Tuesday, August 23, 2016

puppets box fnaf

hello guy's the camper is back to play some five nights at freddy's game so i haven't played this game. in a while so i haven't even played five nights at freddy's game the part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4, i've seen it. but never played it so lets jump into sister location. i hope this game is not scary. so well see the camper's sometimes he gets easily scared. but sometimes he's not scared at certain things so

let's start a new game lets lets lets do it. let's play lets see if this game can scare the camper. (eerie background music) okay lets start a new game. oh i got my speaker all loud. daddy why won't you let me play with her? look around. welcome to the first day of your exciting new career. weather you were approach at a job fair. read our ads at screw bolts and pull pin. or if this is a results of a dare

we welcome you. i will be your personal guide to get you started. i'm a model 5 of the handy's man's unit and robotic systems. but you can call me handy unit. your new career promises challenge intrigue and endless janitorial opportunity. please enter your name as seen above the keypad. this cannot be changes later so please be careful. okay lets well ah lets lets put, eey ey stop stop wiggling this thing is wiggling. i can't enter. stop wiggling right here.

p haha this game is cheating you p ahhhh. where's r wheres r wheres r ah this game is cheating. r what? o pro camper c its seem that you have some trouble with the keypad.

i see what you were trying to type and i will auto correct it for you one moment welcome come eggs benedict. haha eggs benedict no it's pro camper buddy. ohh wow looks like we are going underground. yeah see seems it's some kind of escalator going down or something. see the light is going up like that. dance ah man this game looks creepy robots. ah powerful robots ah advance technology underground. night 1 you can now open the elevator using that bright red and obvious button.

let's get to work. okay lets lets do this. ouuuu man looks creepy already. can can i move? okay this this is a click button game just like the first one. alright i can't touch anything else. okay lets go right there allow me to fill this somewhat frightning side with soem light hearted banter due to the massive success even more so to the unfortunate closing of fazbear pizza it was clear that the stage was set no pun intended for another contender in childrens entertainment.

unlike like most entertainment venues our robotic entertainers are rented out for private parties during the day. and it's your job the get the robot's back in proper working order before the following morning. wow you, really you have to sneak in to the ventilation shaft to go work? i don't know what. you are now in the primary control module it's actually a crawl space between the 2 front show rooms. now let's get started with your daily task. view the window to your left. this is the ballora gallery party room and dance studio encouraging kids to get fit and enjoy pizza

let's turn on the light and see if ballora is on stage. press the blue button on the elevated keypad to your left. i i don't see no blue button. i see a red, oh the red one is right here (buzzing noises) uh oh it's looks like ballora doesn't feel like dancing. let's get her some motivation. press the red button now to administer a control shock. hahahahaha maybe that will bring back in her steps.?

if if if the robots alive the robots are not going to like (electrical noises) ouuuu. lets check the light again. excellent ballora is feeling like her old self again and will be ready to perform again tommorrow. now view the window to your right. this is the fun time auditorium were fun time foxy encourages kids to play and share. try the light lets see what fun time foxy is up to. funtime foxy

(buzzing noises) oh he disappear he disappear. looks like fun time foxy is taking the day off let's motivate fun time foxy with a controlled shock. (electrical buzzing sound) these robots are not going to like it because they are alive. ah he's still not coming haha lets try another controlled shock. (electrical buzzing sound) controlled shock? keep shocking the robot buddy. (buzzing electrical sound)

looks like fun time foxy is in perfect working order great job. in front of you is another vent shaft crawl through it to reach the circus gallery control module. oh man were okay so basically i think were ah commanding the ah robot to do whatever we want. he's crawling through a shaft (crawling sounds) motion trigger circus gallery vent (crawling sounds) motion trigger

i think i think thats thats. on the other side of the glass is the circus baby auditorium let's check the light and see what baby is up to. (buzzing sound) looks like a few of the lights are out. but we can fix that later. lets encourage baby to cheer up with a controlled shock. (electrical sound) ouuu doesn't sound good at all that shock. it's like a shock therapy.

you know when the doctor wants you to tell the truth and if you don't tell the truth they shock you. let's try another controlled shock. oh man see (electrical shock sound) if the robot doesn't want play he doesn't want to play. you know don't don't shock them. (buzzing sound) oh man this one is angry. lets try another controlled shock (electrical shock shounds) they they mad they mad. they're mad they're mad

ohhhhhh this guy's mad great job circus baby we knew we can count on you.. that's conclude your duty for your first night on the job. we don't want you to leave overwhelm other wise you might not come back. please leave using the met behind you and will see you again tommorrow. (crawling sound noises) ohhhh. motion trigger circus gallery vent. oh okay i think the robots are going to try to find a way to the controlled center. (happy retro music)

enjoy some time at home! another day another dramatic entry in the lives of flab and his distress mistress where will they go? what will they do? all of that and more happening now. claira i tell you the baby isn't mine. count i tell you that it is. haha you are not the father. your the only vampire i ever loved. and the baby turn his bottle into powdered milk.

