Tuesday, September 6, 2016

puppets cheap

(people vocalizing rhythmically) (more voices join in vocalization) (footsteps) all: ♪ born of cold and winter air ♪ and mountain rain combining ♪ this icy force both foul and fair ♪ has a frozen heart worth mining ♪ so cut through the heart ♪ cold and clear

♪ strike for love and strike for fear ♪ see the beauty sharp and sheer ♪ split the ice apart ♪ and break the frozen heart hup, ho ♪ watch your step let it go ♪ hup, ho ♪ beautiful ♪ powerful ♪ dangerous ♪ cold ♪ ice has a magic can't be controlled

♪ stronger than one ♪ stronger than ten ♪ stronger than a hundred men! (all grunt) (grunts) oh! (chuckles) ♪ born of cold and winter air ♪ cut through the heart ♪ there's beauty and there's danger here

♪ beware the frozen heart ♪ (grunts) kristoff: come on, sven. elsa. psst! elsa! (grunts) wake up. wake up. wake up! anna, go back to sleep. (sighs) i just can't. the sky is awake, so i'm awake.

so, we have to play. go play by yourself. (grunts) (gasps) do you want to build a snowman? come on, come on, come on! (shushing) (both giggling) anna: do the magic!

do the magic! oh... ready? uh-huh. (chuckles) this is amazing! (anna screaming excitedly) watch this! (giggling) hi, i'm olaf,

and i like warm hugs. i love you, olaf! (giggles) anna: olaf... (giggling) tickle bumps! oh! hang on! catch me!

gotcha! again! wait! whoo-hoo! slow down! whoo! anna! (grunts) (elsa gasps)

anna! (breathing heavily) mama! papa! (sobbing) no, no... you're okay, anna. i got you. (gasps) elsa, what have you done? this is getting out of hand. it was an accident. i'm sorry, anna! oh. she's ice cold.

i know where we have to go. (horse neighing) ice? faster, sven. (panting) (whispers) sven! (sven panting) please! help!it's my daughter. (gasps) it's the king.

(all murmuring) trolls? (gasps) shush! i'm trying to listen. cuties. i'm going to keep you. your majesty. born with the powers, or cursed? (stammering) born. and they're getting stronger. here, here.

you are lucky it wasn't her heart. the heart is not so easily changed. but the head can be persuaded. do what you must. i recommend we remove all magic. even memories of magic, to be safe. but don't worry. i'll leave the fun. (sighs) she will be okay.

but she won't remember i have powers? it's for the best. listen to me, elsa. your power will only grow. there is beauty in it... (trolls gasping) but also great danger. (gasps) you must learn to control it. fear will be your enemy.

(woman screaming) (gasps) king: no! we'll protect her. she can learn to control it. i'm sure. until then... we'll lock the gates. we'll reduce the staff. we will limit her contact with people,

and keep her powers hidden from everyone. including anna. ah. (giggling) elsa? (knocks rhythmically) ♪ do you wanna build a snowman? ♪ come on, let's go and play ♪ i never see you anymore ♪ come out the door

♪ it's like you've gone away ♪ we used to be best buddies and now we're not ♪ i wish you would tell me why (muffled) ♪ it doesn't have to be a snowman elsa: go away, anna. ♪ okay, bye ♪ king: the gloves will help. see? conceal it. don't feel it.

both: don't let it show. ♪ do you wanna build a snowman? ♪ or ride our bike around the halls? (clatters) ♪ i think some company is overdue ♪ i've started talking to the pictures on the walls hang in there, joan. ♪ it gets a little lonely all these empty rooms ♪ just watching the hours tick by ♪

(mimicking ticking) i'm scared. it's getting stronger! getting upset only makes it worse. calm down. no! don't touch me! please,i don't want to hurt you. (sighs) see you in two weeks! do you have to go?

you'll be fine, elsa. your highness. elsa? ♪ please i know you're in there ♪ people are asking where you've been ♪ they say "have courage" and i'm trying to ♪ i'm right out here for you ♪ just let me in ♪ we only have each other it's just you and me

♪ what are we gonna do? ♪ do you wanna build a snowman? ♪ (sobbing) captain: all ashore! welcome to arendelle! (man thanking in french) watch your step, please. the gates will be opening soon. why do i haveto wear this?

because the queenhas come of age. it's coronation day! that's not my fault. (crowd applauding) (chuckles) what do you want, sven? "give me a snack." what's the magic word? "please." uh! uh-uh-uh. share.

i can't believe they're finally opening up the gates! and for a whole day! (giggles) faster, percy! (sighs) arendelle, our most mysterious trade partner. open those gates so i may unlock your secretsand exploit your riches. did i say that out loud? oh! me sore eyes can't wait to see the queen and the princess. i bet they are absolutely lovely.

i bet they are beautiful. (snoring) kai: princess anna? princess anna? huh? (clears throat) yeah? oh. sorry to wake you, ma'am. no, no, no, you didn't. (yawns) i've been up for hours. (gasps) who is it?

