Friday, November 11, 2016

puppets endoskeleton

[mark] hello everybody, my name is markiplier and welcome back to five nights at freddy's: sister location. now, there's a few things that i wanna talk about before we get started. number one! these security cameras here รข€¦ who's watching those cameras? because in the last one when i edited the video, baby and her crew said... '*she's* watching us.' not he's watching us.

'she's watching us.' so who is that? is that the voice on the intercom? is the voice on the intercom actually baby, and is the baby -- those little voices in there just the babies in there? so there's a lot of mysteries here. also this! *noise* *mark makes an disgusted noise* this! *noise*

this! *distorted noise* and this last one... *pause* doesn't do anything. and neither does that. so anyways that's a whole bunch of stuff that's not important right now we're gonna get back to freddy's lil room here and try to beat that. [female robotic voice] ballora gallery maintenance vent opened. [mark] first, we got to get through ballora danahnahnahnah ballora

don't kill me banahnahnahnah [music box playing] sneaking! make it- ahhhh [door noise] yeah! suck on that. okay, so, i'm pretty sure my prob-

[female robotic voice] motion trigger breaker room. [hand unit] you may now interface with the breaker control box [mark] okay [hand unit] using the interface may disrupt nearby electronics if you feel you are in danger, feel free to disconnect the interface temporarily until it is safe to reconnect [mark] uh huh. okay, soooo, i think my problem here was, i tried to do too many at once?

like, obviously, the danger is going to be... bad? *funtime freddy laughs* [funtime freddy] well, hello again! [little girl voice] calm dooown [little girl voice] and go back to sleeep![mark] huahhhhhh hey huahhhh hi hooo okay he moves! i did not know he moved!

uhheh [funtime freddy] c'mon bon, say 'hi' to our friend! [little girl voice] go back to your stage, everything is okay. is it? is everything okay? i don't know about that. so, it does save a little bit of progress but, i gotta listen for, the shuffly shoe of a-of a wild bear [little girl voice] everything is okay, lets go back to sleep. [mark] oh jeez oh yeah, go back to sleep, oh god, hi how are you doing? oh! [little girl voice] oh hi

i think it was just a mouse! [mark] gooooooo goooooooo ruehhhhh hup- girl voice: nnnope! *mark grunting noise* no one is here! [mark] ha, ha no one's here! oh my god, that smile. *laughs* that- that winning smile it's so nice. okay.

that's a shuffle. that's a shu-vrr [little girl voice] it's bedtime! let's go back to our stage. [mark] i think i think the little voice is bonnie, *laugh-crying* but bonnie is talking to funtime freddy and that's not a happy duo! well it's happy for the- go. [little girl voice] you didn't hear anything, silly! *she giggles* [funtime freddy] i know your over there somewhere!

[mark]...and who's that voice? [funtime freddy] bon-bon! [funtime freddy] i th-think thats the birthday boy over there![little girl voice] go back to your stage! [funtime freddy] we should give them a surprise! [little girl voice] everything is okay. [mark] who- who's talking about bon- who's talkin to bon-bon- *high pitched* is that freddy? [little girl voice] everything is okay let's go back to sleep. [mark] is that freddy's voice?

why does freddy sound like such a douche? and. aaaaah! [hand unit] great job. this completes your tasks for the night. please proceed back through the ballora gallery with care. and we'll see you back here tomorrow. [mark] yes! i did it!

i could have done that in the last episode *laughing* i didn't know that was gonna end right there. waoooooooooo hah i feel lightheaded. *clunking of the door* ....oh god no. oh god not again da na na na na na na na nun.

sneaking. *less sure this time* da na na na na na na na nun... ballora. da na na na- [ballora] is someone there? [mark]...nnnnnnnoooooo. go back to sleep! i think it was *laugh* just a mouse! [ballora] i can hear someone,

creeping through my room... [mark] bahhh bu-no don't think so. i think *wheeze* i think those appeared- lies! eh eh [ballora] perhaps... not. [mark] hyeah. that's the one.

you don't need to worry about me! i just need to worry about me! and don't mind the yelling. i yell when i'm nervous. *happy celebration music* oh! uhheueohh we did it! we're the best in the world! and- weeee are friends! for-

*music ends abruptly* oh. ever. okay. anyway. i guess- my friend song is over. oh good- back to my soaps![tv annoucer] as the sun sets, so also does another chapter in the saga of love lost between vlad and his distressed mistress. can they be reconciled? *mark moans*

can their love rise again? that and more, happening now. [mark] i- i, *laughs* i've no idea- [vlad] clara! the baby isn't mine! [clara] it is vlad! they had trouble catching him in the nursery today. [vlad] so what? lots of kids get hyper and run around and stuff. [clara] they had to knock him out of the air with a broom!

