Saturday, August 20, 2016

puppets bonk

♪ bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom, bom ♪ bom, bom, bom, bom bom, bom, bom ♪ if you like to talk to tomatoes ♪ if a squash canmake you smile ♪ if you like to waltz with potatoes ♪ up and down the produce aisle hmm, hmm,excuse me... have we gota show for you. ♪ veggietales, veggietalesveggietales, veggietales

♪ broccoli ♪ celery, ♪ got to be ♪ veggietales ♪ there's never ever, ever ever, ever been a show ♪ like veggietales ♪ it's time for veggieta-a-a-a-a-a-a-ales [bonk!] hi kids!

i'm bob the tomat... enough withthe chit-chat! let's get this showon the road! but larry,i was just about... dup! dup! dup! dup!no time, bob! we got a letter.a handwritten letter! a letter? we usually justget emails... it's urgent.look.

oh... crayon.this is serious. dear bob and larry, there's a new girl atmy school named mary. she can be a littlecranky and rude. it makes me want to bemean right back to her. what should i do? your friend,grace. wow, that's agreat question. and urgent.

wardrobe! what?wait... (larry) we gotta get changedto get ready for the show. grace, we've got justthe story for you... our veggie version ofthe classic fairy tale, beauty and the beast! voila! you gottaget cookin'! larry, this isno way to...

...introduce a show...! sure it is, bob! and the beet! our next entry in thegreensburg talent show is a family band. they've got aswinging song and i think they'regonna go places! give a big hand to"the veggie tones!" hi.[screech]

aw, c'mon kids... ok, robby, go ahead! [drumsticks] [music] ♪everybody says i'm crazy ♪ to be talking with a guy like you ♪they say i should stop, ♪ but i can't do what they want me to ♪ they're telling me that you're no good

♪ don't think they ever understood ♪that it's true ♪that a girl's gotta dowhat a girl's gotta do ♪cuz baby ♪ god sees something in you they can't see hey, you guysare really good! you folks wantanother gig?... a paying gig? ♪i gotta show you love

hey ya mister! what's a fellagotta do to get a test drivearound here? ♪ well they're saying i'm a fool ♪ that you're cruel and i'm wasting my time ♪i need to make tracks ♪ start packing up and leave you behind [crash] [cheering]

♪ but if they could see you through his eyes ♪maybe then they'd realize ♪ there's nothing anyway they could say... if you haven't heard 'emyet folks, you will! they're calledthe veggie tones! hi. the song's called"i gotta show you love." ♪ you're rough around the edges baby, i agree ♪ but he's telling me from up above

these guys aregonna be huge! ♪ so you got a few rough edges ♪ and you're not too polished and refined ♪ but you stand out from all the others, baby ♪ 'cuz you'reone of a kind! (announcer) ladies andgentlemen, the veggie tones! before we take a final bow,let me introduce the family! on the drums,guitar and bass are my sons buddy,bobby and robby!

my daughterskatrina and sabrina, singing thosehigh harmonies! and our littlesweet potato on lead, singing with the voiceof an angel, mirabelle! ♪ cuz baby i'm the proud papa,larry dill, and you just heardthe veggie tones! hello,larry dill speaking. uh huh, yes...

[gasp]vegetable square garden?!? mr. dill,great show tonight! here's your checkfor the gig -- five hundred dollars. oh, thank goodness...we sure could use this! aaaaand here's the billfor the new stage, the extra lights,and all the food you ate. four hundredand ninety four dollars. that's almost, uh...

not including tips. why don't youjust keep this. careful loading up, boys. those are newinstruments! [bang] evenin', ladies. dockus carota,daily fishwrap! you veggie tonesare sure on the rise! yeah, it's pretty cool.we're very excited.

it'll be great for, you know,the exposure and stuff. your song on the radiois sure catchy! the crowdloved you tonight! knocked themdead again! thanks very much! it's really rewardingto be able to... oh, excuse us. here you go guys... that should bethe last of it.

