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the views and opinions expressed oncrunchycast do not necessarily reflect those of crunchyroll or its affiliates hey guys welcome to the crunchy castthis is episode 35 i am your host evan minto i am a software engineer at crunchyroll and i'm here with not victoria holden... with two special guests, because victoria is in japan and one of them is a returning guest to the crunchycast. itis danica aka danny phantom harrod, who is a brand manager at crunchyroll.can i leave? do i still have time to go?that's pretty much all i wanted. you can go now that i've introduced you as danny phantom. but danika's a brand manager working with victoria and miles and all these other people that wehear about on the brand team at crunchyroll.

as well as with this guy, relativelynew to crunchyroll as well as the crunchycast sam wolf aka the wolf. my friends would call me that too. sam the wolf wolfe. wolf wolfe.that's right and yeah, you are a an editor, assistant brand editor, something like that.assistant brand editor i think it says on my business cards. sam cuts our clips and writes our copy, and does a bunch of stuff. yeah. so i think it's probably worth just starting out with like askingyou guys a little bit about what you do before we get into main show. but i meanlike what you do as like as a brand manager nowadays danika, you've been through a bunch of stuff.oh my gosh. my job has transitioned a bunch so currently i spend actually a lot of my time codingemails.a little bit. all the email that you get.dreamweaver.all the crunchyroll emails that you get, are built by me i also work directly with the

publishers on things like a approvals for new shows. i've been handling our announcements for spring season and justgeneral marketing and promotion. and sam does... i think every job that everybody wishes they had. i watch anime. and cut clips from it! sam makes amvs. i make amvs sometimes. is it not as fun as it seems like it would be? just watching anime all day? when you turn a hobby into a job. and there's an obligation, it gets a little tiring but i can't complain. it's great. all anime is good. there's always like anime girls on his screen too. but there's no bad anime on crunchyroll, right? every single one of them's the best.everytyhing's great. only hard part of my job i think issometimes i have to watch something that maybe i would have liked to watch in theprivacy of my own room but i have to

watch it in a crowded office.and then we take picturesand we post them on twitter. and yeah you can exposed. yeah. you can assume what sam will do when he watches it in the privacy of his room moving on to news. danica you got a news story so i wanted to talk a little bit aboutwrestlemania 32 which happened over the weekend. the wrestling group the new daycame out and full like saying which was like so cool and i've mentioned at lunchtime this week but actually i met exam your mo makan in atlanta la sure he's ahuge anime we communicate like that hiring is acute in advance it was likesuper exciting to see was all over twitter so there you go see presentingto have inherited a zebra saying they

were like we will pull off an armoredthey had seen her they had wings from to do that i think one of them had a tailso like they were doing that's accurate i don't know what i mean and i was allover you know it's also all over the internet right now i need 10 down metomo we all using his family run they're only open to open the half its just likethe loading screen and rashes common challenge to me know my gosh me tell metell ya i was like super excited for it because it's like oh cool until novemberyou can interact with your friend you may like one where you can actuallyfriends people yeah but finding people tend to game takes about a minute perperson

bad my friend request list is so largebecause i've just completely given up on our people are our editor for the showis telling me like one of the questions gives me time i these questions that youget asked by your friends are like generated by the applications like amobile application one of the questions like if you had a free 30 minutes whatwould you do in bill headed there likely answer was a friend of three people onthe game has really cool aspects like you can interact with people visitpeople at their house learn things about them they can answer questions about youall of that is nice but like it takes forever to do stuff anytime you may likeclose your phone or territorial and

nigeria back on earth which adds it'slike hold up gotta reload the entire thing right now i wish i wish the ux wasbetter because it's so fun it's not really has nothing on it but it's anightmare over a giant bomb said that me tomomight be the greatest phishing scam it's like it's the abilene paradox which is ibelieve the name of this this thing we're like it's based on some like story psychological thing where everybody doessomething as everybody else because i think everybody else wants to do it likeeverybody else like me and like if this whole scheme like nobody wants to bethere i was the most excited person i

