Thursday, September 15, 2016

puppets civ 5

*high five* top of the mornin' to ya laddies! my name is jacksepticeye! and welcome back to abzã›! pretty sure that's actually how you pronounce it. but i'm still not a hundred percent on that. but i unlocked this little area last time, we gave it all life. and it's brimming with it! i wanna go find a whale though. some orcas were swimming around a second ago. or a turtle, i can grab anything that i get near to. so why the hell not like a little... a little turtle duuuuude!

orcas! come 'ere! come here ye majestic bastards! come on, c'mon, c'mon, come o-what's the button to grab them again? (really, jack?) is it just left trigger?... [random noises] come on, come-come 'ere! come 'ere! so close! i wanna do it! i'm not going to be happy until i actually do it. yes! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! ヾ(@✒▽✒@)ノ i grabbed the orca! awww man, orcas are cool. scary... but super cool!

because they have like, that... they have like that dolphin/whale kind of leathery lookin' skin that looks super smooth. but like their coloring is just so amazing... there's a baby one! can i grab the baby one? aww... (◕︵◕) i just let go; i thought i could grab another one. i want to see if i can grab a turtle... turtles??? and yeah, people were saying the fish really are just that big. like, i know manta rays and that stuff are huge. look at the size of these fish! and the turt-ah, come here... i pressed the button. 'cause some of the fish seem abnormally big, like the little dory fish, whatever they're actually called. giant green sea turtle! i thought you were going to say giant sea turtle.

ohh, he's so majestic and slow! i can make him go! flap again, flap for us! (◕ヮ◕) yaaaaaaaayyyy! ┏(^0^)┛ ahh... see ya later, turtle! see a 'lale'? still don't know what's goin' on... do you guys know that i gave you life?

tsk, maybe not. ok, see all the bushes there. all the reeds. the shark... are you guys praising the shark? that blue ball looks like the one i take out to create life. who knows, man.. a lot of the details of game are actually in those little-whoa!-are in those little, like, murals but sometimes they're confusing. aww... can i get into the school?

*in a child's voice* mommy, i'm going to school! oh my god, that's awesome!!! holy shit! oh, oh, that was a shark! oh, god! are people [the fish] being picked out?! stay together, brothers!!! fight!!! this is awesome! look at 'em all! 'kay, i'mma float up above.

that was super cool! are those swordfish as well? can i grab anything? i'm going to-i'm actually going to swim down lower. and see if i can just grab somethin' nearby. oup, i'm grabbin' somethin'! there we go! i'm on a grey reef shark! ah, i've been on those guys before. i wanna grab a swordfish! grab... a... swordfish! there's one right there! c'mon! you're grabbin' the reef shark again; i don't want that!

i wa-i want the swordfish. i want the swordfish. swordfish is right there! i want the sword-i can't even see anything. no, not grey reef sharks! *in a french accent* i want le swordefish! c'mon, c'mon, i'll get close to one. get close to one! here we go! here we g-here we go! here we go! yes! yeaaaaaaaaaaah! (づ✐■_■)づ "striped marlin".

aww, that's fuckin' awesome! i actually go through with 'im! ha ha ha! (ï¾ÿヮï¾ÿ) oh my god, that's awesome! you spearing fish on your beak? 'kay, i think i have to go to the far side of the fish. sorry! excuse me! pardon me! comin' through! you're lookin' well today, lads! ooh! i can actually meditate down here.

*le epic gasp* are these humpbacks?! oh, yeeeees please! c'mon! c'mon! c'mon! get close! get close! can i, please? oh, can i, please? oh golly-gosh! i dunno if i can... c'mon! c'mon! oh, yes i can! grab 'im! grab 'im!

*gasp* i'm on a fucking humpback whale! └[>ᗜ<]┘ that is the coolest! holy fuck! aww, this game is awesome! *imitating the whale song* okay, i'll get off. did you bring me to the right area? this looks like where i'm supposed to go-yeah, it is! c'mon, little bud! we need to go through this thing.

reminds me of the doors in "ori and the blind forest". onwards, my son! *weird accent* carry forth and urm.. continue your legacy ♫♪carry on, my wayward son~!♫♪ are we good? the game actually runs in proper windowed mode now, i think. so we shouldn't have any hiccups. *hic* (•ìªâ—) dammit! *giggles* ・ ï‰ ãƒ» load in the ocean, please. i wanna play more.