(stammers) still me, ma'am. the gates will open soon.time to get ready. of course. (clears throat) ready for what? your sister's coronation,ma'am. my sister's corneration. (gasps) it's coronation day! it's coronation day! (exclaims)

♪ the window is open! ♪ so's that door! ♪ i didn't know they did that anymore ♪ who knew we owned 8,000 salad plates? ♪ for years i've roamed these empty halls ♪ why have a ballroom with no balls? ♪ finally they're opening up the gates! ♪ there'll be actual, real, live people ♪ it'll be totally strange

♪ but wow! am i so ready for this change! ♪ 'cause for the first time in forever ♪ there'll be music ♪ there'll be light ♪ for the first time ♪ in forever ♪ i'll be dancing through the night ♪ don't know if i'm elated or gassy ♪ but i'm somewhere in that zone

♪ i won't be alone i can't wait to meet everyone! (gasps) what if i meet the one? (cheeps) ♪ tonight imagine me gown and all ♪ fetchingly draped against the wall ♪ the picture of sophisticated grace ♪ i suddenly see him standing there ♪ a beautiful stranger

♪ tall and fair ♪ i wanna stuff some chocolate in my face! ♪ but then we laugh and talk all evening ♪ which is totally bizarre ♪ nothing like the life i've led so far ♪ for the first time in forever ♪ there'll be magic there'll be fun ♪ i could be noticed by someone ♪ and i know it is totally crazy

♪ to dream i'd find romance ♪ but for the first time in forever ♪ at least i've got a chance! ♪ (inhales) ♪ don't let them in ♪ don't let them see ♪ be the good girl ♪ you always have to be ♪ conceal

♪ don't feel ♪ put on a show ♪ make one wrong move ♪ and everyone will know ♪ but it's only for today ♪ it's only for today ♪ it's agony to wait ♪ tell the guards to open up ♪ the gate

anna: ♪ the gate ♪ don't let them in don't let them see ♪ i'm getting what i'm dreaming of ♪ a chance to change ♪ my lonely world elsa: ♪ conceal ♪ a chance to find true love ♪ conceal, don't feel don't let them know ♪ i know it all ends tomorrow

♪ so it has to be today! ♪ nothing's in my way! ♪ (exclaiming) (yelps) hey! i'm so sorry. are you hurt? hey. (chuckles nervously) uh... (stutters)no, no, i'm okay. are you sure?

yeah. i just wasn't looking where i was going. but i'm great, actually. oh... thank goodness. oh! uh... prince hans of the southern isles. princess anna of arendelle. "princess"? my lady. oh! (snorts)

whoa. whoa, whoa, whoa... (chuckles) um... whew. hi. again. (both yelp) oh, boy! this is awkward. not "you're awkward,"but just because we're...

i'm awkward, you're gorgeous. wait, what? i'd like to formally apologize for hitting the princess of arendelle with my horse. and for every moment after. no! no, no. it's fine. i'm not that princess. i mean, if youhad hit my sister elsa, it would be... yeesh! (chuckles) because, you know...

hello. (neighs) but, lucky you, it's just me. "just" you? (chuckles softly) (bells chiming) (sighs) the bells. the coronation.

(stutters) i better go. i have to go. i better go. uh... bye! (boards creaking) oh, no. oh! (splashing) (sputters) (all vocalizing in harmony) (man snoring)

(bishop clears throat) your majesty, the gloves. (breathes deeply) (chanting prayer) queen elsa of arendelle. all: queen elsa of arendelle! (all cheering) (playing lively music) (guests laughing and chatting)

(music ceases) (applause) queen elsa of arendelle. (panting) (clears throat) oh. here? are you sure? because i don't think i'm supposed to... oh. okay. (anna clears throat)

hi. "hi" me? oh... um... hi. you look beautiful. thank you. (chuckles) you look beautiful-ler. i mean, not "fuller." you don't look fuller. but more beautiful. (chuckles) thank you. so...

this is what a party looks like. it's warmer than i thought. what is that amazing smell? (both sniffing) both: chocolate. (chuckling) kai: your majesty. the duke of weaseltown. "weselton"! duke of weselton,your majesty.

as your closest partner in trade it seems only fitting that i offer you your first dance as queen. one-two, and jump. (both snickering) (clears throat) uh... thank you. only, i don't dance. oh... but my sister does.

(chuckles) what? oh! lucky you. oh, i don't think... duke: if you swoon, let me know. i'll catch you. sorry. like an agile peacock. (warbling) ow! ow.

speaking of, so greatto have the gates open. why did they shut them in the first place? do you know the reason? hmm? no. all right. hang on! they don't call me the "little dipper" for nothing! oh-ho! like a chicken with the face of a monkey, i fly.

woman: your majesty. duke: let me know when you're ready for another round, milady. (panting) (chuckles) well, he was sprightly. (groans) especially for a man in heels. are you okay? (chuckles) i've never been better. this is so nice.

i wish it could be like this all the time. me, too. but it can't. why not? it just can't. (sighs) excuse me for a minute. (indistinct conversations) (sniffling)

man: i'd be honored. (exclaiming) glad i caught you. hans. (chuckles) oop. (soft orchestralmusic playing) i often had a whole parlor to myself to slide! oh!

oops! your physique helps, i'm sure, too. ah. (both chuckle) what's this? uh, i was born with it. although, i dreamedi was kissed by a troll. i like it. yeah, the whole thing.

you got it. okay, wait, wait. so, you have how many brothers? twelve older brothers. three of them pretended i was invisible, literally, for two years. that's horrible. it's what brothers do. and sisters. elsa and i were really close when we were little.

but then, one day,she just shut me out, and i never knew why. i would never shut you out. okay, can i just say something crazy? i love crazy. ♪ all my life has been a series of doors in my face ♪ and then suddenly i bump into you i was thinking the same thing, because, like... ♪ i've been searching my whole life

♪ to find my own place ♪ and maybe it's the party talking ♪ or the chocolate fondue ♪ but with you ♪ but with you i found my place ♪ i see your face both: ♪ and it's nothing like i've ever known before ♪ love is an open ♪ door!

