Tuesday, November 1, 2016

puppets edinburgh

just a few miles from stafford town centre, lies a bargain hunter's paradise. we have been shopping here for years. we have bought over 100 antiques here, met dozens of dealers and made loads of people loads of money. and look! they have laid out the red carpet for us. gosh! hang on. blue carpet too? well, i guess they are the stars of the show after all.

so let's go bargain hunting! yeah. the stage is set for a dramatic pursuit of antiques. the showground has been transformed into a huge treasure chest, crammed with silver, gold, paintings and porcelain. but like all precious treasure, it is not that easy to find. and our teams only have 60 minutes to track down the booty. so let's take a sneaky peak as to what is coming up. the red team struggle with the ?300 budget.

that's 195. it is only probably going to be five times beyond our budget. oh, dear. oh, dear. oh, dear. there are ups and downs for the blue team. you are doing good. they laugh and it is all go at the auction. yes! oh, go on, go on! look at this. thank you! at 24, at 24...

but before all that, let's meet the teams. today, on bargain hunt, we are going to learn from the older generation with a team of grandmothers and their grandchildren. for the reds, we have emily and hillary. and for the blues, we have wayne and beryl. hello, everyone. all: hello. hello, hello, hello. now, hillary, you are retired. yes. what did you get up to before you adopted this life of luxury? um, i used to work for one of the major banks in their credit card division.

did you? yeah, i was dealing with the top 5% of the bank's customers, the extremely rich. and sometimes they used to probably go abroad, say for the season, and they would forget about the credit card. so you would have to trace where they were and have a discussion with them. which i bet you were jolly good at. now, emily, are you keen on antiques? yes, i get it from nan. and what is your particular taste? i love silver. do you?

anything silver. but jewellery is a particular interest for you, isn't it? yeah, i like to make my own little bits and bobs. i make necklaces, rings, earrings... well, i have recently started trying to sell them on to people. so i started off with my mum, and then she has gone and recommended them to her friends. yeah, no, good. how will you work out working with your grandmother as a team?

i think we will be a good team. yes. we like similar things, but then we have our odd... our odd thing that we are a bit... different on. yeah. so i think it will be good. i think we will work together quite well. i tend to like expensive items, so i am worried that i will have a job to keep. so you will spend all your cash today? absolutely. well, won't that be exciting! anyway, very good luck with that. now, wayne, tell me about your lovely grandmother,

who inspired you to become a collector. my nan used to always take us to town on our birthday. and we were allowed to buy one item. so we could go anywhere, look at anything, but we would only have one thing. i bought a pelham puppet. and then nan used to visit. and when she came to nottingham, where i live now, we saw a pelham puppet in a charity shop and i bought it.

and now i have got over 150 of them. no! so, i am obsessed with them. so some of these pelham puppets that you have bought have been bargains, have they? i hope. my nan found my favourite one, which is a pink panther. went to a car-boot sale and all i could see was my nan's bottom in this box. and she pulled out this pink panther puppet and got the guy that was selling it down to ?12. yes.

and what is it actually worth? about ?150, ?160. well, that is pretty good, isn't it? so now, beryl, if i said that you worked closely with two fat ladies, that would not be a rude thing, would it? bingo. bingo! because that was your job. that was my job for 25 years. i was a bingo ticket seller. and the numbers being called, that was by one of the men that worked as a caller. right.

and when the winners shouted house, well, stewards, as we were then, would go over to the table, run down with the books and call out the numbers back to the caller to make sure they tallied. they double checked, yes. exactly. and was it good fun? i enjoyed every minute of it. 25 years. i went for a fortnight trial. and that was the longest fortnight i worked. isn't that brilliant? yes, 25 years.

and how many grandchildren do you actually have? altogether, 24. really? that's including the great-grandchildren as well. oh, great-grandchildren? brilliant. and are they all collectors? not in a sense, no. we are the collectors, wayne and i. what sort of thing do you like to collect yourself? dolls, traditional dolls. porcelain-headed dolls? no, all sorts of dolls, as long as they catch my eye and i like them. how many dolls have you got, beryl? oh, my gosh, about 200 or more. really? so will you be buying a doll today on bargain hunt, do you think?

