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dad what's wrong with the tele? we... are scientists. are politicians. are the experts. are your leaders. we rule over you. do not question... if there is a god

because "we" tell you there is no god. all you are... is simply a freak of nature. you are an animal. you evolved by chance. nothing about you is special. nothing about you is real. all you are is simply a spectacle of a freak of nature.

the earth is not the center of the universe. it is not even at the center of the milky waygalaxy which "we" created. it is not even the center of the heliocentric model which we have presented to you. are the scientists. we know what's best for you. our impulses are being redirected. we are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness thatresembles sleep.

the movement was begun8 month ago by a small group of scientists to discovered quite by accident the signals being sent to... (cut off abruptly) a robbie davidson film a flat-out truth production celebrate truth presents a true creation revelation exposing the world's lies

celebrate truthexposing the world's lies celebrate truth presents a flat-out truthproduction a film byrobbie davidson music bycoca de fluffy produced & directed byrobbie davidson starringkevin johnston starringbrian mullin starringrichard hopkins

starringdaniel johnson starringrobbie davidson narration byrobbie & rachel davidson executive producerbrian mullin scientism exposed"science falsely so called" scientism exposed it might come to a surprise to most people that one of the most dangerous worldviews one can hold is scientism.

the failing of science is not really about the scientific method; it is about a largely unrecognized epistemology that developed as a result of the successes of science. this faulty epistemology can be called scientism, and we should make a sharp distinction between science and scientism. science is a method of inquiry and the knowledge acquired by that method. the scientific method involves hypothesizing, experimenting, observing, and drawing conclusions.

central to the method of science is thatno theory is ever considered final. all theories are subject to scrutiny and re-examination, and it is assumed that all will eventually be proven false by a more comprehensive theory. scientism on the other hand, is the belief that the methods of science are superior to any and all other

methods of determining truth. science believes things becausethey have been observed to be true. scientism believes things becausescience says they are true. most of us are guilty of scientism to some extent. we hear about things having been scientifically proven and we assume that means they must be true. we didn’t do the experiments. we didn’t look up the results. we didn’t analyze the data.

we simply assumed that if the science proved it, it must be true. this epistemological theory is often called ockham's razor and it states that whenever there are two theories that explain the same observation the one that requires the leastnumber of assumptions is true. in other words, when looking for truth

we should always look for thesimplest explanation possible, and when it comes to biblical interpretation; if the plain sense makes sense seek no other sense. as humanity emerged from the middle ages a battle began to rage between the fathers of the church and the new intellectuals of the enlightenment. that struggle continues today

even though it had seemed for a time that the debate was over andthat science was settled. "science makes god unnecessary." -stephen hawking we will restore science to its rightful place and real technological wonders. scientists are in agreement scripture and science are not reconcilable. less commonly known among christians it seems is that the bible agrees with this assessment.

while the world says that is scripture in error, god would beg to differ. the issue is that science is no longer science. true science is simply the scientific method or empirical data. what is commonly called science these days is actually just the religion of the world. full of fabrication and an anti-god agenda.

the problem for the church today is that many christians fearing man rather than god have bought into much of the counter biblical doctrines of scientism. we do stand with the bible on some issues but only if the feel the safety of numbers. some christians only seem to need the support of other christians. while others require the approval of the world.

what god calls us to however is having absolutely no fear of man whatsoever and trusting in the absoluteauthority of god's word. god cannot lie. the debate it over. the science is settled. when scripture and science conflict the shortest road to truth is believing scripture and investigating the claims of science.

the evidence will always be there for anyone who will look objectably. it’s when we allow the world to provide the lens through which we look, that we lose our "deception perception". exposing scientism for what it is, you have science and then you havenon-science. in nowadays you have a lot of stuff that'smasquerading as science and there’s a force behind that.

there is an adversary that we have in this creation that sets about to lie about everything. it makes me realize that what the bible warns us about the deceiver, the deceiver it’s a lot more powerfulthen we thought. i think we really understimated what we've been warned about.

to prove all things, i really think today, esspecially today, we need to go as deep as we possibly can because we have the tools we have today and we're so much removed from the original languages of the bible. and now one of the lastthings i ever thought i would come to question would be science because i always consider myself a scientist

because of my constant involvement in meteorology and any kind of earth science atall always just fascinated me. i have to say, i honestly have to say that i did not come to the realization that science was wrong from my studies of the bible and i'm actually kind of ashamed of thati should have actually done the study, prove and all things

to see if science was correct with that because now that i was awaken to the fact that science was wrong about that and that the bible contradictedwhat science was saying i've found many other things in the bible that are actually contrary to what we've been taught. i see scientism as a spiritual agenda. i see it as a spiritual deception. it's something that has beenput in place and masqueraded

as fact and as reality. when in fact most of thethings that are paraded today are theories of men. the deception will pull you any direction and this is where scientism is i think this is the whole purpose of scientism i think there are dark forces behind it trying to pull people into what they think it's logic and its really speculation, it's really theory.

it's not as concrete as everybody thinks it is and like i've said i think evolution have been through disproven. my focus is on cosmology. that's where i've kind of come out and that's what led me into, led me back to the bible. science is great. scientism however is a religion,

is a belief system, it's an agenda setup to destroy the credibility of the word of god. it's setup to destroy the credibility of god in people's minds. it's to create doubt. even right back from genesis at the very beginning satan was trying to plant doubt

into adam and eve. "did god really say this?" "did god say that?" and i think when we read in the bible it's like "did god really mean that?" "did he mean that all the stars are gonna fallto the earth?" "did he mean that the sun moves?" no, we've been taught that it's the earth that moves.

or maybe that's just the waythat they thought it was, they looked at it and they werekind of ignorant back then. sadly, we're playing tooloosely with the word of god. now you've heard it said that the bible is not a science book. but when it discusses matters of science it's accurate. or the bible's not a history book but when discusses matters of historyit's accurate. i think the problem is here we're reducing the bible

to just literature or to a book. it's not a book, it's not a science book it's not a history book, it's the word of god. and we shouldn’t play loosely with it. we should take god at his word. in the beginning, god created theheaven and the earth. and it came to pass that theearth was formless and void, and the creator moved uponthe face of the waters. suddenly god spoke intothe darkness...

"let there be light" it was not as manymodern men suppose. the creator did not makeuse of evolution he created all things by simply speaking theminto existence. in six 24-hour days god made plants and animalsto populate the earth. scientism and evolution scientism has its roots in the big bang cosmology

and evolutionary thought. if humans have evolved by a material,purposeless process, then there is no basis for believing in a god who created us and revealed moral truths, or imposing those moral views in any area of life. using false science as a weapon satan has been able to shoot down the credibility and authority of the bible.

the standard assumption is that science is objective knowledge, while religion is an expression of subjective need. religion therefore, must subordinate its claims about the world to whatever science decrees. scientism assumes that science is the controlling reality about life, so anything that can be validated scientifically ought to be done.

other things are subjective fantasy like love, beauty, good, evil, conscience, and ethics. science, which originally simply meant the study of the natural world, has in this view become conflicted with scientific naturalism, materialism, and a philosophy that the natural world

is all that exists. humans are reduced to objects that can be inspected, experimented on, and ultimately controlled. in 1922, g.k. chesterton warned that scientism had become a “creed” taking over our institutions a “system of thought which began with evolution and has ended in eugenics." but i believe that it began much earlier

with the heliocentric universe. our solar system, big bang cosmology; giving us the perfect story line to introduce biological evolution at a later date. as we start our journey looking into scientism deeper, which millions and millions of people in the world recognize as unquestionable scientific fact, we need to start with the evolutionary theory

and its fabricated millions and billions of years of primordial history. stop and consider if the entire scientific and academic world has monolithically embraced or endorsed something as unquestionable scientific fact when in reality it’s been a massive deception on a grand scale.

and so when it comes to things like the big bang, millions of years, billions of years dinosaurs, evolution, all this stuff, there's so many lies and so many deceptions associated with all of those topics

and so that makes you think, if satan is a liar and he's the father of liars right, whatever, our adversary goes around deceiving people, that's where the real battle is it's in our minds, it's not like he shows up atour window with a pitchfork saying "i have a deal for you to sign in blood," you know, i'm gonna blackmail you. no, it's about the mind

it's about what we think, and so if he gets us to think wrong if he gets us to believe things like evolution and big bang and millions and billions of years and just all sorts of things that don't lineup with any kind of science at all. none of that stuff has any kind of evidence or scientific study.

the real evidence, it's completely against it and of course, when you look at the word of god that's also completely against it. why? because the word of god is true. they need gaps. they need canopies. they need whatever it takes to somehow align with the fact of millions of years and billions of miles or billions of years and millions of miles.

