Friday, November 18, 2016

american girl doll kitchen

we're a very special generation of girls,aren't we? yes you guys are. aren't you special? we're special -- uh -- we're not afraid towear sonic the hedgehogs. welcome to the gracie and mommy show. today we are reviewing -- i'meating a tiny bar -- we found new bars that gracie liked. these are the cliff kid z proteinbar in chocolate chip, because they stopped making - target stopped making the bar sheliked. these have five grams of protein, and i think five grams of fiber. so i don't thinkthey have as much protein as the other bars, but it's better than just eating cookies asa snack, right? mhmm. so today we are reviewing... [grunting] and... but wait... ta da! i don't even knowif you can see that, cause i can't see anything.

somebody's texting me. it's so funny, you'retexting with audrey and i'm texting with another youtuber. i'm gonna turn off my buzzer. soanyway, so these are the our generation with extendable hair dolls that i can looking aton doll hunts and keep trying to tell myself that i, i was like "i don't want them, andi don't need them," and then we could find, we were able to find parker, who is the brunette,and phoebe, who is this blonde, but there is another blonde i found out. and then icouldn't find peyton, who is the one that i wanted that had the red hair. so i wenton and did my thang, and uh, and here they are. so let's give everybody a gracie, i originally thought these would be a part of mommy's doll corner, but youwere diggin'. i guess i'm kinda growing used

to our generations, cause the princess has some. mhmm, yeah. these aren't actually too bad. no, they're really reallycute. and they're obviously more affordable, they're about $29.99 or $24.99 depending onwhich -- also i have another loose tooth -- yay! depending on if you get one that's like gota lot of extras or not. and then they have such cute stuff - i mean guys, the car, thatpink convertible, and coming soon, when we, i'm not even sure it's gonna fit on this desk,i don't know where we're gonna put it to display it and to review it for you, but our generationsent me the diner. ahh! i love you guys! but these we bought ourselves, and remember everytime you buy something from our generation, a portion of the proceeds goes to the, ohmy god i always mess up the name of the charity.

i just had a conversation with jason robertkeef. oh, a portion of the proceeds goes to the power of a girl organization, and it helpsraise money to help educate and build schools for girls in third world countries. so thisis phoebe, so she's blonde, but there's a one with whiter blonde hair that i saw, thatwe saw when we last went doll hunting. so um, so let's see. i'm trying to see if thereis anything on the back of the box. i do like what this says. so this is what phoebe's boxsays. "this is our story. we're a very special generation of girls, aren't we?" - yes youguys are. aren't you special. we're special. we're not afraid to wear sonic the hedgehogshirts. exactly. it says "we don't feel the need to define who we are, we're just us,and proud of it. we love to do our hair, wear

skirts and dig in the dirt, occasionally atthe same time if we feel like it." -- sonic the hedgehog. sonic the hedgehog shirt. "we'recurious about laser beams while we're chasing after our big dreams." - i like that rhyme.there's nothing we won't try except maybe jalapeno ice cream, that's just weird. somehowi feel like gracie might try that. "whether we're washing cars to support animal shelters,writing letters to help save polar bears, or reminding our parents to recycle theirnewspapers" -- recycle your newspapers mom! ahhh! -- yes. "we've proved ourselves bothsmart and full of heart. we are here to live out loud. what does the future hold for us?whatever it is, it's up to us of course. this is our time, this is our story." - that'swhat our generation is about, and that's why

i totally dig these dolls. okay, so it basicallysays the same thing as hers, but yeah -- it says? it just says parker instead of phoebeat the bottom. right. and then on the back of the box, it shows you what the other dollsare. so now we have phoebe, parker, and peyton, but i can swear i saw another blonde withthe extendable hair but i might be wrong, i could be wrong, i could be totally wrong.and so phoebe has blonde hair and brown eyes, and she comes with these hair extensions,and each of them do. we're gonna take them out of the box in a second. and then peytonis the one that i saw and that i couldn't find in the store. she has red hair and sortof turquoisish blue eyes, she's very very cool. and then parker is falling out of herbox, and she has brown hair and but sort of