thanks mirabelle. whoa, little lady. surely you don't have tohaul your own gear do ya? i know. i just thought the boyscould use a hand. talentedand a heart of gold! ugh! mirabelle...goody two shoes. let's go,veggie tones!

everybody on the bus! i've got big news! what's up, pop? i just got a callbackstage... we've been invited to playvegetable square garden! ooooh... what's that? it's vegetable square garden, the venue that launched someof the biggest bands around...

bands likethe groovy brothers, the potatones,and the yam yam yam's! we got a long way to go, and only a few daysto get there. so sit tight... we're gonna drivestraight on through! it's supposed to snowpretty hard tonight pop... you sure youwant to drive? are you kidding?

we're not missing thisfor anything! let's rock and rollllll! [plop, plop] (sabrina) i'm so cold,i can't feel my toes! (katrina) you don't have toes! (sabrina) oh, that's why. [swish, swish, swish] dad, it's reallygetting bad out there. shouldn't we finda place to...

aah!! that's it...we have to stop. look around for shelter! i can't movemy eyes anymore!'s a light! [squeak] [wind swirling] sure.let's just stay here. because nothing badever happens

at a creepy,dark hotel. this place onlygets one star from madame chalot. (buddy) i can see why. [doorbell] (manuel) oh! i'll be right there! ohhh, pleasedon't be a ghost. bobby, stop it! don't go away!

welcome tobeet's alpine suites. come in!come in! (manuel) oh my,this is exciting! i'll have someone fetchyour bags from your bus!! templeton! (templeton) coming! [crash, bang] (templeton) ow. won't be a moment.

i'm on it boss... no phone service?no internet? where's your wi-fi? my "what-fi?" not what, "wi." what? "wi!" i don't know why,you asked me! (sabrina) why can't we evertour in the bahamas?

those ugly shorts,remember? are you some kindof singing group? not just somesinging group! they're the one andonly veggie tones! uh, this is our cook. we call him..."cook." easy to remember. it's a family name. i can't believe

the veggie tones arehere in our little chalet! what an honor!i'm your biggest fan! that's totally cool. i have all your albums! we only haveone album. and i have it! you know, we giveautographs for hot food. [gasp] [rolling][crash]

well, we don't get manytravelers these days. i can't imagine why. oh, be nice. the veggie tones eh? i'm sure that superstarslike yourselves will want a whole floorof executive suites! you bet! we're a veryclose family. maybe just one suite.

oh... just one? and it doesn'thave to be a suite. it can benot-so-sweet. just a room, then? we're down to earth,you know. wanna keep in touchwith the common man. and keep in touch withour last ten dollars. ah. you the same family?

the kids take aftertheir mother. we're from france. the south of france! how about a littledinner while you wait? feast your eyes! then feast therest of your body! this looks fantastic!thank you! ah, just a little somethingi whipped up on short notice. [door open]

[wind] [door slam] [screeching] ahh...ohhhh.... oh dear... oh dear...[crash] are you sure you don'twant a few more rooms? no thanks. spending money on the roadcan be a slippery slope. speaking ofslippery slopes,

that bus of yourswasn't expensive was it? why? do you want me to park itsomewhere else? oh just parked itself... down the hill. huh? (templeton) way down the the bottom. ...i'll eh...go get your key... this gets worseand worse!

aw, cheer up. you haven't haddessert yet. here daddy, have one ofthese chocolate roses. oh no!not the chocolate roses! why, thank you!this looks lovely! anything but thechocolate roses! those are...forbidden. say what? eat my roses?eat my roses?

who do youthink you are to dare and eatmy favorite dessert? my one and onlyguilty pleasure made for meand me alone?? how dare you!! we didn't know, sir. ugh.what a beast. it's "beet!" finnigan j. beet the thirdis the name!

i'm so sorry mr. beet. we can makethis right. sir, these are paying guests...they're here to rent a room. you remember,rooms? well, one room. well, this just keepsgetting better and better! one room,seven guests? hahaha, what kinda cheapskatefreeloaders are you? the kind wholove free food.

