Tuesday, March 21, 2017

puppets with strings

. (thunder clapping) ♪ took a job ♪ working late ♪ jacking cars from out of state ♪ (grunts) who's there? (grunting) help!

(screeching) what do you want? (exclaims in pain) (screaming) bella: "some say the world will end in fire "some say in ice "from what i've tasted of desire "i hold with those who favor fire "but if i had to perish twice

"i think i knowenough of hate "to say that fordestruction ice "is also great "and would suffice" you know,i've got an english final. i gotta focus. marry me. no. change me.

okay, i willif you marry me. it's called a compromise. let's justcall it coercion. it's not fair. marriage is just... it's a piece of paper. where i'm from,it's the way one says,"i love you." well,where i come from,at my age, it's the way one says,"i just got knocked up."

so, you're worriedabout what peoplewill think? you know,two out of three marriagesend in divorce. well, i think you'll findthe vampire/humandivorce rate is a little lower. so marry me. i can't. i have to beback at 4:00. (door closing) 4:00 on the dot.

that kid trying tobrown-nose me nowor something? he has a name.now he's toopunctual for you? okay. you understandwhy you're beingpunished, right? i know,i put you through hell. yes, you did. but i haveother reasonsfor grounding you. like... i just want you toget some separationfrom him.

dad, there's nothingyou can say. edward is in my life. yeah, i'm gathering that. so, all right,how about this? i'll make you a deal. you're notgrounded anymore if you useyour new-found freedom to see some ofyour other friends,too, like... like jacob.

he's going througha really tough timeright now. his dad's reallyworried about him. i rememberwhen that was you. you needed a friend. jake was there. (on voicemail) hey, it's jake. leave a message. (let's get lost playing) bella: jacob hadn't talked to me in weeks. i wanted to fix it, he just...

he wouldn't give me the chance. ♪ and tumbling, tumbling ♪ don't go fascination ♪ if just for tonight darling, let's get lost ♪ if just for tonight darling ♪ let's get lost ♪ let's get lost ♪ (engine stalling) (crashing)

you scared me. you're going downto the reservation. how did you... alice. hey, did you do thisto my truck? bella,you have to understand. your safety iseverything to me. jacob's notgonna hurt me. not intentionally,but the wolveshave no control.

edward. i have until graduationto see him. and then i'll beone of you, and he'll hate me forever. well, i'm sorry. (all chattering) jessica: no way. stop. mike: throw it away. good.

hey. just in time.all right, check it out. all right.let's see, we got. "my fellow students." right? cute. right?"we are the future. "anything is possible,if you just believe." jessica: nice. eric: perfect.

and you gotyourself a speech. no, this'll be my speechwhen i want everyone tothrow diplomas at my head. so, thank you. you gotta embracethe cliches, jess. they are the bread and butterof all valedictorians. and that is whyyou are not valedictorian. jess doesn't need cliches. the speech isgonna be epic. epic? it'll change lives.

i've decided tothrow a party. after all, how many timesare we gonna graduatehigh school? a party? at your place? i've never seen your house. no one's everseen their house. another party, alice? it'll be fun. yeah. that's whatyou said last time. hey, angela.

yeah? do you need somehelp with those? jessica: ...be sendingmoney 'cause it'sthe polite thing to do, and then you'll beraking it in. mike: wait a minute.people give you money? (inaudible) i know you knowwhat she saw. tell me. it was nothing. you looked worried.

just that everyone noticedhow strange alice is. i think that shipsailed long ago. i wonder what's wrong. their sonwent missing in seattleover a year ago. charlie's doingwhat he can, but... you knowsomething about this? we've been trackingthe situation in seattlefor a while. unexplained disappearances.killings. if the situation getsany more conspicuous,the volturi will step in.

if they go to seattle,they could come here. they could seei'm still human. it won't get that far. but we'll go to seattleif we have to. charlie:i'll fax these down,first thing. mr. biers: thank you. you ready for dinner? yeah. it is still justyou and i, right?

no, i'm justdropping her off. see you later. bye. bella, my parentswanted to remind youabout the airline ticket you got foryour birthday. what airline ticket? a round trip ticketto see mom in florida. that was generous. it expires soon,so you might want touse it this weekend.

well, i can't justdrop everything and go. it might be yourlast chance to see herbefore you graduate. charlie:might not bea bad idea. get out of townfor a couple days.get some distance. yeah, i wouldn't mindseeing mom. as long as you usethe companion ticket. wait.there's two tickets? super. that makes mereally happy.

bella: i did want to see my mom. i wanted to know that her life was full and satisfying. renee: aren't you gonna miss this? can't you just feel the vitamin d soaking up in your pores? yeah, i amgonna miss this. you know,colleges in floridaare a lot sunnier. i'm just saying,if you go tothe university of alaska, i'm never gonna see you. they have a reallygreat science program.

you mean,edward program? the way he watches you, it's like he's willing toleap in front of you andtake a bullet or something. is that a bad thing? it's an intense thing. you're different with him. he moves, you move. like magnets. i don't know,we're just...

renee: in love. i get it. i just want to make sureyou're makingthe right choices for you. you know,'cause you're the one that's gonna haveto live with them. all right,enough with the heavy. mom. congraduation. i didn't want you to spendany of your money. i didn't, come on.

