Thursday, July 14, 2016

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[alarm] did you hear that? they shut down the main reactor. we'll be destroyed for sure. this is madness. [beep whistle blip] [whistle beep beep] we're doomed. [beep beep]

there'll be no escapefor the princess this time. [clanking] what's that? [beep blip beep] r2-d2, where are you? [beep blip blip] at last! where have you been? they're headingin this direction.

what are we going to do? we'll be sentto the spice mines of kessel, smashed intowho knows what! wait a minute.where are you going? the death star plansare not in the main computer. where are those transmissionsyou intercepted? what have you donewith those plans? we interceptedno transmissions. this is a consular ship.

we're ona diplomatic mission. if this is a consular ship, where is the ambassador? commander, tear this ship apartuntil you've found those plans, and bring me the passengers!i want them alive! there's one. set for stun. she'll be all right. inform lord vaderwe have a prisoner. hey! you're notpermitted in's restricted.

you'll be deactivated for sure. [beep blip] don't you call mea mindless philosopher, you overweightglob of grease! now come outbefore somebody sees you. [whistle blip blip] secret mission? what plans? what are you talking about? i'm not getting in there.

i'm going to regret this. there goes another one. hold your fire.there's no life-forms. it must haveshort-circuited. that's funny.the damage doesn't lookas bad from out here. are you surethis thing is safe? [whistle beep whistle] oh. darth vader.only you could be so bold.

the imperial senatewill not sit still for this. when they hearyou've attacked a diplomatic-- don't act so surprised,your highness. you weren't onany mercy missionthis time. several transmissionswere beamed to this shipby rebel spies. i want to know what happenedto the plans they sent you. i don't knowwhat you're talking about. i'm a member of the imperialsenate on a diplomatic missionto alderaan. you are part of therebel alliance and a traitor.

take her away! holding her is dangerous. if word of this gets out, it could generate sympathyfor the rebellion in the senate. i've tracedthe rebel spies to her. now she is my only linkto finding their secret base. she'll die before she'lltell you anything. leave that to me. send a distress signal,

and then inform the senatethat all aboard were killed. lord vader,the battle station plansare not aboard this ship, and no transmissions were made. an escape pod was jettisonedduring the fighting, but no life-forms were aboard. she must have hiddenthe plans in the escape pod. send a detachmentdown to retrieve them.see to it personally, commander. there'll be no oneto stop us this time. yes, sir.

how did weget into this mess? i really don't know how. we seem to be made to's our lot in life. [blip whistle] i've got to restbefore i fall apart. my jointsare almost frozen. what a desolate place this is! [bleep blip] where do you thinkyou're going?

well, i'm not goingthat way. it's much too rocky. this way is much easier. what makes you thinkthere are settlementsover there? don't get technicalwith me. what mission?what are you talking about? i've just abouthad enough of you. go that way. you'll be malfunctioningwithin a day,

you nearsighted scrap pile. and don't let mecatch you following me,begging for help, because you won'tget it. [beep whistle] [blip bleep blip] no more adventures. i'm not going that way. that malfunctioninglittle twerp.this is all his fault. he tricked meinto going this way,

but he'll do no better. wait! what's that? a transport. i'm saved! over here! hey! help! please help! [whistle whistle] [beep blip blip beep]

[speaking alien language] r2? [blip blip] r2-d2, it is you!it is you! someone was in the pod. the tracks go offin this direction. look, sir, droids. we stopped. wake up! wake up!

[beep blip beep beep] do you thinkthey'll melt us down? don't shoot!don't shoot! will this never end? all right, fine. let's go. luke! luke! luke, tell your uncleif he gets a translator, be sureit speaks bocce. doesn't look likewe have much of a choice,but i'll remind him.

yeah, we'll take that red one. no, not that one. i suppose you're programmedfor etiquette and protocol. protocol? why, it'smy primary function, sir. i am well-versedin all the customs-- i have no needfor a protocol droid. of course you haven't, sir. not in an environmentsuch as this. that is whyi have been programmed-- what i really need is a droidwho understands the binarylanguage of moisture vaporators.

vaporators? sir,my first job was programmingbinary load lifters, very similar to your vaporatorsin most respects. can you speak bocce? of course i can,'s like a second languageto me-- yeah, all right.shut up. i'll take this one. luke! take these two over to thegarage, will you? i want themcleaned up before dinner. but i was goinginto tosche station to pick upsome power converters. you can waste timewith your friendswhen your chores are done.

now come on. get to it. all right. come on. [whining] and the red one.come on. well, come on, red.let's go. uncle owen! yeah? this r2 unithas a bad motivator. look. hey, what are you tryingto push on us?

[bleep bleep bleep] excuse me, sir, but that r2 unitis in prime condition,a real bargain. uncle owen,what about that one? what about that blue one? we'll take that one. take this away. you'll be very pleasedwith that one, sir. he really isin first-class condition.i've worked with him before.

here he comes. o.k. let's go. now, don't you forget this. why i shouldstick my neck out for youis quite beyond my capacity. [whistle] thank the maker! this oil bathis going to feel so good. i've got such a bad caseof dust contamination, i can barely move.

it just isn't fair. oh, biggs is right. i'm never gonna get out of here. is there anythingi might do to help? no. not unlessyou can alter time, speed up the harvest,or teleport me off this rock. i don't think so, sir. i'm only a droidand not very knowledgeableabout such things, not on this planet, anyway.

as a matter of fact,i'm not even surewhich planet i'm on. well, if there'sa bright center to the universe, you're on the planetthat it's farthest from. i see, sir. you can call me luke. i see, sir luke. ha ha. just luke. oh...and i am c-3po,human-cyborg relations.

this is my counterpart-- r2-d2. hello. [beep beep blip] you gota lot of carbon scoring. looks like you boyshave seen a lot of action. with all we've been through, sometimes i'm amazed we'rein as good condition as we are, what with the rebellionand all. you know of the rebellionagainst the empire?!