like hazely eyes. they're not really brown,they're not blue, they're hazel. they're a really really really cool color. so we'regonna take these dolls out of their boxes made out of recycled materials, and we willbe right back. and they're out of the box! i opened this one, and this one only, becausei'm terrible at opening the others. you think after two years i'd be better at it. yeah,almost three years you know, it's like two and a half years. alright, so let me do theaccessories first -- december is our three year anniversary -- i know. so each doll comeswith her clothes n' stuff the way you see her, and then she comes also with an accessorykit that comes with a comb and some barrettes and some little hair extension barrettes,which are really really cute. so these go

with phoebe, and these are the ones that comewith peyton. see, cause the kinda go with her outfit. alright, and then these are theaccessories that go with parker. so look, i managed to show everybody the they also come with - let's stand 'em up for a second. you okay there gracie? loosetooth. loose tooth buggin' ya? let me get them all standing up here. look at how cutethey are, oh my goodness! each one comes with a style... so "how to brush my hair guide,"which is very helpful. okay so this is how to brush someone's hair. for best results,use a wire brush, which somewhere in this house gracie has the doll brush. uh, dividemy hair into small sections, gently brush them one at a time, mist my hair lightly fromwater if you were having a hart time. if i

have wavey hair, be very gentle when brushingthe ends, this will help preserve my curl. for tight curls, finger style my hair. forbraided styles, tightly braiding my hair while damp will control frizzy and avoid using stallionproducts or like gel or mousse as this may damage my hair. avoid using a blow-dryer,hot rollers, curling, or straightening irons on my hair, and always keep my hair away fromextreme heat. so good rules there. okay, this is how to brush hair. step one: take a brush.step two: put it in hair. step three: glide it through the hair, that's how you brushhair. okay, thank you. somewhere, where is the doll brush? where is the red doll brush?oh it's up in my room. do you wanna go get that while -- i'll go get it! -- while i showthem the other things? okay. it's missing

some of its prongs, just like everything else.just like everything else? okay. so it then explains to you how to work with this extendablehair that we're talking with. so it says, "hair that grows: top portion of the hair may beextended to add extra volume and uh, for volume for hair-dos. and i know what you're thinking?you're thinking, "how the heck does that work?" - well i'm gonna show you. because the wholereason i wanted these is because they remind me of a doll i had as a little girl namedvelvet. now comment down below if you are old enough to remember velvet. and she hada sister, but i had the velvet doll, and i think velvet's sister was actually like theimportant, like you know, like the mean doll, and the one that i had wasn't. the one thati had was blonde, so my dad had gotten her

for me, because she had blonde hair. so that'swhy i had her. so there hair comes like rubberbanded and stuff because it's a lot of hair folks.these dolls have a huge amount of hair. so that is why they are - their hair is rubberbandedmultiple multiple times, so you don't end up with massive box hair. so when you firstdo take them out of the box, you're gonna need to remove the - you know, unless youwant them to maintain that rubberbanded look. you're going - gracie's running all over thehouse looking all over the doll brush. i know i saw it! i can't find it. oh, maybe it'son the dining room table because you were playing with draculaura. oh, okay. yeah. couldbe there. life in mommy and gracie's house. it's like "wait, you were playing with monsterhigh doll's hair on the table, maybe that's

where the brush is." okay. so i have now takenall of the rubberhands out of peyton's hair. look at how much hair she has. it's crazy,crazy amounts of hair. like and then it's so cool, cause her hair actually goes downto her feet, once you get it out of the do there. and then the braid part that comesout of the top is actually can be adjusted by a knob on her tummy. wait, or is the knob onher back? on my doll it was a knob on her tummy - a knob is on her back. and she's got undieson. so you've found spats, but not the brush. so as you can see, there is a knob on herback. and then, the knob, when i turn it - let me see, let me pull her back. so here's herhair, and then as i turn the knob, her braid is retracting - why don't you sit down, honey,so we can show them. sit down baby! alright.

