Wednesday, September 7, 2016

puppets chef pee pee

today's headlines. for cm's post shreesatya murti's name was announced. when the question wasasked at the lok shabha session who will be the next cm? then shree satya murti's namewas disclosed. when he was just about to be the cmhis behaviour caused uproar in the public. due of his rude behaviour there was achaos within the party and people also. look at him... no one heard us... wasn't he ashamed behavinglike this?

he cheated everyone. he justpretended to be good. that's why we said don't vote for himbut no one listened to us. and made him cm sir it is true what wehave heard? we have heard you are goingto be the next cm. me and cm?you all are joking. this is just a ploy of ouropposition party. i'll prove that our minister satya murtiis an honest man. and i'll make him cm.

print this... he is such a nasty minister. he makesladies watch such dirty films. what will happen if such a bruteminister becomes the cm? if he has bad intentions abouthis party members then will he spare his daughters anddaughter-in-laws? satya murti down down..satya murti down down.. look i thought i don't want tobe the puppet of 234 members i wanted to be cm that’s why i didn'tbe the mla also. that old guy died away and you’ re sittingso firmly on the chair.

i feel i'll die before you. why don't you resign? it was not my alone decision tobe cm it was party's decision and if theyask i'll surely resign. members..members..all our fools! they consider you to be a great will they tell you anything? leave all that on them. but as long as i am alive, i'll not let acheater like you be a cm. now get lost from here.

okay i shall leave now. on behalf of our party we honour our greatand kind hearted minister shree satya murti as the cmof tamil nadu. welcome with a round ofloud applause. give it to me.give. hail to shree satya murti sir.hail to shree satya murti sir. congratulations.we all are very happy. congratulations, sir. thank you.thank you.

sir, call for you. hello thank you..thank you.all this happened because of party members. sir, your wife's call.-please look at it. give. now i'll show this mms to all. you are showing me such an obscenevideo to me. look what he is showing to an obscene video. he is such a disgusting man. at it.i am like his daughter.

and see what is askingme to watch. move..move... how can such an elderly man do like this?-what nonsense is this? kill me...this is what you want. now i'll not keep quiet. i'll telleveryone, how lousy this man is. he is a skunk! he is skunk! hello papa, what is all this?why people are talking so ill about you? i am innocent, my child. take care of yourself.

papa..papa... papa... after the allegations of ms. vasundharashree satya murti has committed suicide along with hiswith his wife and son. sir..sir...what happened? sir...oh god! where is media?where is media? you have killed our minister.he was such a great man! without knowing the truth you allhave killed him.

do you have a conscienceor not? you all didn't even spare gandhiji. is media responsible for all this?-yes indeed. this is true. you all make everythingsensational news. you all make every small thinga very big issue. sir passed away this is also news for make news on me. i'll go on hunger strike.make news on me. make news on me. show everyone live.

our leader is dead, now even ifyou die then what will happen ... i am not going to die. i am not a coward. accusations that media has puton our adorable minister i'll not rest until i provethem wrong. you all remember it. now for our people, for our party,for our minister i'll be the cm. from where my sir stood for electionfrom there i'll also stand for election.

and will get the opposition party'sdeposit confiscated. i'll certainly win and fulfil sir's dream.until i become the cm. sir..come...i am talking to you..come sir. come..come.. come..-did you say anything to me? you car tyre is deflated, right? you're dressed up in suit are yougoing to attend some marriage or have from delhi to attendsome meeting. look at your look just like rahul gandhi.

come and sit in the auto. every day you go in auto. todaytake an auto ride. i'll not take any extra charge. but i don't have change. sir, you're not any beggar sittingoutside the temple... you're a gentleman in suit,you must be having atm card... i'll swipe the card also. pleasecome and be my first passenger . but listen to me... i am telling you i don't have change.

ahead we'll buy a corn and thenyou will get the change. such a strange man you are.why are you forcing me? since when i'm telling you,i don't have change. sir, change the change topicand tell me where do you want to go? tell me sir, i don't have much time. i want to go to many places..-many places... seems today i've hit thejackpot. sir, tell me first whereshould i take you? take me top any wine shop.

early morning alcohol, have you stillrecovered from last night's drinking binge. i don't drink? -so do you wantto go there to seek blessings? no drink, no girls, no gambling. sir even i left my bad habits andhave become an auto driver. sir, you're still young. tell me, whomdo you want to meet at wine shop? my acquaintance.he is a drunkard. i don't know in which wine shop i'll findhim but it's very important to find him. when i am here don't fear.we'll find him out! tell me one thing,are you rajni's fan?

i am not just his fan but mixer, grinder,washing machine, ac i am his total home alliance! what is your name? are you looking for something? this is my style...rajni...! superb!great name! then who is this papu kumar?-this is papu who knows to dance. who is he?-my grandpa is pappu kumar.. my grandma named me aftermy grandpa name.

you tell me, what do you likepappu kumar or rajni? no doubt, i like rajni. tell me, what is your name? my name is kamal! what sir.. i am amitabh bachchanand you are shahrukh khan. why are you pulling my leg? i am not name is kamal kanan. and people call me kanan, yes rajni. rajni kamal...we make suchsuper hit pair.

that means we... for sure there is some connectionbetween us. we didn't wanted to come stilli made you sit in the auto. by the way you belong towhich village? palkinagar? no rajni, i belong to kalkudi. strange, i am also from the neighbouringvillage. -is it? i am from neighbouring village,devkunda. why have you come to chennai? i have come here to meetrailway minister.

now tell me this also what workdo you have with him? talkha near karkudi that ismy village. there we have our ancestor’s mansion. i don't have any idea also, how many generationsof mine have stayed there. our house is like an alms house, there wasnever any shortage of food. thousands of people used to eatthere daily. aunty be quick.uncle is food ready? yes it's ready. what uncle? there is no salt, no quick. people have started to come.

dear see that everyone gets thefood properly. you all eat well. there was a railway crossingat our village. at the vacant place next to it trafficstarted to increase. so railway department decidedto make a sub way over there. real estate companies rosetheir voice against it. so this was decided that sub way willbe constructed near to our house. then what? railway department sentus the notice to vacate the house. dear this is our ancestral home.

may be this is alms’ house for others. but our this house is onlyour temple. railway department has given the noticeto demolish our house. but we have to save this housein any condition. i know grandpa this is not justa house. it's our life! you don't worry i'll not let it go. i'll go to chennai and meet the minister. i'll request him andwill save our house.

give me your blessings. my blessings are with you. take care, my son. sir.. my letter..-give the letter..your work will be done. sir, this letter is for you.please read it. everyone's work will be done.come give it to me. now you all go. come on, my work is done.he has taken my application. now my work will be done. move..move..let the car go.

hey, give me a cup of tea.-serve sir a cup of tea. have sweet also, sir. okay give me, since morning i'venot eaten anything. - take it, sir. it's so oily. pass me the paper. i will give you. this is my application?how did it come here? just ten minutes back i gaveit over there. forget that, look at this, sir. what is this?

railway minister is saying, heneed kaveri river's water. sir, top most people's applicationis rotting here. your work is not going tohappen so easily. heed me and go and look forminister's pa> and get your work done. do you know anyone.-you remembered and he is come. that tea vendor showedme a man. that man's far off relative is minister's wife'sfar off relatives friend. shekar i'll talk to you later.-namaste sir.

have a seat. sir, our ancestral home at thevillage...-waiter... first let's call for a wine bottle. sir, i don't drink. i drink! quarter will do? half! please take quarter.-no half. please..-sir, what quarter, what half,i'll in between of it.

one bottle after the other, hekeep drinking kamal sir, come let’s have a peg. no rajni, i said, i don't drink. okay coffee? anthony quickly get two coffees.-no, get tea for me. kamal sir, you will have tea? and with it little fritters also. don't know in which oil they must havefried it? you will eat this? everything is fine for me.

sir, you're very simple man like us.take eat it. sir, no one can say that youare such a rich man. sir, did you ever meet thatdrunkard man? sir...what happened? he drunk but it seems i'velost my senses. if you will stay like a naive main thenpeople are ought to fool you. first wipe this vermillion fromyour forehead. is it? now i'll see him.

is everything fine?-please do come. minister wants you...-please wait... first let me call for the wine? waiter... you drunk so much stillyou didn't even burp once. first tell me, when you will makeme meet the minister? you want to meet the minister, right?-certainly. right now come with me. -though you'reso angry still you can't leave the wine bottle. he made me meet so many people.

kamal sir, tell me, how many brothersyou all are? two bothers.nadip sad and surdeep das. dumbo come here. did you pay for the tea? dumbo, whyare you interfering in other's matter? sir, you keep eating fritters andkeep telling the story, i'm listening to it. that man took me and made me meet theminister's driver's brother-in-law. he is minister’s driver's brother-in-law. he will do your work.-okay fine. who is going to pay me?

what is this?just this much. now just shirt pant is left.please come. sir, yesterday i told you about a friend,he is that friend of mine. he is the one. tomorrow comeexactly at 8 o’clock. i'll come exactly at 8 o'clock. oh god please bless me. every day at 8 o'clock i used to standin front of that man's house. i used to stand there for hourstogether. he didn't look at me oncealso.

