Wednesday, January 18, 2017

puppets homemade

spring is in full bloom at sarang's house in tokyo. dad! surprise! no, sarang. gosh, i'm sorry. dad's doing the spring cleaning. sarang is making herself look pretty. is someone coming over today? listen to and obey yume.

listen to and obey uncle. they get along like sisters. yume's an only child. so is sarang. they seem like sisters when they're together. every weekend, she says that she wants to go to yume's house. she says that all the time. she calls her big sister.

she's here! yume's here. let's go. she's here. welcome, yume. - hello. / - hi. say hi. hi, hi, hi. give it to yume.

thanks. come in, come in - come in. / - dad, strawberries! okay. sit down. yume, do you want some strawberries? you don't want any? sarang, yume doesn't want to eat strawberries. i won't eat it either then.

you don't want to eat it? should we eat it a little later then? this. yes, that. put it on yume's nails. she feels shy. how about this, yume? that... she wants to know if you want to do this.

i can do it alone. can you? be careful. here. she's giving you tissue. do it slowly. slowly, slowly. slowly. yume, sarang's going to cook for you.

it's sarang's treasure. mountain rabbit... teach her the song, sarang. where are you going? why are you going there? what are you doing? the hero of the mountain... the tiger's birthday. - is this your camera? / - all the animals gathered.

a ball was held. the rabbit danced, the fox played the violin. jiga jiga jiga jiga. jiga jiga was the sound. the return of superman. episode 73. "i do it because i'm dad." sunghoon is cooking something special for the girls. i want to be the cashier.

i want to calculate. this... hello. it's 210 yen. here's your receipt. receipt. thank you. can i take this too? yes, thank you.

this is 210 yen. 210 yen? - the same price. / - it's the same. are you cooking that? it's hot. want me to put it in a bag? yes. it's 10 yen. 10 yen. sarang, how about this?

should i open it? - yes. / - thank you. have you finished already? he's coming, he's coming. you bought a lot. how much is it? how much? 210 yen... i'll take this too. how much should we say it is?

210 yen. could i have a bag? - your change... / - thank you. should i wash it for you? - should i microwave it and wash it? / - yes. the microwave? all of it? in the bag. in the bag?

it's all going to be cooked. - all cooked? / - cooked and washed. you're going to wash it after it's cooked? after it's cooked? because it will all be burnt. is this okay? - this is okay. / - okay. can you take it like this? yes, that's alright.

- here. / - thank you. come again. chef choo's cooked yume's favorite dish. fried chicken and nutritious fried rice. he's added beef. vegetables too. even sarang's favorite, dried laver. goodness. i'm a mother but he's a better cook than i am.

eat up, sarang. is it good? the chicken's good, right? really? sarang, eat up. do you like rice wrapped in laver? yume normally has a small appetite but is eating a lot today. dad feels happy seeing

his daughter enjoy her food. they enjoy a delicious meal together. are you hungry? - do you want to eat? / - yes. - you want to eat? / - yes. - who wants to eat? / - me! let's ask mom what we should order. wait, seojun. come here.

let's ask mom. - hello? / - hi. - hi. / - what should we order for lunch? cook for them, don't order. make lunch for them. they liked kimchi last time. - yes, they did. / - mom. mom. they like noodles.

fry it in sesame oil for them. - food. / - ask dad to cook something nice. - food, food. / - yes, seojun. hi, seojun. do you miss mommy, seojun? - say yes. / - say yes. no wonder you're my sons. food? - do you want kimchi noodles? / - yes.