[vlad] ..i have to go. [clara] they're going to dock your paychecks! [vlad] they can't do that! i am a vampire! i don't get paychecks. [clara] you work the graveyard shift at the fry-me taco. don't lie to me![mark] *laughing* [tv annoucer] ohhhh the humanity. [mark] ohhh! when wil the heartbreak end?

when will these two ships passing in the night rekindle their long lost love? tune in tomorrow to find out. [mark] my god. it's so bizarre because i imagine this is trying to paint this guy's existence as a normal, everyday joe and he just- after he's done working he goes home-- [little girl voice] daddy, just once let me go play with her. she's so pretty and shiny.

didn't you make her just for me? [mark] mmm... ok so what's interesting about that is that voice i believe is the daughter of mr. afton. (it was mistaken) [hand unit] welcome back to another pivotal night of your thriving new career, where you get to really ask yourself, "what am i doing with my life?" *mark laughs* "what would my friends say?" *mark laughs again* and most importantly, "will i ever see my family again?" *mark laugh cries*

we understand the stresses of a new job, *mark cries* and we're here for you. to help you reach a more stable and and relaxing frame of mind, we offer several musical selections to help make this elevator ride as relaxing and therapeutic as possible. [mark] aww [hand unit] we offer contemporary jazz, classical, rainforest ambience, as well as a wide selection of other choices.

[mark] cool! [hand unit] using the keypad below, please type the first few letters of the musical selection you would prefer. [mark] sure! it seems you had some trouble with the keypad. i see what you were trying to type, and i will autocorrect it for you. [mark] dubstep? [hand unit] thank you for selecting... casual bongos. *mark laughs*

[mark] *laughing* casual bongos? *the casual bongos start playing* [mark] oh, yeah! [hand unit] now that your elevator experience has been customized to your needs, and you're thoroughly relaxed, it's worth mentioning that due to your lackluster performance yesterday, your pay has been decreased by a substantial amount. please enjoy the rest of your descent. [mark] *sad and confused* what?!

these "casual bongos" have turned sour! how can you say that? what did i do? well, come on! oh, also, mr. ashton apparently is a character in the books and apparently... that's purple guy. whoever that is, is purple guy, but then that would make purple guy the creator of this- these animatronics, so what does it all mean?

*yelling* can we cut the "casual bongos?!" *mark sighs heavily* is it gonna- is the bongos just follow me-- [hand unit] due to unforeseen malfunctions from today's shows, your nightly duties will require you to perform maintainance that you may or may not be skilled enough to perform. [mark] oh. [hand unit] it became necessary for technicians to attempt to disconnect fun-time freddie's power module. however, they were unsuccessful.

allowing them to try again would be an inefficient path forward, as we would need to allow six to eight weeks for recovery and physical therapy. you will need to reach the parts and service room on the other side of fun-time auditorium to perform the procedure yourself. let's check on ballora first, and make sure she's on her stage. [mark] *frightened* uh *light buzz* *horrified* uh [hand unit] great. looks like everything is as it should

be at ballora gallery. let's check on fun-time foxy.[mark] *gasps of fight and confusion.* [hand unit] it's important to make sure she's on her stage before entering. [mark] uhhhok so this foxy is definitely a fihmail? (female) but, you know, that's a revelation that's gonna have to go in second place to what the fuck i just saw over on ballora's stage. ehhh ok, never- you know, nevermind, maybe i shouldn't be so worried about it. *light buzz* oh, yeah, foxy's gone.[hand unit]great, it looks like everything

is as it should be in fun-time auditorium. there is no need to check on baby tonight.[mark] *makes sounds of confusion* [hand unit] please refrain from entering unauthorized areas. proceed directly to fun-time auditorium. [mark] i- excuse me? are you tryina tell me what to do? how dare you! i'm'na go straight into baby's room, and check on baby! 'cos, if there's one thing that markiplier is, it's a good daddy, and i'm'na check on baby. euh...

ok, so what've we got over here? alright. baby! oh, boy... i... i don't think i should be here. i'm pretty sure i shouldn't be here. is there any reason for this? do i need to be here? *metal clank* *metal grating* is there a point?

hmm.. *ominous silence* baby: did you know that i was on stage once? it wasn't for very long. only one day... what a wonderful day, though. i was in a small room with balloons and a few tables. no one sat at the tables, though. but children would run in and out.

