Friday, September 30, 2016

puppets dallying

my guest here we are again z numberthree at the toyota mention london the men's conference of the century in exactly uh... socoming to the states next to very animated fun guy and uh... if nothingelse you'll ever see a style please welcome sasha did it fixing fluid folks uh... anti-dumping what the fuck needs a plunging black now now faye's a dozen join someeverything's good happy

front that uh... power how far can also was markets fucking awesome right qualified bristleat what i found out there was uh... uh there was extra time alleges basicallywas if i can tell you trust me trust me look at me i contact microphone enough and uh... yet but in great part tofollow this up again in this i guess and uh... we have actually very similar inwhat we do it we spent hours on skype

talking about shit like all the funny one of three all the price is fuckingwith people we could go on foot hours web reopen images for finest dump somethe goofy shit we got to hum c_n_n_ profitable always been about just uh... having fun entertaining ourselveseffect really key thing uh... and let me personally everyday stand-upcomedy my whole life others over eighteen years old i'dthat's that's it never done anything else i've ever had a real job

there's always been telling jokes and uh... and that's kind of really permeatedthrough throughout my existence and and i just are just lovely people smilethat's just my thing like it up on stage and you know i'm trying to cut it downto the like if i can cut it down i'll just be appear like huge okay yeah as a last minute we mentioned this isreally funny but it's that i found act on the by likeagain why is it a myself and just reallyloving uh... making people small having

fun that has gotten a lot of success becauseagain drivers were saying i really put my own amusement you know when i when the people think iwanna meet them and i wanna i wanna have fun i wanna enjoy myself iwanna that's my whole life is about is makingpeople smile love it over the years i you know a brother elements into that so

like yielding really direct mission wehave been on this matter directly so like you know like taht likelywithdrawals in time in the hot just being really honest expressing myself uh... and i think i talk it it's hard tomiss i want to talk about i guess is going to be what having funand self-expression just being threatened just kinda going for you wantnothing like a pussy you know i think my favorite russianover the last month is uh... widely perceived need to be dick i think that's what they were different

so that's a really um... having yet again a lot of it all wrongbecause they could take a list of seriously you know like he'd becomeintegrals cocaine i'm going to do this in altar in a goodtime the shrine passing out then i'm gonnagetting traction we lost him in your so in your head worrying about like what'sgonna happen and what you mean to imply mission it wejust need to lose the plotting to freeze up and that's why you're thirty peoplein the fucking heads and i find

when you're just out there actuallyenjoying yourself and having fun that trumps everything like if you'll just bear and you areloving every month just having fun you're you're making people saw you justdon't give a fuck that destroys well we're gonna say next oran body only had a they keep my shouldersback and i got a uh... goodbye when no man do you thinkdo you think if you come to a girl and having a blast and you justimmediately she likes you you just having

financial picks up the you're having funand you don't give a shit but what she thinks everyone else thinks that is so much more attractive becuzvoice everything else that trumps your body language that fronts you know dangle you repeat all cominglike this from the side there were no celica your it's worth everything off becauseyou just you're living like me being in a momentwe walk into a bar you walk into a kabar whatever standing

press where the f_b_i_ i don't like barsclubs open justin's of room with the most people do in that room you know who came up some chicks overthere yet okie was still to come to stand overhere for a while manuel began at puck it's lacy others like that between visits whatever doesn't matteryou want to know what you're talking to furnish joker are having fun you justbeing a complete taken messin with people

and you just don't care just walk inhere all the world and just you don't care but one of the peoplethink you're accountable to people looking at you what what people arethinking that that bobble of energy is just like it will spread and women in everyonethat rooms are looking into the key strategist in their own bubble fun andhaving a bubble of font everyone wants to be in that bubble you know you've all seen that you'regood you're there somewhere in to see

through people you can get a bus is the group of people they're justhaving fun they don't care antenna being loving to people who wantto know cabot any of that interest being six and being loved having fun and hysterical man would be that in that group soap all about being that creating that energy beingthat and you know what if you could throughout they're not going to havecome and have a blast and ship that is

gonna get you so much success to meet somany interesting people you need any other people who on the energy leveljust wanna have fun unique integral to all the girls at and that in my lifeuniform attract too i love growth or like black my jokes like an institutionthat just you just have fun those are the most amazing people in mylife and by coming up the women orbis people and being that way immediately on the web you what i wantedto do if the time has come up as a symbol to stop and go flip

whatever underfoot okay there's there's nothing for me tocontinue but if i come in and i'm doing my thing and go through it you crazy continue praying it doesn'tmean you reviving with me in your job you're having fun insulin-like it's on it's on electoral i don't have to take any stuff i don'thave to build the attraction particular but the adult until integrali really feel that way dot

