Friday, November 4, 2016

puppets eldorado 6

♪♪ [theme] [ben]steady as she goes. i hope-- huh? [mutters] what you doing there,big guy? [sighs]not today, johnny, not... today. if you trick me, if any of my foodburns up,

if i siton a whoopee cushion, anything,it's all over for you. me? never. besides,i don't need to doanything. yeah, well...keep it that way. [mutters]flame-brain,what are you-- how longyou been looking forwardto this game? hmm? months, right? torch, i swear,

this is the final matchof the world cup. if you mess this up-- haven't you learnedafter all this time? i don't have to doanything. your bad luckwill take care of itfor me. it could be doom,maybe the skrulls, i don't know, but somethingis going to mess this upfor you. go ahead, try it.

[grumbling] [announcer] welcome to the start of the world cup final! [laughs] [chuckles] hmm? [johnny]see? [grumbles] [laughing] johnny?

hey, it wasn't me. i told you,it's your bad luck. [rumbling] huh? [johnny]huh? uh, ben, i thinkyou're going to missyour game. [people shouting] [horn honks] [brakes screeching,glass shattering]

[shadow whooshes] hey, look! so what is this? is that an end-of-the-worlddeath ray? we should bedown in the citytrying to help people. i really,really like red. [reed]the beam is moving, but it's leaving behindsome kind of energy residue. hang on.

that man, huh? [reed]h.e.r.b.i.e.,access our satellite. give me an imageof the entire areathe beam is affecting. [h.e.r.b.i.e.]will do. and see if you can get methe score of the game. [beeps] [bleeping]'s writing. h.e.r.b.i.e.,run the image throughthe universal translator.

translator running. reed, whatcould do this? this is taking forever. i'm hungry. can we go havesome dried fruit? come on,it'll be quick. what do you have,h.e.r.b.i.e.? the score istwo to one...brazil. what?

you're kidding.waddell! h.e.r.b.i.e.,the translation. the word translates as"mine." [johnny]mine? man, someone graffitiedthe planet. that's just crazy. uh, does anyonehear something? proximity alert! incoming objectapproaching from space.

um... right behind you? oh, nuts.everybody hang on! [grunting] well, i guess that answersmy whole what-could-do-this?question. [car alarms blaring] [bellowing voice]in the name of terminus, i claim this worldcalled... earth. [bellowing voice]uh, i knew that.

earth is mine. that is all. [screaming] [splats, groans] [together]ew. [gasps]the fantastic four. johnny, be ready in caseour large visitor attacks. susan, be readyin case johnny doessomething-- well, you know.

something awesome?[chuckles] huh?[yells] [sue]we're on it. just let me doall the talking. don't worry.i'm just going to goand say hi. johnny, wait! hey, buddy,in town for a little r&r? doing some sight seeing,maybe catch a show? well, too bad!

you're too talland way, way too ugly. i hate you. [grunts] i cannot believe it-- the fantastic four. legendsof your heroic exploits have reached eventhe zandamite galaxy. uh, that's swell and all, but we'rea little more interested

in your 200-foot-tall buddyover there. yes, terminus. we had heard of himprior to his arrivalon our planet. terminus is a scourgeon the universe, going from planet to planetstealing technology and natural resources. stealing?how? how?destructively. he would've done the sameto my planet

had i not told him of a much richerand more valuable planet-- [groans] thanks a lot, pal. [chuckles nervously] [laughs nervously] so... hello. welcome to earth. welcome?

terminus is not welcome. i am hereto scavenge your planet. what?you're on a scavenger hunt? whoa! [crackling] [terminus]this energy is mine. these minerals,that building, uh, maybethat one over there, too. it's all mine.

reed. what have you done? [grunting nervously]please, no, you misunderstand. my planet's scientiststheorized that of all the beingsin the universe, only you were capableof stopping terminus. how can we stop him? oh, we don't was only a theory.

little twerp. you got a plan,right, big brain? stretch? he's... really big,isn't he? uh-oh. johnny. johnny, move! susan! get your brain in gear,stretch. i'll grab suzy.

you find a way to stop that thing. come on, suzy.come on. wake up! got you! [people muttering] [suzy groans] did i get him? yeah, suzy,you sure did. [crowd cheering]

[grumbles]come on. um, just five more minutes,suzy. reed, what's the plan? terminus's lance is doingincalculable damage to the earthunder the city. his metal armoris an unknown element. he's convertingall the materials and range into an unknown energy. wait a don't have a plan?

are you sayingwe can't stop this guy? no, we will. i just need more time. i'll see what i can do. johnny. uh, whoa, whoa,whoa, whoa. whoa, time out. major misunderstandinghere, dude. you came here to, uh...scavenge?