so you all have come..let's go.-sir i... you come tomorrow at 8 o'clock. besides that man all the others membersof the society became my friends. namaste sir.-come tomorrow at 8'clock. hey..come tomorrow at8 o'clock. what every day 8 o'clock? do you haveto give jaundice medicine to someone? at last did that man come or not? certainly he came... but he got bad time alongwith him.

bad time...?-yes love story... i was also wondering why still love anglehas not come in the story? if a well dressed young man will cometo colony daily then girls are ought to fall on you. am i right?-absolutely. will you take hot fritters?-anthony my temper is hot... tell me, how much is the bill? 40 rupees. -kamal sir, i know youdon't have change. i have too much of change. yes take the change.tell me, how much is the balance?

for fritters 40and for tea 30. what is all this?-nothing great... how much?-only 99! it's because it was in put the meter down, sir. chocolate..-i don't eat sir at home? this belongs to you.take it. fool! doesn't understandsthis much also. what do you mean? sir it's simple, she likes you.

you know love language also. for this you don't need to knowthe language. can come to know throughbody language. you are very smart. sir, if i am smart than youare double smart. there you went for recommendationand what did you do you enticed his daughter. she is not his daughter,she is his wife. you ogled at other's wives?-no

you are also some one's are coming so close.. did i see you with bad intentions? what is going on?who is he? hey stand up. a surprise!i never thought you will come here. even i even didn't think. are treating myguest as the offender. don't you have any sense? teach them a lesson.-sorry. tea or coffee?

no leave me. here take the fish curry. rajni, looking at this fish curry i rememberedthe fish curry that my mom used to make. do you know, how sheused to prepare fish curry? sir, i don't have to go to master chef thatyou are explaining me the recipe. let's enjoy the meal and you tell mewhat did that lady inspector tell you. coffee shop is going to closeat east say something. it's ringing...your phone. yes say...-okay so she wasfrom kerala.

yes rajni.-it must be great time for you. rajni, she was not my beloved. was she your friend?-no not my friend. sorry!-why? some boy was coming to meet me soi thought it was you..-no.. you misunderstood. i wanted tomeet the minister... it's not your mistake.i made a mistake. you drink the coffee.-okay. anyways first impression isthe best impression.

we can be friends. by the way, why are you arrested? that's a very long story.i was waiting for a broker. he got me arrested accusing thati was ogling at his wife. oh that man...he has very suspiciouskind of nature. no matter, i will take careof it. thanks madam. madam?you call me by my name. okay bye anushka.

excuse me...-yes tell me. that woman was right, anyone will beready to die for you. including me. did she really say this? or you are trying be heroin front of me? rajni why will i lie to you? forget it, when the right time willcome, i'll come to know. sir, such a nice smell is comingeven after washing hands. just like marina chowpatty's fish fry!

i feel like making a big statue. will you tell the minister, i want tomake statue of a fish? he will certainly like the idea. what are you saying, rajni? sorry sir.forget all this. you tell me your romeo juliet story. one day anushka called me... hello kamal, i am anushka speaking. my marriage is fixed and to celebrate iti am throwing a party for my friends.

if anyone comes or not but yousurely have to come. now with so much love anushka hadinvited me then how could i avoid it? so i went for the party. there i saw andrea you are very smart sir.she is so beautiful. you must have wooed her andmust be roaming with her. she is not also my girlfriend too.-she isn't? what is the problem in youlife sir? about whomever i talk you, sheis not mine. she is not mine.

actually andiya has invited meto her college function. sir!-so i went there. sir, your story has more ofsuspense than story. sir, public is waiting for heroine.-this time i saw my beloved. leave it sir, let it go.-oh! i am saying.. let it be sir. i am geeing angry. do it fast..-get out! do she studies in jai hind college?-yes. what subject does she has?-it is bsc maths.

bsc. maths!-yes rajni. which year, sir?-final year. oh! even my girlfriend is in final year.-rajni! see our destinies are connected.-leave the connection, sir. here there is no network andyou are talking connection. tell me you is your lover? i am ruined. what happened rajni? sir, please don't say thatshe is your girlfriend.

she is not my girlfriend. which fool will love that girl?-i am that fool. i love her from last five years.i love her since childhood. yes, she is also beautiful..-enough sir. you have already confused me a lot.first tell me who is your heroine? sir! sit properly. what? shall i lie down?-are you sitting at home? what sir, that aunty is your lover?-no, no. girl sitting next to her. hey! oh kamal!-you aunty!

so she was your aunt's daughter? thenwhy you took so much time admit? how you said so easily thatshe was my aunt's daughter? i was meeting her afterten - fifteen years. she was my life. we used to play togetherin childhood. yes i know you must have embossedyour names on tree and leaves. she must have make you eat sweet with loveand you would have given her tamarind. you must have played withtyre on village road. and she must have put vermillionon your forehead.

everyone behaves like this in their did, i did. now what is she doing io city,tell me that. don't give this one, give that one.yes that bottle. pay him and come inside.-yes i am coming. did you took the change?-yes i have taken. kamal, sir! hey, hey! -sir! -hey, hey!-kamal! kamal! se we all are together, there isno need to worry. i will inform, when work is done.

okay! hey waiter! kamal sir! kamal sir!kamal sir! i didn't do anything.-kamal sir!leave him. i will not spare him. come out with me. out..out co me out with me.i'll not spare him. sir, since when you were telling me yourstory suddenly you became quiet what happened? anyways forget it. money given topoliticians...

is just as rice thrown in the sea. you never get it back. you're a millionaire, just for 2 lakhswhy are you getting so annoyed? no...calm down, sir. it's said money always doesn'tstay with us. what you mean?money doesn't always be with us. i said it in gujarati. but why did you sayit in gujarati? many have said this in marathi.

kamal sir tell me yourheroine's name? sridevi! -?your life is set,kamal.sridevi. great super hit pair. correct. to confirm this pair,i went to their house in different get up. whose ever face you will seein swimming pool's water she will be sridevi, right? no rajni that was my twist in the story. but like this only happens inthe film. it must be happening inolden days films.

ah he is so handsome. look at his moustache!-he must be an engineer. stop...stop..who are you? oh sir...namaste! mamma, gas cylinder guyhas come. what? gas? oh god please bless me today... today he is looking more handsome.-yes.. i feel like proposing hum right now.-even i.

quiet, naughty girl. through these girls you'remaking fun of me. what i had asked you to give andwhat you are giving to me. sir, good morning.-who is he? you don't know him. he is world famousdoctor. don't you watch his show on tv? mamma courier... she guessed very correctly. as a man falls in love why do heremember agra's taj mahal? don't he have anything elseto gift?

there so many other to give.china gate, kutab minar... what if no one is burredin it? but rajni these all are notmemento of love. taking taj mahal in hand where ismy shah jahan going? your mumtaz is here.stop you nonsense and go from here. look at his style...-you.... doctor sir for whom have yougot this taj mahal? i have not got it for you. we don't want it. watchman, why didyou allow the salesman to come inside?

i knew it...-hey kamal..kamal... i am going... how come you're here?-do i look like salesman? sorry, i couldn't recognize you.-first your daughter didn't recognise me. how are everyone in the village? come. why have you got this taj mahal? i've got it for you. good that you took taj mahalas a gift.

if you would have taken hair garland,aunty had to dance. why? because your uncle makesother dance. i mean when he is in good mood hesings and dances. okay then what happened? some government official came homeand glued the notice on the gate. and said within three monthsthis house will be broken. we were very tensed. so villagers said aunty who isat chennai

has very highly placedcontacts. i should go and meet him. listening to them, there was a newray of hope. yes, i know everything. i've seen yougrowing big in that house. but why didn't you tell methis earlier? aunty sorry but... i am family doctor of railwayminister. i'll meet him and surely talkin this matter. aunty we have lost the ancestral homeat the village.

now only this house isleft with us. if we lose this also then we'llno recognition of our own. kamal, i said, i'll talk torailway minister. have patience. thanks aunty. listen, i'll ask the watchmanto call for an auto. why will you go by tutu?you have a car of your own. how are you uncle? now let's go.

we have the car but it's so difficultto find a nice driver nowadays. don't worry. why do you needa driver, i am there. i'll drop you.where is car keys? it's with the watchman. why did you allow thisman to come inside the house? since when we were looking fora driver, did we get any? now we got it. he is frommy village. sir did you really wantedto drive the car ...or you did the fielding to wooher daughter?

what? -what're great! you got the place to stayin your beloved’s house... then what happeneddid you ensnared her or not? are not able tocatch the fish, right? shall i catch it? if she would have said yes thenwould you catch the fish? kamal... we're going for a seminar will youdrop sri to college? i hope you don't have any work?

let's go. sir, all the other girls were crazy behindyou but sri didn't pay importance to you. she is aunt’s daughter that'sshe was trying to be arrogant. rajni's that's why the talent i hadnot showed till now now the time had comethat i show them. since childhood sri was very fondof carrot dumplings. so i decided that cookthat for her. sri, i've cooked your favouritecarrot dumpling. madam your pizza.-oh thank you.

oh what is this?she didn't even eat your carrot dumpling? these girls are likethis only, sir. we are always crazy behind them but they are crazy behind pizza, sandwichesand fast food. they don't eat for their stomach theyeat to make their class. no rajni, my shri is not like this. i misunderstood her and decided neverto meet her. but one she herself cameto me. why are you doing all this work?

