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puppets backstory

top of the morning to you laddies is my name isjacksepticeye and welcome to turmoil i think it's a resource management gamewhere you get in, you have to drill for oil, make a big booming economy out inthe west. this game looks phenomenal at least the art style in this main menu isreally fucking nice to look at and i haven't played the game at all i just remember there was a time a whileago when i was going through a bunch of like indie games and i was trying totest them out, like poly bridge- around that kind of time and turmoil was one the people are suggesting a lot and iactually wrote it down

ages ago. it was on the back burnerfor so long and then i forgot about it. i moved on and i forgot that it was a gamethat even existed so i'm going back to it now to give it atry because it looks really cool it looks really good, and if a lot ofpeople were asking me to play it must play very well so let's start a new campaign restart game. restarting will delete allprevious pro- yeah i don't have any progress oooo choose your character. do i want tobe daisy, blanche, ricardo, or joshua i wanna be joshua because he looks like mccreefrom overwatch.

howdy partner! this dude has been herdin' cattle long enough to know that nights on the prairie are cold and lonely i hope earning money with oil is easierthrowing lassos. dude it's gonna be so easy hi there future oil baron! welcome- oh why did i do papyrus' voice- welcome to my soon to be lovely town the oil industry will be booming herebut let's get to work click on the wagon i will show you the basicsof oil drilling. so dig for oil, get money, build aneconomy,

bob's your uncle. get in the wagon. going tofetch our wagon or going to paint our wife and that was it hop on, i'll take you to the oil site.ready to go? take me on lady i can't remember your name hello little man- little mayor. look how smallhe is he's so cute welcome to the first to your first oilmining operation just follow my instructions the oil flowing in no time. before you can start drilling for oilyou have to know where to where to drill hire at dowser to take care of this.

hire a dowser to find oil...ooookay find me some oil boy! nice job! give him a bit of time to findout where the oil is. dum dee dum come on boy, show me where that oil is-i gotta squeeze it in my hands just like i do with babies i don't really. he found oil. eureka! it'stime to start drilling. select the oil rig put down an oil rig ok. drag downwards from this point andrelease the other point to connect the oil ooooh. kuh-tink.

haha! ok awesome that's a really neat effect as well. yay! ok this seems like it could be a lot of fun. oh i like these types of games they're so cool and i can just sit back, relax, just let thegame go on its own i don't have to worry about a story or anything. you struck oil! but where should you takeit? to left inc of course! select the horse wagon icon. ok. pull a wagon - put a wagon here

it'll automatically collect the oil and unload it at my company. okay! learnin' the basics. getting ready to oil it all up that is a nice wagon full of oil. thesize of the oil deposits holy moly is this disappearing as well? holy daily. ok hello mr. mayor. i like he walks out withhis hands on his belly this instruction ends when you've broughtthe cash amount up to 1300 what am i at now- oh i'm at eighty cents? really?!

wait- how much is this going up? can yougo up faster? oooh wait here we are- 0.8 that's how much i'm selling it for i think - nice work let's head back totown i don't know about all of you but outhere on the prairie it's jackaboy's land i remember when my pa used to bringme out. struck oil like a fucking pig findin'.... truffles. *laughs*that music just has a very likesit down and i'll tell you story. ok, cool, yay i'm having fun. 1300 profit. graphs not available. whatever screenshot. no thank you moving on. good job! now it's time for thereal work

come to the town hall to meet yourrivals and get yourself a parcel of land for your next venture. get a parcel of land oh yes i was expecting you! what can i do for you? of course you're expecting me i was standing outside your door are you ready for your own parcel of land?let's take a look at the map hell yeah! look at all these douchebags i am in love with the art style though it's very cool. um, where can iget my land? welcome to welcome everyone let's first introduced ourselves. howdy partner this dude is- yeah joshua. delighted to make

your acquaintance i made a nice living in real estatebut it's time for a new business plan i'm going underground i don't like thedilly dally, so let's get to work buenos dias! i have sailed the world as aship captain for years and i can't even swim- that's how bad ass i am- i don't want toworry about drowning anymore unless it's in money i like his collar and his thing almostlooked like a hand coming up and stroking his own chin.