well, you'rein the wrong spot. all the good stuffis way over there. [grunts]what just happened? why did he stop? what did johnny do? i-- i think he came upwith a plan. oh, crud. hmm. what kind of stuffis over there?

uh... treasure! loads of great resources--fossil fuels, all kindsof great technology. you name it. hmm, lead meto this treasure, human, but know this-- if you're tryingto trick me, i will destroy youand your planet, not necessarilyin that order.

trick you? please. just follow me to the goods. [quivering whisper]help me. well, you got to hand itto him. he got the big guy to stop. [reed]no, terminus won't stop, but johnny did buy ussome time. everybody in.we're going after them.

hey,one side, everybody. giant alien coming through. [ground rumbling] [car alarm bleeping] [car alarm winds down] oh, look-- bricks. those are-- those are totally valuable,tons of those. and, uh, well,there's tons of--

oh, sewage.did you want some sewage?it's the best. you take allthe yummy, raw, sewageyou want. mm, tasty. you're doing great, johnny. just keep terminus occupied while we come upwith something to stop him. occupied.yeah, sure, no problem. [screams] [people screaming]

[rubble patteringthe ground] [suzy grunts] [ben grunts] i don't think there'sanything down there. [both grunting] [sighs] [beeping] [reed] johnny, i've got something. lead terminus to central park.

this will work, but it could be messy. [grumbles]johnny, lead terminusthis way. johnny, lead terminusthat way. we should just take himto doom's castle and have him eat that. johnny-- enough.i demand this treasure now. it's right here.

uh, i mean,it's over there. well, it's around heresomewhere, i think. you try my patience. no, wait. uh, did you meanover here this way or-- or over therethat way? [suction hisses] hey, is there somethingon my back? the anti-gravity devicesare active.

johnny, clear out! oh, no-- [yells] [groaning] who was that? way to go, stretch. uh, where did terminus go? actually, terminusdidn't go anywhere. the earth did.

my devicessimply separated terminusfrom earth's gravity, and terminuswas left behind as-- as... [rumbling approaching] that... is... it! i was going to just raidyour little planet, but now--now i am going to shatteryour world and take whatever scrapsare left! [h.e.r.b.i.e.]hi, guys.

i've got the final scoreof the game. h.e.r.b.i.e.,your timing stinks. [reed]so this is it, huh? well, that could've gonebetter. man, i should've told himthe moon was made of cheeseor something. everybody loves cheese. don't feel bad, kid. sure the planet'sgoing to get destroyedand all, but you showedsome real spunk.

i'm just glad we were ableto get outside today. i mean, asidefrom this energy storm, it's a reallybeautiful day out. what is the matterwith you three? you're making jokes? everything we triedwas useless. all the foes we faced-- doom, annihilus,super-skrull-- we've always beat them,but this--

this is different. terminus is unstoppable. how can you not take thisseriously? because it's you,reed. you'll come upwith something. you know how many timesyou've let us down? ever? about zero. there's always a way.

you know who told me that?you did, stretch, so let's get out thereand clobber this guy. thank you. now, let's go clobberthis guy. flame on! johnny, blast the jointsof terminus's armor. look for any weaknessyou can find. susan, ben, maneuver 73.

now, wait--wait, i forgotwhich one that-- knock it off, insects. hi, did you miss me? ben, susan, now! [roars] [rumbles] ben, incoming! okay, you miserablelittle gnats, when i get my handson you,

i'm going to-- to eat you maybe. [crackles] [whistles]that's some tough armor. maybe we can convince himto beat himself up. of could i be so blind? the lance. we already tried taking--[grunts] [terminus roars]

you could've just said,"watch out." i was so caught upin the crisis that i didn't realizethere was something that could hurt terminus--himself. whoops. so what's the plan? johnny, get terminusto shoot at you. get ready, ben. ha-ha, you're dumb.

there never wasany treasure. what?will your deceptionsnever end? oh, i will destroy youfor this. [johnny]missed. wait for it. get johnny between us. now! [growls] you're up, ben.

what do you--duh, uh-- gotcha. [terminus]no. no, stop! ew. [gasping] [whimpers] [reed]terminus the scavenger is helplesswithout his armor. [normal voice]no, i am terminus.

you are nothing to me. don't look at me.don't look at me. [all gasp] [terminus screaming] [crying] i... am... terminus! man, shouldn'the have hit bottomby now? i fear that terminusmay have actually found one of earth'sgreatest resources--

steaming hot magma. what did i miss? they beat him. you're kidding. huh, didn't see that coming. we won!yes! the game,my team won the game. good thing you taped itso you can watch it later,huh? i forgot to tape it.

see, you did found a way. no, we did a team. [ben]we don't have to clean this up,do we? [johnny,imitating baby crying] you big whiner. [ben]matchstick! [water sloshes] do... you... mind? [terminus]all of this is mine.

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