(both laughing) are these all ourold trip t-shirts? mmm-hmm. get out! i saved them all. i thoughtthey'd make a good quilt,keep you warm up in alaska. remember this one?ensenada. the snake pit. but this one ismy favorite, here.

the three-headedlobster from maine. this is amazing. honey, i'm gladyou like it. i just figured, you know,when you get older, have kids,we can add to it. maybe go visit the world'slargest ketchup bottleor something. thanks. i'm glad you like it. just thought you should havea little piece of meup there in alaska.

mom... i miss you. honey, i miss you, too. are you surethis is whereyou saw her? she's almost here. on your left! wait! she's in their territory. she'll get away!

no, she won't! esme: emmett, no! (growling) do you regret going? it was really greatseeing my mom. just really hardsaying goodbye. it doesn't haveto be goodbye. is that whyyou asked me to go? you thought i wasgonna change my mind?

i'm alwayshoping for that. what? if i asked youto stay in the car,would you? of course not. charlie saidyou left town. yeah.to visit my mom. why? he's checking to seeif you're still human. look, i'm hereto warn you. if your kind comeon our land again...

wait, what? you didn't tell her? just leave it alone, jacob. tell me what? emmett and paulhad a misunderstanding. it's nothing to worry about. jacob: listen to you. did you lie to get herout of town, too? you should just leave.

now. she has a rightto know. she is the onethe redhead wants. victoria? alice's vision. i was trying to protect you. by lying to me. okay, we're gonnatalk about this, but... you.

why haven't youcalled me back? i had nothing to say. well, i have tons.hold on. bella. edward, you have to trust me. i do trust you. it's him i don't trust. hey, lose the grin, jacob.we're just going for a ride. hold on tight.

(jonathan low playing) ♪ last born of the clan ♪ first one to be free ♪ lived inside a house ♪ are you surethis is a good idea? i am the vampire girl,remember? hey, look who's back! what up, bella? quil? you, too?

yep. finally made the pack. embry: i'm gladyou're here, bella. maybe we can geta break from jake'sobsessive inner monologue. "i wish bella would call." "i wish bellawouldn't call." "maybe i should call bella." ""maybe i should call bellaand hang up." (all laughing)

all right,you can shut up now. bella,this is leah clearwater,harry's daughter. hey. i'm really sorryabout your father. if you're here totorture jacob some more,feel free to leave. fun, isn't she? bella, hi! i was wonderingwhen we'd see your facearound here again. bella: yeah. same here. sam, we good?

we're good. she won't be getting throughour line any time soon. cool. yeah, that's right boys! so when did leahjoin the pack? around when her dad died.her brother, seth,also phased. he's only 15,one of the youngestwe've had. sam keeps him home studying,but he's chomping at the bit. i wish it was leahwho'd stay home.

come on,don't be such a guy. no, it's nota chick thing. it's, you know,a triangle thing. we all have to livethe leah/sam/emilypain-fest. wolf telepathy, remember? so sam dumps leah for emily? yeah, it wasn't like that.sam hates himselffor hurting leah. but emily was the one. i guess it sort ofchooses you sometimes.

it's more thansome crush, bella. sam imprinted on emily. do i even want toknow what that is? imprinting onsomeone is like... like when you see her, everything changes. all of a sudden,it's not gravityholding you to the planet. it's her. nothing else matters.

you would do anything, be anything for her. sounds like youknow the feeling. have you imprinted on someone? you'd know if i had. i just have a direct lineto sam's thoughts. so for now you're still you.

and you're still you. until graduation. graduation? you knew thiswas gonna happen. not in a month! i mean,not before you've...you've even lived. or before i could... for a second,just a second,i thought... but he's got his hooksin you so deep...

i decided this, not him. bella,they're not even alive. it makes me sick. better you really be deadthan one of them. i can't believeyou said that. edward was right,i shouldn't have come. bella, come on. please. i'm sorry. you know,edward could at leastrespect meal times.

i was just with jake. oh. (knocking at door) i'll just give you twosome privacy, then. do you understandhow worried i've been? i was perfectly safe. i almost broke the treatyto make sure. i knowi smell like a dog.i'm sorry. no, something's wrong.

edward, what's wrong? someone's been in here. dr. cullen: who was it?someone we know? this stranger,i didn't recognizehis scent. a nomad passing through? a passerbywouldn't have leftbella's father alive. the scent disappearedabout 5 miles southof bella's house. someone's orchestrating this. i would haveseen her decide.

has to be the volturi. i don't thinkit's the volturi, either. i've been watchingaro's decisions, too. emmett: so we keep looking. we'll also take shiftsguarding bella at her house. another protection detail? dr. cullen: rosalie. no, she's right. you can't protect me,watch my dad and searchfor the intruder.

and for victoria. and keep yourselves fed. i'm not leaving youhere defenseless. well, i'm not gonnalet you starve. and i wouldn't beunprotected. i have... edward: what? whoever it was,he left his stink behind. it'll be hard to misswhen we cross it again.we'll handle it from here. we don't need youto handle anything.