that's how we came to bein your service, if you takemy meaning, sir. have you beenin many battles? several, i think. actually,there's not much to tell. i'm not much more thanan interpreter and not very goodat telling stories. well, not at making theminteresting, anyway. well, my little friend, you got somethingjammed in here real good.

were you on a starcruiser or-- help me, obi-wan're my only hope. what's this? "what is what"?he asked you a question. what is that? help me, obi-wan kenobi. you're my only hope. he says it's nothing, sir,merely a malfunction. old data. pay it no mind.

who is she? she's beautiful. i'm afraidi'm not quite sure, sir. i think she was a passengeron our last voyage. a person of some importance,i believe. our captain was attached-- is there any moreto this recording? [whistle blip beep] behave yourself, r2. you're going to get usinto trouble.

it's all can trust him.he's our new master. he says that he's the propertyof obi-wan kenobi, a resident of these parts, and it's a private messagefor him. quite frankly, sir,i don't knowwhat he's talking about. our last masterwas captain antilles. but with allwe've been through, this little r2 unithas become a bit eccentric. obi-wan kenobi. i wonderif he means old ben kenobi.

i beg your pardon, sir,but do you knowwhat he's talking about? i don't know any obi-wan, but old benlives out beyond the dune sea. he's kind of a strangeold hermit. i wonder who she is. sounds like she's in trouble.i better play backthe whole thing. [beep! beep!] he says the restraining bolthas short-circuitedhis recording system. he suggeststhat if you remove the bolt,

he might be able to playback the entire recording. oh, yeah. well... i guess you're too smallto run away on meif i take this off. o.k... there you go. wait a minute.where'd she go? bring her back the entire message. "what message"? the oneyou've just been playing!

the one you're carryinginside your rusty innards. all right,i'll be right there,aunt beru. i'm sorry, sir, but he appears to havepicked up a slight flutter. here. see what youcan do with him.i'll be right back. just you reconsider playingthat message for him. no, i don't thinkhe likes you at all. no, i don't like you, either. you know, i thinkthat r2 unit we boughtmight have been stolen.

what makes youthink that? well, i stumbled acrossa recordingwhile i was cleaning him. he says he belongs to someonecalled obi-wan kenobi. i thoughthe might have meant old ben. do you knowwhat he's talking about? mm-mm. i wonder if he's related to ben. that wizard'sjust a crazy old man. tomorrow, i want you to takethat r2 unit to anchorheadand have its memory erased.

that'll be the end of belongs to us now. but what if this obi-wancomes looking for him? he won't. i don't thinkhe exists anymore. he died about the same timeas your father. he knew my father? i told you to forget it. your only concern is to preparethose new droids for tomorrow. in the morning, i want themup there on the south ridgeworking on those condensers.

i think those new droidsare gonna work out fine. in fact, i, uh, was alsothinking about our agreement-- about me staying onanother season? and if these new droidsdo work out, i want to transmitmy applicationto the academy this year. you mean the next semesterbefore the harvest? sure. there'smore than enough droids. harvest is wheni need you the most. it's onlyone season more.

this year we'll make enoughon the harvest that i'llbe able to hire more hands, and then you cango to the academy next year. you must understandi need you here, luke. but it's a whole 'nother year! look, it's only one more season. yeah, that's what you saidwhen biggs and tank left. where are you going? looks likei'm going nowhere. i have to go finishcleaning those droids.

owen, he can'tstay here forever.most of his friends have gone. it meansso much to him. i'll make it up to himnext year. i promise. luke's just not a farmer, owen. he has too muchof his father in him. that's what i'm afraid of. ooh! what are you doinghiding back there?

it wasn't my fault, sir.please don't deactivate me. i told him not to go,but he's faulty, malfunctioning. kept babbling onabout his mission. oh, no. that r2 unit has alwaysbeen a problem. these astro droidsare getting quite out of hand. even i can't understandtheir logic at times. how could i be so stupid? he's nowhere in sight.

blast it! pardon me, sir,but couldn't we go after him? it's too dangerouswith all the sandpeople around. we'll have to waituntil morning. uncle owen: luke!i'm shutting the power down. all right!i'll be therein a few minutes. boy, am i gonna get it. that little droid's going tocause me a lotta trouble. oh, he excelsat that, sir.

come on. luke? have you seen lukethis morning? he said he hadsome things to dobefore he started today, so he left early. did he takethose two new droidswith him? i think so. well, he better havethose units in the south rangerepaired by midday, or there'll behell to pay.

lookit, there's a droidon the scanner. dead ahead. it might be our little r2 unit.hit the accelerator! hey, whoa!where do you thinkyou're going? [beep beep beep] master lukeis your rightful owner now. we'll have no more ofthis obi-wan kenobi gibberish. [beep] and don't talk to meof your mission, either.

you're fortunatehe doesn't blast you intoa million pieces right here! no. it's all right,but i think we'd better go. what's wrong with him now? there are several creaturesapproaching from the southeast. sandpeople, or worse. come on.let's go have a look. come on! well, there are two banthasdown there, but i don't see any--wait a second.

they're sandpeople, all right. i can see one of them now. [howl] hello there. come here, my little friend.don't be afraid. oh, don't worry.he'll be all right. rest easy,'ve had a busy day. you're fortunateto be all in one piece. ben?

ben kenobi? boy, am i gladto see you. the jundland wastes are notto be traveled lightly. tell me, young luke, what brings youout this far? this little droid. i think he's searchingfor his former master, but i've never seensuch devotionin a droid before. he claims to be the propertyof an obi-wan kenobi.

is he a relative of yours?do you know whohe's talking about? obi-wan kenobi? obi-wan. now, that's a namei've not heard in a long time. a long time. i think my uncle knows him. he saidhe was dead. oh, he's not dead.not yet. you know him?

well, of coursei know him. he's me. i haven't goneby the name of obi-wansince, oh, before you were born. well, then the droiddoes belong to you. i don't seem to rememberever owning a droid. very interesting. [growling] i thinkwe better get indoors. the sandpeopleare easily startled, but they'll soon be back,and in greater numbers.

