Saturday, November 26, 2016

puppets for halloween

timmy: halloween houses. halloween is so fun. i love halloween. let's go build some houses. ha, ha, ha. halloween, halloween,halloween, yeah. hey, guys. welcome back to it's good to see you.

today we are doingsomething really cool, something really cool and artsy. would you like todo something artsy? we have three buildingsthat are made by creatology, and this one is a 3dstructure by creatology. and it is only 49 pieces. isn't that cool? 49 pieces. should be pretty easy.

i think i can do it. and they're made out of foam,and you get to build them. and they're supposedto be for six-plus, but sometimes i needmy grandpa's help. but anyway, i hope youenjoy the halloween series, halloween,halloween, halloween, halloween, halloween series. ok, let's do it. ok, guys.

let's get startedwith the first one. if you notice, it'sonly 49 pieces. it's the easiest oneof the creatology halloween 3d structure. so we'll go aheadand open this one and put the otherones to the side, and we'll get started on this3d puzzle-- made out of foam. it's real cool.heh, heh. now, if you see,it's only 49 pieces.

man, that is so cool, andit's got a little pumpkin right there and aspider with eyes up there and a sparkly bat. man, that is so cool. and there's a batflying, and look, there's a pinkskeleton right there. can you see?all right. let's open this thingup and get it started. and you got to pay attentionbecause the instructions are

on the back, and if you cansee it looks to be very simple but it's not. because there's abunch of little pieces, and i'll show you why.let's go ahead. we'll keep this over here sowe can see the instructions. and see? you got to punch out allthose little holes in there, so we got to do that.there's two of those. let's see.there's some sparkly stuff.

i think it's for afence or something. over here, we have--there's the spiders, look. spiders, what else do we got? there's a couple bats in there. can you see the bats? might have to take this out. there's the front of the house. that's cool. and we got a sparkly-- i don'tknow what this sparkly thing

is, but-- there's a bat. oh, i see a bat right there. you see the bat in there? man, that's so cool and sparkly. we'll set that over here. and now, if you look, you'llsee there's a little bag, and it's got a pumpkin in it. and see those littleeyes right there? oh, my gosh.

my hands are a littlefuzzy, so i don't know if i can even pick those up. well, we'll try it anyway. all right. so now, if we lookat the box, it looks like that we startwith the bottom and right here, that little purple thingthat's got the bat in it. so let's go ahead andtake that bat out, and we'll start working onour spooky halloween house.

halloween, halloween,heh, heh, halloween. i like hallowee-ee-een. i like! i'd do a beat boxright now, but i can't. well, let's go ahead and try. [beat boxing] halloween, halloween, halloween.all right. enough of that. let's go ahead andstart the steps.

let's push this stuff tothe side a little bit, push that over here, and let'sgo ahead and take this bat out. let's see if wecan take him out. so you got to be very carefulyou don't rip anything. oh, i got one piece out. we'll set that back here,somewhere around there, and let's go ahead and justpull this bat out-- right there. ok, i got the bat out. let's just set the bat overhere until we can get to it.

and now it says we've got toput these two pieces together. do they fit like that? yeah, it looks likethey do fit like that. so let's go aheadand make that fit. yay, we did it. we got the first piece in there. so now it says we gotto build the house part. so let's go ahead and get thehouse part, and let's go ahead and punch out allthe little zip-zaps.

punch it out.punch it out. punch, punch, punch it out. that comes out pretty easy. you see that?punch it out. punch it out.punch, punch, punch it out. those ones are hard. i can get it, though. punch it out, punch itout, punch, punch it out. there it goes.

my hands work at foam. i got fuzzy hands. the doctor said all i haveto do is rub apples on them, and they won't be so fuzzy. so there we go. that looks like thefront of the house. so now we need to getthe sides of houses. i guess these are thesides of the houses. they got spooky spiderwindows in them,

so we'll go ahead andget the spiders out without breaking them. spooky house, spookyhouse, spooky house. ok, now that we've got that,then it looks like you take the side and you just go aheadand put it right on in there, like that. you see how it fits in there? now, what we're going to dois-- see all these pieces? just going move them here on theside and all these little zips.

but if you look, thesehave little tabs in them. here's the other sideof the spooky house. so let's go ahead. i'm going to pushthis over a little bit so you can see mestick it in there. there we go. and just slap thatin there like that. ok, now that we've got that inthere like that, what we'll do is-- i'm going to getthis thing over here.

