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the connection between western policedepartments the rio grande the auto company the unique want delayed onlycomplete and crying expected is available on the auto companies digdeeper into official police records and get the plaque according to radio programs led the coupdetected or even the calling all cars noodles and to a police in catching criminals ofall breakers re-opened agree that got the means quite different from otherboulder field it made by the most possibly be binding officinals calledcracking

unsealed undefined new packing plant inthe only one in the west lightened superconducting but have gotten thebottle voting official the beating of the dayton counties in california andarizona that we've all got to be they have chosen to special processre-opened the quest dot coming to power more police card and images motorcyclesand other emergency equipment than any other brown and that would not have been reopenedthe cut governing featured by independent organizations becausealthough it is possibly at the manufacture

we open the black belt in competitivebrightened is greater efficiency gives you more mpg so by using the old and acracked up to me in your car you can enjoy a padi pa performance atno extra cost once more we are pleased to presentchiefs game debate for the los angeles police department chief david they've been friends tonight is the one hundred broadcastercalling all cars it was with a certain amount of thisgiving

that i appeared on that first broadcast and hundred weeks ago tonight but my desire to bring the policemanside of the story to the public outweighed the fear of possiblecriticism the public's period and civic-minded miss of the rio grande the auto company inmaintaining these broadcasts and the other flag in israel of williamin robeson that author and producer

in dramatically presenting them havejustified my decision in that first broadcast nearly two yearsago i remember saying that i hope that youlisten to these problems you would have a deeper understanding ofyour friend the policemen and eighteen a realization how theconstant battle he wages to keep your city a decent place inwhich to live i believe now that nearly two years havepassed that this program has accomplished all i hoped forty-eight at the beginning

and i'm deeply grateful to the riogrande eight locality to mr ropes and and to my brother officers throughoutthe southwest who have home opener confidential files and contributed many interesting infilling cases to this blended radio program me nato open that door alike i think thatmovie theater with the bank statement of what you got locked up i'd wait till igot a lot more to come to pick up this

morning spiritually the politics here at the electoral map it out dramatic reminder that we get around histhat they go through it and i know all the time of an awful hari supporttatyana got a lot more places to call or if the panel it manager dot was weren'talways export repeated okay cokie it or they keep it up and down the exchangep nobody compared to my job to conduct bill dot more than liberal all afternoonit over to a gut level which is in

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aboard prominent like the end of theelectorate well governments are going to happen right that a lot of work and are just pop upthey'll let's say forget about their jobs where i don't know anything aboutthat late at night returning to work a lot of our children you are going to it located on the statelaws it'll become addicted but not getting tired of this error capable with a global you know that that capital

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dash eight hours from where the jakarta across the street teamsters there wrote a letter to detention task especially he'd mike dot devereuxat gm whether it is well or a break she'd really quickly compilers no i don't know i think we've got to getthe receiving artifact placards made it

how you were here and i'll bring a carright back well mahal thing i'd and related or reported world westhollywood the republican report what what whatwhat it was voted destruct ordering dedications dentist and leopoldo pull-up one of us didn't bark or argued the billand lenin you will get the camp from the driver europeo drunk

and come back in pick-me-up ok rewrite that now we are a couple of a sudden outburstof that vote for it and everywhere but where this is over inthe car but crude yes uh... that's right i knowbut mister bush said yeah plummeted in with instead stops at theback door and arterial contacted forward beam step forward

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land but that does not look good what that with point it at all already recorded you know that yourtroubled did what what what what was it was no probably one of the government formed what about your november alright but getout on one of the city hall and what about you but please don't knowwhat we're going to cut sometime

onsite or alright will be fixed lifestylesocialist state lightbulb all mumbai dot right forty two oh two of histhat attitude process involves protracted protected task stuffed and intellectual that looked like thisone substance

the city's and which will be on the stump presidentnelson allocation skills uh... no-bid i could really done much toit uh... doubled up fiddled around with him we own some than it is not a named and i just pulled a big and it didn'thelp

a tonight the activated located whateverbelow did the intelligent agent and that youwanted to do and that that's what i thought that looked like the well ididn't get a good look at the white guy it got out of the light the other one at a blue or purple isabout twenty five india mechanical like i couldn't tell yet a startup overstatement worldwidecapital overthrow in america highlighted anarchy

credit card business all of them uh...and it taller than you can go in wendy cucumber had made here in town throw we like i can't imagine shocked me and my cardand fell and i think you ought to know about that in the city medan we'reinvestigating the murder builder's report with the you're part of the artof the tail end sure they'll take a look now you look here obviously you don'tget me out you will be stopping well good well o about to indianproperty from this direction that in my car

might want to get out the one thing ithink he's going to the hospital and promise to bring my car back but theyhaven't weekend i got to thinking that maybe they would want to be chilly but ilike well with ana blew up a copy what i want to take it was a lot of moralrecord in the envelop that that's right the whitecaps drum animal like athleticno government elected no i don't think they got visible it upside down look forwhite cap overlooked as between israel and theother side of the street right relations with your priority let me theone find do you want eight nine five yetideal weight make an excelent lou gehrig

maybe twenty duplicate smitten by theway never speaking is down for broad at local it'd be alittle point in state government stolen car one of the connection withthe weather within a few crowley as number seventeen and in london and google image for them items number five victor date that'sright one eight nine percent aspect of the little escape into cut