evolution needs those millions and billions of everything. and christians instead of reading genesis and saying "hey genesis 1 says in 6 days right, in 6 days god created." but no, they realize in the back of their mind "well science is showing us this i don't want to appear too ignorant, so let's invent a gap theory, let's invent a canopy theory

because certainly we know there's no waters above the heavens. and this has to stop, we need to tremble god's word, stop pulling the power out of it, by reducing it to literature or poetry or, and ripping it apart."this is a huge problem. many many people that walked away from the bible or the claims of christianity, or even 6-day literal creationism

usually have fallen away because of all the finds and the validity they find in science. again, remember, there's science and there's scientism. what have you fallen for,what have you believed in? and has it been real science?or has it been scientism? we no longer feel ourselves to beguests in someone else's home, and therefore obliged to make our behavior conform with a set of pre-existing

cosmic rules. it's our creation now. we make the rules. we establish the parameters of reality. we create the world, and because we do, we no longer have to justify our behavior, for we are now the architects of the universe. we are responsible to nothing outside of ourselves, for we are the kingdom, the power,

and the glory forever and ever." wow, well, that's blasphemous. once in a while i get people that really, or that claim they don't believe in evolution. and my response generally is "why not"? really, why not? you guys believe 20 billionyears ago, there was a big bang where "nothing" exploded,and produced everything. 4.6 billion years ago, the earth cooled down,

made a hard-rocky crust it rained on the rocksfor millions of years, turning them into soup,and the soup came alive. 3 billion years ago, found somebody to marry, and something to eat of course and slowly evolved in everything we see today. there are some lies in our science books. taught it for 15 years. even though i'm not teaching it anymore,

i still like to study. there's so many things to learn. we're gonna cover some of that tonight. i'm not against science, i'm not against schools, i'm not against teachers. because most of them don'tknow what they believe. you have to tell em. they teach the kids that allstarted with the big bang 20 billion years ago. what exploded? in a millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a millionth

of a millionth of a millionth of a second, it went from a size smaller than an atom to bigger than a galaxy. whooosh. this is what the textbooks teach. before the big bang there was nothing, literally nothing. an infintesimal nugget of space, and them "something" happened

triggering the most colossal explosion in history. "shame on you" "what a shame" yes boys and girls, you see nothing exploded and here we are. so, i asked this professor if can ask somequestions about the big bang? i said "where all the matter came from"? he said "well we don't know that for sure" i said, "well sir, would you pleasetell me where the laws came from"?

the universe is run by laws,gravity, centrifugal force, inertia. "who gave the laws"? he said "we don't know that either". i said "sir, could you tell me where the energy came from"? "you know, takes energy to make a big bang." "who bought the gas to runthis machine anyway"? hmmmm. he said "we don't know that either." i said "sir, can i ask you another question?" "sure, what else would you like to know"?

else? what do you mean "else"? he has not told me nothing yet. one professor was getting kind of upset about this time. he said "mr. hovind there are hundreds of varieties of dogs in the world" he said "you mean to tell methat you believe all these dogs came from 2 dogs off of noah's arc? you expect me to believe that?" i said "sir, would you look at whatyou're teaching your students?

you're teaching that all the dogsin the world came from a rock." charles darwin was disciplined, i mean he did this extraordinary experiments the series of experiments. then they're gonna tell the kids "wellwe have evidence for this theory." charlie darwin stopped off at these islands right here called the galapagos islands. charlie studied the birds very carefully

and said "you know what, i think allthese birds had a common ancestor". i bet you're right charlie it was a "bird". you see fourteen kinds of birds and you conclude that birds and bananas are related. here are these ancient dinosaur bones or fossils. they tell the kids they haveevidence of evolution from fossils. i don't think so. if you find a fossil in the dirt

all you know is it died. you don't know that it had any kids, and you sure don't know that had different kids. you bring in a bone to the judge "judge, i found this bone in the dirt. this is the ancestor of all humans today." they would laugh at you. you don't know that that'sthe ancestor of anybody. and why on earth you think a bone in the dirt

could do something animals today cannot do? you see, boys and girls, youhave two bones in your wrists. radius and ulna. boys and girls, look at thewhale’s flipper carefully. did you know that the whaleshave two bones in his flipper? and they're called the radius and the ulna? same as ours? wow, who named them teacher? the whale?

think about it. i'm here to tell my people "it's time to stop believing bull * just cause tell you bull with a straight look on their face. evolution say people came from monkeys and the question is "why is there still monkeys"? is these the retarded monkeys? they didn't turn into people just yet.

even stephen gould admitted theabsence of fossil evidence for intermediary stages is apersistence and nagging problem for evolution. see what's happened these guys are looking for missing links in the fossil record. they can't find any, and so they say "well, maybe evolution happened so fast is wasn't preserved." maybe a reptile laid an eggand a bird hatched out.

well, who did that bird marry? this is really hard thing it's really a hard thing. your world just becomes fantastically complicated when you don't believe in evolution. what we were finding is natural selection seems to be incredibly important factor in generating these species. natural selection.

the key evolutionary mechanism darwin identified. the bad designs get eaten by the good ones so all you have is good ones. why is there still monkeys? natural selection doesn't cause any evolution. it makes sure the bad ones don’t survive. but it's is not gonna change it to something else. that's what evolution is. if you worked in a factory that produce cars

and your job is to check for defects and you caught every singlemistake and you rejected it, how long would it take that process to change the car to an airplane? you'll say it will never change it. that's my point. the students are taught we haveevidence from development. darwin considered this by far the strongest single class of evidence.

this textbook says: the human embryo growing in amother has gills like a fish. those little folds of skin are not gills. those little wrinkles under your chin when you're growing up laterdevelop into bones in the ear and glands in the throat. they never have anything to do with breathing. i've seen folks that have 5 or 6 chins and they can't breathe through any of them

but the top one. those are not gill slits. earnst haeckel said the turning point in his thinking was when he read darwin's book. he made huge charts of his posters of his drawings of these embryos and traveled all over germany and just about by himself converted the germans to believing in evolution.

haeckel took a drawing of a dog and a human embryo and he changed them to make them look exactly alike. on top are haeckel's fake drawings,underneath are actual photographs of what he claimed he was drawing a picture of. now either he’s a lousy artist or he’s a liar. well it turns out he’s a liar. he was convicted of fraud by his own university. proven to be a fraud.

but guess what? haeckels fake drawings are still used in textbooks in your state, right now. it's only been proven wrong 125 years ago. i know it takes a while toget textbooks up to date but that ought to be plenty of time. adolf hitler said "you let me control the textbooks,i'll control the state..." watch this sentence here carefully

some kids are doing this for homework tonight. do you think humans are still evolving? what kind of question is that? doesn't that question assumethat evolution has happened? what if a kid doesn't believe in evolution? how's he supposed to do his homework tonight? that question does not teach him how to think critically. that teaches on what to think, not how to think. and when the kid gets done with his coursehe's gonna think he knows how to think.

but he doesn't, he knows what to be told what to think. brainwashing at taxpayer expense. they want to use my tax dollars to teachthat to your kids in our schools. if you wanna deny evolution that's fine. but don't make your kids do it, cause we need them. and that's where theproblem comes in okay.

if you wanna believe in thebig bang just enjoy yourself but keep your religion at home. a russian atheist astronomer came to america and spoke at one of the universities and saidstarted off his speech he said "folks, either there is a god or there isn't." both possibilities are frightening. if there is no god we're in trouble.

but if god made the world, he owns it. that means he makes the rules. you see, if there is a god we better find out who he is, and find you what he wants and do what he says. malcolm muggeridge said "i am convinced the theory of evolution, especially the extent to which it has been taught and applied, will be one of the great jokes

in history books of the future." we too old. we too smart? to believe don't make no sense. you too old to be believing in evolution. it's a joke and it would be a joke if it weren't for the tragic results. how many kids are taught this thing everyday and believe it, and it destroys their faith. forty six percent of americans believe in the creationist view.

god created humans in the present form at one time in the last 10 thousand years. does that just shock you that so many people still think that? yes, it does shock you? it doesn't shock me but it's pretty troubling. how about the recent push to implement intelligent design in school curriculum? that, it's, it's very bad, dangerous.