i hope so. if you can find one. yes. they are hard to find now, the ones i like. anyway, the next best bit is that money moment, where i give you the ?300. here comes the ?300. there we go. look, ?300. you know the rules. your experts await. and off you go! and very, very, very good luck. well, there is never a doll moment on this programme. lending their expertise today are colin young, who is showing his true colours.

and hats off to kate bliss, who is helping the blues. so, what are the teams looking for today? oh, some silver. yep. and small clocks. something quirky and traditional. and jewellery. jewellery, jewellery, jewellery. lots of jewellery! yes. what about you, wayne? something that stands out, obviously going to make us a profit.

right, that's good. hopefully, maybe a toy or a teddy bear or something like that. ok. step on it, teams, your 60 minutes starts now. whistle blows go forth and get buying, teams. yeah. thank you. yeah. is it working? i think we'll just give that a miss. and, youngsters, look after your grandmas. that's right, wayne. i was just looking at some of the perfume bottles. would that interest you? yeah, they are pretty.

i tell you what, you have got really good taste. expensive taste. because that there is actually a thomas webb piece, victorian. and it is only going to probably be five times beyond our budget. oh, what a shame. so i think we will just have to give that a miss. all right. but well spotted. you've seen the quality. oh, i do like a lady with expensive tastes. it has got a bit of a... what is going on there? oh, do you know what that is? a lighter. it is, beryl. it is a table lighter.

let's just have a look how old it might be. have you broken it, wayne? what has happened? the headless dog. there you go. that fits in there, i see. and that goes down there. and it has got a little open... oh, look at that. look, that's where you can rest your cigarettes. it is a collectible piece. people still collect things whether they are in use today or not. i quite like that. i might come back for that. ok. let's see how we go.

it is great to have one up our sleeve. let's put it back for now. thank you very much. strong start by the blues. how about the reds? is that japanese? it is japanese, yes. it is 19th century. this is actually an object of protection. it is the hand guard, called a tsuba, which would be before the blade to ensure that obviously you didn't cut yourself. it is marked at 135. do you want to keep that in mind... yes.

..as something we may come back to? yes. hillary is not so keen on spending big on a tsuba, it seems. traditional japanese music the blues have found some pencils for 65. so what have you two found? found these little silver pencils. oh, yes. now, i think these look like bridge markers. you have got your little pencil on the and. yes, they are marked sterling silver. yeah.

so they are not actually hallmarked for english silver, but we know that they are sterling standard, which is quite nice. and i love the little enamelled card suits at the top here. we have got spades and the red diamonds. some of them are a bit worn, though. that one is worn, isn't it? there is a little bit of damage on that one. and that one looks completely plain. what would be your best price on these? could do 40 on them. i think the fact that the enamel is gone a little bit will

pull them down a bit. would you be able to take any lower on the price? 20? i can do 25. 25? that's very kind of you, madam. shall we have a little look around? we have got two maybes. i think so. that is at 20 and then we could come back, if they are still here. yeah. what do you think, yeah? we can come back to it if you like. we are just going to play it cool. don't play it too cool, blues. time is a-ticking.

well, that's nice. that's lovely. it is a perfume bottle, isn't it? do you want to pass that over? i can only see the back of it. is it all right...? would you like me to take it out? please, yes. that is very kind. there we go. it is a really pretty scent bottle. i love it. i like it, that it is the original case, isn't it? the case as well, gives it more character. nice cut glass. it all appears to be in good order. little bit of gilding on there. that is really, really pretty.

should we open it up? do you want to hold that? yes. check the end. and i will open and just see what we have got inside. oh, there we go. got the original cork stopper in there as well. isn't that amazing? because it is two ends, you'd have two different perfumes in it? correct, that's it. oh, wow! i think because it has got its box, it just makes it extra special. it does, doesn't it? yeah. excuse me, sir, what figure are you looking for?