news flash!this food ain't free! you can payfor this meal and then kindlythrow yourselves out. thank you. we offered them acomplimentary meal, sir. we could use the guests. did i ask foryour opinion??? no. but if everyou did sir,

i'd suggest alittle mouthwash. noted! now... ...what are you gonnado to pay for all of this? i can play a bass solo. what?? we might as wellwork this out. their bus is, uhm...a bit out of commission. meeeahhh! and the roadout of the valley

won't be clearedfor a long time. there must be some way we can stay hereand pay you back. sure.we can earn our keep. surely a top notchhotel like this needs a littleentertainment? we've already gota dinner show!! ta-da! hey smart guy,

get back intomy rabbit stew! haha... my name's not stew!it's harvey! nobody sings fortheir supper here. if you're gonnawork off your bill, there are plenty ofchores to be done. well?! what can you doto repay me?! we can wash dishes...

we can clean,mop the floors, make all the beds... we can? we can... we can do anything yourequire to repay you for your hospitality... and i am sincerely sorrythat we ate your chocolate rose. it looked so delicious we simply could nothelp ourselves.

we had no idea it wasspecial to you sir... [harumph] ...i'll show youto your room... we are... i call the bed! me too! dibs on the drawers. i got the closet! will there beanything else, sir?

i call the bathtub. [door slams] seven people one room.musicians! aw don't worry, daddy. this won't lastforever... it'll be okay.[mwah] worst... tour... ever. [birds chirp] ♪six am bound out of bed,

♪ time to start a brand new day ♪up with the sun,much to be done ♪take a moment to pray ♪ thank you for all my blessings ♪come from a place of love ♪ even for a certain beastly someone ♪ that i'm thinking of ♪it's what godwants me to do ♪ it's who godwants me to be

♪ it's as simple as that, he wants me to do it ♪ and even though it's hard he'll help me through it ♪ fill up my heart with love and share it generously ♪ because that's the person god wants me to be ♪ ya think loving the unlovable ♪ is a bit of anuphill climb ♪then try building an ark ♪ or parting the red sea some time! ♪yes beet is a bullybut what might he do

♪ if i were to show him kindness ♪maybe there's hope ♪if i were to ♪ help him from his disinclined-ness ♪ fill up my heart with love share it generously ♪because indisputablyirrefutably , ♪that's the persongod wants me to be rise and shine,veggie tones! we've got work to do!

up and at 'em! awww...five more minutes. we've got a big dayahead of us, lots of cleaning,lots of fun! oh, she's way tooenthusiastic in the morning. morning, daddy!time to get up! we've got a motel to clean. [crack, crack] i gotta come up witha plan to get us outta here...

[vacuum whirling] good day, usual table! of course, mr. macneil!you're my favorite guest. i'm your only guest. oh ho!not anymore. we just had a familycome through here. "root beer??" "through here!" i don't want root beer.

i'll have some sweet tea, and a side of friesand the quiche! i love a good quiche! alright.i'll give you a nice quiche! hands off, romeo!nobody's kissin' anybody! hey, when's thenext floor show? you said you were gonna get somenew razzle dazzle around here! i don't want to see thatmagic act up here again! because his showwas lame! lame, lame!

paper bag puppets... i'm not going up there!you can't make me. you'll do what it takesto keep the guests happy. i have enough magic to doin the kitchen, thank you! and you haveworld-class entertainers right under your nose! those freeloaders? give them a shot boss!you'll see! they're fantastic!?

i'm serious! you bring out thatold magic act again and i'm checkingout for good! so, you people can...sing? you bet.just like little birds! nice. then get up there andshow me what you got. you makethat guy smile? lame!

