Tuesday, July 19, 2016

puppets 3 lyrics

(welcome back show) welcome to the welcome back show. this is a show that tests the limits of man. today's challenge is to not blink in any situation. let's welcome today's challenger to the stage. richard kim! nice to meet you. nice to meet you, richard kim.

if you succeed in all 3 rounds today, you will win $1 million. surprise. richard, are you confident that you won't blink? i was born with my eyes open. wow, surprise. what are you doing? what was that? what? what? - amazing, he doesn't close his eyes. / - of course.

then we'll move on to round 1. round 1 is putting toothpaste under your eyes. okay, come on. right here... - i'll count to 10. / - okay, come on. 10. 9. 8. 7.

6. 5. wait, do i look okay? you closed your... - oh, you didn't... / - what are you on about? i was looking in the mirror. we'll continue. 4. 3.

2. make sure you don't try this at home. - 1! 1! it's over. / - richard kim! he did it. we'll be back in just a moment. now it's time for the q&a. this is the question. here it is. what should you do if someone attacks you with a knife?

i'm curious. but this is all you have to remember. block, twist, drop. we'll see it through an experiment. we have our a.i. robots. the dummy brothers. start the experiment. block. twist. drop...

oops. if someone attacks you with a knife, just run. that was the dummy brothers. we'll begin round 2 of richard kim's challenge. - richard kim. / - yes. - are you ready? / - yes. the challenge for round 2... is breaking a gourd on your head. okay.

- make sure you don't blink. / - okay. i don't blink. here i go. wait, wait. right here. okay then. 1... oh, you're counting. - 1... hit me on 3. / - okay.

1, 2... richard kim! did you close your eyes? i didn't. richard kim succeeds! we'll be back in just a moment. welcome back. now it's time to meet mr. bob. let's call him together. 1, 2, 3.

mr. bob! hello, i'm mr. bob. someone sent me this story today. "mr. bob, i bought some chips yesterday. but my sibling ate them and i'm upset. what do i do?" you should've eaten it all yesterday! you did the wrong thing. don't make the same mistake next time.

i'll teach you better ways to eat food today. today it's a kebab. looks good, right? first, put the tortilla on your right hand. now be careful because this is hot. grab it like this with the tortilla... and eat it just like that. what do you think? easy, right? this time i'll teach you how to eat a hotdog.

you just have to open your mouth real wide... it's unfair because only i get to eat, right? then today, i'll give it to someone in the audience. let's see... okay, this gentleman here. you look very hungry. here, take this. thank you. the sausage is the best part to a hotdog.

this has been mr. bob. that was mr. bob. let's begin round 3 of richard kim's challenge. richard, are you okay? yes. of course. for round 3... we'll pop a balloon right next to your face. please blow up the balloon. don't close your eyes, richard.

the balloon is getting bigger. richard kim... - now... / - hello? - yes, mom. / - richard? i'm doing a recording. - richard? / - it's my mom. - richard! / - it's my mom! the phone is off. let's get ready again.

i'll pop the balloon at the count of three. don't close your eyes. 1. you've failed! hey! who wouldn't close their eyes! richard kim's challenge continues next time. do something that makes sense! welcome back! (she was pretty)

the girls will say i'm cool with my glasses. here they come. oh, right. nami. - yeah? / - you know... what do you think of this guy? do you like him? i do. he hates you. then why ask me? you're such a sly fox.

geez. hey, pretty. - oh, ilgwon. hi! / - hey. you're wearing glasses today. - you look so intelligent. / - yeah? i'm studying a lot these days. oh, ilgwon! you don't even have lens! - hey! / - you don't look cool at all.

why you... - are you okay? / - i'm okay. pretty, look at this. what could it be? i wonder what it is. pretty... they were selling accessories for cheap so i bought them all. - my goodness! / - choose one. this one.

you chose a pretty one. ilgwon, i want one too. you don't get to choose. no! i want to choose too! you don't get to choose! why won't you let me choose? they're all yours anyway! you're such a rascal. such a rascal.

you're a rascal. ilgwon. which one of these suits me the best? i'll tell you... this one! ugly. pretty, what did you do yesterday? i watch the movie "la boum." oh, the movie with this classic scene?

this? my goodness. how sweet... my teeth are going to rot. now that i see it... you look like sophie marceau. - what did you say? / - what's wrong? i'm prettier. oh, that's right.

i really like sophie marceau. - really? / - she's my ideal type. standards are way too high. what? what? i said your standards are too high. yeah, i have high standards. that's why i like you! what a rascal. then...

between sophie marceau and me... sophie marceau! - you didn't hear the question. / - sophie marceau! ugly... 1, 2. goodness, goodness. - 1, 2, cha cha cha. / - what are you doing? - 1, 2, cha cha cha. / - what dance is this? i've been learning dance sports.

right. i'll be your partner. - let's dance. you're good. / - really? 1, 2, cha cha cha. goodness, turn, turn. - oh, my. / - what's wrong? i'm dizzy. then take a seat and have a rest. there you go.

