Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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countdown welcome ceremony (chanting: the analects of confucius. chapter 1.1) "friends have come from afar, how happy we are! " footprints of history dream rings (music: dream rings) dreaming tonight

stars into rings alight all are harmonious all are still and bright apsarases descend to earth colorful clouds fill the sky friends meet in beijing happy and delighted (music: ode to motherland) five-star red flag flutters in the wind

what a resounding song of victory! singing for our dear motherland from now on towards prosperity! across the mountains across the plains over the roaring yellow and yangtze rivers this vast and beautiful land is our dear home! we love peace

we love our homeland our unity and fraternity are as strong as steel (chinese national anthem: march of the volunteers) arise! all those who refuse to be slaves! let our flesh and blood forge our new great wall! as the chinese nation has arrived at the most perilous time every person is forced to expel his very last roar: arise! arise! arise! our million hearts beating as one

brave the enemy’s fire march on! march on! march on! on! art performance 1. scroll painting (music: high mountains and flowing water) 2. chinese writing & confucius' philosophy (chanting: the analects of confucius (excerpts)) (written during the warring states period (475 bce - 221 bce)) "in a party of three,

there must be one whom i can learn from. i will pick his merits to emulate them, and find his demerits to amend mine." "in a party of three there must be one whom i can learn from..." "within the four seas, all men are brothers." "there were four things which the master taught: letters, ethics, devotion of soul, and truthfulness." "if i were told of the truth in the morning,

i would die willingly even in the evening." "in the practice of the rules of propriety, harmony is most precious." "to govern means to act rightly." "isn’t it a pleasure to learn and constantly practice what is learnt?" "when you know a thing, say that you know it; when you don't know a thing, say that you don't know it. it is wise doing so." (chinese character “咜 (harmony)")

letters, ethics, devotion of soul, truthfulness." "letters, ethics, devotion of soul, and truthfulness." "enjoyment without being licentious, grief without being hurtfully excessive." "learning without thinking leads to puzzlement; thinking without learning is perilous.”

"review what has been learned to learn what is new, and you can be a teacher." "study without satiety and teach without weariness." "within the four seas, all men are brothers." "the wise won't get bewildered, the virtuous are not anxiety-ridden, the courageous are dauntless." 3. opera 4. silk road

(music: parting at yangguan pass) maritime silk road & voyages of zheng he 5. ritual and music (poem: spring river flower moon night (excerpts)) (written by zhang ruoxu (660-720), tang dynasty poet) “in spring the river rises as high as the sea, with the river’s rise the moon uprises bright." "she follows the rolling waves for ten thousand li, where the river flows, there overflows her light."

(music: spring river flower moon night) 6. starlight 7. nature the air is warming ice cap is melting land becomes smaller birds are vanishing we plant trees we sow seeds

the earth turns green the sky is blue indeed spring again we see birds fly back with glee 8. dream (theme song: you and me) you and me from one world we are family

travel dream a thousand miles meeting in beijing come together put your hand in mine parade of nations speeches by the presidents olympic flag-raising ceremony (music: olympic anthem)

immortal spirit of antiquity father of the true, beautiful and good descend, appear, shed over us thy light upon this ground and under this sky which has first witnessed thy unperishable fame give life and animation to these noble games! throw wreaths of fadeless flowers to the victors in the race and in the strife create in our breasts, hearts of steel!

in thy light, plains, mountains and seas shine in a roseate hue and form a vast temple to which all nations throng to adore thee oh immortal spirit of antiquity! olympic oath release of doves of peace (music: the sky) beijing is the place we meet different people but the same smile

when the sun greets us we become a rainbow holding our hands sharing one world welcoming each other coming together holding our hearts sharing one dream flying to the future under one sky flying in the sky of peace forever


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