Friday, January 6, 2017

puppets harry potter song

(comedy idols) 2, 3. hello! we're the idol comedy team... like... - or... / - dislike! hello, everyone. we're the idol comedy team lod. why is it that only handsome actors and handsome singers have fan clubs? comedians can have that too!

again, we'll tell you reasons why you have to like us today and join our fan club. singer kang kyunsung... join the fan club, join the fan club! kang kyunsung? kyunsung and i are friends. we met at an event recently. and this is what kyunsung said to me. "hyojong,

are you at this event alone? geez... look after your lod members. don't do events alone! you're so selfish." he chewed me out and it's true. that was wrong of me. so i was standing all awkwardly, and then the thought came to me... hold on.

isn't kang kyunsung part of noel? - right. / - right. he was there alone. when i do an event alone... - i don't do comedy idols. / - you don't? but he sang noel songs by himself. he sang all 4 parts by himself! kyunsung, you... move it!

you came by yourself again, right? quiet. forget that. i'll get you some fans today. first... stars that became a hot topic for looking like me... - that's unique. / - first... olivia hussey. olivia hussey? a woman?

she's a woman. it's really easy. i just have to do this. second... - choi siwon. / - choi siwon? there's a resemblance. all these people... there's one more thing. stars that became a hot topic because

i did an impression of them... park jinyoung. this is jyp that has to go to the bathroom. 'who is your mother?' 'how did she raise you to become like this?' let's all... how was that? did i do a good job? kyunsung! that was weak!

i'm next. my name is hong hwon. it's a single character name. so i made a celebrity single character club. hyun bin. won bin. jang hyuk. there are many single character celebrities. one of them will show up right now.

it's him! - hyun bin? / - won bin? hello, i'm the strong man, kangnam. hello. today... what was your name again? he really doesn't know. come on. this is a shoot. - hong hwon. / - hong hwon. hong hwon...

instead of hong hwon, i'll get fans for you all. i'll get some today. first, shinwa's jun jin... senior... and sistar's soyou... why jun jin and soyou? because i'm idol singer kangnam. they told me,

"you can't dance." all of a sudden. - i'm a great dancer! / - you're an idol. all the women here will fall for me. i'll show you my dancing. okay. music start. - what the... / - hold on. - come on. / - what?

that's lee gikwang's dance. lee gikwang does it like this. and i bounce like this. - that's lee gikwang? / - yes. that was weak! my turn now. if you want to dye your hair easily fast and cheap like i do, join the fan club! come on!

- you have no hair to dye. / - yeah. i have hair! - how? / - bring it! i have hair. how can you dye your hair fast? i can dye my hair with a cotton candy machine. pour it in! that's dyed hair? this is my hair!

stop eating it. stop eating it. i can eat it if i'm hungry. (the perfect couple) honey, i cut my bangs. what do you think? - oh, you cut your bangs. / - yeah. come on. how could you not notice? because you always look pretty. gosh... - jaebaek! / - geunji!

- hey! / - hello. - hello. / - hello. sora, what are you looking for? i think i lost my lip balm. - that's why i brought this. / - really? honey, geunji is so delicate. you guys are the perfect couple. what did you buy? nothing yet. we've just been looking.

seunghye, did you cut your bangs? how did you know? you look pretty with your bangs cut. you're so thoughtful. - honey, should i shave my head? / - no. does this look pretty? - i knew about it. / - isn't it pretty? should we look at all the nice clothes? - sure. / - yeah.

honey, how about this? it's pretty. - should i try it on? / - alright. honey, i think this will look good on you. - try it on. / - okay. zip it up. - looks nice. / - i should buy this. - i'll get changed. / - yeah. - sora, it's too small! / - it's small!

- it's small. / - listen to me carefully. what were you going to put on me? a wedding veil or a bazooka? 1, 2, 3! - a wedding veil! / - a wedding veil! that was a really hard one! we're such a good couple! i told sora i'd put a bazooka on her head. boom!

i'm good at shooting it, right? you two are such a good couple. - hey, jaebaek. / - yunho! funny running into you here. - hello! / - hello. long straight hair, slim and tall. jaebaek! you finally met your ideal type! - get married! / - it's not like that.

- get married! / - hey, hey! - we're the couples! / - we're the couples! gosh! i'm sorry! don't call me again! oh, right. didn't you want to look at coats, honey? that's right. - aren't these shoes nice? / - what kind of coat? - so pretty! try them on. / - should i try them on? try this on.

- i'll try them on. / - i'll try this on. - look. / - hold on. how do they look? - nice. / - you look perfect. - i don't need this coat! / - don't need it! seunghye! listen carefully to what i say! what was i going to buy for you today? a hairclip or popping?

- hairclip! / - hairclip! - that was hard! / - we're such a good couple! i did popping for sora. pretty good, right? you two are the perfect couple. i think we're done here. let's go to a different floor. - yeah, let's go! / - yeah! - so many people. / - it's crowded. - get in. / - excuse me.

