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muppets beaker

theme ho let's go badly here with episode 53 of interstellar quest we returned to oneof are surface probes from our eve explorerspacecraft where it will oldest same to the surfaceof even its last trip it will air cat and old enter into theclouds getting in folded by the purple giant and on it so we don't it purple surfaceit will collate all sorts of scientific information

and hopefully beams some of it backthat's why we had to aim for the daytime site because theonly power this has are those too little solar panels and wewant to transmit as much as possible on the way downrunning at four times time acceleration were picking up a deal what of spin here which is goingto make a very hard to select scientific instruments might slow things down a deal little the parachute is already arm so even ifi lose power it should fire

deploy the correct time and altitude market bag go in there so we got abuncha sensors on this atmosphere sensor some of the sensorsindicate large concentrations of sulfur dioxide mission control insist that despitecontaining oxygen the gas is not berryville reasonable butmy god the materials react to the situationmission control comments on your vagueness yes it they're spinning around likesomething insane no

getting extra exposed to the plasma isuppose okay we slaughter cells don't quite alot can we still can recollect high altitudedata before we get outta this spin reform we go to law their ago observed the goose seems to doa little dance is it bounces around the container something needs to be fixed for 23 .5rate okay we're trying to get into theseother instruments will prove useful ha k low gravity data

okay do that at this altitude liquidchromatograph nope ok there's the parachute deployingand we are on the drogue chute high in the atmosphere aviv clouds areso few weak acid to can't be found yeah a the screen is displayingtemperature information does continuously bad puns et cetera etcetera the barometer is reading the samepressure as sea level of occur bid this would be fine if not forthe vast amount to sky still below you i neva sphere et ceteraet cetera okay think we've got everything here it's nojust a case of making sure

that we make are we to the surface withbest possible he east just seeing them were worried likea barbecue rule here all look at the clouds still flying on beneath those ready to corrodeis a way for nothing oh the borough mister would be broken if not for its ability to move thedecimal really far to the right it yes lotta pressure light atemperature this is not a pretty place to be we've already got the temperature onthat and while all really continues a

descent at a much faster pace i'll point out the date is in fact april1st when this is published so for everyone asking for their scottmanley is my real name know my real name is in fact maximilianpowers born awesome dude i can also confirm that you regard wasnot in fact the first man to orbit the earth however he was the first man to land onthe moon where he found dinosaurs nazis and several pokemon okay we're a bit foreclosures up stillfalling under the stroll

let's ditch but that didn't work better i was hoping to build to ditch my heatshield to make my landing a little more on you careful but that doesn't seem tohave worked at all in fact it seems that that has slowed by descent but they p shield is firmly stuck to the bottomof my space craft perhaps some interaction with theatmosphere is holding it in place i either chemical are dynamic look allthere's there all look is starting to come off itwould be kinda looks like a motha their slick beaker from the muppets maybemaybe maybe you see it is

is be it's like the beaker probe if youguys don't know what i'm talking about the should go and see the muppetsbecause muppets are awesome we fought way barrier i he says mysteryi'm sorry i grew up with the muppets named sesame street came on in like up the no-look there we go that's it we'refinally getting rid of it it adobe kors losing is marathe just getting okay said no we r don't 29 meters per second the wheel or stillin the upper atmosphere here we still have no more in use science at thisaltitude

i'll look we are being passed by ourheat shield the supposedly heavy hichi all waywayward membership goal we might no okay course it's a two-stageshoot that sneaky shoots trying to confuse me all regardless known about 500 meters up surely i'm low enough to startcollecting a law atmosphere signs from this bar owners are look am wait a second why is it notdoing that show spurt quit second as low temperature

the screen is displaying all temperaturepuns not very good come on hone law is lot was here science stillno indication as to why it's also purple barometer yes barometer would be brokenet cetera et cetera me gas chromatograph here instead ofdistant clouds are so few weak acid found in the higher atmosphere it exists as he he's okay no seismometer just yet soon yourtime we shall come soon mister size are mister there is much for you to learn their are

or hopefully me to seismometers actuallywork in in the liquid in the seas i was a base awater but this is not water i think we've decided this is probablysome sort of mercury base rocket fuel so you know as i said die ethyl diedmethylmercury that would be the stuff hideously toxicwill pass straight through rubber let yada yada yada come on you're like22 beaters up this is taking so long oh wow yeah this is taken solong i'll just just time accelerate i am veryvery quickly to the ocean here hoping that some awesome stuff will behere oh wait