[beep] 3po. where am i?i must have taken a bad step. can you stand? we've got to get out of herebefore the sandpeople return. i don't think i can make go on, master luke. there's no sensein you risking yourselfon my account. i'm done for. no, you're not.what kind of talkis that?

quickly.they're on the move. no, my fatherdidn't fight in the wars. he was a navigatoron a spice freighter. that's whatyour uncle told you. he didn't holdwith your father's ideals. thought heshould have stayed hereand not gotten involved. you fought in the clone wars? yes. i was once a jedi knight, the same as your father.

i wish i'd known him. he was the best starpilotin the galaxyand a cunning warrior. i understand you've becomequite a good pilot yourself. and he was a good friend. which reminds me, i have something here for you. your fatherwanted you to have thiswhen you were old enough, but your unclewouldn't allow it. he feared you might followold obi-wan...

on some damn-foolidealistic crusadelike your father did. sir, if you'llnot be needing me,i'll close down for a while. sure. go ahead. what is it? it's your father'slightsaber. this is the weaponof a jedi knight. not as clumsyor random as a blaster. an elegant weaponfor a more civilized age. for overa thousand generations,

the jedi knightswere the guardians of peaceand justice in the old republic, before the dark times, before the empire. how did my father die? a young jedi named darth vader, who was a pupil of mineuntil he turned to evil, helped the empire hunt downand destroy the jedi knights. he betrayedand murdered your father. now the jediare all but extinct.

vader was seducedby the dark side of the force. the force? the force is what givesa jedi his power. it's an energy field createdby all living things. it surrounds us,penetrates us, it bindsthe galaxy together. now let's see if we can'tfigure out what you are,my little friend, and where you come from. i saw part of a messagehe was--

i seem to have found it. general kenobi, years agoyou served my fatherin the clone wars. now he begs youto help him in his struggleagainst the empire. i regret that i am unableto present my father's requestto you in person. but my shiphas fallen under attack, and i am afraid my missionto bring you to alderaanhas failed. i have placed informationvital to the survivalof the rebellion... into the memory systemsof this r2 unit. my father will knowhow to retrieve it.

you must see this droidsafely delivered to himon alderaan. this is our most desperate hour. you must learnthe ways of the force... if you're to come with meto alderaan. alderaan?i'm not going to alderaan. i've got to get's late.i'm in for it as it is. i need your help, luke.she needs your help. i'm getting too oldfor this sort of thing. i can't get involved.

i've got work to do. it's not thati like the empire.i hate it, but there's nothingi can do about it right now. it's all such a long wayfrom here. that's your uncle talking. my uncle. how am i evergonna explain this? learn about the force, luke. look, i can take youas far as anchorhead.

you can get a transport thereto mos eisley or whereveryou're going. you must do what you feelis right, of course. until this battle stationis fully operational, we are vulnerable. the rebel allianceis too well equipped. they're more dangerousthan you realize. dangerous toyour starfleet, commander, not to this battle station. the rebellionwill continue to gain supportin the imperial senate--

the imperial senatewill no longer beof any concern to us. i have just received wordthat the emperor has dissolvedthe council permanently. the last remnantsof the old republichave been swept away. that's impossible. how will the emperormaintain controlwithout the bureaucracy? the regional governorsnow have direct controlover their territories. fear will keepthe local systems in line-- fear ofthis battle station. and whatof the rebellion?

if the rebels have obtaineda complete technical readoutof this station, it is possible,however unlikely, that they might finda weakness and exploit it. the plans you refer towill soon be back in our hands. any attack made by the rebelsagainst this stationwould be a useless gesture, no matterwhat technical datathey've obtained. this station is nowthe ultimate powerin the universe. i suggestwe use it. don't be too proudof this technological terroryou've constructed.

the ability to destroy a planetis insignificantnext to the power of the force. don't try to frighten uswith your sorcerer's ways,lord vader. your sad devotionto that ancient religion... has not helped youconjure upthe stolen data tapes... or given you clairvoyance enoughto find the rebels'hidden fortre-- i findyour lack of faith disturbing. enough of this.vader, release him. as you wish. this bickering is pointless.

lord vader will provide uswith the locationof the rebel fortress... by the time this stationis operational. we will then crush the rebellionwith one swift stroke. it looks likethe sandpeopledid this, all right. look. there's gaffi sticks,bantha tracks. it's just, i've never heardof them hitting anythingthis big before. they didn't,but we are meantto think they did. these tracks are side-by-side. sandpeoplealways ride single fileto hide their numbers.

these are the same jawasthat sold us r2 and 3po. and these blast points,too accurate... for sandpeople. only imperial stormtroopersare so precise. but why would imperial troopswant to slaughter jawas? if they traced the robots here,they may have learnedwho they sold them to, and that wouldlead them back...home! wait, luke! it's too dangerous! aunt beru!

and now, your highness, we will discuss the locationof your hidden rebel base. there's nothingyou could have done, luke,had you been there. you'd have been killed, too, and the droids would now bein the hands of the empire. i want to come with youto alderaan. there's nothingfor me here now. i want to learn the waysof the force and becomea jedi like my father. mos eisley spaceport.

you will never finda more wretched hiveof scum and villainy. we must be cautious. [chattering] [braying] how long have you hadthese droids? three or four seasons. they're up for saleif you want them. let me see your identification. you don't need to seehis identification.

we don't need to seehis identification. these aren't the droidsyou're looking for. these aren't the droidswe're looking for. he can go abouthis business. you can go aboutyour business. move along. i can't abide those jawas.disgusting creatures! go on, go on. i can't understandhow we got by those troops.