- excuse me. / - seunghye. - seunghye. / - hold on. excuse me. sora, you should change places. come this way. - just a minute. / - don't push. i'll go through the emergency exit. - i'll use the escalator! / - yes. (get up)

you've been doing the dishes for 3 years. no you finally get to cook? you'll become a chef in no time! - thank you. / - you work so hard. chan. is the new dish complete? yes, chef. here it is. let's see... it's good.

perfect for throwing out. what a waste of ingredients! oh, no... i guess i'm not meant to be a chef. no, chan! you can't give up here! you said you wanted to become a famous chef like ryu geunil. geunil?

chan... chan... chan... get up... up... up... you can succeed too... too... too... it's all over the internet that your restaurant is great. what's your secret? that secret... secret... secret... is... is... is... handmade food? i hire people to write comments... comments...

the food here is great... great... great... you try too... too... too... it was all a scam. no, chan! you can't give up here! think about your mom that's always thinking of you. mom. chan! a man shouldn't look so weak!

mom, i should make a lot of money so i can give you pocket money. you don't have money for yourself. you don't need to give me money. but... were you planning on giving me sejong the great or shin saimdang? sejong the great. that's no good!

of course sejong the great was a great person but as a mother, shin saimdang is greater for raising a good son! - i'll give you shin saimdang. / - okay, okay. hey! what are you doing to our son? dad. i've always been living for you. do you remember?

i made you a birthday meal for your birthday. you wanted meat so i made you meat. you wanted to live in seoul so... - i started another family in seoul! / - what? what more do you want? do you need a third and fourth? is our family a franchise? you shouldn't do that, honey! - draw up divorce papers! / - honey.

honey, it's not like that! what was that? get up! get up, chan! chan, think of your girlfriend nahee in your hometown that misses you. nahee? honey! i miss you! nahee, i miss you too.

and it's my best friend kilee! i know you're worried that nahee really misses you. yeah. don't worry, man. i talk to nahee on the phone every night and console her. - you talk to her every night? / - yeah. the phone bill came out so high. that's why we're on a couple's plan now.

what? why would you two do that? honey, i knitted a scarf for you. it's a bit long, right? it doesn't seem that long. this is what you should do. wear it with chan like this. it would look much better. for real.

this is just perfect. are you saying the length of the scarf is perfect or kilee is perfect? what are you saying, honey? of course it's this. - let's go! / - let's go! what's with them? no! don't give up! chan, you can become a world-class chef.

think about yourself working at a fancy restaurant overseas. - the best chef! hello, chef lee chan. / - hello. i'm the interpreter david hong. he'll be helping you. his name is jamie. - hi, nice to meet you. my name is jamie. / - hello. hello. he's learning korean. - is there anything you want to tell him? / - yes.

let's cook together to make this restaurant the best restaurant. alright. let's go. what's with that interpreter? let's work hard together. we have to make the dough first. - do you have the whisk? / - yes, yes, yes. - give me the whisk. / - okay.

i'll whisk it up... turtle. no! whisk! turtle! forget it. i'll grill some meat. do you have ribeye? oh, yes, yes, yes. alright. i'll make a meat dish first. - ribeye... / - ko dusim.

no! ribeye! ko dusim. come on! forget the ribeye! just get me sirloin! sirloin! don't curse at me! gosh! - i want to give up! / - no, you can't! chan! get up! (supernatural)

we have super powers. with our powers we've conquered the underground world. my power is to read people's thoughts. - boss, this is the place. / - alright. if i have this queen's tear diamond, it should be enough to fund the underground world. why would you get a new car? - don't think about that. / - okay.

why would we split this 5:5? how about 6:4? who are you guys? step away from the diamond. step away! you punks... what the... what's with this thing? foolish human. tell me the passcode.

i'll never tell! i can read your mind. no... 0... 0... 00? that's really easy. 0000. the diamond is finally mine! hold it!

save me! save me! they're bad guys! i'm a bad guy too! beat it! - so you're here for the diamond? / - yeah! - you'll defeat me and take the diamond? / - yeah! i don't need that diamond... you insolent fool. i'll destroy you. here i go!

i was reading your mind. then i'll incapacitate your mind-reading power. this is my final weapon. he's brainless! i can read anyone's mind... he has no thoughts! he has not thoughts... i just have to make him think. give me that.

you'll have to think about this! that's right! he has not thoughts! nice! watch. you have to think about this. how can i make you think? stop it! get out! - idiot. / - your lackey was pathetic. i guess i'll have to show you my power.

i'll connect your soul and mine. i am... soul bluetooth! - i'll transmit pain to you. / - pain? pain? here i go. my cheek... - my cheek... / - how's that? i bet your cheek really hurts!

it's not that bad! i'll transmit a greater pain. i'll put this rubber band on me and if the person in the front row lets go of it, what will happen to you? no! no! - you're trembling with fear. / - no... no! then i'll go easy on you this time! i won't be defeated by that.

so you have to see this through to the end. hold onto this rubber band tight. hold it tight! when.... i count to 3 let go of that rubber band. hurry! what if you startle him and he lets go? 1!