some were afraid of me. others enjoyed my songs. music was always coming from somewhere else. down a hall. i would always count the children. i'm not sure why. i was always acutely aware of how many there were in the room with me. two, then three, then two, then three, then four, then two. then none. they usually played together in groups of two or three.

i was covered in glitter. i smelled like birthday cake. there were two, then three, then five, then four. i can do something special. did you know that? i can make ice cream. although i only did it once... there were four, then three, then two. *near whisper* then one.

something happened when there was one. a little girl, standing by herself. i was no longer... myself. and i stopped singing. my stomach opened, and there was ice cream. *distressed* i couldn't move, at least, not until she stepped closer. *she sounds as though she's defending herself*there was screaming for a moment, but only for a moment.

then other children rushed in again, but they couldn't hear her over the sounds of their own excitement. i still hear her sometimes. why did that happen? *silence* *mark screams* [mark] i- euh that painted a very vivid picture of something exceptionally fucked let me try to rationalize exactly what she was talking about there she, uh..

she was on stage once with balloons and such not, some sort of birthday party establishment and then, uh, there was one girl in the room, and it's entirely possible- it's entirely possible that that one girl was the daughter of mr. ashton, who is the purple guy, supposedly, and the purple guy made this animatronic in her- his daughter's image *horrified laughing* and then it made ice cream out of her?? *still laughing* or maybe not, i don't know... oh, that's horrifying. euh, that's so horrifying...

but that would make sense... unless her counting thing was only looking for an opportunity for there to be one person in the room, *laughs* and then... euh, man, either way hwooo, i am not glad i came in here. i regret that very much, so let's skedaddle on out of here and continue on to funtime foxy because hoh-- [female robotic voice] motion trigger. circus gallery vent.[mark] hoooly shit. hyaah, boy.. that's interesting though, because that's the first time i've ever encountered like a deliberate easter egg in this game. everything else

has been random chance, but that's the first time you could like, incidentally go to something and reveal more of the story, so, let's carry on to funtime foxy and reca--*interrupting metal squeak* *door clank*[female robotic voice] fun-time auditorium maintainance vent opened.*another door clank* [hand unit] unlike ballora, funtime foxy is motion activated. for this reason, it's important to keep the room dark, as to not accidentally activate her. you have been provided with a flash beacon. use it if you need to get your bearings, and to ensure you don't bump into anything. however, use it as sparingly as possible.

proceed forward to reach the parts and service room. [mark] ok... huhpoof*flash noise* ...the fuck, i didn't see anything!*light recharging* huhpoof*flash* oh boy *light recharging* *small movement noise* *mark's 'stressed' face*

huhpoof *flash*oiiiieeeeeeeeee *foot steps* *very quick "huhpoof"**flash* *quiet, distressed noise* *foxy scream**mark scream* aaaaaa... *static* *exhale* ok... ohhhwhat the fuuuuck*cheerful music as a mini game starts*

what the fuuck aaahhh... *laughing* oh, i got cupcakes! hoooh hi! wh-- wh w-whoa *laughing* oh, boy this seems, uh...

this seems not so good. *laugh* i- i'm not entirely sure i understand exactly what's going on here, but something tells me it's- it's not entirely good *laughing* oh, it's a shotgun of cupcake- huhbah alright, you wanna- you wanna cupcake? ok, i'll get both of ya habuski oh, yeah, you all enjoy your cupcakes. habuhah what is happening here?

*laughing* what is going on? i have no idea! you want one, kid? habuh aw, man, i'm outta cups. aw, man, i'm outta cakes. oh jeez- oh, a green one? well that- that sounds good. what does this do? do i even wanna know? ooh, it carries through-- goddamit, i wish i knew what these things did before i used them.

dangit. oh, dangit, aw dagnabit well, we're just gonna have one kid without it, so, that's nice. i don't- i don't have any! i don't have any, you guys are all screeewed! i'm literally out, how do you expect me to do anything? oh, boy whwhwhwaitwowwahwoah woahwoahwoahwoah

*marks 'i'm jumping in a mini game' noise* ok you guys are just gonna... do without, 'cos... what can i do? wooo! hell, yeah! i made it! oh, game over, i forgot that i died. well, alright then... so, that's a thing. okey

[hand unit] you have been provided with a flash beacon. *static*hey, what the fuck! i, uh... got *boned* so uh, don't just walk forward in the dark is the uh- thethethe name of the game, there. ok, so when i hear a movement in the darkness, i think that's... foxy moving around, so i'm gonna wait until i hear, like a sound that signifies, like...