...and i'll let you work offsome of your bill by performing... yes sir.i'll round up the kids! ♪ we were inseparable except when we were apart ♪you said youneeded a break ♪ but that's when you broke my heart ♪now that you're gone(now that you're gone) ♪ it's always winter time (now that you're gone) ♪i need a warmer clime(now that you're gone)

♪ this is the final rhyme now that you're gone ♪ now that you're gone i told you we should'vepicked a different song. huh! not bad!not bad at all! well, what'd ya think? fine. consider the nightly dinner showone of your chores. one of your chores. now get backto the rest of them!

everything...alright hereat the front desk? ship-shape, manuel. just finishing a few plansfor tomorrow. [door open][wind] welcome tobeet's alpine suites! may we help yougood people? we're here to seethe awesome show! yeah!we're pumped, man! well, you've cometo the right place!

right this way... how exactly did you guysget a blizzard? we came on skis!'re gonnaget out of here on skis? of course! huh...skis! whoaaaa.[bang, bang, bang, screaming] no...that's a terrible idea. ♪ but he's tellin' mefrom up above...

♪ i gotta show you love! [applause] thank you, thank you so much,thank you! oh, she's doing somethingwith the plates! is this partof the show? no.just part of the job. mr. beet?it's dinner. leave it by the door! here it is.don't let it get cold.

wow, that's quitea collection. those records are private,thank you, and that's the wayi like it! this seems like a nice spotto listen to music. a private place,yes, it is! i had no idea you werean opera lover. no one does. do you know what thedefinition of "private" is? it looks like you have somesong books on the shelf.

do you ever sing? no.of course not. i just listen. music, it um, well,it calms me down... it helps me forget abouta lot of things. what sort of things? please leave,this is none of your business. i love singing! you should try itsometime.

who would wantto hear that? i'm a cranky old grumpwith a nasty voice. now, good day, missy. it's mirabelle. maybe i couldteach you to sing! well, i didn't sayi wanted-- of course!music lessons! that's another way i canpay for the room. we could start tomorrow.

no! there will be no lessonsand there will be no singing! now, good day to youand get out! i have dinner waiting! you think about it. i will do nothingof the sort!! you're thinking about itright now. (beet) i am not! yeah, he's thinking about it.

[whistling] [drop] wha![bang] ok, surely manuel has something that can helpget us out of here. [gasp]rockets! [music]whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! nah, that won't work,either. [vacuum][sweeping] ugh!this place is so dreary!

i know! what if you hadto live here... ewwwww! ♪ what a disgrace. ♪ just look at this place ♪ mired in the darkness and gloom. ♪ i say out with the dreary and in with the cheery. ♪ let's fix up and brighten this room. ♪ if this were my home

♪i'd start by giving ita darn good dusting. ♪ scrape off the crust where the crust is crusting. ♪ scrub off the rust where the rust is rusting. ♪if this were my home... ♪if this were my home ♪ i'd varnish all the furniture up for certain. ♪ shine all the silverware up for sure then. ♪ put up some lights and pull down the curtain. ♪ i'd redecorate and renovate the place

♪ from top to bottom. ♪ it'll take the skills of twenty martha stewarts ♪and honey, i got 'em. ♪i'd greet every patronwith a friendly smile. ♪serve them a fiestawith flair and style. ♪ let 'em see we always go the extra mile. ♪if this were my homeif this were my home yep, our work hereis done. (yawn)...i'm going to bed.

(announcer) and now it's time for silly songs with larry, the part of the show where larry comes out and sings a silly song. we join larry as he recounts the amazing tale of his family's invention of macaroni and cheese! ♪ it's truei will explain it to you ♪ as only an opera can do ♪ my great great great great great great great great great ♪ great great great great greatgreat great great great great

♪ great great great great great grandfather ♪and my great great great greatgreat great great great great ♪ great great great great great great great grandmother... ♪i forget how many greats ♪ well, they lived in different families ♪ lived in different families ♪ who didn't like each other ♪ my name's antonio cucaroni ♪ and we eats-a pasta only buscatini, rigatoni

♪we like-a penne ♪ cannelloni ♪ but don't call them noodles! ♪ ha ha ha ha ha ♪ my name-a momma cumberisi? ♪ and our food's extremely cheesy ♪ gorgonzola ♪eww, it's smelly ♪ but i still want some in my belly