2! i'll give you another chance to think about it! think hard. you might regret it. it will really sting. finish me off like a man. - as you wish. / - no! not my wish! as you wish! 3!

i'll rule this world! (say it! yes or no) say it! yes or no! say it! yes or no! say it! yes or no! hurray, korea! as you can see, we're all one. now we will prove here that we are all one. if you feel what we say is... - oh, that's true. / - then it's "yes."

- come on. no way. / - then it's "no." say it. yes or no! we can be united through tissues that we use in our everyday lives. when you try to get some tissues out in a public bathroom... you don't know where it starts. yes or no? yes or no? it's really hard to find if it's a new roll.

so you use these convenient single tissues. you can take out one at a time. but it all comes out like this. have you seen it come out all at once? yes or no? it's a tricky situation. and for this tissue you use at home often, have you seen tissue in the middle? yes or no? this happens. you feel like stuffing this hole when you use some.

and when you're walking on the street... we opened a new store. no thank you. no thank... i'll take that. does this happen? yes or no? you always take a flyer if they give out tissues. it's a great freebie. when you want to use tissues in your bathroom at home but the roll is wet. have you seen this?

you have to be careful when you take a shower. and when you run out of toilet paper in your bathroom at home, you always say this. mom! you never call for your dad. only your mom. there's another one. - pylgeun, give me some tissues. / - tissues? that's okay. i can just roll it back up. but it becomes like this if you roll it back up.

it can never go back to how it was. but the most annoying situation is having tissues in your pocket in the washing machine and your pants end up like this! now we'll unite you all through middle-aged men. when they blow their nose... do they do this? yes or no? middle-aged men don't need tissues. they can just blow it all right out.

sometimes they mess up. and when middle-aged men come out of the bathroom after doing their business. do they come out zipping up like this? people hate that. but the guy is confident. and when you order at a restaurant, normally you'd say... - excuse me. / - sir.

auntie. that's what you say. but for middle-aged men... sister. do they say this? yes or no? they say sister! sometimes people talk to themselves. for normal people... where did my socks go? but for a middle-aged man...

'my socks...' 'not these...' 'this... found them' they do this. it's like they're living in a musical. this is when they drive. go straight. i know that. take a right.

this way is faster, dummy. they talk with the gps! sometimes they don't listen to the gps. this is when a normal person stubs their toe on a door threshold. ouch! do they make sounds like this? yes or no? alright, until all of korea is united... (she was pretty)

i hope she's dressed warm since it's so cold outside. - shopping was fun. / - yeah. - isn't that heavy, nami? / - no. then carry mine too. you're so sly. guess who. ilgwon. why would you guess that, ugly?

i can do what i want. pretty, where were you? i went shopping with nami. i just bought this. what do you think? it looks shiny on you, pretty. it looks pretty. thanks, ilgwon. - you're the best. / - ilgwon. i bought a skirt too.

it doesn't suit you so don't even wear it. ilgwon, you're so mean! she can wear skirts but you just want to hit me? it's true. i want to hit you. i'm so upset! a lot of people say i have nice legs. give me a break. i told you not to wear them. don't talk back!

ilgwon! you never bought me a skirt or pants! what's your problem? don't point at me! you want to start with me? why'd you through your jacket? cover yourself up. other guys are looking! you're such a rascal! you're a rascal! are you worried other guys will look at my legs?

yeah, i am worried. worried their eyes will rot. ugly! goodness! - what is it? / - goodness... - ilgwon. / - gosh... what is this? i bought shoes to give to you. goodness.

these will go perfect with that skirt. - really? / - try them on. how pretty! perfect fit. they're so pretty, you're like a movie star. make some poses. so pretty. how sweet. i'm about to get a cavity. ilgwon, where are my shoes?

don't ask me that. none for you. you call her a movie star and you tell me to get lost? it's true. you should get lost. ilgwon, buy me shoes too. why not? if i buy you shoes, you could run away! you're a rascal! you're a rascal! you're a rascal.

you were afraid i'd run away if you bought me shoes? yeah. who else would i tease if you ran away, ugly? what if guys chase me at night because i'm so pretty. that's no good. there are many perverts out there. i'll teach you self-defense to defeat a pervert. self-defense.

- let's say you're grabbed from behind. / - okay. - you stomp his foot with your heel. / - stomp. then hit his face with the back of your head. - like this? / - hold on. pretty, what kind of perfume do you use? i don't use perfume. it must be the smell of my skin. the perverts will faint from the fragrance. goodness! goodness!

ilgwon! ilgwon! i feel like someone has been following me over the last few days. teach me self-defense. i'm scared. you have a weapon. your face. i mean it. someone really has been following me! don't lie. for real! it's a pervert!

that wasn't a pervert! it was me! so naughty! ilgwon, i thought you were a pervert! why do you hit so hard? don't do that from now on! why? - gosh... / - it's dangerous out there at night... you did that in case i'd be in danger from perverts?

no, in case the perverts would be in danger. they'd be petrified by your face. ilgwon, you're not so great! you shouldn't criticize my face! - you're really ugly, ilgwon. / - what? you have small eyes, a crooked nose and your beard doesn't look cool at all! it's gross! i wouldn't hate you so much if you didn't talk. don't flap your mouth!

