Thursday, March 16, 2017

puppets tv show

proxima encounter farewell, mars. i hope i don't see you again soon. the damn dust on that planet gives me hayfever. you'd think they'd be able to do something about it. what the hell? i don't see anything, buks. yet according to our instruments, he's only a minute away from us! dammit! he's right on our tail! he can't be more than a kilometre away from us! krokons?

watch them carefully, adam. we cannot underestimate them. what do they want here? don't they know about the ceasefire between krokon and planet earth? they wouldn't dare anything, they just want to test our nerves. well mine aren't exactly made of steel. what if that guy gets any funny ideas, and blows us to smithereens? heh, not as long as we hold their prince karnati hostage on earth. if it wasn't for that, that war would still be going on. that's strange.

asteroids, about 800 kilometres from us. it's been a while since we've been out of the asteroid-belt. that thing is completely off course! oh well. strange things happen out here. we are there. change course.give them a chance to get out of the way. there they go. ah yes. now we can relax. you can say what you want. i don't trust those krokons one bit. just relax, adam. we will be back on earth soon.

buks, you are the one that captured him. is karnati really their crown prince? not only the crown prince and successor to the throne, adam. he is also the most influential person on krokon. as long as we have him, we're safe. we can close in. inform the asteroid, and prepare. 0-9, requesting landing instructions. message received 0-9. landing procedure now safe.

doors are now opening. mr. gorman. the visitor from krokon is ready to see you. please take a seat, my dear friend. it is a great honour for me to receive you. i think we are ready to talk business. can you understand me? is your translator switched on? i understand, earthling.speak.

i suggest the following, sir: we can help each other. i will ensure that you get prince karnati back. in exchange for two things. firstly, half a ton of zero-chronite, of which you have a lot on proxima. secondly, the life of buks de la rey! he has to be destroyed! can i ask how you will achieve this? and what guarantee do we have that you will succeed? guarantee, sir?

i am your guarantee. gorman, the mightiest merchant in unique minerals and metals in the entire galaxy! when do we start? you will hear from the meantime, please relax. i have outfitted your quarters well. until later then. goodbye. initiate landing procedure. prepare for phase one. finally. i thought we would never arrive.

cape town any information on impala 2, lida? capt. de la rey is on his way, professor. he and lt. buys have just entered earth's atmosphere. i need to speak to them as soon as they get here! it is very urgent! over and out. everything is always "urgent" and of "global importance." ah, channel one. here we go again. everything is always urgent.

when i resigned from the space marines, i thought i'd be able to relax. you're the hero of the world. why do i have to suffer under it? switch over to visual, adam. finally! welcome home capt. de la rey and lt. buys. good day lida! i hope my planeticket is ready, i want to leave tomorrow! imagine, an entire week on the south-sea islands! business before pleasure, captain.professor zed has other plans for you. initiate landing procedure, you are now on auto-pilot.

professor, they just landed. they must report immediately! good day lida!hi lida! the professor is waiting for you,please go to the briefing room immediately. now that's a warm welcome for you, adam.let's hear what all the drama is about. good day, men.hello professor. i regret having to put you to work again,but the order comes from the top. from the top? upper command, de la rey, upper command.

as you know, you are still under contractfor the space force. both the ship and i need rest, professor.don't tell me it's war again. a krokon ship followed us just as we passed mars. no, it's not war. this time it is a goodwill mission ofthe utmost importance for the entire earth. dr. gorman has succeeded in something we've been hoping for ages. he succeeded in negotiating a shipment ofzero-chronite from the krokons. this dr. gorman, who does he think he is? everytime he makes an order,everyone falls over themselves to make it happen.

sorry buks, but gorman enjoys priority at the moment. we cannot let this opportunity pass us by! the impala 2 needs maintenance, can take up to two weeks to get it back in order. look, this is impala 1. while you were gone, we installed engines that can combust our new fuel. it will also be an opportunity for youto learn how the new systems work. well, if it can't be helped, what can we do? as you can see, proxima isn't much bigger than our own planet. and strangely enough, it has a relatively oxygen-rich atmosphere.