"do you want to open the game bar?" no! agh, i clicked the fucking button on my controller. *laughs* thank you! oooooh.... there's big chains here! what are these belonging to? ohhh, nice! this place looks good-oh! the sailfish dudes! that's not what you're called, is it? i love these guys; they're like, sideways fish!

they're so cute! aww, look at 'im! (。◕‿‿◕。) sunfish! i knew it began with an "s"! oh, i forgot to meditate in the last area. aww, they're-they're so unique! can i meditate on any of these statues? probably not. seems i came o-ah. ooh! there's something down here. is this the conch shell again? oh, where's my little bud gone?! oh yeah, you lose them when you go through area then you have to get more. can i get like more than one in each area?

there we go! i'm a mechanic above all other things. *imitating bud* c'mon, little friend! it's time to go explore the ocean. 'kay, what can we give life to in this thing? is this one of those? yeah! if it'd give birth out the sea butthole. ( í¡â° íœê– í¡â°) eagle rays! can i grab one as they come up?

tsk, aww man! c'mon! yeah, i can! aww, these guys are cute! way smaller than manta rays; manta rays are huge! i mean, i knew they were big in real life but i didn't know they were this big; if everything is actually to scale. whoaaaaa, can i go up to the surface? i wanna go up to the surface-you guys are fast! i like it! these are such cool-looking creatures as well, just the shape of them, they look like kites!

rays: the kites of the ocean! hya! yeah! ohh, i got an achievement for breaching. *giggles* god, such wind waker vibes! and i'm in the middle of nowhere, apparently! welp! goin' back down. a lot of chains attached to shit-this is glorious!

being in the middle of all these fish! let's float along. are those manatees!?! oh! the little...whale-y, blubbery, blimpy bros of the ocean! a manatee, yay!!! i love these guys!!! they're fuckin' adorable; they've got little butts on their faces. they're just little blobs! aww, look at his little booty shake! *laughs* *trying to imitate manatee and laughs* he's so fucking cute!

oh, i want one! can we open this? wait, don't these open if i give life to an area? but this area already has life. hmm. let's follow the chains and see where they go. oooooh! there's like an ogham stone. like, o-g-h-a-m. it's an irish thing. look it up! (stones with ogham inscriptions scattered around the irish sea.) oh wait, i see something down here. this place is gigantic.

well, it is the ocean. ocean's pretty big, man. ah, this is one i can get through. you guys chasing me? don't kill me now. do it! the chain leads in here; i knew i had to follow the chain. ahh its like sea urchin things. ooookay. can we do this together bro ??

*evilest laugh* eeeahahah... that's all it took? this is weeeird *realisation strikes jack* ahh! i have to go to the other side as well, follow the other chain. has this... always been like this? it feels like a place that wasn't always submerged, that the water has kind of taken over the place. it's like the sand has taken over theplace in... 'journey'. s'maybe water took over this one; can i knock these over? eehh no.

so intriguing though makes.. me wonderwhat happened to the place and also who my guy is? this game better not end inthe same way journey did as well, where you get like to the end of it and thenit just reverts you back to the start, i mean that's cool and all but i want tosee you do something different. and there's two! two vomiting little things, two vomiting little pig heads. i like how the chains just keep moving. that's cool. *sings a lovely good ol' tune* ah bam bara bap

i know there's likely a lot ofcollectibles and like other fish to see and those kind of things i coul-i couldspend ages just on this one little area alone, meditating and flipping between all thefish and looking at them all and everything but... that's- it's not reallywhat i'm into, it's nice to be here and see theenvironment and everything but i also like to keep things moving as well. it's very pretty though... i did play with some of the fish though; like the manatee bro, he was fun. am i gonna have to dodge the great whiteafter a while; i have a feeling he's going to show up and i'm going to have to like sneak around him

what's in here?... lionfish! ヽ(>ᗜ<)ノ these guys are super cute as well. fish are the awesome. they don't care; they just float around in their own magical world were being like *imitates fish* "blerg blerg blerg blerg blerg blerg i'm a fish"... wish i was a fish. can i grab one? no... i don't think you grab the small dudes. jellyfish are back! ♫ take some jelly, takesome fish, put it on a sandwich~♫ great white *makes scared noise* tssss; he's back. *frightened* voldemort's back..

this dude's has been through the ringer as well. he's some scars on him, he has some battlescars... and he's kind of afraid of me. why?... that or he just coincidentally leaves every time i get near. awwwh that's a cool looking effect like the super bright sunshine. oo... it's getting darker outside. woooaah oooh really interesting. that's the first piece of land i've seen... like outside the water and it's floating. what does it mean?!... any number of things really. oh god, sometimes the camera andeverything is really hard to control.

i came from that way so we're going this way.... because the camera inverted like you push up to put the camera down... and then because of that your brain thinks that the left and right is inverted and it's not. this is super pretty. i like how the little white dots make it look like stars and i love - one of my favourite effects in games are particles floating in the air. some of - some of m - some of my favorite games just have like fog or particles just suspended in mid-air. it's a really nice effect that gives anice like ambience to everything. woooow sea butthole.. it's time to give life to this area! so is the shark leading me?