- how dare you? / - get off me! gross! what was that? it's gross for me too! then wipe yourself off. i will. on my lips. (veteran) - are you all ready for the performance? / - yes. big trouble! the sound director can't come because of an accident.

what? geez... newbie. you play the sounds. what? i've never done that before. we're all veterans. we'll work around you so play the sounds. the performance will start. geez! oh, whatever! thank you for the food. good-bye.

- how much? / - $4.50. - i'll pay by credit card. / - sure. i have to swipe the card... you don't have cash? there. wait... this is... - how much did you charge me for? / - no... we'll call it even with this. - good-bye. / - bye.

- mungyu, let's clean up now. / - alright. this is the chinese restaurant. i'll unplug the phone. what if the bad man comes for money today? hey... there's supposed to be a door here. it slides open... is nobody in? i see them. the door...

you should pay me back my... pay me back... back, back, back... what the... pay me back my money. what's going on? the door fell off. there are plates on the floor. anyway...

when will you pay me the money your dad borrowed? mr. kim, i'll pay you back for sure. eat this and take it easy on us. i'm not eating this! you're being annoying. black bean noodles when you're annoyed. broth noodles when you're depressed. fried rice when things are complicated.

sweet and sour pork. what are you doing? i'm not eating this junk! if you don't have money... use your body... this is addictive. mr. kim, i'll pay you every month. - so give me more time... / - geez! how can i trust you? what if you run away like your dad?

an agreement giving up your body. - stamp it. / - mr. kim! stamp it! what are you doing? are you messing around? your hand is very cold. it's because i have a warm heart. dang it! stamp it now.

now! i'm begging you. stamp it. i'd better call the police. hello? police? right now... there's a bad guy... i'll get arrested at this rate... geez! - are you insane? / - wait!

don't hit my younger brother! what am i? - did something break? / - you have a glass body. i'll kill you! done with the dishes. - what are you doing? eat. / - okay. what now? let's wipe the bathroom after we're done! - okay. / - why are you doing this to me?

we have to clean today! (catchphrase makers) to all the viewers that used our catchphrases, thank you. one person changed their catchphrase last time. - jang yuhwan. / - yes. what did you change it to. a catchphrase you say when you're cold. how is the weather these days?

it's cold! another person will change their catchphrase today. yes. what's the reason? on the viewer message board, mothers of preschool children posted many complaints. saying what? their kids are saying they want to go to an apartment when they're sick and not the hospital.

so i changed my catchphrase. to what? you say this when you have a question. - a question? / - yes. why? why? wifi. good work. then we'll show you all in a skit. we'd like it if you'd say them along with us. bomi, have this.

- sungkwang. / - yes. you don't have to give things like this to me every day. bomi, you know i like you, right? - sungkwang. / - yes? you shouldn't like me. you don't want to date a coworker? - no. / - then why? you're ugly.

sungkwang, you think that too, right? okay, okay, okinawa! thank you for being understanding. hey, dad. what? $30,000? i don't have that kind of money. i'm struggling too! why are you doing this, dad? hang up. i have some money. want some help?

are you pitying me, sungkwang? no, it's not like that. who are you to pity me? why are you pitying me? why? why? wifi! the wifi is working great suddenly. hello, chief. - hey. / - yes? why aren't you working? what are you doing?

chief, have this. gosh. thanks, bomi. goodness... sungkwang. you should learn from her. as expected from a countryside graduate. anyway, we have a foreign buyer coming. anyone good at a foreign language?

me! i'm good at both english and japanese. - really, sungkwang? / - yes. go ahead then. - english. / - okay, okay! - japanese. / - okinawa! - that's it? / - okay, okay, okinawa! what will you tell the foreign buyers? sorry, sorry, myanmar. you'll be sent to myanmar next week.

please let me stay at headquarters! please! chief, i'm good at english. - really, bomi? / - yes. alright. what will you say if the foreign buyer doesn't want to sign the contract? why? why? wifi! bomi, your english is great!

i'm good too! - why... / - just be quiet. stop messing around. how did someone like you get in this company? look at our company. mds! i joined this company because i liked this logo. what does m stand for? minari or celery.

minari or celery! - d! / - doraji or bellflower. that's right! - gosh... / - s! saenggang or ginger! everyone knows but you, sungkwang! - how? / - everyone! did eating celery make you crazy? did eating bellflower make you batty?

eat some ginger and get your head straight! if you won't say it along, make some copies. - geez... / - got it. - are you all working hard? / - mr. ceo! - hello, sir. / - goodness. what brings you here? is my son doing well? - your son? / - son? what are you doing on the floor?

quiet, dad! don't! who made you do this? - no, no! / - manager kim? - no, no! / - director park? - no! / - then chief ryu? - i ought to beat you up! / - hold on, dad. - he's my precious son! / - stop it, dad. - let me go. let go! / - stop it. - i said not to! / - let go!

your underwear... pikachu! get out of here, dad. mr. ceo... - is park bomi... / - you can't come in here. there you are! bomi. the $30,000 i was talking about. dad, why are you at my workplace? we're family!

family? what's family? what? when it comes to family... - with the energy from the earth... / - get out! you're forcing it! - no, she's my daughter... / - take a beating! be quiet and go. i'm sorry. - i didn't know you were the ceo's son... / - stop. - goodness. / - what are you doing?