let's just put thisout the way, over here. now, let me straighten my--so now we got that, right? so now we need to get theother part of the house. if you see that other partof the house over here, it has two more bats. so let's go ahead andget those bats out. there's one bat. there's two bats-- and a moon. look at that.

look at that moon. just stick that over here. now we have to take this andput it right on the top of that, so let's try to do it. that's going to be too tall. has to be like that. no? i guess it goes like how's that go?

ok i see. we got to get theselittle tabs out. see the little tabs right there? we'll go ahead andpull those out. i didn't see those before. i didn't see it before. so this has to go like let's go ahead. we'll do one side first,if i can get it in there. almost.bear with me.

all right, got the one side. let's go ahead anddo this side now. it's only taken five seconds. just kidding. now it looks like we've gotthe start of our spooky house, so what does it say do next? we got to take thebase and put that down, so let's go ahead andjust find a really cool place for our base.

oh, i didn't see it, but look. there's little thingswe got to get out. there's one. there's two and three, four.we got four out. so let's go ahead andput this back together. spooky house. we got it. spooky house, spooky house,spooky, spooky, spooky house. oh, i forgot you believe that?

look, i got those two,but not these four. one, two, three, and four. hope you guys like my singing. i'm not very good at it,but in school my teacher says i'm pretty good so anyway.all right. there's our spooky house base,so let's go ahead and put this on there like this. snap that baby on in there. snap it on in there.

it's not going in the back. ok, now it's in the base. that is so cool. there's the startof our spooky house. now, if you look overhere, it says step two, you got to put the roof on it. so the only onesi got is this one. and i didn't reallyeven count how many pieces itactually has in it,

but this is fun and pretty easy. and if you wanted to,you could probably get your mom or dad orgrandmother or grandpa-- i got a grandpa, grandpa uppet. he's so funny. he's like, adadadada. let's go ahead andjust put one roof on. see how it goes. duh, duh, duh, duh.

put the roof on.put the roof on. put, put, put, put the roof. got one side in. put the roof in.put the roof in. put the roof in one side on. yay. now let's go ahead and takethese little buggers out. one, two, three, four,four, four, five, six-- oh, i can't get it-- and seven.

there's eight holesfor the other side. so let's go ahead andbend it up a little bit. i'm going to turn itaround a little bit, so i can have a betterview to it-- something like thap-- i mean, that. i said "thap." what the heck is "thap"? is it in there? yep, there we go-- all in.

ok, there's our spooky house. now here comes the fun part. let's look at this closer. it says we gotta puton the graveyards. does that thing gotto be punched out? i hope not. we've got to do thegraveyard, and there's little stickers or something. so this might be thehard part, so i'm

going to go ahead and see if ican see how this thing works. do, do, do, do, do, do. man, it's slippery in my hands. woah, woah. everything's slippery. grandpa? grandpa: yeah? timmy: could you openthis for me, please? grandpa uppet: ok,bring it on over.

i might have to getsome scissors on this. my dentures just can't pull it. uh, here you go. come on and get this, all right? timmy: oh, thanks, grandpa. let me get back over here. now it's open--should be anyway. let's go ahead and pour theselittle eyes out, little things. man, it's hard workingwith this plastic.

pulling out them eyes. pulling out. i got all the stuff out. so now we want todo is we want to try to put some of this stuff on. what do we got here? it's just like somebones and stuff. i don't know what that is. i have to figure that out.

but this guy goes onthe door, like that. that's what it says. so we put the skeleton there. we're going to put the littlethings over here, like that. what we'll do is weput this one over here, and you have to do itjust like they do it. you can do it any way you want. this owl's supposed to goup here, up in the belfry. i guess that'swhat you call that.

and this bat has to go up here. but i tell you what i'm going todo is, is i'm going to go ahead and not film me puttingthe eyes and stuff on here. well, i don't know. should i? nah, i'll tell you what i'll do. i'll fix it all up andthen i'll bring it back, and we'll see it all finished.

that way this videoisn't 100 miles long. and let's see, thebat goes there, and some stuff goesin the windows. here's a creepy spider. i tell you what we shoulddo with this creepy spider, is we should go aheadand put the eyes on. so let's move thisback just a hair. and if you see thespider right here, i'm going to put these eyes on.

oh, my goodness. it's backwards. it's really hardputting the eyes on. oh, i dropped one. oh, i dropped that one, too. i can't even do this. sometimes you need grandpa'shelp, or your mom or somebody, like i was saying earlier. that's just hard.