know for me tomorrow and i'm the oneperson can use it to the other phone too big i know people have deleted it and itjust like hello or peterlee those others like this social richmond tomodachi lifebut you don't build connections with people you don't like there's no i doyou ever get popular you can have style but that's it goes on for a while andthen eventually estas ya co-produced no trajectory well you know it is juststarting to go on right now the spring anime he's a good thing that's what youwatchin the only thing that i've watched so far is space between luke oh me too imean i think one of the things we do other things but he seems to have thefirst episode so i've talked about it on

this show before like when we when itwas not so good it's really good it's here you can see the director of julykilled just doing his thing is just doing what he does best the pacing is all just exactly how shedoes it hard to describe without like showing a video and talking about it butjust the way that he kind of like he doesn't do it kind of animation justlike a character making a weird face and in a smash cut to some legs and inmaking an even crazier it's really funny and it's only seven so there's no excusei've ever seen that actually makes me

which was a fully cool of it being bite-size i reallyreally like this which would get more actually think that he might be styleworks pretty well for sure it's because he's so intense with his like just howcrazy his stuff is ready had this really manic energy i think it works in theselittle bursts really what what what the hell is this what is going on next weekyeah yeah it's the best way to describe it it's got a lot of pain and stockingto it rather really manic sense of humor though the timing of it but it's alsohas hookups boss chief over justice in it and has a gag with him that isbasically just ripped out of money if

it's basically the joke from thatinferno cop episode with the judge not mister judge but with the actualchallenge of us watch them very well you're gonna have to learn about mr geegee you can watch inferno cop now think that one should i am gonna watch thoughtoday is joker game which just where everybody at the office will everybodyon our team and in the genre shows that start with joe i also watched the firstepisode it's good i like the visual style of diamond is unbreakable as a lotmore i guess i would say like super flattered remember that accuratedescription of the really bright colors and especially the background art andstuff it's just like very intentionally

cartoonish with not a lot of detail butit's like just really contrasting colors i would have to go back and check but ifeel like it looks a lot better than part 3 which i felt like looked a littlebit ugly all the time and i like the way part 2012 look where they were latemessing with the color scheme a lot yeah i actually my relationship with jojo issuper weird i watched part 1 and then thought that was great yesterday becausei want to do this when you get into a cancer to stop afterparty you but part 3also has like a baby with us stand goes on forever looks like that justlike the moment the orangutan has a boat as a stand and watch someone that wherethere's a baby with the standard that

there's a game that you can play which idon't know if i can come up with one of the top of my head you can very easilyplay a game is this a real thing that happened in judges or something i justmade up yeah i mean there's like a character who can generate earthworms asa form of attack you get when i made that up i'm not sure where you knowgoing a little early in this podcast that knows how powers are very similarto like judges make any sense yeah there is a character who has thepower to magnetize someone's body when you touch a power outlet that might bereal it might be made up generate power outlets on any surfaceanyway i have no transition from power

outlets on any service to clone a whichcrashed i just finish all of us the phone and ipod like all the dvds in myapartment for the last two years and i didn't want until last weekend i watchedlike three days and it was so good complaining about dragons i watched likefive episodes in anime club in high school we just as the phone a but onerobot you there's a few late driving story that shows about this girl whogoes to this planet called gaya and she basically helps save everybody with thisname gone i understand why you would like it it's very hard-headed warriorguy it's very good i like it when i watched it got those really pointing toa key character designs think the point

is we had a little bit distracting and icant yeah i guess i like it's very nineties it's super nineties it's likeit's exactly what you'd expect for five years and i finally got around towatching it so very promising alright i'm catching up with some animefrom last season as i believe is what season are you on think i've just finished the firstseason yeah i'm about their joy just like thechristmas episode everyone does that the office and it makes me think that weneed to see the show i remember i was talking to me he was saying lee oh yeahthat show its so funny but also when it