- you seem so elegant. / - chief. - i want to quit this job. / - go. - let's go, dad. / - bomi, why are you leaving? i'm too ashamed to face you now. i can't work here anymore because my dad is so embarrassing. - i'll go now. / - bomi. i like you. bomi, marry me!

- i can't! / - why not? - you're ugly! / - dang it... you... how dare a poor wench like you refuse my son? what? wench? cold! dad, what are you doing? he's the ceo of this company! what? this guy is the ceo?

when it comes to a ceo... - with the energy... / - hey! - you're forcing it! / - let me talk. don't butt in. please stop it, all of you! (301 302) i put a jacket on and went to the roof at night. someone tapped me from behind so i turned around and it was the guy next door.

as soon as he looked into my eyes, he must've been nervous as he ran away. what's with him? did he fall for my backside? you should've said something. why'd you tap me and run away? get some courage, you dummy! dummy! i thought the girl next door was a punching bag.

i was fooled by the size. i was trying to get to my seat at the movie theater and accidentally sat on someone's lap. it was the guy next door. i apologized and sat in my seat. he looked at me with sad eyes. did you want me to sit in your lap and not my seat? pervert! pervert! pervert!

i injured my knees. i got injured at the movie theater. the more i think about it, the girl next door is weird. i heard a car honking at me on my way home. i looked and it was the girl next door. what's with her? i moved but why did she keep honking? i keep pressing the horn when i breathe. i had to lie down and drive.

i'm so tired. there's a fire. how many fire trucks was that? oh, right. my red scarf. i know i was wearing it in front of the front door. i can't find it anywhere. did the guy next door take it? did he want to feel my warmth? give me my scarf back!

give it back! i picked up a red carpet. are they doing an award show somewhere? 301. - 301. / - yes. any problems after moving in? the person next door is driving me crazy. you're crazy in love? you two should get together!

it's not like that. the girl next door fell asleep with the tv on last night. the static of the tv kept me up all night. that can't be right. hold on. 302. - 302! / - yes? why'd you leave your tv on so loud at night? i don't have a tv in my house.

what was that static sound then? so that's what it was? that's okay. it's a misunderstanding. - really? / - so you should get together. i will not get together with her! it was an exciting day. it was an annoying day. my heart is racing. this building is shaking.

i'm going to get married next year. i'm going to immigrate next year. - gosh! / - gosh! (real sound) hello! we will change the onomatopoeia you use in everyday life to be more detailed and precise. we are real sound or rs. this is today's sentence. i cried boo hoo because i was so sad.

the sound of crying is boo hoo. isn't this a bit strange? have you ever cried boo hoo in your entire life? are you a seal? nobody cries like that! the sound of crying depends on the person. first, how does a kid cry? like this.

let's hear the precise pronunciation. real sound! i didn't do it! stop that! then how does a woman cry? they cry in the bathroom often. this is how a woman cries in the bathroom. then how does a man cry? i'm okay... wasn't that realistic?

let's move on to chapter 2! i heard clomp, clomp from upstairs. the sound from upstairs is clomp, clomp. this is talking about noise from upstairs. you heard clomp, clomp! is this a night club? there's no place that makes this sound! so the noise from upstairs is not clomp, clomp.

there are two types of noise between floors. first, when they're doing construction upstairs... this is how it sounds. then how does it sound when kids are running around upstairs? this is it. let's review what we learned today. a kid crying. i didn't do it. stop it!

construction. - stop it! / - a woman crying. the construction upstairs won't stop... kids running. i'm going kill you! get over here! - a man crying. / - why do you keep running. i'm fine... this has been real sound! thank you!

(her) many people asked me this. "what kind of girl do you like?" good question... i've dated all sorts of girls but none are my type. what kind of girl have i dated? she was a girl that really cherished herself. - honey. / - hey, sora. honey, what's wrong with your face?

are you sick? i think i caught a cold. can you check if i have a fever? touch you where? so you can do what? i have a fever. why are you so hot? what are you trying to do? i'm really sick.