the krokons are busy mining zero-chronite there, which is used to reinforce the fuselages of spaceships. this mineral is of utmost importance for our own space program. professor, what exactly will our load be? oh, very important mining equipment tobe used on proxima. what about gorman's own fleet? can't he deliver it? gorman asked us to help. and as you know, he has a lotof influence at the world force. any other questions? your route is shouldn't experience any problems.

when do we depart? tomorrow at daybreak, at 5:21. tonight when they load the so-called machinery, one of the crates will contain prince karnati. state penetentiary prince karnati. i am from the interplanetary red cross. they require a medical report of you, and i need to escort you to the medical institutefor a medical examination.

interplanetary red cross? lies! the krokons aren't part of that system. mission accomplished, mr. gorman. i got prince karnati by pretending to be an agent of the red cross. brilliant! brilliant! now we just need to get karnati onboard. but you will need to hurry if you want to be on proxima before de la rey. we depart immediately! thank you. it was a pleasure doing business with you.

good morning, men. i would like to wish you godspeed with our new fuel. i will oversee the launch personally. i also want to extend a congratulations from upper command.we are proud of you. how do you feel buks? i really want to see what this new fuel can do! well i feel honoured,but i'd much rather be on my way to a south-sea island. lida! karnati escaped!he is gone! we have received information that he is inthe impala with buks, on course to proxima!

you have to stop them before theygo into hyper-accelaration! start countdown to hyper-accelaration. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0! impala! come in! impala come in!

it's too late professor, they can't hear us anymore. how does she feel? like a dream! adam, program the computer to wakeus up when we approach proxima. ay-ay, buks. our flight time at hyper-accelarationwill be... around 300 hours. sleep well. morning adam. we have arrived.back to normal speed. i feel great.

buks, i am going to check if everythingis in order in the cargo-hold. and this? buks, come look at this!what is it? quickly! i think we have a problem! so we meet again, capt. de la rey! karnati! how on earth did you get here? that is for me to know.follow instructions. back! to the cockpit! back! stay on course, and do as i say. land at the mines on proxima, and don't try and escape.

remember, i am armed. who planned this karnati? you earthlings want war, am i right? there are earthlings who helped me escape,after you, de la rey, took me prisoner! when i get back to krokon,your little planet won't be so safe anymore. my people will rule the universe.start landing! decrease speed. you might have a pistol, prince karnati,but i am in control of this ship. i said decrease speed!

good landing, de la rey.i've heard you're good. i almost believe it. thank you, your highness.what happens now? out! get into the surface vehicle! now drive to the space ship, and don't try anything funny, de la rey! adam, when i say "now," hold on. silence! buks, i have a feeling we are in trouble. not trouble, lieutenant. your... end. now!

help me up! follow them! idiots! buks! you'll have to drive faster!they are catching up to us! there they are! shoot!do as i say! shoot! goodness buks! that was almost the end of us!what made you decide to take a run for it? instict my friend, instict! here they come! i've always said these things must be outfitted with weapons. but you guys never listen to me.

their aim is terrible. it's not their marksmanship that is bad, adam!it's because i drive so well! wow! karnati isn't messing around.we will need to make a new plan. prepare to use the ejection seats. now! here we go! got them! that's the end of buks de la rey! take us to the wreckage. sorry captain, but i warned messes with prince karnati.

i'm sorry lida,but i don't think we'll see buks and adam alive again. they're supposed to have been back by now. you're probably right, professor. this is only the beginning, earthlings. that was close! exciting man, exciting! now it's our turn.prepare missiles one and two. what do you think, are we goingto blow up that dump of theirs? no, don't destroy their ship.just shoot the landing gear.

professor look! impala 1 to interster!good day folks! landing instructions please. oh professor they're back, oh i'm so happy! now you will see how happy lida will be to see us. we'll see. interster base to impala 1.message received, and about high time capt. de la rey. here are you landing instructions. subbed by tokkie

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