i thoughtwe were dead. the force can havea strong influenceon the weak-minded. do you really thinkwe're gonna find a pilot herethat'll take us to alderaan? most of the bestfreighter pilotsare to be found here, only watch your step. this placecan be a little rough. i'm readyfor anything. come along, r2. [alien lounge music plays]

[laughter] - hey! we don't serve their kind here.- what? your droids,they'll have to wait outside.we don't want them here. why don't you waitout by the speeder?we don't want any trouble. i heartily agreewith you, sir. uh...i'll haveone of those. he doesn't like you. i'm sorry. i don't like you, either.

you just watch yourself. we're wanted men. i have the death sentenceon 12 systems. i'll be careful. you'll be dead! this little one'snot worth the effort. come, let meget you something. aah! i'm all right.

chewbacca here is first mateon a ship that might suit us. i don't likethe look of this. han solo. i'm captainof the millennium falcon. chewie here tells meyou're looking for passageto the alderaan system. yes, indeed,if it's a fast ship. fast ship? you've never heardof the millennium falcon? should i have? it's the shipthat made the kessel runin less than 12 parsecs. i've outrunimperial starships.

not the local bulk cruisers,mind you. i'm talking aboutthe big corellian ships now. she's fast enoughfor you, old man. what's the cargo? only passengers--myself, the boy, two droids, and no questions asked. what is it,some kind of local trouble? let's just saywe'd like to avoidany imperial entanglements.

well, that's the real trick,isn't it? and it's gonna cost yousomething extra. 10,000, all in advance. 10,000? we could almost buyour own ship for that! but who'sgonna fly it, kid, you? you bet i could.i'm not sucha bad pilot myself. we don't have tosit here and listen-- we can pay you 2,000 nowplus 15 when we reach alderaan.

seventeen, huh? o.k. you guysgot yourselves a ship. we'll leaveas soon as you're ready. docking bay 94. ninety-four. looks like somebody'sbeginning to take an interestin your handiwork. all right.we'll check it out. 17,000! those guysmust really be desperate.

this could really save my neck. get back to the ship,get it ready. you'll have to sellyour speeder. that's o.k.i'm never coming backto this planet again. [speaking huttese] yes, a matter of fact, i wasjust going to see your boss. tell jabbathat i've got his money. yeah, but this time,i've got the money. i don't have it with me.tell jabba--

even i get boarded you think i had a choice? over my dead body. i'll bet you have. sorry about the mess. her resistance to the mind probeis considerable. it'll be some timebefore we can extractany information from her. the final checkoutis completed. all systemsare operational. what courseshall we set?

perhaps she would respondto an alternative formof persuasion. what do you mean? i think it is timewe demonstratedthe full power of this station. set your coursefor alderaan. with pleasure. lock the door, r2. check this sideof the street. the door's locked.move on to the next. i would much ratherhave gone with master lukethan stay here with you.

i don't know whatall this trouble is about, but i'm sureit must be your fault. you watch your language. all right.give it to me.i'll take it. look at this. ever since the xp-38 came out,they just aren't in demand. it'll be enough. right here, jabba. i've been waitin' for you.

you didn't thinki was gonna run, did you? look, jabba, next timeyou want to talk to me,come see me yourself. don't sendone of these twerps. look, jabba,even i get boarded sometimes. you think i had a choice? but i got a nice,easy charter. i'll pay ya back,plus a little extra. i just needa little more time. fifteen, jabba.don't push it.

jabba,you're a wonderful human being. if the ship's as fastas he's boasting,we ought to do well. what a piece of junk! she'll make .5past light speed. she may not look like much,but she's got itwhere it counts, kid. i've made a lot ofspecial modifications myself. but we're a little rushed,so if you'll just get on board, we'll get outta here. hello, sir.

which way? all right, men,load your weapons. stop that ship! blast them! chewie, get us out of here! oh, my. i'd forgottenhow much i hatespace travel. [grrr] looks like an imperial cruiser. our passengers must be hotterthan i thought.try and hold 'em off. angle the deflector shieldswhile i make the calculationsfor the jump to light speed.

stay sharp. there'stwo more comin' in. they'regonna try and cut us off. why don't you outrun 'em?i thought you saidthis thing was fast! watch your mouth, kid,or you're gonna find yourselffloating home. we'll be safe enoughonce we make the jumpto hyperspace. besides, i knowa few maneuvers.we'll lose 'em. here's where the fun begins. how long before you can makethe jump to light speed? it'll take a few momentsto get the coordinatesfrom the navicomputer. are you kidding?at the rate they're gaining?

traveling through hyperspaceain't like dustin' crops, boy! without precise calculations, we'd fly right through a staror bounce too closeto a supernova, and that would end your tripreal quick, wouldn't it? - what's that flashing?- we're losing a deflector shield. go strap yourselves in.i'm gonna make the jumpto light speed. we've enteredthe alderaan system. governor tarkin. i should have expectedto find youholding vader's leash.

i recognized your foul stenchwhen i was brought on board. charming to the last. you don't know how hardi found it signing the orderto terminate your life. i'm surprisedyou had the courage to takethe responsibility yourself. princess leia,before your execution, i would like you to be my guestat a ceremony that will makethis battle station operational. no star system will dareoppose the emperor now. the more you tightenyour grip, tarkin, the more star systemswill slip through your fingers.

not after we demonstratethe power of this station. in a way, you have determinedthe choice of the planetthat will be destroyed first. since you are reluctantto provide us withthe location of the rebel base, i have chosen to testthis station's destructive poweron your home planet of alderaan. no! alderaan is peaceful.we have no can't possibly-- you would prefer another target?a military target? then name the system. i grow tired of asking this,so it will be the last time. where is the rebel base?