because i'm being me it's so easy to belike if i think we laugh at my jokes you know if you were uh... just smilingyou're he's got a great energy fuckin you know i love you to do so cool and that's all true and i have to thinkanything ever i would never fake emotion i would never pretend to be anything i'm not becausei'm looking i'm just being the way i am which is for me is just a little bit ofa from your psychic reasonable fun and i'm animate i'm sucking in thepeople that i want to be around sucking

in those people who've your peoplewanted justification to stop dumb stuff and it really does some of the stuff iget up to that's just uh... it's just fun which is fun and uh... and always it's always about me thatsomething's always about me it's not about a person who was on a book anyoneelse but he was all about you the one in the week is the stuff that'sbeen all about you we ever talk to people

i fought with them guinness is something that mark istaught me a tree initially that's right i tell jarod improperly uh... some of the stuff anybody buy morefrom this kind of anybody answer three friends doctoral them all and i'm always directso i dislike amusement fucking hot micah talking or whatever but the problem is the people of thesummiteers nowhere and again talking

about just like my coffee shopsarchitecture forever people you know it might be too much for some women ofthe student but just they don't know how to handle it and so one of the advantages to not justhaving fun but using three friends you'll see is it it gives people a moment to taking what you're doing it justrealize that this guy's not critical giving examples so

how do i have fun with this i want to start is a mandatory on a mass of people all the time of themessage people so waterworld was just like so likha and a m don't take this the wrong way right over packages a wet algo q fucking amazing so i'm making them think unless it'slike a gas is hanging out

or are you do believe that whatever they're thinking on building up tosomething that i hate yeah that in some way what images buildup that tension unlike if so fucking hot and cometogether leases attention right having fun in popular course its on day

all the time it may be something as simple as justlike a poses that we've through you'll find out wilmette we miss the people like everyopportunity i would walk into a shop in just a swap of his intellect a_d_m_ i'm not being racist for anything

but drinkable water though it was i have to do that nothinglike this yes and then and people are laughingrecite nice honey kiss while you're here behind a counter you're working all dayif you'll just give you the money namely that upon and natalie will all the timeand it just makes people think he was happy in the end of the smiling it'sit's great and and i take that by making these withwomen and soft service once i know walked into a into mcdonald's

pieces all-time on them and others coulduse their unlike they're just used to it people as being really normal failure onthe tactical a practical thought on that i could i get out kehtawalker the cheese jesus light what unveil a walker collier the flameroll off with the chicken that aspergillus is that you don't have them walker dislike

we don't we don't have that weaknessesthis is mcdonnell's cooperative macbook i know what i want to see me as ontelevision coming over dot you can spend millionson that and not give me what i want giving a whopper on it right now sofucking thing but look sir mcdonald's unlike let me talk to themeasuring up you know you know what i want on the customer jimenez right now american though fromarguing and after a while they look like theidea

and i i i accept your have whoppers buton the costume i wanna spend money you don't get me a whopper from every otheryear make me happy but not like on the custom and freedom sometimes you gotta get from them but this one particular girl this one particular girl at the end ofit i just noticed like i'm told the messing with you the was not havingfungicide odd

catching justin was so happy tosupplement continuation let me just make a day uh... as as it was fun but effec roles might admit that the realthat village that was hot gcs respective your cooling you love that you have tocome up with just come to campus apartment uh... we all the time and all the time so we should uh... mike myfavorite everyone's is a san francis

they walk into a shop this series hasbeen a hot yasgur's now says that i am what a rent the sandwich and at what and a lot of ireland i might be hungrylater but i'm i'm not sure i wanna like may be rented and then likeif i'm putting it all come back to pay for it but i just wanna head with a justin case you can do that unlike listen

one of its edge on the customer your this capitalismmake me happy more incentives like that werewolves make a big ass you know theend of the ideal applied there are any sandwich elite some russell slam asandwich and a lot of the show produces funny it without without her with it but icould we've known for for for ages first-time at his mom the original bought the privatefirst-time martens is mum i had to buy the battle of the water in it

account transfer of how you doing and a holy man i was really nervous and it's what at which it might as welli i get nervous a meeting new people and they deniedpaid for the entire thing water of cookbook cookbook cookbook just uh...burt tension and which is looking into it at her sis watershed marcus dot needed once uh... with hishouse

and is that there's a understand thenewsroom thank you the front door go them like i was going on and he runs in the drums and it wasrejected this this is a hot chick outside havecar broke down she's she's really hot and uh... you know he's got a call fromhis unions like off sick possibly so i comeout of the second i just told us tonight hi how you don't like what what's goingon chicken hospitality you hope you have it utility dives that what you saw michaelso he was going on ended its fate you

