Thursday, July 21, 2016

puppets amongus

[laughing] the nuke! where'd you get it? what? you want one?! [scoffs] copy-bat... [grunts] [snickers] get away from him! i'm handling this... you drugged me!

made me--- son... first metropolis... people you love tend to blow up, don't they? superman! don't! that's why i like you, superman. you're much more gullible than--- you think you can have a family... ...that locking me up will magically reform me...

...and they'll be safe! so big, so dumb! now run along so i can break out of here! i've got lots of planning to do to top this! that's enough! i know it's soon but... ...think you'll ever love again? maybe you won't kill your next family! wonder woman! aquaman! let's wrap this up...

i've gotta get to the watchtower. before luthor throws something else at us... doomsday! should've been a combined assault. clark sometimes forgets he can't do everything himself! you're interrupting tonight's entertainment, raven! i detest violence, luthor...but i'm even less fond of you! [yells] thought you'd have this mess cleaned up by now!

name's cyborg; not miracle worker. nightwing to batman, you there? we could use your help. after i check out arkham...i've have to make sure luthor didn't bust him out or--- no kidding! we're getting' our butts handed to us! be there soon, dick. we're keeping' a close eye on him, batman, just like you said. he hasn't moved in hours! what in the h***?

what is that?! how'd joker do this? he didn't. the real trap... behind us. you're so clever. you're luthor's pet now, deathstroke? his money's green! and as a bonus...i get to kill batman. sorry, deathstroke. no bonus for you. batman to watchtower: come in.

nightwing! shazam! green arrow! what was that? thunder of the gods, flash. thunder of the gods. what does that make us? the poor slobs who clean up the mess... now, if there are no further interruptions--- took me almost two minutes to break your encryption. nice work. bane!

[speaks spanish] now i break your back! bane, catwoman, grundy... you're all alone, luthor. geniuses often are. psychopaths like you--- you hero types are all alike: even less imposing close up! you're testing my patience! resigned to throwing toys?

d*** you! time to teach you humility! try this on, genius! superman: report! it's done. the others are mopping up. i'm taking doomsday into deep space. make sure it's very deep space. what's that? it's the none-of-your-d***-business alarm.

radiological...metropolis... [chuckles] i can see the headlines! justice league fails! clown kills millions! you gave him a nuke?! most of the league dies...and superman's beloved city is vaporized! i console the masses by offering to rebuild my own image of cour---! he was done. this is batman! code red! everyone to these coordinates now!

baldy said remember to... ah! there we are! mr. j! it works! oh! [giggles] uh-oh. back to the van, harley. bats and i need to talk. but, puddin--! [slaps] go!

no one likes a third wheel... batman! [speaks french] i knew that ape deathstroke couldn't kill you! too bad for you. why so jumpy? i've merely took it off standby. it's this button you've gotta worry about! there they are! keep him talking, bruce! don't wait for us, barry. go!

you push that button and eight million die! eight million and two, darling. i was going to enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance... but now that you're here...what say we have one last dance? what the h***'s the matter with this thing?! this is somehow your fault! metropolis...and yet--- maybe i was too sentimental before...i'll be fine without you! now stay down...

[groans] ...and keep quiet. [sirens blaring] hands up! i said hands up, bat-freak! do it or you're dead! now that's funny! hands up! hands in the air! [alarm blaring]

amateurs, next time wipe your drive! they're not insurgents? just some punks. like that joker clan idiot we almost had! still can't believe we freakin' lost batman! yeah. let's hope the big boss doesn't find out! i'm in a nightmare. gotham. sort of. so...temporal displacement? alternate earth?

could be either. we may have jumped to a different dimension. or events in our own timeline have changed and we're in a new, altered present. we need to determine which. soon. if joker's bomb detonated, we have to get back. the watchtower should've picked up any anomalies, right? the watchtower might not exist. i can't make contact. we need to find out! once my ring is charged, i can get us there. the atlantis archives.

if this is an altered timeline, we might find a record of the triggering event there. assuming there's an atlantis. it's worth investigating. let's you and i check things out here. ring, where's the nearest power battery? the ferris aircraft facility in coast city. well, at least that hasn't changed. stay low. i'll be back asap. where did you say the battery was?

carrol ferris' office. left at the next hallway, third door on the right. it's the fourth door... [distant screams in pain] [indistinct conversation] raven? cyborg? this is your final chance to accept the high councilor's amnesty, deathstroke! get re-educated in your boot camp? become a you?! the boss is bein' generous.

i wouldn't. most of the titans died in metropolis five years ago. gah, i had nothing to do with that! doesn't matter! you're still on the wrong side of the law! tell this to your boss: [spits] this how things work here? so you're green again? something's not right. he's hal jordan...yet--- stand down! you're done here!

definitely not ours! you feel his pain? not yet... after we're done with deathstroke, how 'bout the three of us go talk to the high councilor? enough! whoever you are, you're under arrest! guess i won't be getting anymore lip from her! now who's this high councilor? the one who's turned you into a second-rate thug? i'll show you second-rate! talk. you. now.

okay. let's talk about the mess o' trouble you're in! and how i'm gonna knock that head sideways! head's still on straight. d*** scum. you shoulda killed me. get off me! look, i'm not with them! whoever you are...they know you now. they catch ya--- you have the stones to refuse their amnesty?