that doesn't mean anyting. he's sleep on the ceiling fan. you are not the father. hahahaha. upright or upside down? what does it matter? you need to be part of your son's life. i'm an old man claira i can't be a father. well at least pay your child support your dead beat. hahahahaha will flab and his distress mistress find common ground? tune in next time. its like the maury show.

oh that's it daddy you let the other children go see her. ouuu....why won't you let me go? welcome back for another intelectual stimulation. pivotal career choices and shelf reflection on past mistakes. we're committed to creating a unique and full filling work experience. one part of that committment is ensuring that you won't get tired of the voice your hearing right now. using the kepad below. please select a new companion voice. for male press 1 for female press 2

for text only press 3 for other options press 4 i don't see any other options it says mike right there. it seems that you have some trouble with the keypad. i see what you were trying to type and i will auto correct it for you. thank you for choosing. angesty teen. angesty teen ahahahahah. okay so are we ready to press the red button now? or do you have to wait?

(eerie background sounds) still going down. okay. i"m not ready. oh there you go there you go were ready now. wow this guy have to go to work underground like that take the elevator. that's heck a scary and creepy. night 2 okay so we beat the first night i don't know how the puppet are going to scare you. the elevator stops. you know the routine.

go now or whatever, stay here if you want so funny story a dead body was found in this vent once okay so its not that funny but its a story. dead body? oh man.... okay let's start with your nightly chores. you should check on ballora and make sure she's on her stage but whatever. okay so

huh, i guess ballora have better things to do. lets zap her. that should be fun. i don't want to zap her. i don't want to zap her. see. if you zap if your zap them they are going to they are going to be angry. (electrical zap noises) (eerie robotic sounds) (eerie robotic noises continues) she she don't ohhh ohhooooo

i'll zap you again. ah i can't zap anymore. that's it i can't do anything. let's check up on fun time foxy. i'm sure he's ready for showtime tomorrow. (buzzing sound) oh he's not ready he's not ready track him, ah man. great! great, parade? great. there seems to been a problem with the voice synthesizer default setting have been restored.

please proceed through the vent ahead of you to circus baby auditorium. (open vent noise) ohhhh come on man this guy have to crawl back and forth. okay, lets go faster. he's making so much noises man. i just hope that they don't crawl in front of you. and jump scare you. circus baby had a busy day today. lets check the light and make sure she is in proper working order. okays so there is a blue green red orange? (buzzing sound) ah this one is never on. oh circus baby we aren't here to play hide and seek.

lets encourage baby to come out of hiding with a controlled shock. (electric shock sound) let's try another controlled shock. haha the baby doesn't want to, this baby is stubborn. ha ha ha theres seem to be a power malfunction that is affecting our ability to properly motivate baby please stand by while i reboot the system i will be off line momentarily during this process. various other system will be off line as well. such as security doors, vent locks and oxygen.

ahhhhh. commencing system restart. (electric noises) ahhhh oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no ohh no can i can into hide. attention entry way vent. fun time auditorium vent open ohhhhhh... oh. ouu ah ou fun time maintence vent open. ahhh man he's coming down the stairs i mean the vent. okay okay dud dud dud ah turn turn turn it back on buddy.;

i don't recognized you. you are new. i remember this scenario, however. it's a strange thing to want to do. to come here. i"m curious to what event to lead a person to want spend their nights in a place like this willingly maybe curiousity? maybe ignorance. there is a space under the desk. someone before you crafted it into a hiding place

and it worked for him i recommend that you hurry though. you will be safe there. just try not to make eye contact. it will be over soon. they will lose interest. okay lets go lets go. lets go. lets go under the desk. grab here and click and drag. (metal sound)

ahhhh okay. kay ah okay we are closing the vent. (eerie sounds) ohhhh, turn off the light turn off the light. i don't see him i don't see him oh man they coming they coming. ohhh don't make eye contact just look straight. ahhahhh ahhh don't move don't move.

someone is inside. is it the same person? ahhwhoo wooo whoo this is crazy. okay i don't see him okay don't make eye contact. (metal banging sounds) ouuu oooohhhh man right there he's looking. ohhh oh oh i see an eye. ohhh what rattling the bell?

the eye still there. okay the eye is gone. knock knock (metal door opening sounds) oh oh oh hey heyy hey close it close it close it la ayeeeee. close stop stop stop stop ah ah stop stop stop close it ahh no no no stop stop stop ahhhh close it close. ah ah ohhhh close it close. close close close ah man the robot is trying to open the door.

ohhhhhhh. ahhh ho ho ho the robot is trying to open the door. i want to come inside. no no no don't don't come in ahhhh no no no stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop don't no no nonon onononon nah nah nah no ohhhhh don't stop stop stop stop stop buddy stop buddy. no no no nonon what pull it back pull it back come on ohh stop stop stop pull it back.