- 1, 2, cha cha cha. / - what the? turn, turn! i'm dizzy. why are you spinning me? so that you can lean on me! ilgwon, i'm really dizzy. - you are? / - yeah. then come here. and throw up. i'll pat you on the back. throw up, ugly.

i'm really dizzy! you are? i have something to drink. wait. i'll give it to you. nami, here you go. thanks. ilgwon... why can't you take your eyes off my lips? seeing them from up close... you have so much facial hair!

shave once in a while! are you man? ilgwon! how can you say that to a girl? - what? / - want to die? - do you? / - no, i want to live! with you! you're such a rascal... (manly men) hey.

why did you call me out at this hour? i heard you cry day and night after you broke up with your girlfriend. look, you really cried. look at these tear marks. what are you on about? i just yawned. you got dumped too! i'm not the same as you. i broke up because she did the wrong thing. really? why exactly did you break up?

i sent her a chat message last friday night. "what are you doing?" "i'm sleeping at home," she replied. so i said, "if you're really home... wear what i bought you last time, hold your alarm clock in your hand and take a photo and send it to me!" i said that to her. - is that why you broke up? / - yes.

she said i'm the craziest guy she's met. she said lets never meet again. the thing is... she wasn't home then. - she was out. / - stop it. you've broken up. you need to learn from me. i do it american style. it's just over once we break up. we're strangers. have you really gotten over her?

i don't even remember her. drink up. you talk like a big shot. but what's this? - what? / - what do we have here? isn't this a couple's ring? isn't it? i'm not lying. i was going to take it off as soon as we broke up. but it won't come off. i think i've gotten fat. even soap and oil won't work. i want to throw it out...

oh, really? let me try. - it won't come off. / - wait a minute. you took it off real easy. you're really good. i was really going to throw it out. - you were? / - yeah, i was. i live american style. - it's gone. / - hey, good riddance. - drink, drink. / - let's drink up.

let's tidy this up a bit. it's so messy. i like to clean up as i drink. it's a waste to throw it out. - really? / - i'll give it to my new girlfriend. why? because i'm frugal. i don't like to waste things. i'm so annoyed. why? i'm going to break up with my girlfriend.

why? did you catch her clubbing? i don't care who she meets at the club. - you don't care if she goes grinding? / - nope. then why do you want to break up? yesterday... we went shopping at dongdaemun in the evening. she paid for the taxi and we bought this and that and it was late. then on the way home, i paid for the taxi.

we should break up, right? i paid for the taxi on the way home. what's wrong with that? i paid for the taxi late at night. - you don't mean... / - that's not it, right? she paid $6 for the taxi. i had to pay extra for the late night charge. $7.20. shouldn't she have given me 60 cents? if she's human?

otherwise she should've gotten off and walked home when the fare reached $6. if she's human. if she's been properly educated. - am i in the wrong? / - no, you're not. - technically no. / - not technically. but you shouldn't really... i'm off. where are you going?

where do you think? i'll get my 60 cents back or break up with her. i have to sort this out. okay, good luck! - that guy... / - he's a mess. stop checking her sns! what are you doing? i'm checking your ex's sns. why would you check hers? i pressed something on my news feed

and it went to her page. wait. look... she traveled to jeju-do by herself. really? she still hasn't gotten over me. she's taking trips to forget about me. wait a minute. she went alone but who took this photo of her at hallasan? probably someone walking by at hallasan.

what about this one in front of a dol hareubang? probably someone walking by the dol hareubang. what about this one inside the hotel room? someone walking by the hotel room... no one should be passing by there. of course not. maybe she set up the tripod by herself and set a timer for the photo. am i being a loser? - a total loser? / - am i?

such a loser. you losers. stalking your ex's sns. geez. don't you do that, mister? i don't. once it's over, it's over. even if i want to look them up, i can't remember her name. - give us some chopsticks. / - okay.

just one. hana! why is your sns on private setting? why won't you let me follow you? why did you check my message and delete it? hana... mister, are you okay? i'm okay. you forget about it once you shout like this.

eat up, boys. just make sure you clean up afterwards. don't worry. i'm great at cleaning up. - are you? / - yes. then can you clean up my heart? no matter how much i clean, why can't i forget you? have you forgotten about me? why are you so cold-hearted?

- mister! / - mister! i can't believe he's worse than us. what's going on? weren't you sorting things out with your girlfriend? i don't think it's right to go to her for 60 cents at this hour. yeah, good thinking. so i told her to come here. i'll have to spend more taxi fare if i go.

what? am i in the wrong? no... you're a true manly man. (real sound) hello! we will change the onomatopoeia you use in everyday life to be more detailed and precise. we are real sound or rs. this is today's sentence. he went "smack" and ate the ice cream.

the sound of eating ice cream here is "smack." doesn't this sound strange? so tell me everyone. eating ice cream... it's not like eating ice cream is kissing or something. who eats ice cream like this? who eats it like that? that's right. eating ice cream doesn't go "suck." it depends on the type of ice cream you're eating.

first... this is the sound of eating a popsicle. let's hear the precise pronunciation. real sound! next. what sound do we make when we eat a freezie? this is the sound. real sound.

what about ice cream in a tub? wasn't that really realistic? let's move on to chapter 2. he went "chatter" on the phone. the sound of talking on the phone, "chatter." so when we talk on the phone... who on earth says, "hey, chatter. chatter chatter. chatter chatter!"