capable of notifies double homicides one an auto it right away question pick-up time it's more like and thingsjust don't like to ask what time and i think but i think a grand they shouldn'talways ozone materials will be covered with printout about him com network yeah actually go to college

we don't want to get one but i thinknumber one and i was thinking wanted look at the at the middle of the covertrading and uh... if there was no and run down this one remark it's t implement anyone vibrate right-click about the fact that the bookuh... bank holding company backed up by one of the guns but look at it the woman

laundered into didn't resentment but not puppet well smitten with you back to me byanother sort of thirty two point a revolver to there'll number one two on market place and and bellacor development of the mountainside of the body

paroled barone he on it coming on the color of their moneymediocre thirty to pick up the getaway car in west hollywood at midnight lastnight well delivered fingerprint if i didn'thave mci was covered with the printed oregon city oregon the downtime here's george overbootlegging wrote the first step towards his don't sixty men admiral denim sunsetwith a couple pound and trying to locate

the men and women neighborhood thanwe've got to get out there that that might go k thing of the building you know anything about that that thatwould or corporate greed of the optic the roots of that kali we can't allnaked are going to be a good for that brought the preetha now hope i can take the baby hillside

hang died manning the table people arrestedradiator still warm in the car on the driveway i'd out whenever u i don't want alphabet it colleen having me out all the one

and that weight down-and-out maricopaarizona were able to get clouds wondering about the cause of thisi would go down the street at the back online everythign sure about that helpwhat alright what without it out please be seated i happen to work in night and fuhrmanfinding out off your grades example dalbey-cello publicidad devil where catapult

uh... anti-white the kind of a terribleof treblinka in kannur and we want to talk to the ground british cake territory no according to respond with the end of thei think next up nobody but you are what did that uh... by panels on the sixtwenty nine percent of the new blood in your cat would be appalled at the youknow why should i think that we strengthen it and that's where you workfor but it was taken from the department of right away have apartment

mind the indigo with a group of the prisons recorded yet that when we can make anycold yesterday walton worldwide to let you know theoperator slips competing www admittedly level i think it uh... that holds them until five and one normacame to a drain on bakeries stand hecht hecht dot has met his window jarettindelible on this number yesterday totally go to

mind-blowing and evens glasgow and i'm not interested inyour boy edit what i want to know what did you or you can talk to him yesterdaywell if you get one hundred or you just don't know eat out of town unattended deliberations this talia replies integrated well come on down with his nose andholding us on that if you don't open if your son died inwhich it is great january done nothing

and i love it you know that i'm going tolead going into one of its why don't we get from jeff greenfield at granvilleisland a lot i didn't mean to admit it sort of a texan accent i don't know but there was no i don't know it where it is to establisha lot of work can business but attitude houghton don't wanna get unemployed andprobably won't get them in trouble ms

magazine narendra already shattered unfit or political that sexual everest arequite a bit on seven th gutless must live in return individual but we never got camera coverage in the desert implanted in the record exhausted and ithought it might have been developed out of bed problem or a lot about the don'twant to have a look at the top of my

vote and political or to get idle nodelivery in philadelphia live now down told her that way they wanted to play it would rekindle anywhere i took the world editor amid what's her name sally walker articulate with eddie what exactly's she's got a prominent first week in atelephone number two eight three nine six seven yeah

that general a little written before itgoes developing rain in the book andgrandmother log on to that unidentified version and wilted with vermont the orchid put no political pokemon you go that don't work well on its own notanother changing that writing elevator stepped-up noble building duplicatedtraditionally been medicines are planned little picked her up

but what will ever make it up that are going to leave is right thereagan i had with them call headquarters in the wirebakersfield fresno in general that's gonna meet that shit from the power to get off people fulldescription it'll be a little you'll meet them on the plane and they've been arrested buried under acut up man they cannot reward and

the the colombian there there was going to get here into thewill undergo burger over any other attribute nuclear energy department quote-unquotest saturday minority gotten development inoregon and record hopefully people of the day lady met your with hernew apartment but you don't need to talk then i don't know anybody in theneighborhood the deployment of the

courtroom inflicted order please uh... she looked as if yourmother withdrew the crew of the mother lived here litigious little grocery store of the missionrespectable anchor that right suggest function comic that girl book therein within the other office

bridgewater veristrat e the or wit good morning and wanted to meet a coupleof friends of mine charlie the dependent on government and the ryanwho are going to police department uh... while love the mountainous terrain phenomena about all about block

the mother of the time and probably i don't know anything about employersreagan i don't know what you're talking aboutit it was a little trouble aboard and came up not picking my mother thatdoctor mother know what kind of conjure up with more than i will tell you whatdo you need to protect but we could you know if you're a mother in the outeroffice let me ask you to come down it does notwant that what does not come to a motel hotelwhere it was a mistake until there were no there were there

the portuguese relic of wrote thatreparations and call your mother and wonder whatyou've been up to a lot of anguish and will give a paperless lauren how do you think your mother would likethat but you've got a probably will nevernobody you can take my word for it made it pin number will guilty that we can do it he got an apartment chromatogram all right

workout located bo lugosi restrains will architectureinstead of hot personally in india becomes they'd be abundantly cars sothey could get me not nobody on out there on a plan you nobody instinct in me right murano

didn't solve it window updating and all of this leads toa burning plans i mean when what we have all what's that goingat well typical sounds truly with muddy i've read a book that's goingto want to get bored a bunch of a proper and i got on theenvelope would deliverable the most difficult when youlook at the moment does not try to make some pedido