i don't know, and these are like barnacles all on the side of that. into the swirling vortex! never to be seen again... oh hey there we are. *markiplier's laugh* very 'pacific rim' ok wait how many do i have done? i get it i've been here twice before! i have one, two... so there's only two left, this one and the next one? ok... unless there's some above as well. no i still only... gotten a few shells though. what is the - what is the thing gonna be in this, is going to be manatees?! we had... orcas in that one.

manta rays in this one.. might be manatees, who knows? feed the bubble!! what is it? oh... are those tiger sharks... or whale sharks? isn't there... a whale shark the ones with like the giant open mouths? people have said as well, this is like spongebob... where it's like there they are!... where urm... youu - you have like bikini bottom it's all underwater but yet you could still go swimming underwater, like it makes no sense, this is kind of like that. so either tiger sharks or whale sharks, i think tiger sharks have smaller profiles like smaller heads.

where is they? there's one... i see you bro. these dudes have giant mouths... what are you bro? whale shark! i was right the second time. yeah the tiger sharks are the, the smaller sleeker ones but they have, they have some of the same patterning. actually no they're striped, i think that's why they're called tiger sharks right? ah man, ok i'm gonna have to let you go bro, ♫ if you love me let me go ♫ bye, it was nice knowing you though. whaaat? are you like a water conveyor belt?

see like i don't know what i'm supposed to discern from these murals... it's like they underwater... and then there's civilization with the sun... and then there's a whale above that and more fish above that... i don't know maybe they praised the whales and the sharks as gods. there's a sun and what looks like star fish, water... oh i do something with this. woaah! what power do i have? yeah like... did they find some sort of like... prometheus style goo and they poured it into the ocean and it made.. life? i don't know, i'm theorizing about a whole lot of nothin' because it seems like they have this special power like

that blue bubble that i keep taking out of myself, and he's pouring that blue liquid into the thing, and then whenever i putthe bubble into the other bubble, and make the things come out, and all the life comes back because that water that rises is like super blue... compared to the water that i'm suspended in, like all this stuff. who knows? because again, this does not seem like it should all have been underwater to begin with. interesting, and we might not findout an answer at all. giant creatures with... magic.

you're wearing the same outfit as me though.. the people on the right are different than the one on the left, the one on the left is the exact same as me almost 'cept i don't have that mural on my chest for the doors, and the people on the right have like skirts... sooo maybe they created the magic doors. yeah, that one giant dude seems to be linked to the magic and the doors, but maybe we'll go through a big magic mountain again... this is different than 'journey' as well in the way that - i'm sorry for so many comparisons but you have to admit, any of you have played'journey' and seeing this or played both there is some insane similarities between them but... 'journey' always kinda showed you

what your destination was, you werealways heading to the giant pinnacle mountain in the distance and, every now and then, it would show it to you, like it was always a focal point. where as this it hasn't showed me where i'm supposed to be going like as soon as 'journey' startsyou know where you're going it's like you start here, mountains over there, go! ooo maybe the shark came and tookthe power away because the power was on top of themountain but now the shark's on top of the mountain. hmm is this is a meditation station? yeah! i like it when you knock all the sand off it.

let's meditate in here... nautilus... bonnethead shark, i've never seen you before you're like a tiny hammer head. here's an eel... whoo no what's the big dude?... you... yeah... a remora! oh you're awesome looking! i have never seen a remora in my life... oh wait no... am i actually following one of those? i've no idea, it looked like i was following the tiny fish as well.. no clownfish. ok i'm done meditating, let's keep moving.

woah what are you? ahh can i grab 'im? oh he's scary looking. oooh he's really scary looking. grab him... what are you? a... coelacanth woah did you just fart?... *makes expert fart noises* fish are weird, i know i said they're awesome but they're really weird sometimes as well. i said that last episode, some fish just look like aliens... and there's such weird designs as well, like that remora, expect the one with like the grill on its head.. that one was cool lookin'. oh this door's broken...and i see another giant door down here. hmm...

interesting... from what i heard as well this game isn't too long, i've heard it's like an hour and a half long. let me in iron man or hal from 2001 'a space odyssey'... byee little bud. i have to leave him behind, he can't come through the doors with me, he are the suck. still trying to figure out what the hell's going on... it was the same when i played 'journey', i had no idea what's going on by end of it. well when i played it at the time ididn't, now... as i said i kind of know a bit more. this place is creepy. i like the color shifts in places thoughlike this is all blue, one of the regions before was green and orange.

blue whale!! woah... you guys are fucking awesome! do i have to grab one of you? awwwwh they're fucking huge... good lord. grab him!! can i? oh this is awesome! woooaaaahhh look at all my frieendss. oh god. so much death... jesus... y'know how much it takes to fill up a belly like that.