you don't mess with the truth. you just don't mess with the truth. do we know the truth? well we certainly know that the universe was created a long time ago. intelligent design is as the saying goes "dumb." you have science, you have true science which is actual knowledge, things that are repeatable, testable,

observable. different facts and things that you can really dig into as reality. but then you've got this thing in modern day society called, well it'sreferred to now as scientism, it's a lot of theology dressed up as science, and it needs to be exposed. because as christians we wanna focus on the truth

we wanna focus on god face him, and just ignore all the distractions. but while we're facing god or in observing that we also need to be aware of what the distractions are so that we can help others understand. so, we want to expose the lies for what they are. as the saying goes, the greatesttrick the devil ever played

was convincing the world that he didn't exist. and to do that he has to first convince the world that god doesn't exist. and through science i think he’s achieved it, through scientism, excuse-me; science itself is a beautiful thing. but scientism, when it turns into a theology when it turns into a religion

that is when it is a very bad thing. the bible has never been wrong. and as far as i can tell,unfortunately in most cases, science has never been right. they've got theories, and they've got an agenda. that's the problem. the agenda is to take god out of everything. it seems that whenever the bibleand scieence seem to clash

the bible takes the backseat;the bible is misinterpreted; the bible is changed; the bible is the one who has to bow to science. and this should be not the case. science should align with the bible. science should not malign the bible. we understand that we are in a war, through the education system through media, even through hollywood.

this lie is being perpetuated and again, many many souls are at stake. our culture's materialistic worldview is rooted in scientism. according to scientism, if something is not rational, or not verifiable through the physical senses, then it is not real. we see then, that scientism blinds us to everything in reality that is beyond the scope

of the scientific method, no matter what the method may reveal to us. so, how much of reality is left out? almost all of it. yet that is what evolutionism has very nearly persuaded the world is the truth about origins. mark it down, there are only two explanations for

the existence of all that exists: god or evolution. biblical truth is the wrecking ball that smashes satan's edifice of deceptions built on false science. the scientism agenda. make no mistake, the very foundation of all of mankind's "knowledge"

depends on what is believed to be the truth about the origins of all that exists. no one can go further back than the beginning in a search for the true origin of all that exists. therefore, whatever one believes is the truth about the origin of everything automatically becomes the foundation upon which all other "knowledge" is processed. when you study when it comes to big bang cosmology,

when it comes to the whole creation of the universe, understand that without the big bang there is no evolution. without the big bang heliocentric, you know, universe when it came to gravity, that everything, you know has to orbit around the sun and gravity is what makes everything exists, understand that without that entire narrative

there is not evolution. it started out as a big theory now it's pretty much accepted as fact and if you talk about anything else it's a heresy and they know the biggest problem with that is how can you have something come from nothing? so now you have the scientists start talking really nutty, like,

"the biggest problem with cosmology today is nothing." you've heard that probably. essentially you can get a universe from nothing without any supernatural shenanigans that basically by quantum mechanics and the laws of physics we understand in principle an entire universe with 100 billion galaxies each containing 100 billion stars can come from nothing cause its total energy could be zero

and therefore you don't need to literally violate any laws of physics to create a universe and now, we don't know that for certain but even that possibility is amazing. and i find it worth celebrating the fact that we can probe such things, and we shouldn't be afraid of the universe that maybe has no purpose because we create our own purpose and our own purpose adds more meaning to our lives

it means a brief moment in the sun matters cause that's the only moment we have. which it means that everything came from nothing and then exploded. so, when you really drill this stuff down to the basics it doesn't make much sense, but since you're hearing this 24/7 and all the school systems teach it,nobody even thinks to question it, and if you're into the bible and things like that,

what surprises me is most people won't even look to see if these things hold up to biblical scrutiny. yeah people will say "well weknow god created the universe" but they couldn't tell you other than maybe genesis chapter 1 where to go and look for certain things, that's a problem. and so you have the same thing

in the mainstream science world, scientism. you have people that are studying cosmology and astronomy and physics and chemistry and biology and all this stuff, but a lot of times they're noteven studying the real thing, instead they're just starting whatsomebody else has said about it. and then those people they know stuff based on what somebody else said.

and so it just keeps building on... the deception keeps going until finally every once in awhile somebodyin the middle of that wakes up and starts to look at the evidence that says "hey" wait a minute this is not lining up with what we're teaching, and what we're believing. something's wrong. and of course then that guy is immediately ousted. not just for challenging the authority

because that can be a good thing sometimes they like that. but if you're challenging theauthority and bringing in real truth, that they don't like, because real truth brings in god. the agenda is to keep people from therealization that there is a god. and a thing, back again to romans 1 the creation evidence in a creator the idea is to just conterfit the creation... through science. therefore

using through the telescope a dimly lit lens they would not be able to seegod, and that's what's happening. scientism and the universe. the big bang cosmology is a lie to deceive the creation of its true loving creator. in the beginning there was darkness and then, bang! giving birth the an endless expanding existence

of time, space, and matter. everyday, new discoveries are unlocking the misterious, the mindblowing, the deadly secrets of a place we call the universe. it is of course a mystery, asto the why the universe exists in such an intelligible manner. but it suggests to me at least, that there's a deepening between the universe,

the grand scheme that's unfolding, and beings like ourselves. somehow the universe has become self-aware, it's engineered the emergence of comprehending thinking beings like ourselves. who can come to know the universe. some people marvel at the fact that the universe has over billions of years, given birth to beings

who can appreciate its complexity. we can even ponder where and how we fit in. but at the dawn of history people thought they knew the answers to these profound questions. the ancients viewed their world as a snowglobe. it's essentially a flat earth, say a disk convered by a dome.

we call this in english a "firmament". and in the firmament is where allthe stars and planets were hung. almost all ancient cultures believed their universe existed in a dome similar to this one. and they never questioned who created it. the ancients assumed that there was a god or gods responsible for the creation and maintenance of the universe. the idea that god created the universe

went largely unchallenged until the middle ages... when scientists made a sacrilegious suggestion based on their observations... the sun, not the earth was at the center of the universe. it was a paradigm shift there is now another way to explain the naturally occurring phenomena around us,

and this is science. since the middle ages scientists have developed sophisticated new theories about the enormity of the universe and our place in it. theories that often have no room for god. but we are one of billions of planets on a huge scale, and a cosmic god

who bothers about this kind of human scale is not the kind of god that is compatible with a scientific view of the universe. if you knew nothing about science and you read say, the bible, the old testment which in genesis is an account of nature that's what that is, and i say to you give me your description of the natural world

based only on this. you would say the world was created in six days and that stars are just little points of light much lesser than the sun and in fact they can fall out of the sky, right? because that's what happens during, during the... revelation, one of the signs that the second coming is that the stars will fall out of the sky and land on earth.

to even write that, means you don't know what those things are. you have no concept of what the actual universe is, so everybody who tried to make proclamations about the physical universe based on bible passages got the wrong answer. so what happened was

when science discovers things and you want to stay religious where you want to continue to believe that the bible is on erring what you would do is you would say "well let me go backto the bible and reinterpret it. then you'd say things like "ohthey didn't meant that literally the meant that figuratively." so this whole sort of reinterpretation of

how figurative the poetic passages of the bible are came after science showed that this is not how things unfolded. and so the educated religious people are perfectly fine with that. it's the fundamentalists who want to say that the bible is the literally

literal truth of god that, and want to see the bible as a science textbook who are knocking on the science doors of the schools trying to put that content in the science books. enlightened religious people are not behaving that way. they're saying "science is cool we're good with that and use the bible to get your spiritual

enlightenment and your emotional fulfillment." well the agenda is clear. well it may not be absolutely verbally spoken by science and scientists when you look at people like richard dawkins and neil degrasse tyson and lawrence krauss, carl sagan these men i mean there literally is an agenda to disprove god. in that agenda, while theymay just be puppets or pawns

in a much bigger spiritual deception it's evidenced by their attack on god. the quote that you hear are just unbelievable and they're attacking god. you have... you have written that god is a psychotic delinquent invented by mad deluded people. no, i didn't say quite that, i said something rather better than that. well please, tell what you said.

well i would have to read from the, please the god of the old testment is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction. jealous and proud of it. a petty unjust, unforgiving control freak. a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser. a misogynistic, homophobic racist. infanticidal, genocidal filicidal, pestilential,

meganomaniacal, sado-masochistic, capriciously, malevolent bully. so that's what you think of god? yeah. now as for getting your morals from the bible, i very sincerely hope nobody does get their morals from the bible. that jesus is the son of god who is redeeming humanity from original sin.

