what i mean? yeah. and you volunteered for that,'cause you thought that you'd do... exactly. i was taking onefor the team.

no, i know--i knowwhat you're saying. right. absolutely, yes. and the last--the last time,i did get it in the, uh, i did go through the obstaclecourse in less than a minute. it's just hardto go fast with this... (jamie) right. you know, thing on me, and i was happy to take it,'cause i was the tallest, and it didaffect my performance.

so my vote would be for the two of youto go in. so you're saying me and're saying me and him. so this is my decision,basically, is what you two are telling me.(tapping hands rhythmically) i'm not scared to go up against either of the guys,because i beat drew. so they're probablycrapping their pants, but one of themhas to go up against me.

this is so hard,because honestly, based on today's game, it was50/50 between the two of you. (announcer) it's a brand-new day in tokyo... (mama-san) wake up! and the contestants are awakened for a day that can only happen in japan. ha! (laughing) you're nuts! the red robots

will be reporting to a traditional sumo house where they will work as sumo servants, while the green tigers will be the guests of honor at tokyo's most prestigious sumo school. i'm so pumped up, because we aregoing to a sumo house today, and mama-san'scoming with us again, so that's always fun. (truck horn honks) (yelling)

we go downstairs, and i see these sumo guys.this is such an honor. like, people are not allowedto go and see this. he's the--the sumo house's master. you will know everythingabout sumo today. arigato. arigato. (cathy) it's funny.when i think of sumo, i think of the biginflatable costumes you wear and you bumpagainst each other.

but these guysare amazing athletes. the sumo house was like goinginto a whole entire other world. while the green tigers soak up their v.i.p. treatment... the red robots are about to experience a very different side of this japanese tradition. welcome. i am the masterof this house. uh, today, we would like youto experience how harda sumo wrestler's life is.

so today, you do cleaning, and you be in chargeof the kitchen. you know, we're supposedto be honored that we're in their house, and this isa once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the first thing is, like,just this, like, stench of, like, sweat. chicken? (man) chicken. okay. (gags)

it is so disgusting seeing just male buttsall over. like, ass cheeks arejust hangin' out in the open. it's just not is not right. (justin) me and danhave to clean a bathroom, and it smellslike straight-up ass and feet and onions. (dan) arigato. (giggling)

all i'm doingis closing my right eye, trying to block out the sight of this giant man. oh, okay, down there. and he's showing mewhat to do and he's getting his buttin my face. okay, i thinkthat's good. okay, yep. okay,a few more spots. i mean, i was homeschooledfor nine years.

i didn't even goto gym class. i'm not usedto these open showers. is this crossingsome sort of line? this is the mostridiculous scenario i have ever been inin my entire life. (laughs) (justin) poor sheltered dan has to showerwith a naked sumo wrestler. the kid is mortified. okay, get dressed...

(passes gas) it was justabsolutely disgusting. we're trying to help them out. for goodness sake, keep yourlittle loincloth on. (sighs) yeah, that was questionable. (man chuckles) uh... (laughs) do i want to join?

yes. yeah, i'll join.i'll jump in there. the master gave mean opportunity to actually do some fighting, some one-on-one,mano a mano fighting, sumo wrestler style. brent opens the door.he's in a sumo wrestling diaper. and i'll never look at himin the eyes ever again. i'm thinking i don't know

if this is a good idea. i mean, these guysare big, strong guys. come on, brent. tiger. green tiger. (mama-san speaking japanese) (both grunt) (linda) go, brent.go, brent. go. (cathy)push, push!

(mama-san laughs) look out, look out. come on, brent! (megan) go, brent. use--don't touch the--head down, head down. (linda) use your muscles.use your muscles. head down. (megan) come on, brent. (cathy) you got it.

(all) oh! (brent) i pushed him out,ladies and gentlemen. whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! (linda) good job, brent. (mama-san cheers) i am proudof the green tigers today, 'cause not onlyare we winning "majide," but we are beatingsumo wrestlers. i loved every minute of it.this was the best reward ever.