- do you want kimchi? / - yes. i'll whip it up for you then. this is difficult. oh, no. this is terrible. kimchi. oh? which planet are you from? sir, we haven't opened the shop yet.

i'm sorry. there's no food yet. i'm going to cook. there's no food. wait here then. sit here. - dad, dad. / - wait. this... yum, yum. yum, yum. yum, yum, yum, yum.

i have a trauma about noodles. it's hot. touch it. - come here, it's hot. / - no, no. - it's hot. / - no, no. it's hot. don't touch it, okay? do i add the noodles when the water boils? yes, in boiling water. bang! wait. i'll feed you something tasty.

wait. i'll give it to you. dad, dad. wait. dad. what should i do? what if they don't eat this? here it comes. let me taste a little bit first. it doesn't taste good at all.

try the noodles. good. seoeon, you like it. seoeon. seoeon, is it good? seojun, want something else? try this, seojun. seoeon likes it. seoeon, thanks a lot. seojun, is mom's food good?

you didn't like the noodles earlier? no. seoeon, you love it. did you see seoeon eat? we're going to have yogurt drink later. yeah! seoeon, here's your yogurt drink. i want that too. it's my fault. i can't cook.

my wife's not feeling well these days. i couldn't ask her to throw a housewarming party. while she's resting... i think i should invite some guests and throw a housewarming party. seoeon, seojun. here. your shopping carts. push this and buy whatever you like. - this. / - seojun, radish?

dad, this! what did you buy? want this? this, this. buy this for me, dad. put it inside. you can't eat it here. you can't eat it right now. you can have it after we pay and i give it to you.

- here. / - say thank you. no. say thank you first. - good. / - goodness. you bow so well. good. they care for their dad too. they're good children. let's say cheers together then. cheers.

cheers, cheers. do you want more? where do they sell the sauce? pasta. which pasta noodles? what did you cook for your housewarming party? hwijae, we have a professional chef at our house. that's right. he's a professional. i'll put him on the phone.

- why don't you talk to him? / - okay. i'm having a simple housewarming party. what should i cook for the guests? how about pasta? excuse me? pasta. pasta? it's easier than instant noodles. pasta is easier than instant noodles?

sure. it's my day off today. come over and i'll show you how to cook something simple. thank you. please teach me how to cook. - hello. / - hello. hello. it's nice to see you. it's nice to see you. - i'll take that. / - okay.

- thank you. / - come inside. raymon kim and kim jiwoo got married in 2013. they gave birth to a daughter in december 2014. they walk really well. they're big now. - it's a cat. meow! / - meow. seojun, meow. - he got shocked. / - i thought you liked animals.

will hwijae be able to do a good job? let's brush your teeth. let's brush. come here. let's brush your teeth. come here. you like brushing your teeth. come here. daehan, come here. good boy. what's that? hurry up, hurry.

look at me. i'll put toothpaste on your brush for you. then brush your teeth to and fro like this. okay? - yes. / - don't just suck on it. don't just suck on it. - good. / - i'm going to suck hard. no, don't suck hard. you have to brush. here. brush your teeth.

you too, manse. good. brush, brush, brush. good boy, daehan. top row, bottom row. yes. top row, bottom row. brush the side too. top, bottom. top, top, bottom. bottom! i'm sitting in sarang's chair.

yes, sarang... sarang is watching. make sure you brush properly. sarang likes people who brush their teeth properly. good boy. where are we going? - where are we going? / - alligator. - shark. / - alligator, yes.

what else is there? - shark! / - shark. yes, there's a shark too. whale. sharks are the scariest. the shark tried to eat the little mermaid, right? but a ship appeared. a big ship appeared. - a big ship... / - so the shark swam away.

it was scared of the boat. yes, it was scared. the witch died. that's right. the prince steered the ship... he's so handsome. who's the prince? - prince daehan. / - prince daehan. - who's the witch? / - manse. manse.

- manse. / - manse. who's the little mermaid? minguk. dad, the ship defeated the witch. the ship defeated the witch, right? dad, the boat defeated the witch. the boat defeated the witch, right? is this the alligator's house? there are geese and horses too. look.

dad, look at this. look at this. what is this? baby. i'm amazed too. hi. what's this? someone i know went there. they told me their kids loved it. they recommended it to me.

the boys are really interested in animals these days. i'm a little afraid... but i'm going to take the challenge. what are you afraid of? i know i'm really big but i've always lived in the city. i can't even touch frogs. i feel a little scared.

