Friday, August 12, 2016

puppets atmosphere

the flames burn. slowly it fires up. in a hundred sagas,in a hundred pegs.. in a hundred coloursit immerses itself. i am talked about everywhere. the entire world is my lover. he loves me, they love me. i am an innocent bud. enchanting! enchanting!

sometimes mild, sometimes hot,i stay sometimes cool. a bit chilling, a bit hard,i sway a bit swiftly. whether he is a loveror lost in love. or whether he isa wandering lover. enchanting! who says only young peoplecan get married? bible, quran, it'snot even written.. amar chitra katha(lndian folk tales). even the law has decided onthe least age to get married.

there is no abjection on theage at which you get married. at the stage of life when yourhair and teeth leave you.. ..there should be someoneto hold hands with. the great actor of the world.. ..charlie chaplin marrieda 17 year old girl, dona.. ..when he was 50 years old. all i want to say is that;don't be left alone in this old age. find a girl quickly in thisauspicious time and get married. you stupid man,why are you screaming?

i know all this by-heart. this is my national that clear? don't waste time. quickly show me a nice,beautiful and worthwhile girl. come. excuse me. will she do? no! not so young aged,there is a danger.

danger! possibly years agoi had gone to see her mother. and now i will goto see the daughter. okay. her expiry date is very near. okay, okay. let's see another one. this one?- no! this one.- wait! wait! this is a good one.

who is this girl? she teaches historyin arts college. she is a spinster girlof 40 years age. if you like her then fine, giveme two days i will talk to her. no, no, two days is a lot of time. print her photo right now,give me a copy.. ..i will go and meet her right now. whenever you talk to someone,you always land into trouble. let me talk to her.- mind your tongue.

is that clear? today trumpets will be played. yes. come on, print the photo quickly. i got it. how is she? she must be an angel. if you want to see or meet her,i am not coming along. look, don't be sucha stubborn horse. this time i willsurely settle down.

i am calling youfor the last time. every time isthe last time for you. this time it will surelybe for the last time. give me your hands!give me your hands! doesn't matter if it'scovered with flour. not for the flour. how many times willyou swear on me? i don't know about that,but this is the last time. i swear.

this time nothing will go wrong. i have found out everythingabout the girl. i will match the girlsface with this photo. then i will recogniseher, select her. and then you can talkabout the alliance. i can't understand one thing..where are you? i can't understand one thing? when you select the girl, thenwhy don't you talk to her? listen to me.

a groom should always look good,should have a good character.. ..and be shy. and the elders talk aboutthe alliance, isn't it? look, just bring together all thepieces and then i will join them up. and tomorrow we will getit registered too. registered marriage. won't you call someone? who do i have that i can call? why, your first wife from london!

i had called her oncefor the marriage. whose?- when i was marrying her. oh god. an auspicious event isgoing to take place.. ..why are you taking thatwretched woman's name? so you won't come along with me?- no! fine, then i won't go too. i won't get married. i am leaving fromyour house disgusted.

calls himself to be a friend. did you sprain your leg? not the leg, my heart. sprained your heart! then how did the chair fall down? i am not leaving without you. get down, grandpa. thank god, we reached on time. give a packet of chips.- everything will be okay.

here. the girl teaches in this college. it's time for her to arrive. if we stand here,we can see her coming. standing here! fine, you stand here.and i will go take a look. i will stand here alone.. uncle, what do you want? something cool or shouldi serve you something hot?

drink energee, you will feelthe zest in your body. that's gone inside, to look for. this old man seemsreally colourful. uncle, have you comelooking for a girl. uncle, have you come tolook for an eye-candy. study son, study. understand. he is talking about studying. police control room!police control room! don't finish up everything, uncle.

leave something for us too, uncle. please. listen. which department had he said? history. then let us go directlyto the department and talk there. i will talk to her onlywhen i like the girl. otherwise why take the effort? but we have her photograph.

the photograph means nothing,we can be deceived. dark, fair, short, long. anythingcan happen in the computer. just a minute, move this side. look, there is a teacher'sgroup approaching. everyone is watching. it's not right to pounce like will get us beaten up. leave me. they left. listen. - dear! dear.let me through!

dear, just a minute.i want to see aunt. dear, let me through. hey listen..- what a horrible man he is. doesn't he have a daughter at home? he looks like a father of five kids. wow uncle. what nice goggles! he looks exactly like amitabh. but he is a bit short.