who are they working for? who's the only one who can keep minnows like them in line? hal, are you there? hal! wonder woman. get back [static] sinestro [static] sinestro? he's holding citizens [static] on my way! i need to charge my ring. then you and i are gonna take a little trip---

i'll be happy to see green arrow die again! wonder woman, green arrow, now hal jordan? this just keeps getting better! you amuse me, jordan! eat this, sinestro! oppressing your home planet isn't enough, sinestro? the one earth government is similar to mine on korugar... an alliance was logical! so for now i tolerate humans...even hal jordan!

my doppelg√£¤nger has joined your side... as did all who wish to live... i'm resisting arrest...again. you okay? hal! someone call me? you're sinestro corp?! sinestro's right. fear's more effective than willpower.

so ya ditched green and went yellow. the color of cowardice. i'm still about order, like the guardians. i'm sure they're very proud--- santimony's easy when you--- save it! time to kick my a**! well, that was surreal. and a bit disturbing. yeah, all that yellow's really tough on the eyes.

we need to move. hiding from the cops...aren't there any good guys here? there just might be... nothing yet? the energy signature from the park doesn't match anything in the database... why don't i just vibrate at the same frequency as the energy signature and follow them? because we don't know if they went somewhere dangerous. or if they went anywhere at all. superman's right. it's too risky.

too bad i wasn't fast enough to catch 'em in the first place. we'll find 'em. we have to. a pleasure most rare, your highness. i need information on surface world governments: history of the current structure. ah! for the treaty negotiations with the high councilor? yes...the treaty discussions... i'm afraid our resources are limited. superman has been less than willing to reveal his regime's inner workings. tell me what you know. recount the events of his ascension.

a thorough review might eliminate new strategies for negotiation. i am humbled, sire. five years ago, the criminal joker deceived superman into killing his wife and unborn son... ...and destroying metropolis. consumed by grief, superman killed the joker. yes...we all remember where we were that day. afterword, he showed no restraint. judge, jury, and executioner, he and other like-minded meta-humans quickly reigned in the criminal element. which made him quite popular.

the surface world was desperate for strong leadership... superman consolidated his power; he created the one earth government. democratic institutions were swept away. sire. the high councilor's envoys await you in the throne room. flash, shazam...welcome! your highness, it's an honor to meet you. and to be the first surface people to visit atlantis! yes...we have important matters to discuss: the treaty. the final draft; superman is glad you agreed to his terms.

may i? is there a problem, your highness? this is complete subjugation: superman will rule atlantis! it's what you agreed to. it's what we expect. you threaten me? tread carefully. we have our orders. you can tell superman: he will not have atlantis! and i meant that!

your orders be d****ed. let's not take this any further: i want to talk to superman. you don't talk to superman! you do what he wants! and you're gonna do what you promised! you two make sorry diplomats. there he is, sire! well then, parallel dimension it is. who do you work for, usurper? manta? ocean master? i'm the king of atlantis!

i answer to no one! unlike you... mind your tongue. you would give away your kingdom like a pair of worn a surface dweller? the treaty requires superman to maintain earth's oceans... ...and recognize our autonomy! you put your army at his beck and call! a necessary compromise. more like appeasement.

i grow tired of this. take him! i had planned to offer you help. i've changed my mind! now let's discuss a revised foreign policy. kill him! what now? they do tend to fight first, don't they? though i may have stoked the fires a bit... ares! why are you here?

i feed on conflict. until today, i've been starving. i sensed the return of aggression and sought its cause. you did more than that! you brought us here! no...but i can guess who did. my fire doesn't need stoking, ares. tell me who! you presume to command me? i do. and you will obey! you're weak, ares. superman's reign has nearly eliminated conflict.

left me virtually powerless... so if you didn't bring us here, who did? those who would end superman's rule...the insurgents. heroes? only one. all other heroes who challenged superman have been eliminated. he killed them. and the only ones left are those who joined him? along with a small cadre of former villains.... ...whose loyalty was bought or coerced.

i need to join my colleagues. they're with the insurgents as we speak. send me to them. how'd you get here? ares. not our ares. we know. meet not-our-batman. i was wondering how to retrieve you from atlantis. headache? trying to prevent one.

it's a durability enhancer. 5u-93r. how can a pill allow-- kryptonian nanotech. increases the tensile strength of bone and tissue by several thousand percent. bats can tell you the rest later if you're havin' trouble sleepin'. he borrowed the recipe from superman; supes gives it to his flunkies. yes...met a couple of our evil twins. they're not evil. most obey superman out of fear or they believe he's right and have lost perspective. so you're the only one left. not the only one.

what is this? how are you even alive?! he's with me. unlike your luthor, i've never indulged in law-breaking. superman doesn't suspect his best friend is funding the insurgency. luther's involvement is a secret. people critical of superman disappear. government officials. activists. reporters. well now that we're all here...explain why you chose us. and why you didn't ask before yankin' us over! we were kinda busy.

the nuclear didn't go off. your transfer somehow prevented it. how do you know about-- we've been monitoring your world for some time. you four specifically. i have a weapon to take down superman. a kryptonite-based laser that-- hold on! a kryptonite weapon? you kill him, you're no better than he is. i didn't say kill. it'll incapacitate him, nothing more. the weapon's in the batcave. i need your dna to unlock it. the collar's working! good. re-education wasn't going to effect him.

mmm. you sure you don't want me to stay? kal. i know you didn't lose your super-hearing. are you okay with this? with us?

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