or anyone. i could care lesswhat you need. all right, we're done here. no, you're done here. bella: stop! i'm tired of this.from now on,i'm switzerland, okay? bella: edward hated the idea, but it wasn't about rivalry anymore. it was about my safety, and charlie's.

in the days that followed, i got them to at least try to work together. the wolves took over so the cullens could hunt. it wasn't exactly an easy alliance. (growls) doesn't he own a shirt? i'm good here.you should go. i'm not gonna begone long. don't rush.you need to hunt. maybe rush a little bit.

hey, beautiful. hi. (tires screeching) so, what do youwanna do today? bike, hike, just hang?your call. but we're going toa party tonight. are you surethis is okay? i really hate beinga party crasher. technically,you're a councilmeeting crasher.

you see? the council leaders,dad, quil's grandpaand sue clearwater. she took over for harrywhen he died. okay, i shouldnot be here. you're okay. i thought... i mean, they thoughtit would be good for youto hear the histories. the histories? the tribe's histories?aren't they secret? we all got a role to play,and you're part of this. i mean, it's the first timeseth, leah and quil'llhear them, too.

but you arethe first outsider. ever. if i had known that,i would have, like... i don't know,dressed better. seth: jake! jacob: hey. it's about timeyou got here. paul's beenhoovering the grub,but i saved you some burgers. good looking out, bro. bella,this is seth clearwater,leah's brother.

newest member of the pack. newest. bestest.brightest. and slowest. come on,your dad's about to start. the quileuteshave been a small tribefrom the beginning, but we have always hadmagic in our blood. we were great spirit warriors, shape-shiftersthat transformedto the powerful wolf. this enabled us toscare off our enemies

and protect our tribe. one day, our warriorscame across a creature. it looked like a man, but it was hard like stone and cold as ice. our warriors' sharp teethfinally tore it apart, but only firewould completelydestroy it. they lived in fearthat the cold manwas not alone. and they were right.

(all clamoring) she took her vengeance out on the village. our elder chief, taha aki, was the only spirit warrior left to save the tribe after his son was killed. (crying) (yelling) taha aki's third wife could see that he would lose. the third wife was no magical being,

with no special powers but one, courage. the third wife's sacrificedistracted the cold woman long enough for taha akito destroy her. she saved the tribe. over time, our enemieshave disappeared. but one remains, the cold ones. our magic awakenswhen they're near,

and we sense it now. we feel the threatin our blood. something terrible is coming, and we must all be ready, all of us. (thunder rumbling) (gasping) what did youdo to me? i'm so...

yeah. i know. we'll find yousomeone to drink. male vampire: mine! just try not toget killed, will you? i'm gonna need numbers. seattle is in a state of terror. police are baffled by the escalating murders and disappearances. theories range from a vicious new gang to a wildly active serial killer.

reporting live... it's getting worse.we're going tohave to do something. it takes more thanone of our kind to cause the damagethey're reporting. quite a few more.and they're undisciplined,conspicuous. it's newborns. what, like new vampires? in the first few monthsafter the change. that's when we're atour most uncontrollable.vicious.

insane with thirst. something tolook forward to. no one's trainedthese newborns,but this isn't random. someone's creating an army. well, now we're definitelygoing to seattle. an army of vampires? and they've been createdto fight someone. we're the only claneven close to seattle. dr. cullen:regardless of whythey were made,

if we don't puta stop to them,the volturi will. i'm surprisedthey've let itgo on this long. maybe they're behind it. in italy,i read aro's mind. he wants me and aliceto join him, but he knowswe'll never choose him as long asour family's still alive. an army couldsolve that for him. did you eat dinner yet?

no, i haven't. (charlie sighs) this kid, riley biers,disappeared over a year ago, and his poor parentshave been papering seattlewith these things ever since. you think they shouldjust give up? well, i wouldn'tif it were you. not ever. bella: i have to figure out what to tell people. why i won't be homefor christmases,

and why i won't visit, why they'llnever see me again. after a few decades,everyone you knowwill be dead. problem solved. why are you so against mebecoming like you? i've told you. be honest with me. there's more. i know the consequencesof this choiceyou're making.

i've lived through it. and to let yousuffer that... you believe i havea soul, and i don't. but to risk yours, just for the sake ofnever having to lose you, that's the mostselfish thingi'll ever do. i thoughtthat you were afraidthat i'd be too different. you know, like,i wouldn't be warm, and i wouldn't smellthe same.

you'll alwaysbe my bella. my bella,just less fragile. bella: gosh,it's so pretty here. so, alice has planneda big graduation party. which you're invited to. yeah, i figured that. i just wanted todo this differently. smoother. but nowi'm out of time.

do what? you need to hearthe truth, bella, understandall your options. and you need to know that i'm in love with you, and i want youto choose meinstead of him. i thought you understood. i don't feelthat way for you. i don't buy it.

what don't you buy? that's how i feel. you feelsomething else for me.you just won't admit it. so i'm not giving up. i'm gonna fight for you until your heartstops beating. well, then you're not gonnahave to fight for long. you're rushing into itbecause you're afraidyou'll change your mind. no, i'm not.

