Wednesday, January 11, 2017

puppets history timeline

my name is donatello and right now i can't help but think of an old same be careful what you wish for all my life i've been fascinated with what they call terrible lizards and thunder beasts dinosaurs but now amazingly i got my wish and the cretaceous period 65 million years ago finally seeing them with my

own two eyes while running for my life be careful what you wish for or just like the dinosaurs you might find yourself facing sudden extinct i never so accurate always wiseguys

don't know tell you there's no one that blackout for shredder 123 i'm telling you right now this is a bad idea wraps right i've got a bad feeling about this what are you talking about this is gonna be great

how can you not be excited about being in a museum you won't think that when we get to the main attraction is it a snack bar because that i could get excited about the museum is closing in 20 minutes so there shouldn't be many people here but keep a low profile if that back donna and that sounds zoo died that's not

exactly what i meant by low profile sorry you ok done you've been looking a little under the weather lately just a stuffy nose nothing serious enough to miss this isn't this fantastic it's the biggest dinosaur exhibit in the country yeah this is way better than playing video games and reading comic books

thanks don you know it's not too late to ditch this and you'll find someone to fight bishops monsters are still out there fighting them would be less painful than this look there's a stegosaurus and a pteranodon skeleton look there's a nerd asur and i see a geek asaurus rex i've been a dinosaur fanatic as long as i can

remember cool fossils all the different species a mystery of their extinction what's not to like besides see that article on as turtles we've got ancestors that go all the way back even before the cretaceous period dinosaurs are like our ancient cousins yeesh and i thought raph was the ugliest

relative we had hardy-har mikey what mikey rat easy as did i mention the animatronic exhibits their state-of-the-art look donny chicken sources and there's the king the tyrannosaurus rex i'd hate to run into that in a dark alley just imagine what it must have

been like back then herds of dinosaurs grazing peacefully then boom boom boom the t-rex attacks done is that a robot to want no no it's not i'm assuming this isn't part of the exhibit i think that's a good assumption religions from the cretaceous you

reasonable reptiles i don't get paid enough for this purpose haha fitting i should find you freaks here along with the dinosaurs for soon you too shall be extinct that's savanti romero monty romero didn't you guys tell me he was banished millions of years in the past that's what we thought there's nowhere

you can hide from my magic even from the distant past i can find you and send this message of your impending inevitable room message of do when you care enough to send the very best you should never have interfered in my plans to capture the time scepter and now who will pay mark my words turtles everything you

know everything you count about i will erase from the past i will destroy your futures i will deal with walt simultaneous and his apprentice soon enough but why bring out your entire timeline will be a good start to my revenge on the police know always bringing now bonehead up should you wish to try and stop me i'll

be waiting in the ring of fire hey i can't take you guys anywhere why is it all these bad guys don't stay down when we put a bait anonim did you notice how he didn't respond to raf it was weird like a recording or a time capsule like he knew we would be here tonight and enchanted those bones from the past

do you think you can really make good on all those threats i don't know magic's not really my thing look this is the ring of fire he mentioned it's a string of volcanoes that lines the entire pacific ocean from japan to alaska well that narrows it down it doesn't make sense

he challenged us to stop him but he must know we don't have any way to get to him in the past we need a time machine oh wow it's great to see you guys again renette i can't believe it's been so long well it seems like a long time but in all time you never know this can't be a coincidence

brunette what are you doing here i'm graduating well at least i am if i pass my final exam lord simultaneous says this chronic crisis is my final so i'm like totally stressed and you know not if when i pass i'll go from apprentice timestress to temporal infraction explicate our first grade

so that's renette yeah she's kind of a lot to take in brunette if lord simultaneous knows this is happening why doesn't he just fix it he's the all-powerful master of time right well i like because i'm supposed to do it it's my final exam and i came here to see if you guys want to help

guys had lung okay look i know savanti setting a trap you know savanti setting a trap but we can't really leave this to renette can we especially because if savanti romero can somehow destroy us from the past it should have happened already meaning meaning little miss tick-tock over there might be the one that goes back in time