♪ that's because we like our food extremely cheesy ♪ha ha ha ha ha ha ♪have you metmy son-a tony? ♪ he makes a mean-a macaroni ♪ my maria makes a charming saucy cheese. ♪ someday she'll meet a man-a ♪who comes fromher own clan-a ♪ no son of mine will ever marry a cumberis...i ♪ my great great great great great great great great

♪ great great great great great great great great great ♪ great great great great great great great grandfather ♪ great great great great great great great grandmother. ♪ i still forget how many greats ♪ though their families were enemies ♪maria... and tonyliked each other. [splat] [gasp] ♪ it's his fault ♪ her fault

♪ your fault ♪no, it's their fault! ♪ the families were having a fit. ♪ maria and tony were tasting... ♪ iiiiit's... impastably delicious! ♪ it's incheddarably delightful! ♪ there's a piece on your lips! ♪ we shouldn't miss this biteful! [sigh]

wait, wait, wait,wait a minute! this is mygrandparents! nothin' to see here! let's just skip to the end. ♪ that's how my great great great great great great great ♪great great great great greatgreat great great great great ♪ great great great great greatgreat great grandfather. ♪ and my great great great great great great great great ♪ great great great great greatgreat great great grandmother

♪ i still don't know how many greats ♪ but they brought together the families ♪ brought together the families ♪ and invented macaroni and cheese! ♪it's cheeseand macaroni! ♪it's macaroniand cheese! ♪ it's great great great great ♪ great great great great great! (announcer) this has been silly songs with larry,

tune in next time to hear antonio say... it's-a-grrrrreat! (beet) what?! who's wallpaperingwithout my permission? a-ten-hut! bellhops ready to hopwith bells on! good. then get outof my sight. [bells]

good morning, sir. not much goodabout it. get back intothe kitchen. it's almostlunch time. get the buffetout here. yes sir! mr. beet, have youthought any more about thosesinging lessons? [sighs]

where are allmy pots and pans? (bobby) we need themfor cover. for cover? (bobby) from the food fight! ha-haaa! [thwap, thwap] [screaming] [thwap] [sigh]whoa.

never start a food fightwith a chef, boys. [bang] [slam] [screaming] [bang] [laughter] [boom] [splat] [laughter] [splat, splat] that's all you've got? [splat]ah, good shot! [laughter]

she is never going to leavethis alone, is she? [knock on door] just one lesson? not interested!! [slam] (beet) alright.maybe a half lesson. [gasp] really?oh, good! that's wonderful...we'll start tomorr... aaaaaahhhh (chokes)

i warned you. it... it wasn't so bad. everyone has tostart somewhere. is anyone hurt?in pain? i heard screaming. we're fine, manuel. mr. beet just needsto warm up his pipes. my pipes sound likethey need a plumber. just repeat after me.

♪ when the time is rightyou gotta sing? ♪ nothing can stop you,not a single thing ♪ it doesn't matterif you get it wrong ♪ it only matters that you sing that song ♪ just make some lyrics up and sing in rhyme ♪ all the rest of it will come in time ♪ now let me hear you sing... ♪ la la la la ♪ la la la la

♪ i said come oncome on why don't you give ita rest? ♪ come on come on now you're just being a pestis what you're bein. ♪ come on come on one more word,i swear i'm gone. ♪ i said come on come on (beet) no. ♪ come on come on come on

hey i'm doin it! ♪ la la la la la la ♪ la la la la la ♪ la laoooooooo wow, i don't even knowhow that happened. i'll see you tomorrow... no one canknow about this. as you wish. that went well.

brave girl. gotta find somethingto get us outta here. what's this?nuh uh. ooh!what's in here? aaaaahhhhhh![crash] [gasp]ha... ♪ i can go without wateror food ♪ won't effect my attitudei'm totally set ♪ as long as i get

♪ my five servingsof you per day ♪ five servingsof you per day ♪ i can go without sunshineor sleep (sunshine or sleep) ♪ long enough to make a grownman weep (grown man weep) ♪ i won't break a sweat ♪ my five servingsof you per day (five servings) ♪ five servings of you ♪ i don't need diamondsor a fancy car ♪ i don't need to bea millionaire

♪ i never wish upona shooting star ♪ 'cause you're the answerto my every prayer ♪ i can go without shelter orheat (shelter or heat) ♪ i can go without shoeson my feet (shoes on my feet) ♪ i'm totally setas long as i get ♪ da-da-da-da....five servings... ♪ five servings of... i'll sure miss themwhen the snow melts. yeah, then she'llbe gone.