gets emotional it really hits you and ikinda don't say they think his face but i was at that show when it getsemotional it's gonna it's gonna hit me i don't know about that i don't know howmuch i agree with that like i think it sometimes works emotionally but i mostlycare about it for the comedy we cannot to anime character don't connect animecharacters but i've heard it's a quote i love guy who never should have said it ithink robert downey junior said the best companies are the best drama and comedyi think it's good to have a contrast angry so i think it's like him into thething with the catnip said six and he

like to try to save the girl but thechristmas episode which i just watched man it's like that show is at its bestwhen it does the really short sketches sometimes longer form episode but itjust seems like really short set up really like exaggerated punchline likethe one where they bring back to be shown in the shonan versions of the boysin the forces of a sentence like togo is ideal christmas and they hit their liketrying to one-up each other at like impressing here and the last one is likethe lights make her face on how did you do that how did you do that no i meanreally like it really doesn't make any sense it's been like playing in thelobby also believe the last week

yeah i made a joke that i like to thinkabout it like business people coming in for meetings and just seeing like yeahyou know what might wear them out more though if they were seeing sherlockhound which i just finished about dog sherlock holmes you guys have heard metalk about this on the podcast before another victory is not here i can talkabout it all i want great she's not gonna make you will when she gets backbut i finished watching it for like a year i like it and i talked verypositively about it when i first started watching it the issue is he'sridiculously episodic and so i just lost steam as i like 26 episodes and thebeginnings grady like wow this is so

cool style miyazaki and got likes thefirst couple episodes have a lot of direction like not just series directlyopposite direction from miyazaki and from where she from the condo the guywho directly with the hearts of those like really good beginning the rest of the show just kindof goes at this formula and it's like it's very feel like i can show boringafter a while is it is part of that do you think i think i'm wrong in 2010 idon't like the done very much it's got these really obnoxious like veryexaggerated british accents everywhere we should make sense but they're notlike real british people they feel like

people doing like fake british accentbut more importantly it's one of those dogs that we're like whoever made itfelt a need to like fill in all the gaps like whenever characters are movingaround they're always like grunting like oh you can't have it but it's mainlyjust it's like this formula that is kind of mind numbingly predictable by the endof the show i'm not even kidding every episode it's moriarty who did it and itgot to the home that's right by me know that's the thing that for people whodon't know that one story ensure internal numbers i don't care about theaccuracy there but it's mainly the sherlock holmes the brilliant detectiveand was like who do you think did it

seems like i think it was more the lasttwenty-five members stands to reason that it was more of a top patent shocksalso there's not very much deduction i think mentioned it before i like it it'smostly like it's i don't know if he really wanted to make a sherlock holmesstory as much as you want because they're about dogs like crime ratherthan actually like you know doing deductions like sherlock holmes justlike moriarty and here's what he did was no yeah anyway yeah i don't reallyreally smart he's good at tracking down moriarty i guess you wanna check it out i don't know ifi'd say like watch the whole thing but

check out the beginning couple episodesyou don't it's not like he missed anything by not watching to the endbecause i was expecting maybe that'd be like an ending like it does it's justone word the last episode is another episode so if you just stop watchingpart way through the same in every episode is a new case to case you knowjust make sure that you watch that i mentioned in previous there's a really cool episode where mrsmrs hudson flies a plane because in this one she's like super who really skilledpilot says it's now we didn't talk about another show from this season that ithink so much to talk about a long time

i don't even know how to proceed atholiday guide will talk about you i really like those games and i'm was alsosherlock hound mix i played the games so so i did and it should come as nosurprise then that is a retelling of the first game it seemed that that's ashot-for-shot like it's the first case in 30 minutes in the first case take alook at this place for a think is the first game or you're probably right didyou know where this more about this than i thought that was this one that's likean early case from phoenix that is in the third game but as a flashback got it the first time he gets back onthe stand away we're going to deep right