- is it bad? / - yeah. then i'll nurse you. take medicine and go to sleep. while you're sleeping, i'll lovingly nurse you and you'll get your energy back.... to do what? you got your energy back so fast. - are you really sick? / - what? so this is how you're trying to get me to your house.

to do what? i never said to come to my house, sora. sora, i'm too weak to even stand now. - what? so you'll lie down to do what? / - no... - is that what you think? / - forget it! let's break up! sora... my next girlfriend was as comfortable as a friend. - hey, taehun! / - hey.

one more time. hey, my girlfriend. - gosh! / - what? we've been friends for 20 years so it feels weird when you call me your girlfriend. why are you dressed like that when it's cold? what? you said you like it when i dress like this because i seem like a baby. you're like a baby?

you said so. - you're like a baby? / - i'm not? you look like a middle-aged man playing soccer. you said so! fine, you're like a baby. do you see me as a woman now? - you're a woman? / - i'm not? i have all sorts of curves and i'm not a woman?

your adam's apple is sticking out... - and you're a woman? / - it's not! when i was in pain this next girl miraculously approached me. wow. - honey. / - yeah? i came up with a korean poem for you. - really? / - yeah. i'll do let us kiss. call the words out.

let... you want to kiss me, right? us... should we kiss now? kiss. we broke up. it's my turn. we really broke up. when i felt that korean girls weren't my type

i met this girl. she had blonde hair, white skin and an amazing figure. she was totally my ideal type. she was good at korean. i'm natasha! i took a plane and boat from russia to see you! good job. hold on, natasha. i have something for you. ta-da.

looks good! ice cream. it's not in here. - it tastes bad? / - a ring! don't korean guys put a ring in ice cream? that's only in dramas. i was deceived! korean dramas deceived me! natasha. i'll buy you a ring later.

instead, i'll buy you whatever you want today at the department store. that's okay. if you go to the department store, all the employees will have to come out to greet you. what are you talking about? how strange. aren't all korean men a director or managing director of a department store?

that's only in dramas! nobody will greet me if i go there. i was deceived! i was deceived by the kind department store employee! do you even love me? of course i do. then why don't you smell? what smell? don't you smell anything?

my heart is burning. that's a line in a drama! if your heart burns, you'll die! i was deceived! i should take a plane and boat back to russia! after dating many girls i realized that true love is someone that understands me. hun! my baby.

my hun. - hello, miss suji. / - goodness! how indecent! don't call me suji! call me sister. alright... how nice! i made a tasty snack for you, hun. cookies! they're old school rice crackers.

the ginger flavor is mine. i see... sister, you can take out and enjoy tasty treats like this for yourself. how indecent! taking them out can be big trouble! it's not like it can kill you. it can. palbok raised chickens in his yard.

when the chicken laid an egg, he tried to secretly take one out... and then he got the plague. the chicken got the plague too... and went to heaven... it ended up in my stomach. that's how you'll leave me, hun! i won't let you have my heart! i'm not going anywhere.

i'll always be by your side. i won't fall for sweet words like that. if you don't believe me, i'll leave. don't go! you sweet person! - oh, right! sister! / - yeah? - i have something to show you. / - what is it? - hold on... / - ta-da! - what is it? / - this is... this is...

take a look. can you see? goodness.. they're plane tickets. sister, let's take a trip together. you want to travel the regions of korea with me? i could die without any regrets now! i'll stick by your side when we travel. how indecent! you can't stick to me! i want to.

if you will, i'd rather choose death! it's not like sticking together can kill you! palbok was resting in the field when a spanish needle stuck to his butt... all the kids that played in the field got the plague and passed away. - bye, hun! / - sister! sister! (did you see that last night?) hello, viewers.

i'm choi hyojong of did you see that last night. i'm kim jeonghun. hyojong, what is did you see that last night? i told you. just because a skit is funny doesn't mean it's good. people should watch gag concert on sunday and say this at school or work on monday... "hey, did you see that last night?" it's a good skit if they talk about it.

did you see that last night? so what's our first topic for today? - surveys. / - surveys? - do you know the reply dramas? / - yes. many people feel nostalgic because of them. do you know the guy women most want to marry... - in 2015? / - who? kim soohyun. the guy women most want to date is yoo ain.

- there are surveys like this. / - right. then this is where you get curious. aren't you curious who was voted top in surveys in the past? i'm curious. it was really hard but i found a file. i'll reveal the top 3 men women wanted to marry in 1993. yu inchon, noh juhyeon and baek ilseop.

- really? / - yes. they're the top picks? - this is what gets you curious again. / - what? - who's the sexiest guy now? / - so jisub. - kwon sangwoo. / - right. aren't you curious who the sexiest guy was back in this era? here are 1st and 2nd. choi bulam and baek ilseop.

really? - for real. / - that's amazing. will people talk about this on monday. they definitely will. especially couples... honey. don't you know what day today is? what day is it? it's our 100th day together.

- did you see gag concert last night? / - what? you just reminded me. baek ilseop used to be the sexiest guy. - this will become an issue! / - baek ilseop! what's the second topic? - it's even better. / - what is it? - the second topic is baseball. / - baseball? baseball is more popular now that korea won the premier series.

this is when you get curious. sometimes the bench clears out like this. it's understandable the people involved are angry. but aren't you curious what the players in the back say when they fight? i'm really curious! they come out to stop the fight but they fight more. i'll tell you what i found out from calling baseball player wu gyumin.

for the first time on tv. when the benches clear, this is what the players in the back say. the pitcher winds up... first pitch! it hit the batter! - hey! / - hey! - i think this is good enough footage. / - yeah, it is. let's go back.