meet a beautiful thing you know i'm just delivered and is going reallywell write again it's numbers again will hang on the wicked you know i make a comment on my daughternumbers awesome and so much that i would help predicthow long it took an opportunity demand yesterday we're gonna push that car so i come out with outside and uh... and where there were a little deregulatedo the thing we push the car just gonna do the thing that you need to be removedfigure positions

at one point marcus is the finances it you know you look amazing unlike whatand and he leans in and he just doesn't make you know if you did i make it outand i i upon another narrowly ahead like first i think he's talking to you knowwhat as you go presented as yet date faith talking not news so funny rightalways doing that shit man owns dealership is it's a this response so that so

soap refrence uh... yet anything you can think of you know uh... if that is wrong way uh... listen i've got nothing againsthomosexuals but uh... watson that what tonight of innovative heterosexuals it doesn'tmatter that make sense pledges all the time of some people

it's all just about having fun withmuscle small it's great site you know when i fly with women right i'mjust having fun that's it depend upon and and and cracking myself up niti jr couple of things and hope we can actually walk away from though you know attack but we'll talktoo much but only if you are going to upgrade do that

any it's if you get them on sat downjust like educating yourself when you're in your cute little girls in the hymietown hall it's like you'll never again be notice a casualwith a look little puppet check to publish it couldbe funny and in doing that you're gonna meet them every time it's like it's justice thismindset where if you don't have fun

and i think it's going to be me everyonetoo so theater preprints anything's destroy anything in before that the consciously any ridiculous thatshit you know there's nothing we can be boyfriendgirlfriend but uh... economies webdav okay so so flirting right side lovelearning

learning is realistic easy thing toanother lovely i want to say this is like the you think first of all be shamed side negativelyworship be absolutely shameless away simplybecause of this mindset is well with missoni sees him employees working ontrumpet geographic she's a woman there's nothing to be shamed upbeat absolutely relentless in what you're doing there'snothing wrong with it it's a beautiful

thing we we could put on this planet to make sweet love may become a rolehere for one reason doc deliberate as we love we wouldn't behere it's fine what you're doing is actuallygood the lack of growth and sup my mind set i always assume that no matter what happens growth infront of me up

google looks at me i was one of the head i say check me out just fine and at what mike so i take a look at my typically naked icould tell if you do and it's totally fine i'm onthe very sexy man but you can just come over and say hiunfriendly to have to like the molesting your eyes one what's right it was never looks to me

could be standing there looking that waya club a hundred federal film if you think i yet a psychic magistad what's i'm noteven and i get so we did it's fine school i get this all the timeobviously you know bottom you just asked going on janet doesn't matter

what they did it that it doesn't makeany difference any opportunity i'll just assume rules are turning up again one of our once uh... in a conversation go could be like past the catch up on the lake those sexual innuendo but now i want to catch up okay thought you were vilified if you are laporte this

satish b directly after that that's thecatcher here comes in silicon that doesn't matter what they do oldestalways be like you for the camera you always do this how may coming guysviewpoint flip around and he doesn't he picked up today with a little thirtytactics just wondering how much else is phone you know always for the moment that's number one

riddle from pick-me-up reminds that youdo that it any tracking the blood flow hitting on me but if you want is for them works with rule the number two this wasreally fun everything's that's it's denying an employee with a girl denying employing the grill

very funny and it's just distance mining internalizing fatherawesome pic is this simple piece to this way pasted onto bloor st problem is that ok uh... don't panic

by an another theory mine this is not a robbery reprieve in the world if you don't havethem and they just so you know uh... you i'mnot i'm not selling anything to say so we're clear not selling a lot of people to processbut not scientific dislike of people you know i'm not uh... follows like skeletons recruit greenguys they find models in anything like that before you know that it's a scamyou know getting work of it

lower those guys just to say nothinglike a at school you know i a on that market hit on youhaving come over to to hit on you anything like pick you up these guyshave been treated all around him under oath i do not just to sail because i carephilippe phillipine not a police officer done nothingillegal you not we haven't broken any laws to saleperson often done nothing wrong what so ever so we're clear you against as philip for

amino acid is the problem here twenty five percent chance i i'm hittingon you but since every five percent chance of a money just missing yes natos artist scales are disguising trytaking the time credited to our enemy they dry in thefront cellular thing not one of those guys to say no them not those guyskickass finding out that the picnic weather smiling laughing sama amongother things appealed guilty because i might havemisled you did this by more like a

fifty percent chance some on junenineteenth that's not ninety more than fifty percent so clear again and alexa martial arts teacher i'm gonnatry like signing up to my martial arts class made a martial arts kami nothin fell like that in teach you've got that yes song

jack you off to a bit guilty religiousmisled you did before as many what this every five mister five percent chancefor them well let's be honest amount he may be apremature today tonya so high you're not listening can you see how i can never go wrong it can never go wrong because you'regoing over there to fuck with this girl have a good time she did and i think this guy's fun he's funny doesn't really care justbeing a dick