did you say anything to me?-yes kamal, i told you only. oh so you know totalk also. now i will cry.-why? everyday some goons comes to mycollege and misbehaves with me.and then make a complain to your teacher. not teacher, principal. i don't know too much of english, whoever they may be you must complain to them. yes but they are also scaredof him. then it's a police case.i know the sp, should i take to him.

no but you must come to my collegeand solve the problem. why should i solve the problem? if not you then who willhelp me, kamal? i am asking why should ihelp you? since childhood you're being doingwhat i ask you to do. that time i was a child. for me you used to runthe tyre also. at that time i was innocent. on leaves you used towrite my name.

any child will do all that.that all was childish behaviour. was all that childishness. that day at the college auditoriumyou're staring at me, what was that? coming in different get ups you weretrying to impress me, what about that? to woo me you came following metill my house, what about that? so till now you're purposelytrying to be innocent. you go, i don't want to talk to you. if not me then who willdo all this, my dear? my dear...!

are you serious? am i dreaming? say again.-my dear...! my dear...!-yes. you don't worry tomorrow morningi'll come with you to college. dear there they are. i asked you to pour the water.-brother... what? you tease the girl!

what are you doing?-reading the computer book, sir. should i hit you one?-don't hit me or i'll complain to principal. do you study in this college?-don't spoil my face. if you'll be seen here again, yourface will only not be there. get lost! rajni, what must bethe time now? sir, my watch is not working.just wait a minute. oh love birds,what's the time? why are you disturbing us?-what's the time? good time is going on.

why are they taking so muchtime to tell the time? first they will search their hand andthen they will see the time and tell us. it's 3 o'clock. from your busy schedule you took outtime and told us the time for that thank you. rajni in five minutes ihave to reach to airport. you don't worry, kamal sir. my auto runs like a ambulancewithout siren. we will reach there inhalf an hour.

is anyone coming? sri had to gone singapore for collegetrip, she is coming back today. sir till she lands from abroad lets peeand become light. here...? in chennai why everyonepee on the wall? if you make love go to beach, if youwant to pee stand near the wall. this is the tradition. earlier like this used not happen. rajni from when i'm noticing you imitaterajnikant very well. why don't you do acting?

no sir, earlier i was very muchinterested in acting. famous directors knowme very well. i was in ramgarh's sholay, i wasin paro's devdas... but editor cut the scene. yes or else today you wouldbe a top most hero. rajni did you see, we both arepeeing at the same wave length. yes sir, didn't i tell you, ourwave length matches. turn around. let me do it peacefully.

if i'll turn around yourclothes will get wet. what were you doing here? i was getting rid of ants. read what’s writtenover there. it is written that fools don't pee here.don't you know to read? who made you police? hey, you are making of me,i will put you in the prison. oh sir, why are you getting so angry.this is for fools. we are decent men.-you both are arguing with me..

let's go to court.-hey! do you know the result of touching rajni? rajni!-come on sir. he touched me, i will teach him the minute. hello, i am rajni speaking. my friend and i were peeing andhe disturbed us. hey what is your name?-ajit. vijay! surya! trisha!-is she other tammna? hey, come. come.

what crime you did?-i peed. yes, same to same. rajni, see he also did the same crime. if he peed also, then do we comein the same category? sir, can't you keep quite? let's go.-you increase my tension. hey rajni, why this court is so small? we have not come to reside here,we have come here for the case. we will be released in some time.-silence!

did you pass urine in public place? hey you fool! judge is asking did you pass urinein the public place? did you urinate in public place? do you have to pay the fineof rs. 500. i will not pay the fine. does one cares about ourcountry's problem? is anyone there who willwipe the tears of our poor people. you keep quiet rajni. for such asmall matter you're making it a issue.

i'll go to supreme court.i want justice. silence. you dirty the public placeand then you stand here and say the dialogues. for this you have to pay thefine of rs. 1500. or else you will go to jail. not in jail.-will you pay the fine? you're the person who asked forjustice for peeing. is it?what are you saying? i have experience of 25 yearsof peeing. i've peed at so many places.

on the road, i've peed in mygrandpa's ear. i was not so embarrassed atthat time also.. but today... i know why you are so embarrassed. that judge is your goingto mother-in-law, right. how did you come to know?-you forgot, our wave length matches. give me your account book.-why? i will write urination fine also. do you feel that is so important?forget all that, kamal sir.

tell me the story of your girlfriend who went to abroad. kamal..what are you doing here?i was looking for you. i just wanted to surprise you. oh in suit, anything special? you're going to abroad, your friendswill also come. if they see me they should feel,shri's friend is so handsome. what do you say, aunty? this flower is for whom? i had got this for you.

you look very beautifulwith this flower. please come over there. i want to talk to you. aunty she is trying to saysomething to you. what happened?-nothing mamma. i was asking him to help meto get the luggage. come..-go son. okay aunty.-go. ah have you got me here to talkor to stare at me?

why?can't i look at you? i am feeling shy.i have worn the coat for the first time. i am going to abroad, i wantedto talk to you something in private and you're being arrogantin front of mamma. i knew, why you werecalling me. tell me why? you'll hug, kiss me,do this do that... i didn’t wanted to do all that...-enough..enough.. till now i was feeling you're very don't know anything.

but you are a scholar. i know you can go. you said, you wantedto talk to me. yes, i finished you go. go...-neither kissed nor hugged. aunty you're so depressed.i know, you've never stayed away from sri. it's just the matter of ten days. days will pass away in don't worry. i'm not worried about her,i met railway minster.

what did he say? aunty tell me, what did he say? he said, now nothing can be done. now what will we do, aunty? why are you worried? you've lookedfor another house for yourself. what are you saying? she is rich, has lots of gold,has a hospital what is there that sri doesn't have? that's you barged into our house, right?

don't say that aunty. in my lifei've always given. i have never tried to take anythingfrom anyone. my parents have not taughtme to do all this. don't i know you all? your ancestors distributed alltheir wealth in the name of donation. i felt pity on you and i gave youplace in my house. you ensnared my daughter. now you want to usurpour property, you paid very well forgoodness.

for god sake don't say this. in my wildest dreamalso i can't think like this. stop your act. i never thoughtyou anything more than a servant. just a free servant. thinking you're from my village,i gave you place in my house or else you would be beggingat the streets. don't ever show me your face. someone had said it very right,when time is not favourable... even the king becomes a pauper.

i had come to meet railway minister,i had spent all the money i had. i thought my aunty willsurely help me. but whatever i thoughtdidn't happen. i don't have any problemin returning home. but i fear that sri will also thinkwrong about me. i want to meet sri. i want to tell her that ilove her and not her wealth. that's why i'm still waitingfor her. rajni, since ten days iam wandering over here.

i've no place to stay neitherany money to eat. then i meet you. you made me eat. when we urinated you paidthe fine. and even after hearing my storyyou are standing with me. you are a real friend. you are great, rajni. rajni..what happened?rajni... rajni..hold on...

rajni...come to your senses...what happened? you fainted listening tomy distressful story. think what i must be feeling! kamal, i didn't faint listeningto your story. what? you didn't feel sadlistening to my story? i am feeling bad thinking how willi get back my money. just check if some notes are therein your wallet? -no rajni. not even 10 rupees.-no rajni. not even 5 rupees.-not a penny, rajni.

at least 50-25 paisa.-where do we get it nowadays? i thought you're a rich man butyou don't have a penny also. i've spent all the money on you thati saved to repay the auto loan. now what will i reply to lady don? rajni, i told you earlier only thati don't have any change hey kamal there is lot of difference betweenyou don't have change and you don't have money. enough now. give me the moneythat i have spent on you. total money i spent onyou is 2509 rupees. if you will not give than youknow rajni's famous anger.

rajni move your hand. i'll not move my hand, kamal. heed don't kamal. even i say the very same don't rajni, kamal! move your hand, rajni.-if i hit will you also hit? don't act too smart. first you took themoney and now you're talking about fighting. but remember one thing, ican forgive the enemy but i don't spare the personwho cheats me. rajni listen to this also.

one who apologiesis a human and one who forgives isgreat human being. are you great or not? don't make me to getemotional. what happened to that rajni kamal pair? forget that. i am auto driver andyou're good for nothing. just tell me will you pay backmy money or not? you want money?hold on. grandpa, i'm kamal speaking.-how are you, son?

i am are you, grandpa? i am fine. earlier you usedto call me daily. since so many days you didn'tcall up. did you go to meet the minister? just now i got the timeto call you up. aunty told me that she willtake me to meet the minister. son now use roaming here and there.first go and meet the minister. but like this how can i goand meet him? kamal listen to me, he isa very nice man.

he had told me, if i have any work,i must meet him. since so long he is on the phone,seems he is arranging money for me. i know, i'll goand meet him. you don't worry. nothingwill happen to our house. you take care of yourself.i'll call you later. okay son. kamal sir, so you have arrangedmy money? no..since many day i had nottalked to grandpa i talked to him and toldhim everything.

what did you tell him?how you fooled a auto driver... what are you saying, rajni?i never fool anyone. i will surely return your money. what do you feel?i'll follow all your orders. now we'll talk business andno nonsense. i don't trust you. tell me, where do you want to go? i want to meet cm.-confirm..confirm! what is confirm?