who would ever say "chatter?" that's right. different people sound different on the phone. first, this is how married men sound on the phone. yeah, honey... it's a... no, that's not... yeah. i have to go.

then how do women sound on the phone? this is it. and then? really? the two of them? wait. i don't believe it! don't worry, i'll keep it a secret. did you hear? then what about middle-aged women.

how do they sound on the phone? goodness, how are you? oh, you're so silly. something's burning! let's revise what we learned today. first the sound of eating a freezie. a married man on the phone. hey, honey... i'm at...

that's not it... don't get married, guys. a woman on the phone. really? goodness! just a minute. it wasn't me! i didn't tell anyone. gosh. you told her, didn't you?

a middle-aged woman on the phone. oh, how are you? oh, you're so silly? why is it so warm? it's a fire! this has been real sound. thank you! (explosive situation) hey! hey! what are you guys digging?

is it an underground tunnel? we're looking for the kimchi we buried. did we scare you? i was a little scared but nothing more, nothing less. don't do that. you'll cause a misunderstanding. here's the mask you requested last time. comrade yang, we don't have to worry about yellow dust anymore with these.

- try them on. / - we can breathe clean air. - what is this? / - comrade yang! what is this? hurry up and change these. forget it. i already bought it for you. hurry up and change them. once you've bought something in korea it's done. that's the law. no exchanging. according to south korean consumer protection law

you can get an exchange or refund within one week of purchase. what are you on about? change these right now! if you want it that bad, then call a courier yourselves. but i guess you guys don't have courier deliveries. we have a faster way of delivery than you guys. faster way? how? rocket delivery. want me to send one to your house?

just give us the address, we'll fire one right now. send this via rocket delivery right now. - i'll do it right now... / - okay, i'll change it. don't fire. stop firing! don't fire... - sergeant kim. / - yeah? don't stress about that and check out this special meal i brought for you. hey, what's this?

oh, it's the hamburgers we get twice a week. i'm just so sick of eating these... hamburgers... that's an outright lie. what soldier could eat those expensive burgers as a special meal? i'll go over and confirm whether it's a burger or not. don't even think about it. that's no hamburger.

this is a hamburger. seeing the oil on your stomach... you really do look rich and handsome. comrade jang! your brown nosing really sets my heart on fire. i'm only telling the truth. oh, i'm so sick of them saying that. - hey, un. come here. / - yes, sir. do you know what this is?

an army burger, sir. oh, you know. i was going to give this to you, but i only have one so i can't. well what can i do, i only have one? halfsies, sir. how do you know what halfsies is? - don't use slang like that, okay? / - yes, sir. - eat up. / - thank you, sir.

why do you look so down today? i'm supposed to get a break and go on a blind date. but what if i act too much like a soldier and the girl doesn't like me? there's a simple way to overcome that. when you're on break, don't wear hats like this. put on a snapback like this. if you walk around hongdae like this who would think you're a soldier?

they'll think you're a hip hopper. as if you can impress the girls with that? you need to dress like this for the ladies. that's so old-fashioned. i can't believe how out of fashion you are. don't you know what this is? this is gd fashion. your faces are totally different. your face is totally rotten.

hey... hey, what's wrong? bang, bang, bang. hey, you scared me! comrade yang, are you okay? - 'this is, this is tiresome' / - stop it, stop it! stop that. you'll get rejected by a girl 100% like this. don't do that. isn't it time for that comrade's break?

he's right. why aren't you off? it hasn't been confirmed yet. what? jongun! don't you dare utter that name! he said it hasn't been confirmed. i haven't received the date yet. jongil? - do you want to die? / - what? - what's wrong with you? / - i'll kill you!

what's wrong? (cooking goya) hello, i'm jung seunghwan of "cooking goya." he'll teach us fun and easy ways to cook tasty food. let's welcome chef goya! happy to be here. happy to be here. we've been waiting a week? - let's begin the show... / - wait. i was asking a question.

i was asking you. you should answer me. we've been waiting a week. yes! that wasn't a question. you didn't have to answer. he's so unique. so what are we cooking today? today, we'll cook roasted baby back ribs for newlyweds. roasted baby back ribs for newlyweds.

how does it differ from regular baby back ribs? you have to think of a romantic moment as you cook. oh, romantic moments. i've had romantic moments in my life. i went on a cruise ship with the girl i love. and she did this at the bow of the ship... she was doing this and enjoying the breeze. so i walked up from behind and hugged her. that must've felt so romantic!

all i could feel was her flab. i thought she was wearing a tube. the grip was incredible. what's going on here? where did this come from? i'm asking you. it's a question. you're supposed to answer me. please calm down, chef. please tell us about today's ingredients.

this is today's main ingredient. she's totally unpopular with the guys. she's never dated anyone in her life. but it's just a radish. why is she so unpopular? no charm. so she made a big decision. he sliced the radish in half. she went on a diet and became half her original size.