dantooine. they're on dantooine. see, lord vader? she can be reasonable. continue with the may fire when ready. - what?- you're far too trusting. dantooine is too remote to makean effective demonstration,but don't worry. we will deal withyour rebel friends soon enough. no!

commence primary ignition. are you all right?what's wrong? i felt a greatdisturbance in the force, as if millions of voicessuddenly cried out in terrorand were suddenly silenced. i fear something terriblehas happened. you'd better get onwith your exercises. well, you can forgetyour troubleswith those imperial slugs. i told you i'd outrun them. don't everybody thank meat once.

anyway, we should be at alderaanabout 0200 hours. now be careful, r2. argh! he made a fair move.screaming about itcan't help you. let him have it. it's not wiseto upset a wookiee. but, sir, nobody worriesabout upsetting a droid. that's 'cause a droiddon't pull people's arms outof their sockets when they lose. wookiees are knownto do that. grrr...

i see your point, sir. i suggest a new strategy, r2. let the wookiee win. remember, a jedican feel the forceflowing through him. you meanit controls your actions? partially,but it also obeys your commands. [han solo laughs] hokey religionsand ancient weapons... are no matchfor a good blasterat your side, kid.

you don't believein the force, do you? kid, i've flown from one sideof this galaxy to the other. i've seena lot of strange stuff,but i've never seen anything... to make me believethere's one all-powerful forcecontrolling everything. there's no mystical energy fieldcontrols my destiny. it's all a lot ofsimple tricks and nonsense. i suggestyou try it again, luke. this time, let goyour conscious self... and act on instinct.

with the blast shield down,i can't even see. how am isupposed to fight? your eyes can deceive you.don't trust them. stretch out with your feelings. you see? you can do it. han:i call it luck. in my experience,there's no such thing as luck. look, good against remotesis one thing. good against the living,that's something else.

[beeping] looks like we're coming upon alderaan. you know, i did feel something.i could almost see the remote. that's've taken your first stepinto a larger world. yes? our scout shipshave reached dantooine. they found the remainsof a rebel base, but they estimatethat it has been desertedfor some time. they are now conductingan extensive searchof the surrounding systems.

she lied.she lied to us! i told youshe would never consciouslybetray the rebellion. terminate her immediately. stand by, chewie. here we go.cut in the sublight engines. what the-- arrghh arrgh! we've come out of hyperspaceinto a meteor shower.some kind of asteroid collision. it's not onany of the charts. what's going on?

- our position's correct, except no alderaan.- what do you mean? where is it? that's what i'm trying totell you, kid. it ain't's been totally blown away. what? how? destroyed by the empire. the entire starfleetcouldn't destroythe whole planet. it would take 1,000 shipswith more firepower than-- [beep] there's another shipcoming in. - maybe they know what happened.- it's an imperial fighter.

it followed us! no. it's a short-range fighter. there aren't any basesaround here.where did it come from? it sure is leaving in a bighurry. if they identify us,we're in big trouble. not if i can help it.chewie, jam its transmissions. it would be as wellto let it's too far out of range. not for long. a fighter that sizecouldn't get this deepinto space on its own. he must have gotten lost,been part of a convoyor something.

well, he ain't gonna bearound long enoughto tell anybody about us. look at him.he's headingfor that small moon. i think i can get himbefore he gets there.he's almost in range. that's no moon. it's a space station. it's too bigto be a space station. i have a very bad feelingabout this. turn the ship around. yeah. i think you're right.full reverse!

chewie, lock inthe auxiliary power. chewie, lock inthe auxiliary power! why are we still movingtowards it?! we're caught in a tractor's pulling us in! there's got to besomething you can do! there's nothing i can doabout it, kid. i'm at full power.i'm gonna have to shut down. they're not gonna get mewithout a fight. you can't win,

but there are alternativesto fighting. clear bay 327. we are openingthe magnetic field. to your stations! come with me. close all outboard shields. we've captured a freighter... entering the remains of the alderaan system. its markings match thoseof a ship that blasted its wayout of mos eisley.

they must be trying to returnthe stolen plansto the princess. she may yet beof some use to us. unlock 1, 5, 7, and 9.release charge. 316, report to control. there's no oneon board, sir. according to the log,the crew abandoned shipright after takeoff. it must bea decoy, sir. several of the escape podshave been jettisoned. did you find any droids?

no, sir. -if there were any on board, they must also have jettisoned.-send a scanning crew aboard. i want every partof this ship checked. i sense something,a presencei've not felt since-- get me a scanning crewin here on the double. i wantevery part of this ship checked. there's no one here. boy, it's luckyyou had these compartments. i use them for smuggling. i never thought i'dbe smuggling myself in 'em.

this is ridiculous. even if i couldtake off, i'd never get pastthe tractor beam. damn fool,i knew that youwere gonna say that. who's the more foolish, the fool or the foolwho follows him? the ship's all yours. if the scannerspick up anything, report it immediately.

all right, let's go. [thud] han:hey, down there! could you give usa hand with this? [zap zap] tk-421, why aren't youat your post? tk-421, do you copy? take over.we've got a bad transmitter.i'll see what i can do. grrr!

between his howlingand your blastingeverything in sight, it's a wonder the whole stationdoesn't know we're here. bring them on!i'd prefer a straight fightto all this sneakin' around. we've foundthe computer outlet, sir. plug in.he should be able to interpretthe entire imperial network. [blip bleep whistle] he says he's found the maincontrols to the power beamthat's holding the ship here. he'll try to make the preciselocation appear on the monitor. the tractor beamis coupled to the main reactorin seven locations.

a power lossat one of the terminalswill allow the ship to leave. i don't thinkyou boys can help. i must go alone. whatever you say. i've done morethan i bargained foron this trip already. i want to go with you. be patient, luke.stay and watch over the droids. they must be delivered safely, or other star systemswill suffer the same fateas alderaan.