ahh no nonon pull it back man it's like tug of war. man he's coming ahhhh. ahhh he coming ahhhhh stop stop oh okay okay close it close it. pheewwwwww...... okay okay okay lets close it. close it back close it back ah man. the mouse controlling is no good too. oh man oh man okay. she's watching us.

ahhhhh okay this game is crazy. hahaha my hands all sweating my hands all sweating. ahhh. ahhhh man. whooooo man my hands all sweating when your guide come's back online he's going to tell you that it was unsuccessful that you must start the system manually. he will than tell you to crawl through bellora gallery as fast as you can to reach the breaker room

if you follow his instructions. you will die. bellora will not return to her stage anymore. she will catch you. the power will be restored shortly. when you crawl through bellora gallery. go slowling she cannot she you. and can only listen to your movement when you hear her music becomes louder she is growing near.

listening for you. wait and be still. thank you for your patience. it seems that the power cannot be restarted automatically you will need to restart the system manually please return to the primary control module. no i don't want to

the the other lady said that i can't go. well what? hold on i can't get out go back, press s to go back? s? ohhh i press s. okay okay okay i have to go slowly i have to go slowly have to go slowly have to go slowly ahhhh okay okay

motion trigger circus gallery vent. ohhh ohhh motion trigger. motion trigger? we have to go slowly. ahhh oooohhh. ah go slowly go slowly that, that robot oh man oh man this, yes we got it okay. you will now be required to crawl through the bellora galleries using the vent to your left it is recommended that you stay low to the ground.

and reach the other side as fast as possible to not disturb bellora i will deactivate myself momentarily. as to not create an auditory disturbance. deactivating. (clicking sound) alright so how do i? how do i turn everything on? ahoh l iiii i don't know what to do i don't know what to do.

oh right there the shaf. ohhhhhh. ohh i can't see anything. i i i can't see i can't see. ah man it's all dark look at that. ah there it is right there. ahhh man it's all dark this game is crazy. ahhh oh she's coming. stay still stay still ahhhhh man she's on my right side. ohhhh

ahooohh don't don't look don't look keep going keep going keep going almost there at the door. almost there almost there. keep going keep going hurry hurry up buddy it seems that you are taking a long time please proceed as quickly and as quietly as possible. i i i"m not going to move the doll is coming. its right there on the right side. awhooooo that's a doll. ohhhh man...

oh man can't she took up she took up man the ballerina doll is is is ah persistant. ohhhh ohh almost there. man the door is right there dude the doll is man hahaha get ready.. she's behind me she's behind me. she's behind me almost there almost there almost there. almost there almost there go go go go... oh stop stop oh she's coming she's coming

she's coming okay ohhh yes. pheeewwwww man man i can see now a little bit. you may now interface with the breaker control box ouuuuu man the using the interface disrupt nearby electronics. if you feel you are in danger feel free to disconnect the interface temporarily until it is safe to reconnect. press space to play mascot respond audio come down and go back to sleep

no one is here. ohhh man he's moving now what? (click sound) go back to your stage everything is okay. ohhh okay okay i i don't know what to do now. everything is okay let's go back to sleep. oh man oh man the robot is trying to get me... ohhh....

oh okay i i can't i can't ohhh calm down i think it was just a mouse. (click noises) nope no one is here. ohhhh okay okay so now what now what? (clicking beeping sounds) have to turn it on oh man have to hold on to it. (beeping sounds) ahhh i here foot steps.

its bed time... ouuuuuu he's getting closer. you must be hearing things silly. hahahah. ohh ahh ohhh he's disappear he's disappear ahhhh he's right there. go back to sleep no one is here. (click) ahhhhhhhh.... go back to your stage. go back go back go back buddy go back buddy. everythings okay everything okay

okay everything okay ahhh waaa okay (beeping continues) ou danger level danger level. ohhhhh man........ (click) okay lets go back lets go back. okay boot up. ahhhhh. i think it was just a mouse.... ahh okay hahaha oh okay. okay i i i think that's what we got to do.

(beeping noises continues) oh oh ohhhhhhh he's right there in front of us. wahooooooooo.....\ okay lets keep on playing lets keep on playing its bed time lets go back to our stage. go to bed go to bed go to bed buddy go to bed (beeping) danger level danger level

okay ahhhooohhh.. silly. whaaa haaa haaaa man the the the teddy bear's is coming. come down and go back to sleep no one is here. click no one's out there ha ha ha haaaa. okay lets go. bellora. ohh i hear him i hear him... ahhh whoooooooooo everything is okay. lets go back to sleep.

go back buddy go back buddy. i think it was just a mouse. go back buddy. ahhhhh ahh ahh ahhhhhhh.. okay okay ahhhhoooooohhhhh.. ohhh man ohh ahhoohhhh.. whhhooaaaaa man ha ha haaaaaaaa. ahhh man i i i keep hearing him come coming towards me no one is here

whoooooo, man this guy is out to get me. okay..... ahhh man it reset it. ohhh he's walking. ahhhoohhh he walking. he's he's walking towards me. (beeping noises) ohhh come on i think it was just a mouse. beeping calm down buddy calm down.