he does it because he's dad. these animals are scary to dad but the triplets can create special memories here. will captain song be alright? wow. what's this? look at that! - what's this? / - rabbit! these animals are called kangaroo rats.

they're little. - it's the kangaroo's house. / - where's the alligator. the alligator is inside. the alligator's house isn't here? - let's go look for the alligator. / - look at that. what about the shark? the shark is also... something's there. isn't this amazing?

look! i want to keep exploring. something scary. manse, go out and explore! go out and explore! here it is! shark, shark. dad, shark! shark! wow. there goes the shark.

dad, come here. the shark's here! it's a real shark. the shark's going to eat the fish. the shark is in the water. is this the shark from "the little mermaid?" there's a stingray too. is it from "the little mermaid?" dad, there's another one here. the alligator lives here.

alligator. it's ugly. look at this. i've never had so many birds sit on my hand before. look at this, minguk. daehan, come here. daehan, let's feed the birds together. here, daehan.

look at your brother. stay still. the birds will fly away if you move. you have to stay still. manse, don't move. hold your hand out and don't move. it's okay. it's okay, stay still. look at this. what's this? this is a chinchilla. it's chu chu.

do this with your hand. take one in your hand. here you are. eat it all. wow, a baby. a baby. please. is this scary? it's cute. it's really cute.

hold your hand out. minguk, hand. hand. i'm scared. you boys have grown up a lot. you're not scared. minguk, come here. minguk, here. minguk! turtle.

turtle, turtle. don't go. turtle, i'm daehan. daehan you look like a real explorer. you're even taking photos. - this. / - there's more here. you like touching them now. manse, it's not scary. look. rabbits aren't scary. rabbit, hi.

rabbit, hi. - say hi to the rabbit. / - the rabbit... - it's not scary. / - dad, it's drinking water! yes. the rabbit is drinking water. - it's not scary. / - the rabbit wants to catch me. rabbits aren't scary. come with me. let's go. there's something else here! wow, look at this.

prairie dog, hello. - wow, this is amazing. / - how pretty. it's eating. - isn't this amazing? / - it's eating. say it's pretty. it's eating, right? daehan, are you taking a photo? eat up. it's eating. it's eating food. here!

there's more below. there are more friends. - hi. / - hi. - how cute. / - enjoy your food. i didn't have any expectations. i thought the kids would cry, throw a fit... i thought it'd be total chaos. it's been like that until now. they got scared over little things. it's a puppy!

i'm scared of the puppy. you're scared of the puppy? - it's scary. / - it's scary. it's scary. no, no. it's okay. we're supposed to experience dinosaurs. i'm scared of the grasshopper. grasshoppers aren't scary.

it's gone home, it's okay. i was surprised to see them pat the animals. all three of them didn't cry and had fun. i was really happy. i realized how much they've grown. look, it's a snake. its name is juke. the triplets come face to face with a snake. it's a snake.

will the triplets be able to befriend a snake too? i missed you, jion. i bought something sparkly for you. give auntie a hug. give her a kiss, jion. jion, give auntie a kiss. you should come home with me later. do you want to open this? say auntie, jion.

auntie. auntie? she talks now. you're so pretty. you're so pretty. what is this? ta-da. you picked this for your birthday grab. you picked this, didn't you? tell the truth. - money. / - money?

- the microphone. / - microphone. it's a microphone! i have another gift. - what's this? / - what's that? you like this. i think it will be too small. jion, it makes a sound. that's for mom. i brought it to give to your mom.