♪ door ♪ door both: ♪ love is an open door ♪ with you ♪ with you (both snicker) (exclaims) (both grunt) ♪ i mean, it's crazy ♪ we finish each other's ♪ sandwiches

that's what i was gonna say! ♪ i've never met someone both: ♪ who thinks so much like me jinx! jinx again! ♪ our mental synchronization can have but one explanation ♪ you ♪ and i ♪ were ♪ just both: ♪ meant to be ♪ say goodbye ♪ say goodbye

both: ♪ to the pain of the past ♪ we don't have to feel it anymore ♪ love is an open door both: ♪ life can be so much more both: ♪ love is an open ♪ door ♪ door ♪ can i say something crazy? (giggles) will you marry me?

can i say something even crazier? yes! anna: coming through. hans: excuse me. oh... anna: pardon. sorry. woman: oh! can we just getaround you there? thank you.oh! there she is. elsa! i mean, queen. me again. um... may i present prince hansof the southern isles.

both: we would like... uh, your blessing... (both chuckling) both: of our marriage. marriage? yes! (squeals) i'm sorry, i'm confused. well, we haven't worked out all the details ourselves. we'll need a few days to plan the ceremony.

of course, we'll have soup, roast and ice cream. and then... (gasps) wait. would we live here? here? absolutely! we can invite all 12 of your brothers to stay with us. what? no, no, no. of course we have the room. wait, slow down. no one's brothersare staying here.

no one is getting married. wait, what? may i talk to you, please? alone. no. whatever you have to say, you can say to both of us. fine. you can't marry a man you just met. you can if it's true love. anna, what do you know about true love? more than you. all you know is how to shut people out.

you asked for my blessing, but my answer is no. now, excuse me. your majesty, if i may ease your... no, you may not. (stutters) and i think you should go. the party is over. close the gates. kai: yes, your majesty. elsa, no, no! wait. give me my glove! elsa, please, please.

i can't live like this anymore! then leave. what did i ever do to you? enough, anna. no, why?why do you shut me out? why do you shut the world out? what are you so afraid of? i said, enough! (guests shrieking)

(guests muttering nervously) sorcery. i knew there was something dubious going on here. elsa. woman: there she is! (elsa breathing heavily) man 1: yes! it is her! queen elsa. man 2: our beautiful queen!

your majesty? are you all right? no. (all gasp) (all gasp in awe) there she is! stop her! please, just stay away from me. stay away. (all screaming) monster. monster! (baby crying)

(shudders) (all murmuring fearfully) elsa! anna: elsa! wait, please! elsa, stop! the fjord. snow! snow?

yes, snow. are you all right? did you know? look, it's snowing. it's snowing! the queen has cursed this land! she must be stopped!you have to go after her. wait, no! you! is there sorcery in you, too? are you a monster, too?

no, no.i'm completely ordinary. that's right, she is. in the best way. and my sisteris not a monster. she nearly killed me! you slipped on ice. her ice. it was an accident. she was scared. she didn't mean it. she didn't mean any of this.

tonight was my fault. i pushed her. so, i'm the one that needsto go after her. what? bring memy horse, please. anna, no. it's too dangerous. (scoffs) elsa is not dangerous. i'll bring her back,and i'll make this right.

i'm coming with you. no, i need you here to take care of arendelle. on my honor. i leave prince hansin charge. are you sure you can trust her? i don't want you getting hurt. she's my sister. she would never hurt me. (horse neighing)

(crowd muttering) ♪ the snow glows white on the mountain tonight ♪ not a footprint to be seen ♪ a kingdom of isolation ♪ and it looks like i'm the queen ♪ the wind is howling ♪ like this swirling storm inside ♪ couldn't keep it in heaven knows i tried ♪ be the good girl you always have to be

♪ well, now they know ♪ let it go! let it go! ♪ can't hold it back anymore ♪ turn away and slam the door ♪ i don't care ♪ what they're going to say ♪ let the storm rage on ♪ the cold never bothered me anyway ♪ it's funny how some distance makes everything seem small

♪ and the fears that once controlled me ♪ can't get to me at all ♪ it's time to see what i can do ♪ to test the limits and break through ♪ no right, no wrong ♪ no rules for me ♪ i'm free! ♪ let it go! ♪ i am one with the wind and sky

♪ you'll never see me cry ♪ here i stand ♪ and here i'll stay ♪ my power flurries through the air ♪ into the ground ♪ my soul is spiraling in frozen fractals ♪ all around ♪ and one thought crystallizes like an icy blast ♪ i'm never going back

♪ the past is in the past ♪ and i'll rise like the break of dawn ♪ that perfect girl is gone ♪ in the light of day ♪ let the storm rage on! ♪ the cold never bothered me anyway ♪ anna: elsa! elsa, it's me, anna, your sister who didn't mean to make you freeze the summer.

i'm sorry. (shivering) it's all my fault. of course, none of it would have happened if she had just told me her secret. (chuckles) she's a stinker. (gasps) whoa! (sputters) oh, no. no, no, no! come back! no, no, no! (shivering) okay.

(grunting) (groans) snow. it had to be snow. she couldn't have had tropical magic that covered the fjordsin white sand and warm... fire! (chuckles) (shrieking) (shivering) cold, cold, cold,cold, cold.

(continues shivering) (reading) ooh. "and sauna"! (wind howling) (shivers) yoo-hoo. hmm? big summer blowout. half off swimming suits, clogs,

and a sun balmof my own invention, yah? oh. great. for now, um, how about boots? winter boots and dresses? that would bein our winter department. oh. um... i was just wondering. has another young woman... the queen perhaps, i don't know, passed through here?

the only one crazy enough to be out in this storm is you, dear. (door opens) you and this fellow. (anna humming nonchalantly) kristoff: carrots. huh? behind you. oh! right. excuse me.

oh. a real howler in july, yes? wherever could it be coming from? kristoff: the north mountain. north mountain. that will be 40. forty? no, 10. oh, dear, that's no good. see, this is fromour winter stock, where supply and demandhave a big problem.

you want to talk about a supply and demand problem? i sell ice for a living. ooh. that's a rough business to be in right now. (chuckles) i mean, that is really... (clears throat) that'sunfortunate. still 40. but i will throw ina visit to oaken's sauna. yoo-hoo. hi, family. all: yoo-hoo!