you just want a free auto ride. you want to meet this minister that ministerand now you want to meet cm. after some time you will say,you want to meet p m. it's about a year back,cm had come to our house. he met my grandpa and beforereturning he dined with us. your narrate you immortalstories very well. any one will easily believe you. believe me, cm really cameto our house. how should our minister be?-must be like bhupati!

he is been shree murti'sclass mate. everyone respects him a lot.appease him. how should our minister be?-should be like bhupati! everyone said, begin the campaign workfrom the temple, so i came over here. temple is where nice noblepeople dwells. how did you find the food? how is the food? your house food and your smileis fantastic, we can never forget it. murti sir is now no more with usand you're his class mate

so on his behalf you onlygive me your blessings. oh son...bless me that i canserve the public. you're a very nice will surely win. all my villagers are with you. thank you very much. if ever you need anything,please remember me. don't at all hesitate..sir... give him the visiting card. visiting cards are given to them whoseface we tend to forget

i can never forget their faces. you had said, cm and youhad dined together. and here you're longing to meet him. gentleman listen...-you have come..let him come. do you really know him? how are you?-i am fine. what about you? how is grandpa?your name is kamal, right? you still remember it. there is a problem in the village that'swhy i've come to meet the cm.

now when you have come here,you don't need to worry. now it's my duty to get yourwork done anyhow. thank you.-hello. i am with him. he is my friend, rajni.very nice man. looking at you i feel ihave seen you somewhere. where you must have seen me? besides auto stand where elsecan you see me? auto stand! -let it be, don't think too muchor else your hair will fall off.

he is very jolly fellow.come inside. kamal sir, sorry i asked forauto fare from you. don't feel bad about it. cm sirwill throw me out of the city. kamal sir..sir... this time in corporation election i amgiving mayor's post to a lady. and i have decided who isthat candidate. we very well know thename of that candidate. it will good if you select someonefrom the party rather than some outsider. we all want that someone fromour party is selected for this post.

do you know you' respeaking to whom? i know it very well. we also know that in this electionleaving the candidates like us you are in whose favour. what do you think? i am decent, kindgentle like sri satya murti. i'll kill you. it's my party and my decisionis final. if you try to be smart than tomorrow you'llnever reach home after your morning walk. how dare they talk likethis to cm?

sir she has topped in her xii examination,please do something for admission. sir, did you recognize him? we had gone sri murti sir's class mates house,he is his grandson.. my grandpa asked me to meet you.-meet me later, i'm busy just now. railway department isdemolishing our house. why have you come to me,make a request to them. we did but no paid any attentionto it. talk to me later..-sir..-can't you hear what i am saying.,. you are ourlast hope.

how did you hold my hand? do you feel?only you're in problem. is it my duty to solve everything? should i go to every house andlisten to their problems? go away from here.-how can i go from here? when you had come to myhouse to ask for votes. we had given you agrand welcome. today when i've come with myproblem, you're insulting me. if we'd have not voted for you,how would you be the cm?

have i become the cm becauseof your vote? i was capable of that.why are you all looking at me? i should not see this manover here again. get him away from here. get out...get out...-leave him..leave him... get out from here.-move..move from here. come dear.come over here. what is it, son?you said it's a small problem if you'd have told me it's about thesub way contract

i'd have never taken youin front of them. do you know, who has got thesub way contract? cm sir! what are you saying?-you heard it right. this is our cm's dream project. it will be good that you forget yourhouse and go away from here. in such contracts everyonehas their shares. dear take you grandpa and settlein some other village. go.

'i know grandpa, this is not just ourhouse but it's our life' 'you don't worry' 'i never considered you anythingmore than a servant' 'just a free servant' 'i became cm because of your vote?i was capable of it' 'get him out of here.' -catch hold of him. who will pay the auto deposit? who are you?-you don't recognize him.

tell them you met cm...-you calm down. i'll take care of everything. we'll make the payment, youall can go . go . payment?it means you got the money. no i didn't. we'll go and talkto ramini sister. you're talking about putting yourhand in lioness mouth. do you know also what problemshe is? let’s go and talk to her once.

she doesn't talk she makesother's keep quiet. you sit in the auto.-listen to me... i am trapped badly. nowi'll lose the auto also. there she will kill me.nothing will happen to you.. 1932..that means ramini'shouse is very old. you don't get scared,come inside. it's the owner's house and forcefullyramini sister has usurped this house. why are you getting scared?we'll talk to her. ramini is not any item girl,she is rowdy woman.

she rules this place.please listen to me. let’s go back from here. why are you getting scared?-how much load is left? how is much the actual andhow much is the interest? i'll talk to her.-hold on. you need to be so smart tosolve my problem. idiot, rascal, just now callthe counsellor. quickly call him up.-why are you standing and looking at me? is any movie going onover here?

do what i asked you to do useless fellows. call him him right now. i'll not spare him.-she is less than any don. he has to come here. election for counsellor will happenin two months. then everyone will beg for votes. then i will teach them a lesson. why are you giving money to anyone.

why don't you become yourselfcounsellor? i said right, isn't it pappu?hey, pappu! hey! who are you? whoever i am is not important,sister is important. if she is ready then i canmake her counsellor. hey, i will teach you a lesson.-what you... you keep knife with you?this is not good. hey, are you becoming very smart?- to me or to you? get lost. what sister? you are sweating andhe is drinking fridge water.

drink. drink. they are enjoying because of you. when you will become counsellor,they will enjoy more. just see how powerful yourface is just like royal person you have been born to rule. -why are you shouting? see there, ramini sister, that boy has come for first time in the house.. she is listening him so carefully

not only this she is getting impressedof his talks. just wait for some time more. we will see what he teaches her. greetings. -who are you? are you from vijaywada? i asked you, who are you? today i am care of platform and tomorrow counsellor’s pa.

do you have any name or not? where did he go? hey! come here.-oh, no, no, no, no, no. he has come here to ask for some timeto pay the money. let them cut your hand but tell herwhatever you want to say. hey, you are saying as if you'reasking to chop a carrot. sister, there nothing like it. -why are getting so scared? sister, i will tell you.

you started from a small stalland today you have reached here. why you can't become counsellor? everyone is running behind power. then why not you become counsellor? sister, you are very famous in public. bur being famous will not do any help. you need the power. you need the position. people must wish to get their photoclicked with you.

very few people has the fame,you have that. that's why i am telling you. how much do you lend in a month? you must be giving 1 lakh!you give me 2 lakhs.. i will make you counsellor. -sister, he is making you fool. hey, do think us to be fools? if she losses i will do suicide. if shewill win are you ready to die? trust me. i don't need your money.

i felt that i must tell you, that's whyi told you pappu, let's go. -wait for a minute. where is your house in karkuni? -shivaji nagar. that is nice place. thanks. that is my village too. okay come tomorrow morning.

-okay. hey, kamal! kamal. listen we camehere to discuss about auto's loan. you pushed that woman in thepolitics. tell me one thing, you have so manyproblem of your own.. ..and you are meddling in other's matter? see, rajni, you only said i havemany problems of my own. and there is no one to resolve them. we feel that others will help us but they forgetall the promised as they get the position. then why don't we do such thatthey can't forget the promises.

if solving this problem is somuch fun.. ..then why not we create such problemthat can't be solved. what does it mean? you didn't understand? -no. you will never understand. sri, i heard that you havecome back. how are you? how was your trip? -why have you come here?

mother has told me everything. don't meet me ever. see, this is matter of our dignity.if i find anyone being irresponsible then i won't spare anyone.. listen, in this you'll makeme minister, right? why not! see, this is corporation's election. hey, which is the ward from whereour win is for sure? ward number 125.

-yes, yes from that ward. you contest the election from thisward only for corporator. you will become cm and i willbecome just the corporator? oh! oh! how do iput sense in her? sir, give one chance and see. -hey! listen first one become corporator thenbecomes the mayor. i will be mayor! -yes!

hail to mayor vasundhara! don't worry, you willsurely win. sign below. -take. take. thank you. hey. how much deposit is? -17 lakhs. now will contest the election from ward number 125.

in all there are 1953 lanes. in every lane there are 90 houses if you take a average of 5 from each lane then it will be 284467 people. and how many voters will be there? who are above 18 years? ..that will be 118233. out of that 53034 are gents voters.. and 88433 are women voters.

if they gave us the vote.. ..then our win is absolutelyconfirm. and i know how to get votes fromthese people. don't worry. i will handle everything. what he is doing here? -leave him, sir. let it go. he seems to be very smart. keep watch on him.

okay, kamal from where you havelearnt so much politics? that is in just one day. i don't know anything, i was just bluffing. i was scaring them. you lied. ramni sister's businessis to lend money it doesn't happen thatwill falls in debt. keep quite. see, kamal you know me very well. if i lose the election then..