- auntie brought that for mom. / - this? mom's pants. jion's... do you want to wear it? give it to haejin later. the pants are too long for me. too small and too long. jion, look at this. do you like that? i knew it.

uhm jion. things have improved a lot. if they had toys like this when i was a kid... i would've been a better singer. jion, like this. like this. sing like this. jion. like this. she overwhelms the crowd with her charisma on stage.

uhm junghwa, korea's sexy queen. i'm a huge fan of hers too. how will she perform in front of jion? i want to buy one too. jion. i never imagined i'd do this in front of you. it's so pretty. she loves this song. auntie sang this song.

it's uhm junghwa's stage. "rose of betrayal." why did you choose me from among all those people? i bet you'll be saying this. you'll say that women are all easy. women shouldn't be easy, jion. are you smiling? you're going to regret it! jion, a fan...

i laughed so much seeing her dance last time. like this... where did she learn that? which song should i play for you? disco? disco, disco? this one? - yes. / - she wants to listen to "d.i.s.c.o." there's another one here. should i wear these too?

how pretty. she's looking in the mirror. she's so pretty. you're a total doll. she's a doll. let's dance. d.i.s.c.o. everyone dance. as you like, let's go, disco. - jion, look at auntie. / - jion, wave.

how did you know that's a wave? what's auntie doing? she's good. i want to do that too. you do it too. - i can't. / - jion in. quickly! - dad. / - she wants you to join. jion, look. - you didn't do it because of me. / - this is funny. let's go, disco!

very good! i'm so tired. it was really difficult. i wanted her to like me. i worked too hard to entertain her. i don't know. i don't know, i can't know. it keeps falling down? how frustrating. it's too long.

she's a real princess, isn't she? haejin wants to have another baby for jion to play with. - right. / - since she has to play alone. - it's nice having siblings, right? / - right. if you see the triplets and twins... - taehyun came over. he has 3 kids. / - right. they're so cute. they play by themselves.

- that's true. we used to do that. / - i know. isn't she hungry? we should eat... dinner, let's see. what should i feed her? think about it. it's time to eat. it's time for dinner. or... i'll go buy some food that she likes. can you look after jion alone?

- alone? / - yes. there's a place nearby. - they sell good pancakes. / - what if she cries? i'll go buy that. also, something jion likes. there are some good shops nearby. you're going to buy jion food to eat? they don't add any preservatives. what if she cries? i'll try and sneak out.

you're here. it could be alright. oh. ouch, my tummy. ouch, my tummy. - my tummy. / - he's a hopeless actor, isn't he? i'm going to the toilet. it's jion's first time alone with her aunt. will things go alright? meanwhile, the twins are visiting a neighboring chef.

you're already 24 months old. - seojun, come here. / - you're lucky. seojun, come here. say hello to auntie and uncle. - attention. / - seojun. bow, good. that's cute. do it one more time. - bow to say hello. / - hello. seoeon, you bow too.

- bow, good. / - hello. one more time. attention. he did a full bow. that's so cute. - seoeon's a little bigger. / - yes. - he's older. / - but seojun talks better. - here. / - you want me to drink it? how cute. - is it tasty? / - is it good?

he's looking at the camera. goodness. - gosh... / - it'd be nice to have 2 children. yes. two are really cute. my boys... jiwoo, this is almost brand new. gosh. thank you. can i open it? what's wrong?

oh, hats. thank you so much, hwijae. - thank you. / - thanks. should we show ruanari? i can't touch her. she's only 80 days old. you can touch her. you raised your kids. you can start seeing things now, right? - you can see. / - who is he?

he's good with babies. you can see things now. you can go. - it's uncle. / - what's this? you're like a ball of fluff. she's the second raymon kim. - really? / - she's another raymon kim. he's jealous. - he's jealous. / - you want a hug?

- he doesn't like it. / - okay, okay. - auntie will hug her. / - come here to uncle. no, he wants his dad. - he's jealous. / - seojun's totally indifferent. he'll notice later. he's engrossed in the recorder right now. rua vomits often. so did my kids. seojun used to do that.

she vomited so much. - i bawled, hwijae. / - don't. it's nothing. - you'll realize later on. it's nothing. / - really? when do they stop vomiting? he still vomits. he spewed up 2 days go. - really? / - after dinner... - he vomits even though it's not milk? / - yes. then it doesn't end?

it's not continuous. - does it get better? / - for sure. i'm sorry. you're hot and frustrated. if only we'd known the things we know now... i am the mother of 4 children. i was the same with my first child. i thought i'd done something wrong. - i cried so hard. / - don't worry. she's really healthy.