brother tried to break the law shankjolly chalk drawing shop but i haven't had a shot at i thought ihad a shot at the start and again in the biblical well i cant i'm beginning to thinkthey're right on the site crime don't pay olbermann or that lost job possibly apply dot i'vegot a little bit intellectually and of all the more cops they always get coming in put

they always get to india they got jewelry and hanged him by the neck unfolded they said jack me into the gals but he thought the verdict and got a commutation to a life sentence but the dollars that justice had beendone at the ancient lol of an eye for an eye has been fulfilled

has never compensate with a few crawleyfor her loss can assuage the breaking hearts of themothers of jewelry jacquelyn who sons learned too late that crime doesn't pay splendid work of the middle of thehomicide squad in bringing these killers to justiceisn't empty victory the real work of society has failed society is appalled in the emphaticallyc_s_x_ educational programs which must eventually convinced everymanwoman and child optics utility

obviously a sea of crime thank you david your police department operating hugebleak hundreds of police cars modify khaled will be found in through the otheremergency equipment as well of the people were cards it is flattering but out of all the gapmeans sold on this market rio grande it cracked up when you havebeen selected at their official fuel the compact forgot i mean to operatepolice

fire and emergency cardinal signs specified rio grande a cracked up to meexposed to pay the cost test over a period of years a conventional fine with officials as well of official opened birthdatemarysville hayward san diego county medical pick up theozone and many others at rio grande a crack dot mean expelledand every requirement it's dark spot exhilarated box

it creates more power and you get greater mileage we want you to know and we want everymore personal at rio grande a cracked will continue togive more for the moment and any other governing your if your neighborhood independenteither at rio grande a cracked up to me asked him to about the pre git for boys and girls man

the political or personal but don't letyour guard at one hundred and regarding the murder of the time thatyou got it let's just get a dl the old-world abt there all in all of our that method in bywilliam enrolled your announcer evidently hitting therival the rio grande lay on top of that

falling all part of populated programcreated for the real crime bill and we talk about it and all kinds of at onehundred one regarding the murder at a level label goldenberg every police caught at speeds populistbyron freaky dramatic advertisement boreal banditcracked up to me solid everybody banded beating on it out on the record everybody went abroad ka

everybody motorcycle both the road there are thousands customer because inthe category of revealed from the cracked up to the national and more of them you're real from thecracked and having other companies what greater proof in iraq they've gotten expelled all of it the gap between selected what emergencycause operating from the los angeles open berkeley and others and by the county of don diego medicalcounty over the land many many others

it totally in competitiveness the old and they had one beat that because it is the only got comingavailable in the far west that is made by the patented templatebacking prospect the most advanced refining method knownto the podium industry in real time his new packing plant thefinest in america door governing go to a costly extraboston but changes all the week coal-burning later unit into rich vital element

and when you buy the old democratgoverning from your neighborhood and either you've got the plane got to me that hewould buy more emergency engines than any other brands and in addition the o'brien the offersthree yet in every boy and girl driving tonight or tomorrow if you'll whenever they are going to cutgovernment is old

we'll print copy of the polling allkagyud and read all your youngsters may have acomplete junior detective out of it breeders are now it is our pleasure to presentkeeping the faith qualifying for the police department good evening friends as you sit quietly back in your chair listening to this broadcast perhaps youwill be leavitt is incredible

at several persons can conspire togetherto commit crime which may result and in this case did result in coldblooded murder do citizens realize that walking abroadin our communities are vicious individuals whose criminal tendenciesare so great that they can conspire together in asingle act of violence that this story we bring you tonight isone of which proves conclusively that they have a lot criminal types aredangerous an altogether unfit to associate with civilized society as weknow it i wish to call particular attention tothose listening in tonight

to the splendid work done by the policeofficers in bringing from the group of conspirators and would-be muggers who story this news the truth concerning one of the mostbarbri killing simply samples this blended piece of detective work wasdone without resorting to the antiquated so-called third degree the psychology use by the policeofficers in this story to break down the resistance of these clever criminals isparticularly noteworthy now for the story

night morning talented kids at midnight and what do you get out the last eveningthe bite of food in the house and the kids and hungry i gotta go beyond therelief headquarters in cuba and uncertainty chod ended up buying statedouble album and gentle alter like i said to be back in the government itselfbut a crust of bread lol i don't know what the world coming to i would justgoing to make them up from you know i admit that what do you like bacon thenmaybe you can tell me why dont buy and then they had to keep in touch them anyone document indicate gone bad andnot able to find how did not have had to

eat everyday mom exchange i haven't seenher for family and i feel and just on the way to have pockets to find out whyi can't get me antiseptic and like come along very well i'm going to speakto him down yet dot the policies of randolph and got herself namita thatmister reading from across the street dewey at all no she too old and settledfor that when a woman pat sixty she had been thinking about flying keaton maybe not of course i hate blacks

sick i and wellington they thought they'd beactive but that mister reading don't look so bad but maybe hdl on a husband well wonder womanblunder dan and dupont and light i'd and year yet what uh... you have toadmit man accused of crime well political battle and i never could understand what misterreading season that old method what she'll hear your apache want she saidekkada defines out this week knock on the dark much

and not allowed an opt-out right thatday date you know if you want to hear that calculi d supposed etc or not i'm going to pick the cable although iwouldn't do that internet mapping pro-life vote what lovett might lovinglyexcept that i'm going to talk about that no matter how i do it project nailed down junket legacy ph do you think anything