now yeah yeah but i saw somebody asked aboutthis and we've talked about it at lunch yesterday i don't know if i'm crazyabout enemies that are based on video i don't know their translation works verywell i'm always like trying to think of like when has it worked their tails yeahi don't know any of our tourney which the honest part of that kind of funny isthat you are doing all the logic puzzles show the characters get all frustratedin their homes to the show's phoenix and you can adjust a passenger along for theride and it didn't quite have the same the other issue is in this relates tothat is the sort of visual novel issue

that i think generally plagues visualnovels and basically great lake they tend to be pretty static in terms oftheir visuals and so it's fine if there's some interaction because there'sthis like you are racking your brains there's a lot of like there's a lot ofinteresting stuff going on that's not actually in the game but is in your headthat makes it more interesting even though you're just looking at the staticimage but in the show like you just sit back and forth and back and forth at thesame two shots of the two years and because you're not like sitting thereracking your brain over something it's a lot more boring the same tee shotthere's also something they don't like

you said the stuff that happens in your headbecause i remember in with persona 4 the animation in person of color goldman theanimation but because they're just steamrolling through the plot you knowseeing you kill the first level that's only twelve hours for some people andit's too late for me someone who hasn't played throughout all the presentinggames like to me i actually was kind of into the anime connected to the games ithink you have a good different association in addition if you're notlike if you haven't played the game it's funny talking about about that just theother day in his saying maybe because

you play the game the animes mark foryou they already got some people who know about you but i haven't played itmight enjoy the animated i need to watch it watch it all come back to put this onhold yes go ahead and hold it hold it hold itwas good cast go ahead we're not pausing it because we've got some questions practically a host of the show at thispoint that a coder wow any issues you have over disagreements with peopleabout their enemy opinions yeah i don't need help with tax i know i'm right ialso think i know the answer first question is joshua todd gill whyis there trying with boy enters magic

school and a melee and the answer tothat is simple it's super popular really i fear you being the fan of it that youare we know what the answer is to this i mean i'm not a huge fan of you are ahuge fan of harry potter which is the reason why ok there are shows like wehad a bunch of shows recently like our score two moro al-qaida eve and it'skind of just like being more like harem yeah it's harem you get to hang out witha bunch of cute girls and you also have magic powers it's invested everythinglike 200 magic school but i don't know if i've specifically read like somebodyyou know in japan saying this like in the industry but my impression is thisstuff is all in large part because it

was like a week and a cell like this toobut everybody and everybody wants to hang out with the group and also a lotof viewers relates to them just to school they never do homework orlearning right actually do homework and her partner appreciate lauren parent on facebookasking what is your dream cute girls doing two things show for example fuckalone or other things and in on the second hour of that really counts i meanhow does not come in like little girls and they're doing things but i thinkkind of show got really mad because i was annoyed athow good they were without having

practice and the common sentiment so ihad no idea they go out of their way to show as we need to practice and thenthey do the little by little chaos says instruments are on my favorite and youcan buy it so go at 07 there's one answered in this there's only ever beenone answer in fairies i mean actually a very kind of counts i guess i'd say thatto you and the girls doing things show is no one not even like a comedy justlike it's just a slice of life have to be economy is early yeah i was thinkingin terms of commons i don't care about the slice of life shows just cute girldoing comedy and i was like why i don't like that genre i was going to die outhe's had this perfect absurdity to it

will just like they're cute they're cutebut like a puppet pigtails like dad is a cat anyone who watches you can likewatching and not like it was the best time i said everybody knows it to tellthe cats knightstown everybody please email us or send us a tweet if you thinkit's not tomo always tomo also that show is about 15 years i think about thatyeah i've never seen it it's really good go check it out but i think i justreading the manga for a people sometimes called the new similar sense of humor the wall atsigned the true bread says i was severely let down by food cooley was anenemy you were looking forward to

watching every huge disappointment thinksam you're talking about yes i was a huge fan of the original full metalalchemist brotherhood is now so i was super safe for it and i actually havenot finished brotherhood because i was super laid down by the seven episodes inhis could not do it like thirteen episodes which i i never usually saythat about shows because like it's not worth it before that i say just don't watch itbut i think especially if you've already seen the first home often missed thefirst 13 episodes will see more leeway to you because the pc isn't as good buti think if you haven't seen any