ahhhhhhh... ahhhhhhaaaah okay no one's here no ones here. it's bed time. stay still stay still you must be hearing things silly haaaa haaa haaaa. okay go back buddy go back. stay where your at buddy. what ah ohhh ohhhh... come down. ahhhhhhhhh hhaa haa man..hhaaaaa go back to sleep buddy.

go back to your stage everything is okay yeah everything is okay everything is okay ahoooo ohhh man i keep hearing him where did he go where did he go. whooooo it's a mouse buddy go away. click. nope no one is here. go back buddy go back go back..... ahhhhhh man it reset it so i have be heck a quick. well it's bed time lets go back to our stage

you must be hearing things silly ha ha haaaa. ohhhh ahhhh haaaaa a there's 2 more 2 more left 2 more left 2 more left no one's here no one's here ha haaa haaahaaaa no one's here go home go home. go back go back........ ahhhhohhhhhh oh oh ohhhhh beeping sounds. ahhhh go back to sleep buddy.

nope no one is here okay last one last one last one. last one last.....ahhhhh he moving he's moving. it's bedtime lets go back to our stage. you must be hearing things silly. hha haa ahhhh man he's right there. ahhhhhhh he's moving i can hear him moving calm down and go back to sleep no one is here. no one's here buddy no one's here no one's here.

go away go away. (beeping noises continues) great job. this completes your task for the night please proceed back to the bellora gallery with care and will see you back here tommorow. go back press s ohhhhh man......... this game this game is going to make you work. can't see anything at all.

there right there. run faster run faster. who's in there....? i can hear someone creeping through my room perhaps not. yes.........whoooooooooo. (retro music) man i i tell you this game makes you sweat.

my hands all sweating and. it it is kinda creepy. as the suns set. so also does another chapter in the saga of love lost between flab and his distress mistress. can they be reconciled? can their love rise again? that and more happening now. we got popcorn right there ha. claira the baby isn't mine.

it is vlad they have trouble catching him in the nursery today. so what looks of kids get hyper and run around and stuff. they have to knock him out of the air with a broom. hahha haa. i have to go. they're going to dock your paychecks. they can't do that i'm a vampire i don't get paychecks. you work the grave yard shift at the fly me taco don't lie to me. ohhh the humanity.

when will the heart break end? when will these 2 ships passing in the night rekindle their long lost loved? tune in tommorow to find out. they need a, the vampire need a dna test. ahhh press space bar to eat popcorn. ohhh.. i didn't press the space bar. once let me go play with her. she's so pretty and shinning. didn't you make her just for me?

mouse welcome back to another pivotal ride of your thriving new career will you get to ask yourself what i"m i doing with my life? what will my friends say? and most importantly. will i ever see my family again? we understands the stresses of the new job and we're here for you. to help you reach a more stable and relaxing frame of mind we offer several musical selections

to help make this elevator ride as relaxing and therapuetic as possible. we offer contemporarily jazz classical rainforest ambience as well as wide variety of other choices. using the keypad below press type the first few letters of the musical selection you would prefer. hahhahaaahaaaa. lets click right here on top trouble with the keypad. thank you for selecting. casual bongos. casual bongos....

(music playing in background) now that your elevator experience have been customize to your needs. and your throughly relax it's worth mentioning due to your lack luster performance yesterday. your pay have been decrease to a substantial amount. please enjoy the rest of your descent. (background music playing) lack luster performance? i i i perform the best that i could i mean the doll was after me you know the robots.

( background music) night 3 okay the camper survive night 1 and 2 night 3 is going to be harder. i think i have to do everything all over again. (music playing in background) okay lets go lets go work buddy. due to unforeseen malfunction from today's show your nightly duties will require you to perform maintence. may or may not be skill enough to perform. it became necessarily for technician to disconnect fun times freddy power module.

however they were unsuccessful allow them to try again will be an inefficient path forward as we would need to allow 6 to 8 weeks to allow phyiscal recovery and therapy you will need to reach the parts and service room on the other side of fun time audiorium to perform the procedure yourself. let's check on ballora first and make sure she's on her stage. ohhh she's she's not. great looks like everything is as it should be in bellora gallery. lets check on. great it looks like everything is as it should be at fun time auditorium.

there is no need to check on baby tonight. please refrain from entering unathorized areas. proceed directly to fun time auitorium. (clicking sounds) auditorium maintence vent open. we haven't go to the right yet. unlike bellora, fun time foxy is motion activated. for this reason it is important to keep the room dark. as to not accidently activate her.

you have been provided with a flash becon. use it if you need toget your bearings and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... wowzers. ha ha haaaa haaa haaa. i press the space bar and ah they got me they got me good. ha ha haaa haaaa. it says to press the space bar to flash the becon and when i press it.

lets do this again lets do this again. matenicene vent open. alright. unlike bellora. funtime foxy is motion activated. as to not accidently activate her use it if you need to get your bearings and to ensure you don't bump into anything. however use it as sparingly as possible.