her braid is retracting into her head. and you'rethinking "that's the strangest thing i've ever seen." - but it's really helpful fordoing different kinds of hairstyles. so you can shorten this braid so that it isn't abig giant long braid, or you can - wait, do i have to push down on the button? and thenyou just push on the, push in, push in on the knob on her back, and then you. do youwanna try? yes. alright, so show everybody how you do this. come on over here. i needto give the people knowledge! mhmm. people are gonna be asking like, "how sharp is itthough?" cause that's what i ask when i watch youtube videos. so it looks like that's asshort as the braids will go, so they'll just flap over the side. and then if you push inthe button, and pull on the braids - wait,

let me get - mhmm. pushing another button?yeah. okay, let go of it. try for the length. there you go. so you can make them kind ofany length between shoulder length to super de-duperty long, so yeah it is a lot of hair.and when i find the doll hair brush, i'll probably need to buy one my own so i can findit. cause we've lost both american girl brushes, we've lost two doll brushes, we have a blueone and a red one somewhere, right? somewhere. somewhere. you know what's really really coolabout - so let's take another look at peyton. let's take a good look. ah, have a seat, sweetie.there you go. she's got this little bow and this little headband on, which right now ithink they are, yeah they're kajingers to the side of her head. i'm not gonna take themoff right now cause i want to be able to have

time to do stuff to her hair because it becomesa mess. but if you can see the way the light catches your hair, and i notice this in alot of our generation dolls, this isn't one solid color red. this is like gracie's hair. there's highlightsin this red hair, it's not just some orange you know... and i think that's why, it'shard with red haired dolls. sometimes they make it just like, one "blehhh" red color,and that's not what red hair looks like, and let's face it, that's not what anyone's hairlooks like. and i love her outfit, it's so cute with the little coral vest and her littledress, and then she's got these shoes that i forgot to take the plastic off of. and herhair is just ridonkulously long, and then

if we were to put her... i'm brushing theextensions. you're brushing the extensions. so let's see, just for the heck of it, let'sput an extension into - yeah i wouldn't brush it with that. honestly i wouldn't brush itwith the plastic brush that it comes with. i would, um, they sell doll brushes and i'llput a link down below. you can get wire doll brush if you're into dolls hair stuff. youcould get one pretty inexpensively on amazon. so this is one of peyton's extensions, it'sa little butterfly, so i'm just - i'm gonna put it in the side that doesn't have the braidsbecause that would look weird, i'm just gonna put that there. hey, i'm learned about readingabout the extension. okay, but i'm just putting it on so they can see. and then she's all, she's edgey,

and she's got some edgey hair going. verycool. very cool. alright, do you wanna play with peyton? i'll show them the other girls.gracie's gonna braid peyton's extension. so let me know guys, do you... or let us know,it's not a mommy's doll corner, it's just a gracie and mommy show. do any of you have any ofthese dolls, how does the hair hold up over time, and what are you using to brush it?are you using the brush that came with it, do you have a uh, a wire doll brush? i'm notsure that our generation sells one in target, i'll have to look. cause they should if theydon't, because those things, they really do make a difference if you have a differentkind of brush. like you don't want wanna use a person brush, or a, that's just daddy makingnoise in the background. don't knock over

the bag, whatever you do. hello viewers! helloviewers. yeah, i'm gonna clean off the doll house later honey. daddy's just wanderingaround the house. looking for a jacket! i know, daddy lost a jacket. so if you justso happened to see daddy's jacket in your - it's like bizarre. it's like just gone. it'svery weird. woo! oops, i missed one of the rubber bands in phoebe's hair. wow, so much hair. ohgood, yay. so this is phoebe's hair, so she's the blonde and she's got a lot of blonde hair.guys, i really don't like hair clips, cause they never stay in properly. bobby pins. wellyou have to know how to do it, so i'll have to teach you later how to work with bobbypins. so even though her hair is blonde, again you can see how it like catches the light,and there's different tones. and now her - oh