hello there! does being a lawyer sound interestin'? well in truth it's kind of boring and icouldn't handle it i've got a serious case of oil fever andthe only cure is finding oil- findin' oil good day to y'all. ok now let's get to drilling before i change my mind good luck. good day! to celebrate theopening of my brand new bank i've opened up an account for each ofyou. you can also visit- visit me to view a financial report of your lastventure. so, do i head off and dig then?

mcmunnies. *chuckles* uh, let's go get that oilwe're taking two grand with us to cover the start-up costs are you ready to go? let's head on out there fucking lady all right you know the drill- hahaha. hiredowsers to find oil and build a rig to drill straight down to it ok. so, should i pick like a bunch ofdudes and then start puttin' down this because these guys will foind- foindtrying to say oil and find together they'll find a bunch of oil deposits-hopefully. are you guys usin' like sticks as well like the old-fashioned methods

you can't be doing that! will you usesome better methods like sonar? *dowser whistles* ha ho he found some fucking oil. but howdo i know how far down to go? i don't! that's the problem! is that in the oil deposit? no no it's not no it's not but in hereit will be ok ok so dig down, the ol' dig deep down. it's unwise to sell at the price left inc. is offering now it's better to first storeyour oil select the silo icon. ooooooh. nice! you're gonna come out the oil price always fluctuates heavily keep it close eye on it'slike gold if the oil price is to your liking usethis arrow to send wagons to my place.

they will then fill up to convertmoney. okay so- shut up!- if the price of oil is getting too low use this arrow to stop selling oil to your right. okay. got it got it. levels are time-based this level ends onmar 31st. ok. put you here, put you here ok - two and two if you're low on cash - aren't we allsometimes- you can take out a loan against a very reasonable interest rate.shit i didn't realize i was so low on money ok ok this is going good. oh shit no i can't digany further

uh, i need some money come on man! i need to dig further inhere. i have fifty-six dollars can i dig like a tiny bit further down no. can't dig further down. oh! it went up! it went up! ok let's wait for it to go up up up up ok let's just start- let's just start puttingit all in there. two means two of my dudes right? yeah we're gonna make some fucking b- we're gonna make some money. we're gonna make some bucks. dig this a slight bit further downso we get to the bottom of the oil

deposit. niiice! yes! sell all that oil my boy. how do we sell the oil that's in mycontainer though? should i hire another horse? yes. three horses. let's- let's notdilly-dally let's get some oil a-flowin. haha. this is good! this is awesome! shit theoil price is going back down. deposit it quick deposit it quick!okay- only two are going in

nice, nice, nice. and only one's going in.and now 0 is going in. ok. deposit my oil in here please. how do i sell it later though? i mean i can store the oil all day buti'm not making any more money on it and the price is still going down so maybe at theend i can sell it off? i don't know. i don't know how this works. can the price go back up please? come on. right- awww fucking valentine's day passed i didn't get my lover a letter. it'sokay

should be swimming in oil soon andshould- be will be so rich that we'll able to buy all of this land and i'll sayto her "you see everything that the light touches?that's our land." okay. we're almost getting full on this though.i need another silo oh no, i don't i don't i don't just sell theoil- sell the oil prices going back up it's time to sell sell sell lose-lose! oh the oil business is afickle mistress but i am one to crack the whip over her ..... ass. *chuckles* last month! order up! i can not like take the oilout of this and sell it on? like now?

i dunno know how it works. good god those oil deposits go down and slow. i could stay here all day! that needs togo down a tiny bit further though. kay. prices still goin' up. the price of oilstill going up. sell now everybody i don't know how i do it! i don't knowhow- oh you're filing out of this now i think? maybe. it's time for hoedown anda hootenanny. can you guys take out of this? no? okay. i don't know how this works. i guess we're going to find out. we'regoing to do too bad though. we did pretty well for our first venture on our own

