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(izzie) vote for me! [loud applause;izzie laughs] in elections, thetallest candidate always wins,and you're... the may day parade isa celebration of spring. (scigirls) they makegigantic puppets! how can we get somethingthat big to move? (woman)i have some incredibly seriousengineering stuff. (man)let's get to it!

i think i'm getting the hang of this. oof! (man) oh, i love it! (scigirl) it's so exciting! (izzie)next on scigirls! funding for "scigirls"is provided by the following... the nationalscience foundation-- supporting educationand research

across all fieldsof science and engineering. the national sciencefoundation-- where discoveries begin! (woman) math and science areeverywhere. they're the building blocksof tomorrow. that's why exxon mobilesponsors programs to get kids excited about math, science,engineering, and technology so one day they may becomethe scientists of the future. (girls)♪ s-c-i-g-i-r-l-s ♪

(izzie)♪ we need you ♪ (izzie)♪ come on! ♪ ♪ when i need help,and i've got a question ♪ ♪ there's a placei go for inspiration ♪ ♪ gotta get to the web, checkthe girls' investigation ♪ ♪ what girls? ♪ (izzie)♪ scigirls! ♪ whoo! (izzie)♪ i need you! ♪

♪ you've gotta log on, post, ♪ ♪ upload, pitch in! yeah! ♪ ♪ wanna get inside a worldthat's fascinating? ♪ ♪ the time is right 'causescigirls are waiting, ♪ (izzie)♪ we need you! ♪ (izzie)♪ scigirls!! ♪ hola! i'm izzie, and i'm runningfor class president. [jake laughs]

have you seenthis mashup of skateboard wipeoutsand rapping grandpas? hilarious! jake, eyes here, ah... focus! you're supposed to be helping me with my video campaign. right, totally--i'm listenin'. [laughs] oh,that's gotta hurt! [disgruntled] jake!

okay, i'm gonna closethat window now. okay, i was saying i, oh, hang on. i need a little tech help. that's better. now, vote for me, and i promise to take the mysteryout of mystery meat and lobby to change our mascot from the bakersfieldbigmouth basses...

yeah, to pretty muchanything else. [click!] [crowd cheers]ha-ha! thank you! so, what do you think?and be honest. it's great! i justdon't think it matters. why not? ah, everyone knows,in elections the tallest candidatealways wins. tallest?that's not fair. yeah i know,and you're...

oh..oh... [gasps] oh, adios, jake. must get taller,and fast, but how? scigirls, i need you! ♪♪ hm, i don't think so. ah, nope. nope, not that one either. hey, hello scigirls,let's see if we can

figure out a wayfor me to win. it happens every single year, and they make gigantic puppetsevery year. [crowd cheers] it kinda helps you just feel connected with everybody. the best thingabout may day would be people design big puppets. the 4 of us have been

in the may day parade every year of our whole lives.we are all best friends. we're like sisters;we call each other. this year we wanted to doa huge group puppet together. we've worn masks;we've worn costumes. for the past few yearswe've been on stilts. we're going to makea way more complicated puppet that's gonna havereally cool moving parts. and we want it to be like,really big and exciting

and people are like oh,i remember that, when they're like, 80 years old. today is when everybody sort ofgathers and learns the story and starts designingtheir puppets. (woman)all right, ladies and gentlemen,this is our first workshop of the 35th may day paradeand ceremony. [loud cheers & applause] today we're going to be mainly picking the sectionthat we want to be in,

whether it's going to be like,a pig or a spider or a plant. do you guys wantto be in this section? (scigirls)we're here to find outabout this section. we have some questionsabout this section. (izzie)"section, section"-- yeah,where's the tall section? what are you guysgoing to build? ah, well, we don't know. hi! hey you guys. bow is an engineer/puppeteer

who worksat heart of the beast, and he's very cool and stuff. so you're here for may day.all right! bow is helping uswith making the puppet. you've beenlooking around the theater,looking at different stuff? and you're gonna continuearound and you want to look cool. bye. at allthe ones? okay. we would like to getsome nose dots please.

