Friday, January 27, 2017

puppets how to make at home

1 - midnight midnight... i see the snow that's falling midnight... still hanging from this wall i'm thinking back in time to when there was still a life free of misery oh... but it was never to be midnight... and still you're haunting me to the cellar in the darkest night

all the misery all... the blood i had to see midnight... midnight... midnight... midnight... they're ready for the show now the blood must flow they're waiting above oh no! "let the show begin" 2 - the puppet master

night time in budapest so many people are waiting in line darkness without a glow what a night to be watching a christmas show what a magical mystery feeling dancing at the end of their silvery strings almost human in size like children with plague in their flesh these puppets are oh so grotesque

the puppet theater is so dark inside gas lamps light the stage we're watching as the curtain begins to rise sssssshhhh... here come the puppets there is 1.. 2... i see 3 puppets waiting in the wing they start to walk, in line and suddenly they're all on the stage i see the puppet master high above on the walkway he pulls one string and up goes a leg.. down goes a head

he pulls one more and then he lets them all go! no strings, none of them fall, no strings at all... i take a look at the little drummer boy, up on the stage.. oh no i think he looked at me.. is he alive? i get a little scared... as he starts to play his drum on the skin of his hand, i see a little cut... blood so many things here are not what they seem but we love them all what a night to remember forevermore

the show has come to an end the master himself is on the stage with his children, the curtain must fall and then the puppets they are gone 3 - magic in the darkness... after the show outside the theater, the air is damp and cold all the people.. heading for home they don't believe, that what they saw was magic

oh.. it was magic i know this night was full of it, i never saw the undertow... no never saw the evil, never saw the evil i never saw the evil down below "i will never forget that night" i saw the magic in your eyes we will never forget that night we saw the magic in each other's eyes in the darkness.. after the show

all the people.. they are gone just you and me, and we believe in magic talking the night away, the things we like are all the same wanna get to know her, wanna get to know her i gotta get to know her deep down inside suddenly i feel so cold... it feels as if a ghost is next to me cold breath in my ear, as it whispers: "kiss her now" that kiss one year ago, a magic seal of our eternal love tonight she went to the theater alone

she never came home and i gotta find her now 4 - emerencia the shadows are thick and old i'm searching the dark for my love behind the theater of puppet shows i find the stairs to the cellar below hiding where the shadows rule a door opens below the moon is high above

300 pounds of flesh, that woman i know oh it's the puppet master's wife she pulls a cart behind her "oh emerencia", where are you going with that knife? time to kill, it's time for her nightly thrill deep in the night through the narrowest streets i follow her every step she is searching for innocent victims "oh emerencia"

in an alley a homeless is sleeping approaching without a sound... and then... oh no "how strange it is.. to see.. a life that slips away how strange it is.. in darkness blood is black not red" the knife is still deep in his chest gotta keep the blood in its nest she wraps him in the sack she brought she better leave before she gets caught through the streets dark and old

through the streets, no one must know only the moon and i and none of us will ever tell she pulls the body off the cart back at the theater and down into the dark "oh emerencia", i wonder why you left the door ajar deep in the night through the narrowest hallways there's a light from a doorway ahead of us where did she go, where did she go...? no

what i see is a horror show... then the blow... 05 - blue eyes i open my eyes... i can barely see i got a feeling inside no one's here but me, no one's here but me... ohhh i'm stone cold, yeah... i must be lying on the floor my hands are tied to the wall.. an iron chain, i can't move at all oh... i remember, i must be in the cellar my eyes are sucking on the dark to lighten the gloom

my eyes are no more blind, i can see what's in this room full of skeletons, dressed in human skin... they're sitting on their shelves, a cellar full of sin.. they're made from humans! so many puppets here, there are eyes everywhere there are eyes i recognize oh no, it's the eyes of my love.. the eyes of my love oh victoria no! oh...i remember

i open my eyes.. i can barely see a thing all the tears in my eyes, someone better say it's a dream "blue eyes, blue eyes", blue eyes i recognize "blue eyes in the night" they see nothing, and yet they're so alive blue eyes, they're so alive yet they're so alive.. yet they're so alive 06 - the ritual as i look into the eyes of victoria

enter the puppet master and his wife i can't speak... i'm in shock... human skulls, ancient books a strange symbol on the wall, black candles burning low in the gloomy light, i see an altar in white oh, what is it for? it must be a ritual in glass jars, up on shelves i see liquid dark as hell, there's one for every puppet i hear the master's voice, magic words from ancient times

i'm feeling strange inside oh... as if something has taken my mind in panic, i kick the shelf with the jars one of them falls from high above.. to the floor red!! oh so red... it's blood "how dare you disturb my work"? demon skull, red as blood it's in the symbol on the wall, there's something deadly wrong i feel a sting in my eyes, as they're given eternal life

all because of the blood on the floor, interrupted ritual he lures away my soul, from its shelter and into the cold to him my soul is gold trading souls with this demon is something he knows as well as hell magic life.. is his return pain.. in my skin, sin... i feel some kind of magic... inside 07 - no more me