proceed forward to reach the parts and service room. can i hear this guy? i don't want to turn on my flashlight because they guy is going to come back. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................man. we can do this. the camper is going to beat it the camper is going to beat it. okay lets go back. front auditorium maitenence vent open. unlike bellora

fun time foxy is motion activated. ohhh what is that? it's important for this reason to keep the room dark use it if you need to get your bearing to ensure you don't bump into ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ......man.... how how the heck how do i beat this guy? ohhh man i think i should play with my volume down low so that way i don't hear him scream at me.

you know lets go back lets go back lets go back fun time auditorium maintenance vent open. unlike bellora ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... man he's nah you're not getting me this time. i ran pretty quickly too. but he got me this guy talk to much.

its important to keep the room dark as to not accidently activate her. use it to get your bearings and to ensure that you don't bump into anything. proceed forward to reach the part and service room (flash sound) okay so we are going to flash and run flash and run that's the game plan we are going to flash one more time. and we going to run we are going to stop flash. there he is right there. and we run

stop there he is flash and run stop ah we got it. flash and run flash and run yes that's the game plan that's the game plan. yep we got it we got it. we got it we got it got it flash and run ohhh we got.................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ohhh okay haa haa haaaa alright flash and run.

flash and run that's the game plan go back, lets go back lets go back. (audio speaker voice announcement) ouuuuuuuuuuu....... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... we can do this we can do this i'm going to use it all the time. okay she's gone.

she's right there. oh man this guy moves around. okay she disappear we run ouuuuuuuuuuu ouuuu run run run run ohhhh man run right straight to her. ohhhh man. ahhh man ah man ah man. ahhhh man this this this fox this bunny. ah man i can't move i can't move.

ah man he's right there right on the side he's waiting for us okay he disappear. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. man.......... game over lets try again lets try again ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. (sigh)

this robot dude. (flash sounds) use it sparingly sparingly my butt sparingly my butt i"m going to use it all the time. he's right there on the side left side run to the right run to the right. oh i can hear him ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can hear the rat the rabbit running around too. so

that there's must be a pattern there mus be a pattern. the camper needs to find the pattern. ohhh man okay. we are going to run walk run walk i can hear the little little bunny. okay. okay we are going to walk. we are going to keep on walking. ohhhhhh he's on the right side. okay keep on walking keep on walking ouuu ouu ohhh oh oh oh what was that what was that? motion trigger parts and service.

great job reaching parts and service. it seems like fun time freddy is out of power. which should make your job much eaiser the release switch for the chest cavity is located on the under side endo skeleton jaw. to reach it we first need to open the face plate. you will need to press the face plate release trigger in a specific order. and it's important to be as precise and as careful as possible. locate the small button on freddy's face

just under his right cheek and press it. under his right cheek. right there. now locate the button under his left cheek and press it. his left cheek great now carefully locate and press the button next to freddy's right eye right his right eye right eye. right eye right here. i don't see it

i don't see know right where is it at? i i where is it at? locate on his right eye i don't see any button. ahh man ohhh ah man i don't see anyting. i don't see a button. right here? this guy is going to get me i don't see anyting can we start it over? i i i don't know what to do.

its under his right eye, right eye right here. ah ah the button? where's the button where's the button? right here. ahhhh there it is great now carefully locate and press the button just above freddy's nose. ahhhhohhhhhhhhh ho hohoh oh the face plate should now be open locate and press the small button on the under side of freddy's endoskeleton jaw.

ahhhh ohhhh man. the chest cavity should now be open. remove the power module from the chest cavity. ahhh man you will now be required to remove the secondary power module from the bonnie hand puppet. press the large black button beneath bonnie's bow tie to release the power module. bow tie? what? ah there it is ohhhhh

oh this guy moves this guy moves. oh hey buddy hey buddy hey buddy where you at where you at? where did he go? the rabbit gones. ahhhhhhh this guy is alive this guy wants to play hide and seek. come in the ahhh hurry up hurry up ahooohhhh. where you at where you at?

ah ma i i. press the large black button beneath bonny's bow tie to release the power module ohhh this guy cheating dude this guy's he move he moving around. ahhhh man how how do you do that? how he do that? this this guy keeps running around. look at that he keep running around. budddy what are you doing?

how how the heck your going to touch his bow tie? man this guy keeps moving around. see look at that press the large black button beneath bonny's bow tie to release the power module. the bow tie right here? no on the small rabbit bow tie on the small rabbit but the guy keep running around (footsteps sounds) the little sucker

right there ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ohhhhh man.... how how your going to press his bow tie. ouuuu look a game. (retro game music) okay to throw. press b throw? okay i got it i got it oh oh oh okay jump ....jump

press what to throw? a lot of boys it says press a button to throw ahhh we're going to die it says to press a button to throw i don't know what button to press i'm pressing button and it doesn't work ah there it is right there ahhh i'm giving him food i'm giving him food

he's happy he's happy ahhh man i have to feed them we are going to lose we going to lose we going to lose yeah we lost yeah we lost guys ahhh man i was only able to feed 2 people 2 boys