oh awesome,what color would you like? (scigirls)it's a tradition that we get dots of paint on our nose'cause it's fun. this one was interesting,they're kind of all individual. if we're all justin this separate, we aren't reallymaking a puppet together. there was a bunch of options,but they were sort of small, like just a mask or something, and we wantedto do something together.

i sort of thinkwe should do a pig, and we could engineer itto move. do you guys rememberthat bear last year? you know how it blinkedits eyes? yes. i think we should haveour pig blink his eyes. maybe we could somehowget sound effects. it'd be cool if we could havethe pig have a baby. we do a birth pig? i don't know.

that'd bekind of interesting. so big enoughthat we could sit in it and... or there could be 2 people in it and 2 people walkingby the side. this yearwe decided to make a pig puppet. okay, i think we shouldtalk to bow. so i want to show youthis puppet warehouse. this is where we keep allthe puppets. here it is! (scigirls)oh, that's cool. wow!

look it! they're just puppets. whoa. (bow)take a lookat some of the things, like, if you likethe shape or the size. you're going to bein the middle of the street, and people are goingto be far away, so you want to havesomething that's kind of big. i like that size.

this should be big enough. how could we get somethingthat big to move though? we could use poles,like bamboo or something. oh yeah, or maybe wheels. i'm going to show yousomething that might help you with this, it's calleda backpack puppet. as you see, it'sa real simple frame, and this is the backpack, and then you build the puppetup over like this,

so you can be a giant,giant puppet. whoa, a giant,giant puppet? yeah, just whatthe candidate ordered! another neat way of makingyour puppet come to life, and it's something thatcould come out of it, into the audience--chipmunk![bow smacks his lips] (scigirls) whoa! oh weird.what is it? yeah, what is it?

[pssst!] eaah. ha-ha! that's cool. so that's another littlesurprise you could put in. wow, i lovethis glossy thing. isn't itan amazing place? (izzie)here's something about anna. hi, i'm anna. i am here today on location, and here's my nostrils!

this is my dog buster. he loves to lick things. hi, anna. and this is my mom. i like to fence and dress upin pioneer clothing. i love my dolls.i also love to make dolls. this is my sewing room. i just finished my doll. (scigirls)so what shouldour pig look like?

well, it has to be big enoughto have the backpacks in it. the person in the front ofthe pig can control the head. the head should maybebe paper-mache. bad thing is,it would be hard for them to turn aroundand control the tail. maybe there should becardboard strips. let's sketch outsome of our ideas. here's like,the cardboard strips. so here's like, one leg.

then here could be the face. smoke would come out here. i think we should getin touch with bow. whoa! he came over in thislike, bicycle puppet. hi bow. hi. i wanted to show youa bike puppet. do you want to try

getting on this thing?[girls laugh] it's all done juststrictly off the pedals. so what i do is i take ropefrom the pedals to some pulleys. when you pedal,you pull on a rope, which goes to the pulleyand lifts the wings up. he useda series of pulleys so every time he pedaled hedidn't have to do anything, and then the armswould flap up and down. so i just wanted to show youanother idea

to do rolling puppets.let's go inside. we've got a really good ideaof what we want to be doing now. what i want you to do ismeet a friend of mine. annmarie is a mechanicalengineer just like me and i think she's going to bea wonderful part of our team. annmarie worksat the university of st. thomas,engineering, so she'salso helping us. welcometo our design lab!

this is our pig designthat we have so far. are these you guysstanding inside of it? (scigirls) yeah, these are us.(annmarie) what's it do? its eyelids go blink. how about this tail,does it spin? smoke comes outof its nose and its ears. through the whole parade,which is 2 miles long. okay, so really lightwith lots of moving parts but stillreally sturdy. (scigirl) yes.

why don't wego build some models? we call them prototypes,the little models that obviously won't beanywhere near as big. let's build a little oneand see if we can figure outhow the mechanisms work. norah was takinga quick vacation like, left us duringthe birth of the pig! i have some incredibly seriousengineering stuff! this onewould be good. you think the bowlis an eyelid?