"she?" "they!"they'll be gone. you know, all of them. you know you could make theman offer to stay, permanently. oh, no, no...this is a good investment, that's all. they're renovatingthe hotel. they're renovating you.admit it. nonsense.

the snow ismelting soon. that'll be theend of it. i guess it will be,sir. i'll tell you,mirabelle, i'm about readyto give that beet a piece of my mind. i mean, who doeshe think he is? yeah,he's pretty grumpy. he's so scowlyand ugly and mean.

he must be unhappy. i'm the one that'sunhappy, mirabelle. maybe mr. beet justnever had anyone show him any kindness. i can see why. sometimes the best thing to dofor someone like that is to show them love. hmmph.who would do that? god would.

god would do that,katrina. trade you! deal. you can listento her talk about how much she lovesthe beet. ewww!don't make me ill. come on,mirabelle. you can't love someonewho doesn't love you back. especially thatold grump.

katrina, we can all benasty sometimes. but everyone deservesto be loved. pssh.totally ridiculous. [whack]owww!! gooood morning. well, good morningmirabelle. any new songs today? well we've got somefor the show tonight but... i thought you might wantto join us?

what?no, uh don't be silly. you've been doing so wellwith your lessons. think of how surprisedthe guests would be! it might bring ya morecustomers. or scare them away! look, this place doesn't needany more bad publicity, believe me. we got plenty of thatfrom madame chalot. you mean thetravel critic?

she really gave youa horrible review. i mean star?one star?? you give one starto a truck stop motel, to a dump! you want totalk about it? i'm here to listen. no!now just go away... ok, but i'm hereif you need me... stop being so sweet.

i'm mean!everyone knows it! and that's why i get one star,don't you get it? yes, you are mean! you're nasty, impatient and youpush everyone away! then why are youso nice to me?? because i'm notperfect either, but god lovesme anyway. i'm just showing youthat same love too.

there will be no moresinging from me tonight. and i think i've had enoughmusic lessons. [whoosh] ...mirabelle... manuel, what happenedto this place? why did madame chalotgive it such a poor review? ...ahh, yes uhm...come with me. (manuel) ...there was a terribleblizzard that year. she showed upout of nowhere...

she said she was lostand mr. beet turned her away... well, i can't take you inwith no money. i promise, i promisei can pay you back! no money, no get out. please...just for tonight. it's soooo coldout here! i don't run a shelterfor penniless vagrants! go bother someone else! where will i go?

i don't care... (mirabelle) madame chalot! (manuel) yes, but she wasn'tthe madame chalot... not yet anyway... it was that incident thatmade her write her first, and to this day, harshest reviewof any hotel... that's right,weary travelers! it's me, madame chalot!

i'm here atthe "beet's alpine suites," an inn who's ownerwas rude to me... so rude in fact,that i'm afraid i'm going to have to givethis establishment a one-star review. i cannot say ittoo strongly... avoid this awful place! i know, right?

(bobby) mirabelle! pop's got big news! come quickly! i've invented...snow shoes! oooh. what is that on top? i don't have any idea. but, these little babieswill walk right on topof snow drifts,

right through thatmountain pass, and out the valley. pack your bags!we're back on tour! what's all thehullabaloo? dad found a wayto get us out of here. well that...certainly is good news. happy day. kids, it's time to get readyfor our farewell show, because we're leavingin the morning.

after vegetable square garden,what then? the gig after that andthe next and the next. [scribble] [grunt] [boing, boing, boing, boing] mirabelle, i would liketo apologize for my behavior earlier. if you are still willing, i would like to resumethe singing lessons...

i'm sorry, finnigan, but daddy's figured out a wayfor us to leave... we're leaving first thingin the morning. excuse me... i have to get readyfor the show tonight. [plop, plop, plop] you need a handwith the plates tonight? no, that's okay. i need to get used to workingthe kitchen by myself again.