what figure are you looking for on it? the best i could do on that would be ?150. best is 150. there is no movement on that at all, is there? i'm afraid there isn't. i do have another nice one. if you'd like to look at it. i have got a really nice one in here. beautifully cut. i mean, really, really... you know, a super thing. and that is silver as well? that is silver. what do you feel about that one?

i think it is nice. i like the colour. but i can do... i can do you... can i look at my price on there? i can do you that one for 110. oh. but that one has got its case, hasn't it? that one has got its case. hm. decisions. decisions, decisions. yeah. i would stick with the one that you have gone for. i agree. the one we were attracted to in the first place. yeah. no, i do agree. and can we beg another tenner off by any chance?

you can beg another tenner. 140. 140, do we have a deal? yay! ah, the sweet smell of a first purchase. and for 140 smackers, too. that is a mighty spend! i know, time is running out. thank you. thank you. now, with 15 minutes already gone, those blues need to get buying. but instead, they are reminiscing. that reminds me of when i was little. does it? did you have one of those when you were little? very little, yes. did you? yeah.

first time i went on the beach, we were all frightened to walk on the sand because we didn't know what it was. how funny, to be frightened of the sand! we had never seen it in our lives, you know. no, of course. i think the bucket was what brought it to mind more than anything. cos i do like the shape and everything about it, the colour. and mickey mouse is well liked by everybody. well, you're never going to believe this, but this has got ?49 on it. he gasps oh, that is a lot.

yeah, that is a lot. which i think is a lot, actually. yes. i'm glad you remembered your day on the beach. i remember that! so what else have we got here? i thought the duck was quite cute. oh, he is gorgeous, isn't he? a little clockwork duck. and his head, kind of... as his mouth moves... this is a lovely one, isn't it? and i love the way the eyes move. oh, and he is off. in a day when he was working a little better,

his head may have bobbed up and down as well. oh, right. that is very nice. and the colours are right, aren't they? in terms of him not bobbing, what would be your best price? i'd be more than happy to do that for you for 35. 35. 35? what do you think the auction estimate would be? i think the auction estimate might be a little bit lower than that. i mean, obviously, this is a retail price. yes. at a fair. an auction price... i would say because of the little bit of workings that aren't

really like the original one, maybe sort of 15 to 20, i would say, probably. how about i do it at 25? i like the price 20 as well. if you could say 20. she drives a hard bargain, doesn't she? how can you resist? look at that lovely face. go, beryl! ok, i will do 22, how about that? 22? 22, yes. shall we get him? fabulous, i will wrap that up for you. thank you very much.

thank you very much. thank you. well done. is that ok? first buy. yay! i hope so, we've done it. how charming that the blues' first item came from the stall that reminded beryl of her youth. music: i do like to be beside the seaside music: money by pink floyd meanwhile, hillary is living up to her reputation. yes. yeah. you do have expensive taste, it has to be said, hillary. my husband says that. really?

yes, yes. silver... yeah. yeah. it is going to be too much again. oh, that is 195! oh, dear. oh, dear. oh, dear. oh, dear. out of our budget, i'm afraid. yeah. that looks very...very expensive. can you see i've got expensive taste? well... yes, we can, hillary. beryl, on the other hand, is less about bling and more about bears.

teddy bears over here. let's have a look. yeah, let's have a look, beryl. do you prefer bears or dolls? both. both! yes. what about you, wayne? i am more of a bear person. bear. are you? nan's more a doll collector. i am a bit of a bear person. i do like the bears. he is quite nice. you like him? oh, he is a merrythought. he is a merrythought, yeah. that is a really good british toy manufacturer there.

do you know roughly how old there is? i would say 1960s, from the person we got it off of, the history of the item. 1960s. '60s. you know what i am going to ask, don't you, sir? is there anything you could do for us? you have got 50 on there. i know it has got a lovely label. what is your best? the very, very best, the absolute rock bottom, no more arguing, would be 35.

that would be the absolute death. so, did you hear that? 35. yes. yes. that would be good. 35 would be the top end of an auction estimate, but i think, you know, you are in with a chance. if we have got a toy already, and we have put these pens, the little bridge pens... yes. of the two, which do you think would be the better buy, out of the bridge pens or the bear? teddy.