if i do say so myself. getting all ofthat oil please and thanks and we're still sellin' at a buck o two. that's- that's how we say it- a buck o two. b-u-c-k o two. oh! that's the end. god. that terrified the shit out of me whoa! oh, that's awesome it shows you were allthe oil deposits are right at the end. nice! earnings 5,000; spendings twothousand. i came away with a profit of 2,922 -that's great for my first venture.my screen just flashed hopefully that didn't show up in the recording ok

left price. oh that's the left inc yeah, okay. earnings, spendings. screenshot.no i don't need a screenshot. okay, i need to figure out how i sell the money atthe end look at that! i'm making all my moneyback what are you guys doing- you guys are in debt. hahaha. ricardo, i guess a nice ass and abeautiful accent doesn't get you everything in life. i mean get you everything important butwhatever. howdy! my name's fred metal are you looking tomake your oil mining operation more

efficient? come to my factory to upgrade your gear. nofucking problem dude. upgrade my gear- what am i upgrading? thewidth of my pipes- hahaha- the size of my silo- hahaha- branch ch- whoo i modified the joints between pipesyou, can now connect three pipes to each joint. that'd be really helpful- onesilo, three pipes. hmm is it worth it though? i don't thinkit's worth it yet i found a way to increase the capacity ofpipes- highly recommend. timer rigs are now better resistant against highpressure so they're less likely to spill.

kay. we'll upgrade our width to begin with and i'm not going toupgrade anything else. we go off on another dig first. i was talking to the mayorrecently and he was thrilled- ha like he was drilled- by some of myinvention so i'll be bringing them to you in my soon-to-be workshop. welcome to my bank! report. loan. set up ofall the data- no. kay. i don't need a report yet. i'm down below all theseguys' money but i'm hopefully going to make money- more money this time. what i do? oh shit- continue campaign i clicked this instead of the fucking thing.

i- oh- i didn't save. i didn't get width two. ok this. lets go dig again. come on jill! take me away to the drilltype city where the grass is green and the drills are shitty. where do you wanna go?first- oh, right i need to claim a piece ofland at the town hall. nevermind. land auction! let's gather all the tenants together atthe auction. shit! i shouldn't have bought anything. i need it to bid.

welcome to the auction- you start alreadystart bidding. oh and i need to pick a piece of land- already mined, already mined. okay. open for bids. okay i have to out bid these people. could i bid on two pieces of land? i'm bidding on this! come on! okay i got a piece of land. nice! shespent a shit ton of money on this land that- that's clever make them spend all their money and thengo in to drill for oil and there's no oil there. haha. i sniffed it out i'm an oilsniffer you see. let's go back outside.

nice one. ok. so you need at least two thousand togo and do your oil business. oooh. that was run from the first january to the 30th of june. so i have left inc and right inc now.aw, this is going to get really confusing. lookin' for another place to sell? you're welcometo me. okay. so, i have to balance it between whoever has the the better price. you go over there and you go here. nice. find me some oil gents. strike deepstripe big- strike big not stripe i don't need stripes i need strike i need strike oil please.

you're ready for it ready for it dude onthe left is going to whistle first. here we go- here we go. did you find oil?*jack whistles* *dowser whistles*yeah buddy here we fucking go and i go for a 219 first 220 -there we go. what are you saying toupgrade the pipes capacity just click on it. *dowser whistles*just click on the pipe? and you'regoing down- you're going down a slight bit further you need to come down a tiny bit more.here we go. and i need to buy a wagon. and send onlyone horse over here because they are

sellin' at a really great price already. you need to come over a small bit. herewe go yes! suck out all that oil for me please. and i'm gonna buy another wagon and sendto here. ok! resource management is in full effectright now and this is going to get crazy. going to keep selling until this is .80 i think. keep sellin'- keep sellin'. we got a lot oftime ok. increase the capacity just click onit. aha! nice

oh god. it's $43- increase this. it's okay. i'm not going i'm not turningmuch profit yet but we've got a long year ahead of us. i need a silo. ok. you guys keep sellingto this dude first. this price is about start going up. yesyes yes yes yes. this is good! it's good keep selling keep selling the priceis still it's high enough. what's happening? what's happening? oh shit. you need to- you need to take theoil out! you're spilling oil- fix it by buying new wagons or reducing the number ofwagons by selling oil.