-you will win the election for sure. you know the result if i losethe election. isn't it? hey! where are you going, kamal? sister, we will win for sure. if you are worried that you will lose themoney then keep this. -what are you doing? it is my auto. -why are you crying, pappu? things can't be used at the time ofneed then what's use of that thing?

now i have to go for theelection preparation. ramni sister, you this is my auto. -pay the loan and take the auto. sister! sister! why are you behavinglike this? sister..sister.. that's why you didn't jointhe politic's right? brother rajni! where are youwalking and going? shall i drop you from my auto? your auto? which auto i wanted to buy oninstallments

..that has been pawned.i have come on the streets. why are you so sad? once sister become counsellor.. ..after that auto will be yours. you are very smart brother. if my best friend wanders onthe streets then i am of no use. come on, sit inside. quickly. i am missing my auto. now you take me for a ride in this auto. let's go.

what is this smell? did you getthe rotten fish in my auto? are you mad? i know marina beach fishsince childhood. stop for a minute!swamiji! greetings, swami. -who is this beggar? hey! he is not beggar, he isvery learned saint. but why are you goingto meet him? when man is sad and there is no entryboard on every path

then he drinks or thenhe falls at the saint's feet. i don't have money for wine, so nowonly this saint can help me. here also many miracles happens andthere also many miracles happens, seriously. and this is miracle of miracles,seriously. what kind of miracle, saint? you didn’t understand sucha small thing also? during the journey my masterhad said... swami! great!

son, in you there is a greed of money,property, wealth and of a lady. then how will you be happy in life, seriously? you will suffer and dieof some disease, seriously. he is talking about you. do you know what scholars had said? whoever comes in front of you,may he be stout or short? don’t see whether he is beautiful or not. you just mind your business.then your life will be set. seriously, did you all everythingabout this?

whatever god does,does it for some reason. now you all have come here to me behindthat also there will be some reason for sure. go! go ahead! don't just offer betel leaves to swamiji.-should i offer tobacco also? put some cash. take it.hail to swamiji! my life has become a hell.i want some change in life for good. you only can help me.can you please give me some amulet? no no dear all this is useless.

now there won't be any changein your life. because you still have totolerate a lot more. now get going. now go from here. ah boss why are you staringat me like this? do you see aishwariya in me? what problem do you?-i've no problem seriously. don't you feel, your businessis only your problem. i have heard discourse ofmany learned saints. you all say many good things.

do you feel people sitting herelistens to you? look there. he gave me red amulet, it's so nice.-he gave orange one to me. you told then such knowledgeablethings but all their attention i son that amulet. they are being lookingat its colour. you only tell me what shouldi do? even i want people to pay moreattention to what i say. it should happen that if you saysomething to 100 people.

then it should reach tolakhs of people. but how? with marketing. in chips packets there is more airthan the chips. but still buy it. yes..yes..-packaging! yes! but now tell me,what should i do? do as i say. oh ho seriously?-certainly seriously!

hail to god! good morning, madam.-who are you? i've come regarding the driver ad yougave in the newspaper . where you used to drive earlier?-on the road. shut up! -sorry. you meanwhere i used to work earlier? i used to work for kamal hasan.-you're talking to whom? who is he? he has come for driver job.-hello sir. by face he looks likea chimpanzee.

if a person is smart, he woosthe girl and takes her away. a naive person likes me just get thecar to drive. i've to take birth 5 times more to woo a girl. he seems to insolent also. i trusted a man bad because ofhim i am ruined. give me any work that you's a matter of two square meals. okay. give your original drivinglicense and start the work. kamal, i was an auto made me a car driver. now how many more promotions i'll get?bus driver, train driver, aeroplane driver...

promotion after promotion.great! listen vani...come here vani. in past i was an auto driver andin present i am a car driver. tell me, what do youthink about me? whether you drive an auto orcar, you will always remain a driver. don't you need a good driver to driveyour life's car? who can be better than me? i'll give you one tight slap. she is so arrogant. i thought i'll make some moneyin petrol.

but they don't use the car only. they have made the car a junk! please vote for our ramini sister. okay?let's go. don't know from where people get upand come to ask for vote? vote for sister for sister ramini. she is the one who gives moneyon interest and make your life hell if youdoesn’t return it on time. yes she is the one, whowill vote for her.

'our this cricket associationis absolutely new' great! you are working veryhard for the election. i said you are working veryhard for the election. people inside are also working very hard,go and have a look. i'll see right now. sister, no one is ready to listen to us. if it goes on like this,no one will vote for us. sister, i'm telling you thiskamal is just fooling us. why are you saying so?

everything is going onvery well. as many people are there thatmuch they will talk. let them talk if they are talking,what difference doesn’t it makes to us? your win is for sure. opposition party is very aggravated becausethey are sacred of their defeat. now wait and watch. sister come out and see how smartyour hence men are looking. wow! they are looking likewell educated officers. even i'm feeling jealous of them.-kamal, i feel i've already won the election.

real game is going tobegin now. i just said, while going pay theelectricity bill. he got so annoyed.. -what happened?want to pay the electricity bill? give it to me.i'll pay it. yes yes we will pay it. we all there to serve you. we are there to help you. till now i've never been to rationstore now when i've become oldi have to stand in the queue.

certainly. -see what all we need to doto get the votes. what is he saying? he is showing us the plan to make fly overand in making fly over we'll make good amount of money. but because of this many peoplewill lose their land. i don't care about it. i just wantto make lots of money. our cm is for the people...-no..not for the people. for me and my family. take whole land,you'll get your commission. here you're attending the meeting andthere opposition party has become a big problem. what happened? you're chennai's goingto be mayor. you don't worry.

look i am a fly over for you. you feel so but i feel my depositwill be confisticated. hold on.what am i hearing? she is a weak candidate-who is he? idli(rice cakes) seller! give some money to that lady and tell herdraw back her name from lection. because of money will shekeep quiet? why not? i am doing all thisfor money only. will she not do this much also?

go and talk to her.-yes sir. kamal all your hard workwent in vain. sister took the money and she has gone todraw out her name from election. what are you saying?-yes. they persuaded her.go and quickly do something. kamal..kamal..-where did you go? i just spent 50 lakhs. i n return they will pay me5 crores. are you out of your senses? if he is giving somuch think how much he will earn?

how dare you talk to our sister...-you keep quiet... sister, just use your brains. you want to be their slave oryou want to make them your slave? listen kamal..-what's the matter? that sri...-some alliance hascome for her, let it be it doesn't make any difference to me. sister towin the election is more important for me.. do you know, why he said hewill give money to you? because he is scared that youwill win. please believe me.

okay then tell me now whati have to do? give your vote to bat. this bat is for you.go..go... sister but bat and ball for thesekids. what are you saying? if we'll give money to people,they will give vote to us. what will we get distributingthe cricket bat? do as i say . election date has come closed.

before that let's have children’scricket match. hey, why didn't she drawback her name from election? why will she draw back her name when sheknows she is going to win. she is uneducated!-may be she is uneducated! but what about that guy whois with her? he is just a useless fellow. but what are they both doing? they are giving bat ball to children andasking for votes. what did you say?-yes.

giving bat and ball?-yes. they tell them to keep distributing it.let them play and to watch their gamegive a tv in every house. see how they change their mind. certainly...-get the car. seems people are very happy thatsister ramini's is contesting in the election. i don't know about people buti'm not at all happy about it. why? -i just want that shegives back my auto. you can't trust thatshort tempered lady.

move..move..don’t gather over here. why there is so muchtraffic over here? do i need to tell you specially? ma'am should we write an applicationand give it to you? go away from here. these are traffic police.-they trouble a lo t. let once sister ramini win theelection then you see... sometimes keep you mind cool also. every time because of youi fall in trouble.

i want to other side. -you can't go from here,here road is close d. take the other way. is this crowd for the asharam?-for the bidi baba? seems all useless people have gone there.-lets go and see. move..move.. earlier donation boxes werekept here. when did old bike showroomopened here? this is not any showroom.this is parking lot. parking many bikes.

excuse me, why are they goingaround this tree? it's enlightenment tree! just as lord buddha’s bodhi tree was there. this is our swami's tree.berry's tree. while mediating below thistree ..our great learned saint achievedalignments. chanting his name if you goaround this berry tree... will free of all the diseasesand sufferings. hail to swamiji!

what nonsense! this is tamarind tree andhe is calling it a berry tree. whichever tree it may be you just watchthe charade. but see such a big tamarind is hanging..-keep quiet. it's a spiritual tree! hey he is mad and you arealso going crazy. not any dog was here when wecame here last time now so many he showing any miracle? he is not any ordinary saint.he is very learned saint. swami's eyes are on you.seems he has a bad habit.

go it's the right time.-go..go... go..go..join your hands. greetings! swamiji...-seriously yourplan worked. plan had to work. earlier i used to talk so muchno one used to listen to me. but now when i'm quiet, from corporator tocollector everyone is waiting to hear from me. from where did you get thisfantastic idea? when we love a girl, we waitearly for her to speak to us.

but it's very different oncewe get married. we wait when will she stop talking. earlier even you used to talka lot, seriously. but now you keep quiet,it's the result of it. before coming here people used to call me bidi swami but now they say, he isa great swami. people offer 10,000 to me. swami, how much money iscoming let it come. keep it carefully.

later i'll tell you what to do. look that...-quiet! close your eyes. swami, what you said isabsolutely right. right...reverse..straight..come ..come. that's it, now apply brake. you just went inside swami'smouth. what did swami tell you?" my plan worked out.-which plan?