- they really do this? / - yes. but the team that goes to an away game. this is what the players say when they go to an away game that's far away. what's a good place to eat around here? - the pork rind place. / - let's get some later. they ask about restaurants? they have no time to ask, so they ask when they get this chance.

this is what baseball player wu gyumin told me. lastly... baseball fans should know this. pitchers warming up in the bullpen talk about this because it's so far away from the field. - hey, hey! / - what? what? - i don't know! / - why are we fighting? - just do what they do! / - what's going on? - i don't know! / - what is this?

- let's get pork rinds later. / - sure. - they really do this? / - they're so far away. they don't even know why there's a fight. i don't know the answer to the last topic... - so i need feedback. / - really? people that are close make group chat rooms. right. comedians in the same skit make group chat rooms. - this makes you curious. / - what is it?

in the government there are 17 departments. - ministry of education, ministry of justice... / - yes. and there are ministers in those departments. aren't you curious if all the ministers are in a group chat room? - don't you want to know? / - i really do. would it be like this? - i made one. / - yourself? the minister of education invited

the minister of national defense. i invited you. salute! i'm the new minister of national defense. please look favorably on me. aren't you curious if they do this? - i really am. / - ministers, please give us feedback. how about starting your busy monday morning by talking about gag concert? did you see that last night?

(torch together) - it's great to be at an amusement park. / - yeah. - 3 tickets please. / - okay. do you have a discount card? you can get a 20% discount. oh! i do! they've been paid for. get a discount next time. you asked about a discount card after the transaction?

everyone, get up! put your churros down and stand up! with our strength... - we'll get back our discount! / - right! with our longing spirit we'll sing the discount card song! (discount card song) 'how could they ask late about a discount card?' 'this is nonsense'

'if i knew they'd ask this late' 'i would've cased this place yesterday' 'discount card, point card' - 'at least hold up a banner' / - yeah! what are you saying? look here, ma'am! would you be happy if someone asked about a discount card late and you couldn't get a discount? it's fine with me.

- you're okay with it? / - yeah. it's okay to ask late about something important? - yeah! / - then let's say you go to the salon. - how would you like your hair? / - what? would you be okay with that? you'd be okay if they ask after cutting your hair? let's say you're at the hospital. scalpel, suction... 200 volts!

so what's this patient in for? - a cold. / - a cold? - would that be okay? / - quiet! pipe down! everyone! i believe that words aren't enough! when words aren't enough i believe that we should get back our discount with action! what will you do about it? this banner!

a memory that will last forever! $30 for a ticket! i'll fold this! $30 for a ticket that lasts forever! everyone can come here forever for just $30! alright, alright! i'll give you the discount! happy? - thank you. / - thank you. - she's a good person. / - so kind. - let's ride the bumper cars! / - yeah!

we'll relieve our stress by bumping into each other! hey, don't bump into each other. will you pay for repairs if the bumper cars break? don't bump into each other on the bumper cars? with our strength we'll get back... - proper bumper cars! / - right! we'll sing the bumper car bumping song! (bumper car bumping song) 'how can they not let us bump in bumper cars?'

'if i knew they wouldn't let us bump' 'i would've gotten bumper car insurance' 'bumper car, mini car' 'at least set me up with a pretty girl' - yeah! / - what are you saying? everyone! i'll try talking to her. - she's pretty. / - 'a pretty girl!' ma'am, bumper cars are meant to be bumped. - let them bump each other. / - no.

come on. let them. acting cute is no use. then instead of checking their seat belts myself i'll just tell them with words. why do you think i put on this many motion sickness patches and rode the pirate ship ride 20 times? why do you think i drove the bumper car like this... to look cool? crying is no use!

then when i work my part-time job i'm going to wear this mask. why do you think i'm here today when it's my dad's 70th birthday? and i'm an only son! everyone! i believe that words aren't enough! what will you do? this cute mask! i'll take the eyes off!

it's scary now! and i'll pull the tongue out! want all the kids here to cry? then this tornado potato! i'll push it together! it's a regular potato now! want to eat a dry regular potato? i'll let you bump in the bumper cars! happy? - she's so kind. / - so kind.

- very nice. / - hey! - let's go see the parade! / - yeah! no parade today because it's too cold. an amusement park cancelled the parade because it's too cold? everyone, with our strength... i'll show you then! (wiggle wiggle) wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

what do you think? we got long sleeves for the winter. don't we look cool? the girls seem sad that we're not exposing ourselves. yeah? then... let's do this! yeonggil. did you hear that jang donggun

said something thoughtless recently? what did he say? he said he's not that handsome. how is that thoughtless? - it's true. / - wow. look at me. my skin is dirty, i have a gut and i'm really ugly. now that's a thoughtless remark!

wow, wow. i went to a sauna recently and something absurd happened. this is so obvious. you didn't get to enjoy the sauna and instead you were surrounded by people... - and you posed for photos for them. / - no. then what? - they gave me women's sauna wear! / - wow!