oh i get it. i don't have enough dudessiphoning off the- the oil yet. shit. shit. shit. come on! come on! come on! come on buddy!there we go. there we go. big pipes big pipes. come on!! there's too much oil sittin' in thesethings. take it out! i need more wagons. i need more wagons there's way too much oil going on. uhm. send one to here and one to here. fuck! shit's getting out of control already i don't like it!! uh-oh. uh-oh.

this oil deposit is almost gone.ooh shit. everyone sell over here. please! come on!get that oil out! what i do when this like depletes? i don't know what i do when this depletes. aaah!so do i need another dude then to findmore oil? i have no idea what i'm doing! *laughs*but it's fun. spillage, spillage, spillage, yes the fucking thing's almost dry. a bitof spillage won't matter in a minute because there's not yeah there's no more oil coming out ofit anyway.

how do i get rid of this then? can i sellthis or do i just keep it there? or can i build pipes off of this? good questions. smart questions. questions i would like answers to please. we're selling a lot though. we're gettinggreat getting great amount of money we're turnin' a great profit here. there's a nice business going, on a verynice business. he found oil! branch limit reached. okfuck ok don't- stop selling in there. startfilling up my silo please. oh ok oh mama

there we go we're starting to make somefucking oil again. great these still turn in a nice little profit can i get rid of you guys? can i delete these? i don't think so. come on. is this price going up? kay, start selling in here. i have no idea how i take the oil out ofmy silo and start putting it in here. can i put above ground. okay thatmakes sense. uhm... can i make another silo? help me? the- wait is that price going back down again?

was that 75 i think and now it's 74. what is your price? 75 ok it's going up again. keep selling,keep selling. left inc is not offering me shit so right inc, you've got your money in theright bag right now because i'm about to yep ok drain out all that oil. spillage?! no! oh god i have way too much shit going onat once now. take out all that oil please fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

this one's almost empty anyway can you guys take it out of this please?there we go keep it going. god when you get up -ok june is about toland soon. it ends in june 30th, so it's-there's no point like drilling a shit ton of more stuff. here we go here we gohere we go drain them all out. drain them all out! nice! last month, lastmonth. order up! this price is rocketing now.are you give me any sort of competition though? not yet, but you're about to. so two in there- actually three in there.

fuck we've longered the travel now though.so you two keep taking out of this right next to that. ooooh nellie biscuits. are wegood? aaah too much spillage going on. i'm too cheap to buy more wagons. that's why. cause it's about to end soon.wow keep drilling out- oooh the music is kickingup okay buy, buy. sell, sell, sell. sell, sell, sell all the oil!prices going up over here so we're gonna we're gonna fill this up. nice uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. can you get back to this one please?shit. can it end? oh it's ending. oh thank god. holy mama!

there were some great oil deposits we gotgoing on here. i made a loss?!spillage fine aaahhh man! oh i didn't know that that could happen.weli knew that spillage was happening but i thought that was just like profitthat i was losing, like it was the potential money that i was losing. i didn't know i actually got a spillagefine. oh man it's time to go back to the town with my head held low. everybody else is making great money and i was gettin' nothing.

aaahh! *laughs* okay. well i'm going to leave this episode here now. i'mlearning the ropes, learning the ropes i might get back in. i'll see how the next one goes. if i doreally badly i can start over and just get really good. but i think that thiscould be really cool series! i like this game a lot so far. there's a lot- there's a really like tense sense of what's going on and you really get that- you getthat nice feel of like all making a lot of money right now. 'cause i- that's what thesegames need is a really nice feedback system a really nice payoff system sothat when you're doing well

you really feel like you're doing wellyou're making a lot of money really fast and i don't know i- i'll figure it out as i goalong. if you guys have any tips please leavethem down in the description or not the description in the comments i wouldreally love that because i imagine a lot of you have played this game a lot morethan i have by now. so anyway thank you guys so much forwatching this episode if you liked it punch like the like button in the face like a boss! and high fives all around wpshh wpshh. thank you guys and i will see all you dudes

in the next video!! oh god just want to get away stoptalking to me cool

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