ok, i got one.look, i got one eye on there. ok, let me stop it hereand i'll finish the house, and that'll be our first one. so until next time, kidsand adults, check out the-- it's called creatologyhalloween 3d structures. ok, i'm going to go get grandpa. hey, grandpa? grandpa uppet: yeah? timmy: will youhelp me with this?

grandpa uppet: yeah, go aheadand just stop the camera, and i'll help you with it. and we'll show themwhat it looks like, ok? timmy: ok, grandpa.that would be great. now, let's put thespider on there. man, grandpa has reallyhelped us out so much. he's nice and on there. we had to put the moondown in the back here. you had to stick it down,down in there like that.

you had to push it really hard. it's a little piece of pipecleaner, which is cool. that's what we have. that is the finished project. i think one of my favorites isthe spider, the little bat, and also this pumpkin right here. really neat looking. and i don't know ifyou saw the skeleton. he's looking out thewindow and stuff,

and there's an owl up here. ha, ha, it's so cool. and these shutterswere stickers, and grandpa helped meput the stickers on there like they were supposed to be. but anyway, that'sbuilding number one, the easiest one of all three. i hope you liked hey, guys.welcome back to

but anyway i hope you enjoythe halloween series-- halloween, halloween,halloween, halloween, now, this is thesecond creatology and this one, if you see downhere, 59 pieces, so this one's a little harderthan the other one. let's take a look at it and seewhat it looks like up close. cool. look at that scarypumpkin right there and a little franken monsterand a little bip bop kid.

and look, there's somethingpicking at the window right there. there's a spider up there. it's so cool. and one thing i forgot to tellyou guys from the last time is that it's age sixand up, so that's good. now, let's look at the backand look at the instructions-- and some better light. oh, gosh, i can't get it.

step one, all the little pieces.oh, boy. that's going to be hard. but we'll do the baselike we did last time and then we'll do thewalls, just like we did, and then i'll do all i can. and then i'll probably haveto have grandpa help me, because it's realhard for me to get the little eyes and stuff on. like see theselittle purple bricks?

my fingers are kind offlunkety so i fumble around with things with my hands. i'm not that good because i'monly six, and if you notice, it's six-plus. so grandpa canhelp me with that. so let's go ahead and open itup, see what we got in this box here. oh, no. grandpa uppet: yeah, timmy?

timmy: can you get thescissors and cut this for me? i can't get it off.grandpa uppet: sure. bring it on over here.timmy: ok. grandpa uppet: ok, timmy. here you go. timmy: oh, thanks, grandpa. that's awesome. let's take this thing out now. we got to savethese instructions,

because we got to figureout how to do this. let's just put the instructionsover there for now. i'll set those righthere so we can see. now, this one's goingto be a little bigger, so let's see the pieces we got. look at that prettysparkly green. oh, yeah, it is. look, right there is where thehouse goes, so that's cool. and so let's just go ahead andput that over there for now.

let's see what else we've got. oh, ok. this is the side of the house. what do we got over here? the other side of the house. oh, this one doesn't have it. does this one have it?oh, yeah, it does. see all those little thingsyou've got to pop out? man, that's a lotof popping out.

we've got a chimney.that's a chimney. and we got looks like sideof the house of some sort, and we have some side ofthe house of some sort. some side of thehouse of some sort. uh, house stuff,more house stuff. chimney, maybe? look at those little onesyou've got to poke out. now that, i know what that is. do you guys know what that is?

that's the roof. that's the roof, andwe've got another roof. oh, look at this. this is really cool. it's a scary halloween tree.ooh-ooh-ooh. i tell you what.this is so fun. i love doing littlehalloween houses. what's that?oh, look, there's franken boy. look, franken boy.

isn't he cool? franken boy, you go over there. and we got his buddy. let's see who his buddy is. i can't get him out. come here, buddy. there you are.i got you. this is, i don'tknow, zombie boy. looks like a little zombie.

here, i'll put it closer tothe camera so you can see. zombie boy. [grunting] he's funny. let's put zombie boy over there. oh, look at all that stuff--shutters and a window and tombstones and stuff.look at that. there's that thing thatpeaks out the window. you see that right there?

there's that little thingthat peeks out the window. hi. let's set that over there,and there's only four more things left in the box. i don't know, some roundthings, oval things-- oval. set those over here. i'm going to poorthese out, because i don't know what they are. i don't know.

we'll have to see. so on our instructions, thefirst thing we have to do is the green grass,and we've got to poke out all those things. so let's get thegreen grass over here. green grass, greengrass, green grass. there's the green grass,and look at all those things we got to undo. so i don't think wehave to take it apart.