ten is all i got. help me out. okay. ten will get you this and no more. okay, just tell meone thing. what was happening on the north mountain? did it seem magical? (exhales) yes! now, back up while i dealwith this crook, here. (gulps) what did you call me?

kristoff: okay, okay. i'm out. whoa! (grunts) bye-bye. no, sven, i didn't get your carrots. (groans) but i did find usa place to sleep. and it's free. (snorts) i'm sorry aboutthis violence.

i will add a quart of lutefisk, so we have good feelings. just the outfit and the boots, yah? uh... (tune being picked on lute) ♪ reindeers are better than people ♪ sven, don't you think that's true? ♪ "yeah, people will beat you and curse you and cheat you ♪ "every one of them's bad, except you"

aw. thanks, buddy. ♪ but people smell better than reindeers ♪ sven, don't you think i'm right? ♪ "that's once again true for all, except you" ♪ you got me let's call it a night ♪ "good night" ♪ don't let the frostbite ♪ bite ♪ nice duet.

(sighs) it's just you. what do you want? i want you to take me upthe north mountain. i don't take people places. let me rephrase that. (groans) hey. take me up the north mountain. please. (sniffing) look, i know how to stop this winter.

we leave at dawn. and you forgot the carrots for sven. (grunts) oops, sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i didn't... (clears throat) we leave now.right now. whew! (urging sven) (anna shrieks)

(anna chuckles breathlessly) hang on!we like to go fast. i like fast. whoa! whoa, whoa, whoa... get your feet down. this is fresh lacquer. seriously, were you raised in a barn? (spits) ugh! no, i was raised in a castle.

hmm. kristoff: so, uh, tell me, what made the queen go all ice-crazy? oh. well... it was all my fault. i got engaged, but then she freaked out, because i'd only just met him, you know, that day. and she said she wouldn'tbless the marriage, and... wait. you got engaged to someone you just met that day?

yeah. anyway, i got mad, and so she got mad, and then she tried to walk away, and i grabbed her glove... you mean to tell me you got engaged to someone you just met that day? yes. pay attention. but the thing is, she wore the gloves all the time so, i just thought, maybe she has a thing about dirt. didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?

yes, they did. but hans is not a stranger. oh, yeah? what's his last name? (scoffs) "of the southern isles." what's his favorite food? sandwiches. best friend's name? probably john. eye color?

dreamy. foot size? foot size doesn't matter. have you had a meal with him yet? what if you hatethe way he eats? what if you hate the way he picks his nose? picks his nose? and eats it. excuse me, sir.he is a prince.

all men do it. ew. look, it doesn't matter. it's true love. it doesn't soundlike true love. (scoffs) are you some sort of love expert? no. but, uh, i have friends who are. you have friends who are love experts? i'm not buying it. stop talking.

no, no, no. no, no. i'd like to meet these... no, i mean it. (shushes) (low growling) sven, go. go! what are they? wolves.

wolves? what do we do? i got this. you just... don't fall off, and don't get eaten. but i want to help! no. why not? because i don't trust your judgment. excuse me?

who marries a man she just met? it's true love! whoa! whoa. whoa! christopher! it's "kristoff"! ow! (yelps) (kristoff grunting) duck!

(screams) (snarling) you almost set me on fire! but i didn't. (both grunting) (sven groans) (both gasp) get ready to jump, sven! you don't tell him what to do.

hey! i do! jump, sven! (kristoff yelling) (growling) (barking) phew! (whimpers) but i just paid it off.

uh-oh. no. no. no! ah! no, no, no, no, no, no, no! anna: grab on! pull, sven. pull! (both panting) (sled thuds) whoa. (kristoff groans)

i'll replace your sled,and everything in it. and i understandif you don't wantto help me anymore. (grunting) of course i don't want to help her anymore. in fact, this whole thing has ruined me for helping anyone ever again. anna: it's this way? "she'll die on her own." i can live with that. anna: here we go.

"but you won't get your new sled if she's dead." anna: i think, actually, it's up. sometimes,i really don't like you. (panting) hold up! we're coming. you are? i mean, sure. i'll let you tag along. (anna gasps) arendelle.

it's completely frozen. but it will be fine. elsa will thaw it. will she? yeah. now, come on. this way to the north mountain? more like this way. (ice tinkling) (grunting excitedly) i never knew winter could be so beautiful.

olaf: yeah. it really is beautiful, isn't it? but it's so white. you know,how about a little color? i'm thinking maybe some crimson, chartreuse. how about yellow? no, not yellow.yellow and snow? (shudders) no go. am i right?

(shrieks) hi. you're creepy. olaf: whoa! i don't want it. back at you. olaf: please don't drop me. come on, it's just a head. olaf: all right. we got off to a bad start.

ew, ew, ew, the body! wait, what am i looking at right now? why are you hanging off the earth like a bat? all right, wait one second. oh. uh... thank you. you're welcome. now, i'm perfect. well, almost.

it was like my whole lifegot turned upside down. oh! too hard. i'm sorry! head rush! i was just... are you okay? are you kidding me? i am wonderful! i've always wanted a nose. (in high-pitched voice)so cute. it's like a little baby unicorn. (in normal voice) but... hey! whoa!

oh. i love it even more. (exhales) all right, let's start this thing over. hi, everyone. i'm olaf. and i like warm hugs. olaf? that's right. olaf. and you are?

oh. um... i'm anna. and who's the funky-looking donkey over there? that's sven. uh-huh. and who's the reindeer? sven. oh, the... oh. okay. that makes things easier for me. (squeals) aw, look at himtrying to kiss my nose.

i like you, too. olaf. did elsa build you? yeah. why? do you know where she is? fascinating. yeah. why? do you think you could show us the way? how does this work? ow!