the idea that we are born in sin and the only way we can beredeemed from sin is through the death of jesus. i mean that's a horrible idea. it's a horrible idea that god, this paragon of wisdom and knowledge, power, couldn't think of a better way to forgive us our sins

then to come down to earth in his alter ego as, his son and have himself hideously tortured and executed so that he could forgive himself. god is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance. it really is the most poetic thing i know about physics. you are all star dust. you couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded

because the elements, the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter, for evolution weren't created at the beginning of time. they're created in the nuclear furnaces of stars and the only way they can get into your body is if the stars were kind enought to explode. so forget jesus, the starsdied so you that could be here today. okay, and, and...anyway... it's quite literally true that we are star dust

in the highest exalted way one can use that phrase. and so, i feel... and i use words, i bask in the magesty of the cosmos. i use words, compose sentences that sound like the sentences i hear out of people who have revelations of jesus. scientism is actually very spiritual in nature, its satanic goals has to be something that

was capable of destroying trust in the bible’s account of the creation of all that exists. such a feat would simultaneously destroy trust in the god of that creation and render his whole eternal plan as set forth in the bible, untrustworthy because its god had been "proven" false

by an allegedly altruistic, wholly secular, scientific establishment. and it’s interesting becausewhen you do the research you quickly start to see that humanity's sinful desire to rid ourselves of an all-powerful creator has been fed this lie of evolution and the big bang narrative from the enemy himself, and that these concepts of vast ages of the earth

and the gradual progression of life forms were not first proposed by the likes of darwin, but they actually go quite far back and are found in the teachings of many mystic traditions such as kabbalism and greek and babylonian mystery schools. could it be that satan had been working with key men throughout the ages to bring about a very complex, complete rewrite

of the truth of god’s creation? could it be that evolution was only the end result of a much bigger deception going on? we go way back right to the start of one of the most influential men of the scientism revolution. scientism and the occult. spiritual numbers &

the beginning of it we start off with pythagoras, and it's where we get thepythagorean theorem. and that basically comes down to... to even understanding even thecurvature of the earth we use the pythagorean theorem. 8 inches per mile squared. and again the pythagorean theorem it's very very importantbecause it basically

started out a lot of the scientific thought right down through copernicus and darwin and many of them got theirthoughts through pythagoras. pythagoras, again there aresome very interesting things. if you get to study intopythagoras you find out that he wasn't a biblical man he wasn't getting things through scripture he was getting thingsthrought the mystery schools through the occult.pythagoras by no means

was getting this revelation through his mind. a lot of my investigation supports the fact the men are not smart enough to devise such an elaborate scheme as far as the big bang or the beginning of the cosmos, even to the theory of evolution. our alphabet, the buildings that surround us, even the music we hear

owes a debt to this brilliant philosopher. in his pursuit of wisdom, phythagoras travel broadly searching for lost occult knowledge. he found it, in the mystery schools scattered throughout many different cultures. phythagoras synthesized the elements of these teachings into a new discipline: philosophy. it's foundation: numbers.

he believed that mathematics and philosophy and understanding of the divine all went together. we can't say he originated anything but he condensed and boiled down the knowledge of the world, and then brought it to a practical application. pythagoras identified numbers as the most fundamental elements of creation.

as we look at science in this day and age we're finding that the whole world is filled with these mathematical constants. you've got pi. you've got the speed of light. you've got the force of gravitation. so the idea that numbers describe the world seems to be the case. he wanted to produce philosophers like himself so you had to be very circumspect, youhad to be very self-controlled

to be able to even be in his school. phytagoras turned the numbering system of the babylonians into a sacred science. they believed that number was like god, and to connect with this was to be talking to god and so from that arises a whole lot of symbolism

that later becomes numerology, kabbalah, things like that. so the long and the short of it is that pythagorean mysticism, "fetching" disguised as something "scientific" reduced practically everything to mathematical numbers. does that ring any kind ofbell in our "information age," frequently called the "digital age"?

because factual math is so dependable, so exact so capable of producing technological marvels, people have had good reason to trust anything that is said to be mathematically supportable... such as the copernican heliocentricity model for example, newton’s work...einstein,

the same is true of factual science, of course. little however, do people in general even remotely suspect that there is any subjectivity, much less occult spiritism involved in either mathematics or science. the general belief is that both math and science are strictly objective enterprises, and strictly secular tools in the hand

of a rather elite band of altruistic laborers for mankind. the theoretical science establishment has cultivated the image that is uniquely removed and aloof from any contamination by philosophies and religions. the establishment’s mantra is that mathematics and science represent a dedicated search for "truth".

you want proof? just take a look and how they got rid of all that superstitious stuff about a god, who created everything that exists in the heavens and on the earth! scientism in the heavens. the heliocentrism vs geocentrism debate. pictures of midieval cosmology,

then you see not only the earth and the planets, but the outter sphere beyond that you would have heaven. so the earth was considered to be at rest ultimately with respect to heaven, with respect to the throne of god. for fiftheen hundred years ptolomy's system was used as the basis of astronomy and calendars.

and it worked quite well. but there were always those who detested it's departure from the purely uniform, circular motion, assumed to be perfect and appropriate for heavenly bodies. among these was nicolaus copernicus. copernicus hated that. and copernicus set about to

undo ptolomy's greatest discovery. while working at the request of pope leo the tenth on improvements to the julian calendar copernicus concieved what turn out to be the foundational idea of modernity itself... the idea that the earth moved. copernicanism, in short, is a concept that is protected in a bunker under

a 50 foot thick ceiling of solid "scientific" concrete. it is meant to be impregnable. it is a concept that has become ensconced in men’s minds as the indestructible cornerstone of the enlightenment... modern man’s knowledge. virtually all people everywhere have been taught to believe... and do believe...

that this concept is based on objective science and dispassionate secular reasoning, now long since freed from religious superstitions based on the bible. indeed, it was the copernican heliocentricity concept that gradually broke the back of bible credibility as the source of absolute truth in christendom. once the copernican revolutionhad conquered the physical sciences of astronomy and physics

and put down deep roots in universities and lower schools everywhere, it was only a matter of time until the biological sciences launched the darwinian revolution. over three centuries of carefully layered propaganda and indoctrination had defeated and all but buried the bible’s account of a stationary earth. the outer wall of the bible’s claim to truth

had been battered down by radical members of the scientific priesthood. and now they were on theverge of breaking through the second line of defense withthe evolution battering ram. this breakthrough was designed to defeat and bury not only the creation account of man created in the image of god, but the whole creation scenario set out in the bible.

no creation, no garden of eden, no satan, no temptation, no fall, no need for jesus to redeem from the fallen condition.... not all were persuaded by copernicus however. the greatest astronomer of that time

tycho brahe developed a new geocentric model... the earth occupies the center, the planets orbit the sun, and the sun orbits the earth. tycho brahe who is a great unsung hero of this because he did an immense number of observations, very accurate ones,

very precise for a long period of time. well, in the tycotic geocentric system the sun is traveling around the earth literally and carrying the planets with it. so the sun is making the ecliptic, it's not the earth. tycho hired a young assistant named johannes kepler in 1600. kepler, working on his own development of the copernican system

needed tycho's observations, but tycho refused to part with them. when tycho died suddenly and mysteriously in 1601 kepler took charge of tycho's observations and used them to develop his own system. kepler's great insight was that the sun must be playing a significant role in the motion of the planets.

they are following very definite paths we know that for sure. how on earth did they do it? and what moves them? so he said, "the sun must be somehow causing them to go around", so he postulated that the sun is rotating and had sort of spokes

which somehow got weaker as youwere further from the sun. in kepler's system, the sun is in the center while the planets move on ellipses, non-uniformely. the ellipse with it's two focai allows us to see that ptolomy's epicycles and equent were actually a brilliant attempt to express non-uniform motion,

centuries before kepler. indeed, once the concept of non-uniform motion is introduced, all of these systems can be shown to be geometrically identical. it was kepler's idea that the sun must somehow be moving the planets in their orbits that set the stage for isaac newton's

great breakthroughs. but observational tools equal to the task would first have to be developed. with kepler we find an interesting character. most christian cirriculum currently teaches that kepler was in fact, a christian. but when you start to dig deeperinto kepler and his theology, his writings, his research, it's a much different man that emerges.

his use of doctrine of accomodation, his reliance on the philosophy and science called "the book of nature," it seemed to work in tandem, and of course always to the benefit of kepler... and of course science. now there are some major problems that arise when viewing kepler and his reliance on the book of nature, and hisimplied doctrine of accomodation

when viewed in light of scripture. now there was a german publicationfrom the 14th century entitled "the book of nature," but that's not what were reffering to. "the book of nature" actually isn't really a book at all, but it's more of a concept that originated sometime during the middle-ages, stemming from the greek philosophers

and their naturalistic and humanistic concepts. from its conception, it was nothing more then the wisdom of the world, or man's wisdom. and of course, the apostle paul is very clear in 1 corinthians 3 that the wisdom of the world is foolishness to god. of course paul also warns us that satan disguises himself as an angel of light... i think that's what happened in this case

because as the concept progressed, many of those, that at least professed their faith or belief in god seem to adopt "the book of nature" without much debate, literally, like a scientific trojan-horse "the book of nature" wasnothing more then an attack on the authority of scripture. and as salomon says "there'snothing new under the sun" and this attack on god's word started

way back in genesis 3. well the "book the nature", the concept claimed in addition to the book of scripture god reveal truth and knowledge about himself through it non existence, but accepted "book of nature". and it was divine and inspired revelation with regards to matters of science or the natural world it couldnot be in contradiction