i think it justgoes down like that. i don't think we haveto take it apart. hm. it says take to take it apart. look. it says take apart rightthere, but i don't think. well, anyway, i'mnot going to do that. i'm going to waitand do the hole punching with grandpa'shelp, but we'll

build the house right now. so here is part of the house,and now we need to-- where's the sides of the house? let's look at it up close. i got a shadow. look, there's ashadow of something. he, he, he. must be a skinny house becauseit doesn't look that big. so let's look for theskinny places over here.

it's going to be a skinny house. like that. see how easy that was? now, let's do theother side, like that. we're getting somewhere now. now we got that, let'sgo ahead and put this on. i'm not going to putthese out, because i'm going to let grandpa help me. because it's a littlehard last time.

i've got little kid hands andi've got only four fingers, so it's hard for me. but grandpa's got look, the house is taking shape. what else we got? let's see here. now we got to do the topof the roof, like this. and you got to put those up,but i'm not going to do it. but how do they go?

do, do, do, do, do, do, do. gosh, we're going tohave to look it up again. those little ones goin there with the slit, so we've got totake this like this, i think-- yeah, like that. and let's get the otherone, like this, i think. or is it like this? no, that doesn't look right.yeah, that has to be. no, here's another one.

yeah, it is. so we take this one andwe do the same as we did over there, like that. it keeps popping out. we're going to have toput our fingers on it when we put the other sideon it, this piece here. and we'll go like this. it's coming together. wonder why they won'tstay in there like it,

like they're supposed to? man, this is so hard. i'm glad i got grandpabecause he can help me. looks like i gotthe roof part done. see there? so now that, i believe,goes like this. put that on there like that. and then the treewill go over here. come here, tree.

the tree will go on that side. oh, the tree, thetree, the little tree. let's try it like that. ok, the tree goes like that,and then this goes over here, like that, inside it. and now, these little things--they go on the roof like that. and then we put these guys--they'll stand over there. uh-oh, he fell. and this guy--he'll stand there.

and all these extra things, i'mgoing to need grandpa's help. sometimes i call himgrandaddy, but i'm going to need his help to do that. so let's just scoot this back alittle bit, show you the stuff that i have to do. i've still got to put thispiece and this piece in, but because i've got puppethands i can't really-- so grandpa uppet, he's so cool. grandpa, are you ready to helpme with the second halloween 3d

creatology house? timmy: are you ready tohelp me with the new house? grandpa uppet: yeah, go aheadand bring it on over to me. i'll take care of it. i'll help you. timmy: man, granddaddy--grandpa, you are so cool. i'm going to put allthis in my hands. i'm going to gotake it to you, ok? here i come, grandpa.oh, it fell.

grandpa, man, this is cool. so i guess we take theselittle pieces like this, and we put these on the endso you can stand them up, let me put this littleguy-- he's funny, isn't he-- put that on there. put him beside there,and now we've got this tree that we need to do. we've got the littletombstones that we need to do. so let me move thesethings out of the way,

and i'm going to put somestuff on the building. so i just want to saythanks to grandpa. he really helped me out a lot. so let's go over here. now, let's put the tree in. let's put the tree in, and ithink the tree goes like this. move this over so you can see. i think the tree-- andif you look down here, you got to put it inthat hole right there.

so let's go aheadand put the tree in. wait a minute, let'sdon't do the tree first. let's do the littlestones, the tombstones. see that tombstone? let's go ahead and putthat little baby in there. he's in there and this one goeshere, and the tree goes here. put that little thing in there. and also grandpa helpedme with the shutters. let me show youhere the shutter.

there's one missing righton the top over there, so i'll put that on there.but look, man. look at how much grandpa did. he put the fence in, he put thelittle spider right up here. see that little spider up there? and i'm going to put thisshutter on over here. so you take it like this andput it on something like that. there.oh, look. you know, some of thesethings i had to use-- grandpa

had to help me-- i had to puthot glue on the little bricks because they weren't sticky. so in the photo it showsthat they're sticking on, but you don't. so anyway we hadput the shutters on-- that's a sticker-- thelittle pumpkin down here. but this wasn't.this was just stuck in there. so let's move it onback a little bit, and we'll take a look atwhere we put the people.

put a little person here. you could even put a littleguy up here on the top. so that is building number two. i hope you liked it. so i just want saythank you, grandpa, for helping me put thestickers on and stuff. grandpa uppet: you'rewelcome, timmy. any time. hope you had fun.