stop it, sven. i'm trying to focus, here. i'll tell you why. we need elsa to bring back summer. summer? mmm-hmm. oh. i don't know why, but i've always loved the idea of summer. and sun, and all things hot. really?

i'm guessing you don't have much experience with heat. nope. but sometimes i like to close my eyes, and imagine what it would be like when summer does come. (sighing contentedly) ♪ bees will buzz kids will blow dandelion fuzz ♪ and i'll be doing whatever snow does in summer ♪ a drink in my hand ♪ my snow up against the burning sand

♪ probably getting gorgeously tanned ♪ in summer ♪ i'll finally see a summer breeze ♪ blow away a winter storm ♪ and find out what happens to solid water ♪ when it gets warm ♪ and i can't wait to see ♪ what my buddies all think of me ♪ just imagine how much cooler i'll be

♪ in summer! (vocalizing) ♪ the hot and the cold are both so intense ♪ put them together it just makes sense (scatting) ♪ winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle ♪ but put me in summer and i'll be a... ♪ happy snowman! ♪ when life gets rough

♪ i like to hold on to my dream ♪ relaxing in the summer sun just letting off steam ♪ oh, the sky ♪ will be blue ♪ and you guys will be there, too ♪ when i finally do ♪ what frozen things do in summer! i'm gonna tell him. don't you dare.

♪ in summer! ♪ so, come on! elsa's this way. let's go bring back summer! i'm coming! (olaf laughing) somebody's gotta tell him. (people talking indistinctly) no, no. you've got the bark facing down. the bark needs to be face-up.

bark down is drier. man 1: bark up! man 2: bark down! boy: papa! cloak? does anyone need a cloak? arendelle is indebted to you, your highness. the castle is open. there is soup and hot glogg in the great hall. here, pass these out.

prince hans! are we expectedto just sit here and freeze while you give away all of arendelle's tradable goods? princess anna has given her orders. and that's another thing! has it dawned on you that your princess may be conspiring with a wicked sorceress to destroy us all? do not question the princess.

she left me in charge and i will not hesitate to protect arendelle from treason. (stammering) treason? (horse whinnying) (all gasp) (woman screams) (people panicking) whoa! whoa!

whoa, boy. easy. easy. man: it's princess anna's horse. woman 1: so, where is the princess? woman 2: where could she be? woman 3: where is she? princess anna is in trouble. i need volunteers to go with me to find her. i'll go.

i volunteer. i volunteer two men, my lord. be prepared for anything. and should you encounterthe queen, you are to put an end to this winter. do you understand? hmm. so, how exactly are you planning to stop this weather? oh. i am gonnatalk to my sister.

that's your plan? my ice business is riding on you talking to your sister? yep. so, you're not at all afraid of her? why would i be? yeah. i bet she's the nicest, gentlest, warmest person ever. oh. look at that. i've been impaled. (chuckling)

what now? kristoff: mmm... it's too steep. i've only got one ropeand you don't knowhow to climb mountains. anna: says who? what are you doing? i'm going to see my sister. you're gonna kill yourself. i wouldn't put my foot there.

you're distracting me. or there. how do you know elsa even wants to see you? anna: all right. i'm just blocking you out because i gotta concentrate, here. (grunting) you know, most people who disappear into the mountains want to be alone. nobody wants to be alone. except maybe you.

i'm not alone.i have friends, remember? anna: you mean,the love experts? yes, the love experts. (grunts) ah... please tell me i'm almost there. does the air seem a bit thin to you up here? (anna panting) hang on. olaf: hey, sven?

not sure if this is gonna solve the problem but i found a staircase that leads exactly where you wanted to go. ha-ha! thank goodness. catch! (both grunt) thanks. that was like a crazy trust exercise. (olaf chuckling) both: whoa. now, that's ice.

i might cry. go ahead. i won't judge. all right, take it easy, boy. come here. i got you. (grunts) okay. you stay right here, buddy. (whistles) flawless. knock. just knock.

why isn't she knocking? do you think she knows how to knock? (exhales) huh. it opened. that's a first. oh. you should probably wait out here. the last time i introduced her to a guy, she froze everything. but, but... oh, come on! it's a palace made of ice. ice is my life!

bye, sven. you, too, olaf. me? just give us a minute. okay. (softly) one, two, three... both: four... it's me, anna.

(exclaims) elsa: anna. whoa. elsa,you look different. it's a good different. and this place... it's amazing. thank you. i never knew what i was capable of. i'm so sorry about what happened. if i'd have known...

no, no, no. it's okay. you don't have to apologize, but you should probably go. but i just got here. you belong down in arendelle. so do you. no, anna,i belong here. alone. where i can be who i amwithout hurting anybody. actually, about that...

olaf: sixty! wait. what is that? hi! i'm olaf and i like warm hugs! yeah. you built me. remember that? and you're alive? (stammers) um... i think so. he's just like the one we built as kids. elsa, we were so close.

we can be like that again. young anna: catch me! young elsa: slow down! (gasps) no. we can't. goodbye, anna. elsa, wait. no, i'm just trying to protect you. you don't have to protect me. i'm not afraid. please don't shut me out again. ♪ please don't slam the door

♪ you don't have to keep your distance anymore ♪ i finally understand ♪ we can fix this hand in hand we can head down this mountain together. ♪ you don't have to live in fear ♪ i will be right here anna. ♪ please go back home ♪ your life awaits

♪ go enjoy the sun and open up the gates yeah, but... i know. ♪ you mean well but leave me be ♪ yes, i'm alone ♪ but i'm alone and free ♪ just stay away and you'll be safe from me ♪ actually, we're not ♪ what do you mean, you're not?