'in front of me?' *flash* *foxy scream*mark: oh, why?! why?? whyyyy??? ah, jeez- i dunno- heh *foxy scream*mark: hey aw, come on, man-

i thought i had that- i thought there was a distinct sound when she moves in front of you and then a distinct sound when she moves away- oo boy- oooo boy. yeah- i'm just gonna take my time on this one. i'm gonna wait- a good, long time- between each movement-

seems to be working- it just- s'taking a long time- my theory is that there's a reason they have the sound- for the recharging- so it acts like, as a- it acts like as a timer- for... how long it takes to 'cool down-' - foxy. so hopefully that's a better way of going about it but i don't know for sure-

but it seems to be working. *loudish movement/banging noise* *singing* ooooooooooooooooh-- i don't know i hope i don't- woooooh- [female robotic voice] "motion trigger: parts and service." [hand unit]great job reaching parts and service. it seems that funtime freddy is out of power, which should make your job much easier.

[mark] oh- [hand unit]the release switch for the chest cavity is located on the underside of the endoskeleton jaw. to reach it, we will first need to open the face plates. [mark] aaaaaaaaah- [hand unit]you will need to press the faceplate release triggers in a specific order, and it's important to be as precise, and as careful, as possible. [mark] *makes a small noise* [hand unit]locate the small button on freddy's face, just under his right cheek, and press it. [mark] oh.

ok- [hand unit] great! now locate the button under his left cheek, and press it.mark: [screaming] [mark] i did the wrong cheek *high pitched* ohgod- no, i did the right cheek, i did his right, okay- oh- [hand unit] great. now carefully locate and press the button next to freddy's right eye. [mark] this one-? okay-

[hand unit] great! now carefully locate and press the button just above freddy's nose. [mark] ok- heeeeeyyyy- god damn it- [hand unit] good job.[mark] fuck yoou- [hand unit] the face plates should now be open. [mark] eeeuuuuugh- [hand unit] locate and press the small button on the underside of freddy's endoskeleton jaw. huuuuh-

uhhh- here? *metal springlocks release* eeeeeeeh- [hand unit]excellent. the chest cavity should now be open. remove the power module from the chest cavity. [mark] how-? ooooh, god- ooooooooh god, i hate this- why is he over here?

[hand unit] great work. you will now be required to remove the secondary power module from the bonnie hand puppet. [mark] oh. oooh- [hand unit] press the large black button beneath bonnie's bow tie to release the power module. [mark] uuh- uuh- uh huh, uh huh, hey- hey- hey, hey, hey, hey, heyyy- i- uh,

uhh, uhhh, uhhhh- uh- how- do i- how do i do this-? what- i don't like that how in the fuck am i supposed to do this? euuuh 'm i supposed to- i thought it was under the jaw, or 's it his nose i'm supposed to boop- am i supposed to boop his nose??

[hand unit] press the large, black button beneath bonnie's bow tie to release the power module. uhhh, i would, i just- i- he won't show it to me, dude-! *shuffling noises* *bonnie scream*oooooh- aaaah, come on- how the fuck-?! i see him. oh, he's slowly rising, okay, he's slowly rising, if i can just- catch him, enough-

aaaaaaah, boink~ i got- i got that- oh i so got that- god damn it, okay. we rise- he's gonna rise, rise- lil' more- 'lil more- little more- i gotcha, i gotcha, i gotcha- ah, yeaaaah-

[hand unit] great job.mark: bitch. you've acquired both power modules. [mark] yeeeeeeaaaaaah [hand unit] please exit the building through funtime auditorium, [mark] ffffffffffffff- [hand unit] and we'll see you back here again tomorrow. [mark] fffffrick. how am i gonna be able to get back? holy shit. *door clank*

fuck. fuuck. *footsteps* *mark groans* foxy's not gonna talk to me like ballora did. it's just gonna be me versus him. and that's fine. that's totally okay.

so you can run, in-between, but you have to wait the long periods of time for him to really cool down, and then flash, make sure it's clear, and then gun it. it's the only thing you can do. 'cause otherwise, if you run, just in the dark, you're gonna die. but i'm not gonna- i'm not gonna test my theory- indefinitely- i'm gonna wait- very patiently,

to make sure that i do not die- cause' i don't wanna do all that agaaaain! frick! *foxy scream*oh, come on!! oh fuck you, god damn it- fuck off- [little girl voice with a british accent] daddy, she can make balloons! have you seen her make balloons? oh, daddy, let me go to her...