your destiny lies alonga different path from mine. the forcewill be with you always. argh argh argh! you said it, chewie. where did you dig upthat old fossil? ben is a great man. yeah, greatat getting us into trouble. i didn't hear yougive any ideas. anything's better thanhangin' around waitingfor 'em to pick us up.

who do you think-- he says "i've found her"and keeps repeating"she's here." well, who...who has he found? princess leia. the princess?she's here?! princess? where? where is she? princess?what's going on? [bleep blip beep]

level 5,detention block aa-23. i'm afraid she's scheduledto be terminated. oh, no! we've got todo something! the droids belong to her.she's the one in the message. we got to help her. now look, don't getany funny ideas. the old man wants usto wait right here. but he didn't know she was here.

just find a way backinto that detention block. i'm not going anywhere. they're goingto execute her. a few minutes ago,you said you didn't wantto wait here to be captured. now all you wantto do is stay? marching into the detention areais not what i had in mind. but they're gonna kill her! better her than me. she's rich.

rich?, powerful. listen, if youwere to rescue her,the reward would be-- what? well, more wellthan you can imagine. i don't know.i can imagine quite a bit. you'll get it. i better. you will.

all right, better be right about this. all right. what's your plan? um... 3po, hand methose binders there,will you? o.k. now, i'm gonnaput these on you. o.k. han,you--you put those on. don't worry, chewie.i think i knowwhat he has in mind.

master luke, sir,pardon me for asking, but what should r2 and i doif we're discovered here? lock the door. and hopethey don't have blasters. that isn't very reassuring. 517 to scanner control. 316, report to control. 53 to upper bay door. luke:i can't see a thingin this helmet.

han:this is not gonna work. luke:why didn't you say so before? i did say so before. where are youtaking this...thing? luke:prisoner transferfrom cell block 1138. i wasn't notified. i'll have to clear it. han:look out!he's loose! luke:he'll tear us all apart!i'll get him!

look out! arrgh! [beep beep beep] han:we gotta find out which cellthis princess of yours is in. here it go and get her.i'll hold them here. uh...uh, everything's under control. situation normal. what happened? had a slight weaponsmalfunction,

but, uh, everything'sperfectly all right now. we're fine--we're all finehere now. thank you. how are you? we're sending a squad up. uh, negative, negative!we have a--a reactor leak here,uh, now. give us a few minutesto lock it down.uh, large leak, very dangerous. who is this?what's your operating number? uh... boring conversation anyway.

luke! we're gonna have company! aren't you a little shortfor a stormtrooper? huh? oh, the uniform. i'm luke skywalker.i'm here to rescue you. - you're who?- i'm here to rescue you. i've got your r2 unit.i'm here with ben kenobi. ben kenobi?where is he? he is here. obi-wan kenobi?what makes you think so?

a tremor in the force. the last time i felt itwas in the presenceof my old master. surely he must be deadby now. don't underestimatethe force. the jediare extinct. their fire has gone outof the universe. you, my friend, are allthat's left of their religion. yes. we have an emergency alert in detention block aa-23.

the princess?put all sections on alert. obi-wan is here. the force is with him. if you're right,he must not be allowedto escape. escape is nothis plan. i must face him alone. get behind me! get behind me! watch your left. they went downthe cell bay.

can't get out that way. looks likeyou managed to cut offour only escape route. maybe you'd like itback in your cell,your highness. c-3po, c-3po! yes, sir? are there any other waysout of the cell bay?we've been cut off! what was that?i didn't copy. i said all systemshave been alertedto your presence, sir. the main entrance seems to bethe only way in or out.

all other informationon your level is restricted. stormtrooper:open up in there! open up in there! there isn't any other way out! i can't hold them off forever!now what?! this is some rescue!you came in here, and you didn'thave a plan for getting out? he's the brains, sweetheart! well, i didn't-- what the hell are you doing?

somebody has to save our skins. into the garbage chute, flyboy. get in there! get in there, you big furry oaf!i don't care what you smell. get in there,and don't worry about it. wonderful girl! either i'm going to kill her,or i'm beginning to like her. ah! the garbage chutewas a really wonderful idea.

what an incredible smellyou've discovered! let's get out of here.get away from there. no, wait! will you forget it?!i already tried it!it's magnetically sealed. put that thing away!you're gonna get us all killed! absolutely, your worship. look, i had everythingunder control till youled us down here! ya know, it's not gonnatake 'em long to figure outwhat happened to us! it could be worse.

woorr! it's worse. there's something alive in here. that's your imagination. something just movedpast my leg. look! did you see that? kid! luke! leia:aah! luke! luke, grab hold of this!

blast it! my gun's jammed. where? anywhere! luke, luke! help him! what happened? i don't know. it just let go of meand disappeared. i got a bad feelingabout this.

the wallsare moving! don't just stand there! try and brace itwith something. help me! wait a minute! 3po! come in, 3po! 3po! where could he be?

take over. see to him. look, there. they're madmen. they're headingfor the prison level. if you hurry,you might catch them. follow me. you stand guard. oh! all this excitementhas overrun the circuitsin my counterpart here.

if you don't mind,i'd like to take himdown to maintenance. get on top! i can't. where could he be?! 3po! 3po, will you come in! they aren't here. something must havehappened to them. see if they've been captured. hurry.

one thing's for sure, we're all gonna bea lot thinner. get on top of it. i'm trying. thank goodnessthey haven't found them. where could they be? "use the comlink"? oh, my. i forgot.i turned it off. are you there, sir?