(vent noises) let's go back fun time auditorium maintenance vent opens. ahh man we got to do this all over again (in game voice audio) man........ man.....this game is hard. i'm going to getch you buddy. ouuu he he's going to get me. hahahaaa

he's right there on the side ohhhhh ha ha haaa come on buddy. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ahhmmmm man this guy dude. this this is like a guessing game ouuu another one. feed this guy oh man how many times do i have to feed him. he's happy now he's happy he's happy ha haa haaaa ahhhh that's it?

okay i have 4 more ouuuu double. wow contra ohhh i got 3 at a time ahhh that's it? lets feed this guy right here. okay we got him yeah we got it

30 seconds left ahhhhhhh man...... okay we need to use 3 pies on these guys oh there's more up here. ahhhhhh. man okay what is going on here. man there's there's more kids (vent opens sound) (in game audio voice) okay we got it.

parts and service i remember i remember. okay i remember now. man this guy is annoying dude. that little that little rabbit that little blue rabbit. i'm going to keep pressing the button on my left mouse button. see this guy dude ah man come on. look at this guy look at this guy man this guy moves around too much. look at that. where you at buddy where you at buddy?

man this guy i can't i can't this guy keep moving around look at that this guy keep moving around. come on buddy ahhhhh look at that look at that guy dude cheating man ah man i think i think there's a glitch in this game i can't i can't do it look at that see.

okay lets move slowly there he is right there okay you have to do it slowly yes we got it (vent open sound) ahhhhhhh no oh no. ahhhhh no no man. come on please the rabbit the rabbit the rabbit ou the rabbit is not there.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......hmmmmmmmmmmm do you have to start over? daddy she can make ballons have you seen her make ballons? oh daddy let me go to her. now what? oh okay i beat it. a b wiggle? sheeeeesh be still and quiet you've been sleeping for quit a while

i think they notice that you never left the building last night the cameras were searching for you but they couldn't find you i have you hidden to well i kidnap you.......ouuuuuuuu oh night 4 night 4 night 4 night 4 i think i'm hiding hiding inside the ah don't be afraid i'm not going to hurt you

who's this lady? i am only going to keep you for a little while. try not to wiggle though your inside something that came from my old pizzaria i don't think that it was ever used at least not the way it meant was to be used. too dangerous its just big enough for one person to fit inside but just barely ohhhh

your in the scouping room did you know why they call it the scouping room? it's because dummy this is the room where they use the scouper. i thought that would be obvious... scoup icecream? isn't that a fun name for something the scouper. it's sound like something used for icecream yeah see.

or custards or sprinkles it's sounds like something that you would want at a birthday party to ensure that you get a hipping portion of every good thing i wonder though if you were a freshly open kind of icecream how would you feel about something with that name? thankfully i don't think a freshly open kind of icecream fells anything at all. ah oh it's sounds like someone else is in the building....shessh okay i don't want to wiggle.

okay bring her over forward more more okay stop set her down watch your step what happen to her this time just seems like these things can't go a day without breaking down who knows its always the same man kind a hardware malfunction well i'm just here 15 minutes this place gives me the creeps lets just get this over with it's all automated we don't have to be here for it let's get on the rollers so we can go i wonder if i should wiggle

okay i don't want to wiggle (mechanical banging noises) there's something very important that i've learn how to do over time do you know what that is? how to pretend do you ever play make believe? pretend to be one way when you are really the other. it's very important....ohh man....but bellora never learns. but i do

they think there are something wrong on the inside the only thing that matters is knowing how to pretend. okay i want to pretend to be a little robot (mechanical noises) ouhhhhhh oh oh oh ohoh ouuu what the what? should i wiggle? i"ll open the face plate for you no don't....that way they can find you on the cameras

ahhhh.......now all you have to do is wait. i recommend you keep the spring locks wound up your breathing and your heartbeat are causing them to come loose. ah ah........you don't want that to get to loose trust me the spring lock? spring lock spring lock? ohhh ahhh what what? how do i fix it? how do i fix it how do i fix it?

oh.... ahhh spring lock i have no idea how to fix it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....man they don't tell you how to do it. how to fix it. okay lets try again (background noises) okay so you have to hold on to it okay okay okay so i got it you have to hold on to the mouse to the spring

alright, red is danger oh man some somebody's on the bottom look at that guy look at that guy ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... you didn't get me buddy you didn't get me. you didn't get me do i have to stay still or what? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i'm i suppose to wiggle or something? what happen when i wiggle when i wound up the ah the buttons

ah man if i wiggle it becomes looser than i shouldn't wiggle at all than. arggghhhhhhhhhh.... okay so if i see her i'm suppose to not not wiggle or make any noises or move and not wind the button. argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i stay still you know i don't know what's going on

oh some more games (retro game music) ........wow..... okay so we have to feed 3 guys upstairs 3 times and than we have to use the ah the little muf cupcake that goes through little boys lets find out what happens arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... okay so that little doll come after you if it wound up too loose. argghhhhhhhhhhh...hmmmmmmmm that little darn dummy. huh i"m i suppose to move or what? oh again.