i know what i want. you wouldn't have tochange for me, bella, or say goodbye to anybody. i can give youmore than him. i mean, he probablycan't even kiss youwithout hurting you. feel that? flesh and blood. and warmth. god!

edward! if you ever touch heragainst her will again... don't do this here! she's not surewhat she wants. let me give you a clue. wait for herto say the words. fine! and she will. jacob, just go, okay? charlie: hey, hey, hey!easy, guys. easy.

let's take itdown a notch.all right? what's going on? i kissed bella. and she broke her hand. punching my face. total misunderstanding. dr. cullen: it's just a sprain. it should healfairly quickly. trying to walk and chew gumat the same time again, bella?

i punched a werewolfin the face. badass.you're gonna be onetough little newborn. tough enoughto take you on. don't worry about it. got any leads? no sign of the intruder.but victoria continuesto make appearances. go blather to someone elseabout the joys ofbecoming a newborn. okay... rosalie,

i don't understand what i didto make you hate me so much. hate... i don't hate you. i don't particularlylike you, but... bella, i envy you. that's ridiculous. no, it's not. you have a choice. i didn't.

none of us did. but you do,and you're choosing wrong. i don't care how miserableyour human life is. my life is not miserable. i mean, it's not perfect.nobody's life is perfect. mine was. absolutely perfect. there were thingsi still wanted, to be married,with a nice house and a husband to kiss mewhen he came home,

a family of my own. royce king was the most eligible bachelor in town. i barely knew him. but i was young. i was in love with the idea of love. on the last night of my life, i left a friend's house late. i wasn't far from home. there she is. hey, rose! come over here!here. hold this.

hey, come over here. we've beenwaiting for you. royce. royce! (men laughing) you're drunk. isn't she lovely, john?i told you she was a looker. it's hard to saywith all those clothes on. what do you say, rose? why don't we take offa few layers?

stop it, stop it. stop. stop! i'll see you tomorrow. sober. hey, where do youthink you're going? i said, get...come back... hey! stop! stop!get off me! you'll do as i say! let go of me! stop!

stop! let go! stop! they left mein the street,thinking i was dead. believe me,i wanted to be. carlisle found me.he smelled all the blood. thought he was helping me. i got my revenge on them. one at a time. saved royce for last, so he'd know i was coming. (banging on door)

(screams) i was a littletheatrical back then. things got betterafter i found emmett. but we'll always be this. frozen. never moving forward. that's what i miss the most.possibilities. sitting ona front porch somewhere, emmett,gray-haired, by my side,

surrounded byour grandchildren. their laughter. i understand thatthat's what you want. but there's nothingi'm ever gonna want more than edward. you're wrong again. after you've been changed,there's one thingyou'll want more, one thingyou'll kill for. blood.

(vampires screaming) what did i sayabout a low profile? (indistinct screaming) something's coming. something biggerthan any of us alone. and if you can'tcontrol yourselves, we're all going to die. what's done is done, just clean up after yourselves.

they've already drawntoo much attention. so has our inaction. others may begin to questionthe volturi's effectiveness. let them. maybe we shouldconsult with aro. aro's decisionsare being watched. we must decide. then decide, sister.it's time. yes, it is.

either we let them dowhat they were created for, or we end them. decisions, decisions. when we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. our answers were things like astronaut, president, or, in my case, a princess. (all chuckling) when we were 10, they asked again.

we answered rock star, cowboy or, in my case, a gold medalist. but now that we've grown up, they want a serious answer. well, how about this? who the hell knows? (all cheering) yeah! this isn't the time to make hard-and-fast decisions. this is the time to make mistakes. take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere.

fall in love a lot. major in philosophy, because there's no way to make a career out of that. change your mind, and change it again, because nothing's permanent. so make as many mistakes as you can. that way, someday, when they ask what we want to be, we won't have to guess. we'll know. (all applauding) (upbeat music playing)

you made it! hey. what did youthink of my speech? too easy-breezy?too self-helpful?you hated it? no. i think youpretty much nailed it. it's like i wasborn to lead, right? i love this song!let's go. (upbeat song playing) what are you doing here? you invited me, remember?

was my right hooktoo subtle for you?that was me uninviting you. look, bella,i'm sorry about,you know, the kiss and your hand. i'd blame it onthe whole inner animal thing,but it was really just me being an ass. i'm really sorry. i brought you something. a graduation present.i made it myself. wow.

you made this? it's really pretty. i'll be right back. alice, what'd you see? the decision's been made. you're not going to seattle. they're coming here. alice:they'll be herein four days. this could turninto a bloodbath.

who's behind it? i didn't seeanyone i recognized. maybe one. i know his face.he's local. riley biers. he didn't start this. whoever did isstaying out ofthe action. they must be playingwith the blind spotsin your vision. jasper: either way,the army is coming and there aren'tenough of usto protect the town.

hold up.what damn army? newborns. our kind. what are they after? they were passingaround bella's scent. a red blouse. they're after bella?what the helldoes this mean? it means an ugly fight.with lives lost. all right. we're in. no. you'd getyourselves killed.no way.