last time when we came hereswamiji was blabbering a lot. i told him to open his mouth justonce in a day. and that idea worked. earlier swamiji was desperateto talk to people. now people are desperate to talk to him. all this is thanks to you. what did he tell you?what did swamiji tell you? yes tell us.-yes even i want t o know. even we want to know.

what will you answer them? in coming election from ward nos. 125,sister ramini will only win. this is what swamiji said. hail to swamiji! swamiji face itself is like monkey andhe is trying to shine sister. this shine will get votes for just see. he is a farce of a holy man.yes sometimes he does miracles. but on his saying we'llnot give vote to anyone. if gutter chokes up you will make a complainat the corporation, right?

does corporator comes andcleans gutter? young man like me can onlydo this work. if swamiji has said that ladyis nice then she is nice and if you don'twant to heed me go in the gutter. ladies may not heed to theirmother-in-law but will surely heed swamiji. where are you going?why did you interrupt? going to vote. you'll wait for whom?-mind your own business. vote for sister ramini.-why?

have you ever bought forme bat and ball? no. look at new bat ball pads,all this sister ramini has given it to me. what if i don't vote for her? if not then just think bat and your head. did you hear him, how heis talking to his father what wrong did he say? since childhoodtill now you have not bought a singletoy for her. if sister ramini has got her bad ball thenwhat's the harm in giving her the vote. hey..hey how did welose the election?

earlier only i told youabout her. but you didn't payany attention to it. i got defeated by an ordinary idly seller. how did this happen?who is that lady? she won just because of that man.-which man? we know him very well, sir. we took a contract in madam's name,do you remember it? when we were going to demolish his,he requested us not to demolish it. but what we did?

we chucked him out. now he is taking the revenge. he stood against us. because we insulted him. call him here.-okay. who is kamal...where is he?-he is kamal. he is the one. hello sir. who are you? i don't remember,where we met before?

that had to happen. after winning the electionyou all forget everyone. i will talk to him. how are you talking?creating problem for yourself. let it be. what wrong havei said? people remember only those whohave done anything for them look i don't have much time. why did you call me here? what do you feel?i've invited you here to eat? you want to stand againstme in the election?

you're screaming a lot that you have givenme the vote what if you given me the vote?should i hang y our photo in my house? if you all have given me vote thanin return you have taken money also. you all don't have any statusto talk to me. because i have bought youall for next five years. you are so worried about yoursuch a small house do you know also how much money i'vespent for this position? i've spent millions and after that youwant i keep serving you all. i want all that money back.

this is not politics, thisis business. sir, i don't politics andi don't even know business. they house is life for you.for you it may be bricks and mortar. but for me that is a temple. and to save it i can do anything. i can go anywhere. is he a fool?where will you go? where will you go? to corporate commissioner? mla, mp..where ever you go,you have to come to me.

don't feel bad. you may be cm andi am a common man. but if you lose the election, you will alsobecome a common man. then for this post you have tocome to us only. if you can do anything foryour position then even i can do anythingfor my house. what will you do? if i am quiet,you'll keep blabbering. have i taken any contract to cleanthe garbage. you will make the corporator andget everything cleaned. remember, not cutting the ribbonsin the functions..

..slitting people's throat's ihave reached till here. this is election time that's whyi leaving you. take him away. have you gone mad?how were you talking to him? you're lucky that he leftyou alive. now quickly go from here. where will you go to sister..hail to sister raminihail to sister ramini. sister you started from an idly stall andsee today where you have reached.

don't you feel like goingahead of this? what are you trying to say?-our party has won with majority. you’re very more thing chennai's mayor's post idnow open for a lady. don't you know anything about it? it's their bad luck that they don't haveany lady counsellor in their party. and you are a counsellor anda lady also. now go and file your nomination. hail to chennai's mayor.hail to sister ramini.

uncle has just 4 1/2 hair left on hishead, he wants a post in our party. yes go..before dying dosomething and show. listen to me carefully. in very newspaper of tomorrow thisheadlines should be printed. 'sister ramini going to be city's new mayor'this should be in every paper. okay. -and get one more thingpublished. sister ramini thanked mr. shekawat. now who is this shekawat?-don't know. sister said it. now you go. you don't know,who is shekawat?

who? he is a millionaire.he is very famous man. sister has good acquaintancewith him. he is very influential manin politics. you are great. you areaware of everything. i am a watchman so it's obviousthat i'll watch everyone. yes why not? keep watching,soon you'll be promoted. buy buy...mangoes 100 rupees kg,banana 40 rupees dozen. interest comes to 25000 rupees

i ramini iyer take the oath i take oath of younger brother kamal also... the responsibility i'mtaking as the mayor of chennai city i'll fulfil it honestly. and i'll work for the progressof this city. sister raminisister ramini thank you very much. today i'mhere all because of you. and i got this fame. don't thank me, thank've won because of their votes.

you please so something for them. you don't to say, i'll surely dosomething for them. did you see that idly seller won thecounsellor election. you only gave him the she has become the mayor. i feel you've purposely..-keep your mouth shut. not your 's this is my defeat. today chennai and tomorrowtamil nadu. seems he has still not comein his senses. i've to get him to his senses.

i'll do it. about the contract, i'lltalk to the mayor. how are you pappu?enjoying the tea. enjoying, how can one enjoyin drinking tea? you seems to be very tensed? made sister mayor you made bidi level swamiso famous. but the very first guy who tookfor an auto ride. you don't at all think aboutthat nice man. has your girlfriend left you?

my love went in reverse,my life has also gone in reverse. so i'll put the top gear. yes kamal..-sorry sister,did i disturb you? no not at all. i need your help. tell me. -there is boy,he needs some job. if you say, i'll keep donkeyalso on the job. not any donkey but ourpappu need the job. okay send him.-superb. thank you.

work is done? feels so sleepy inphysic lecture. -really. what a joke..didn'tfeel like laughing only. ah driver, why don't youcome for the duty? on duty? first go and fillpetrol in your car. gives salary of just rs. 350 andtry to be so smart. girls if you have anyproblem then tell me i'll solve it in jiffy. even if mosquitoes bites you atmid night, message me.

i'll come to bite them. if are not having anyfun in boyfriend’s car then come and sit on my bike. we'll together apply brakeon speed breakers. it's very simple. for all your problems,there is only one solution and that's me. do you think us to be fools?since when you're talking nonsense. nonsense? didn't anyone teach howto talk to gentleman? i myself don't know,who and what am i? just on my one say, what all willhappen, you'll not come to know also.

it's so humiliating, i've to praisemyself. is any here to praise me... here no one is only praise yourself. okay. pa..mayor ramini's pa. understood? i can't be your car's driver,sell it in junk after selling the money you get keepit as your pocket money. you pappu! name israjni pappu kumar. driver...

earlier i was an empty bottle that isonly sold in junk. but pouring wine in me you haveincreased my value. you are such a big hearted man. and there your aunt's daughter..what's her name? yes sridevi...she left you without knowingthe truth. how can anyone do like this? ahh that's my problem.leave that on me. don't look for an excuse to drink. drink is ready.drink it. cheers...hold on will you createany scene after drinking?

first you will make me drink andstrip off dignity also? first you all drink then in intoxicatedstate you keep lying on the streets. might be you don't know, afterdrinking we become happy. we reach between the starsand moon. and then keeps blabbering instate of intoxication. it's not nonsense. one sayswhat's in one's heart. whatever you may say, drunkardsalways created problems. you all keep quiet.i'll deal with him. did i say anything wrong?

you're absolutely wrong.what do you know about drunkards? when someone dies, peopleshould drink and dance. they only he can pay respect tothe dead person. one should fight in the marriage hall. then only one enjoys in themarriage. do you know who whistlesat the theatre? drunkards!and you remember this also... where drunkards are not there...-enough..without drinking you're talking so much. i talk like this only. insult myfamily, no problem.

but don't say anything against drunkards?who are you to say anything? have you ever consumed this?d rink and see. you feel internal peaceafter drinking this. d rink. your life will be set. drink! now how are you feeling? superb rajni...-i love you kamal. today our southern railway departmentis going to begin a new project. under this project a bigsub way will be constructed.

rajni, where are you?-i've to you village for mayor's work. to kalkudi. what special isgoing on over there? they are sending officers to demolish yourhouse and make the new sub way. and what are youdoing over there? okay fine. whatever happens,happens for good. god is there...-god..hello..hello.. yes say, kamal. sister mayor, how are you? after winning the election youhave become very busy.

don't forget me sister. why are you saying so?can i do like this? it's been a week you have won the election,did you do anything for the public? you must have thoughtwhat i must do. now you will only tell me. i'll tell you only when youwill ask me. i've heard some people have usurpedthe land which belongs to government and you must take back thatland from them. then whether they may be vip or vvip...

please take back that land. i understood what youare trying to say. corporation treasure box is empty. to increase the income... every day we are making new plans. many have illegally occupiedthe government property. we'll take back that land andmake new houses over there. and then give it on rent this helpin raising the fund. whoever they may be,will you take action against them? i know very well, what youare trying to ask.

whether he is vip or vvip or whetherhe is our cm. law will surely fulfil its duty.wait and watch. vani..i am in love with you...-rajni, get up. get up pappu kumar. first you ask for job and then when youget the job you don't work on time. if you got me a job will you thinkme to be your servant? you're mayor's pa, if you'll sleep tillso late then how will india progress? even i need to go on whatever you want to do. but any how you have to work.