happy halloween to you. timmy: grandpa, you're so funny. ok, that's that. but anyway i hope youenjoy the halloween series. halloween, halloween, halloween,halloween, halloween series. ok, welcome back,boys and girls. boy, do we got a big one now. this is going to be veryhard, and i know i'm going to need grandpa's help on this.

because if you look closelyright here, 190 pieces. look at all thosethings in there. oh, there's franken boy again. look, we got another one. he has a bat on his head. and if you look right here,there's two little ghosts. it looks like a husbandand a wife ghost. and it's scary halland the bat clock. oh, and look,there's zombie boy.

he's hiding up in the top. and if you notice, it'sstill six-plus, so that's cool-- and creatology. so let's look at the back. i bet you it's got alot of instructions. oh, wow. look at all those pieces. and look.oh, wow. that's what it lookslike when it's finished.

man, it's going to be hard. it's even got instructions. so it says, numberone, stick plastic tube with a piece of strip. stick plastic tube onthe foam co-lo-mi-mi-num. i'm going to start over again. number one, stick plastictube with a cheese of strip-- i mean,stick plastic-- i'm not going to read these.

but man, there's a lot of stuff. wow, this is goingto be so cool. so let's go ahead and open itup and see what's in there. see if i can get this one open. i hope i don't needgrandpa's help. yay, i did it. there's another piece. i've got it. now, let's just pull this out.

there's a lot of stuff in there. woah. something just wentrolling down there. wonder what that is. roll it on up. it's some sort of plastic stick. i'm going to go aheadand dump this stuff out, and i'll show you whatcame in the thing. set this back here.

look, one stick. we got it looks likepart of the grass, so we'll stick that over here. we got more grass, andlook at all those things you've got to punch out. oh, look at that. it says, i'll be back--arnold schwarzenegger. i'll be back. i'm arnold schwarzenegger,and i live in california.

oh, look at that-- sparkly. oh, it's a statueof franken boy. that's's a statue. it's got little glittery,sparkly skiddley diddleys on there. and here's a big piece. oh, look, there's the scaryhall-- scary hall, oo-oo-oo. two scary pumpkins right there. well, that one's happy, andthat one's like going, ahh.

and i guess the bat clock'sgoing to go right there. and stickers for, i guess,around stuff, around stuff over there and stuff. so we got that. look at this big old piece. look at all the thingsyou have to punch out. oh, my foggles. ding, ding, ding, ding, foggles. there's a side of thehouse right there.

this is going to be hard. i might need grandpa. well, actually, ithink i am going to need grandpa for this one. it's going to bethe super duper one. got to punch out all those. i don't think i can do it on myshow, but with grandpa's help we're going topunch them all out. see what else we've got.

this must be a whole piece. yeah, that's a wholepiece bent in half. so we got that big oldpiece with some windows. look here. what's this thing? oh, i just dropped the bag. i don't know, just gray stuff. where's the gray stuff go,the stickered gray stuff? and we got more stickeredwith one hole in the side,

and we got some whitestickers and a purple squagily wijiwala and another sticketypurple squiggly wiggly. and what have we got here? well, first, let's get this out. and we got somesort of black thing. oh, it looks like a cauldronthere-- all kinds of cool stuff there.and it's stuck on my finger. sparkly things-- that'sgoing to be cool. set that over here.

ooh, i know sara would likethat sparkly, purple thing. what else have we got? oh, my gosh, look. more pink, sparkly things. i'm definitely going to needgrandpa's help on this one. purple sticker,glittery, giggly giblibs. and we got some purple strips. man, this is goingto be really hard. and we've got moresparkly strips.

oh, look, grass. there's grass, black grass,and we got fence posts. some more fenceposts, another fence. oh, that's the fence gate. ooh, look at thespooky, scary tree. wah, ahh, ahh. i love halloween, halloween. oh, wow, look at allthose cool stickers. man, those are justsome cool stickers.

some witches and ghostsand this upside down ghost. why's he upside down? anyway, there's thebat clock and a cat. oh, there's all kindsof cool stickers. yay.what's this? a big old oval thing. so we got that, and weknow that the first step is the green mat. so let's go ahead, and i'mgoing to show you guys.

it's really easy. you just pop thesein there, like that. see how i'm doing that? and then you set iton down, like that. and then you got the greengrass, and then you take these and you do the front of it. man, that's hard-- 190 pieces? uh, grandpa? what you want?