i think africa up to turn on their voicechanger and you're hearing me without my fake scottish accent almost there and dodged a touched slash dad a nothing caught fire which is pointswhat actually i'm surprised because you know the repeated knocks ties withcarbon dioxide nitrogen and are gone none of those things tend to combustwith diet for mercury or die methylmercury you know i getthose confused all the time as do certain people that fear you knowwhere vaccines and things like that

okay so what's cool what we gonna do wewanna activate things here log the temp surethe liquid appears to be read eating heat why that's fascinating the google appears to have merged withthe leak we don't know if contaminated the oceans i'm observe materials bay i'm the jail samples begin to evaporatemaking orange colored smoke you suddenly wonder if this could be used to make colored exhaust i'm

the needle spins wildly before thedevice caves in and begins to fears mmm perhaps the oceans are in fact so da i would be nice corsair you know coca-cola is legendarily corrosive has supposedly that would be consistentwith the so that the descriptions a eaves oceansle gravity deter you feel lucky you are sinking yes will the probe should meanwhile backin space the ee loo and i know explorer i guess

is gonna have to meet a coursecorrection slurry arrives at ilu in a boat a year and a half yes somebody noticed last the previousepisode that this was in my taint able and you should get in to see this thingunfortunately it's still a year and a half a week from the target there we go burncompleted what do we see we see what we take it the maneuver node and there a one-year a hundred and tendays okay so its one and a third years not one anda half years

living not so swiftly on we have thissecond upper atmosphere probes once again making its debut on the giant purple stage that is eve dropping myperry abstain to just under 60 kilometers and making well a crossing my fingers a boy itwould cross fingers up and actually had robot manipulators but instead it just flips around theback of the planet ads stars2 interact with that purplegoodness that is eve know who i will point out this summershe noticed that one of these

up both these experiments were in fact open and that is absolutely true theyhave not been transmitted the were intended for the app astronautpick them up but instead a he forgot at me float offinto well eighty eve and i don't think he'sgoing to be going to you retrieve the data from theseexperiments good thing we still have something on this space craft on the on the eve explorer to actually acollecting this data for him so all i needed to do was resetthe experiments because they had been

transmitted anyway this thing continues to descendthrough the atmosphere like a thing and falling very very quickly now thegame is telling me that these are clouds are horrific lee toxic and dangerous thingsthat frankly my degrees in interior design anddecoration are telling me that that purple is more offensive tothe a high is than to any other senses did i see interior designpart me slip of the tongue i what i really meantto say was my degrees in

astrology because of course it's veryimportant to be able to protect people's their reactions to colors by looking at the day they were born inthe arrangement of the stars in the sky which will have a hugely important effect upon their livesyes yes astrology is incredibly important tomy channel as you understand you know i am beingvery careful to coordinate the release of my videos so that the elaine with the natural rhythms of theuniverse and bring harmony to everything

it's very important to understand theharmonic major op youtube and how the happened fool all of catchvideos well actually brain the earth to a new state been lightenedbeing this is what i have learned through myat work in astrology and after that long earned the same towe r finally just a boat to touch down on thesurface the actual surface of eve parolee int there we have it

finally solid ground which means theseismometer will actually be able to do its work but well we have to wait for their things toclear that for the experiments to clear right now what does what does the signs juniorhave to say this samples appear to be torn betweentheir allegiance to green and their new environment of purple the turn in indecisive she'd a blue what we need is commander about over tosolve this particular problem

which is a mystery good think the girllooks very purposely actually the correct term ispurple ish if you ask me what else do we have thermometer the temperature is so hotthe thermometer was to slap you in the face yes a liquid chromatograph doesn't doanything useful gravity data just looking at the rideau makes youfeel heavier yes 1.75 or something is it its not pretty barometer

app is here yes i could have told youthat without sending that expensive instrument k what other ones we have thechromatograph the atmospheres a eve seemed to consistof prime early of carbon dioxide and nitrogen well that's convenient and the size of which are finallygetting in touch with its inner eve this sensor has detected possibleseismic activity below the surface run-ups urinalysis as you analyze the pressure around youyou start to feel very hesitant

about sending any credible so that their it's a good thing i didn't bring anywith me because otherwise um i would be sending remote sitesexcept for a quick all look around okay so that is thatmuch of the surface science done letters move swiftly on and back intothe skies above the eve out to in fact the moon's a boat eve the eve satellite is coming in for its finalencounter with gigli is relatively low steals less thana hundred meters per second but as we've seen this thing doesaccelerate