off some she's gonna step in yourreality and just have great time or there's gonna be like what nine justcompletely won't get it at all an elected jokin intranet and ithink anybody united overlook what hamlet spot to park has nothing to do with me right i'm in my own little bubble off iwant to meet the people who are going to be an apple with me then that's it

he he he was on my own reality i don'twant to that region inc example same thing just shorter i don'tknow what that long versions of of the novella gadsden al if it is also meanswe told anybody but it is fun uh... heather grey twentyactually this is what the same fractions bible on a bus on a bus and it's likesome smoke into can be empty let midnight this is smoking hot girl for the bossand was in a situation like this one hot girl

if you sit anywhere near hershey yourbid it you know what she said that those guys gonna johnson is offering a collar and he said thebacking a standard herbal oc just thought that i can't everywhere and is my mind set all weekend was i'll get on the must use of the frontmichael it all off the back welcome to the front look around youknow give her a bit but she did to her rather warm rosy picture of a walk right up to workthis way a m

cc taken and should do it the uh... knowing what i think you mighthelp but think about awful of the camera next door yeah and they don't you think it is again aasset next year citizen on your assignment that's not atall and if i hadn't alike this evening and you have mix of panacea just a coincidence and she was looking at that's finesticking with what the fuck

you can't find in august look away just a few seconds no not not that it would be on yourlovely is nothing wrong with everything the sickness this time figure an inordinate because there's nothingunion and obscene protracted it again so happy i got hit on you now to provethat it would so hair hot with same way from now they look it's easy to cover themoperate at the same

i was influenced by a i was would it would ease version thedenial and it's just i'm entertaining myselfman entertain myself and i'm going overthere and i know i'm offering a good time offering valium uploaded handle it uh... basically what happened and fun now gorelick is like this it'sheartening to talk to have fun and enjoy myself and at the end he will be will hit itoff you know this but no wrong seated in

the again you know well it's gonna be fuckingthere's no there's no you can't loose that's it i think things now because i want to be profession foryou guys disease i just wanted to let thismassive ran negative ads uh undercover for basic points written the star group

is the production of everyone in it p in silver by having the into mysterious face for tuning in is that i would be nice 'cause obviouslyit's all for that but it got to demand that a lot of people later what his nextso they'll know leases we know you exist next time come in the event you dothanks righted quick question obvious curious right whohas done

who sort of unlike you know etc et-cetera but you've been soared inlike being like inexorably startconversations in anything but coming on the liquor forpersonal contact we're not doing that but doctor we have ever that's connellydoing okay budget and who's who's the new studycoming back into a ship if yet couple and i thought you know if you look atsanguine mix they did it highlight issues i want if you in themouth but

so with me in a at a recent years i think too muchtowards an interesting story because like i was friends with uh... you know very well known uh... paid about two since the late nineties and that's why i was around michael lindref effort is a long time

and uh... he'd never felt like i meanunlike from like nineteen ninety eight i was aware of it and i you knowattitudinal zeina and everyone up to become a comic andthen i can i read the book became in two thousand seven helen and i wanna on my debate which is know even though i compiled a funny guy and good looking whatever i have some advantages and shipwith women off up like you know me like you knowlook in your entire life apopka

um... auctions fun so kissimmee laughable to hide theirwhich makes me nervous milton so i had natural badges you have tostand up and land whatever but like i could never i could never liked itright in and look at it on the right back to is from a single lazard freres i wasjust absolute petrified of of talking girls it was really brutal and the one thing that it was like hitme back which is like

you know but i don't like what what ifyou find when she finds out that my father nineteen hundred and a lot of replies iwhat i have a sexual intercourse with her if she does not look like a lot of china itself but what about the building andit was just a it was brutal meant it as a side who'swho's just got out his hand like half an hour interaction the women in is thatthe actually no ideas can't you just don't wanna do it and the party okaygood

it's brutal man is brutal and i was soit was thick really bad post super meeting with which excitementon a magic but i feel like i just feel p just like when i went about a strippera card for like thirty thousand dollars into a new taiwan notre dame yet discuss our values went down meyears ago but above twenty five books for dinner on the street and he did period cool so it was permitted to establishthat dulles leadership

at all came from the dismantle came frommy god and wouldn't let them know the truth and he's trying to prove my kidsfucking bullshit it so much easier revenue-neutral while so it's easier too little woman and enlighten act and like it as well but i think what what is it thati really

fuckin like like first thing you noticelike detail honest with yourself don't censor yourself welcomes down to look at it on and onthe site camera panasonic fetish at any one ofthe stockman stone anybody one they'll write me anyof its mean you know that you two guys here uh... w aslan and against of subbasin negative as a couple ofscientific its you know what the petite girls in amessage that the element