i wasn't askingfor permission. edward? it means moreprotection for you. jacob, do you believesam would agree toan understanding? as long as we get tokill some vampires. dr. cullen: jasper? they'll give us the numbers. newborns won't knowthey even exist.that'll give us an edge. we'll need tocoordinate.

carlisle,they're gonna get hurt. we'll all needsome training. fighting newbornsrequires knowledgethat jasper has. you're welcometo join us. all right.name the timeand place. jake, you don't knowwhat you're gettingyourself into. bella, this is what we do. you should be happy.

look at us,working together. you are the onewho wanted us toget along. remember? again! it's a graduation present. they don't trust us enoughto be in their human forms. they came.that's what matters. dr. cullen:will you translate? hey, jake. welcome.

jasper has experiencewith newborns. he'll teach ushow to defeat them. they want to knowhow the newbornsdiffer from us. they're a great dealstronger than us because their own human bloodlingers in their tissues. our kind is never morephysically powerful than in our firstseveral monthsof this life. carlisle's right.that's why theyare created. a newborn armydoesn't need thousandslike a human army,

but no human armycould stand against them. now, the twomost important thingsto remember are, first, never let them gettheir arms around you.they'll crush you instantly. and second, never go forthe obvious kill. they'll be expecting that, and you will lose. (with you in my head playing) emmett.

♪ even if they stick to humming ♪ holding on a song to see them don't hold back. not in my nature. ♪ sick of, sick of, sick of love ♪ when you went down, the men came callin' ♪ changing to stone as you wept from fallin' never lose focus. one more thing.

never turn your backon your enemy. ♪ singing in tones that makes things summer ♪ i got the skills ♪ i'm in love with you ♪ everything you taught me, honey ♪ it never even mattered really ♪ this song's about my love for you ♪ some of youare gonna get hurt. some of youcould get killedbecause of me.

it's gonna be100 times worsethan this, right? done for the day. jasper? are you surethere's nothingi can do to help? well, your presence alone,your scent,will distract the newborns. their hunting instinctwill take overand drive them crazy. good. i'm glad. hey. how do you knowso much about this? i didn't have quitethe same upbringingas my adopted siblings.

those bitesare like mine. battle scars. all the trainingthe confederate armygave me was uselessagainst the newborns. still, i neverlost a fight. this happenedduring the civil war? i was the youngest majorin the texas cavalry, all without havingseen any real battle. until?

till i meta certain immortal. maria. i was riding back to galveston after evacuating a column of women and children when i saw them. i immediatelyoffered them my aid. lovely.and an officer. (horse whinnying) you'd better do it, maria.i can never stoponce i've started.

what's your name, soldier? major jasper whitlock,ma'am. i hope you survive. you may be ofgreat use to me. maria was creating an army? they were very commonin the south. there were constantbrutal battles for territory. maria won them all. she was smart, careful,and she had me.

i was her second in command. my ability to control emotions served her well. i trained her newborns, (both grunting) an endless occupation since she never let them live beyond their first year. it was my job to dispose of them. i could feel everything they felt. (groaning)

i thought what mariaand i had was love. but i was her puppet.she pulled the strings. i didn't knowthere was another way till i found alice. now, she'd seen mecoming, of course. you kept me waitinglong enough. my apologies, ma'am. i don't knowwhat i'd have becomewithout her. (shushing)

you never have tobe that again. (whispering in spanish) jasper. i want you to dosomething for me. kill her. what is it? the intruder, the newborn army, they're all her puppets.

victoria. alice would have seenif she wanted to makean army. unless she's hidingbehind them and she's lettingsomeone else decide. welcome to the army. i'm not just gonna hidewhile you're outtaking all the risks for me. if it's victoria involved,i need to keep you as far awayfrom the fight as possible. jasper said thati could be of help. we won't need your help.

with the wolves in this,it's an easy win. the rest of usaren't gonna haveenough to do. okay.either it's so dangerousthat i have to hide or it's so easythat you're gonna besidelined. which is it? it's dangerous for you,it's easy for us. i think it's dangerousfor us to be apart. how many timesdo we have toprove that? i'll be worried.you'll be worried. and we'll both bemore vulnerable.

okay, you're right. so i'm coming with you. no, we bothstay away together. i can't make youchoose between meand your family. the only wayi can protect youis to be with you. you're not fighting?what, did you pulla muscle or something? he's doing itfor me, okay? whatever. just tell me the plan.

this field will give usan advantage in battle. we need to lure the newbornswith bella's scent, but it needs to end here. edward and i aregoing to a campsite. even if he carries me,they'll still pick upon our scents. your stench,however, is revolting. dude, you reallydon't wanna startcomparing stinks. what he means is thatyour scent will mask mineif you carry me. done.

this is nota good idea. edward,they won't want to getanywhere near his odor. okay. let's just try it. eau de wolf coming up. run. so you gonna ask meto sit out ofthe fight, too? or don't you careabout my safety? of course, i care.but you'd say no. i won't havea choice, anyways.