god, this is not, it was going well and thenit just kind of, and then she just lost the whole... what even is this mommy? i don'teven know what happened down there sweetie. and then again, you can shorten - i've gottashow off this monstrocity. so isn't it going well, and then it just went ahhh. and thenwe can shorten phoebe's braid, i'm gonna twisty twisty twisty the knob on your back. wee!so now she's got short, so like if you were doing an up-do, and you just wanted the braidsbe in accent with that so you'd be able to do that. spats is now attacking the our generationgirl. and then i'm gonna press the button, again let me show you the button. i just showedyou her underwear. so there's the knob, and then in the middle when you press this button,that would release your hair. and then you

go, "weeeee." whoops. gotta pull them alloff. there ya go. and now her braids are back down to their long and gloriousness.oh, spats is, oh oh oh he's playing with a toy right now. he's so frisky right now, it'sso funny. she's really really cool. okay, just don't knock anything over in the process, yeah. i love her brown eyes. by the way, these our generation dolls do have sleep eyes, so when you lay her down,her eyes close. they all have a similar outfit, but it's a different color. so herdress is white and she's just got a plain denim jacket, she's got these dark brown shoes,which i forgot to take the plastic off of, she's so cute! i love blonde hair and browneyes. i just love that. like i wish that i

had really dark, brown eyes. we always wishfor what we don't have, right, i have green eyes. so i don't have that. okay, so thatwas phoebe. last but not least, let me rescue you from the rubber bandage. i'm hanging withspats guys. she's gone, she's playing with spats. see it was gonna be a mommy's dollcorner, but then she decided she wanted in, so it's mommy and gracie show, but you know,she's in and out. she's off and on. it's not really her kind of doll. it's more of a mommything. oh, her hair is so pretty. whoops! what did you do to the cat? i was squishinghis tubs. you were squishing his tubs? oh no! mommy, he's holding me captive. oh, wellthat's because you squished his tubs. that's good, he needs to be frisky. he needsto be more frisky. he needs to be more frisky. more frisky!

there we go, alrighty, all of the rubber bands are now at parker's hair. parker's hair is so gorgeous. do you see the different tones in her hair? oh mygosh. our generation does some gorgeous hair work. wow. look at that! that is so pretty.i love it. and let me show you what i was talking about when i was talking about hereyes - they're like a blue grey color, but not entirely, it's really really pretty. ican't get over the tones in her hair. and then her dress - her outfit is actually myfavorite, i love her dress and i love the khaki vest, and she's got lavender shoes on.i guess that goes with the lavender in her bow. but her hair is just gorgeous, the multi-tonalhair is gorgeous. so you let us, me know in the comments below, which one was your faveof the three? was it phoebe, parker, or peyton

who is the red head? and let me know whatyou think about the extendable features. is that something you would play with or not?they give you a book in here that shows you how to do all different kinds of hairstyles,and my hands are just a horrible horrible hot mess right now from my m.s., so. oh theyteach you how to do a fishtail braid! i've always wondered how they do that. so theygive you lots of different - the phone is ringing! - lots of different ways to stylethis long hair. i do recommend getting yourselves a wire brush. i will link you two below tothe inexpensive version on amazon that is really really awesome, and you let us knowwhich one you liked best. gracie, which one did you like best? i like this one. parker?you know, i do actually kinda like parker

best, even though i loved the red hair andi wanted the red hair, i just love parker's overall look. i love her outfit, i think heroutfit, her hair, her coloring and everything go really really well. that's my thinking. gracie,can you tell everyone where they can follow us? facebook, instagram, google+, twitter.follow us those places, do not be a hater! thanks you guys so much for watching, we'llsee you again real soon. bye!

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