fullmetal alchemist the first 13 you'reprobably fine but once you get past that the show's just like it kind of doesn'town thing that really really good all my friends whereby brotherhood waybetter than the original one should i take offense to that like a lot ofpeople say it's good so i feel like i do need to watch it i just cant get like ihave not been able to motivate myself to get over that hurdle decided to do thedog i like the way they did the dog in the first season in those anime pantsand you'll make it through brotherhood just as nice check that out on ouryoutube channel i don't know if i'm very often been hugely disappointed butthere's been a lot of shows that i like

you don't like classics that i watchedas i didn't like that as much as people like said i would like these i like buti felt like the passing was kinda off topic like not as funny as i expected itto be honestly what it is expectations to live up to it so likeall blaspheme right now and say what i first thought i was not indicate thathe'll just because i heard like ok the guys maker online we go in i got three episodes in thereis a wait till it's over and i i think thats a little bit i don't forget totalk about this but that's why i'm concerned about fooly cooly season 23because it doesn't matter what it is

it's not going to be expected to be justgoing with lower your expectations a little bit and then will we had aquestion from learnability on facebook three snps leader for gaming and morespecifically for playing games related to anime were based on that i actuallyhave never played a game on the vita beside project diva period i mean ithink 3ds is probably better for gaming but its leaders got a lot more japanesegames like it's like you know it doesn't have fire emblem most anime game of all time you know$500 per cent of machine the time were busy wr dez double zeta btw how do imuster up the courage to ask a girl out

i want to know the answer to the stairsbut i don't do that and also just don't do it in general because i think we'reall your drunk sucks i my my way of lake navigating through late crushes andliking people is always like really messy but i've never liked regret itit's just if i like someone a lot and i think that they like me i just ratedthing hey i like you yeah it's frankly the easiest advice togive his like don't like you're always worried about it yeah just do it he wants to be rejected and i think thata lot of you know what if there if they're going to make me give you a hardtime about it and like make you feel

better something for asking somebody didexactly many and if they like to say no and there but like you can be friends orwhatever you can just like walk away and be fine like that's finally over there was likethe worst thing that can happen is someone could say now and i think aslong as you prepare yourself for that go into it like with confidence and youshould be fine to throw a little dark here in say the worst thing that happensis status quo yeah you feel bad but that's it and and you'll feel better asking and even getting a no buthopefully getting yes you will just

sitting there for months wondering whatwould happen if you ask just never asking yeah and i think that's a veryrelevant point because if you sit there for months and you want to ask us aquestion we gonna feel really bad if you don't send us with the hashtag crunchyhas where you can find us on the official crunchyroll account at site formy account at sign them both the mpc evo and you guys are danica harry dax dax ikha rrod on all social media and i had underscore sampedro underscore si haveon all social media i'm not socially i have no i'm keeping their record out butfollow me i won't cost you anything you don't even looking at me funny you canfind us on crunchyroll that lives in not

comment we post all the episodes and cansubscribe to the audio version there you have shown us on there you can also findus on itunes and stitcher please leave us reviews of the more people can findus and you can watch us on crunchyroll and on youtube where we also lots ofother videos with us other people control dot com slash / user / crunches and you can hang out with us on facebook i thinkyou guys might be members of the facebook group hopefully / groups /project has lots of great people in there and i am on any games dot comwhere i write about anime manga in video games and also do a podcast with thevery funny david australia probably get

really really funny he's cool and iwrote for talking usa magazine i'm writing reviews only yesterday nichijouthe manga forget me not and longest cigarette girl which is acool seventies ya gotta see this every week i don't do anything well i the onlything i do besides work at crunchyroll is where i am posting music that i needwith other people and its / danica music right and got nothinggoing to go girl that's what we will hopefully be back next week with me andwho knows some sort of guests you'll find someone will figure something butthank you guys for watching despite the lack of victoria or perhapsbecause of

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