since i let sambe alpha male, i gotta live withthe shots he calls. since you letsam be alpha? i didn't wanna be in a pack,let alone be its leader. chief jacob. opted out. but every choicehas its consequences. some more than others. don't start.

everybody makes choices.you're gonnahave to accept mine. but you can lovemore than one personat a time. i've seen it.with sam, emilyand leah. well, i'm not a wolf.i can't imprint. it has nothing to dowith imprinting. it has to do withfeeling somethingfor somebody. and i know you feelsomething for me. i can sensehow i make you feel,physically. i make you nervous.

jake. don't worry. i promisedi wouldn't kiss you againtill you asked. you're gonna bekeeping that promisefor a while, chief. all i picked upwas wolf stench.no bella. this will work. great. (indistinct chattering) yes. scout's honor.

okay, alice,don't be a stranger. your alibifor the battleis all arranged. really? i told your fatherthat our whole family'sgoing camping this weekend, so you and i arehaving a sleepoverat my house. charlie's going fishing,anyway. charlie? you guys are onfirst name basis now? me, he likes.

actually, you and edwardwill have the houseto yourself tonight. like alone? we're all going hunting.powering up for the battle. you're welcome. hey. you want a sandwich? no, i'm good. well, the sister, i like. alice.yeah, she's great. hey, dad,i was wondering.

why didn't youget remarried?after mom. i don't know.guess i still haven'tmet the right gal. why? i don't know. i thought youjust maybe gave up onthe whole institution of it, of marriage. but do you thinkthere's any value in it? yeah. yeah,marriage has value. when you're older.

much older. like your mother. it seemed towork out fine for herthe second time around, later in life. yeah, i guess. i mean, you definitely don'twanna have to get marriedbecause you weren't careful. look, you know whati'm talking about. there's things youneed to think about

if you're gonna bephysically intimate. okay.don't have "the talk"with me, please. well, it's justas embarrassing for meas it is for you. i doubt that. and don't bother,'cause mom beat you to itlike 10 years ago. well, you didn't havea boyfriend 10 years ago. i'm sure things workthe same way. all right, so... you guys are takingprecautions and...

okay, dad, please,just don't worryabout that. edward is old school. old school.great. what's that?like, code for something? oh, my god.dad. i'm a virgin. okay! good.glad we covered that. me, too. virgin. i'm liking edwarda little bit more now. what are youdoing outside?what's wrong?

nothing. it seems only fairthat i be represented,as well. there's a bed. i thought you mightneed one to sleep in. i think an air mattresswould have sufficed. is this too much? no, it's perfect. i wanna askyou something. anything.

okay, marriage isthe condition for youto change me yourself, right? yes. okay. i wanna negotiatemy own condition. anything you want.it's yours. you promise? but you said thatyou wanted me to haveevery human experience. not ones that willrisk killing you. you won't. and everyone saysonce i'm changed

all i'll want is toslaughter the whole town. that partdoesn't last forever. i want you. while i'm still me.while i stillwant you this way. it's too dangerous. try. just try. i'll go to someridiculously expensive collegeand let you buy me a car. i'll marry you. just try. (my love playing)

♪ you were searching ♪ for release ♪ you took my hand ♪ added a plan ♪ you gave me your heart ♪ i know you're pleased to go ♪ stop trying totake your clothes off. you wanna do that part? not tonight.

you... you mean, you don't... (sighing) that's fine. believe me, i want to. i just want to bemarried to you first. you really make me feellike i'm some sort of villain trying tosteal your virtueor something. it's not my virtuei'm concerned about. are you kidding?

it's just one rulei wanna leave unbroken. it might betoo late for my soul,but i will protect yours. i know that's nota modern notion. it's not modern.it's ancient. i'm from a different era. things were a lotless complicated. and if i'd havemet you back then,i would have courted you. we'd have takenchaperoned strollsand iced tea on the porch. i may have stolena kiss or two,

but only after askingyour father's permission. i would have gotdown on one knee, and i would havepresented youwith a ring. this was my mother's. isabella swan,i promise to love youevery moment of forever. and would you do methe extraordinary honorof marrying me? you're not comingwith us? it'll be a lastminute decision. i told you how it works.

the cullens have powers. don't underestimatethem, riley. you'll have the numbers, but they'll be ableto anticipateyour every move. according to your friend? my dead friend. laurent found outabout the thingsthey could do, and they killed him. but not beforehe told me.

maybe he was wrong. i mean, this is supposedto be cullen territory. we've been tearing it upand i've nevereven seen them here. you don't trust me. with my life.i'm just saying... i'm doing this for us. so that we can feedwithout their retaliation. i can't live in fear anymore,waiting for them to attack. i won't let them.

i am going to endthe cullen clan. i swear. i love you so much. you're going overboard. if this is alli can contribute,i wanna be thorough. the newborns'll be frantic. it's okay.don't make yourselfuncomfortable. it doesn'tbother me anymore. since when?

since i spent 24 hoursthinking you were dead. you're notwearing your ring. well, i didn't wantto risk losing it. or risk jacob seeing it. i think we shouldwait to tell him. i mean, at leasttill after the fight. if you're havingsecond thoughts... i'm not. i just want him tohave a clear head.

whose head is unclear? nobody's i hope. alice saysthere's a storm coming. yeah, i can feel it. we should get going. i'll see you ina couple of hours. something up? bunch of vampirestrying to kill me. same old same old.

thank you. you should get backbefore the storm hits. no, i'm staying. you'll need my connectionto the pack to keep tabson what's going on. you're not gonna fight? seth will spell mein the morning. he's not happy aboutmissing the action but it'll keep himout of trouble. let's get you inside.