♪ i get the feeling you don't know ♪ what do i not know? ♪ arendelle's in deep, deep, deep ♪ deep snow ♪ what? you kind of set off an eternal winter everywhere. everywhere? well, it's okay, you can just unfreeze it. no, i can't. i don't know how.

sure you can.i know you can. ♪ oh, i'm such a fool! i can't be free! ♪ you don't have to be afraid ♪ no escape from the storm inside of me ♪ we can work this out together ♪ i can't control the curse! ♪ we'll reverse the storm you've made ♪ anna, please you'll only make it worse! ♪ don't panic ♪ there's so much fear!

♪ we'll make the sun shine bright ♪ you're not safe here! ♪ we can face this thing together ♪ no! ♪ we can change this winter weather ♪ and everything will be all right ♪ i can't! ♪ (gasping) kristoff: anna!

are you okay? i'm okay. i'm fine. who's this? wait, it doesn't matter.just... you have to go. no, i know we canfigure this out together. how? what power do you have to stop this winter?

to stop me? anna, i think we should go. no, i'm not leavingwithout you, elsa. yes, you are. (growls) anna: stop! put us down! go away. (all screaming) (shuddering)

(both yelp) heads up! watch out for my butt! it is not nice to throw people! whoa, whoa, whoa, feisty-pants. okay, relax. just calm down! calm down! okay! all right! i'm okay. just let the snowman be.

i'm calm. great. oh! come on! (roaring) oh. look, see? now, you made him mad. i'll distract him. you guys go. no, no! not you guys! (muffled) this just got a whole lot harder. (anna shrieks)

(growls) kristoff: look out! (anna screaming) (roars) kristoff: run! run! kristoff: what are you doing? (both chuckling) i got him! (laughs) kristoff: whoa! stop!

anna: it's a 100-foot drop. kristoff: it's 200. ow! what's that for? i'm digging a snow anchor. okay. what if we fall? there's 20 feet of freshpowder down there. it'll be like landing on a pillow. hopefully.

(roaring) okay, anna. on three. anna: okay.kristoff: one... you tell me when. i'm ready to go. two... i was born ready! yes! calm down. anna: tree! what the... whoa!

kristoff: that happened. (panting) man, am i out of shape. there we go. hey, anna! sven! where did you guys go? we totally lost marshmallow back there. hey! we were just talking about you. all good things,all good things. this is not making muchof a difference, is it? (shrieks)

olaf! (grunts) hang in there, guys! go. go faster! (both struggling) wait, what? kristoff: hey! (marshmallow growling) (both exclaim) ow!

kristoff! (anna gasping) don't come back! we won't. (both screaming) hey, you were right. just like a pillow. (chuckles) (olaf panting) olaf! i can't feel my legs! i can't feel my legs!

(coughing) those are my legs. ooh! hey, do me a favor, grab my butt. oh. that feels better. hey, sven! he found us. who's my cute little reindeer? don't talk to him like that. (chuckling)

you're tickling me. here. whoa! thank you. how's your head? ah! ooh! (stammering) it's fine. uh... uh, i'm good. i've got a thick skull.

i don't have a skull. or bones. so, uh... so, now what? now what? (chuckles) now what? oh... what am i gonna do? she threw me out. i can't go back to arendelle with the weather like this.

and then there's your ice business. hey, hey. don't worry about my ice business. worry about your hair! what? i just fell off a cliff. you should see your hair. no, yours is turning white. white? it's...what? it's because she struck you, isn't it? does it look bad? you hesitated.

no, i didn't. anna, you need help, okay? come on. okay! where are we going? to see my friends. the love experts? love experts? and don't worry, they'll be able to fix this. how do you know? because i've seen them do it before.

i like to consider myselfa love expert. (sven grunts) get it together. control it. don't feel. don't feel. don't feel. don't feel! (gasps) (ice crackling) look, sven, the sky is awake.

are you cold? a little. (clears throat) uh... wait. come here. ooh. (sighs) so, uh, about my friends. well... (chuckles) i say "friends"... they're more like family. anyway, when i was a kid,it was just me and sven. until they, you know, kinda took us in.

they did? yeah. i don't want to scare you. they can be a little inappropriate and loud. (chuckles) very loud. they are also stubborn at times, and a little overbearing. and heavy. really, really, heavy. (stammers) but you'll get it. they mean well.

kristoff, they sound wonderful. okay, then. (olaf grunts) meet my family. hey, guys. they're rocks. kristoff: you are a sight for sore eyes. (whispers) he's crazy. rocko's looking sharp, as usual.

clay, whoa... i don't even recognize you. you lost so much weight. (whispers) i'll distracthim while you run. (in loud voice) hi, sven's family! it's nice to meet you. (whispers) because i love you, anna, i insist you run. (in loud voice) i understand you're love experts. ooh! (whispers) why aren't you running? okay. well, i'm gonna go.

olaf: go. no, no, no. anna, wait. kristoff! (gasping) kristoff: whoa! (chuckling) hey! kristoff's home! (all clamoring excitedly) troll 1: kristoff's here! wait, "kristoff"?

uh-huh. ah, let me look at you. take off your clothes, i wash them. no! no, i'm going to keep my clothes on. look, it's great to see you all, but where's granpabbie? troll kid: he's napping. but look, i grew a mushroom. i...

i earned my fire crystal. i passed a kidney stone. kristoff, pick me up. (grunts) you're getting big. good for you. trolls. they're trolls! he's brought a girl! all: (cheering) a girl! troll 2: is that a real girl?

troll 3: she's like a little cupcake. what's going on? i've learned to just roll with it. let me see. bright eyes, working nose, strong teeth! yes, yes. she'll do nicely for our kristoff. wait, wait, wait. oh, um, no. no. (chuckles) you've got the wrong idea.

no. that's not why i brought her here. right. we're not... i'm not... (chuckles nervously) what's the issue, dear? why are you holding back from such a man? ♪ is it the clumpy way he walks? ♪ or the grumpy way he talks? oh, no. ♪ or the pear-shaped, square-shaped ♪ weirdness of his feet?

kristoff: hey! ♪ and though we know he washes well ♪ he always ends up sort of smelly ♪ but you'll never meet a fella both: ♪ who's as sensitive and sweet (chuckles nervously) that's nice, but... both: ♪ so, he's a bit of a fixer-upper whoa, whoa, whoa...