so soap i_c_m_ like that and we still have not been like movementgrows access panel i guess in a little late but i'm still eka until some admin embrace change becausechange that but i know i'm attractive no estimate ofwhat we're trying to understand i really focus on understanding and meal in fact lightly over there and in instantly legs your sex life hereon the site well okay boom with a fairly i tell her exactlywhat i'm thinking

exactly who they can give a fuck what itis how does that doesn't make any difference like anything usually nine times out of town whatever i'm thinking is based on all ofthem and have been a penis and usually unviable folks is hot you know patel you know once in awhile good value youwhere the crazy to answer you know i

like your whatever the fuck cool yetthat's the first i thought the honest but generally it's going to be a looksand if he's actually stunning she's at the hospital in the world oil will cometo light we'd be doing mid-august but your adjust whatever theylist if you were so fucking hot you should be behind bars there's no writtenhow are you walking the streets dressed like this and things hanging out thereis a unique fucking nineteen each other fighting over you dies again deeppockets gnashing their cause wouldn't it have to book up r u uh... angry this isthis homocore the fuck you're doing this

is wrong i'm not supposed to see thisinvite i have things to do possible sitting in the gym now and i mean afriend and here does your pocket so hot bob and i'll say that shit and gently this is what girls do they go and then they went out to the local that's really not the abilities but getone girl a dragnet did you captured i did it come with me in just one offuntil i get my a print now didn't guys are doing a geyser justin

they're tired of the fucking shit therereally are tired of the paula you know and and usually captain uh... imported nice days maintenance isee what you will see you in often isn't itif i try and get shipment dot that they're not because they know directorpolite about it they know with packing tired of it right suggest option c_ yourselves andjust be fucking man again who gives a shit you're over there would expressyourself first thing i see benefits like greatasl display hate

again offer or those preferred so makeit a little bit a little bit like uh... fun but still fucking directors but heyuh... those eggs runway level fuckin amazing s orders for new really sexy but what thefuck is that they just nabisco only you can actuallysee them sometimes just got uh... nothing that directly reallydirect like my i dot e outright repeal those directly view dispensation michaelera

nipples interesting converges to thisweek and literally it with an amazing cycle and just imagine might take a bitabout the chicks with uh... i've got a couple of that but justfor me it's an interesting like you fucking so i love this value uh... okay but it's just like this out there thatthat what would you still in life now again this is the first time but censor ourselves you know we're poorwhen when you're born it havin fun ya censor yourself you do every but youwant to hear you say we want to do my best ownership

what do you wanna cry just do what youthink about it used you just living right and then we get older all thesefucking wears a bullshit saigon packages that monica fund i can just talk topeople i can't just you know all the all thestuff just look and shit comes i knew i was just a moment i wasgonna fuckin that she's super hhonors my grammar i ican tell you get it if i can do it nothing that is gonna happen she reachesits if you make the right above the right time beginning in late

deregulate that happens all we can stillcompensation uh... you know he really later youwanted to meet you can make a frat whatever thoughts that happen all indeed good west with sample k directly funny story category advil is related to ask if icould try to keep the lineage ran off

funny like in the worst thing happening missiles must wait for years the worsethan ever happening i was in that come garden or london andthese uh... these girls were walking by and uh... what one little electricshinto and he's grover and had tried to like ten dollars a day with event is the just who would one day they walk by and oneof the middle share this essences julie skills must decidecopyrights all because it's amazing to see

as about mine i just don't understand i love your as you just turns around he just goes mind is that you asshole there's there's no recovering from thator government but that's a funny story and tell us that everybody and laugh igot a lot of work fortified bonnie and the only since that's where the onlybad thing you have any wants is a cause i was teasing us in retrospectgetting bashed got me direct at the top of the hot

through the twenty by less than aquarter in his woman walks right goes again likethis in a moment we'll joke like a uh... it's one pound you know what house it to pass us you were a gang never smiling little joke his age is what what and the sus my against uh... i thoughtthat in the body was run out of a goof up actually

and read back those and i run over there and i'm just like hot and all eyes all igot a monopolist hai jis what mental dally dentist adds other bags is thatthey weren't too bad and just taking me and scratching andand that is where it recently and i'm like i run around always other guysissue facing a twenty five she starts attacking every night as their there'sone should try to be a point five years but like a parking lot case a positionthat day and all i said was

tells it i said talking only reason i know it is what ican tell people dealing with the poison hamlisch tax refund so you'll find that the worst casescenario if they did not really funny stories of the bodies their life is allabout that you know the the swings you know thegreat you know they've been the baggage the they should have been sold outthat's about the don't be afraid of of the swings and they're all good so yeah nessel let up on that what isthe ones i started doing action dislike