why am i strapped to this hospital bed? "first your eyes, then your skin we will make you feel.. born again.. no more me my friend" a shiny scalpel in the master's hand his wife has got the jars for blood, oh she keeps one near i fear for my life, no more me i fear there will be no more me at all is this goodbye sweet life?... ahhhhh... scalpel cuts, eyelids drop

into jars... i'm crying blood fingers pull my eyeballs out... scissors snap... i bleed a lot they set my eyes into this puppet's head and still my eyes can see, i'm looking back.. at myself and what i see is no more me at all i have no eyes my veins... feel.. like worms drying in the sun... this takes too long

stripping skin from all my bones pain too strong... my senses they go numb all of my blood is now in little jars i should be dead by now, but i am still i am still alive inside my eyes and i see emerencia throw my carcass in the trash 08 - blood to walk sitting in the cellar, watching all the others it was only yesterday, needles in my skin

they turned my last remains into this puppet thing blood to walk, blood to see blood to walk again and blood to be i can see, but i cannot move at all yet i have feelings, i know it's very strange i'm on my shelf... eternal eyes they never sleep i take a look... and in the dark i see victoria there is no mistake, that is my beloved sitting on her shelf.. alone and so dead

there's a light outside the door mommy and daddy are back for more.. "let's play!" "hello my children... in blood i will teach you" they take victoria down from her shelf they sit her on the floor.. and me in front of her there are strings attached to our heads there are strings in arms and legs the puppet master's hands oh they keep us straight

pressing the needle in... i feel the sting, it's emerencia injecting blood... into the both of us... it's hot i think i see her move there's a tingle in our skin i can't believe... that she can see again... i have missed you so.. oh no it's like a horror show without a word we know as we communicate.. with our eyes.. deep inside oh we wonder why?

why our minds are now in our eyes? we can move without any strings "they're alive... that's enough for today.. put them away" 09 - darkness for 13 days.. we have trained and trained we're learning to walk again, we're learning to stretch our skin every time they bring us back to life little jars come down from the shelves every time we feel the sting

every time we feel the blood going in yeah, the blood going in our eyes are now our minds our souls.. are in our magical skin the blood they use must come from our own living just an hour and then we fade again "in the darkness we live our lives" in the dark we die again in the dark we die and die and die again darkness... darkness

every night victoria and i we spend what's left of the blood in our systems sitting on opposite shelves talking with our eyes, trying to remember it is all that we've got we're living through our memories and it's worth it... shhhhhhh... the puppet master is here again

[p.m.:] "tonight you will dance for me puppet girl tonight.. no strings attached" "but i can't, never ever did i dance, i don't have a chance" [p.m.:] "dance!" "i take a step, oh i try my best i stumble into the shelves with all the jars" 6... 6 of them are coming down broken glass and puppet life is on the floor "in the darkness we live out lives"

[p.m.:] "send her far away, far away from here" [p.m.:] "to the other theater.. tomorrow morning she must be gone send her to berlin... send that puppet to berlin" 10 - so sad i'm sitting in the dark, i'm with my love we are looking in each other's eyes i know if they take her away, there is no life take her away and i die "tell me this is not goodbye"

do you remember the butterfly? "it made me cry" i know... but we dried its wings so it could fly again i wonder if this is the end, for you and i i know we've got to say goodbye i know that i would change my life.. for you i would die for you "i will always remember the things we used to do all the memories i keep in here, just for me and you

with your image in my eyes i take you with me when it's time to go" i swear... i swear i'll find you i'll keep on searching, searching till the end of time "and if i can't survive without you by my side" then wait for me, wait for me wait on the other side.. i'll be there "i can barely see you anymore" you must remember the butterfly, it did not die

"i love you"... i love you too "i can't see you anymore" goodbye my love 11 - christmas "come they told me our newborn king to see our finest gifts we bring to lay before the king... oh when we come"

it's christmas again.. it will never be the same it's christmas again, i know there's only sadness in my soul it's christmas again... it'll never be the same no! and as the snow is falling from the sky all i wanna do is cry i got to get away from here i gotta get away........ by tomorrow, i will be gone

by tomorrow, i'll see the sun again but tonight... i am... the little drummer boy tonight... i am... the one who will destroy the secrets never told before of those who lost their souls there are sad things in the darkness there are sad things all around us to lay before the king..." now here i go

i'm falling on my face, drum breaking on the stage oh my god it's such a big disgrace 12 - living dead same old wall, still hanging tall same old nail.. through my throat eighteen years came along and all this time i never, i never saw my love i'm going insane they sold me to this little shop

where i remain living dead... i'm feeling like a living dead living dead... two blue eyes in an empty head dead dead dead this life is nothingness life on a wall, time to be called back.. to the beyond there's a rumour going around and around they say the puppet master is gonna build another theater in london town

for kids run by his son and daughter it's gonna be a bloody mess living dead, living forever on the same old wall forever with that nail going through my throat all the children, who see me in this shop they are scared of me, they say i'm looking sick my eyes follow them

never to be sold again life is never fair... life is air "will i ever see his eyes again? will i ever see him again?" "where is he now?"... where is she now?...

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