- through dieting. / - but that wasn't enough. so she... he's slicing the radish. she got a jaw reduction. - jaw reduction? / - but that wasn't enough either. she cut up her face and transformed. so she got plastic surgery. she became very delicate. so delicate...

you fox, you became so delicate. you've totally transformed. she should be popular with the guys now. the guys... she stole their hearts like soy sauce. he made radish soy sauce. through all this effort, she got married. to who? a guy with a hot body.

this is just back ribs. how is that a hot body? he has pumped back muscles. he has an amazing physique. he's really fit. he put it in water to remove the blood. he's having a bath. he's bathing himself? what have you got planned for tonight? i'll add the sauce to the meat now. you can't just go in like that!

the guy is having his bath and finishing up... then the wife goes, "honey! here i come!" that's scary. then the man will close the door and go back to his bath. that's scary. i'm sorry. you can't do it like that. - hold this. / - okay, i'll hold this. she can't approach like that.

she has to be gentle. the radish wife approaches like this... honey... have you finished your bath? oh, whatever! now they've entered the warm room. it's really heating up! it's sweet love like sesame salt! he's added the sesame salt.

i had a time like this once. i tried to get my wife in the mood so i put on some music, set up the wine, and lit 100 candles in the living room. she must've been moved to tears. the house went on fire. it all burned down. what do i do? i have nowhere to sleep.

i'm asking you a question. what do i do? i'm asking you. calm down... wait, look! the ribs are burning! goodness, chef. the ribs are all burnt. it's all burnt up inside too. he saw his wife's photo before plastic surgery.

she should've burned those. can't you love her for who she is? you have to answer me. this has been cooking goya. (veteran) hey, newbie. what's your role today? i'm playing the manager today. - you've prepared all the props, right? / - yes.

- learned all your lines? / - yes. - the sound director had an accident, right? / - yes. you play the sounds. the show is about to begin. geez... whatever! it's finally our debut after 6 years. i'd better do well since it's a live broadcast. i'll tune jonghyeok's guitar first.

it's supposed to make a sound... is it not plugged in? wait... i almost got turned into a real skull. going down. i'll get my stuff from the practice room and head to the tv studio. you're here. hey. where's sangeun?

he'll be here soon. - should we practice once without him? / - okay. let's get started... we'll get started... can we start? let's practice later. we have to leave soon. why isn't sangeun here? the boss will be here soon. director kim, we have no time. hurry it up.

there must be a lot of people in here. you go first. i'm back on. what the... why did the door stop opening? this door... i almost died. it's open. you guys.

we don't have much time till the live broadcast. hurry up and pack your instruments. why's the piano here? i enjoyed that. boss. sangeun's not here yet. sangeun got into an accident. he can't make it. - you guys prepare to debut. / - what? then who will play the drums?

director kim will bring a new member. you three will debut. i can't do that. - we can't debut without sangeun. / - hey! just do as you're told. what is director kim doing? hey, director kim. i told you to bring the youngest trainee. what's taking you so long? hurry it up!

here he comes. hey, he's too young. go and put him to sleep. it can't be helped. you two just debut. yeah, let's just do it. we've waited 6 years. if we don't debut now, we don't know when we will. how can we do that? we promised to debut together with sangeun.

have you forgotten? we won't go on air without sangeun. have you lost your mind? do you know how much i had to invest for this live broadcast? let me see. are you still okay? still okay? let's just debut.

move! are you okay? do you think i am? boss, if all three of us won't debut, we'll leave this agency. hey, you. do you know how much it'll cost if you cancel your contract? i'll pay you whatever you want!

how dare you... if you keep hitting me like this... what will you do about it? i'll just drop you. hey, don't do that... im jonghyeok, think hard about this. if you blow this live broadcast... you'll never make it in this industry. do whatever you want.

i'm leaving this agency. hey, you... was i always this heavy? i'll pay the contract cancellation fee with this. - with this? / - yes. - hey, just pay me with money. / - okay... i'm begging you. please let us debut together with sangeun. what is?

put it back on... why'd you slap me? stop taking my pants off. hey, not this. - not this. / - i have to pull them down. why are you doing this to me? (like family) sir. - congratulations on your 80th birthday. / - thanks.

i'll take some nice photos for you. - my family isn't here yet. / - that's right. dad! - mom. / - hello, our youngest. - dad, happy birthday. / - thanks. ta-da! i prepared a gift for you. why did you bring fish? i said gift not fish.

your birthday gift. guess what i bought? gift certificate! did someone die? why am i making a condolence call? i said gift certificate! you and i really can't communicate. that's why i told you learn some youngster words. that's why people call you an old codger.

- i said i'm sorry. / - you old fool. whatever i say goes in one ear and out the other. you talk too much, you rotten woman! are you looking down on me because i'm your second wife? yeah, i'm your second wife. i still go and tend the weeds of your first wife's grave. don't be like that, you two.

two? yeah, i'm number two. number two is going to weed number one's grave. make sure you pour some soju on it too. stop that. mom, dad. i'm here. - goodness. / - you're here. - happy birthday, dad. / - thanks.