seamlessly leta hun percent just like ahundred percent authentic unlike what i'm feeling then my everything changed for mebecause i was going to i myself it has been fun but then being really really reallyhonest with girls about what i want to just just telling them so yell you knowof the of sci-fi thriller failed to stop it was all just bring ina sexual thing so that you know salt you don't get into a conversationthat after being like yourself however

at the top woman i'll have a chat withhim whatever at some point oldest i'll to stop itlooks good have so much fun together you have just and i don't you just don't be afraid tobe if you have that feeling to countries like dam kellerman tell what you feeling he you don't don't again to any otherway but what what when we were thinking

speculative excess rules will come up with the habit don't worry what she's thinking way about what your fucking thinking everyone's used uh... looked at them replaces the gives a shit you don't know what she wants to have nofucking idea you have the time of year not her

so wary but what you want express it is if you want that too urine that that's it and with lucky we can and you fuckin hot nine but whatever stop holding a ship back stop all thoseemotions but i want to let go it's like a fuckin flood

i know one of my students here uh... hishis nickname well dot i really prior anymore butsuper a guy okay had a massive uh... so flex justterrible social anxiety like just that just if the father but i meanwomen tell you describe it just debilitating himself dave paralyze the new paralyzethe plot of the comment on girls he he wants to spend forty five minutesare sections except the second session just shitting cinematography

it was brutal and there is anything likeit techno florida last night who's a cop who's fucking cop last night female cop obviously has a little justdelivered yes after possesses isolation fifty ext it's easier identified and now just he just competition likedefy copper phone

doesn't give a fucking logistics bradlike like how do you feel just seemed to fuck you wanna say not finish it you know it's just a tad it it yet it's like the idea of coming out toroll now who smoke in holland as being like a sellout yeah my uh... friends covers of the town meetings money to buya gift and yet i'd come over and sci-fier ncndissecting

estoppel mike in fucking kiddin u menajust bullshit waste ur time be again n focuses its optimal she knows and ithought that most girls are hot you know it's going on and so when you do an apple chip are all whether consciouslysubconsciously you've been a fucking pussy and attracted tutsis their tactics

customers can stick a story africans active just fuckin whethernational and uh... yes i think we go out of the inputacross unlike the typical top but a she's not so much answer so much easier than memorizingsheehan just if republican any anybody have a anyone twenty questions i'ma come off as toprectangle group request for it is served

i've not too high doctors them and i i wanted to ask this becausein you don't like that so i didn't like that since the if you have a lot ofexperience in the community and i think that's not to be overlooked but what wasyour evolution of stuff because mister briefly didn't miss tilly startupdirects year-olds and it is pretty big players and finding players and you came in today stand i think that that's importantbecause you have pretty much more

experience steady is from a yancy imports theestimates everybody in this room sabine in the community and what was yourevolution of that ethical question uh... long journey i think i surrender in the old days welcoming tell a story michael hold onto it uh... was mistreating them is now goes mysteries first women likeninety eight so this is like i was just

an appeals like before all the stuff of current so i'm yeah so that it was all doubled the magic back then was deniedthose magic tricks a ship and i don't like loads of women just walk around andwe'd like you know doing all this fuckin shit and moving trials are people'spassion befitting attention so for me

it just idler magic of an idea and alittle bit from from which i mean it came in on but uh... yet unlike edit my clubs or just awfulwrong in the whole idea of having to go out to me checks it struck me is wrongwith why would i have to go somewhere to specific place and time to meet women and spend money but that didn't make anysense and for a long time it i just knewwasn't working and i was kinda dropped and i welcome you to do stand-up comedywhich is which is my passion and here's one on why i would be once inawhile at approach a girl

realty it would be some kinda some kindof crap you know if i resent our whatever and it was a sandwich issue we justdon't know work once in awhile get lucky was just just crap but i would have thisfeeling that is a cycle was unhappy positionhave it under control and it's really frustrating to that idlydosa such a push you ever have gross in the bed with me in their underwear and not pull the trigger

everyday she's naked in the bed i think it's a green light better not be better not take the chancelet's just sleep bail maybe still jump on top of the likethat you serious so i went on for years and was quite so so years when i wasthere some prominent gratitude i called a cajun uh... was anemic mu with on up on a busin canada misses like two thousand and

uh... six i guess would be and we start talking to the listings onsome girls on a bus and i was a as well and we we got the boston music and youknow i said the city's girls and you know including the banana bread yahoo isa funny line whenever you start time of the stuff actually sell size of this is our usersare sometimes diesel magic tricks are shown this likea school trick initially tommy he just like

we'll tell you that house like this dude called on you know eric he was he was like a goodvisa to pick up to demand an end mediation he's like mysteries called mystery arsenicindustry nieces like info considers he's famous now like thisis a poor kiddies like which i think he's rich party stalls this money some you get paid and so you have a sickly appetite readthe book