(oil gurgles) (jamie) this punishmentis the worst of the worst. (gags) we have to massagethese nasty dudes... (whimpers) like, zits and hair and fat, and just gross, and i am about to lose it. (moaning)

(dan) i cannot think of a timei have been more uncomfortable. this is disgusting,repulsive and foul, and i didn't want any moreto do with it. i just wanted to getout of this place. sayonara. (jamie and justin)sayonara. with enough sweaty, supersized memories to last a lifetime, the red robots must now face an even greater challenge--

today's elimination game. (sighs) (justin) hey. hey, guys,how's it going? how was it? it was about you guys? well... it was the worst one yet. was it?

it was degrading. are you serious? it was horrible. they saw a naked sumo guy,like, naked everywhere. welcome to japan. i feel like we'veall caught something. we had, like,a little different experience. surprise. i got to actually go againstone of the guys.

(cathy) a sumo. (jamie)in an actual fight? (megan) yeah,it was impressive. it was aggressive. oh, green team. gotta go. (cathy) all right,good luck, guys. (brent) all right, guys.good luck. give 'em hell. (megan) adios.

(dan) oh, okay. thank you. (jamie) yeah, thank you. all right, guys, there's $250,000 at stake,and we all want to be here. so basically, jamie,it's up to you. it's now down to who i wantto go in elimination with. i'm not scared to go upagainst either of the guys. i am so ready. i willtake them down one by one until i get that moneyat the end.

with the elimination game only moments away, the time has come for red robot jamie to make a difficult decision. so basically, jamie,you-- you get to choosewho you want to face. it's a big decision. the ball's in my courtbecause i get to pick. so right now, i'm just--i'm just totally torn. i think if we thinkabout our performances--

the fish challenge,i pulled out a fish, and you guys didn't. in the milk challenge,i got a little bit of milk. (buzzer) justin, you gota lot of milk. it's close.i think it's a close call. i mean, what do you think? i would vote... you and jamie right now.

someone has to playthe puppet master, and right now, the puppetsjust happen to be my little red robots, jamie and danny boy. i guess you haveto look out for yourself and think who you'd dobetter against. obviously. dan, me and you, buddy? i'm gonna get danout of the way.

he's an easy target for me. the "little librarian"is definitely not a threat. (dan) a challenge isn't whati'm really looking forward to right now,but gotta do it, and i want to go out thereand win, so that's whati plan to do. and may the best man come back and help melead the robots to victory. (justin) i'm off the hook.(laughs)

it was almost too easy! (all) majide! majide! (soapsuds bubbling) red robots...(speaking japanese) today, who will playin the elimination game? raise your hand. today's game title is... (dragon roars) (announcer) in "up your nose, dragon,"

players must slide across a slippery sloped platform... (boy) whee! catch a falling ball... oh, boom. and toss the ball into the dragon's nose. after landing in the foam pit, they then must race back to the start... whee! and slide again.

yay! i got one. most balls in the dragon's nose in 2 1/2 minutes wins the game. (rome) dan goes first! hai! jamie, go backstage. dan, get in positionright now. go. (dan) this ismy second elimination game. i'm not as nervousas the first one, but still, the chanceof going home puts me on edge,

and jamie performs very wellunder pressure. i'm just hoping, praying thattoday is not one of those days. dan, are you ready? let's do this. dragon, are you ready? (gruff voice) ready. dan, that's too quick. dan, too wait until ball comes. catch the ball, catch the ball,catch the ball.

dan got the dragon ball! i don't know wherei would classify "majide" in the dewey decimal system. it'd be between either"psychotic" or "painful." (rome) dan smashed his shoulder... but he's back for more. good speed, good timing, good catch-- oh, just misses. into the foam bath!

dan is squeaky clean, and now he's got to do dirty work. but he's moving slower now. here he goes. (dan) whoa. ah, a complete miss. (linda)come on, dan. this is hard. dan, what are you doing?

we don't have time! this is oneof the hardest games yet. it really wears you's terrible. 1 minute! dan runs like crazy near the top. he catches, scores. ow! (brent) ho! (linda)whoo! powerhouse! he's hurt.

he's feeling good,though. it's okay, got two. (rome) dan is lookingvery serious. (laughter) grab the ball. grab the ball.grab the ball. grab the ball. grab, grab, grab,grab, grab, aah! oh, miss! toss into the dragon's nose. he slides--yes!