- live a long life. / - thank you. but who reserved this cheap buffet? it was brother and his wife, wasn't it? i just don't like everything about them. i'll give them a piece of my mind today. - dad! / - mother, father, we're here. happy birthday. - happy birthday, father. / - thanks, thanks. - you're here. / - happy birthday, grandpa.

you shouldn't be like that, brother! how can you make reservations at such a cheap buffet like this for dad's 80th birthday? dad might be old and senile. but you shouldn't act senile! we reserved it in a hurry. you shouldn't be like that, sister-in-law! i've got my eyes on you. let's see if your birthday is at a cheap place like this.

oh, you think you're invited? everyone, calm down. i'll take the photo now. look this way. - don't blink. / - i forgot! i didn't bring in the radish greens drying on the roof! all the pigeons will eat it. i'll go and get them. hey, son. why is a man doing that? you stay out of this!

the more you do this, it gets harder on me! how dare you? bring my cane! dad, i'm 50 years old now. i'm stronger than you now. that's nothing to brag about. let's just take the photo. - smile. / - wait. what now? let me put on some blemish balm for the photo.

good thinking, son. goodness... that's much better. what are you doing to your dad? you should put it on here. - goodness. / - just a minute. putting that on won't solve anything. let me just take the photo. - i'll just take two shots. / - okay, i'm out of here.

- what now? / - what's wrong? he said two shots and looked at me. everyone stay here. number two will leave. i'll go and weed the grave. mother, sit down. - why mention the number two? / - apologize! - geez. / - gosh... i deserve to die for this.

i won't do that again. please let's just take the photo. hello? how can you say that? it's not like this is the first time we've done business. fine. the mart will only deliver if you spend a minimum of $20. i think the owner has gone too far.

i'll have to mention this on the ilsan mom's blog. hey, son. - shouldn't your wife do that? / - stay out of it, dad! i do the food shopping! do you know the joy of freebies at the mart? do you know the joy of grabbing the last piece of pork belly? why would i even know that? the freebies at the mart

are the only drug i'm allowed. don't be like that to dad, brother! this could be his last birthday. - don't say that. / - this is my last? dad, you stay quiet. the mention of pork belly is making me mad again. you shouldn't be like that, sister-in-law. when we went to the restaurant last time i suggested we order some more meat.

but you said let's get up and leave. do you think it's a waste of money when i eat? it just makes me lose my appetite. but you're so big for someone with no appetite. i don't believe this. why are you stirring fights today? - you bring me my cane! / - stay out of it, dad! i'm stronger than you now too. goodness.

please stop boasting about strength. - let's just take a photo. / - yeah. let's smile now. - smile. / - you all look so happy. so happy. just leaving me out. i guess i'm not even family. yeah, i'm the embarrassment of the family. but you've all gone too far.

especially you, dad. why didn't you call me? am i not even a son? why didn't you call me for your 80th birthday? i called but you didn't pick up. i don't pick up unknown numbers. you've always been like this. you only love brother. when did i ever love your brother.

don't you remember? you sent him to university. but you didn't send me. why didn't you let me go to the university i wanted to go to? you wanted to go to ewha womens university. dad, i grew my hair to go to that university. just for ewha womens university! - dad. / - yes?

don't you ever forget. the tree you thought was useless is the one that protects the mountain. the useless tree? but you're a rotten tree. even if i didn't get to go to university, i'm going to get married no matter what. so don't interfere with my life anymore. julia!

- hi. / - goodness. - oh, my god! / - my goodness. julia, let me introduce my family. my sister. my brother. my mother. and mr. kim junho. junho? don't call me junho!

call me honey. - dad! / - stop that. what are you all doing? please let's take a photo. yes. thank you. you understand how i feel. you smiled. how dare you? goodness! please stop fighting. i think all the family is here.

i'll take a photo for real now. excuse me... the person who came later. step forward a bit. forward? okay. where are you going, mother? he said the person who came later go forward. i came into this family later. i'm not the first.

how much more forward do you want me to go? - just sit down. / - what are you doing? mom! - you're ruining everything, mom! / - geez! stop it, all of you! if you knew how your mother and i met, you wouldn't disrespect her like this. during the war, i caught a terrible disease and was bed ridden.

i had a high fever and the chills and i was wrapped deep in my blankets. then your mother appeared. did she nurse you back then? she carried me off by force and married me. you're mine! (1 vs. 1) quiz show 1 vs. 1! hello, i'm your host, comedian yoo minsang.

we have many contestants today. let's meet the first one. i go to the hospital these days. i'm lee byeongwon. - lee byeongwon? / - yes. what will you do if you win the prize money? i want to go to a tropical country and have water coolmelons. - what? / - water coolmelons. you mean cool watermelons.

kidding me are you? - are you kidding me. / - kidding me are you? - your shoulders seem tense. / - okay... stop acting strange. i'll give you your question. this is the first question. it's a type of italian pizza. it has blue cheese topping on a thin dough. it's also eaten with honey. what is this pizza called? i eat this often so i know the answer.

answer. zolagorgon pizza. that doesn't sound right. gonpir zolagozza. that still sounds strange. try again. zagorn zolapigon. what are you saying? - it's gorgonzola pizza. / - kidding me are you?