and messes things up for all of us and i mean all of us alright net will go with you and help in any way we can trust me this is going to be a breeze i've got like really good with the time scepter here we go whoa i mean hold on brunette right i'm april of course i

know you april remember what i showed you oh wait that hasn't happened yet oops sorry i always do that what i'm look can you just drop me off at home i don't think i'm up for a trip to the cretaceous today oh no problem homie i meant my home master splinter you're never gonna

believe this but stop please it is probably better that i do not know hey i thought you said you were getting good with that thing actually do should be worried you sound so surprised this is incredible look at all there's an apartment source for real living apart asaurus on your toes guys we might look like

snacks to some of these things i ain't afraid ano priest or dino brain whoa we need to be careful while we're here this isn't some other dimension or alternate universe this is our world's past anything we do could alter the future we could unintentionally change our entire

timeline we can't leave anything behind and we have to thank you gesundheit so if i leave these clothes you think some archaeologists in the present would find them and freak out maybe it looks like we better pack everything up let's get moving now the first thing we need to do is get a fix on our local

child sorry night easy the scepter parking out on this she probably loved my game

check me out thank you well that was fun in a scary we almost lost our life sort of way yeah really nice safe with the time scepter oh it's not my fault the time scepter is not working and let me guess we're stuck i don't know what happened here let me

take a look at it maybe something shook loose during the stampede hi big fella i think he likes you wrap you should embrace this not many people think you smell good lose something why this i always keep a spare bag of chips around you never know when you might need a snack

ah you're a good diner i'm gonna call you sog maybe your dog's great-great-great-great great-great grandpappy zog was an alien mikey and i hate to point out that you could have just changed all of human history by feeding that dinosaur potato chip on the future how way to go doofus brunette are you sure the scepter

isn't working oh think it's overheating it's not supposed to go read what is it soft but who's a good boy what do you keep my jerky watching a play something's coming monica one of the most vicious of the carnivores what is day before that

refresh my memory oh yes trust me this is gonna be a breeze help everyone the dynamics is one of the smartest of the dinosaurs there fast with powerful jobs they have a razor sharp sickle clawed each foot you know being a dino phonetic was a lot more endearing when we worried about to be eaten by actual dinosaurs anything

else we need to know did i mention they can jump nice alright renette just stay behind me ow saved by a sneeze now that's embarrassing way to go sock good soldier hey why'd they leave you think we scare

them off nope you think something really horrible is coming now yeah yeah every day more like big and hungry party romero this from territories to your extinction ok

eons ago i was on the verge of ultimate power with the omnipotent time center i savanti romero was going to rule all of time that is until lord simultaneous supported my plan no he turned me into a monster and exiled me from null time to earth's middle ages where you hope never to hear

from me again but instead i plotted summoning all my magic i tried again to take the time suffering usage against lord simultaneous now my freedom shall be hard but thanks to the interference of those the cursing ninja turtles i'm not coolest i'm stress reduction my victory was denied hey nice way and simultaneous exiled me

once more even further in time to earth's cretaceous period but that did not stop me savanti romero again i gathered my magic and lord i pray back through time want to remember will not be denied his revenge the time stress will pay for her meddling the time scepter will finally be marne for the turtles they have no

idea of the changes that are about to befall them 30 ladder racks the wise guy shredder 123 world come turtles i have been expecting i called it it was a trap hey up and you

reflect and over the time stone watch your little green friends become tied us all food last time you sneeze to cause a dinosaur stampede this cold of yours is gonna be the end of us what we stay there and fix the time scepter wait oh i have to do something

is it over do we like we're dare touch me are grow tired of this bring me the time subtle my parents bring it no he's got the scepter you failed turtles the time scepter is mine and now for the last element of my

plan the time swiss herself farewell turtles enjoy your exile here the time stress and i have a rather pressing engagement with a meat-eor when yeah we've been traveling through this greenhouse for powers i know where that said this was a big test for her but come on it's looking like an f so