woah oh this is fucking awesome, where am i going though? i'm going down. oh no! oh, i thought he was gonna eat me! look how big he is! hii! he's just looking at me like "yeah i can eat you if i want but i'm not going to cause you look cool." ooooh that really does give you a sense for how small you are. i'm not even the size of one of his fins. blue whales are awesome.

oh but this is scary now. are those doors or flo - those are floaty things... oh they're mines, oh jesus... woah, ok so do not swim too close to those guys. noo! no... jesus. oh there's skeletons down here what am i making? goblin sharks! these guys are weird... ok they look a lot more normal there. google search a goblin shark... and you'll know the picture that shows up, it's the one that i used for... my first episode of subnautica.

i think that was a goblin sharkanyway... ooooh these things are scary. keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going... oh this one super close to that. oh i see a big chain thing.. or is that apower connector? angler fish, those are like the scariest... like their little lures out the front and then they bite the creatures and theirteeth are insane looking. *inhales sharply* do i need a little bud? oh no. oookay.. this is some of the shit that i love... just nature meets technology that juxtaposition...

and there's a really cool artist that you should look up his name is... it's simon stahlenberg i think. not stalin as in like fucking.... like the dictator. urm... but his name is simon stahlberg (simon stalenhag) i think. i can't remember how to spell it, was it like s-t-a-h-l-e-n?... and i think i'm not sure, don't quote me on like the actual spelling for but he makes some amazing art, it always shows up and reddit it every now and then and it's just like just.... oh notopterus i've seen you guys before i just didn'tknow your names. he makes stuff that's like just like kids playing out the back and you see like a disused car

in a field but there's just like a giantrobot in the background and it's so cool to look at. i want a movie made out of his artstyles so much i want like... actual printed art of his -of his work just on my wall. ok where that cable go? i think i'm gone the wrong way. if you ever have a chance to look up his stuff, i'd highly suggest it as well, it's just so good. i need to go back and find out where the cables are... shut up stop bleeping at me. ooo theres like deposits coming out there. hello fish! do you want to be my fwiend? this place is creepy

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh *mine blows up*... oh... holy shit! how did that not fry everything in the area?!... isn't water conductive?... oh oh oh oh oww jesus at least they don't kill you, they just go off and... ahhhh!!... fucking hell! oh and it's that puts a fucking springin your step all right! jesus! (makes weird noises) christ. that's a cool sound... that's why i likethe game 'inside' so much as well because it was like... it was very industrial but it had the nature site as well and then you hear that like the big rumblings - *sees great white* oh hi!

like the big rumblings of big mechanical creatures. it's why i love the movie 'war of the worlds' too... and the, the, the 2014 'godzilla' movie. 2014 godzilla movie isn't anythingspectacular on its own but the sound design in that movie is... just so good... and it's a case of like - i thought it was a place to go over over there but i thinkthat's where i was already - it's a case of like just seeing thecreatures out in the wild like one the scene in hawaii in it andthen boom!, you just hear that big ripple of the emp going off, those kind ofthings or when they're on the railroad track - the railroad tracks seen in godzilla 2014 is some of the best audio i've ever heard in a movie.

it's so good, the way godzilla shows up the first time you hear his foot hit the ground and like cuts out all the audio for a split second and then it like hums back in... so good! urmm so yeah that movie is good for one thing at least, plus it wasn't that bad. shit's going off down here, so just that like seeing nature and then hearing that like 'war of the worlds', you hear the tripods coming. it's just so fucking cool, oh! oh no he's caught in it!... i need tofree 'em. i know we had our differences...

no! awh he's hurt. i'll save you dude!... don't eat me. god i'm strong. awhh there you go. oh god! can i grab you? ahh we're friends now! see that, he went by and he went 'ding'(winks). ahahaha okay well i'm gonna leave this episode of 'abzu' here. urmm so good it's so cool... like thevisuals everything and now it's getting

even more interesting cause i think we're coming into like the last part of it and the technological aspects and like the structures and everything are all being a bit more prevalent and... i don't know i read a lot about different things but... it's what i like about these series, it kind of like brings you off ontangents and talk about stuff you like and diff - different things like thatyou like to get to know me as a person a bit more i get to talk openly aboutthings and just let your mind wonder and talk about whatever you want. it's nice, i like that this and thesetypes of series but anyway:

thank you guys for watching this episode if youliked it, punch that like button in the face like a boss, and high fives all around *wapooosh* *wapooosh* so thank you guys and i will see all you dudes in the next video!!! *outro music* look at them looking at you and looking around like "are - are we still playing the game? *awkward laugh* ok huhuh"

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