- really? / - yes. if i asked you to mind rua for a day... could you do it? i think i could take care of one baby but not two. one will create chaos while you look after the other. right. over there... oh, my god.

should i turn it on? remember when you were little? he's so funny. italian men eat a bowl of pasta each. in the saucepan. in a big saucepan. you cook with raymon. i'll look after seoeon and seojun. are you sure? can you cook?

not at all. all men can cook these days. i can't. both of them are in for a difficult task. - you've never cooked? / - never. which apron would you like? take this one. i boiled instant noodles at a camp once. i got into so much trouble.

why? i didn't put in the right amount of water. getting trouble is bad but so is not being able to make instant noodles. have you peeled an onion before? i think i did it once when i was young. at a camp. do i just peel it? i'll give you a knife.

they're more blunt. they're jiwoo's knives. you remind me of leon. i don't keep my knives here. i use these ones. that's why i have to listen to him. you can use this one. do i peel the onion with this? use it later when you slice. take the top off with this and peel it. just put the skins here.

jiwoo must find it difficult as her husband's a famous chef. no, i don't cook at home. jiwoo doesn't let me cook. she wants to do it. she's nice. come here, seojun and seoeon. who wants jelly? sit down and you can have it. good boy.

you're sitting down. i'll open this and give you one each. here. seoeon, you're older so you eat first. now, seojun. you're so good. you're waiting. they're well-behaved, hwijae. - they're well-behaved? / - yes. - why? / - it's because you're giving them food. oh. is that why?

is it tasty? seoeon, seoeon. seojun. where's the cat? seoeon, where's the cat? where did the cat go? is the cat there? wow, good job. do they need a diaper change?

yes, they do. - i thought so. / - yes. who wants a diaper change? seojun, let's change yours first. - he's running away. / - they run away. he doesn't like it. let's change your diaper. you don't like it. no, no, no.

don't move. stay there. please don't go. later, when you cook and you use a chopping board... wet it with some water first. then the board doesn't move. slice it all. - watch your hands. / - yes. what time are your guests arriving?

i think we'll need more hands to help. goodness. what should i do? i've never done this before. am i the only guy who doesn't cook? i didn't know that most men cook. do i need to chop the garlic too? i'll do this. - when the kids run around... / - yes? you have to get rid of all sharp objects, right?

everything's at their eye level. we changed everything. you're running around with a fresh diaper? they look like diaper models. you're going to cook. you'll be cooking like crazy. what is it? dad? you want to go to dad?

seoeon, i'm going to cook. - i'll give you something delicious. / - no. can you play and wait? seoeon, can you play with auntie? show them pororo. - okay. / - let's begin. it's totally different with 2 children. totally. i thought it was just a joke.

pororo. all kids love pororo. i can't believe this has made them so quiet. look at them focus. hwijae, i can't believe how quiet this has made them. jiwoo, you'll realize later. pororo is a miracle. - a miracle? / - really?

honey, look at this. they're so adorable. don't say that about other young men. they're so funny. gosh, jiwoo. i think raymon really loves you. men don't usually say things like that. pororo has so much influence on you. anything else?

what else should i do? do you want to stop? - should we stop? / - no. giving up? - i never give up. / - you're not giving up? a father of twins never gives up. fry it like crazy. - can you put some pepper in it? / - yes. you're good.

mash it. - mash it with your hands. / - yes. - so they're all crushed. / - yes. now put it in there. - are you okay? / - i'm alright. i'll put it in here. you're doing well. the more basil, the better the fragrance. the sour taste will balance out after you add sugar.

it's good. let me taste it. i feel so sorry. it's like asking ki sungyeung to teach me to pass. if they eat this and they say... - wow! it means it's good. / - really? isn't it hot? is it good? is it tasty? - he's eating it. / - is it good?

hwijae's first ever homemade pasta sauce. the housewarming party should be a breeze. this time, let's meet sarang who's here to create some special memories with yume. the pretty interior looks like a castle. there are so many dresses. what are they going to do here? last time we went to my mother's house... we saw a photo of yume in a dress.

sarang said, "i want to do this!" "i want to go here!" we didn't have time to go. so this time... i wanted to give sarang the chance to wear a dress just like yume. oh? what's this? this is ariel's dress.

but this... i don't like it because it has this. sarang, what do you want to wear? what do you want to wear? sarang... yes, sarang? that one? not that one. - which one? / - this.