this is an yet credit the wrong pelviccognate not made and undermining credit or join senator vindictive ought to get here capitalistic ltd but manner acutely ideology was beaten with a broadand went out and beckman rollerblading

and with the people who work here and iwill look like italic envelop and the fingerprint mandela canand cannot for the body related initiative right obviously the motive was robbery withequipment one of running a business within the group and in particular uh... uh... landfill demand that they care letme get this delivered around a big neighbor to find out what they knowabout the the cat

violent are kind of and reminding woodland and i'm reallynot going to happen to know that credible rematch alike when we arrived at the door delivery inprayer rear door gridlock but pretty much recommenders paperback way might be on the income at him and letplease donated what

demand it the political in any way i can make it on the development and what misterreading which several years when we will could create bleed and yell at i hadn't seen her for the week that ididn't do it did you collect didn't know that you have any animatedno doubt that i know part of that and i think that the bullets that killeda man

and according to this report thefingerprint we gave me brought do anything with the people who may belooking bad about that mister adequate time to go i've never been the images whatwednesday's why i hadn't even seen of the week looks pretty bad maturity i didn't tell the truth major country ihave many begins to televise told you the truth and invented dreading that layhee ikkada repairing some prominent by half

repairing employment sorry i didn't write it what you'rebeating up people walking brands now i'd like to know i mean it's not having doneanything visitor that why would you going to do to meet with the hollywoodtechnical carpeting the reject your story gephardt check back on the link below it binder telling the truth but he had indeed cunningham byregarding the bombing vandenberg once more to their office

and reading it that that could my approach and then come back i don't know however that doesn't explain about yourfingerprint on the books and that that well i was like me when you first quickme i i sort of a meter that i had been inthis is what syndrome i took a little book about a couple ofdays before she was before she died i may have touched a big deal phillipwhitman birthplace producing d reading

the convinced you have nothing to dowith it and i'm free to go to enter the name and today mister reading today literally threw out the door open for awhile and then we'll be right back what do you mean you know if i don't letthank you gentlemen will be connected what would you put up at the bottom theywant to do that and we got a mortar and other things looked like they have nolimited from time to talk to the image of the quota but in the interest ofgreat republic of china or the next several days first and thereare concerned about working today on the

case checking the story the president ofthe groom when the weather day there was a little fact that may prove to be animportant clue actually getting nowhere identified unexpected source of greatcomplete open statewide and those that are speaking creek and rigged yet pack wanted it card

etc camp park and then let me go down that way coming under the settlement wouldinterview missus allen work interview he demands could have gottento find that william compaq an old at the moment dot at robin dot career gentleman noticable pork likely have a dot wouldit be a don't mind clinic bank their workers

fortitude and then paratroopers traversed let themget out of the state department where police check i'm shortage but whatever it takes tobecome a cop's personnel and does that mean that mister we'll bring it up in the broader marketand what is that you want to be talking to me about what your help mistermcmillian athletic broker appointments unqualified justcompanies according to information we've received your over to my little brothertwo old woman

hemorrhagic handle at midnight tonighton the which which ca doctors to get to bed language open-minded where we'd be cured jobs detail you have to make it past herbody around or anything shoot helped about mcnally it how it lookedlike it doubly robert i don't know what duo so be it if youthink that i don't think jumping conscience is clear is an importantpaper exactly chocolate was it was just

so you know what they're up to the deathof a of an old woman you continue to do that we may be forced to arrest joins usvision of mother no direct big-ticket before he did humbert humbertoverall you did know about not it's just so i i i mean that's what we did notaccept robbers pentium deborah ports accordingly agreement feel a great dealabout it they hate vinci cayton came up talks guidelines

kato and it will have to run and and and the usual and cultural environment itdoesn't matter how we communicate expertise now would be interested in anderson goesnot but how do we know if you are in the history of billiard undercover coming upin the loop com contract after plugged happened among commercial past i'd loveit who oversees

and remember norwich if she did but i i can't stop thinkingabout dropping some polling grade eye-catching i could not have to do withit had to look at what's respectable self-respect and respect the folks atthe front in lebanon victory should lectured anti-black chatted lastactually lived there description yukiko is hand picked bycover page or write michigan scholarship applications pasthigh-capacity again swirling expressed her first actorchristian servers kentucky

unique litigation on about two hundred involvescredit card number one company pato now a look at the months well well people to problematic blackwood foryou cannot i think armenians what city blocks and how do you know twenty coming startled canada making people go away but now i candefinitely blackberries so that the

republicans stopwatch a murder believeheadquarters as well about a lot about no matter how much didwhen indeed k religion in a printer that will likelyat all not that data somewhat waiting outside data at what they are there were yetreckoning determine up the inevitable random at what i don'tknow anybody out in the senate found will clear about that computer chip and a huge german heroics here tonightever wavered bangalore for america

who mister darden implemented with nothingshort of it and not to protect my cock up you know what kind of a play withthat up on that but i have been blanket with eleven hours you are not thecharacter gore it talked of how much here mechanisticcomparable history boise contractor mechanical change an anxiousto tonight needed change cricket match antique elect me back

garden quick communication what tactical armani yuppie gesture you happened already there how did we lose our property could holdup our darkness seeing as how i got a respectable shoppers respect unpackembarrass wear to work on the whole hip-hop old to bike mighty in addition to keep out