teddy. so is that a deal? deal. yes. high five. high five. i knew she'd get that teddy. her name is beryl after all. bear-yl, get it? oh. never mind. and she wasn't the only one to find something special at stafford. take a look at these. one of the most popular collectibles out there are little boxes like this. they are small, they're portable and often made of novelty materials, and people love them.

this one, i think, is great because it incorporates a natural history specimen - the common old, garden mussel shell. somebody has walked along a british beach, found this nice shell. they have polished it up a bit to reveal the dark purple and black detail. then they have taken it to a metal basher and said, "i want to make a snuff box out of this." it is cheaply made because it has been made out of brass, but it has been beautifully made.

and on a side table, as a part of a collection, it is a perfect example. and at ?30, i regard it as being inexpensive. at the other end of the spectrum, though, you can come across the most sophisticated and gorgeous collectible box made of an exotic wood, probably mulberry, with a lot of faceted lines, so they are all difficult surfaces to veneer. you have got a little cartouche there, look.

and a thumb piece here, where you would expect to open the box up. except try as you might, it doesn't open. and the reason it doesn't open is that it has got a secret compartment. you get at the compartment, actually, by twisting the end like that and then pulling it out. isn't that surprising? now, for the collector who has got 500 of these snuff boxes but not this particular variety will pay a handsome price for such a thing in perfect condition.

what might he pay? well, top end of ?400, i guess. which is not to be sniffed at. particularly when you have only paid ?150 for it. back to the bargain hunting. and with 40 minutes gone, the reds need to pull their finger out as they have only bought one item. these little bears? no? no. but the blues are sailing on smoothly, with two very special grown-up items in the bag.

you fell in love with the teddy bear, didn't you? yes. i fell in love with the duck. so i think we both got one each. i've enjoyed every minute of it. and i am mesmerized with everything here. aw, that is so sweet! on the other side of the hall, the reds have finally found some jewellery. there was a turquoise ring back there. and it is affordable, at ?16.

would both of you wear it? i definitely would. you would? would you? you'd wear that. yes, i would. yes, i would. yes. it's turquoise. is it silver, colin, or gold? well, we shall see. i would hazard a guess it is going to be silver. it's only... it's only... yeah. but let's just work on the principle that you've just done, which is you both like it. yeah, we like it. you would both wear it.

so what does that tell you if it goes to auction? it is a pretty little ring. but it is not big money. no. but then you have spent big money already. we have spent big money. what if we lost on the big money? we need something to bring us back. that is not going to make us a lot, is it? ?16. there are going to be plenty of people at auction that are going to like it, they're going to bid for it. might not spend a lot of money,

but we might not spend a lot of money either. yeah. no, no. have a word with the dealer. if he is happy to sell it at ten and you can make a profit out of it at that, then that is great. yeah? do you want to have a chat with him? see what you can do. would you accept ?10? we have to make a living. what have we got on that? please! yeah, we will do it for ten. thank you. thank you. well done, reds.

turns out they can spend small after all. we have got ten minutes left, which isn't long, believe me. we haven't been in the third shed, so i suggest we whiz through there, and if we don't see anything, perhaps we will go back to the bridge markers. yes? yes, that's fine. lovely. let's go. come on. come on. oh! has colin spotted a bargain? that should make 150, maybe ?200 absolute tops. on that basis, we need to be buying it for 150.

we have only got 150 left. oh, right. we spent 145. 'whoopsie!' we need to leave you with something. the best we could do is probably 145. would you be able to check your stock book and see if we can...? i will have a look for you. sorry. ok, it cost me nearly what colin said at auction price, so unfortunately, i'm sorry, but i won't be able to do 145. well, it was worth a punt, i guess.

meanwhile, the blues have decided to try before they buy' have a little sit there, beryl, and we will hold the end. i'll try the other side. are you ready? ready. they laugh woohoo! look at this! woo! aaah! oh, beryl, you are not really 81 at all.