(dan) whoa! up your nose, dragon! he did it. dan is looking tired.10 seconds. eight, seven--don't give up! i said, "don't give up," dan. (woman speaking japanese) dan, you made did it! majide!

ow! oh! oh, he fell! (rome) oh... i'm good. dan got threedragon balls! jamie, on the stage, please! while she's gettingin position, we go on a commercial break. (announcer) in the first half of the elimination game,

dan, the young adult librarian, was able to toss three balls up the dragon's nose. now jamie from pennsylvania must get four balls if she wants to avoid being sent home to america. jamie, are you ready? yeah, i'm readyto rock! dragon, are you ready? (gruff voice) yes. nothing but foam!nothing but foam!

i don't get any ballson the first try, so i knowthat i have to really go with my body, not my knees. you need more distance. all the way back--run, yes. (rome) she got good speed, touches ball, but no! (rome) jamie, bad news--you missed. what the hell?this is ridiculous.

good news--you havesqueaky-clean foam bath. jamie, dan has three. you need four. not so much! miss again,and i am freaking out. (rome) jamie,you want to catch the ball! she's not getting any momentum.get all the way up. (megan) yeah, yeah. jamie, slide farther! she looks tired, but she's running...

(jamie) whoa! got her eyes on the ball--aah! (woman) oh! (rome) missed it! she hit the ball,but she can't get it in. this close to the damn nostril and missed... again. jamie! jamie! (all chanting)jamie! jamie! jamie!

the comeback starts right now, jamie, right now! this is, like, humiliating. (rome) so foamy, so tired. 30 seconds! let her at least get one. i know. you want her to get one. i do want her to get one. come on, jamie.

you just need four more to win, jamie, only four more to win. ah! too many bubbles, not enough time. fighting till the very end... good job, jamie. (rome) three, two, one... my whole strategyof going in against dan just screwed me.

winner is dan! well, jamie, you have anything to say? hey. hi. oh, i have a riddlefor you. what is black-and-whitewith 24 legs and lives under foam? oh, no,is it the sayonara mob? yes! it is sayonara mob!

(all) ♪ sayonara, sayonara ♪ ♪ sayonara ♪ no! ♪ sayonara, sayonara ♪ jamie, bye-bye! she's a sweet girl! jamie, sayonara! are you happy, or are youa little sad about-- i'm so--i'm happy,but i'm sad.

yeah, yeah, yeah. you know, it's like, i'm--i'd rather be here, but she was a good friend,so it's tough. this experience has totally changed meas a person. i am walking away with, like,a million memories. and crazy enough,the game of "majide" taught me how to live lifeand enjoy it. and to get to this pointand go home,

it just--it kills you. it isso hard to leave right now. uh, you know, you get so close,and you just want it so bad, but... (sniffles) i'm gonna missthe experiences. this is the first timein my life i got outside of my bubble,and i'll miss everybody. hai, majide! (announcer) next time on... "i survived a japanese game show," the red robots are ripe for victory. but will they succeed?

i love this suit. with a swinging soccer game of "majide" proportions... goal! where things quickly turn prickly. (rome) goal! in your face, cactus! is that the exampleyou want to set? and both teams try to avoid an utter dairy disaster. ugh.

and later, withan unforgettable samurai reward on the line, rome calls the house hotline to shake things up. rome kanda here. she's asking to go home. that's all next time on...

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