- stop that. / - we have to get the next question. this is your last question. last question. a high tech industrial complex in guro. textile and it venture companies are gathered here. what is this place called? i go there often so i know for sure. digi gurotal complex. that just sounds outright weird, right?

guro digicomplextal. hey, stop that. why do you keep saying it like that? you have trouble understanding. are your blocks eared? - what? / - are your blocks eared? - are your ears blocked. / - are your blocks eared? - kidding me are you? / - what's wrong with you? what? stop that?

that was wrong anyway. - what? / - wrong answer. - what does that mean? / - answer wrong. - ko. / - oh, geez. we'll meet the next contestant. hello, my name is sam. i love k-pop. i love korean songs. i love them so much that i've memorized it all.

okay, that's why we've prepared this question. this is from clon's "come back." please fill in the blanks here. what are the lyrics? i will show the audience the answers. these are the lyrics. i know this. this is easy. i know this song. - good. / - music please. 'screwdriver, screwdriver to me'

'screwdriver to me' 'i've waxed everything' 'stop wearing fishnets' excuse me. why are you talking about fishnets? - it's same-same. / - no same-same! not at all. get back here. i'll give you one last question. stop that. this is your last question.

this is about korea's traditional attire. this is the name for the drawers women wear inside their hanbok. what is this piece of clothing called? this is the answer. that is correct! go joonhee. gojaengi! what's with this guy?

why does the production team keep picking this guy. this sharapova! no. - kidding me are you? / - stop that. stop it. just stop it. let's meet the next contestant. it's yu wain. wain, please get this question right.

there's a prize on the line for this question. this is a photo of girl group after school. who is the missing member in this photo? - answer. / - yes? i believe u-ie is missing. congratulations. we've prepared a gift set for you. i don't know if i deserve this gift set. it's very overwhelming.

it doesn't feel like it's mine. the moment i received this gift set... i become manipulative, shrewd and a monster. but what is a good gift set? can you handle it after doing this to me? this gift set... i believe it lacks sincerity. wait, what's going on here? this isn't right.

just the packaging is fancy very. - very fancy, you're saying it wrong. / - fancy very. - don't say that... / - fancy very. kidding me are you? this is our final contestant. i will answer every question. 1st place is mine. jung haecheol, let's go! i'll answer everything right. very good. you can look forward to him. - this person is... / - jung haecheol.

yes, i was about to say that. no need to hurry. jung haecheol, calm down. let's take it easy. please listen to the full question before you answer. this is a history question. - antiquity... / - korea university. no, wait. that's not the question. listen to the end before you answer. a legend of antiquity...

- eric. / - no. - andy. / - wait. - kim dongwan. / - stop. it's not shinhwa. haecheol, please listen to the end. look at me please. - pig. / - no. - how am i a... / - black pig. no, not black pig.

- pork neck. / - no, wait. - leg meat. / - no. - fist meat. / - haecheol, stop. - today... / - sunday. - no, i... / - chef. - no, please! / - iu, kang kiha. no! - answer, get out. / - yes, get out! i got it.

this has been 1 vs. 1 with... - yoo minsang. / - you're right, you're right. geez. stop that! (through the ranks) hello, boss! - i'm anchovy! / - hey. - hello, boss! i'm briquette! / - hey. hello, boss! i'm briquette! - you're very dark. / - thank you!

alright. hello! i'm dumpling! - yeah, you look like one. / - thank you! dumpling. get me a cup of coffee. okay, boss. good. - briquette. / - yes, boss. the big boss wants some coffee.

yes, boss. anchovy. it's ready. it's ready, boss. - it's ready. / - open the door. bring it here. - thanks. / - yes, boss. close the door. it must be out of battery.

dumpling, do you have a battery? - i'll check for you. / - good. - do you have a battery? / - i'll check, boss. do you have a battery? - the youngest has one. / - the youngest has one. open the door. - come in. / - yes, boss. replace it. yes, boss!

open the door! you cannot charge a phone with pubic hair! right! in order to charge a phone... - use a made in china product... / - right! if you don't have a spare battery, reduce the display brightness to the lowest setting to get an extra 32 minutes and 17 seconds. you and you and you.

pull out your hair. - dumpling. / - yes, boss. this is $1,000. i have to repay the brown bear gang for their gift. buy some nice wine with this and take it to them. - yes, boss. / - good. buy an expensive bottle of wine with this and take it to the brown bear gang. - get going. / - yes, boss.

hello, is this brown bear? yeah, thanks for the wild ginseng. i sent my youngest with some good wine. enjoy it. okay, bye. - what? / - i'm back. - he's back. / - he's back. come here. did he like it?

- he wouldn't accept it. / - really? but he likes his wine. what did you buy? rice wine? this is worth $1,000? all i got was $10. who stole money from me? - my pockets are empty. / - so are mine. bulky pockets like these cannot be empty.

a real empty pocket is when a gangster says, "a punch for every cent." you walk confidently past... and cute bunny ears have to pop out like this for pockets to be truly empty. you and you. you with the change. bring it all here. what? okay, i get it. boss, boss!

the brown bear gang has declared war. i'll get to stretch my limbs then. let's get ready then... they're at the front door right now! why didn't you tell me earlier? boss! boss! better get ready then. they're right here. i guess my fists will get a workout.

they have weapons! fool! why didn't you tell me earlier? boss! boss. - big boss! / - what? - are they right here? / - that's right. - and they've got weapons? / - that's right. - you must get away. / - dumpling! - boss! / - boss! - okay. / - boss!