i'm doing good. in terms of like, quirkiness... this is good. we are looking for something a bit different. yes. i quite like it. what we need to do is look at the price on it. we have got... ?175! whoa! what do you think? it's a lot. no, leave it there. yeah. it is out of our league. let's have a look around. yeah. we will have another look around.

but, yeah, you looked like you were having fun on there. i was! well, they're very relaxed for a team with one item to buy and only seven minutes left. same goes for the reds, actually. the big deco perfume bottle. there are two there. yep. the green are rather lovely as well. i love that colour. certainly, perfume bottles are way out of budget because you know how little we have got left. ok. but i have seen something on there that is definitely in the budget

and looks all right. what about that ink stand? ?30 is being asked for it. it won't be silver. it won't be old. but it is that victorian style. it has got the look, hasn't it? it has. it looks nice. it is very attractive. um... but you'd rather look at the malachite. she laughs could this be a perfume bottle? yeah, that one is pretty. is that the one that you...? yeah.

to give you a sporting chance, and it is to give you a sporting chance because it is art deco - 120... ?100. can i handle it, please? of course you can. ?90. what is your feeling on that? my feeling on it is you have got three things that you can buy. you have got that. yes. you have got the desk stand. and you've got the tsuba.

i think all of them are things that we could go for and are worth having. we haven't got long! no, i know. we will leave the reds to make the minds up. with only six minutes left, even the cool blues are in a spin. i thought that was the lady. which way was it? down here. it was at the back. oh, gosh. guys! over here! where are you going? i thought it was that lady down there.

i looked around and you had gone! ok, now, where is she? you were right. you were right, beryl. here she is. let's have another look at them, check them out. are they still all there? yes. we have got four in there. is it worth...? what was the best price? it was 45, then 25. 25. do you reckon we could go to 20? yeah? 20? thank you very much. are we happy? yes. yeah. great! thank you very much. thank you very much. wonderful. well done!

phew! last item bought for a bargain. well done, blues. so, have reds come to a decision? gamble on the bigger money, go for safety. one minute. it is so difficult. come on! pick, pick. what do you think? well, we could go with that. ok, that's great, that's lovely. thank you for being so helpful. thank you very much. thank you very much. horn blows the full measure. time is up.

you really do take it to the wire, you pair, don't you? we needed at least ?2,000. per item for your taste! let's check out what the red team bought, eh? naturally, the reds spent nearly half their budget on the first item, a scent bottle for ?140. they reined it in, though, for the second, and spent just ?10 on this turquoise ring. and not content with one perfume bottle, they bought an atomizer as well for a princely ?90.

you have got the expensive tastes, haven't you? yes. you certainly have. and how much did you spend in the end? 240. 240. i'd like ?60 of leftover lolly, please. now, emily, tell me, which is your favourite piece? the perfume bottle. you love that, don't you? love it. and what is your favourite, hillary? mine is the same. is it? we'd both like to fight over that one. you won't have to because we're going to sell it. i know. is it going to bring the biggest profit, do you think?

we bought a very reasonable ring. if that doesn't make a profit... we've had it. they laugh all right, fine. anyway, as we know, colin, here is ?60 for you. thank you very much. got anything in mind? well, yeah. there has been a bit of a theme with what they've bought, so i think i am going to tell you nothing and... mix it up a bit. no, just keep you off the scent, that is all i was thinking. oh, dear! thank you, colin. right now, though, why don't we check out what the blue team bought, eh?

the charming tin-plate duck cost the blues just ?22. and sticking to the kids theme, they've snapped up the merrythought bear for ?35. and bridge anyone? these silver pencils were purchased for ?20. how much did you spend? ?77. not a dent in our 300. you had a lovely time, haven't you? brilliant. really good, thank you. yes. really enjoyed it. now, i have to ask you, wayne, which is your favourite piece? the duck.