[sigh] just me...all alone. okie-doke! somebody better give mea quiche and quick! a big, fat quiche! [kiss, kiss, kiss] ladies and gentlemen,grapes and gourds, i'm proud to presentour dinner entertainment. sadly, giving their finalperformance... of the evening.

please enjoy the final show from those wonderful singingsensations, the veggie tones. ♪ they say you arehard to love ♪ that you are unworthy ofkindness and sympathy ♪ but i see it differentlyi'm not afraid to show ♪ the love i've been givenso i will be strong ♪ i'll sing my songwith hope i move on ♪ i wish i were staying ♪ but still i am prayingthat in my heart -

♪ i'll find i can show loveto anyone ♪ at any time ♪ if life is a playand we are the players ♪ then faith is the lyricand hope is the music ♪ and love is the song ♪ faith is the lyrichope is the music ♪ god's love is the song [applause]thank you, goodnight. so you don't needyour equipment?

nope! the venue is going to set us upwith everything we need, so long as we get thereon time... thanks, for everything! sorry about mr. beetnot coming to see you leave... (larry) that's ok... we'll send for our stuffin a few days... ...mirabelle?...mirabelle? coming daddy!

[swish] glad to finally be ridof that place. yeah, at least it hasbetter wallpaper now. on to biggerand better things! boy, do i miss those pot piesfrom cook. [helicopter] whoa! make sure you're rollingall the time. but stay hidden.

what about you? i'll be in disguise,of course! [gasp]madame chalot. (madam chalot) it's the only wayto catch this guy-- what do you thinkshe's doing here? but what aboutthe rave reviews? they said the dinner showis fantastic. just because someonebooks a great band doesn't mean they deservea better rating on my show.

we'll see. either they impress me... or i might just have to inventthe half star review! wow. beet is gonna get a secondchance at a good review... if he doesn'tblow it again. come on gang... i want to make this gig! vegetable square garden,here we come!

hello, my weary travelers! welcome to another editionof "hotel undercover," the show where we catchhorrible hotels being horrible! this particular chalet hasgotten my worst rating ever. i have heard that they have hada comeback of sorts... let's see, shall we? may i help you? forgive me, but i have no moneyfrom my long journey. i need to stay the nightand pay later, yes?

i'm sure we canwork something out. everyone is welcome here. please come in. so friendly! i hope that we live upto your expectations, ma'am. my, my, what a tableyou set! all for our guests. i just try to serve food that would make peoplewant to stay...forever.

how can we leave the chaletlike this? easy. in these snowshoes,one hop at a time... dad, beet really needs hisbest foot forward right now, to get his reputation backand save his hotel. we know our showcould really help him do that. it's not our problem. but if we can help him,shouldn't we? why go back for the beet?

he's been nothingbut mean to us. yea, what's in it for us? nothing. we don't love to get somethingin return... or to get love back. we love because god loves us allwhether we deserve it or not. we are made to loveone another. it doesn't matterhow mr. beet treated us, or if he deserves it.

we need to show himlove anyway. ...but...vegetable square garden.... we have to go back,daddy. c'mon family. we've got an encoreperformance to get to. [mwah] why thank you. i hear you put onquite the dinner show here. yes, ma'am.

yes we do. they're warming upright now. excuse me. (manuel) and then i say, "the last magic!" and i pull the chickenout of the pot. then you come outjuggling silverware. me? i don't juggle silverware!

well chop, chop. you've got ten whole minutesto learn! this is preposterous! we're not entertainers! this is going to be worsethan watching an empty stage. [gasps] mr. beet! it's them! it's who?

the veggie tones! they're coming back! i don't know why,but they're coming back! ahaha! looks like we won't haveto perform after all! oh... well, then. the veggie tonesare coming back!! the veggie tones? there they are.