it's okay. goodness, three of you are here with weapons? too bad for you. there are four of us. dumpling! dumpling... (301 302) i saw a hairpin that i like at a stall. and i said, "wow, that's pretty."

and the guy next door was staring at me. are you going to remember what i chose and gift it to me later? why do you keep staring? gosh! the moment she grabbed the pin... the stall flipped over. it was a complete mess. i ended up sitting next to

the guy next door at the library yesterday. i dropped my pen and my head knocked into his as we were picking it up together. then he looked shocked as he looked at me. were you worried that my head would hurt? i'm okay, you fool. fool! i lost my memory.

i remember going into the library. but i don't know how i got out. the girl next door is strange. she keeps getting caught by the traffic cop. is she running red lights or speeding? why does she always get caught? i can't put my seatbelt on. don't they make seatbelts out of rubber? the girl next door is really strange.

i saw her at the butcher's earlier. she kept doing this... to the butcher. why does she try to act cute? butcher. give me 1 serving that looks like 2. no, 1 serving that looks like 4. oh, right. when i took off my earrings earlier,

the pearl in one side had fallen out. where is my pearl? i found a bowling ball. but why are there no holes for your fingers? 301! 302! yes? come out, come out. i hear you two are always together. you must be dating.

- no! / - no! not yet. then you must have a crush on her. what are you on about? you can't fool me. my son saw it all at the folk village. what did he see? 302 was riding the sedan chair. and you took photos of her.

why would do you that if you didn't like her? the moment the men lifted the sedan chair... their arms fell out. they looked like gibbons. you're imagination is funny. anyway, you two should get together! i want to move! (catchphrase makers) this week we've all changed our catchphrases.

we've even replaced a member. my catchphrase follows on from okinawa and myanmar. this time it's a city. you use it when you say good-bye to someone. bye-bye, dubai. i've prepared a catchphrase for when you plead. i'll show you. please, please, my foot!

my foot. my catchphrase is for when someone ignores you or rejects you. ignored and rejected! i changed my catchphrase too. among the vast life forms that live in the vast plains... with the energy from the earth... - hey, hey! / - and the energy...

what did you change? i added a line at the front. it's become longer! make it short. lee sanghun... we have high expectations for you. we'll see sanghun's one in the skit. we'll show you the skit now. father... father, father!

brother, why did you come so late? father, i've just returned from okinawa! father! i'm sorry, sorry, myanmar! sorry, sorry, myanmar! - don't cry. / - sorry, sorry, myanmar! you're the eldest son in our family. what will we do if you cry like that? please don't cry. please, please, my foot.

if you do this... our father can't rest in peace. okay, your foot... please put your foot away. you should bow to our father. please go to a better place. this is my final... it's my final good-bye. father.

father! hey, you! who are you to come here? how dare you? and why are you here, brother? you didn't show up once when father was sick. why are you turning up now to act like a son? what? is it because of the inheritance? what's it to you, you concubine's son!

concubine? what did you say? whatcha doin'? whatcha sayin'? americano! was that it? all you came up with was that weird catchphrase? - how dare you? / - don't fight please... - my foot... / - don't come back. you're here for the inheritance anyway. - i'm his child to. i have to take my share. / - fine.

i'll take father's branches in myanmar, okinawa and dubai. - you... / - the apartment construction firm. - you take that. / - i'll take the telecommunications too. that doesn't suit you! why not? why? why? wi-fi! okay, it suits you. take it. what about me?

nothing for you... i've heard that father has a celery field, bellflower field and ginger field! - someone else owns those! / - who? he went crazy after eating celery! he went batty after eating bellflower! whatcha sayin'? whatcha doin'? americano! - please stop fighting. / - why did you make that? - please... / - don't come back from next week.

- my foot... / - ryu geunji is better. bye-bye, dubai! see? this is funnier. how dare you fight when your father is dead? - father! / - he was alive. my friend was alive. friend, let me hug you! why did you put on this act? i was testing you to see who would be my successor.

don't you know what it took me to create this firm? what did it take you? when i was young... - and the energy... / - it's just too long! what's wrong with you? it's a disease! - i just added a line to the front. / - stop adding lines. - stop it. / - anyway... i can't give you guys any inheritance. i'm going to donate all of it away.

donate it all away? anything but that. what are you saying to father? you're not even my children! get lost! fine, we'll get lost. (her) many people have asked me this. "what kind of girl do you like?" i've met all sorts of girls but none were my type.

what kind of girls have i met? her smile was more beautiful than anyone. honey! nami is here! so you are... honey, my parents are on vacation. my house is free. - want to sleep over? / - then where will you sleep? oh, come on!

i'll cook delicious food for you. - really? / - yes. i want to cook for you every single day. are you setting up a restaurant? i'll visit often. that's not what i'm saying. - when i get married to... / - i'll make sure to visit. i just can't communicate with you! - that's why we broke up. / - what? we broke up because we couldn't communicate.

the last girl i met, understood me better than anyone. hun! - oh, my baby. / - oh, yes... - hello, miss suji. / - oh, how indecent. don't call me miss suji. just call me sister. okay... sister.