(whimpering) i should have chosena site lower down. no, it's fine. i'm okay. what can i do? (wind howling) i can't sleepwith all that teethchattering going on. forget it. she may needher toes someday. and let's face it,i am hotter than you.

get your hand off me. keep your hands off her. don't fight. if she gets sick,it's on you. wow, you're freezing,bella. relax.you'll warm up soon. faster if youtook your clothes off. survival 101. can you at least attemptto control your thoughts?

i really get underthat ice-cold skinof yours, don't i? are you doubtingher feelings for you? nice. so picking throughmy brain's okay, but letting meinto yours, forget it. look. i know she's in lovewith you. but she's in lovewith me, too. she just won'tadmit it to herself.

i can't tellif you're right. then let me askyou something. if she chooses me... she won't. if she did, would you tryto kill me? that's an intriguing idea. but, no. i couldn'thurt her like that. so you'd just turn herinto a blood-suckingdemon like you?

i don't want that.i never wanted that. so stop her. i tried. i left. but you gave uptoo quickly. if you'd stayed awayanother 6 months,i could've made her happy. trust me. you have to considerthat i might be betterfor her than you are. i have considered that.

i know you canprotect her. but you can give her a life,a human life.that's all i want for her. but i'm not... i'm not going to force herinto anything ever again. the last time i tried,it almost killed us both. yeah. that i remember. when you thoughtshe was gone, that you'd lost her, how did you cope?

there are no words. but i wouldn't wish iton anyone, jacob. this might sound odd,but i'm glad you're here. meaning, "as muchas i'd love to kill you,i'm glad she's warm." if we weren'tnatural enemies and you weren't trying tosteal my reason for existing, i might actuallylike you. well,

if you weren't planningon sucking the lifeout of the girl i love, i might... no. not even then. but she could stillchange her mind,you know. then i'd let her go. right. hey, seth. where's jacob?did he already... not yet. he's checking to seeif the woods are clearbefore he goes.

i'm really sorryabout last night. that couldn't havebeen easy on you. it definitelywon't make my list oftop 10 favorite evenings. you have a list? all 10 i spent with you. number one is when you saidyou'd marry me, mrs. cullen. this is the 21st century.i at least want tohyphenate my name. you're marrying him? jake, i...

you knewhe was listening! he deserves to know. jake, stop! bella, let him... don't! bella: jake, please! i'm done! i'm so done! you can't do anything.i can, by going out thereand killing something. no! you're notthinking clearly!don't do that!

maybe i'll get myself killedand make it simple for you. no! just, jake, stay. give me one good reason. because i don'twanna lose you. it's not good enough. because you'retoo important. still not good enough. jacob! kiss me.

i'm asking youto kiss me. that should have beenour first kiss. i gotta go. i'll be back. you saw. no, but... jacob's thoughtsare pretty loud. i don't knowwhat happened. you love him.

i love you more. i know. it's starting. (all yelling) (all grunting) jacob just got there. he's good. (groans) someone's hurt?

she's close.i can hear her thoughts. seth, go. she knew we weren't there,but she caught my scent. she knewyou'd be with me. she found us. she's not alone. riley, listen to me. victoria's just using youto distract me. she knows i'll kill you.

in fact, she'll be gladshe doesn't have todeal with you anymore. don't listen, riley.i told you abouttheir mind tricks. i can read her mind.so i know whatshe thinks of you. victoria: he's lying. she only created youand this army to avengeher true mate, james. that's the only thingshe cares about. not you. there's only you.you know that. think about it.you're from forks.

you know the area. that's the only reasonshe chose you. she doesn't love you. riley. don't let himdo this to us. you know i love you. you're dead. (howling) you won't get another chancelike this again. you want her.

you want me to feel the painyou felt when i killed james, when i tore himto pieces, when i turned himinto ash, when i turned himinto nothing. (roaring) victoria! (low growling) something is wrong. alice needs us to go.

edward: how long? a few minutes.maybe 10? dr. cullen:the pack needs to leave. the volturi won't honora truce with the werewolves. (snarls) leah, don't! jacob. hold on.carlisle's gonnatake care of you. the bones on the right halfof his body are shattered. jake, i'm right here.

jacob, you idiot, i had it! leah! i need to set the bonesbefore his acceleratedhealing kicks in. it's already starting. edward: we need toget him out of here. we're not gonnawin a fightwith the volturi. we'll take himback to billy's. i'll be theresoon as i can. hang in there, jake.

it's okay. we got you. we got you. they're coming. impressive. jane: i've never seena coven escape an assault ofthis magnitude intact. we were lucky. it appears we missedan entertaining fight. jane: yes.