3po?! we've had some problems. will you shut upand listen to me? shut down all the garbagemashers on the detention level,will ya! do you copy? shut downall the garbage masherson the detention level! no! shut them all down. hurry! [bleep bleep whistle] ha ha! [screaming]

listen to them.they're dying, r2! curse my metal body! i wasn't fast's all my fault! my poor master. we're all right!you did great! hey! open the pressuremaintenance hatchon unit number-- where are we? 3263827! if we can just avoidany more female advice, we ought to be ableto get outta here.

well, let's get moving. aw... no, wait! they'll hear! come here, you big coward. chewie, come here. listen... i don't know who you areor where you came from, but from now on,you do as i tell you, o.k.? look, your worshipfulness,let's get one thing straight.

i take ordersfrom just one person--me. it's a wonderyou're still alive. will somebody getthis big walking carpetout of my way? no reward is worth this. give me regular reports,please. right. do you knowwhat's going on? maybe it'sanother drill. you seenthat new vt-16?

yeah. some of the other guyswere telling me about it. they say it''s quite a thing to see-- what was that? ah, it's nothing.outgassing.don't worry about it. there she is. c-3po? do you copy? are you safe? for the moment. we're in the main hangaracross from the ship.

we're right above you.stand by. you came in that thing?you're braver than i thought. nice! come on. it's them! blast them! get back to the ship! where are you going?come back! he certainly has courage. what good will it do us if hegets himself killed? come on.

whoop! i think we tooka wrong turn. there's no lock. that oughta hold themfor a while. quick! we've gotto get across. find the controlsthat extend the bridge. i thinki just blasted it. they're coming through! here, hold this.

here they come. for luck. we thinkthey may be splitting up. they may be on level 5and 6 now, sir. close the blast doors! open the blast doors!open the blast doors! i've been waiting for you,obi-wan. we meet again at last. the circleis now complete.

when i left you,i was but the learner. now i am the master. only a masterof evil, darth. your powers are weak, old man. you can't win, darth. if you strike me down, i shall become more powerfulthan you can possibly imagine. you should not have come back. didn't we just leave this party?

what kept you? we, uh, ran intosome old friends. the ship all right? it seems o.k.,if we can get to it. i just hope the old mangot the tractor beamout of commission. look! come on, r2, we're going. now's our chance! go! - come on!- leia: come on!

luke, it's too late! blast the door, kid! obi-wan: run, luke, run! i hope that old man got thattractor beam out of commission, or this is gonna bea real short trip. o.k. hit it! aargh! we're coming upon their sentry ships. hold them off. angle the deflector shieldswhile i charge up the main guns.

i can't believe he's gone. there wasn't anythingyou could have done. come on, buddy.we're not out of this yet. you in, kid?o.k., stay sharp. they're coming in too fast! we've lost the lateral controls! don't worry.she'll hold together. hear me, baby? hold together. got him! i got him!

great, kid! don't get cocky. there's stilltwo more of them out there! that's it! we did it! we did it! help! i think i'm melting!this is all your fault! [whistle bleep blip] are they away? they've just made the jumpinto hyperspace. you're sure the homing beaconis secure aboard their ship?

i'm takingan awful risk, vader. this had better work. not a bad bitof rescuing, huh? you know, sometimesi amaze even myself. that doesn't sound too hard. they let us go. it's the only explanationfor the ease of our escape. easy? you call that easy? they're tracking us.

not this ship, sister. at least the informationin r2 is still intact. what's so important?what's he carrying? the technical readoutsof that battle station. i only hope thatwhen the data's analyzed, a weakness can be found. it's not over yet. it is for me, sister. look, i ain't in thisfor your revolution,

and i'm not in itfor you, princess. i expect to be well paid.i'm in it for the money. you needn't worryabout your reward. if money is all that you love, then that's what you'll receive. your friendis quite a mercenary. i wonder if he reallycares about anything... or anybody. i care.

so... what do youthink of her, han? i'm trying not to, kid. good. still, she's gota lot of spirit. i don't know.what do you think? you think a princessand a guy like me-- you're safe. when we heardabout alderaan,

we feared the worst. we have no timefor sorrows, commander. you must use the informationin this r2 unitto help plan the attack. it's our only hope. we're approachingthe planet yavin. the rebel baseis on a moon on the far side. we are preparingto orbit the planet. the battle stationis heavily shielded... and carries a firepowergreater than half the starfleet.

its defensesare designed arounda direct large-scale assault. a small, one-man fightershould be able to penetratethe outer defense. pilot:pardon me for asking, sir, but what good are snub fightersgoing to be against that? the empire doesn't considera small, one-man fighterto be any threat, or they'd havea tighter defense. an analysis of the plansprovided by princess leia... has demonstrated a weaknessin the battle station. the approach will not be easy.

you're required to maneuverstraight down this trench andskim the surface to this point. the target areais only 2 meters wide. it's a smallthermal exhaust portright below the main port. the shaft leads directlyto the reactor system. a precise hit will starta chain reaction which shoulddestroy the station. only a precise hit willset up a chain reaction. the shaft is ray-shielded, so you'll have to useproton torpedoes. that's impossible,even for a computer.

it's not impossible.i used to bull's-eye womp ratsin my t-16 back home. they're not much biggerthan 2 meters. then man your ships,and may the force be with you. orbiting the planetat maximum velocity. the moon with the rebel basewill be in range in 30 minutes. this will be a daylong remembered. it has seenthe end of kenobi... and will soon see the endof the rebellion. all flight crews,man your stations. got your rewardand you're just leaving, then? that's right. yeah. i got some old debtsi got to pay offwith this stuff. and even if i didn't, you don't thinki'd be fool enoughto stick around here, do ya? why don't you come with us? you're pretty good in a fight.we could use ya. come on. why don't youtake a look around? you know what's about to happen,

what they're up against. they could usea good pilot like you. you're turningyour back on them. what good's a rewardif you ain't around to use it? besides,attacking that battle stationain't my idea of courage. it's more like...suicide. take care of yourself, han. i guess that'swhat you're best at, isn't it? hey, luke.

may the force be with you. what are you looking at? i know what i'm doing. all pilots to your stations. what's wrong? oh, it's han. i don't know.i really thoughthe'd change his mind. he's got to followhis own path. no one can choose itfor him.