with the book of scripture. but even more disturbing is the fact that in matters of science and the natural world this non-existent, manmade concept actually took precedent over scripture. this is what i find most alarming, literally removing the authority of scripture and replacing it with a conterfeit man-made doctrine. i mean, what we need to seehere, and see very clearly

is that kepler literally described himself as the priest of the "book of nature". he truly felt that he was given special authority and access to an understanding of these divine truths about the heavens and even felt that this revelation offered a more direct path to the truth than the scriptures themselves. i mean he was adamant that the book of scripture

was not primary measure of truth when it came to matters of the natural world and the heavens. for him, the heavens and what they reveal had authority over the scripture. he embraced this counterfeit doctrine and used it as a licence to put forth a sweeping reform of astronomy. he was well aware as to theorigins of the "book of nature", as well as to the works of whathe liked to call the "ancient

authorities". and he was particularly insistent that this reform of astronomy agreed with that of pythagoras for whom he had much respect. i believe there is sufficient evidence that kepler was not what many had made him out to be. on the contrary, he was a very dangerous individual and much like the "book of nature" that he so valued and sawas inspired and authorative

kepler himself came onto the scene disguised as an angel of light. up until that point the earth was the center of the universe. the earth was the center of the night sky as it appears, and then copernicus and others brought about this heliocentric idea which means that

the planets and earth revolve around the sun. and that really changed everything and kepler built on that and really let us down this path that "okay this is we live in a solar system" and we're one planet and... a sea of infinite suns that have planets around them as well...

and so these men of science, they start to become worshiped, they found the answers, they figured all this out before we actually went up into space and proved it, before we went to the moon well, there are a lot people outthere who question the moon landing,

and i personally don't believe we went to the moon. and so, you have to ask the question...these men of science figured all this stuff out is... we've been taught... and... um... and they saw that this heliocentric model, this infinitely expanding universe is the world. they speculated on this

and then, we just happened to go up into space in the 50s and 60s, allegedly, and prove that everything they thought is true. i mean, that's... that's when you really think, stepback and think about that, i mean what are the chances that these men

back with no computers, no electronics, you know, all theories, i mean, just writing equations... theoretical physicists of the time really is what they were. they came up with all of this stuff and then we develop the technology to go up into space, allegedly, found out that everything they thought is true.

i mean, we really need to question that. space & scientism he was considered basically the greastest rocket scientist of all time. he basically founded nasa, he created nasa. yet, hes got very sinister satanic occult links with aleister crowley. there are always moments where science enters areas of the occult

and then also when science does something very supernatural. i think scientists make up weird belief systems or not, but they manage to separate it from the evidence. so parsons was able to be very schizophrenic. obviously when you worked at jpl he didn't talk about buiding satan.yeah.

you know, having, having strange sexual escapades on the planet jupiter or whatever, or on the moon or whatever. basically jack parson's was born in 1914 a hundred years ago and he grew up in pasadena outside los angeles. basically from a young age was very interested

in firing rockets in his back garden his grandfather helped him to do so. and that's what he did from a young age on the science side.and from an occult angle he describes trying to summon the devil, trying to conjure the devil up in his bedroom at the age of thirteen and being successful...and

being terrified that he neverdabbled in the occult again until he was 18 or 19 years old. a separation between science and occultism is a fairly modern thing. in the renaissance science and occultism were very closely related. adam weishaupt the founder of the illuminati is another person in that tradition

and aleister crowley is another, he was parsons major teacher. he saw rocketry and magic... he saw them as the differentsides of the same coin. i mean both...what kind of frenzy disparaged by everybody. in his view, rocketry was so crazy an idea at the time

that it really wasn't that far from magic. and so kind of parsons really helped invent the science in his backyard. and basically he was self-taught, he didn't go to university. he and a friend called ed foreman built rockets, they studied with cardboard tubes, they ended up using piping and

all sorts of other stuff, and they just ended up experimenting with rockets. they were big fans of science-fiction at the time and rockets were all the rage in science fiction, even if they weren't in the science of the day. in fact at the time nobody took rockets or rocketry as a science seriously.

parsons founded the jet propulsion laboratory and then the science of rocketry became a kind of proper science, you know lots of universities started teaching it, the government got involved and... and while beforehand parsons has been seen as kind of an eccentric who had this you know, this occult home life

really which he was involved in. everybody thought that was fine until it became a real big corporate military industrial concern. and he was kind of erased out of the whole foundation of rocketry in america. i mean if you look in the big textbooks you rarely find any mention of him at all. you get into the apollo missions in the 60s

they supposedly went 240,000 miles away to the moon, and yet since then in 2016 and 2017, the furthest that man has been in space is 400 miles. 400 miles. i don't know if you heard that correctly, 400 miles they said in the 60s they went 240,000 miles!

again, there is something going on here. is he ready to go into space? with a new g.i. joe astronaut capsule and space suit. silver uniform, space helmet, communications cord. the realistic capsule has simulated retro-rockets sliding canopies. control panels tool. and the capsule floats so recoveries can be made.

there's even an phonograph record of an actual flight. ok well, we have the opportunity to set the record straight. we're asking you to...i'm not under record right now. we're asking to... would you please go away we're asking you to swear on thebible that you orbited the moon? would you please go away?

well if you really orbited the moon why won't you swear on thebible that you didn't settle being half-way to the moon... and they referred to you on the tape as a shot that was done during apollo 10 where you put a transparency over the window and move the camera of the earth, and move the camera back away from the window,

turn off the lights in the... spacecraft and appeared to be halfway to the moon when in fact they were in earh orbit. hah, really? yeah they said it was the same way that you you did it on apollo 10. so we wanted to give you the opportunity to put your left hand on the bible,

to raise your right hand to swear to god...stick it in your ear. well, you were given an opportunity to swear to god under oath that you walked on the moon. i don't do that kind of thing well if you really walked on the moon what's the problem of swearing to god that you did? if you really walked on the moon

why would not do that? so why don't you just put the... end to the record and the argument and put your hand on the bible, swear to god you walked on the moon? mr. sibrel, knowing you that's probably a fake bible. really? well no it's a real bible! you have the opportunity to have 5,000 dollars. the meeting is over!

well, you have 5,000 dollars cash. you can give it to charity if you'd swear on the bible that you've walked on the moon. i have a tape. i'll be fine. why don't you swear... why not? why won't you do it? so why won't you put your hand on the bible and swear to god that you walked on the moon? mr. sibrel has made a fool of himself

in front of the world. mr. sibrel you do not deserve answers. i understand that some believe that we should attempt a return to the surface of the moon, first... as previously planned. but i just have to say pretty bluntly here, we've been there before.

we know that they're lying tous about the millions of years. we know they're lying to us about evolution. we know they're lying to us about the big bang. all this stuff. you know, if they're lying to us about all that then what else? what else are they lying to us about? right? are they lying to us about, uh...

the actual earth that we live on? are they lying to us about space? are they lying to us about thesun, the moon, the stars? where does it end? well, the lies don't end because satan is still very real. he's our adversary. his job is to line to people.

his main function is to lie. and so he's gonna to lie about everything. he lies to us about our identity, he lies to us about god's identity, he lies to us about the creation, lies to us about everything. is as the space program came along and people got more and more

into cosmology and how does this whole thing work with the planets going around, and how many different solar systems are out there and then how many galaxies and different things like that, and this whole idea that stars are out there, that are suns just like our sun that are

supposedly just as big if not bigger were supposed to have this medium star known so everything we have is medium. we're on a medium planet, on medium star, on a medium sized galaxy, they just go to stress that there is nothing extraordinary about the earth

or anything connected to the earth. god creating the sun, the moon and the stars specifically talks about how the sun, the moon and the stars were created on the fourth day. the earth was already created. what was the earth orbiting around before the sun was even created?

see, understand the scientism no matter how much you want to cling to science, you're going to have a hard time if you're gonna look at the literal meaning of genesis or of creation. so again, if you start looking into how god says that creation

happened, how he created to world, understand that he doesn't lie, scientism has lied to us. they have an agenda. through doing experiments and really observing the world instead of sitting in front of the cosmos series and anyting about

the universe and the world that you see on the tv and actually going outside myself at night and just looking at the world myself, i started to realize, wait a second i think what the bible is describing is exactly what i'm seeing

and i don't think what we're being shown is the truth. everything, everything that you have starts out with the word of man... right? but are you going to believe the word of man that was inspired by god? and is actually available to us,

we can read it, and we can test it, we can see, we can read it and see what it says and then look at reality and wow, it works. what is the difference? billions of years evolving, or, the stars billions of light years away? do you believe in billions?

or do you believe in the bible? how they have moved science and the realm of all truth and understanding when it's being masquerading as scientism all along. on numerous occasions nasa admits that we can't go beyonds low earth orbit which is between 99 miles and 1200 miles away.