it's not oftenwe're renderedunnecessary. if you'd arriveda half hour ago, you would havefulfilled your purpose. pity. you missed one. we offered her asylumin exchange for her surrender. that wasn't yours to offer. why did you come? who created you?

you don't need to do that.she'll tell you anythingyou want to know. i don't know!riley wouldn't tell us. he said our thoughtsweren't safe. her name was victoria.perhaps you knew her. dr. cullen:edward, if the volturihad knowledge of victoria, they would havestopped her. isn't that right, jane? of course. felix.

she didn't knowwhat she was doing. we'll takeresponsibility for her. give her a chance. the volturi don'tgive second chances.keep that in mind. caius will beinterested to knowthat she's still human. the date is set. take care of that, felix.i'd like to go home. (jacob screaming) it's been going onfor a while.

embry:doc's re-breaking his bones. why did he have to butt in?i could've taken that tick. give it a rest, leah. the worst is over.he'll be all right. i gave him some morphine, but his body temperaturewill burn it off soon. i'll come backto set up a drip. he's asking for you. i was worried about you.

you were worriedabout me? i guessed edwardwould read my thoughts. was he hard on you? he wasn't evenmad at me. or you. well, damn. he's better than i thought. he's not playing a game. right.

he's not as perfectas you think. i know who he is. can we just nottalk about that? i'd rather get allthe re-breaking doneat once. well, at least i knowi did everything i could. it wasn't easymaking you admityour feelings for me. i only fought thembecause i knew theywouldn't change anything. i'm exactly rightfor you, bella. it would be as easyas breathing, with me.

you know how muchi wish it was enough. should i come back? i need some time. but i'll always be waiting. until my heartstops beating. maybe even then. august 13th? yeah. it's a monthbefore my birthday. i don't need to beanother year olderthan you.

alice saidshe could get the weddingtogether by then. i'm sure she can. there's no rush. i've chosen my life.i want to start living it. and so you're gonnalet alice planthe whole thing? the dress, the reception,the guest list. i mean, who knowswho she's gonna invite? does it matter? i just don't knowwhy you're doing this.

what? the wedding? you're trying to makeeveryone else happy, but you're alreadygiving away too much. you're wrong. this wasn't a choicebetween you and jacob. it was betweenwho i should beand who i am. i've always felt out of step,like literallystumbling through my life. i've never felt normal. because i'm not normal.

i don't want to be. i've had to face deathand loss and pain in your world,but i've alsonever felt stronger and more real,more myself. because it's my world, too. it's where i belong. so it's not just about me? no. sorry. i've made a messtrying to figure all this out,but i wanna do it right.

and i wanna tie myself to youin every way humanly possible. starting with a wedding. actually, something a littlemore difficult first.and maybe even dangerous. we have to tell charlie. it's highly dangerous. it's a good thingyou're bulletproof. i'm gonna needthat ring. (all yours playing)

♪ all the lives ♪ always tempted to trade ♪ will they hate me ♪ for all the choices i've made ♪ will they stop when they see me again? ♪ i can't stop now i know who i am ♪ now i'm all yours ♪ i'm not afraid ♪ i'm yours always

♪ say what they may ♪ and all your love ♪ i'll take to a grave ♪ and all my life ♪ starts now ♪ tear me down ♪ they can take you out of my thoughts ♪ under every scar ♪ there's a battle i've lost

♪ will they stop when they see us again? ♪ and all my life starts ♪ i'm all yours ♪ starts now ♪ (heavy heart playing) ♪ i was a heavy heart to carry ♪ my beloved was weighed down ♪ my arms around his neck ♪ my fingers laced a crown

♪ i was a heavy heart to carry ♪ my feet dragged across the ground ♪ and he took me to the river ♪ where he slowly let me drown ♪ my love has concrete feet ♪ my love's an iron ball ♪ wrapped around your ankles ♪ over the waterfall ♪ i'm so heavy

♪ heavy ♪ heavy in your arms ♪ and is it worth the wait ♪ all this killing time? ♪ are you strong enough to stand ♪ protecting both your heart and mine? ♪ who is the betrayer? ♪ who's the killer in the crowd? ♪ the one who creeps in corridors

♪ and doesn't make a sound ♪ my love is an iron ball ♪ but he never let me down ♪ when he held me in his arms ♪ my feet never touched the ground ♪ i'm so heavy in your arms ♪ (what part of forever playing) ♪ run, run, run away ♪ so lost, lost

♪ never comin' ♪ home rollin', rollin' down a track ♪ no, no, i'm never comin' back ♪ hot love pumpin' in my veins ♪ our love, i hope it's not too late ♪ that's the road, that's the load ♪ that's the role ♪ i've been down, i've been down ♪ i've been down

♪ what part of forever ♪ don't you understand? ♪ i could stay, stay, stay ♪ if that's what you want, want, want ♪ i'd give it to you, you, you ♪ if i had a heart, heart, heart ♪ and we could go, go, go ♪ and never look back on now ♪ if i had a heart

♪ imagine eternity ♪ doesn't seem that hard ♪ they say nothing lasts forever ♪ we'll have to prove them wrong ♪ if i had a heart ♪

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