the veggie tonesare on their way. [cracking] avalanche! ahhhhhh!? shhhhh! avalanche...[hushed screams] [rumble] run everybody! outta my way!

move! sir, what areyou doing?! you're crazy! keep the home fires hot fellas,i got me a family to save! [zooooooommmm] uh oh... [crack] [screaming][music] hold on!fasten this tight.

i'm going to steer youto safety! ladies and gentlemenat home and in our studio, we are watching what may bethe ultimate act of hospitality ever performedby a hotel manager. everybody off the boat! [crack][screaming] kids! mirabelle! [screaming][vrooooommm]

wow.that's some kinda beet. you said it. i don't know what the regulardinner show is like here folks, but i'm glued to my seat! [vrooommmm] ahh.[scream] hang on! ahhhhh. [scream]

these ratings aregoing to be through the roof! [gasping] well, that was dramatic. you saved me,mirabelle. you're the one drivingthe snowmobile. no... i didn't deserve it,but you've been kind to me. even though i was so rudeto you, to your family. i don't know how but...

you are welcome,finnigan. excuse me.pardon me. excuse me. this is madame chaloton location at the beet's alpine suites. i'm standing here withmanuel, the maitre'd... tell me, manuel! what do you think of workingfor a bona fide hero? am i on television?! ♪ there's some who are hard to love

♪ they say they're unworthy of kindness and sympathy ♪ but god sees it differently don't be afraid to show ♪ the love that he gives you, oh ♪ his love is strong so pass it on ♪as you sing along! ♪i'm glad thati'm staying ♪ and i'll keep on praying that in my heart - ♪ i'll find i can show love to anyone ♪ at any time

♪ if life is a play and we are the players ♪faith is the lyric ♪and hope is the musicand love is the song so, viewers, if yourfuture travel plans include a bit ofskiing and snow fun, i heartily recommend youtry out this adorable hotel! it gets a five star ratingfrom me! well hello, m'lady. you look like you could usea good quiche.

oh my. a quiche from you? still got it! ♪faith is the lyrichope is the music ♪god's love is the song(love is the song) ♪love is the song(love is the song) ♪god's love is the song that was a very nicestory, larry - and it seems mirabellemade quite an impact.

yep. no matter how othersact toward us, god wants us to show loveto everyone, always. you got it, bob! let's see if qwertyhas a verse for us today. ♪ and so what we have learned applies to our lives today ♪ and god has a lot to say in his book! you seem to be okwith this song lately... i really don't mind itif it doesn't inter...

♪ you see we know that god's word is for everyone ♪ and now that our song is done we'll take a look! ...upt me. "dear friends,since god so loved us, we also ought to loveone another." 1 john 4:11. we all have faults and do thingsthat can hurt our friends. but the bible tells usto love each other,

despite our faults,the way god loves us! in our story, the beetwas a real crankpot, but mirabelle showedlove to him because god hadshown love to her! and that love,god's love, helped to changethe beet's heart! mirabelle and herwhole family made a greatnew friend! love tames the savagebeet, right bob?

i guess you couldsay that! so grace, the best thingyou can do with mary when she is acting mean, is not to be meanback to her... ...but to show loveto her. well kids,always remember: god made you special. and he loves youvery much! before we say goodbye,

we've got a specialtreat for the kids! a treat, really? yup! a brand new christmas song,from the veggie tones... hot off the presses! it's really great. roll film! (announcer) ladies and gentlemen, here they are again, your favorite band,the veggie tones!

♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪la la la la la,la la la la , ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly ♪ fa la la la la, la la la la ♪ don some leafy, green apparel ♪ fa la la, la la la, la la la ♪ sing a veggie christmas carol ♪ooooooo ♪ joy to the world, the lord is come

♪(joy to the world,the lord is come) ♪let earth receive her king ♪ heaven and nature sing( heaven and nature sing ) ♪ see the blazing, yule be for us ♪ strike the drum and join the chorus ♪sing, rejoiceall together ♪heal us of thewinter weather ♪fa la la la la,fa la la la la, ♪ fa la la, la la la la

♪ and have yourself a very, merry christmas.

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