the interesting thing is that the moon is said to be 238,000 miles away which is a difference of 236,800 miles. right now, we only can fly in earth orbit. that thefarthest that we can go, and this new system that we're building is gonna allow us to go beyond and hopefully take humansinto the solar system to to explore, so

the moon, mars, asteroids, there's a lot of destinationsthat we could go to, and we're building these building block components in order to allowed usto do that eventually. now one thing i really want your generation to embrace is that the earth is a closed system. we cannot leave the earth.

there's no place to go. you're headed 36,000 miles above earth. 15 times higher from the planet thanthe international space station. as we get further away from earth we'll pass through the van allen belts an area of dangerous radiation. radiation like this can harm the guidance systems, onboard computers, or other electronics on orion.

naturally, we have to pass through this danger zone twice, once up and once back. but orion has protection. shielding will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation. sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study. we must solve these challengesbefore we send people

through this region of space. for this flight, it's time to head home. how early do we indoctrinate our children into the whole heliocentric model? i mean, from an early age, even as babies, in the crib, looking up at the solar system.

some of the earliest thoughts. some of the earliest memories, it's interesting. if you actually think about how early children, babies, see our world. we teach them, this big round ball

and say "this is where we are". into kindergarden. into grade one. into grade two. through classrooms, the globe is on every desk. as you see pictures everywhere, in movies

it's kind of a staple. it's something that is to be expected. but if in our research we understand that nasa has lied. modern day science has lied. the global elite have lied. they've lead us to believe in these lies. we look out in the universe and 85%

of all the gravity that's out there has some mysterious unknown source. we add up all the stars, the galaxies the planets, the comets, the black holes, the dark clouds; everything out there that we can see, touch, smell or taste and it doesn't add up to give us the gravity

that we see operating in this universe. dark matter is a a great example. it was through observation of galaxies, i mean there are things, celestial objects that we call galaxies that look like clusters of spining stars, and the whole theory of dark matter like dark matter... there's so much in the news about

dark matter and dark energy and, like let's go back towhere dark matter came from. the whole idea of dark matter came from the idea that galaxies spin too fast; they spin so quickly that the observable matter, which is based on light; the light that we can see from galaxies, that there isn't enough mass there,

that they're spining so fast that they should fly apart, based on the conservation of angular momentum. so, we've made this assumption that there is more mass there that we can't see and that's what dark matter is, that's where it comes from. it's based on that assumption that we see these things out there in

space that are very very far away, and that they're spining so fast and there's all this mass there that it defies the basic laws of physics here on earth. besides the idea that might not even be true

that these things might not be that far away, we're forcing things in the the night sky to have to comply with our physics here on earth. now that in itself is an enormous assumption, but besides that, dark matter comes from that assumption, so we've built assumptions upon assumptions

and then dark energy, the other one that is supposed to make up anenormous ammount of our universe... this dark energy comes from assuming that the law of gravity is true because gravity says that all masses attract all other masses, but we have this infinitely expanding space everything is moving away from each other

but supposedly some calculations were done, i think in the 70s that showed that long ago, since the big bang the assumed big bang happened all of the mass should have started pulling each other back together; that all of these galaxies and everything should be coming back together

into one big mass. but calculations have shown that's not true or the theory is that there's this dark energy that's pushing all of the galaxies apart so it's counteracting this assumed force of gravity. so now we assume that there's another force that's pushing them all apart

and not only that is galaxies appering to be discs whereas gravity would want to make things spherical, or make things orbit in a spherical type space. so the dark energy is not only pushing all of these galaxies away from each other in arranging them in weird ways

that doesn't really seem to make sense, it's also flattening galaxies into discs, to give them their we have this mysterious force called dark energy, that's where these theories come from, they're based on assumptions based on assumptions; that's really like i've said, it's kind of a house of cards. it amazes me that as believers

we're able to just so quickly throw away the inherent god breathed, divinely dictated, inspired word of god himself. we're just so quick to throw that away, re-explain it or twist it all because of a picture that we get from nasa. the one thing that i've started like... i used always read google news

when i was a young engineer, i'd go down to the scienceand technology section of the google news page and there would say "scientists have discovered this"; "scientists have discovered that"; and i've read a lot of the articles and a lot of times it wouldn't say who. and so i've started like... i didn'trealize about it at the time, i started imagining men in lab coats

just figuring these things out, and it's like "who are these people?" now i look at this when i see this stuff now that scientists have a new theory on... what is it... on semi-radius tachyons or something i saw recently about how those are some new particles they're finding and i still, i see these men in these white lab coats

and i kind of laugh to myself like "who are these people?" they're never really described to us and all these theories, all these crazy things that just come up in the news about science this and science that. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love science,

but scientists... it's like they're priests almost and it's getting out of hand' and we really got to take a step back; you know, wait a second here, this is wait, we're in a dreamland here there's a book i'm reading by a man named lee smolin about... who's a theoretical physicist

saying... whoa whoa... this is... we've gotta back up and get back to testable, scientific method physics and it doesn't seem like mainstream science wants to go that route, it really seems like they want to keep this, this...

all of this theoretical stuff that really to me is justkicking the can down the road you know, avoiding thequestion "who made this?" and just add more and more time, more and more billions of years, more and more expading infiniteness that has no explanation, no beginning, no real beginning, at least. are you sure

that everything that you've been taught is true? are we spining at a thousand miles per hour at the equator? whipping through space around the sun? what about evolution, are you sure? we evolved from apes over billions of years? the entire big bang cosmology exist,

in billions of miles away, and billions of years ago. are you going to put your faith in billions? or are you going to put your faith in the bible? make sure. you need to understand. wake up. make sure that this... is true.

ask questions. seek the truth. we are told that the sun is 93 million miles away from the earth. we are also told that the sun and the moon appear to be the same size in the sky. the explanation?

the diameter of the sun it's almost 400 times the size of the diameter of the moon. the distance of the moon to the sun is 400 times greater therefore this is coincidence. there is never coincidence, and this is what we want to investigate! according to a recent study conducted by the national science foundation

one in four americans believes that the sun and everything else in space revolves around the earth, and not as modern science says the other way around. believing in what's called geocentrism it's really pretty stupid right now given that galileo, copernicus

and kepler debunked it over 500 years ago. we are told that the earth spins at 1,040 miles per hour, while the earth travels around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour. meanwhile, the whole solar system is going inside the milky way galaxy at a speed of 490,000 miles per hour

and finally, the entire milky way galaxy is darting through infinite space at over 1,000,000 miles per hour. most people believe this, and yet every experiment ever conducted to prove even the simple spin of the earth has failed. science is supposed to be point a, b, c, and d;

you come up with an hypothesis; you then come up with a way to test that hypothesis, and hopefully it's a repeatable method that you can get the same results, and you can then verify if your hypothesis is true or false. and science has actually done this with several different things;

aries failure sagnac, michelson-morley,michelson gaile experiments; many different things. and even today, gyroscopes, they all show through the scientific method that the earth does not move; it absolutely does not move.

it is "ether", what they call the "ether" and the stars, everything around us which is moving around us. we are stationary. everything we see in the sky revolves around the earth. in 1887 albert michelson and edward morley conducted what's known as the michelson-morley experiment.

this experiment was attempting to prove the speculated motion of the earth around the sun. and when it failed, albert einstein was forced to form the theory of relativity to overcome this problem. in fact, any time mainstream science is faced with undesirable results, they create a work-around

which isn't real science at all. challenging outer space and the cosmos, we have all these pictures of this stuff that people will believe are real. and so, it's too big of a conspiracy a lot of people think, but in my opinion, i think we've just understimated the power of satan,

and we are warned about the deceiver, the deception, and i think it's something wereally need to step back and say "hey... i think... how powerful is this deceiver? is it possible that the deception could be this big? nasa,

the science community, the top elite, are preparing us for something. the great deception is coming to our world. without the evolutionary theory aliens would not exist. the scientific community,

talking about other life; discovering planets; the entire big bang universe is a hoax. the entire big bang universe they have constructed is to enslave us into the great deceptionthat's coming into this world. has been planned

for years. i couldn't help but one point in my discussions with... privately with... general secretary gorbachev when you stop to think, "we're all god's children wherever we may live in the world." i couldn't help but say to him

"just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held, if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species, from another planet outside in the universe." we'd forget all the little local differences

that we have between our countries and we would find out once and for all that we really are, all human beings here on this earth together. well, i don't suppose we could wait for some alien race to comedown and threaten us but i think that between us

we can bring about that realization. and we've been hearing a lot lately about dozens of other habitable planets being discovered and today nasa is hosting a discussion panel about these habitable planets that are just a short you know, 10, 20 or so light

years away from us; so rt correspondent megan lopez joined us earlier from nasa and i first asked her if we were close to finding another life form in our solar system do aliens even exists? and how would we know? well, the kepler satellite currently

orbiting in outer space has identified about 50, 50 planets that seem very much earth-like in fact, every week we discover another jupiter size planet in outer space. they need to figure out what type of activity that is, but with organic materials it means that we could find a footprint

of martian life that used to exist and if there's plant life that used to exist it could mean that there's other life that used to exist; so scientists at nasa are very excited; they've just unveiled this and it presents a new puzzle to sort of solve for them. where did we come from?