like that maybe? usually we want to work small sowe don't waste as much material. we builda little one, if we like howit works, then we scale it up. so you're thinkingholes through it? (izzie)yes, that's what a prototype is. (annmarie)how are we goingto get it to move? i think we shouldattach a string, or make a hole right hereso we can tie a string here so we can pull it back.

i think we should tapea stick right here then we can just like,do that really easily. maybe we could just like,draw it on the board. like this... open, close. [laughs] it would just like,sort of go around the bar. you might not even need to makethe loop all the way around it. even if that string just camedown and under, that would work. oh yeah, i didn'tthink about that.

two sticks and it closesboth at the same time. maybe we should try both. are you thinkingsticks or strings? [buzzing] this is a really good idea. would it help if you putthe bottom string over? oh that is pretty cool. yeah. you guys,i finished this one.

you can show me first. so this would be held inby the peg. that's cool.let's see yours, laci. this helpslike a pulley and it makes it openand close really easily. wow, that's really cool! for laci's designwe would need 2. this one you could go like this,and then you could also be squeezing a bellowto make smoke come out.

laci's idea was really good,but you would need 4 hands to do the bellowsand the eyes at the same time, and we don'treally have 4 hands. usually humanshave 2 hands. i think we shouldtake a vote. so raise your handif you want this one. sometimeswhen someone has an idea and someone else has an idea, then we're sort of like ah,i really want my idea.

oh! it was hard for laci becauseshe loved her prototype. i like laci's prototype too, buti don't think it would have been very good for our design. maybe it would be goodfor something that was like a cyclopsor something? (izzie)now it's time for laci. i'm laci. oh darn it!

this is my mom. this is my dad.(dad) hi lace. i have a cat named rudy. he loves staring at cameras. this is called the untwist. we're making 2 cakes. we'll get youwhen the cakes are done. i like to collect agates. i like to play the piano a lot.

okay, i needto go to school now. okay, so wefound a lot of cool stuffat the store. we went out shopping andwe bought some materials that we're going to usefor our puppet, and bow came by the workshopto help us get started. so when i start a big puppetor some kind of float, what i typically do is,i build from the inside out. we want to see how tall you are,how tall you want the pig to be,

and then we can figure out how big of a structurewe need to put in there. (scigirl) 54 inches. the best way to do it isto start with the backpacks, then we're going to attachboth backpacks. let's get to it! we need to figure outa way to attach these. that's a great idea! we could use rubber ties.

we cut up some rubber tiesout of bicycle tires and we're going to use them to tie together the frameof the puppet. (bow)pull this tight,and it's always good to wrap it around like thisa bunch of times. ha! tie them on. ready! now what? clappingfor clarasophia.

tah-dah!i'm clarasophia. whoo, i'm so fabulous! my favorite thing to doas you can see, is trapeze. i do low castingand triple trapeze. i really like to's my bed. i love stuffed animalsand animals. the reason my rabbit hasthis leg brace on, 'cause i want to be aveterinarian when i grow up. i love robotics, electronics.

i also havemy own computer, and yeah! norah, this is what we builtwhen you weren't here. so it actuallygoes this way. (bow)yup, let's go build. what we generally do when we doan engineering project is, we make a drawing first. so what we want to do ismake a scale. a 1-inch pig equalsa 16.4 puppet. this is what we doin engineering is,

we make scale drawings like this so we can kind of figure outhow big things are, and these areusually called blueprints. imagine if you're an architect and you had to do all yourdrawings to actual scale! you wouldn't be able to fityour drawing in the building. so now whatwe want to do is put these 2 cross bracesonto the backpack. (scigirls)oh my gosh, this is so exciting!

two people will beinside the pig's skeleton carrying the pig on their backslike they would a backpack. (bow)i'm gonna lashthese on really tight, as tight as we can.pull it tight. what we're going to do isjust a little test and we're going to kind ofwiggle it back and forth. the rubber ties will givethe pig flexibility. if it was rigidly attached,what would happen if bowrocked it that way? it would fall apart.