♪ so, he's got a few flaws troll 1: ♪ like his peculiar brain, dear troll 2: ♪ his thing with the reindeer both: ♪ that's a little outside of nature's laws this is not about me! ♪ so, he's a bit of a fixer-upper ♪ but this we're certain of ♪ you can fix this fixer-upper up ♪ with a little bit of love

um... can we please just stop talking about this? we've got a real, actual problem, here. i'll say. so, tell me, dear... ♪ is it the way that he runs scared? ♪ or that he's socially impaired? ♪ or that he only likes to tinkle in the woods? i don't need to know that. ♪ are you holding back your fondness

♪ due to his unmanly blondness? ♪ or the way he covers up that he's the honest goods? ♪ he's just a bit of a fixer-upper ♪ he's got a couple of bugs no, i don't! ♪ his isolation is confirmation ♪ of his desperation for healing hugs aw. ♪ so, he's a bit of fixer-upper

♪ but we know what to do ♪ the way to fix up this fixer-upper ♪ is to fix him up with you both: whoa! stop it, stop it, stop it! enough! she is engaged to someone else, okay? ♪ so, she's a bit of fixer-upper ♪ that's a minor thing ♪ her quote "engagement" is a flex arrangement

♪ and by the way, i don't see no ring ♪ so, she's a bit of a fixer-upper hey! whoa, watch it! ♪ her brain's a bit betwixt ♪ get the fiance out of the way ♪ and the whole thing will be fixed (all vocalizing) ♪ we're not saying you can change him ♪ 'cause people don't really change

♪ we're only saying that love's a force ♪ that's powerful and strange ♪ people make bad choices ♪ if they're mad or scared or stressed ♪ but throw a little love their way ♪ throw a little love their way ♪ and you'll bring out their best ♪ true love brings out the best ♪ everyone's a bit of a fixer-upper

♪ that's what it's all about father! sister! brother! ♪ we need each other to raise us up ♪ and round us out ♪ but when push comes to shove ♪ the only fixer-upper fixer ♪ that can fix a fixer-upper is...

♪ true, true ♪ true ♪ love! ♪ love, love, love ♪ love true love do you, anna, take kristoff to be your trollfully wedded... you're getting married. ♪ love! ♪ (hyperventilating)

anna? she's as cold as ice. there is strange magic here. granpabbie. come, come. bring her here to me. anna, your life is in danger. there is ice in your heart put there by your sister. if not removed, to solid ice will you freeze, forever. what? no.

but you can remove it, right? i cannot. i'm sorry, kristoff. if it was her head, that would be easy. but only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. an act of true love? a true love's kiss, perhaps? troll 1: something's wrong. troll 2: are you all right?

anna, we've got to get you back to hans. hans. pull us out, sven. olaf, come on! (troll kids giggling) let's go kiss hans! who is this hans? (soldiers talkingindistinctly) we are here to find princess anna.

be on guard, but no harm is to come to the queen. do you understand? soldier 1: yes, your grace. (soldiers agreeing) (all clamoring) (roars) the queen. duke's thug 2: go, go! come on! duke's thug 2: there!

duke's thug 1: up there! come on! duke's thug 2: we got her. no. please. duke's thug 2: go around. toss it. stay away! duke's thug 1: look out! duke's thug 2: fire! fire! get her!

(marshmallow growls) ah! (yells) come on! (roaring) (soldiers clamoring) soldier: grab his arm. (all grunting) (gasping)

duke's thug 2: aim... (straining) soldier 1: this way, this way! soldier 2: whoa! queen elsa! don't be the monster they fear you are. (yelling) (high-pitched whining) (chains rattling)

oh, no. what have... what have i done? (door unlocking) why did you bring me here? i couldn't just let them kill you. but i'm a danger to arendelle. get anna. anna has not returned. if you would just stop the winter. bring back summer, please. don't you see?

i can't. you have to tell them to let me go. i will do what i can. (door locks) (whimpering) (kristoff panting) (anna exhales sharply) just hang in there. come on, buddy, faster!

oh, boy! whoa! i'll meet you guysat the castle! kristoff: stay outof sight, olaf. olaf: i will! hello! (woman screams) it's alive! it's princess anna! (kristoff panting) (anna shivering)

(shivering) are you gonna be okay? don't worry about me. (door opens) woman: anna! you had us worried sick. my lady. get her warm. and find prince hans, immediately. we will. thank you. make sure she's safe.

woman: oh, you poor girl,you're freezing. oh, let's get you inside now and get you warm. (whimpers) (sven whining) i'm going back out to look for princess anna. you cannot risk going out there again. if anything happens to her... if anything happens to the princess, you are allarendelle has left.

kai: he's in here. prince hans. anna. you're so cold. hans, you have to kiss me. now! now! slow down. we'll give you two some privacy. what happened out there?

elsa struck me with her powers. you said she would never hurt you. i was wrong. anna. she froze my heart, and only an act of true love can save me. a true love's kiss. oh, anna. if only there was someone out there who loved you.

you said you did. as thirteenth in line in my own kingdom, i didn't stand a chance. i knew i would have to marry into the throne somewhere. what... what are you talking about? as heir, elsa was preferable, of course. but no one was getting anywhere with her.

but you... hans! you were so desperate for love, you were willingto marry me just like that. i figured after we married, i would have to stage a little accident for elsa. hans! (gasps) no. stop. but then,she doomed herself, and you were dumb enough to go after her.

please. all that's left nowis to kill elsa, and bring back summer. you're no match for elsa. no, you're nomatch for elsa. i, on the other hand, am the hero who isgoing to save arendellefrom destruction. you won't getaway with this. oh...

i already have. please, somebody, help. (shivering continues) please. please. (all speaking indistinctly) duke: it's getting colderby the minute. if we don't do something soon, we'll all freeze to death. princess anna is... dead.