who created us? the notion becomes even more alarming when you understand... that more and more people are looking to the alien theory as planting us in our dna at some other time in the universe.

even dawkins... proposes this. well then who did createthe heavens and the earth? why do use the word "who", you see you immediately begged the questionby using the word "who". well then how did it get created? well, um... by a very slow process. well how did it start?

nobody knows how it got started. we know the kind of eventthat it must have been. we know the sort of eventthat must have happened for the origin of life. and what was that? it was the origin of the first self replicating molecule. right, and how did that happened? i told you, we don't know.

so you have no idea how it started? no, no. nor has anybody.nor has anyone else. what do you think is the possibily that intelligent design might turn out to be the answer to some issues in the genetics, or in darwin evolution? well, it could come aboutin the following way; it could be that...

at some earlier time, somewhere in the universe a civilization evolved by probably some kind of darwinian means to very very high level of technology and designed a form of life that they seeded on to

perhaps this planet. now, that is a possibility, and an intriguing possibility, and i suppose it's possible that you might find evidence for that if you look at the... um... at the detail... details of bio chemistry, molecular biology you might find a signature

of some sort of designer. wait a second: richard dawkins thought intelligent design might be a legitimate pursuit? and that designer could well be a higher intelligence from elsewhere in the universe. that higher intelligence would itself

have had to have come about by some explicable or ultimately explicable process. it couldn't have just jumped into existence spontaneously. that's the point. so professor dawkins was not against intelligent design, just certain types of designers

such as god. we've backed ourselves so far into this corner of bowing to science and twisting the bible to agree with science that we've handicapped ourselves in major ways especially

with what's coming down the pike in terms of scientific discovery, in terms of alien life, in terms of extraterrestrial life. we have really handicapped ourselves in terms of those matters when aligning them with god's word. and there are more thanlikely people out there right now that are twisting scripture

or looking for scripture to twist to justify whatever nasa puts out, whatever announcement comes next. scientism and the future "and ye shall be as gods"genesis 3:5 (kjv) "i dread government in the name of science. that is how tyrannies come in."- c.s. lewis c.s.lewis thought that science

was a good thing, but he also though that it held some really strong dangers. the biggest danger really was the penchant to control. in a scientific view if you think that is the only way that we have knowledge of the world. if you think that i have the

scientific truth about something that's... you know, end of story, i know everything. that really tends us to feed a power trip whether you're a scientist or you're a politician who's trying to latch onto the prestige of science, you really have people

who are going to abuse their power because they think "look we're the only ones who know what should happen; because we know how the universe really works; therefore we should be able to dictate what our culture beliefs are; we should dictate

what our government should do, how we should design governamental programs. we should dictate all manner public policy and anyone who doesn't have any scientific training or isn't part of the consensus view of science is basically stupid." i think scientism is taking us to some very dark places

in the near future. what if everything you've been taught is a lie? what if there's an agenda? what if scientism is moving us; not only teaching us our past with evolution, with dinosaurs,

but also showing us our future; basically becoming gods themselves. i thinkthis is the whole idea that satan has spawned with men is to become like god and to tinker with life when it comes to the dna, when it comes to cloning, when it comes to creating the perfect human,

the super-human; merging animal species with humans; being able to give human gills to live underwater; just these super-human abilities to become like gods; to become super men. i think this has been the quest of scientism for a very long

time while deceiving the world. we're going to be diving into the brave new world of crisper. and as you see, as you saw in that film, crisper gives scientists the awesome power to tinker with the software of life. for thousands of years, humans have bred horses in much the same

gradual way nature does; but soon they can actually be designed, in the lab along with other livestock, plants, and even humans. because a new technology has made editing the genome almost as easy as using a word processor.

for better or for worse, every life on earth will soon be affected by our ability to reprogram the software of life. i ... i ... didn't want to let the evening go without... uh hitting the headlines that you made yesterday when you...uh, with your article in science

talking about the human genome project "right." you've called for public... a huge pubicly and privately funded project to construct large plant and animal genomes including humans, from scratch. and uh... this was before the era of easy gene editing that we

have now; but about 10 to 12 percent of these reproductive aged people said that if there were a test that would be predictive of a superior intelligence or superior athletic ability in their children, well

they would want to have it. and as we've, you know have seen for instance with a consumer genetics that people won't be denied in terms of the types of information that they'd like to be able to achieve.

once it's proven to be safe in particular ways we're gonna have to have a conversation about what the limits are for how would we use that technology; there are still people who would... who like i've said have seen it as a line in the sand that the... that we should never cross; but my belief is that we will and should cross it.

january 2009 obama nominates john haldren as chief science advisor holdren previously proposed creation of a "planetary regime" to determine "the optimum population for the worldand for each region." june 2013 obama official defends dangerous medical experiments on premature infants

august 2013 epa accused of withholding important scientific data from congress may 11, 2012 has science outgrown democracy?- by shawn lawrence otto arrest climate-change deniers- adam weinstein (rants 3/28/14) 'climate deniers' may face prosecution- fox nation july 2013 indiana physics professor censored

for discussing intelligent design in class collenge cancels class on evolution debate after "freethought" group threatens disruption scientism is an evil agenda religion and theory; let god be true but every men be a liar. "the unhcr will use accenture'sbiometric identity management

system (bims) for the endeavor.bims can be used to collect facial, iris, and fingerprintbiometric data..." world bank, accenture call for universal id in collaboration withthe united nations high commissioner for refuges,accenture has been issuing biometric id cards to refugeecamps in thailand, the south sudan, and elsewhere.- find biometrics global identity mgt (set/15) "the nature of the deployments...hasdemonstrated that reliable, biometric id cardscan affordably be used on a

large scale." world bank group governance cross-practice initiative identification for development 1 corinthians 3:18-21 "let no man deceive himself. if any man among you seemeth to be wise in the world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with god. for it is written he taketh the wise in their own craftiness. and again, the lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain. therefore,

let no man glory in men. for all things;" it's definitely outside the box. so it's convenient. one area of business is shaping up how we pay for things. now with your phone youdon't need your keys, you don't need a scan card. it's the first cash register of its kind

in the mid-west and it's right here in rockford. a lot of people don't wantto bring in their wallets, don't wanna bring in any cash. chinese scientists plan first human testwith gene editing tool - 'bloomberg' they, they ask questions that sound a little bit like science fiction but many of them are becoming science fact very quickly.

do you think, i mean, you're actually a... pushing you know, the science forward; do you think the consequences are well understood; this sort of leveling the plate;absolutely not. yeah, i don't think we understand, i mean, luckily for us we sort of sidestep in regenerative medicine,

we get a chance to sidestep this issue for a little while longer because it's still a bit of a hypothetical question. you know, can we grow body parts that are; right now we're just trying to catch up to what nature can do; and so for a while we get the chance to, just similar to people in a.i.

to get a chance to say "ohwe're just trying to catch up to what nature can do." but eventually it's going to catch up to us and we'll have to start answering these questions you know, "do we want to enhance and do more than what nature can do?" it turns out that the really intelligent people are the only ones who actually get the boost and

suddenly there is kind of a super-power that you could have just for a small few; that would be really remarkable. it would be contrary everything we've learned so far, but it would be remarkable and it might change the conversations somewhat. but i think from my perspective what i'd

rather do, rather that putting breaks on it is increase access and availability so that people... (interrupted) (inaudible) entails a little bit of creative destruction. well, why would it cause creative destruction? consider the statement, quote "we should only believe what can be scientifically proven,"

end quote. can that statement be scientifically proven? well obviously not, and thus the scientific naturalists position refutes itself and so it cannot be true. we need to accept that this world

is not offering the middle ground it once did. and we need to repent fortrying to stand on it for as long as we have. the truth of scripture is solid and anyone who denies this has been deceived. if we are not standing on the absolute authority of scripture, then we are participating in leading others

away from the only hope for salvation. no matter where you stand, you can easily get to whereyou're supposed to be. i think it's absolutely crucial to expose the lies of science and of scientism. namely because it's evil, i mean it's an attack on the authority of scripture,

it's no different than the attack on god's word from genesis 3. it's an attack on god himself, it robs him of his glory. it's blinding millions and millions of people, to the truth of a creator. romans 1 is clear that creation is evidence of a creator.