[mark] *whispering* what? what-? what-?? what?? [etherial female voice] shh. be still. and quiet. [mark] why-? [etherial female voice] you've been sleeping for quite a while. [mark] huh? [etherial female voice]: i think they noticed that you never left the building last night.

the cameras were searching for you. but they couldn't find you. i have you hidden too well. *whispers* i kidnapped you. [mark] oh. *cheery music* *mark being a confused bean* whaaaaat-? huuuuuuuh?! what the fuuuck-?

[etherial female voice] don't be afraid. i'm not going to hurt you. [mark] uh huh. yeah, sure. okay. [etherial female voice] i am only going to keep you for a little while. [mark] why? [etherial female voice] try not to wiggle, though. you're inside something that came from my old pizzeria. i don't think it was ever used. at least not the way it was meant to be used. [mark] what?

[etherial female voice] too dangerous. it's just big enough for one person to fit inside. but just... barely. [mark] *realizes* oh- am i in, like, one of those s- {etherial female voice] you're in the scooping room. do you know why they call it the scooping room? [mark] no- [etherial female voice] it's because, dummy-

this is the room where they use the scooper. i thought that would be obvious. [mark] okey- [etherial female voice] isn't that a fun name for something? [mark] no. [etherial female voice] "the scooper." [mark] maybe. [etherial female voice] it sounds like something you would use for ice cream. or custard. or sprinkles-

it sounds like something you would want at your birthday party to ensure that you get a heaping portion of every. good. thing. i wonder, though. if you were a freshly-opened pint of ice cream, how you would feel about something with that name. thankfully, i don't think a freshly-opened pint of ice cream feels anything at all. uh oh. it sounds like someone else is in the building. shh.

[mark] *whispering* what... [male voice] okay, bring her over. forward. more. mooore- okay, stop. set her down. waatch the step- [second male voice] what happened to it this time? just seems like these things can't go a day without breaking down. [first male voice] who knows. it's always the same, man- some kind of hardware malfunction. [second voice] well, hey- i have to be somewhere in fifteen minutes. this place gives me the creeps.

[second voice] can we just get this over with? it's all automated. we don't have to be here for it. just get her on some rollers, then we can go. *sounds of a door closing* *mechanical whirring, rattling, and banging noises* [mark] hoooooh- hoooooooooohhhh- oooooooooooh-! hey! *mechanical whirring, rattling, and banging noises continue*

*mechanical noises stop abruptly* oh. oh, okay- ah, ahoh- [etherial female voice] there's something very important that i've learned how to do over time. do you know what that is? [mark] no! you gonna tell me? [etherial female voice] how to pretend. do you ever play make-believe?

[mark] tha- no. [etherial female voice] pretend to be one way, when you are really the other... [mark] *whines* no.... [etherial female voice] it's very important. ballora never learns. but i do. [mark] huh? [etherial female voice] they think there is something wrong, on the inside. the only thing that matters is knowing. how. to. pretend.

*industrial beeping* *springs and metal sounds*[mark]: aaaahh- oooh oooooooh- [baby] i'll open the faceplates for you. [mark] i don't want it- [baby] that way, they can find you on the cameras. [mark] i don't want that [baby] now all you have to do, is wait.

[mark] aaaaaawww... [baby] i'd recommend that you keep the springlocks wound up. your breathing and your heartbeat are causing them to come loose. [mark] oh, oh, oh, oh oh- [baby] you don't want them to get too loose. [mark] ohoh oh [baby] trust me. [mark] oh- oh oh oh oh oh, oh no oh, okay, okay-

okay, how do i- oh- okey- *clicking as springlocks unwind* i just gotta click and hold on em'- mmmm mmmmfh eeeemph why is ballora looking at me, why is ballora lookin' at me- why did i wiggle so damn much-

oh, hi- who the fuck is that- what the fuck are you? i'll look at you in just a second, but holy shit- *bellora's minion screaming* *mark screaming* aaaaaaah fuck off-*static* what the fuck?! what was that? what was thaaat? whut was that?

what do i do? i dunno. okay, that's all the time i have for this episode here. wow. this is just- wild. like- everything that i knew is thrown out the window, and it's all new stuff- which is good- a-and it kinda ties together with something that i realized, that- you know, when scott first announced this game and released the first trailer- it didn't even have five nights at freddie's in the name, if you look back at the trailer on youtube, it just says "sister location trailer one." and i think there's a point to that- we're not at freddy fazbear's pizzeria.

we're just not. like- that's not why we're here. this is whole new experience. so i'm gonna continue this in another episode- so thank you everybody so much for watching- and as always, i will see you... in the next video. buh-bye! (wave bye to markimoo) *marks amazing outro music*

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