it would have to raise up,right? because these would be at90-degree angles to each other, but look at how the anglechanges as it rocks. wow, that's really cool. the plan is,we should, today we'regoing to makethe ribs. then finishthe frame. it's kinda's going to be like this. i know, this wire issort of bad though. if we put cardboardon it maybe.

i think we're goingto need cardboard. cardboard is gonna be usedfor the ribs of the pig because we found the wirewas too flimsy. so we can staple the wireonto the cardboard, so then it will be more secure. oh my gosh, look, that doesstay bent pretty well. this is sort ofnot working. well, you canunroll it. we'll be using this to put

over the body of the pigto hold the fabric. hi guys. (scigirls) oh hey.this is my daughter sage. she thought she'd comeand see your puppet. is this the first testof the chicken wire? maybe we should also try toactually put it on or something? i love the cross braces you putbetween the vertical posts. i foundsome cloth that's... oh that's good'cause it's clear. yeah, it'skind of light.

i don't know howsee-through we want it, but it's a little see-through. whoa! so did youguys just build this? i was walkingaround my house, and i found a metal hoop that i thought would bereally good for the head. we put it in the middleof the head and then had cardboard strips and bamboorings coming off of it, and then we paper-machedover all of that.

what should we usefor the eyes and the eyelids? oh, i just gota good idea. i think this ideawould be kind of good. oh yeah! oh yeah. okay, so maybe we couldsplit up into teams 'cause then it'll be easier. there was too much workto be done, so we just split upinto groups,

and anna and clarasophiadid the eyes, and i kind of wanted to do thebellows because i kind of knew what we were going to dofor the bellows. [all cheer] clarasophia and i startedon the eyes. we sort of built off theprototype in annmarie's lab. we used styrofoam ballsfor the eyes, and then we used strainersfor the eyelids, and we had one big dowelrunning through like an axle.

so we designed a hinge toconnect the handle to the eyes, or the dowel, so we couldmove it up and down. okay, so wefinished the eyes. we made this stickand it goes up and bends. what's with the duct tapeon the bottom and the tube? originally we put it there sothat this could bend from this and not just be like, static. we made this little loop aroundit, and so it actually can spin around it so itcan move really easy.

good job on the eyes! we still have tofinish the bellows. now we're going tostart on the nose. we are going to have our pigblow smoke out of its nose and ears just like thecontraption that bow showed us in the puppet storage room. we're using fireplace bellows, talcum powder, tubing,and connectors. to make the smoke come outof the nose and the ears,

we have to splitthe tubing 3 ways. ooh, dear. blast off. only hardly a little bitcomes out here. there's not enough pressure to make it come out of boththe ears and the nose. maybe we should just have itgo through the nose. we can't have smokecoming out of the ears. we're just going to have it comeout of the nose in one big poof!

that the audience can seeinstead of little just teeny little dribblesthat are just... if we focus on just the nose,the pressure from the bellows only has one path to follow,straight ahead. 1, 2, 3... [psssst!](all) aaah! oh, hey bow! hey everybody! look at the pig--it's gorgeous!

let me see,who's in there. hey, anna hey laci,how ya doin'? good.hey bow. wow, look at this!this is just amazing! show mewhat you've done., look at that! and it's prettyeasy to do? all right! oh, i so wanta pair of those!

i cut offthese cardboard ribs, and i replaced them withthese black plastic ones. the cardboard ribsjust sort of like hung down. then i saw the big ring ofblack tubing, and i thought well, maybe that would work,and now the pig's really fat. (bow)this is just a bunch of fabricyou've torn into strips, right? yup. so here'sthe tail. there's a dowel and thenthere's a piece of wood; whenever the dowel spins,the wood spins.

then there's a crankat the bottom and there's another dowel going through itwith tape connected to it so it can't go through there. and then there'sa washer on each side. and you can turn it aroundand it will go around. oh, i love it! i'm proud of you did great! okay, now just keep on goingstraight like that, don't... [a playful scream] okay,norah, just try to go forward.