romans 1:18 is also very clear that that are men that are holding the truth in unrighteousness, holding it hostage in lies. i think it's very important, i mean in ephesians 5 it tells us to have no fellowship with the untruthful works of darkness but rather reprove them,

expose them. it's our job to expose them. so i hope i think through this film and other people that are documenting the lies again, like of evolution, of dinosaurs; the lies that exist within, those two, will be applied to the cosmology;

because i think there's a greather lie that's even coming in the future and again, while they have taught us our past with dinosaurs and evolution, this is your origins, this is where you began. now let's shift and say where is this heading us? where are we going? and again you're gonna see the quest for scientism

reaching the heights endless space; you're going to see nasa and science working together... and again, systematically they have to create this entire pardigm without god. they have to create an entire reality that is anti-christian, that is anti-biblical, and it is very deceptive and dangerous.

hopefully we can do a lot to expose it, get people searching for the truth, exposing the lies of scientism. has it been a plan all along to discredit that you are special, you are loved, you're uniquely made in the image of an all loving, all powerful god.

what if... what if you're wrong? what if you're basing your entire world view on scientism? scientism and sin you can be set free from the lies and know the truth of the creator. the reality of the sinful condition of man as taught in the bible is unlike

anything else in any other philosophy, theology, or cosmology. it is the prison by which we are by far most hesitant to acknowledge; and such we prefer to instead pound against every other type of wall imaginable, in our ceaseless quest to break free from the feeling of bondage.

we continue to turn to idols appealing to dreams of progress, of eventually conquering the universe; whether in the context of material space travel, or transcending the physical, altogether in achieving pure consciousness. satan has used scientism

throughout history to deceive the masses; cleverly disguised as facts and proven truth. he blinds the eyes of the creation to their true creator. he also instigates false beliefs, false speculations of truth

and anti-god knowledge. but jesus, jesus is the central figure of the bible in both the old and new testament stands alone. as the pivotal piece of the biblical message which proclaims first a finite, fixed, immovable earth,

and then us, fallen humanity, finite enclosed, imprisoned in our own sin. only jesus provides a way of escape; a way out. there’s an irony in the comparison in both the enclosed biblical cosmology and big bang copernican cosmology.

in the sense that both paradigms, one can set out to study and understand everything in the cosmos from the earth to the sun to the moon and stars, and yet never take the time to intently study the reality of their own heart. never stop and take stock of their life; their own state; their innermost being.

and this is what i simply challenge everyone to do above all else. before simply seeking to understand the amazing reality of the earth or the heavens to simply get honest with yourself. to ask yourself if perhaps indeed this prison of sin in your own life

as the bible describes might actually be the most powerful evidence of all than what the bible says is actually really true. because the most beautiful news in the entire world is that jesus broke down the prison door,

he laid down his own life, in order to become the door, the gate, the portal if you will to everything that humanity has hungered to get back to since the beginning. he is the only way out. the only bridge between heaven and earth. between death and life.

the only opening between the impervious firmament separating us from the creator himself. through which we can freely walk and enter into the kingdom of our heavenly father. many people out there are under the impression that the bible is simply

another tool of control by the lying, murderous elites. but yet, if you dare to open the bible yourself, and read what it says, i am convinced that you will quickly see how utterly

false this claim really is. those that seek to control humanity and break through the barriers apart from god are only kidding themselves. in their futility they insist on creating their own door to eternity and godhood to immortality.

but you and i can make that same mistake. i pray that there are a few of you out there that now hear this and recognize that there is something true about what i am saying; and if so, you would seek the only one who holds the key. that you would seek jesus.

ask him… cry out to him… he will hear you. he is the way, the truth and the life. purchase dvd copies of scientism exposed @ for more information on this film

updates and news please visit thank you for your support. directed byrobbie davidson co-producerrachel walraven produced byrobbie davidson 10 9 8

7 6 5 4 3 2 1 lift off. it's been an amazing quest for truth,

looking into these texts based on the understanding that we have been lied to and even though i was fighting all the lies... you know darwinism and evolution you know, i think most of the church and this a lot of the creation ministries that are out there... i mean their emphasis was, you know

taking out the branches from the tree; but they never looked into the root. they never were looking atcutting this tree down. they were looking at justchopping these branches of all these different lies that, you know satan had, you know, brought to us and again, when you follow it back and you look at the root of where everything came from, i mean

that's where the journeyand i think that's where anyone seriously seeking the truth of the word of god and looking at the lies of the world needs to focus your attention on as they need to go back and they need to find out that all the sciences not just the biological sciences, butthe psychological sciences, every single sciences that we

know currently in modern-day... you know science all came from the copernican model. it was like this big step of enlightment, it is like that only, you know could have taken place. like darwinism couldn't even brought up his model without copernicus. it was literally by his inspiration that

literally all this stuff started coming together, so yeah i think it's very important to look back, and i think for some people it just seems so grand, it seemes so big and i think, i don't know, i think the quote was hitler or something but i think he said that people will believe a large lie before they'll believe a like a small lie.

and again, i think that that was the illusion and i think that was the deception that it was so grand that no one would ever even question it; because, you know it just it was fact, it was what it was but hey, we're gonna focus our attention on the fact that you know we evolved over millions of years and we focus on the antrophology type of you know, aspect of it; we talked

you know, about creation but again, we're focussing on the creation of man; we really weren't talking about the creation of the sun the moon and the stars... we weren't talking about you know well earth itself, we were just basically attaching god to the big bang and say "aha there we go" you know "god created the bang"

end of story, so we neverreally needed the focus on it so i think in a way, the explosion, the story of the explosion where we got the entire universe from a... a dot of a size of a period, which, you know is incredible because you know the official story is that "nothing became something," exploded and created everything.

but you know in order to you know attach god to it i think we did a real disservice and the church did a massive disservice in basically attaching god to a deception that really never took place, because again, it's very clear when you look in the bible it's like "god created light in the sky", he thinks they're lights, number one but then it says the sun

the moon and he also created stars. period. like i said, and also stars. so the idea that the stars are suns as we've been taught; that all the stars that we see in the sky are suns that have their own you know, they have their own planet that you know, they have their ownorbits, all these sorts of things again it's just a mass of lies

to support the whole you know, evolution model, so i think it's dangerous and i think that over time even the most devout christians, i think over time you know has not seen the purity and the truth of the bible and again i think it's a worthy of pursuit, a lotof people will think "what does it matter", and i always

say "the truth matters". i guess that's where i would leave it. so no, i'm in total agreement, i think it's been a huge awakening, it's been a massive revelation. it's rejuvenated; you know, i've had an exciting walk with the lord over the past 20 years, i've been led into all sorts of different ministries and research and getting into the truth

movement and researching that you know, not only are we in a fallen and evil world but yet, you know the most powerful and the richest men and you know, families that run this world, i mean they're luciferians, i mean these guys literally worship lucifer, i mean illuminati, the "iluminated ones," i mean, so when you start looking at that and you do realize that you live in a

very very satanic evil world and that's the controllers that are controlling the whole thing, it's all being inspired by you know satan and evil and most spirits and that sort of thing, then it starts to make a lot more sense especially with the agenda that they're pushing, i mean if you look at like nasa, and again their quest, they're so desperate to

find life you know "oh we found water on mars" that means that you know,there was a life at one point that you know lived on mars, but one by one by one, even with myself personally, i've started bringing aliens into it, no i didn't believe that they were extraterrestrial; i've always believed that they were interdimensional; you know, they were fallen ones they came you know, to deceive,

they could masquerade themselves into the coming delusion that will come into the world, but nonetheless, i still was looking at it that it was very possible, you know god loves creating therefore there's trillions and trillions and trillions of planets out there, um... yeah, very likely

that could be, you know, life that god created, but i did know that you know, they were, they had to have been pro god because lucifer only fell to our... you know earth. you know. jesus died once, and once for all. so if there are the other sinful you know beings out there, you know, how is that working you know, so again

it was very confusing; it was very cloudy. the entire enclosed creation paradigm destroys everything. it destroys evolution; it destroys aliens; it destroys everything; so a person that say like as zen was mentioning "atheists," and it's unbelivable to me, you know "beyond the truth movement"

you know, for, you know, 10 to 15 years and seening all these conspiracies you know, whether it's j.f.k. or 9/11 or sandy hook or chemtrails or you pick, but i've never seen a conspiracy that has driven so many people to open the word of god. i mean, when people look into 9/11 they don't say "well let's go look in the bible,

see what the bible says about 9/11." they just don't. but here is something that comes along and they like "what they might of lied,is there a conspiracy going on? wow, hey, i wanna go and get a bible. i mean, there's been countless people, their are testimonies coming in all the time of people that were atheists their whole life and instantly have becomean agnostic through the revelation

of understanding that we have been lied to you know, about our origins, about the... you know, even the earth we stand on, everything we see in the sky. so i think it's tremendous, i think god's gonna use this in a mighty way...

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