Tuesday, November 22, 2016

baby doll bed

mommy, what are we doing today? hmm… good question… kong-kong, focus on eating now. daddy i don’t go to school on saturday, so you shouldn’t go to the clinic either! i wish… but there are many sick animals on saturday, too. well tell them not to be sick on saturday!

well, i’ll try. honey, don’t forget your umbrella! got it! daddy, buy me some watercolor stickers later! only if mommy lets me. so you can stick them all over the walls again? i promise i won’t this time! please? see you later! hmph! poo

you’re gonna regret doing that. why? ta-da! oh, how pretty! i got them yesterday, just for you and kong-kong! now, choose one. hey, i chose it first! kongsuni, why don’t you give that one to kong-kong? how come i always have to share?

wow, i think the blue looks adorable on you! oh wow, isn’t that lovely? so pretty! you wanted the pink one! why are you trying to take mine? this is mine! kongsuni! just this once, hmm? you like pink, don’t you? seriously?

kong-kong’s just a baby, and you’re her older sister. seyo, do you have a younger sister? no, i don’t. lucky. i always have to give up everything for my little sister. kong-kong doesn’t do anything. she just copies me. yo, kongsuni. kong-kong can do many things. ooh! i thought of one! taking my things, crying, and pooping.

pooping? mm-hmm! kong-kong poops a lot! oh, oh no! my castle! kong-kong you… you witch! kong-kong, let’s go play outside. kongsuni, i bought some yoghurt. why don’t you use it to power up and re-build your castle? yo, kongsuni! another thing kong-kong can do.

destroying castles… it was so pretty, too… let’s try again after eating yoghurt. okay mommy! it’s not in the fridge! oh, look in the living room. waahh! kong-kong, you take everything! kongsuni, i’ll buy some more for you tomorrow.

no, but i want them today! i hate kong-kong! kong-kong is still a baby. she didn’t do it on purpose, you know. don’t be so hateful. but i just hate her! i can’t help it! yo, kongsuni! how about that castle? no yoghurt. no energy. i think you could use a cheer-up song.

ahem. mm. kongsuni’s really ang-ry! really, steaming ang-ry! face is crumpling up! it’s okay, i can understand everybody! put your hands up! everybody! yo, kongsuni! kong-kong is a greedy sister,

she takes it all from me kong-kong is a needy sister, she does what she wants mom and daddy only think about what kong-kong wants kongsuni, you’re older, so you need to help her so you need to understand but how come i’m the one who always has to give it all up? how come i’m the one who always has to think about kong-kong

kong-kong, can’t you sometimes give it up for me? kong-kong i am so tired of playing older sis-ter! my umbrella! it doesn’t show signs of stopping. the kids are asleep. i’ll meet you at the bus stop with your umbrella. mommy! mom! mom! it’s…it’s a ghost! kong-kong, don’t cry! i’m right here!

seyo! where are you, seyo? kong-kong, don’t cry. i’ll be right there! mommy! mom… aacckk! go… away… away, you monster! yo, kongsuni. it’s seyo. i thought you were a monster! yo, kongsuni. baby’s crying!

kong-kong cries when it’s dark. we need to go to her. be careful! seyo, make me something to ride to kong-kong’s room! not a prob! say….. yo! yo, kongsuni. it’s a car… in your favorite color! but the door doesn’t open! that’s not right…

yo, kongsuni. it’s because of the rain. excuses! it’s depressing when it rains… very blue… then close your eyes—imagine it’s sunny! okay. one more time. say…..yo! yo, kongsuni. hop on! yo, kongsuni. it’s the rain.

that’s it! seyo! can you add wheels? with a flick of my wings! let’s go! go, go, kongsuni, yo! hurry, let’s go! let’s go save kong-kong (yahoo) into the dark and stormy night, into the rain—now here we go! first take one step, and then one more with each step we can be brave!

yo kongsuni! yo seyo! aren’t you glad we made this tent? aren’t you glad we’re here as friends? gimme five! one more time! we are the best of friends! hurry, let’s go! let’s fight the night pick out the bright and shiny stars

to light the dark and misty night then take the stars and light them up, bright and glowing, shine the night! aren’t you glad the skies are bright? flapping its wings… the birdie lands safely as it becomes night. the birdie is too scared to fly in the night sky. as it was walking the woods, it hears a wolf cry. from afar, the wolf crept up.

the birdie was very scared, but it spread its wings. i have to fly! fly, fly! just as the birdie was about to fly… ahhk! a monster! wow, that’s a good one! no.. .that’s… a real monster! seyo, we gotta run! it’s coming, hurry, seyo!

yo, it’s maximum speed! ahhhhhhhh— whew. that was close. yo, looks like the wheel’s fallen off. the light’s off, too. don’t cry, kong-kong, you’re with me now. seyo, let’s go turn on the lights again. yo, the tent won’t budge without the wheel. then seyo, you should go and turn it on.

m-me? thunder might crash! yo, kongsuni, it’s just a natural phenomenon you know. not a monster. kong-kong! i’ll go turn the lights back on! kong-kong! just count on me! hiyap! yap! aahhhhckkkkk it’s a ghost!

they said it was urgent. guess nobody’s home. maybe it’s broken? ah well. kong-kong, i defeated the ghost! now, the lights! just wait, kong-kong, i’ll get ‘em! don’t be scared. i’ll be back, don’t cry! we did it, lil’ sis! kongsuni… you did it! kongsuni? kong-kong?

look, they’re smiling. kongsuni’s all grown up, taking care of her baby sis. seyo, thunder is a natural phenomenon, you know. yo, kongsuni! i wasn’t scared! whaddya mean? you fainted! no way! i was just… sleeping! is that right? i bet you were! kongsuni, come here for a second! what is it?

watercolor stickers, of course! really? thank you, mommy! i’ll be good with them, promise! kongsuni, thank you for being so helpful when we weren’t around, and being a good older sister. it’s hard being older sis!

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