about if you'd prefer contradict out of the after picking up rifles pattyto cut back on the market opened the door and with the parent that we haveabout a black acumen about actually read a little bit but mcnultydot that is the truth there okay thank you manager my guess if you're getting out of the file storyof a cut above the law a month

let's go country and do you expect their property federal government and right at thecorner that name i want to tell you that panel of removing berman well-regarded by it like in theheadquartered okay there would be ideal cambodian holding and andrew and we've been in thering we're looking to will filter

within two working for the disguise itlike it was uh... because if they commit neighborhood every minute of martinluther king yeah the rooming house but pointed out absorb the limited reserve room that the left we're up you know waterloo yeah

that the pain of them okay to come up tome la kat tempat between however it bad the police right when one through bitten well one out of here idon't want notrouble here it's monthly i'm not getting a bad nameon it now quiet down martin landau we're here makeup but we have a great way to get onan all hidden old modern-day olympic what more could you know drove localmoney one out the name of the man who could do to get people have asked themto be in the known then what happened i

can be expected to vote a cocktail wanting to wait for a couple of dayssometimes that unit you got the room reconnected no but they didn't evencomfortable picket don't want no trouble down there will be miserable deepemotion it would've been a w that what we'rehere what twenty four long hours detectedwill be no mistake about making turned walking to the people for a new onehundred bohol eleven that night but the next morningbut by the way up new back

problems at all mexican all walkingaround all night or mistaken debonair a fact that the americanequalizer places placed down a rat where plato iraq's anchorman which of the activities of thefriendlier than it did go to the most unstable come on i don't think and introduce you to

it made a mistake that your old friendat the scene of the black there that weekend but it is a friend i never status mired in my life like them with the diversion here which iscalled me up with them was fought in the deal jefferson heremaybe but sampson about a month with plan in the rubble old woman wholive next door the baby's room joined over on maple st kinda basically had five grand in thetrunk

values typewriters and i think it's ahybrid damon namrata under arrest vision of murder brian and work together all right myron believe it was a the problem twelveaircraft new book primetime of but you know your happen for twelve on thebible at normal let me but but then he didimprisoned

uh... or uh... the board would like to know whythey are all here character actor an elegant alphabet at our weather or at the rental in other make an arrest inthe way a reasonably short of breath dealt with uh... wet line i don't think that uh... come ons fellat camp uh... but a little over a week ago on all the waythey were the name of a man you know

what you want one of the during arobbery they opened for him to believe that oneof the people who committed that murder ali my comparable ulsterpark that one the whatever they're going to finishauditorium forgotten about dad derived would it make if they could do it rajendran

so i thought it broke are working on our construction job outhard with a couple months ago non-black there with workers and robin dole backer of comparable time when they were unrealistic about hookedup and running but it's got a job there relief said he knew where there was some of thecash determinate he woman in a new but nobodypicked up five done a lot of jewelry not

come from a room from the government job doctor karadzic has been either one ofthe room but in what manner fuel thank you dotcom can be doubly the best way i can bump your woman nuclear i don't likeinformative programs and for where you live next door thatapartment we met in them talked about in the fed when the schoolgovernor for picking up on something when it comes from one of the parkinglot

their mother barbara but you did onafter i get in family that maybe there were many dormroom because we've been working with people i did not have a bomb scare not part ofthe whole thing sort of thing more about that black seldom go that route yeah whateveryou've got all that yeah not much after i talk to sense about the job iran into each other's invariably turn around and everything forever

we've known each other in oklahoma andwhen that wasn't really without a worker figured she was an old friend thepresident of the good thing you went along with me that that isreally was present when we talked over plans just got to talk to a pet is perfect when we started argue about whether thisis what we really don't have any money i wish i could that with the flow in thenext thing i knew i read the papers of the older than bob i didn't do what i was never anyevidence that he wanted the plot

about it what you want to do the right i can tell i have attached profit known unlike ought to be mandelbaum relentlessly optimistic to break downthe stories the admissions in denial toward the end of the second day of won't get a little tired of it by theirown gallantly binoculars so create gelding toward that i think of the contract

reporting the came over and over again certainly i'm going to get rid of them and ignorant there was a i wanna apologized to you over to theeditor of uh... rhetoric captain we have to do everything sometimes wordsyou're not only have about that understand trade on it you're hurt my back that we're going todo it archipelago probably

or to update you went to the aircraftthat you are right to confront her properly dunaway jornada templeton holdings i think that and somebody else was devastated overthe rest of my but a lot of their is that whatever your spilled cola together and i think lacking dot if youare part of the plumbing already eliminated one surprise on that story

complained about them something bartlett wasn't completely butthey are adequately explain what annual completely by your mother credit directly without a doubt that often you're correct that that thetruth okay dot org yet uh... sitting around doing that for that day i got crux democratic cheaphere

tick-tock the tactical and when iwould've is is what which again to the door i bend over it connect editor at the store on the bed an actor picked george make practicerichmond you've already read uh... that it lot liberated by the department just onething i want you loves to know i never met the killer by just wanted to put it it's late so icould get the five grand a mark dave said which is i didn't make that killeri swear i didn't

hike jess captors ease still don't knowyour old friend directed network black miss martin were booked for murder stimson was held as a material witness and complaints rations by deputydistrict attorney burton ferguson on one count of murder two counts of conspiracy to commitrobbery and three counts of attempted robbery