- this? you like this? / - yes. should we take this one? - this is elsa's dress. / - yes. - you like elsa? / - yes. let's get your makeup done here. look. - wink. / - okay, okay. will that be okay? yes, we'll pay later.

sarang is so active when she plays with dad but at times like this, she's a well-behaved lady. my daughter loves being made up too. sarang's the same. sarang is staying still. the viewers and other people tell us that sarang is pretty. i think she's cute, not pretty. her nose is flat.

she's cute at her current age but... i'm worried about when she grows up. i don't know. she does look a little like shiho. sunghoon insists that sarang looks like shiho. however, sarang is an exact replica of her dad. here she comes. - here's sarang. / - how cute. should we take your photo now?

sarang looks even prettier than usual today. dad can't help but smile. hold your hands out. good. great. look at the camera, sarang. look at the camera. she's cute. cute! that was a great photo.

you're so adorable. sarang dressed up as elsa and aurora. sarang's wish has come true today. wow. yume, you look like a princess. oh? what's that? sarang, look. look at yume. she got changed. yume, you're all pink now.

look. what do you think? you look pretty, right? i want to be the same as her. the same? we don't have the same dress. they don't have the same one. you're amazing, sarang. you want to wear yume's dress. how about this one then?

this? it's similar. it's long. let's take this one. goodness. she's back. - she wants to wear this. / - okay. yume, you look beautiful. - can i take a photo with yume? / - sure. it took such a long time. i'm a man so...

i don't do things like this with sarang. my wife usually does it. i just came along because of sarang. - how cute. / - cute. she's adorable. 1, 2... amazing. yume takes after her model aunt. she's good in front of the camera.

her dad only realized today... you're cute. she gave you a necklace. - it doesn't hurt? / - good. you look cute. you're the same. good work. sarang's so happy to be with yume. should i bring the flowers? two!

girls are amazing. that's cute. yume's good at being photographed. cute, very good. have you ever seen princesses as lovely as these two? one more time! sarang and yume really look like sisters. continue to take good care of each other, girls!

meanwhile, jion's at home alone with her aunt. do you want more water? water. is your diaper okay? let me take a look. how can i tell from this? jion, what should we do? where are you going? want to play catch with me then?

want to catch me? look at me... catch... catch me! catch me! catch auntie! catch me. jion. i'm coming to catch you! roar. jion, come here. come here.

come to auntie. i thought you were coming to me! this is so difficult. i can't believe i'm panting looking after a baby. jion, where are you? peek-a-boo! i'm sweating. please play with me. where is it?

if you hug me... do you want one? want to eat one before dad comes back? it looks good. is it okay to do this? meanwhile, taewoong rushes to buy food as he's worried about jion and his sister. bye. are the two of them alright?

want to eat? is it okay for you to eat this? i wanted to give it to you after dinner. i had to use this to tempt you. it's dad! she didn't cry? she didn't cry but she found it awkward. she does, right? is it okay for jion to have cake?

after dinner. did you give it to her? just a little. did you eat all this? she ate a lot of cake. no, i... i ate more than half, i think. wow, what's this? it looks good. yes, this place is good.

taewoong's bought food that junghwa likes. i wanted to eat haejin's food. really? come over next time. when i see that, i want to get married. - really? / - i want to meet... a wife who can do that for me. where do they sell this? there are a lot of restaurants nearby. it's really good.

jion, have this. she eats alone these days. she told me not to do it. have some small octopus. you ate it! have some water. she can eat by herself now. let me feed you just once. she's so cute.