but, rest everythingresembles like amitabh. put him on the ladder.. put him on the ladder,why do we need the height? what business do youhave on our premises? your father is short. don't abuse our father. then why do you call me short. you are short then won'twe call you short. please excuse us! we are leaving.

what do you mean we are leaving! he is abusing our father. then why did you call me short. you are short so wewill call you short! he is of your father's age,so he will abuse your father. but, how can you say that. come on, come on, come on. we are apologizing brother.- get going. hey shortie! hey shortie!hey shortie!

according to your sun signyou are having a bad time. when you are having a badtime what can anyone.. which goon is teasing the girls? these two old men. white hair, rosy cheeks. you should visit pilgrimages. and you are teasing girlsof your daughter's age. listen to me, i am tellingyou the truth. what will you tell me!

i will make you tell the truth,come to the police station. come on! hey, he is running. you idiot.. tell me your name. rane! and mine is mathur. you fool, did i ask yours? only rane?- no! janardhan vishambar rane!

you old wine, why didyou speak in between? you asked me not to tell youmy name so i told you his. now if he wants he can tell my name. acting smart, are you? idiot. take this off! take it off! you write. mr. janardhan vishambar rane wasarrested today for teasing girls! who all are there in your family?

you idiot, what are you doing? close your zip! close it! you said take all this off! did i ask you to take your pant off? you fool, did i ask youto take your pant off? what was i saying? quiet! two sons! wife?

passed away!- when? it's been 30 years! write it down. since 30 years,rane is a widower. widower.- whatever! write! it's no surprise that.. .. the lustful widower hasbecome an eve-teaser. how did this trophy come here? keep it back! keep it back there! what is your story?

i am a bachelor. old man didn't you get married? what am i asking? i was, once. then you idiot, how canyou be a bachelor? my wife left me, so i divorced her. what a great thing you have done! children!- didn't have any time for that. she ran away from the marriage dais.

at least she survived. she survived, where is she now? keep quiet! write. all the rape cases, in whichthe culprit is missing.. ..charge them with it. it's my duty to makethem accept it. what are you looking at?stand straight! what else has been lootedfrom your house?

all the jewelry has been robbed.- what time was it? it was 2:00 am. where you sleeping? excuse me.- yes. greetings, is acp there?- she is beating up two goons. what is her name? inspector bb. and these two goons.. ..with a adolescent girlof 14 years tried too.. who are you?

actually.. i was.. i have seen you somewhere before? no, i am coming to the policestation for the first time. gaurav. how do you know my name? it's me, bhawani bhagmar. your old friends used to celebrateso many parties on our terrace. vicky's elder sister. bhawani.

you had run away withthe peon of the college.. ..and the family brought you back. don't reveal everything. okay. no problem, wewon't tell anyone. come on, go back standin the corner. the nerve speaking in.. a sweet innocent girl whowas afraid of the ant.. ..has become a daringpolice officer. what can i say, gaurav.

situation can make youa police officer too. but you tell me whatare you doing here? have you come here tolodge a complaint? you just tell me the name,i will break his bones. no sister, no complaint.i have come to free them. what relation do you have with them? relation wise.. he is my cook. who, this merry man. in the morning he hadleft to buy vegetables.

i heard that the police hascaught him so i came here. and this nude man? i don't know him. what, you don't know me? i mean, all i know is that he comesto clean the toilet of the house. sister, release the cook. how can i release him? i have lodged an flr. sister, i will die of hunger.

these days you can finda father but not a cook. fine, you can take the cook. but at least, i can put thisnude man behind bars. make him do sit ups! hang him upside down andlight chillies under him. that will be enough for him. get lost. but.. don't go neara college again. understood. rane you are leaving me.. stand in your place.

did i ask you to do that? no, but if i start earlyand finish soon.. ..then i can go home in their car. you came in the police jeep butyou will leave in the ambulance. understood. get going. start. thank god that i actedsmartly at that time. and i said that you are mycook and not my father. otherwise i would have beendefamed in front of bhawani. but what's the use of yellingat you, it's my mistake.

thinking that you are my onlyfather.. i have spoilt you a lot. how many times have i told you thatmathur is one behind all this! and how many times did i tellyou that get rid of.. ..that old rotten friend! what happened? have you lost your tongue? father, if you don't knowthen i will tell you. a good friendship is the one thatturns you into a great person. just see mr. gandhi and nehru.