i only wish ben were here. open main launch tubes. main launch tubes opening, sir. hey, luke! biggs! i don't believe are you? great. hey, coming up? i'll be right up there with you,and have i got storiesto tell you.

are you sure you canhandle this ship? sir, luke is the best bush pilotin the outer-rim territories. you'll do all right. thank you, sir.i'll try. i gotta get aboard.we'll hear all your storieswhen we get back, all right? hey, biggs. i told youi'd make it someday. it'll be like old times, luke.they'll never stop us. hey, this r2 unit of yoursseems a bit beat want a new one?

not on your life.that little droid and i havebeen through a lot together. you o.k., r2? [blip beep] gold squadron,begin takeoff procedure. hang on tight,'ve got to come back. you wouldn't want my lifeto get boring, would you? obi-wan: luke, the force will be with you. standby alert. death star approaching.

estimated time to firing range,15 minutes. all wings report in. red 10 standing by. red seven standing by. red three standing by. red six standing by. red nine standing by. red two standing by. red 11 standing by.

red five standing by. lock s-foils in attack position. we're passing throughthe magnetic field. hold tight. switch your deflectors on.double front. look at the size of that thing! cut the chatter, red two. accelerate to attack speed. this is it, boys. red leader, this is gold leader.

- i copy, gold leader.- we're starting for the target shaft now. we're in position.i'm going to cut across the axisand try and draw their fire. heavy fire, boss, 23 degrees. i see it. stay low. this is red five. i'm going in. luke, pull up! - are you all right?- i got a little cooked, but i'm o.k. we count30 rebel ships,lord vader, but they're so small,they're evading our turbolasers.

we'll have todestroy themship to ship. get the crews to their fighters. watch yourself. there's a lot offire coming from the right sideof that deflection tower. i'm on it. i'm going in.cover me, porkins. i'm right with you, red three. i've got a problem here. eject. i can hold it.

pull up! no, i'm all--aah! the rebel base will be infiring range in seven minutes. obi-wan:luke, trust your feelings. squad leaders, we've picked upa new group of signals. enemy fighters coming your way. my scope's negative.i don't see anything. pick up your visual scanning. watch've got one on your tail.

i'm hit! you've picked one up!watch it! i can't see it! he's on me tight.i can't shake him! i'll be right there. several fighters have broken offfrom the main group.come with me. fall in! fall in! watch your back, luke. watch your back.

fighters above you, coming in. i'm hit, but not bad. r2, see what you can do with it. hang on back there. red six, can you see red five? there's a heavy fire five, where are you? i can't shake him! i'm on him, luke. hold on. blast it, biggs!where are you?

thanks, wedge. good shooting, wedge. we're starting our attack run. i copy, gold leader.move into position. stay in attack formation. the exhaust portis marked and locked in. switch all powerto front deflector screen. how many guns do you think,gold five? say about 20 guns--

some on the surface,some on the towers. death star will be in rangein five minutes. switch to targeting computer. computer locked.getting a signal. the guns! they've stopped! stabilize your rear deflectors. watch for enemy fighters. they're coming in!three marks at 210. i'll take them myself. cover me.

it's no good.i can't maneuver. stay on target. we're too close. loosen up! gold five to red leader,lost tiree, lost hutch. i copy, gold leader. they came from behind. we've analyzedtheir attack, sir,and there is a danger. should i have your shipstanding by?

evacuate inour moment of triumph? i think you overestimatetheir chances. rebel base,three minutes and closing. red boys, this is red leader. rendezvous at mark 6.1. this is red twoflying toward you. red leader,this is base one. keep half your groupout of range for the next run. copy, base one.luke, take red two and three.

hold up hereand wait for my signalto start your run. this is it! we should be ableto see it by now. keep your eyes openfor those fighters. there's too much five, can you see themfrom where you are? no sign of any--wait. coming in .35. i see them. i'm in range. target's coming up.

just hold them offfor a few seconds. close up formation. almost there. you'd better let her loose.they're right behind me. i can't hold them. it's away! it's a hit! negative, didn't go in. it just impacted on the surface.

red leader,we're right above you. turn to .05.we'll cover for you. stay there. i just lostmy starboard engine. get set up for your attack run. rebel base,one minute and closing. biggs, wedge,let's close it up. we're going in full throttle.that ought to keepthose fighters off our back. right with you, boss. luke, at that speed, will yoube able to pull out in time?

it'll be just likebeggars canyon back home. we'll stay backfar enough to cover you. my scope shows the tower, but i can't seethe exhaust port. are you surethe computer can hit it? watch yourself.increase speed, full throttle. what about that tower? you worry about those fighters! i'll worry about the tower!

r2, that stabilizer'sbroken loose again. see if you can't lock it down. fighters coming in .3. i'm hit! i can't stay with you! get clear, wedge. you can'tdo any more good back there. sorry. let him go.stay on the leader. hurry, luke. they're coming inmuch faster this time.we can't hold them. r2, try and increase the power.

hurry up, luke! quick! quick! rebel base,30 seconds and closing. i'm on the leader. hang on, r2. obi-wan: use the force, luke. let go, luke. the force is strongwith this one. luke, trust me.

his computer's off. luke, you switched offyour targeting computer! nothing. i'm all right. [eeeeee] i've lost r2! the death starhas cleared the planet. rebel base in range. you may fire when ready. commence primary ignition.

i have you now. yahoo! you're all clear, kid!now let's blow this thingand go home! stand by. great shot, kid!that was one in a million! obi-wan: remember, the force will be with you always. [cheering] hey! hey! i knew you'd come back.i just knew it.

well, i wasn't goingto let you get all the creditand take all the reward. hey, i knew there wasmore to you than money. oh, my.r2, can you hear me? say can repair him, can't you? we'll get to work on himright away. you must repair him. sir, if any of my circuitsor gears will help,i'll gladly donate them. he'll be all right. [whistle]

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