do you agree with that, beryl? the teddy. so, 77. i would like to ?223 of leftover lolly, please. thank you. 223. that is great, beryl. your bit of fun, kate... hm! ..is to come! with all that cash. great. i hope you spend the lot. i don't know, actually. i'm going to go and have a good look. fantastic team. yeah, good fun. anyway, right, stand by for the next round, which will take place over at the auction. in stratford.

our host auctioneers today are big woods, and i am chatting to auctioneer mark ashley about our items. go nice on the stick, sir. put it on the stick. good morning, tim. good morning to you. well, a bit of an oddball mix here for the reds. they started out with the double-ended scent bottle. scent probably at one, smelling salts at the other. that is usually the cloudy end cos of the ammonia in the salts. rather nice silver.

sometimes if you get coloured glass, it can make more money. have i ever seen one in a trough form, leather-covered box before? i'm not sure i have, actually. i don't think i have. that will sit very happily on your dressing table. it is a good thing. it is quite early too, isn't it? 1859. early. so it's a good early one. so a lot of things going in its favour. what is it worth? well, we have only got 40 to 70 on it. you are very mean! i think that could be exceeded. i do.

it could make up to 100, i would have thought. it needs to make 140. oh, right. with a bit of luck. next is the turquoise set dress ring. which is just a modern thing, isn't it? it is. a little modern ring. it is always an attractive stone. you know, people like it. it is considered a lucky stone, turquoise. what is it worth? we have put 10-20 on it. fine, they paid ?10. it will make its money. and then the last item, i think, could turn out to be a very desirable internet interesting object, cos this is genuine 1920s-30s, and it is in this lovely malachite glass.

i love that. it is classic art deco. and i think this will do very well. how much? well, we have put 40 to 60. ok, fine. 40 to 60. any chance of it making 100? i think it could do that on a good day. yeah, well, it needs to because they paid ?90. so it is all very chancy for these reds, which makes for great excitement in the auction. and if it goes the wrong way, they will need their bonus buy. let's go and have a look. emily, hillary, you spent ?240. quite magnificent. you gave colin ?60.

colin, what did you spend it on? i went halfway to spending it all. oh. got rid of 30. and i got you your just deserts. a jelly mould! oh, right. "oh, right." just deserts is very good, though. definitely copper, definitely victorian. nice shape. it smells dreadfully, actually. it smells? it smells, yes. i think it is the copper. it is quite attractive. would it polish up? oh, yes, very much so. well, yeah, i probably would like it better

if it was really nicely polished. yes. it is growing on me, colin. like the verdigris? yes, yes. and the smell. anyway, for the audience at home, let's find out whether the auctioneer finds this particular object smelly or not. now, mark, are there many collectors for kitchenalia like that? well, there are. the american market is strong for jelly moulds. and it is nice, being in copper. made them and all sorts of things - creamware, stoneware, glass, tin...

but copper is nice. polished up, look good. that one hasn't been polished for a year or two. no. no. what is it worth? well, we have only put 30 to 40 on it. that's perfect. colin young, the cunning one, only spent ?30. so if the team go with it, they have got a chance of a small profit, which is what the bonus buy is supposed to be all about. moving on to the blues, they get a bit of a quacker to start off with. are you going to have a play with it? yes, let's bring that over and have a go.

i have had a little play with this earlier, and it just seems to go backwards. oh, does it? yeah. there we are. it is so sweet. that is what is so good about it! don't you love the way it trembles when it stops? it is as if the water is too cold to get in. have you ever seen one like that before? i haven't. i think it is a good thing. me either. i love bits of tin-plate, don't you?

whether they are mass produced or not, i don't care. it is in good condition. it is a sweet little object. what is it worth? well, we have put 15 to 25 on it. ok, ?22 paid. it will make its money. and i bet an internet buyer goes for that. next is the merrythought there. yep. called the hygienic bear, i guess because you could wash them. so when a child has vomited all over it and you decide you need to clean it up, you can bang it in a bucket and shake it all about.

that one is quite a nice clean example. it is. it is in good condition. a good example. so, what is it worth? well, we have put 15 to 25 on it. i think quite right. it is a little tease, isn't it? ?35, they paid. i think they will be lucky if they get there, frankly. now, do you play bridge? no. no. well, if you did, you would have to have this set - four nice solid silver propelling pencil bridge scoring pens. lovely.