i wish i could take her to bed with me. you can sleep with her here. - no, i have a shoot. / - really? how can you raise kids? i was in a state of total chaos. haejin always tells me that. mothers are amazing. she said it was hard. i know now that i've tried. i only took care of her briefly but

it was hard. i didn't know what to do. haejin's a good mom. i know. she's so nice and she cooks for you. who introduced you? she shouldn't be at home. she should be on the stage. don't you agree? i know. were there any nice men in australia?

what? were there any nice men? they're all surfers. they're like 26 or 27 years old. they don't have a house. live in the car. and just travel. they probably have happy lives. really? is it okay then? - i can bring home a 26-year-old? / - no.

i'm just saying that they're happy. - not 26? / - no way. then a 29-year-old? how old then? at least... he should be in his late 40s at least. - late 40s? / - yes. they're all married and have kids. - that's true. / - i'll just live by myself.

i'll just live by myself. you don't make an effort for me. i introduced you to haejin. you should do something. people need to give back when they receive things. you only receive. i mentioned someone. you said no. the guy who sells sand in africa.

he'll be in africa all the time. i'm lonely! - that's my rice! / - oh, you wanted it? haejin always scolds me for this. i was eating that. you have rice in the rice cooker. i took it as you weren't eating it. how would you know if i was eating it or not? you're really strange.

don't you agree, jion? i was eating and he took my rice. what a weird uncle. oh, he's not your uncle. i do it without realizing. i go, "let dad do it for you." then i think about it... wow, i'm a dad. i can imagine.

i don't think i can do anything if i have a child. how can you take your eyes off her? now that i'm a father... mom must've been so upset when we got hurt. i know. she would've been shocked. she didn't have anyone to help her. mom's really amazing.

it's not like we had dad. do you think of mom now that you raise jion? sure. call her often then. - don't talk about this. / - mom loves you so much. don't talk about this stuff. are you crying again? what's wrong with him? he has an oversupply of female hormones.

i think i'm sick. i'm turning into a middle-aged woman. you're so funny. i know i'm strange. i hate this too. maybe it's because you have a child. i think so. ever since she was born... something's gone wrong. do you feel really emotional?

now that i know... i know how precious people are now. you said you didn't want to get married. you didn't need kids, just your dogs. i must be going through a transition period. it's a transition period... maybe it's menopause. i feel that way. i'm really sorry.

i hope the viewers can try to understand. i try really hard to keep it under control. it's really hard. it's difficult for me. he's like a middle-aged woman. me? my dad passed away when i was 6. taewoong was only 100 days old. with dad... i don't really remember him either.

dad's love... he says that he realizes now how dad must've felt seeing us. when he sees jion, he thinks of our dad. i think it's a miracle that taewoong has a family and is taking care of a child. he's always a baby in my eyes. he's my baby brother.

he's my little brother so i feel bad... a lot of the time. so, please just think that he's cute. he's just a rookie dad. being a dad really reminds him of our dad. oh, my... oh, no... the triplets are exploring animals. look! it's a snake.

this is juke. touch it like this. let me show you its face. where's the snake? - doesn't it bite? / - here it is. it's a snake! daehan, hold its tail. have you got it? hold it here.

is it okay to hold it there? - minguk, hold it here. / - is it okay to hold it there? did you pat it? let's carry it together. okay, you try it now. put your hand here like this. now, this side too. let me help you. hold it like that.

together with your sons... i want to hold it. let me hold it. dad, i want to hold it. manse, look at me. snake, hi. hello. don't hold its head. it could bite you. wow. daehan, you're holding it.

i want to help. - you want to help? / - manse, you try it. you try it now, manse. minguk too. manse, hold it. is there a sausage in here? hold it here? a sausage? - minguk, want to try it? / - on your shoulders?