haaa haaaaa haaaa oh i"m going to gall i always die there man, what's up with this. arggghhhhhhhhh........... the camper is immune to the jump scare for the little dummy white dummy jump scare okay so i'm not falling for it anymore arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....i don't know what to do there. arrgghhhhhhhhh......araahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this time we are going to stay ah to wind it when we when we see them we stay still

argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ahrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh alright so now the camper got it we have to wind it up when we see them we have to wiggle (game noises) they coming in they coming in......araahhhhhhhhhh...oh man when they come in you can't wiggle or what? okay so we didn't feed the whole the whole kids arghhhhhhhhhhhhh oh man.... arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

gosh darn it............. argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............... man. argghhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhh man... now this stage is going to be hard. you just have to delegate your winding argghhhhhhhhhhhhh....gosh darn it man okay so the first stage 2 of them have to go up first

at the same time than you wiggle wiggle them up argghhhhhhhh...hhhhhmmmmmmmm argghhhhhhhhhh........man. argghhhhhhhhhhhh....almost got it. arahhhhhhhhhh arahhhhhhhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..hhmmmmmmm.....man aaahhahhhhhhhhhh....ohhhhhh man this man... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......what i didn't even see him man. aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......man argghhhhhhhhhhhhh....hmmmmmmmmm....ah aarrgghaahhhhhhhhhhhhh... i didn't even see him man. argghhhhhhhhhhh...ahhhhh man... yessss! whooooooo! ohhh man... we did it

whhoooooo man clock wise clock wise. phew..... as the moon rises so also rises the tension between scorn lovers. the immortal and the claira it's not my baby vlad you suck wait was that a vampire joke? that was so lame claira like i haven't heard that a million times..... haa haaa haaa

okay so how's this. i'm taking the car. the jokes on you it's a rental. well the jokes on you. i set the thermostat to 90 before i left good i like it warm good.... because i also set the house on fire... ouuuuu........how would it all end? the passion the tension

the intrigue tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion ohhh man you are not the father buddy. alright night 5 daddy doesn't watch you lets look around..okay night 5. finally after an hour and half of a playing the winding game. some of the most value quality of new employees are determination, fearlessness, and a genuine disregard for instinctive self preservation.

you've earn your one week bonus which will be given to you in the form of a delightful gift basket. the cost of which will be taken out of your next paycheck. we have gift basket containing fruits, nuts, flowers, and of course the ever popular cash basket. using the keypad below, please enter the first few letters of the gift basket you would like to recieve it seems you have some trouble with the key pad thank you for selecting exotic butters. haaahaa haa exoctic butter how does that look like? or how does that taste?

please be aware that there are still 2 technicians on site today try to avoid interfering with their work if possible. also feel free to ask them why they are still there and encourage them to go home. oouuuuuu.....hum human bait. we going to use them as human bait. the robot is going to get them (elevation noises) night 5 alright (fun music playing) okay lets go lets do this.

i haven't see any jump scare yet on the vent so i wonder if there's a robot in the vent. (vent noise) ouuuuu ahhhhh the guy. ah man ahhhh 2 of the guy hang themself. noooooo ahhhh okay the bottom right again? ah man i don't want to go back there again. i don't want to play the winding game.

(flashing sounds) come on come on should be easy should be easy. okay he's not there he's not there come on come on. haa haa haa haaa. oh yes we got it. okay so so the robot is not there. great job reaching parts and service circus baby have been deactivated for an unknown reason it's your job to make sure she is structurely stable and secure to the conveyor our technicians will take it from there.

okay so ........now what? can you hear me?......yes..... i"m pretending... remember how i said that i could pretend. the cameras are watching. i must be careful not to move something bad happen yesterday something bad always happens i don't want it to happen again.

there is something bad. inside of me i'm broken. i can't be fix. i"m going to be taken to the scouping room soon. but it's not going to fix what is wrong with me. what is bad is always left behind. will you help me?

i want you to save what is good so the rest can be destroyed and never recovered but you must be careful bellora is here. ohhh man bellora... in the room with us......ohhhhhh bellora will not return to her stage. bellora will not return to her body. you must be careful

you must remain calm and listen to my voice okay.... there is a button on my cheek. you must find it and press it. cheek? cheek? oh cheek right here. cheek i don't see no button oh right there it is. okay there is a passcode that you must enter before you can retrieve me.

enter the code carefully... i don't know the code. ah i don't know the code.....6......oh... arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....ahhhh haaa haa haa haa you have to be quick this darn robot is ah is is coming to get us. okay this game again. okay she said 6... enter the code carefully 8