poor guys might want to turn aroundso you can walk forward. i gotcha, i gotcha. i definitely hopeit's not windy. more fabricand more padding. i feel claustrophobicin the front. excuse me.why are you backing up? i don't know! i'm not!i'm trying to get out! i told you it's not easy!

whoa! whoa, whoa, whoa! (izzie) a dancing pig? i thoughtyou said a blinking pig. yeah, you needsome more skin. oh yeah,we do need more skin. (bow)that's perfect. (izzie)oh good, and here's norah. my name is norah. no, i do not iron my clothes! i was born in china.

this is my bunny;his name is sebastian. he's not very social. i really love sportslike tennis, track and field, and dance. i'm getting readyfor a recital. when i was younger i had achance to go back to shanghai. they have a lotof really tall buildings, and that's why i want to bean architect when i grow up. how 'boutwe finish this later?

so it'sthe morning of may day and people are finishing uptheir puppets, and they're gettingready for the parade. good job! whoo-hoo! puff, the magic pig! [a marching band plays] we're at the beginningof the may day parade, and we're really excited. our moms are gonna walk with us.

the weird onethat's dancing is my mom! so we have to goget in the pig. okay, bye! we started the parade and thingswere going really great. then all of a sudden... i am. bellows, norah. they're not working. it's because we didn'tfill them up.

they were full. anna, you saidthey were full. somebody forgotto fill the bellows. i don't knowhow it happened. i think i filled them, but i don't know,something happened. we're stopping?i can't see. what was that?anna! where'sthe bellows?

i'm filling them upright now. don't move it! i can't do this alone. okay, i'm almost done.don't worry. we're trying. okay, we're good! i want to just get outside. (izzie laughing)i love your pig! and not just a pig;a blinking, dancing, tall pig.

oh, my gosh! look! i did it!i made a puppet! oh, thanksscigirls. oh, wait for me! that was so great. it was really fun beingin the parade and everything. people were like,dancing around the pig. it was fun becausewe worked so hard on it, and people liked it a lot.

it's probably going to bean experience we're always going to share,and i'm really proud of it. i'm glad that we all pitchedtogether and made the pig 'cause it was a lot of fun. we did it! ya-hoo! we should upload our photos. yeah, to the website. okay, put your handin the middle. oh.. oh!

[clears her throat] fellow classmates,being class president is a tall order, but if you vote for me i promise to be head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates. thank you. [applause] oh...whoa! [applause & laughter]

oh, jake! jake, okay, how many timesyou gonna watch this? hey, i'm the leastof your problems. this thing is going viral. you may have lost the election,but you've won 200,057-- [electronic beep]no, no, wait, 58 fans! wait, no, 59, 61, 62. okay, okay, next timei'm going for the prototype! (scigirls) today we are

going to be buying some stuff so we can start making our pig. oh, look,there are some backpacks these are like, perfect! use like, some wire,put them in the back part. oh, cool!it's a rubber chicken. it's like this randomsurplus store that has a whole bunch of stufffrom different places. i found this really greatbellows thing

for the ears and smoke. we foundsome pretty whacky stuff. we had a lot of fun at ax-man. you look like a duck! swimming with dolphinsfor the first time was very exciting. we're looking at the mirrorso we can determine where the dolphinscan see themselves. how many thingsare thrown in the trash

that could'vebeen recycled? number 5 plastics,they are not recyclable. you guys createdsomething we could market. this is ourseed starting kit. we sketcheda dress, and it had a lot of coolelements in it. superhero princess.we thought maybe youcould incorporatetechnology into fashion. our garment!

(woman) math, science,and curious young minds. they're our future. that's why exxon mobile andformer astronaut sally ride created the sally ridescience academy to help teachers inspireour students so they may become the scientistsand engineers of tomorrow. hey there! hi! the scigirls websiteis off the hook! you can set up a profile,find new friends,

create a pagefor your science project, watch scigirls videos,and have fun! so come on-- be a scigirlon see you there! bye! cc--armour captioning & tpt

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