- yes. / - come here. come here and put it on your shoulders. dad, take it off. - take it off? is it heavy? / - is it heavy? - the snake's heavy. / - yes, it's heavy. i couldn't express it... but it was really hard for me. surprisingly, the kids weren't afraid. i keep thinking about it.

the boys were watching me. they were looking at me. i couldn't show my fear. i'll prepare this quickly. wait. minguk, this... dad, draw the little mermaid for me. dad, draw a seagull now. seagull. dad, draw the little mermaid now.

the little mermaid... hey! hey... - don't ruin my picture. / - draw the little mermaid. okay, wait. i'm drawing. come here and draw over here. draw on the floor. i haven't been able to read a lot to them. "the little mermaid..." i feel sorry for just showing it to them on screen.

i drew pictures for them. i wanted to show them a puppet show. i used to draw in the past. have you ever seen a dad like ilkook? ilkook is drawing pictures to create a puppet show. my husband's wonderful but ilkook is really amazing. the puppets look like they've been drawn by a professional artist.

will the puppet show be a success? kids! i'll put on a puppet show. "the little mermaid!" "the little mermaid" puppet show? sit down. how should we arrange the seats? "the little mermaid" puppet show. come here. wait, the stage... what should i use as the stage? the stage... wait.

let me borrow that tent for a minute. let me have the tent. can i use this? it's the perfect size for the stage. let me borrow it. this is perfect. this is great. come and sit down. we're going to watch a puppet show.

sit down! daehan! look, it's the theater. dad's going to show you a puppet show. sit down. dad's going to put on a puppet show. i started with big dreams but the result is nothing special. where are you? where's my audience? hurry up! hey!

don't come to the stage. go and sit down. open up. sit down and watch the show. open up. good. okay. surprise! the play is about to begin. surprise. once upon a time in the deep ocean...

there lived a mermaid princess. she was swimming in the ocean... on a big ship... she saw a handsome prince. do you think this is funny too? squeeze this for me. this is funny. - let's keep going. / - dad, squeeze this for me. - squeeze. / - squeeze?

you squeeze it, manse. when the little mermaid saw the prince... - i've finished. / - you're finished? okay. sit down and watch this. what's here? don't come inside. manse, sit down and watch it. i fell. manse, sit down.

the ship that the prince was on... it sunk into the sea. the prince fell into the ocean. what should we do? she met a seagull. the seagull's really big, right? he's bigger than the human. the seagull is here! yes, the seagull.

the little mermaid... she knew the king would hate it. she went to see the witch. the witch! - the witch! / - daehan will defeat the witch. if you give me your beautiful voice... you can become human. but! in the next 48 hours...

before the sun sets... from the prince... sorry, i keep getting my words mixed up. let me try it again. you need to gain the prince's kiss to be human. she gave away her voice. i didn't prepare this. she gained 2 legs. she became human.

then... look! wow! wow. the little mermaid became human. she entered the prince's castle. what should she do? time's almost up. the sun's going to set. the prince went aboard his ship. he defeated the witch! so the prince and the little mermaid...

they lived happily ever after. look. the king congratulated them. the prince and the little mermaid had a happy life. clap! sorry, let's close the curtains. i'm so embarrassed. boys, i'll prepare a lot more next time. i'll show you a better puppet show. this was my first time so it wasn't very good.

the little mermaid and the king fought. - oh, no. / - the prince went and killed the witch! then the handsome prince appeared. here i am. the prince was on his ship? give me your voice. the little mermaid! the witch. oh, no. the wolf...

it's going on the roof. the wolf is going on the roof. what should we do if the wolf's on the roof? knock, knock. who's there? no, my mom is not black. i can see the wolf. i started off with big ambitions but the results were so poor. it didn't go to plan.

but they focused on the show. they laughed a little. they laughed so... i didn't mind making the props. i was rewarded with the boys' laughter. they're here! next episode. the twins' housewarming party begins. will hwijae's party food prove

to be a success? - no, no. / - we'll leave now. dad, have you gotten bigger? ilkook declares war with his weight. daehan, minguk, manse have set out to help dad with his diet. sarang's morning is twice as fun with yume. eat it. what will they do to create

their last memory in tokyo? dads smile at even the smallest movements that their children make. is it really your mother? mom! the return of superman. episode 74. "the person who makes me happy." don't miss out.

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