in a case. have you had much interest? no. do you sell these often? we don't. we haven't had many. the one problem is, though, that the suits, the card suits there, are pretty well worn off. you have only really got the odd red diamond and i think you have got something else on there as well. but they are very worn off. and so i really didn't think it'll do too well. no. that is a bore. i didn't realise that it wasn't such poor condition.

i mean, the silver is all right but not with the enamelling rubbed off. no, i've gone right off those. ok, how much? 20 to 30. ok, that's all right. ?20 paid. nobody is going to be arguing or crying into their beer about that. they paid the right money for them, anyway, that is the main thing. their plan was to leave a lot for the expert to go off and maybe spend, and that is exactly what they did. so let's find out what kate bliss did buy. kate, you got ?223. i'm going to help you by taking off that cloth.

thank you. what did you spend it on? well, a stylish pair, i thought. and a pair of candlesticks. ok, shall we take them out? let me... oh, gosh, that's weighty. you feel that, beryl. so have a good look at them. now, they are not particularly my thing, actually, but i bought them because i thought they were a fantastic value. they are silver-plated. they are by a leading high street specialist in jewellery,

silver and silver-plate. and they come with their original bags and box, which is all rather nice. so with the original packaging. i think if these were in the high street shop, they would probably retail at about ?150, maybe even ?200. how much did you pay? 25. do you think they would make a profit? i think if they don't, i would be disappointed. good. lovely.

well, we got the gen. thank you very much. that is great, kate. let's find out now, for the audience at home, whether the auctioneer agrees that they are great, kate. well, that's... oh, god. heavy, aren't they? yeah, they are. lot of metal in there. brand harry spankers, of course. absolutely. but stylish. contemporary. anything of a market here in stratford for this type of thing? well, i think they are sellable. they are in good condition

cos they are not old. they are a pair. they look good. i think we will sell those. how much? 20 to 30. well, kate bliss paid ?25, so she paid the right price. i can see you making 40 if you whip up a bit of interest. you like doing a bit of a whipping up, though, don't you? we do. i like that. well, good luck. enough of all that chat. take to the rostrum, mark ashley! now, hillary, emily, how are you feeling? nervous. excited. we have got some good objects here and you deserve to do well.

anyway, first up is the victorian double-ended scent bottle, and here it comes. victorian silver cut glass in the nice little box. do i see ?50 to start? you are very reluctant. madam, thank you. i can take you on in commission. 60. it is a good thing. have 70 with me. 80. 90 on the net. i can go 100 on commission.

at ?100. 110, you are back on the net. oh. that's good. it is with me at ?120. 130, back on the net. at 130. i can go 140. i will sell then at 140. 140. so bad luck. i tell you, you paid 140, you got 140.

but like i say, it is a good thing, and the market will support you. wiped its face. now, your little ring, for a tenner. this little silver and turquoise. lovely old stone, the turquoise. a lot of interest in it. ?10, surely. ?10, sir. ten bid. at ten. do i see 15? 15. 18. 20. two. 24. 26.

24 back to you, madam. the lady's bid at 24. it is a nice little ring, miss. at 24, the lady's bid. and i'll sell... that's plus ?14. that is really super. wow. yeah, at least we got a little plus. now, this thing, colin, has to make its money. perfume atomizer. surely it is ?100. make me a bid. 30 to start me.