farah khan and sanjayleela bhansali. ganguly's friend is chappell. everyone is trying tomake each other great. i don't ask you to becomegreat like them. but you are stooping evenlower day by day. what about me? what if i start stooping one day? understand one thing, father. you saw me after 26years of your age.

but i have been seeingyou since my birth. that's why i am more experienced. that's why i am sayingmy dear father.. sit, sit, sit, sit right there. whenever i try to explain him..something always obstructs it. i told you to sit right there. i have finished. i will come back andtell you the rest. uncle mathur, i didn'tsee you the entire day?

i had gone to south africa. i couldn't get a trainso i took an auto back. what have you done to yourself? did the rickshaw meetwith an accident? shut up, you fool. i can't even abuse you, becauseyour father is my best friend. go call him, i want to talk to him. you can't meet him. i am trying to savehim from bad company.

then what are you doing here? what did you say? when we were in london.. ..your father, janardhan rane,was such a merry man. he got spoilt as soonas you were born. rane! - if you dare take anotherstep, i will break your leg! did you do the same thingwith your father? yes! whether the son hits, beats,scolds or abuses his father..'s for his betterment. and if you dare come here againexpressing your friendship.. ..then i will call bhawaniand have you arrested. out! rane, your son has goneout of your hand! do you know who hadjust come proudly? your best friend. go, go along with him. let us give bhawaninight duty, today.

i won't spare him today. i will break your head! brother! what's this? he is standing with a rolling pin. will you realise it when hehits you? - no sister-in-law. i thought uncle madhu hascome to meet father again. gudiya, how are you? go, go inside to grandfather.

sister-in-law, will i haveto welcome you with a lamp? come in. grandpa. - gudiya! rupali! i had to come. because of all that the peopleare talking about..'s become difficultto live in our own house. you were bragging a lotwhile leaving the house. why are you quiet now? say it! say it!

i am asking! i am asking! actually, today in the artcollege.. i didn't see it, she did. her car and your car..the police jeep.. the police caught your collar.. papa's secretary had calledfrom the high court. and then suresh and elderuncle came home.. ..directly from the mayor's office. and then..- that's it, sister-in-law. we know where your relatives are.

whatever you saw was correct,but you misunderstood it. the police wasn't arresting father,they were giving him a lift. by catching his collar anddragging his collar! they didn't catch his collar,they were embracing him. do you know who the new acp is? who? bhawani bhagmar, unclemohammad's son.. ..i mean, daughter. yes. she!- yes.

mohammad.. uncle mohammad's daughter, bhawani. don't think that i am a fool. you father and son can fool anyone. you can come if youwant, i am going. brother, please don't encourageuncle mathur too much.. ..he puts father intotrouble all the time. i am going, you take an auto back. go!

did mannu come to work today? he did, sir. - call him.- one minute. mannu! where were you yesterday? that.. my grandma passed away. last monday, your grandmahad passed away too! my grandpa had marriedthree times. so when is the third one goingto die, next monday!

look, we were togethertill 5th standard. because of that i am tolerating you. if your grandma passes awayagain, then you are out. bring the stock book. excuse me.- yes ma'am. where are the food stuffs,juices kept? that way ma'am. if i call, can youdeliver it at home? oh, yes ma'am.

here is our card. thank you. yes. for you. who is it? some girl. girl.. ask who is it? will you give the phone onlyafter knowing that, fine! i am his old classmate. she is saying, she isyour old classmate.

hello! what's this gaurav.. it so difficultto talk to you on the phone? sorry, i didn't recognise you. oh, so you have forgottenmy voice too. it's not the question of forgettingthe voice, i was a bit busy. okay, i won't disturb youbecause you are busy. but i will give you a clue. who had given you a love letterin engineering college?

shivani! after so manyyears of marriage.. you got the time to call me. how are you? how many children do you have? what if i am not shivani? then who are you? i.. i.. i.. i am rose! rose! who rose?

you forgot, isn't it? you forgot everything. i thought hearing my voiceafter so many years.. will be mad with joy. but no. look madam, you are mistakingme for someone else. there was no girl calledrose along with me. i am a bit busy right now,call me a little later. as you left everything, you haveforgotten all your affairs.