the four days before the case came totrial judge ruben smith release black in this market declaringthat the evidence of their guilt was insufficient jefferson went on trial on an insanity charge was found slain and listen to send clinton penitentiaryfor life side it

someday you may need help from thepolice someday you may need an ambulance quick every second count when you need help so police take no chances with gasolinerefined by ordinary methods company which makes sputtering balkansfall of the sudden demand for speed to insure that every police car can jumpmccall two top speed in emergencies the largest cities and counties incalifornia and arizona specify real rhonda cracked up coming topower all emergency motors no more to get tucker apple cricketkathleen replying to this extra parking

profit and with cracked deafening in your car you can get police car performance to i have an extra inducement to try tosuper refined gasoline every independent dealer handling riogrande a cracked company is offering free thought it would get two boys and girls dr ian a police car performance for your call

with real blundered cracked up to me bloated please call your car's enginetold by the cancellation broadcast one hundred one regarding a murder becuz is now and van the medicare but didn't they getting a good night or the rio grandeoil company hall and ball park copyrighted program created by the riogrande the auto companies

but at least calling all cars at anall-time broadcast one hundred and all car like hopefully upgraded mailedgrounded lately demonoid nigel golden calling on karain holding on eleven call goes out over theair two hundred the radio pitbull kick off in a matter of life and death body parts heaven the second week when bad publicity dropped the ball

appointee problem must begins with a top speed and have thisweek i haven't read one second i mean i like up by the motivation police departmentthe wedding review newt ordinary happenings in voting power in anemergency and approved at dapper means made by ordinarydefining provinces and start backing up

and develop an upbeat involved there's a reason by more police carsfire engine ambulances and other emergency equipment use real banda crack deafening than anyother brian and that reason in the exclusive happento be pining for best known as cracking b_o_ bandit puts gasoline through thenewly developed in backpacking profit to separate the small burning from thepast firing up lot of different names in court the test

they won't believe the visual real gun decried gasoline has proved tobe so much patterned stockings so much bpm so much more powerful that had been awarded the contract areall the emergency card operated by most nine open burdening marysville san diego county metal copa county arizona and many otherif it is in town on tonight's program you will hear agraphic demonstration of the efficiency

of our beliefs rio grande impact governing hascontributed greatly to the petition or more policemen emerges a card youwill be open mic dot gasoline exclusively wherever it is sold ben bennett other brand and they use exactly the same gasolineyou get when you got the night he will be overand the independently via thankful tomorrow

knowledge is our pleasure to presentchief jane v dave of all time love police department he'll have often heard me refer to losangeles as the white spot of america's crime map the phrase is mine at the statistics which inspired it maybe obtained by anyone interested in the work of this police department during the era of lawlessness

now happily coming to a close we enjoyed a minimum of large-scalecrime as compared to other cities in this nation this is not meant to imply however that we did not have our racketeers andso-called big shots many whether hoodlums who tried to muscle themselves intopower

but his quickly as they began operations we began breaking them down it wasn't always easy one of the most difficult me and we hadto break plus a one-time city pickpocket muscled into the bill bracket and made himself a dick schaap his name makes no difference he has paid his debt to society

so for the purpose of our story we will call him mails cronin love did in nineteen twenty seven on the evening responded back into townbigger and we've got warranty i mean figure you had a lot of narcotic experiencehaving to

yes sir i was not not the state and localdurable several years in in old mails conan is bigger show everybody knows who he is dick schaap though peddler ambitions to be a west coast caponethat's right asking around town that i can get it amanda previously customer nor the boy's never been able to have acommon yet

he lets them you will that work for himto corrupt in the had to sort of individual withwhom to be but i don't think they're right whenthey say we can't get it annually would agree with me and it will take it i'm going to make you captain of thecombined reverend psychotic squalor and i'm going to give you one big job get cold it may take me

airboat i'll get it mold and the police in their web a dozen detectives shot of a dozen don'tpeddlers make arrests top-drawer rep but never commit but the thing that on nealconan and one day at the back of the canadabritain on the speakers managed to bring police headquarters command approaches in adwords yesterday

fraud and what they're talking whatabout passion i know it tell me that can really wants to talkto him and i don't want to talk to him ah... bs not good ought to take a minute except what i would have a strong and welcome hello returns our mails

juniors and today it right at thisbizarre position liquor they get your face when you found thatbutton on the back of my car was full of cleaning the that was very funny manager and jim davis is worded letterto my trailer guinevere there until they don't know anythingabout it director say detergent you don't make much money they re a goodan early to tell you what a couple salary is

like an act of two hundred dollars amonth real estate is planned their no thanks spinning foolish edwards alvarez durablebribery cronin but your order yet many witnesses story a deaf dumb and blind inches toletter virtually gave me no speaking uh... about edward had told you not tobe double that caught your order park in the uk and wondering about you know antarctica

load and uh... i get back to pick up my friends career songs match salvador rival line twenty million people worried must be getting pretty close to him soit really goes together i thought that differences are not theintended gps

and should for the crime your book that mexican palliativeaurangabad motel outside okay bring 'em unveil you know we've got plenty on yourassigned to the big house for a nice long story but i'm not that the federal cataloging taxpayer from above them itlooked a lot of them are colleagues bombard the cabin i left with no which was usedfor that report diamond or anything like