far lord simultaneous center here why doesn't he do something because he's a grade-a jerk i hope she's ok we're going to find her when that's gonna be okay she better be oh what a terrible nightmare meet again times for the last time i do hope your enjoy you and get me mad my sector your

master is a fool to entrust you with such power and soon i'll use that power to destroy him what do you need me for i don't think he's going to come for me if that's what you think i'm using you as bait no mark magic needs fuel the life of an apprentice timestress for example

and men ow that's done you okay done do you need to rest do you need a chip home it's just this annoying cold but it's nothing compared to our real problem even if we save the net i'm not sure we're gonna make it out of this we don't have much time

come again what's with the we don't have much time what are you talking about well from the looks of everything around here we're in the late cretaceous period and from the waist of auntie has been talking about extinction and meteors see that i don't think that's a start going up there i'll bet that's an asteroid asteroid

that's about to hit the planet you know the cataclysmic disaster that wiped out the dinosaurs huh thanks for the pep talk john this just keeps getting better and better then i say let's get run and get the shell out of here before the asteroid hits hey what's this great how much you want to bet remember

the top philosoraptor cried those are the worst ones place on jurassic park twice paulie's that's a velociraptor who scary guys huh did i mention they hunt in packs we have to get to that spire give me a minute i'll come up with a plan

leave it to me hey my how'd you like some 20th century died no job great looking up here like with a dying cow that's your plan mikey they're carnivores they won't eat chips right whoops that shell for brains looks like we're switching to plan b what's plan d i'll let you know as soon as i come up with

playing the run and inspire run that should be kind plan rap just go mighty quick playground game you're playin around he says i think i'll be the strategy to you from now on cook plan please don't tell me this is what i think it is it's made out of fresh bones

dinosaur bones hundreds and thousands of them did i just say i said don't tell me yeah mikey come on mr. demon you let me down this is like totally uncomfortable seriously i'm totally done with it spells are cast everything is in place nothing can stop me now ponte de menthe around persistent little reptiles on no

matter your friends are serial he's going to describe your timeline things in a few minutes by magic paul down a bolt of eldritch energy that will be channeled through the time scepter joining with its power and incinerating your precious timestress her destruction will release a blast of magical energy straight into the ceiling

molten core of the planet and lasted that magnitude would set off every volcano in the ring of fire affecting the rotation of the earth just enough to cause the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs to miss it would change the timeline humanity would never rise would never exist we would never exist haha no more turtles no more debt and with the

power that the sacrifice of a time stress and an entire timeline will give me power enough to rival lord simultaneous and so on haha i will enjoy seeing you disappear into oblivion disappeared this way back rath ways i was going to let the dinosaurs destroy the four of you but if you insist i'll

do the job south salt we don't have time for this quick grab the time scepter and save your net we all serve auntie brunette better i thought you creatures what offer me more sports his guys really kicking me off need to

stop this spell pontes magic has to be channeled through the center to ignite the ring of fire we have to take the scepter out of the equation you go i'll keep savanti busy totally just hang on stay there annette drums we'll be right back you really think there's any conceivable

way i'd allow you to defeat me i'm suffers more and the girl will be sacrificed i don't think no more times you cannot stop me i will destroy you and everything unknown when i am done there will be no evidence that you never existed

taken by the time scepter demon one how john me you saved all of humanity and most importantly i'm gonna graduate now what romero's power must have been holding this thing together everyone else well we save the future but that just

means the asteroid will hit now i don't know when three weeks three months three years even but it will hit and without the time scepter what doomed trap then do that one there that's the asteroid by my calculations we still have two maybe three months before it hits i can't believe this is how it ends i

mean i know we saved all of humanity but to go out like this and you're sure there's no way for you to contact lord simultaneous you'd think he'd come looking for you after three months for like the billionth time know when are you gonna give it a rest hey i even started yet little miss it will be boys

no way i i don't believe it the time scepter was inside the fish swallowed it i know that weekend overall whoa there slow down i'm just saying we've got dinner on the grill no need to rush ok i'm back let's go you how april it's probably better you

don't know see

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