and then i got in touch with mystery inthe introduced his ministry and then he told me about this time this layer eleven incident seduction to say thatuh... here in london uh... finishes again if you look it upit's you know detective because the pickle and i looked it up when i went inanother joined it goes back in london for two thousand seven

and i joined with all these guys whowere just like dedicated going out and look at me because when clubs going out in any checks that were reallytaking steps to mike dot on improving themselves alice massively levels i thought this isso cool and again i felt like and i've knownabout this for such a long time and i still haven't solved the shittogether and it's really frustrating item numbers for like says ninety eight finish guys out therelike that going on hogan chicks and

still like streisand still socratic advertisement affect of texas' forfeit and let's do this and i just startedgoing up every day and being used and we went out the started going out like young girlsall day long like fifteen sixteen hours a day with withvarious people you had was one of them and it was his begin the session you'vebeen obsession and i did it so much of this desensitize myself to like rejection or or or something care justwent on a search for having fun and

start developing a whole bunch of timesfund i can't fuck enjoy myself uh... but in the for the first whilestill being incorrect stuff and then one day of the statements that pick up andi'm sure the fellowship hall and instantly just made life so mucheasier to start it should you start to happen neglect totaled one going onone-on-one used a more more and uh... yet it's one on things gotbetter eventually

i discovered like you know uh... likethe direct masters like david examen victory uh... badboy and that's why my monthly but these are the people who are doingthis shit and a star and that that's veryspeculative said for congrats doing whatever switched do whatever i want tosay whatever i wanted and shocking the flock and that if we could if i could say itwas kinda go counter to each other being

fund which is my thing and and andindirect in allen leg yells unjustly was the last time if you'll say women ability last timeyou're fucking a guy and telling us i mean for the daymidwifery joke jubilee india exactly and its all affect theircamera which other but for me i just find legislators mergethem together john still being myself would still be fun for an obstacle apocket

absolutely fine about amount to beelected decision a master's student can ever be that they were so we have been discontinueddrawings and then uh... and describe get the message and ithought that this massive and to get it will be directing summit which actuallyinvolve all those three guys just mentioned and it was it was justoff of it was just like people walking reelection themselves uh... yen that's just by thing i justwant to spread the whole thing just like they'll be weird be fun be honest

uh... interact yeah it's just to change my life likemassively massively so i guess that's the story butter unit was like method the sanctions to be escorted but hasbasically it yet thumbs up who doesn't get any uh... any questionsabout the whole thing couple hans is there i thought it was a certificate eightyyou sir

lawfully mentioned stages love from approaching and the freemen so what's init didn't like forgot what that is often without itwould be expected to have enough time with their income i find like a lot of people silicone have theseyou know long ass interactions ivax if and ifyou're gonna be like really quite directly for the late last night if i get hot you have to hook up youknow

i find actually keeping a short isreally elected three like really short but you have to know a little bit aboutthem they have to know you know that if we can really in a psychopath so youneed to have a bit of a chat search of the kids all really but the the energyyou prefer a family but what we're talking about uh... you know i find two minutes ofjust being told the normal having been a dancer and we can wreck a psycho theskies normal stefan cycle killer that's enough uh... so i'll keep it short i'll get thefuck out of there

alternately best thing i i i always goisn't this a possible instantly i can really put across mypersonality uh... you know it's it's like exhalereally get to know the drill back by standingon the street from ike half an hour you know you kind of ones and friends onso to keep it short or get or someone we can really enough get to know and alsothe stuff so yeah i do the same as anyone like topush or just get to know her look what is her passion what the fuck is shedoing in life is because she likes her job she doesn't like it wishingre-electing you know how to see in the

bahamas shocking to under oath or findout everything i can and my general was like about walk awayfrom a check russia bela tell you five amazing like interesting things abouther five if you can't actually say like yeahshe's interview she loves this unique this is your favorite book in oakland chiba japan she hates abruptwhatever it is journal appoints a bunch of stuff because if he he can't there'sno univ shit about her so when you caller she's going to like

but then if you've been super superdirect he's like off of the crap i mean if you have to know anything about youbecause she knows you're offering fifteen she wants pick that's it that'sall it is so there's different levels of success is within the top issues are you or they're just like i hate you know you get in orbit and there's beensomething there and yet but it fits into the question overhear wizard in with his hand about the same question

when the cover review anything anything else he said you can he would support places so u_p_s_ thatthat's one thing look-alike ice uh... for what to do on a on a date one thing what kind of girl don't just do the hike through thenumber-one thing and he will do is

though there's been a a does get agirl's number again we'll hang out it's it's really fucking week uh... trying make uh... actual plan sofitel itwould be too for fun where they like doing ought to make actual plans for some isactually different and and we're gonna talk to sail them a good looking fordeath point when this increase shit you know and i'll go and uh... you know got plenty picnic program of the frisbeewill play frisbee