this you let me go on i never do it again i think maybe we can arrange somethinglike that and crushes begumpet done cash on one condition that you would do a little labor for uspolicy asian your glogs anything i can you and all man-made wetland howard mister and missus sandown uh... c

i want to go by three out of themorphine problem you want me to bugs participa it let me all over again i'm arrested over and i don't want torescue all over again federal i'm after their faith in you i want our assembly howard and his wife before buying for the answer from them with ethnical and think we can arrangeit

if you will probably up about eleven orcompletion promise on day one hooligans on its and i will give you atrap here's what you do you call seminar to make a date with himto make the pot we'll have to alter the man of rumbleseat of your car have you given hard in the life of markmoneygram philadelphia march morning of where i will provide that after they've given you the morphine youclap your hands together and say

now i can make myself a little bit metalpicked up now i can make myself will be now that'sright that'll be the signal to the twomemorable to collect the arrest warrant he's very simple i'm glad both of these people people make the date to meet the powerto board reimburse me around the corner captains leaders oftenpolice cars and planes crawled napoleon pedro with two officers get in therumble seat of his car buyers of the board

moment later mr mrs howard arrive intheir car argument over the papal insignia watching be out of the coldweather appears to be an argument when we do it won't happen the burden of his car feasible thatmexican double-crossed must nobody gunning in alaska swinging around who beat bop enveloping buses hospitablebird just let me know that it's all of them belittled by topic

now well and problems allied we'd have a lotof people around will go back to the corner of the people on the level of inthe back of them and he wanted to have her here advisinghim not moving towards was on monday and we can talk about it would you like a very bad and only thebook language skills are we having can cannot appetite vapid putting then bringthem up the women yet that way and not to that grandpa management mondrian don't be cup it

where the market day connected and as a little bit of yourself okay let the rabbit on dvdfab barrythey've been to have to be a delicate white uh... it and bad of david wrote we gotthe money that's a joke solar company need some more permanant whoever on sunset boulevard carolinawhat my project or will run what donald walks of life too haha we might welltaken that and of hip hop inviato

bridges while regarded host right alongside aroad block style that person windward compromises in order to montgomerymontgomery co we've done there all i can grab my job let me know if youknow have bigger o ellen's island downline whole camp can win

alcohol applicable planet store underwraps up well into the state budget top of that much money pedro gets hotpepper duke d_ u_ capital they cannot capitalism how you that i think they getmails problems and that's the way you realize that these are reliable peopledot next few years enders jr kept mister and missus andignored what companies leaders but i think it will help neal conan by thedistrict attorneys that are built one hundred thousand dollars lead bonding arguably on international or thefail colorado waiting on the trip didn'tfollow it

i think we're going to pandemoniumremain engaged finally uppermost about view howardseparately interview of the student power to be the most filed well muscledaren't that it has the lowdown on male problemelection flat-footed i can't talking cargo yelled is still denial of malesproblem you over and can mail column and the only knewall that you know anything about big and letter to you visualized look like one of the old mulethat your wrap yourself with your

promise mag as they have come up andthey all in the middle of well you got an act of this with all about your job you know you're running opera melatonin another quote of the tentative andtrying to reduce our bail left my dear muscle powered of thereason we place at the high after a month and very orderly elisadignity of the big shop roman catholics to other grandest bringyou when your husband either be camporee doesn't think you'reworth it holy crap

outlawed while missus powerful let meforget that i think they're related what do you want certainly not doing your husband we want mails groaning are going to helpof god track and i thought on trial and all that great i'm tired of it i think they're going to help us get it for outside which is sandy freedom

all right let alone little parliament we're going to have to get the districtattorney the dropped charges against not only out of the mature cell if you will play ball with us until weget problems if indeed with more more stipulation if you're a husband go back to narcoticracket after the l two antigen moved they'llfix you up to the nice long term lease

on the marine view apartment of sanquentin broke up and think of the districtattorney arranged to reduce the baby alone volatile the quote and attorneysto meet the picture immediately upon the release missus outit didn't but did not well kept on hand practically a pretty woman again labprimus allowed allied like family uh... wet suit of the maker of some ofthem up i'll tell you

you called prominent on theautobiography out of the more people so you can read with oprah's and it reallyis and the phone you know kept animate job market cop apartment q o bythrough yeah find out what that might help believe inyour human beings that alone they'll he added to birdie at yeah i just got out and buy email thankthem again first thing in the dot i

don't know what the threat that hugging a blue black ferry how about the handy fall i know you ain't got a hundredgrand i hate that i had been the act here at the belt i can download a lot of stuff my customer time them out say about a hundred ounces autograph camera

right down the road okay i gotta get that guy why not dalamat a lot yeah okay nails in an hour he fell for it i think one of the top of angels like anhour from now to get a cab and got to find out for them alvarado they'll be a car there waiting for mehe'll take meeting it will react calmly walk

he won't be able to catch with me fourthousand baht four thousand dollars you haven't got that much moneyavailable operative dash on the line well i got up and up apply my personal note for your personalnilesh or you all action plan but kept up with grave misgivings dot configurebubbled missus bollam and his board thousand-dollar denmark money fromangels white to the corner of open alvarado

remitted power plants birds withoutdoing a local they've given by me grow shilpa which takes over the border of highlandavenue in front of boulevard bridget gagne change kar lead of the armored limousine of malecronin we could meet in the stock apartment formulholland dr here are popular being detectable by thecronin because forced to abandon the katelynturned it off careful the next several hours nailbiting me awake telephone call from the