timmy: um, i hate toask you this again, but do you think you couldhelp me build my house? because it's really hard,and it's 190 pieces. grandpa uppet: 190 pieces? oh, my fallers. we might need sara's help. hey, sara? sara: yeah, grandpa? grandpa uppet: youwant to help me

and timmy build this big oldscary hall 3d puzzle thing? sara: yeah, grandpa, thatwould be cool and fun. he, he, he, he, he. timmy: oh, man.that is so cool. thanks, sara and grandpa. well, i'm going to put allthis on my kitchen table, and grandpa's going to help me. and we're going to putthe house together, and i'll show youwhen it's done.

but it's going to be cool. it's going to be acool, scary hall, with little zip-zapsand a scary tree. look at that scaryon scary hall. scary tree on scaryhall, wuh-uh-uh. ok, i come. oh, yeah, look.i forgot. the package that fellon the floor, there's a little pink bell.isn't that cool?

a little pink bell and some--i don't know what that is. just a little pink bell. isn't that cool?heh. ok, grandpa, thank youso much for helping us put this stuff together. this is the scary hallbuilding, and what we have to do is we're going to have to putthese little pieces on here, like this. you see that?

i can't see. got to put that little thingright up here like that. and sometimes it'shard, so that's why i had grandpa help me do that. and this little guy,he goes back here, but we'll put themback in a minute once i get all these doneand put these on the bottom. here's one morelittle puppy dog. look at that guy.

put that on thebottom, like that. see?now he has a base. he can stand up, like that. and i don't knowif you saw these, but these arelittle bench seats. and those, there was noway to put them together. the instructions did not tellhow to put them together, so grandpa-- he hot-glued them. see?

he hot-glued thesides, so now they're cool little park benches. if i can get it to stand up. and a little dog andthen we got zombie boy. let's put zombie boy up here. and then ghost man. now, this little ghost guy-- heis getting married to the lady, and she's over here. so let's go ahead and putall this stuff over there.

now, what i had to do-- ifyou notice on this side, right here, i had tohot-glue the bat on there. they said to put the bat upon top, but i went ahead. and let's see if we can see him. see the bat right up here? let me go back alittle bit more. thanks, grandpa. the bat right there, and i hadto hot-glue him like grandpa did.

and now, if you lookover here, you'll see the lady that the ghostis supposed to be with. so let's go ahead andget the little ghost guy, and he's going to go rightthere beside her, right in here, if i can get him in there. yeah, that's where he'ssupposed to get married. they get marriedat the scary hall. see scary hall there? and there's a littlefrog down in there.

and these park benches,they go up there, like this. so you got a park bench, andi'll put the little puppy dog over here by the park bench. and let's see, overhere supposed to go another park bench, right here. woops, that one justdoesn't want to sit up. and we will put this guy--i'll put him behind there. so that is the scary hall. now, i want to showyou some things.

it actually has areally cool bell. see that bell right there? it actually rings. and the witch overhere, she was supposed to be down here inthe little bitch, but we decided toput her up here. so now she's waving toeverybody on top of scary hall. and do you see thatlittle cat right there? and most of theseare just stickers.

we just stuck themon there and stuff. but yeah, that is so neat. if you look closely, youcan see a little frog. see him?he's jumping out of a pot. little frog'sjumping out of a pot, and there's his littlefriend right there. now, this took me andgrandpa a long time to do, because there was 190 pieces. and so it was really was really hard.

i'm glad i hadgrandpa here to help me, because it was real hard. so anyway, guys,that's the scary hall, creatology, 190 pieces. says six-plus, but it was alot harder for me and i'm six. and granpda, he usedthe hot glue gun. so yeah, that's the scary house. and, grandpa, i justwanted to say thank you so, so much for helping me.

huh, huh, huh, huh. [music playing] song: it's timmy'sspooky halloween show. see the pumpkins' eyes aglow? it's so much fun towatch you all grow up. hi, kids. timmy: dee, dee, dee, dee, dee. dee, dee, dee, dee, dee.halloween. heh, heh.

dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee. man, these things are scary. ha, ha. dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee.halloween. wow.wasn't our imaginary walk fun? and weren't the housescool and halloween-y? man, that was fun. thank you, guys, for joiningus on our imaginary halloween walk with thehouses that we made.

that was real funand cool, so i just want to say happy halloween! halloween, halloween,hallowee-ee-een. man, did you see unclescreecher on his motorcycle? that was cool, real cool. ok, bye! hey, all of us hereat want to wish youa happy halloween. all: happy halloween!

timmy: ha, ha, ha, ha.

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