don't talk. you left school in 5th standard. but when you came to ask fora job i recognised you. how can i forget anengineering student? you must have done somemischief in college. and now you are acting innocent. go, go do your work. superb shot! this is tremendous batting already.

hello, just a minutei will lower the volume. hello, is gaurav there? he is taking a bath. he is taking a bath, call him. he is taking a bath,how can i call him? everything will get drenched. oh sorry, who are you? theservant of the house? i am the servant and the father too. whom do you want to talk to?

no one. i just wanted to talk to gaurav. what did you say your name was? rose. rose! he didn't tell me aboutany rose at any day. i know. and how can he sayit just like that! because i am not just a classmate.

there is something elsebetween the both of us? and we had decided, that hewill give you the good news.. ..only after all the arrangementsare made. what will he tell me?what arrangements? nothing uncle! actually itwas just a slip of tongue. please don't tell gauravthat i had called. i will call you later. what is the score? 1!

what? a girl had called. called rose. she called here too. yes. did she leave a number? she said that she will call again. she was saying that she ismy classmate, isn't it? she is mad, father.

no such girl ever studied with me. and you know all of my classmates. even i thought so. father! she had a very sweet voice. how does she look? you think i am hidingsomething from you. some insane girl is after me. she had called in the office too.

oh! so you mean to say,you have never known.. ..i girl called rose! how many times didi tell you father? you can believe it of you want,or else forget it! it's wrong to comeeveryday in my alley. what's the need tosing this song now? it depends on my mood.i am your father. i can understand everything father. i swear there wasn'tany girl like that.

let her call again,i will scold her. your rosy eyes..- that's it! keep quiet, right now! i am singing rosy and not rose. it means the same. if i hear rose, jai, jasmineanything then.. this is called.. i can't even sing in my own house. from the thorns..

thorns, and not roses. thorns! your marriage is my destruction. i am not with you. look, if i get married thistime with your grace.. ..then i will neverask you for anything. if my junior father sees you here,he will rake a up a storm. do you understand?- look! does a best friend drive awayhis best friend like this? that's it! that's it! that's it!

you go and sit there,i will return in a while. listen, don't delay comesoon. take a look. she is very nice.- go! we will look very nice as a couple!- go! i will surely tell everythingthat i saw. that day i will setyour house on fire. call for you. hello! - i am rose i don't want to talk to you.

i didn't have a rose namedclassmate, i still don't.. ..i never will!how many times have i told you? and what nonsense didyou tell my father? sorry, did he scold you a lot? liar! deceitful! if you are a man.. if you arewoman then show yourself.. ..i will give you one tight slap. how nice! you are gettingvery restless to meet. yes i am, but to meet your father.

i have to get him arrested. gaurav you didn't sign onthe delivery receipt. yes i didn't, so what do you care? gaurav, here. sign. why are you so quiet? tell me something. insane girl! i have other work otherthan tolerating your madness.

do you want to meet me? so was i talking in tamil till now? then you will have to comewhere i will call you. get lost!you will have to come to me! i don't have any problemto come to you and talk. but i am feeling a bit shy. we should talk about suchthings in private. why are you thinking so much? i am not joking.

we will meet in gandhi nagar'snana-nani park. sharp 1 1 am. i will come wherever you willcall me, you stupid girl! but you idiot,how will i recognize you? i will be wearingred colour clothes. please don't be so rude,you will have to come. bye. wait until tonight. come here. i got a girl. gaurav left in haste.seems like your time is good.

tell me. - not good, very good. an innocent girl gesturedto me before leaving. and gave this flower too. innocent, young! you were talking about some girl. forget her. when you can get someone good.. ..then who wants togo after an old girl. let's go to nana-nani park,i will show you something.

come on. look, don't worry.try and arrange it. rose! rose! are you rose? is this a new way to flirt? stupid. catch this. rose! - what? it's there, a lot of them.

but it's forbidden to pluckflowers in the garden. yes, you were askingabout flowers, isn't it? no, no i am looking formy classmate rose. and you don't remember theface of the classmate. this trick is very old. use it on someone else. sorry madam, you aregetting me wrong. get lost from here quickly. my husband will be arriving,he can rearrange your face.

come here. you called me! yes. i saw you,that's why i called. what do you want? you are doing all this for money,isn't it? yes. how much will you give? not a penny. that's not possible. if you want i can lower it a bit.