power like com disgusting their no couple and where okay bernie for colorado a

waqar pick you up biosecurity one department of medicalimpulse another detail of defective thedepartment governing they'd want to avoid and bahala bigger wrongdoingonboarding okada tell above all else uh... character potluck like what whatever the platonic block for

you're awful hotmail what webmail notebook opt hoping about dot now i meanyou don't know what i mean nailed male qualities apple now we're coming in women knowing that he must taken court upton bigger paving to find any evidencebeyond a forty five caliber gone with the serial numbers filed off minutemen make double scale drawings ofthe interior of the hard when this work

is completed strange discoveries made okay off about making the measurement in theliving room when bob making them in the dining room but they don't have money out at minimumof what you're talking about account which would be able to do in the livingroom and dining room well b darden arms and a man and a great tomake up the difference might be a didn't cause of uh... outbuildings and how itcould be

refrigerated room in the voters to the stucco wall of a because of the callers were ahead bob identified opening some sort of secretpanel of flooding and i keep philips oppenheim story has not sure realdetective stuff parent of a man act my car dot com impact bucket no secret sprang up now

ratify books though date cameron by uh... town like that everywhere that book at before the better path of a mile and had not planned his party uncapped on that guy can really write poetry youknow you don't want to go to that he did you know i want to hear about thevagabond out

fall and that the lord and just like a mail order catalogue don't get it uh... bottom multi-color booklets somewhere around on blending lawyer acure and don't do it yet again japanese path buy-in

command bunker hate campbell iran thatbook a book that i forget literature from state capital probably look at those five-gallon cans alcohol sight for sore eyes nav lab we've got something on thefemale scrotum and handbook contract doctor about thatcollect or grab haha thank god mondale was your comment opened up quick carolina dylan player

all i wanna really miami gap is my fourgrand all marketing tucked away holding me down mister kroll tumblers the case is closed what we what now in the for protonhimself let's go to with devastation leaving colin powell told about aprotective breaking the legal made under arrest begin his manned by the governmentservice approach independently lead gonna theydrive up behind the police robert vindictiveness they quickly

captain figure talked with men about reform unit lebanon have primal but and to make out of the house platte they'll miss burke mountain ofevidence demand the best conor era where or where ever i think the lawbrother or a problem

which might you know you can get in here and thenwe've got plenty of our problem court adjourned violation state for the factthat wanted to get a new hit women that the problem ridicule him fifty of records in yourpocket of your the other half hour after i get thecentral private merger about-face prohibited central okay awhile ago that other problems that's what you're worth it

ahead happened cigars or the organ called whatdo with them for and presented with a pack i'll call them listen carefully them andthem up resource a work it all have to we can't let me a copy of all three ofour lord edited and trying to do if they are up five of the talk aboutconstitutionality they can't make nato allison probably require product so far you've got all the talking no one basket at all

suggest that the middle-east c air bedtime story crime don't pay the police and yourfriend on that blanket would be a lot better albeit listened onthe floor al piped out and get there york through we are not going to defend you up forlethal threat it yet i haven't got it right up my sleeve

develop them he was a little bit out of the markingthe mittalpower today she paid with my money money i'm markmyself separated ralston recover that money you know what we finally found the money fifty five-gallon cans of alcohol andten thousand dollar brother narcotics a lot of health make your mouth people you have a goodnow they given by the jury all that evidence

talked to privately sure one of my office euro uh... parked for tomorrow amount exetel uh... what's on your mind electric them you really get the goods army

enough to give you a maximum sentence soon fred look it up medicaid the domestic about the past fifty thousand dollars in the box if you get the key december twenty two am i can't let yougo out and it worked electricity

would take twenty grand forget that wehaven't you got a good thing not going to take some kind of a rapid we're going to be on the cotton you knowi want to go over to her and pressure on these men have to say good autos stolen goods offered me a twentythousand dollar bribe to go way beyond into the key to a state department boxclock limit alright roman i'm on almost ma'am

i'm not taking on a product that my dear conan is part of the job ofbeing honest man kept updated winnebago dark palpable did but wellbore their goal of the mammoth that jimbaker's couldn't get their goal of the big shot of the losangeles racket and all of the big crybaby in a mild-mannered guy in a gangsterpicture cat because dish it out but he couldn't takeit

meals crawling for digital but he couldn't take it he took plan developed when he went to court and when he found the evidence captainseeger filed against him he welch began and pled guilty for selling morphine to missus howard judge garland sentenced him send clintonfor a maximum of six years

five years later he was out and six months copper israelis he was picked up a peek in your pocket at a picnic in sycamore growth mayo scroll down self-styled they'd shot had found hislevel petticoat we talk in that time that crime doesn'tpay thank you keep davis through detective mysteries which arebroadcast over this program also appear

in story form in the calling all cars new you've got this unique publication freeof charge every month wherever rio grande the cracked gasolineis sold and in this month's issue with the newsyou will find a list rations and descriptions of nine free gift which make up the complete juniordetective outfit for boys and girls you could help her young friends getthese to your point out that that you will by just driving for the rio grandeattacked gasoline pump next time to fill

up it cost you know more than ordinarygoverning but when the super refined pepper appletreated who will return your carpet you'll get the brill pasta startinglightning acceleration greater power and police car perform but please call your car's engine orcard cancellation broadcast one hundred to neal conan allen custody nationalrole printed

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