(speaking french) what happened to her? she was killed. by queen elsa. all: (gasp) no! her own sister. at least we got to say our marriage vows before she died in my arms. there can be no doubt now.

queen elsa is a monster, and we are all in grave danger. prince hans, arendelle looks to you. with a heavy heart, i charge queen elsa of arendelle with treason. and sentence her to death. (straining) guard 1: hurry up!

guard 2: she's dangerous. move quickly. guard 3: careful. (straining) it won't open! guard 1: it's frozen shut. guard 2: put your back into it! guard 4: come on! push! (growls)

(whines) (snorting) what is it, buddy? hey, watch it. what's wrong with you? (grunting) i don't understand you when you talk like that. (yelps) stop it! put me down! (snorts)

no, sven! we're not going back. (whines) she's with her true love. (whooshing) what the... (kristoff grunts) come on!come on, boy. (doorknob rattling)

(weakly) help. (giggling) (gasps) anna! olaf. get awayfrom there. wow! so, this is heat. i love it. ooh! but don't touch it. (anna groaning)

so, where's hans?what happened to your kiss? i was wrong about him. it wasn't true love. but we ran all the way here. please, olaf, you can't stay here. you'll melt. i am not leaving here until we find some other act of true love to save you. do you happen to have any ideas? i don't even know what love is. that's okay, i do.

love is putting someone else's needs before yours. like, you know, how kristoff brought you back here to hans and left you forever. (gasps) kristoff loves me? wow, you reallydon't know anythingabout love, do you? olaf, you're melting. some people are worth melting for. (mumbles) just maybe not right this second.

(yells) don't worry, i've got it. we're gonna get through...oh, wait. hang on, i'm getting something. (gasps) it's kristoff and sven! they're coming back this way. they... they are? wow! he's really moving fast. i guess i was wrong.

i guess kristoff doesn'tlove you enoughto leave you behind. help me up, olaf. please. no, no, no! you need to stay by the fire and keep warm. i need to get to kristoff. why? (gasping) oh, i know why! there's your act of true love right there! riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent reindeer king! come on!

olaf: look out! uh... back this way. (yelps) we're trapped. (sighs) oh... (squeals) whoa! (giggles) slide, anna! (anna breathing heavily) (both shriek)

(olaf vocalizing) we made it! go, go, go, go, go, go, go! come on, buddy, faster. (anna groaning) kristoff! keep going! kristoff! (yells) whoa!

sven... sven! good boy. (weakly) kristoff. kristoff... anna... elsa! you can't run from this! just take care of my sister. your sister? she returned from the mountain weak and cold.

she said that you froze her heart. i tried to save her,but it was too late. her skin was ice. her hair turned white. your sister is dead. because of you. kristoff. (breathing heavily) anna! (sword unsheathing) no!

(exhales) (gasps) anna! oh. anna! no, no! please, no. (breathing heavily) (sobbing continues) (gasps) anna? oh, elsa.

you sacrificed yourself for me? i love you. (gasps) "an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart." "love will thaw." love. of course. love! (people murmuring in awe) i knew you could do it. hands down, this is the best day of my life.

and, quite possibly, the last. oh, olaf! hang on, little guy. oh, oh, oh! my own personal flurry!(giggles) (hans groans) uh-uh-uh-uh. anna? but she froze your heart. the only frozen heart around here is yours.

(screams) wonderful! (all exclaiming in joy) (both sigh) sailor: setting course, sir. i will return this scoundrel to his country. we shall see what his 12 big brothers think of his behavior. arendelle thanks you, milord. this is unacceptable.

i am a victim of fear. i've been traumatized. ah! my neck hurts. is there a doctor thati could see? (stammers) and i demand to see the queen! oh. i have a message from the queen. "arendelle will henceforth and forever "no longer do business of any sort with weaseltown." "weselton." it's weselton!

soldier: let's go. (stammering) okay, okay, here i come. (grunts) pole! whoops! sorry. okay, okay. here we are. oh! (squeals excitedly) anna: i owe you a sled.

are you serious? and it's the latest model. no, i can't accept this. you have to. no returns. no exchanges. queen's orders. she's named you the official arendelle ice master and deliverer. what? that's not a thing. oh, sure it is. and it even has a cup holder. do you like it? like it? i love it!

(kristoff chuckles) i could kiss you! i could. i mean,i'd like to. i'd... (stammers) may i? we me. i mean, may we? we may. mmm. summer! (gasps) ooh... hello. (chuckles)

(sniffs) (exhales) (gasping) (sneezing) (slurps) (squeals) (bellows) (chuckling) are you ready?

kid: ice! (all muttering excitedly) (applauding) (woman laughing) woman: ooh! whoo-hoo... swing me. (chuckles) ooh... (whimpers) i like the open gates. we are never closing them again.

oh, elsa, they're beautiful, but you know i don't skate. come on! you can do it! kristoff: look out. reindeer coming through. i got it, i got it. i don't got it, i don't got it. hey, guys! that's it, olaf. (olaf chuckles) glide and pivot. and glide and pivot. elsa: go. (laughs)

(all laughing) (upbeat music playing) (lively instrumental music playing) (enchanting instrumentalmusic playing) (dreamy instrumental music playing) (dramatic instrumental music playing) (groaning)

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