wow, wow! hey, yeonggil. i lost my id card so i got a new one. yeah? nice photo,.. i think something's wrong with your id number. why is the last digit 1? they mistook me for a woman at the sauna. then should the last digit be 2? - no, it should be 3! / - wow.

hey, sanghun. control the women here again. alright. in exactly 10 seconds the women here will scream. since it's so cold today i prepared some warm gloves. who wants... they're already raising their hands. "let's do this! lee sanghun." you. i'll give you warm gloves.

my toe socks! they're still warm. here, catch! see? they screamed. you're my puppet! (welcome to korea) hello, foreigner friends! i live in a country called korea. i'm jungeun. i'm haecheol.

i heard there are many foreigners that want to visit korea because of k-pop and korean wave dramas. so we'll give you tips for you to get used to korean when you visit. come visit korea! there's no need to make time to go to a hospital in korea. when you go shopping with your girlfriend

you can get a checkup naturally. honey, which looks better? this or this? they look similar to me. they are not! this is indie pink and this is baby pink. a color vision test. that's so pretty, but it's too expensive. but i still want it.

i think it would suit me. - honey, are you listening? / - huh? a hearing test. honey, let's take one more lap. a blood pressure test! honey, why do you look so down? is something wrong? no. even a depression test?

see? you'll never get sick! germans from the medically advanced country, come visit! bet you've never gone to a department store instead of a hospital for a checkup. the girlfriends are so kind here. some people think mothers in korea are only housewives but that's not the case at all.

mothers in korea are very skilled and they can do anything! your uncle gave you pocket money, right? i'll give it to you when you're older, so give it to me. financial planner. when you finish school at 4:30, you have a supplementary class at math academy from 5:30 to 7 and your english tutor at 8 so be waiting in front of the math academy at 7.

i'll pick you up. manager. hong hyeonho. if you tell the truth, i'll go easy on you. you skipped academy yesterday. where were you, who were you with and what did you do? - well... / - tell me now! a detective.

if you don't study and just goof around, you'll become like your father! even a fortune teller! see? mothers can do anything! americans in the land of the fbi, come visit! bet you've never seen a korean mother that's better at investigating than the fbi. mothers are super women here. some people think that korean kids get too much

unnecessary private education starting at a young age all that stuff becomes useful later. first, this girl that went to oratory academy as a kid grows up to become... lady! how could you hit me from behind? you look like you'll hit me! everyone! he hit my car and

now he's about to hit me! someone that always wins arguments. this boy that went to mental arithmetic academy as a kid grows up to become... we'll just hold hands and sleep. you trust me, right? someone devious. this boy that went to computer academy hurry and take the elixir!

a wizard! see? everything is useful! brits in the land of "harry potter," come visit! bet you've never seen a wizard that sits in the lan cafe all day long. everyone can become a great person here. lastly, we'll teach you a great tip in korean. korean isn't as hard as you'd think. when your friend keeps bragging...

okay, okay. i know, i know. stop talking about that, okay? that's what you say. but in korea. didn't ask. that's all you have to say! but if you're friend still keeps bragging. so what? that's what you can say.

see? you can come visit with tips like this. our country is so fun and interesting. (serious kingdom) according to the joseon era records, during the rule of king serious it was said that laughter makes the country silly so the era became serious. despite laughter being banned in this country, you dare make people laugh?

i'll find the one and punish him! - we're innocent! / - shut it! i know the mastermind is among you. who is it? your highness, he made people laugh with a korean poem on the streets. - a korean poem? / - yes. okay. recite a korean poem. but! it must not be funny. make it serious.

the topic will be words related to marriage. how can i not be funny with a korean poem? i'm terrible at being unfunny. - i can't do it either. / - your highness! marriage itself is funny so how can we be unfunny? - marry itself is funny? / - no. shut it. you're first. - you'll do wedding. / - wedding.

- ready? / - yes. wedding... waiter. waiter! wedding. ding-dong. sir, please take my order. he's the funny one! beat him! how can i be unfunny with a korean poem?

- you'll do wedding gift. / - alright. you're pretty. gift... just kidding of course. how dare you taunt the people? why did you lie? - alright... / - gosh. - you're last. / - yes. all the people have their eyes on you.

don't say things like that. don't say that! it pressures me! - you do officiant. / - yes. i'll do a foreigner version. - a foreigner version? / - yes. officiant... i go to church on the weekend and... 'i've got peace like a river'

he's instigating the people! beat him! i guess a lot of people here go to church. i'll do a good one with marriage. - a good one with marriage? / - yes. alright. marriage... i'm most happy in my marriage... marriage... when i'm home alone. beat him again!

so who is the mastermind? your highness, the mastermind made people laugh by acting out situations. - acting? / - yes. you scum, act out situations now. but! if a single person laughs you will be punished! i feel like i'll be funny again. - we'll work together then. / - alright.

these situations you'll see are made based on the real lives of two old men. - for real? / - here is the first situation. this situation is two old men eating a hot potato. beat them! here is the next situation. give me the money. give me some more time.

- time? / - yeah. then get rid of your building in hong kong. i can't! - it's my last asset! / - you have to! playing the board game blue marble. beat them hard!

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