3 7 5 9 4 arghhhhhhh...ahhhhh.. ha ha haa you have to be quick huuuhhhh man i can't believe it. 1 6

good a hatch should of open take the card that you find inside. what hatch? i don't see no hatch. oh okay.. now you must turn back i will guide you through fun time auditorium so you can reach the scouping room you got me lady. when you are there..

i want you to destroy this body. put the card into your handheld device and i can continue to speak to you. now...press the green button to your left. this will send me to the scouping room.....okay (mechanical nosies) bye so we have her ah computer chip you must follow my instruction in fun time auditorium bellora is going to follow you

she will try to catch you. i will help you avoid her. she will not follow you inside the scouping room she is afraid. go back now. okay lets go back...scouping room we have to go to the scouping room go forward. go forward and left keep going

yeah i'm going i'm going..oh oh.....stop ah ah ahoh oho...be silent.... stop...ahmm ahmm i stop i stop.. go forward you are almost there. okay okay lady stop.. ah ahhh i stop... she is right in front of you......ohhhhhh... don't move..... aohhhhhh..

eeeeehhhhhhhhhh he is here to help bellora... ahhh....? he is not here to hurt us.... bellora... he is here to help us... okay i help you i help you go away go forward again.

bellora is behind you.... she is afraid of the scouping room. she will not follow you. we did it? yes! we did it that was easy. warning you enter a highly dangerous area you've have enter from maintenance hatch 1b reserved for cleaning and repair of the scooper. entering this side of the room is strictly prohibited by unauthorized personel. ah oh. now what?

you are in the scooping room now.. this is the destroying room fun time foxy have already been here today. fun time freddy have already been here today... ohhh... bellora have already been here today. oh there she is right there. circus baby have already been here today. right there. freddy

i've been out before. but they always put me back. they always put us back inside. there is no where for us to hide here. oh right there. there she is right there. there is no where to go when we look like this. but if we look like you than we could hide

if we look like you than we would have somewhere to go hmmmm...rooob rob the scooper only hurt for a moment robot wants to be human. oh she's gone. ahhhh...ohhhhhh.... what happen? dont' tell daddy that i'm here

i wanted to watch the show too. i don't know why he won't let me come and see you, your wonderful. where did all the other children go? (background music) oh man now what? now what? (background music) oh the robot is going to look. ah you know what? he probably turn into a robot.

he got he got hit by the oh see. (dramatic eerie music) ohh that's it okay. you look likes he ah either got turn into a robot or maybe got possess by the ah the lady that was talking to her to him voice actor, baby heather masters, wow look at all these voice actors. well i tell you that night 4 was very hard.

it took me about an hour and half almost 2 hours trying to beat it. so the developer said that they are gonna release this game in increments of a chapters by chapters so that's why it cost about what 6 to 7 dollars right now on sale okay so come on developers release the other game the next chapter that way the camper is gonna jump back on and start playing okay the end but we never get the chance to beat that that cartoon stage. (game audio voice)

access granted it seems that you have accidently wander into a restricted area due to the sensitive nature of the materials that you maybe expose to here you will not be allowed to leave until the clean up crew arrives at 6 am so hang tight rest assured that you will be promptly rescued, fired than sent home. thank you for being an employee we hope that your experience has not been as regretable as ours. (eerie music)

why didn't you trust me? why didn't you believe me? sometimes i don't understand why people do the things that do. i thought you like me. i thought i did everything right. we need you so that we can leave. we need you so that we can hide. we need you so that we can look like you if they find us like this we wont be able to try again.

if they find us like this we won't be able to try again. you must help us, you must let us inside the room hello? come on we can do this we can do this i don't understand we can do this come on come on where is he at? i will find a way out. phew....beat it. alright whooooo.......

2 more percent to spare. okay we did this. oh is this going to be the secret ending? as the trees sway in the wind so also do emotion sway between star cross lovers you burn down my house you called that a house it was like a morgue in there i maybe dead but your heartless

you are not the father you need to see your son the baby isn't mine. he ate the cat. sounds like he got from your side of the family well how's this i'm keeping the diamond ring the jokes on you i found it in a kids meal you bought a kid's meal

oh vlad claira,, hmmmmmmmm.... as the hair on the back of the cat stands up straight so also does the love between vlad and claira stand up against all obstacles. but what about the baby? what about the back child support? stay tune next season for those answers and more (static sound) ou ou ou ou the guy on the right

(crawling nosies) what do you want? what do you want? i guess he wants to play. haa haa haa alright that's it we beat it five nights at freddy's lets see here, pick extras ouu look at this what is this? exoctic butters

exoctic butters haa haahaaa really? oh here it is right here that's they ah the robot okay so baby that's it that's it okay that's it yeah alright guys looks like we got the whole all the secrets i believe ahmmmmmm

well i don't i don't know if it's all the secrets might be some more will see so the developer is gonna release another chapter so the camper can't wait to that game to alright guys thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy this episode and will catch you later on the next camping action.

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