who is it? sir, what's the matter? come on search over there.-what happened, sir? look over here. what are you all searching over here? what's the matter? got drugs in tube, sir. drug! i don't know how it came here.

you sell drugs to college students.come to police station. sir, i am innocent. -whatever you wantto say, say it at the police station. at least listen to me. sir..sir..-take him away. i am dead! wow they have stood statue of libertyin india jail has jail's budget increased? oh kamal, look at me also. have you taken a promise not totalk to me? -why should i talk to you?

i helped you so much and whathave you done with me? i am trying for your bail. is getting bail also any kindof help? one who is in jail need bailand not of any heroine. don't know what you want? getting bail is of no help to me but whohas got me here has done a big favour on me. pappu kumar when was out ,no one came to me. now to meet me mayor comes,swami comes... and you have also come here.

what nonsense! didn't understand?-it went bouncer. contacts! very important thing! here i havemade here such contacts do you know, whom did i meet here? hail to berumal!hail to berumal! well known politician berumal! hail to berumal!-quiet! this is jail, say it little softly.

very good. now fist say what peoplethank about our party? sir, people likes our party very much.-that's good. we've full support.we all are working very hard. entire tamil nadu is with you. come close. whatever may happen, you'regoing to win the election, sir. since very long i'm hearingyour no nonsense. leader, don't trust them. they are talking so big but no onefor them is of any use.

leader, in the state no oneis worried about you. we can do anything to makeour leader win. do you have money to but to teafor yourself? no! doesn't have penny in pocket andmaking such big claims. leader i was seeing all our talkingsuch big thing, talking all nonsense. who are you? go away from here.-go. are you going or?

why are you getting annoyed?i'm talking for your good. you talk to them, they areonly fine for you. keep buttering him, he ishappy in this only. i thought he'll become the cm.his statue will be put up in the middle of the road. but now i feel, all thiswill not happen. not tell me, is it rightwhat he is saying? you don't trust me? so nicely i was telling you butyou're talking about 40 years later . i'll tell you about today.

come with me for 5 minutes i'll showwhat's the real picture. did you see berumal's drama. did the strikeand has again come to jail. what you feel, if he become cminflation rate will go down? for publicity he always keeps goingon strike with his team. just wants to show off. berumal is sentenced to prison.berumal is sentenced to prison. did you see him? people who like me still supports me. wait, you are always in hurry.first listen to it.

i am not sad that he is put in the jail, if he'dbe out he'd go on strike for some or the other reason. now when he is come in jail, he willtrouble me saying that i must read his book. i don't know anything about politicsbut why did you write the book? i'm really tired of him. leader, one doesn't get fameby writing a book. do some work. then you will get fame. you don't understand even after looking atthe opposition party. don't know when will youunderstand?

listen... -here mosquitoesdisturbs a lot. kamal...-who is it? go away from here..-it's me... you!-yes me! a small request..-request so late at night. i want to talk to you,will you come with me? yes i am coming. as you had said, my own peopleare only fooling me. i still can't believe it.-now you have understood.

whoever may come to you firstyou respect him and they insult him.-yes you are right. but how will this happen? do you know anyone fromtelevision channel? no! -do you know littlebit of english? do you know to operate computer?-oh no! i'm allergic to it.-now nothing is possible! sir you live in which generation? today's politician shouldknow everything.

how can you win the election when you'resurrounded by just your henchmen who are of no use to you. wait..i understood..understood! i will start my own tv channel. and what will be the name of the channel?bherumal tv. i will expose the opposition party on tvand win the election. you just want to expose the oppositionparty. you are not at all worriedabout the common public. your earned name, fame and noware busy saving your position.

have you ever thoughtabout the common people's benefit? don't feel bad but you areselfish. why are you saying like this, kamal? do you know since childhoodwhat all i have done? sir, for sure you must havedone something good in childhood. but now you have becomebusinessman. and now everythingis business for you. you are right. with an aimi came in the politics. and then...i forgot everything.

that is wrong. but know ihave no interest in any position. tomorrow i'll be released from jail,when you come out, meet me. listen sir... you won the moment you saidyou're not interested in the position. i feel, you will only bethe next cm. kamal, you're nice man i even knowthat you are innocent. but judge will know only whenyou will tell him. what's use telling me? sometimes even innocent is punishedif he keeps quiet.

if you'll not say anything..where are you going? i'm try to see sense andyou're going away from here. like this no o ne can save've to change your attitude. we send you for a week more,do you want saying anything in your defence? sir, not just one week, keepme for a month i just have one doubt,can i ask? yes ask. police is saying that they havecaught the culprit. they really worked hard,they arrested me.

but where is the real culprit?-what? what did you say? where is the owner of that house?where is pappu kumar? correct! where is pappu kumar? why did you do this? you've lived your life...-i asked, why did you do this? i've some work outside,you stay here for two days. don't worry, here mosquitoesdoesn't bite. i've come here as small time offender,don't make me a murderer.

look pappu kumar, for my friendshipyou have to go to jail. don't leave me and go...-where are you going? how are you? -where are you going?who are you? hey, i'll kill you.first remove your glasses. leave his hand. do you know,who is he? no! -he is my brother. more that my own brother. my heartbeat of entire state andmy heart beat is he... my brother!-i'll kill you.

you come. here no one go against me.did you see who i scolded him. why is all this happening? for election.-all are so happy. but why are you sad? got headache.come namaste sir.-namaste. you wait here,-okay hey, you came just now andyou're leaving also.

i thought i'll inform sir before goingbut you'll not allow me to go inside. who said not to go inside?give 100 rupees and go inside. i have just 20 rupees.-i'll keep it for tea. take. if you see them out, you cannever think they fight like dogs. sir..-who is it? i am going.-kamal, how did you come inside? not only me, giving the tip eventhe opposition party can come inside.also come your staff is so corrupt.

what is all this going on? you're aleader, they should listen to you. here they are shouting andyou are listening. before coming in whati said is this. that man wants the seat for his niece. and baldy you see, he wants theseat for his third girlfriend. what should i do?i'll go mad. and party members who are standing out,no one is thinking about them? those party workers..they have notingto do, they are just like this only. i'll give them 10-20 thousands,they will go away happily.

this is injustice.-yes..yes. i'll not wait here for a minute also,i am going. wait a minute. looking at this mess,i've really gone out of my senses. i'm getting so angry that i feel likethrashing them with my slippers. slipper is in your hand thengo and hit them. should i hit them?-yes..yes hit them. everyone get lost from here.all are my enemies. everyone has gone. everyone has gone?meeting over?

let them go. only five votes werethere, what difference does it make? my supporters come ahead.reporters come forward. whatever chaos is happening,it's not going to make any difference. you call the reporters andtalk to them. is this right? you say it is. is it fine?-yes, you speak. my greetings to all my brothersand to all my sisters also. to ruin my party many conspiracy washatched.

come to the point. point...yes the point is..oh brother... you have really worked very hard formy party, i'll surely give you a good post. and that swami, do you know,what was he saying? how should i say? he was asking seat forhis concubine, how can i give it to him? laxmi..laxmi..-yes laxmi... madam..laxmi madam.. you have worked hard for the party,i'll give you the seat. and that useless raju, he want theseat for his brother-in-law.

is it justice? how i can give to him, tell me. i want.. -actuallysir, wants to say.. ...that those who works hardthey only will get the seat. yes. but these five are asking seatfor their relatives.. and those who havework hard for the party.. they rot and othersremain happy? see, sir wants to give youseats, if you don't agree..

..sir, is saying hewill leave the party. what? -i am kidding. tell, what do you want? don't leave the party. don't leave the party.don't leave the party. oh, no. no. no. i will not leave the party.i promise you. i will fight for you till death. -don'tlisten to them. move them away from here. move them from here.remove this garbage. don't tear his clothes, brothers.-oh what are you doing? are you making me naked?-wow! fantastic.

in mahabharat shri krishnawas with pandavs. and this kamal is standing againstthese kauravs in this dark age. who is he? -he is my pa. then fire him out first.he is outdated. he is talking aboutmahabharat in the modern era. we did many hunger strikes sinceso many years. we got beaten. went to jail. and what we got in return?nothing. so we are leaving the party. opposition party is completelyruined. forget, what they will contest election. theremust be a candidate in the party to contest the election.

bherumal shame. bherumal shame. actually sir, wants to say, those whohave done hard work, will get seats. but those five are askingseats for their relatives.. very nice. i'm saying, how much you try toavoid him, but he will create problem. don't take him lightly. he had bought the corporator. but howhe will buy the cm in tamilnadu? he has already said thatyou lad lost the mayor election. when you will lose the election thenyou will come to know.

go to hell all of you.-hey. hey. hey call those five here, who leftthe party. i want to talk to them. i f you all agree. -you say sir. i will give you all a seat each.-yes. i will give you money and workers.-yes. do as i say. -yes. yes. then you will see where i make you reach. there is no place for respect. you come with us. whatever youwant, we will provide you all.