a rather more slowly than many thingsthat accelerates very slowly and for that matter it decelerates veryslowly because deceleration is of course the same thing as acceleration but they're spelleddifferently that's what physics taught me an early bike turning me the and 10 allthe way around and looking over its shoulder were able to get 30 megawatts 30 megawatts a-power which confuses the maneuver node systemto

make it not sure where the actualmaneuvers gonna be and solar after a bit of burning and abit of thinking a bit of consideration what we're trying to do is slow orencounter below still their ec it's like not sure frigginencounter once more so i make another trim a just need totry and bring the spacecraft into it closer encountersooner with gilly trying to make sure that when we do encounter it we will haveplenty of time to slow down now as we are about to cross into thesphere of influence aviv there should be

some new signs for me to collect that's thewhole reason this satellite is here it has these nice magnetometers whichunfortunately are both carrying store to deter fromaround eve so if i want to get a reading on gilliamgonna have to dump wanna these at least temporarily so why do yet i load the data it certainly didn'tcapture a magnetic field so i do that and that means i'm gonnahave to fly out of the sphere of influence again andthen back in

to collect the scientific data anyway itdoesn't just have the magnetometers on it it has a whole host of otherscientific instruments only one of which is useful the loggravity detailed gravity detail for logs the gravity is ridiculous plane curveball on gayley might end up putting the ball into orbit except that it would fall back darrenbecause we all do with you can't do that anyway after a quick excursion out ofegg gillis a sphere of influence to get the dataand falling back and i have the burn of half in meter per second tounfortunately i only have about 300

kilowatts a bit of monkeying around with this itgets me some more power is ok 350 and you could see how ridiculous the thethrusters that this it is absolutely minuscule i on enginesgenerate more thrust than this but interstellar don't care it's justproducing a relief spectacular a you both engine effects for this thingregardless of the fact of how little thrusters actually generating look we may shouldno cover

are at predicted maneuvered owned by 8.1meters per second accepted the wobbling in the space craftis bigger than that and you can see why from this angle youcan see that the planet qurban is there at the point at which i'm it perryabstract gigli is on the far side to that thing so the only place i'm getting power fromare those solar power arrays which really still are even close to their properposition regardless they get there and we back itkerbal space center the boys from the

aviation team helped by bill chairman bob have come upwith the new single stage two orbits spaceplane thatthis will be filling in for the rocket launchers which are i really needed to send deploy thatsolar network these will hopefully be carrying stuffto new york herbal orbit they'll be able to launch just as oftenor at least the bill too much in between the regular the the rocketlaunchers i'll unfortunately we haven't worked onthe cabin just yet

i should prolly get much for that butthere goes it using the be named saber engine it has thoselittle intakes on the site attached tointercoolers the main fuse elijah is at be nine winsa car will be in there we have a couple a nuclearengines on the side and we are not reallyexhilarating as fast as i would like because i am trying to pitch up and i'm stillnot getting any response here just tweaking the y'all at the role tokeep an eye on the runway come on bitch

gemacht bicho up are there we go we r airborne and we are heading even tothis guys we have very important mission for this thing on so the first place this is gonna visitis going to be there at the power station in orbit at know you'll notice that whenclicking here that there is some fuel imbalance building up i'm not surewhat's causing this but i'm going to use to fuel balance for tobalance all the fuel but everyone will be reallyhappy and will keep streets and i'll

keep progressively balancing the fuelbetween the tanks and stop saying going %uh it does appear to be horrific lee hard to fly it just wantsto also lead up and down all the time but this flew a lot better during thetest when it didn't have appeal orders well but it's able to claim up at about ahundred 1890 meters per second or promotion going in a 10 degree claimhere that will mean that week with the noisesin the twenty degree claiborne actual

velocity vectors near 250 degrees atthis point no unfortunately it with this runs intoa minor problem on the way up you see a i've already mentioned thatthe control surfaces get weaker when she hit about mach 1 because a player assupersonic effect what happens is as i reach about 10kilometers i start really pick up speed at whichmeans my control surfaces get weaker which means my nose starts to go down anice start to have a real trouble gaining altitude anda ended up spending way too much timegetting this thing actually into orbit

but of course will see this thing doing its job inorbit in the next episode until then i'm scott manley fly safe yes, i made all that stuff up.

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