how nice. i forgot to give you a calendar this year. - it's okay. / - so i brought this. oh, yeah! wow... i've seen in this in the countryside at my grandma's. i have to mark out your birthday. sister, just give it to me. i'll mark it, hang it at home and tear off each day. how indecent!

tearing is dangerous! it's not like tearing can kill me. it can. palbok went to the village feast and ate delicious food. he got some delicious head meat and was tearing the kimchi on top of it... and got the plague. just as kimchi is fermented in the ground...

palbok was laid to rest in the ground. you'll end up leaving me too, hun! i can't give you my heart! sister... i'll forever be by your side. you won't make me fall for those sweet scarlet sage words of yours. if you don't believe me, i'll just leave. oh, my.

don't act so cold to me. you cold radish kimchi of a man! - are you upset? / - hmph! sister, ta-da! what's that? - take this. / - what are you holding there? - i'm not holding anything. / - wait a minute. - what is that? / - can you see? - what are you holding? / - this...

it's a heart with my fingers. gosh, how will i know if you make such a small heart? you know we're hitting the field today, right? i know. that's why i prepared this. me too. - croquet! / - croquet? i'm the goddess of croquet. - that's a strange looking stick. / - nice shot. okay, please stand up now.

you're okay, right? let's go hit some balls next time. it's dangerous to hit things! it's not like it can kill me. palbok's sister, palsun, saw a funny ad at the town electronics shop. "the perfect painkiller!" the moment she hit her knee... she got the plague.

and left for a land with no headaches toothaches or muscle pain. that's how you'll leave me too, hun. i can't give you my heart. good-bye, hun. sister! sister! (wiggle wiggle) wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. hey, lee sanghun.

when do you most want to get married? married? when i see cute babies i want to get... i want to get married! that was scary. hey, yeonggil. the prison uniform look for stars is a thing on the net these days. check this out.

hyun bin. cool, right? next, park haejin. pretty cool. gang dongwon. gang dongwon looks too cool here. that's not cool. if you want to look cool in prison uniform... you should look like this at least.

those clothes were made for you! what the? hey, let's do this. - lee sanghun. / - what? control the women to your heart's content again. sure. in exactly 10 seconds, i'll make all the women scream with joy. raise your hand if you're lonely these days.

too many of them? lonely women... are you lonely? how about raising a pet then? take him and raise him. he's toilet trained. pat him on the head. see? she's screaming with joy. you're all my puppets. (serious kingdom)

according to the serious records of joseon... during the rule of king serious, it was said that laughter made the nation silly and so the serious era began... despite laughter being banned in this nation, you dare make the people laugh? i'm going to find the criminal and punish him. - we're innocent, sire! / - be quiet! the mastermind is among you for sure.

who is it? sire, it is said that he made people laugh with a korean poem. - korean poem? / - yes. okay then. recite a korean poem! however, it must not be funny. the topic will be words related to dating. - dating? / - how can we not be funny with a poem? if you know how not to be funny, please tell us.

i'll give you a $50 reward. i'll give you $51. be quiet. - you go first. / - okay. your word will be "confession." - confession. / - yes. are you ready? i'll show you the terrible girlfriend version. terrible girlfriend version?

okay. begin. confession. i'll accept your confession. today is day 1. buy be a bag. - this is good enough for... / - we have a winner! no, no. they started to laugh... i'll make them laugh for sure with a better one.

- you're sure you can make them laugh? / - yes. i'll go again with "hug." - hug? / - hug. hug. oh, honey! you folded 2,000 paper cranes for my birthday? i'm so moved. - hug. / - you jerk. he's the funny one! strike him!

nice! that was good. you're happy about being hit. how can he be so happy after being hit? - you in the middle this time. / - okay. you do "kiss." - kiss. / - okay. then i'll do a pitiful guy version. - a pitiful guy? / - yes.

kiss. how tall are you? - i'm 174cm. / - 174? stand up. - he's the funny one. strike him! / - i'm 179cm. that didn't hurt that much. can i do one more? that was good just then. he could be overdoing it. - i'll go with "progression." / - progression?

- yes. / - okay. which version will you do this one in? eating with your lover version. - eating with your lover? / - yes. progression. i mean it. order everything you want. dutch pay, dutch pay. - that's such a shame. / - we have a winner! i almost felt bad.

you're an amazing man. - junho. / - what? why didn't you just do one? now it's your turn. we're expecting a lot out of you. the mood is so down. do it with confidence. i'll do a soap opera version. soap opera version? fine. you try "love" this time.

here we go. love. how dare you seduce after my husband! i'll destroy you! strike him! when did you prepare the music? he made them laugh when it was so down. i'll do another one with "kiss." - you're full of confidence now. / - yes, yes.

- kiss? / - this is another soap opera. - another soap opera? / - yes. how dare you kiss my husband? keep striking him. you drew two moles. this is good. the mood is pretty good. - you have another. / - how about another? - i'll do one with "yearning." / - yearning?

when you yearn for someone you love. okay, this is your last one. yearning. how dare you, you dirtbag! you dare seduce my husband? i'm going to pull out all of your hair! he's the mastermind! strike him!

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