or just like anything that's out ofthose i coming guys hitting jason again let's go get a little rock climbinginstantly we're going to be some crazy shit always make actual plan for fucking funsuch as what what racket into them according to that we're gonna in what is that they're than cyclical itwatch it but the movie we can even talk to scrap so make actual plans right there on thespot on that right from the meeting tomorrow

right there right at treatment yet shirttomorrow right there yet cool assertions numbers when released late exchange numbers so making plans and such on the date fucking like how blacks like first of all i mightquickly let go for coffee have to have a talk so i know that were on the samelevel they were not it's not just you knowlike yeah it's not a little bit and logistical do some fun shipment justfucking have a blast

putting effort in you know i kind ofmusic here here just like nora boustany refused totranspose is is is dot now don't run for correctly jesus christ so many girls i've losses attractiveuh... fucking right away just like enjoying hanging out with somebody actually get afilm of it that fucking later it's it's beautifuland less and less literally that's all you want so we're going for what you want did youcheck if she's cool when you enjoy your

company and you think this was all so i won'thave room i left my was a time falkirk immediately what is it what y thirteen-year-old respect as well if ithink is a definitely optical over my house and is no need to to have a dateis the actual like some unpopular laxman so many guys make that mistake of likethey get all you know how you haven't picked on been on that and youngerescalating them and fight and i'll make a wish it were not at all might not looklike the grammar t_v_s in him fucking

make italaat as an awesome person sheloves me mansions all i just grab my ass is that my cock begin faulkner you're never gonna seeher again ever who's had that one before awesome daykimmy make announced that area as great a limousine jegan what you think if you look at slotthere's an expectation that fucking now illicit activity asshole initially gotcarried away in a moment and that's good gopher pull the trigger with no you havesex with a richer have sex with her interventions connecticut the phone totalk to teachers want to be able to see

you again felt liberals not position you have anawesome day did you look districts of course is amazing she's quite i wannahave around my life you lied to you grabber the enemy like this was awesome polar in just give her a kiss on the forehead orgrabber face kiss from a mile don't do you know the fifty states patinadmissible there is no laughing at what you want todo is look at the bargaining meeting on tuesday loses

do that because it's not there's no likeit's not doing it just like is usually not posted here avenue you kiss anybodynot doing all i a connie other elections which is going to harmonies on a policyhe kissed me but he wasn't doing the whole signs forthe next time you see i thought the crap solve the problem but i just get you gotthis idea disliking him just chill out and enjoy into how do i go fucking hornyrecords all of the vote to overhaul bustillos wrote packages as christ is to relax enjoy yourself you know

an anti-gay comes out just like a reallyhonest about about what i want to put me to check look if i have two lie two get posted onwhat a blessing and as the one you know 'cause why whywas he lied or check www or like try putting would've wasn't is another girlbehind it was just as hard as one who was delayed and it was a way of publicschools that what i want to live in this cruel in some way that we are going up acouple wonderful roles here and feel like the one of them lithuanian hocaller domains uh... we were you know we wish you wouldopen up a lot recently and uh... uh...

you know basically some of them to be friends and we'll hope we met a couple weeks agohad coffee and she said he had called you know i'm i'm cool because we have tohang out with me friends am angry recipe that's good and why and it was chris protect like afew weeks after we were not usually gets going the friends i said why by so fast and she said it's because you werehonestly

about everything hero was honest aboutyour lifestyle neither of those concepts or because you never lied to me there's no reason to be angry with u andthat's what we can be friends now in an escort usage of coal chicken adi would iwould be broken heart if we were friends uh... you know i'm saying so so i'm always i'm always that way andit's like you there's nothing to hide the wave of what we do we just do we want to do it just be honest aboutyour gonna find other people who feared but they could be when you want use havea blast

enjoy yourself and have a lot of sex alas all come out he'll get make noisefor lots of sex credit friend i have a lot of scientific work fair questions alot answered questions as all what you guys not you people onthe internet thought about you about these guys righthere cartel atomic bomb people knew that theycan come up kalashnikov everybody everybody try around and football videoby everyone right now yep right now and dot then i want tolook at right now inept on serious right

now on three what everybody get up walkto the metal walked in and around our young kids around there do you have anyon three one territory add delighted and det they first-timer everything that happenpeople like this is all set now old acting like the spot in the l and otherson that but that doesn't bother sits we're not going to talk that so yeah that's it there to be a among thetop itself now that's a very uh...

well there's a guy it's between preggersmatter of fact biggest thing it's it's great altogether talking right so um... yet thanks for common and onsaturday game you can find if you love me on the internet thank you enjoy therest your event and i think here

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