file a case that party is yours. sir, this party belongs to us. we have all the information, sir. close party's all accountsas soon as possible. bherumal shame. bherumal shame.bherumal is traitor. bherubhai.. you mustleave the politics. bherumal shame. bherumal shame.bherumal shame. bherumal shame. i stood this party withsuch difficulties. what has happened?-whom are you talking to, sir?

no one is here. whomare you talking to? whom should i talk to. ourwatchman also ran away. brother, no one wants anythingfrom me. so what happened sir, whyare you so disappointed? so what shall i do?shall i laugh like mad? i wasn't on any positionfor thirteen years. but i had mysupporters and party. now i don’t have anyone. so let them go, sir.

when you were working for party,did anyone remember you? who all had forgotten you, todaythey all are talking about you. there is no one about whompeople are talking so much. there is nothing to worry. we will take a new place andmake a new party. trust me. kamal, only trust can'tmake you win the election. you need hard cash! sir, money is not enough. oneneeds public support too. i will arrange the money. -what?

yes. -trust me. swami! swami! what are you doing? -nice place...suddenly the breeze touched me... don't give me thislecture, give to others. you come here. now tell me, how much money isbeen collected in the charity box? somewhere 500 or 1000. 500 or 1000? 500 ishere and 1000 there. 1000. -so say like this, swami.

okay tell me, how did youearn this money? i resolve people's problem and in returnthey give me donations. tell me truth swami, didyou resolved any problem? yes. seriously. no, you just gave solace to sadpeople and they donated money. you have to do somethingto resolve their problem. what shall i do? -starta political party. i don't want to enter politics. don't go in to politics, statewon't be able to digest it.

i am saying that whatever money youhave earn, just put into politics. swamiji asked meto give you this. meet him. he ismy brother kamal. a capable leader is gettingready for the state. and he is kamal. feeling good to breathein fresh air. if i had my auto, then i wouldn't hadto walk, i'd enjoy the auto ride. but.. sir, do you need auto?

you people will never change. where you want to go? sir! sir, do you want auto? yes i want, give me auto andyou go walking. go. go. go. sir, sorry. -auto seller.go. -i am going, sir. get lost. banners at mountroad are his only. that new party's leader?yes, he is only that. he is only that? -yes. yes.

leader he? hey, he has come of jail by cheating,and you calling him leader? because of him, ihad to go to jail. go to hell your leader.-hey. hey. how dare you talk illabout our leader? who has made youleader reach till here? he travelled in my auto anddidn't even give me money also. your leader is cheater, fraud,420, gambler. don't hit on bumps

stop. -hey. sir! he is talking bad about you. don't beat him. come sit in the car. will you come with me, or get beatenby them? forget that i'll be with you. rather i'll prefer to die.-hey brothers. hey! i made a mistake.i'll sit. people have become more corruptthan the politicians. people give vote to only those,who give more money to them.

correct sir. -thereis no loyalty. they select only those,who give more money. truth is that if we have money,then we can buy anyone. if we our work is nice then whywill people sell their votes? in this election there are 634posts, there are many members. some will be literates, illiterates,some must be employed too. we will definitely win, sister. and you're theone who make people see sense. whom you will give vote? we clean the whole city, but ourcolony don't have electricity.

shall i say, whom we will vote?to torchlight. has he done anything for us till date? -he has increasedthe inflation. if he wins, what will happen to us? that survey done by local collegestudent, according to that.. seems that bherumal andkamal's party is leading. and veera tamilian'sfuture seems to be in dark. it doesn't look like thatthis party will win. according to student'ssurvey, we are losing. you only said that we mustnot do anything. hey! i have more experience of politics.only publicity has been done.

now i will create such trouble in whole tamilnaduthat they will not be able come out of it .. you have done a lot for me. i couldn't do anything.but now i have decided. my dear colleagues, our win is for sure.we will make government for sure. more important than everything is svasundhara will become your deputy cm. hail to minister vasundhara.hail to minister vasundhara. just now we have received the news by oursources that vasundhara devi.. ..who has joined party of rk bhupatihas died in a car accident. after that riots and chaos isbeen seen in entire city.

all are sinner's. they are accusing cm, they don'tknow people will not trust them. that's why they killed her, didn't even think that she was a woman. they couldn't tolerate that shewas going to become deputy cm. poor, she died. i am ready to tolerate everythingfor party and state. my colleagues for thepeace of her soul.. all have to maintain peace. there shouldn't be any riots.not at all.

over. everything is over. bhupati is not an ordinary person,he is politically criminal. i'm not concerned about my win or defeat?but how will we face the public? everything is over.everything is over. now election campaigning is goingon in tamilnadu on a very large scale.. and we are showing live telecastof this campaign. many political leaders are cominglive here and giving interviews. first of all vtn party's leader bherumal willtalk and then imp party's chief and our cm. mr. rk bhupati will do hiscampaigning.

i am very glad that i have got a chanceto talk to you through this program. have i killed vasundhara devi? whois playing such a bad politics? well done!very good! very bravely you arefacing everyone. i have served you. only once,only once just give us a chance. what is he saying? heis begging to public? he was in opposition party thenalso used to come to me for help. and now you are supportinghim to ruin me. at the age of five i had thrown acidon someone to enter in politics.

one doesn't needed anythingto contest election. what is neededis money. for that money i created misunderstandingsbetween the people. i made them believe that all thisis opposition's work. i got sympathy and everythingwent against the opposition these fools feel thatwe are with them. politics has closerelation with blood. and you are crossing horns will be dead. i can leave him but you..

tihar jail, velloor jail, yarwadajail where you want to go? breaking news just now wehave got a very big news. such a news that will shake whole state andwill ruin all the calculations of all parties. yes i am same, vasundhara devi.people thought i was dead. but i am alive. but there is one person whowill be surprised because of this news. how can this happen? he must be thinkingfrom where i have come? when you can ask votes on dead peoplenames, then a dead can't become alive? this is also politics.

you only said that electionsare win on dead bodies. see yourself. they only tried to kill me. to teach a lessonto ramini, decide to make me deputy cm. and asked me meet him. but while going there i didn't had anyidea that they have decide to kill me. i don't need to lie. it is easygame for them to kill anyone. vasundharaji come out of the car.quickly. quickly. leave me. -come with me. where are you taking me? leave me.-please you come with me.

come madam. -leave me.leave my hand. did you see? bhupati is behind this. hewants to get sympathy vote by killing you. you only have planted thebomb and blaming our leader? what do you feelthat i will believe you? talk to him. bhupati sir! bhupati sir! there isbomb blast in vasundhara madam's car. she is dead, sir. she is dead. is she dead. very good. callall party members to office. burn poster and banners ofopposition and spread the word..

..that going to be deputy cm vasundharadevi has been killed by them. no one should be seen outside. our members expresstheir grief or not.. ..but unless they will get not sad inother's sorrows, we can't win. now do you believe it? who was responsible ofsatyamurthi's death? rk bhupati. lie. lie. this isabsolutely lie. why are getting so annoyed no soon.still she has finish with the news.. i have the proof of this too.

i had a doubt that he can do sosame thing like this with me also. that's why i saved thatvideo in my mobile. now you run your political mindand prove that all this is a lie. when a person digs a grave for others,then usually he only falls in it. if you have done so big deeds in lastfive years as your henchmen are saying. they you should beappointed cm for forever. then god can onlysave this state. sir, shall we go?-yes, i am coming. oh it is 7.30, your time is over.go and give interview.

but what will you say? you have made money in everything,this commission, that commission.. ..10 cars in front and 10 at back, youhave weapon guarded security too.. you have always thoughtabout yourself only. if you would have done little alsofor people, they would be very happy. and you.. -sir, all are waiting. he is not in mood to speak,you cancel the broadcast. i don't have to sayanything to you. now public will takethe decision.

bhupati if you think that public is foolthen there is no one as foolish as you. in recently held election bherumal's partyveer tamilian has won the election with lead. sir, are you looking at it?are you happy now? very happy. i am very happy. all this is because of them. if they have not given their votesto you, then you wouldn't be at this position. that's why don't forget them. all the money that i got, belongedto them. so please take care of them. not only people, i willsave your house also.

hail to kamal. cbi has arrested former cm rk bhupati forsatyamurthi and his family's suicide. this is opposition's conspiracy.i have been framed. i will not get afraid of anyone. till iam alive or i am being sent to gallows.. then also i will say proudly thati am tamilian. i am tamilian. after doing so many sins,he is trying to be a saint. trying to veil his embarrassment. kamal! sir, you?

your house problem is solved. many many thanks, sir. i have cancelled thatrailway project only. this was my first workafter becoming cm. where is it? many many thanks. -kamal. why he is doing overacting?-shut up. see, i have become cm. cm! yes, you have become cm, sir. very good.yes, sir. greetings.

you are like ram. saved me from all problems. nowleaving me you're going to your village. are you getting emotional? you're being so emotional standing at the station.i will not leave you rajni so soon. village is very close.ticket is also very cheap. i will travel in night,will reach in the morning. i am waiting for someone. i am sorry, kamal. leave him, he hasreceived a call. hello. yes. yes. yes. yes. no. noi can't do. no. no. okay. okay.

what was this yes, no and okay?3g or 4g? call was from delhi. there is some problem.they want me to resolve it. i have to leave for delhi today my flight ticket. all are behind me.

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