20 then. the internet has come in at 30. madam, i'll take five from you. the internet's gone. 40. five. thank you. i am with the lady in the room. it will be undersold. it is a good thing at 45. and i'll sell it... madam, 45. ugh. ?45. that is minus 45. you were plus 14. that is minus 45, which means you are now minus 31, ok?

so what are you going to do about the bonus buy? are you going with it? shall we? yes. ok, we are going with the bonus buy. the auctioneer liked it. he has put 30 to 40 on. colin paid 30. so with any luck, it will make a profit. and here it comes. copper jelly mould. there we are. nice copper one. what about this then? ?30 for it. 30 straight off, sir. 30 bid. do i see five?

do i seek two? if it helps. 32, sir, at the stairs. thank you. 34. 36. 38. well done, colin. 40. can i ask five of you, sir? 50 now? no? at 45, the gentleman seated. i'll sell it now. 45. at ?45, that is brilliant. a bit of a wobble, yeah. my legs have gone to jelly. ok, so that is plus 15. all right, well done, colin.

that has clawed it back, matey. which means, overall, you are now only minus 16. oh, that's... there is no shame in that at all. yeah. well done. excellent. oh, wow. well, it could be a winning score. thing is, don't say a word to those blues, all right? do you know how the reds got on? no. nope, you don't know. we don't want you to know. anyway, your first item is the tin-plate clockwork duck, which is so sweet, isn't it?

it keeps wiggling its little tail cos it is finding it cold in the water. anyway, here we go. here comes the clockwork ducky-wuck. good little thing, isn't it? in decent condition. surely that is ?20. two. thank you. five. eight. 30, sir? 30. 30 bid. five. 40, sir? have another. five. 50? go on. go on!

beat you into submission, sir. thank you! 50, sir. on the right at ?50. at 50, and i'll sell it. ?50! ?50. ?50, that is brilliant. plus 28. now teddy. plush teddy. he is in good condition. it is a good name, merrythought.

surely that is ?20, isn't it? lovely little bear. 'surely.' oh, dear, the tension! 'who wants it?' i've got ten. thank you. ten at the back of the room. at ten. 15, internet. if you need to come back. you've glimmered. but i have got ten in the room. i will sell it if we are all done... ?10. oh, blast it! ?10. that is minus ?25. which means you are plus ?3. now we are going to go on with the bridge pencils, right?

little silver bridge pencils there. what about these? they are silver. nice little case. four of them. what about ?20? who has got ?20 for me? 20 bid, sir. at 20 bid. do i see five? at ?20. on my right at 20. are we all sure? internet, are you coming in? it needs to be 25.

you are plus three. you, sir, in the room, at 20... five, standing. thank you. come back, sir. 30. five. the gentleman standing at the back of the room at 35... yours, sir. what a roller-coaster, hey? that is plus ?15. which means, overall, you are plus 18. which is a brilliant place to be. so, what are we going to do now, then?

are you going to preserve your ?18, take home that money, or are you going to risk it for a biscuit and go with the modern candlesticks? do you want to stick or do you want to play? well, nan said you worked ever so hard to get them for us. well, don't worry about me. no, don't worry about me. go for it. go with the candlesticks. go with the candlesticks. you fancy them, don't you? they are very nice. they are very nice. you are going with the bonus buy too because you are a punter.

and here it comes. the electroplated loaded candlesticks with the original box, surely 20 will start me. thank you. two. four. six. at 24. and six. and eight you go. at 28, sir. at 28. 'are you all sure?' come on! 'i'll sell in the room at 28.' 28. ?28 is ?28, which is plus three, which takes you to plus 21. there is nothing the matter with that. you have ?21 in the kitty.

that was a good decision. well done, kate. thank you very much. just don't say anything to the reds, all right? and we will reveal all in a moment. thank you very much. gosh, what fun. anyway, sadly, it is my duty to reveal who is ahead and who is marginally behind. and the team behind today, i'm afraid, are the reds. no! yes. we won!

it is only ?16, which is just a whisper, really. but you've done really well, i tell you, and it was great fun. so thank you. thank you. have you enjoyed it? yes, loved every minute. anyway, now, moving to the victors. how about this, beryl? thank you. ?21. thank you. did you think you were going to be a winner today? no. you didn't? you were that confident(?) she was in a slight shock. was it good? brilliant, really enjoyed it. you enjoyed it?

yeah, really good day. thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. wow. grateful for your help. pleasure. and it has been such fun. so much fun that if you at home think you could do it a bit better, then take a gander at our website and have a go yourself. anyway, join us soon for some more bargain hunting, yes? all: yes!

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