but you will have to give something. what did you say to my father? you troubled him a lot. so, that uncle yesterdaywas your uncle. but he was a true art lover. he gave me 5000 rupees. come on. come on. there is a hotel, where thepolice won't trouble at all. you rose..- i will come everyday.

just tell me the place. where are you going? i will pay the hotel bill. wait! i'll pay even for the money. drive fast. she called you here. then, will she call mein the cemetery. come along with me, that's it.

you have always thoughti am of no use. but today i will show you my worth. i have heard, these daysthe young girls.. ..iike mature men like us. this is happening withme for the first time. are you sure? is she searching for a father? but why will she throwa flower on the father? where is that heartless?

she said in the garden, but where? didn't she tell yousome tree number? why are the gardens so big? one flower, one fountain that's it. what's the need ofall this glam-sham? i found her. she is the one. come here.- yes madam. isn't he that insane cook?

yes madam, he is. right in front of everyone,carefree. and that too in front of the girls. catch him. - yes, ma'am. the other idiotmust be somewhere around. stop! you old man. stop! you romeo. stop! listen to me. - get going.- what have i done? we'll just tell youwhat you've done.

get off! get off, this is not a elephanton which you can sit proudly. i had purposely left from the mall. to see what you do wheni am not there. it's because ofmy ancestors good deeds.. ..that i thought quicklyand followed you till the park. otherwise, today afather would have.. ..tarnished the image of his son. stay inside.

what are you doing? let me out! why? you want to go somewhere? you want to serve punishmentwith your old friend. as i turned a bit carefree, youare up to your old tricks. i remembered, there is nothingto cook in the house. i will have to go outto buy something.. ..or else what will youeat in the evening?

such a big prey is lockedup in the house.. ..i will eat him in the evening. open the door.- keep quiet. then leave. when you will return in theevening, you won't find me! i will flee from the back door. then keep searching for me. hello! - hello! - is gaurav there? no, who is it?

did you forget? this is rose, his classmate. look rosewater, he hasclearly told me. even when he used togo to play-school.. ..he didn't have any friendcalled rose, understood. then you fell for his innocentface too, like me. he made big promises to me. as soon as we finished engineering.. ..we exchanged rings.

he said, i will take father'spermission and get married. but as soon as college ended,he ended our relation too. no address or whereabouts. i searched for him so much. for the past 2-3 years. but i could never find him! just because you are a girlyou spoke and i tolerated. but if you say anotherword against my son.. where are you?

pick him up! pick him up!the child is crying. it's time to feed him. then bring him here. let him talk to his grandfather. who grandfather? whose grandfather? you grandfather! and i am the motherof your son's son. he is your blood. it's my blood andnot a bag of milk..

..that you can findjust about anywhere. my janardhan is 3 years old. janardhan! who janardhan? it was your son's desire, thathis son should be named.. ..after his father. you are janardhan rane, isn't it? listen, i am disconnectingthe phone. and i am not scared ofprank callers like you. okay. then i will send you evidence.

i will send you a courier tomorrow,see it for yourself. courier. i had met your son yesterday,to force him to marry me. but he fell at my feet. he said, take my money, propertybut leave me alone. i have been observing bothof you, what's going on? she is the cook, i amnot doing anything. adding spices, and thesaut, is her work. you cheat, did i appointyou just to taste it.

teacher, i had to leaveyou and go to us. tell me, because of whom? how did you remember that suddenly? because i saw him yesterday. luckily he didn't see me. how can i leave this chance? why are you digging up old graves? locking horns with such people islike throwing stones in a puddle. in a way, it wasn't that bad.

after going to u.s you stayedwith your mummy-papa. you got good education. everything that happened was good. ditto. that's what i said. keep quiet, you sycophant. go inside and make plans to turnyour millionaire into a pauper. i know, in a way hedid a favour to me. but still, once.

just once, i want to seehim tearing his hair. otherwise it will alwayshaunt me all my life.. ..that i accepted defeat.- sheekha please! please don't say no. if you said no then lwill become helpless. just once. just once, let me do it. please, please.. tell me one thing. do you have a child thati don't know about?

child! child! swear on the gita. till now there was just rose,where did this gita come from? gita, this. this gita. swear on this and say, thati will tell the truth.. ..and nothing but the truth.. oh, this is not the court. whatever you might think, do youhave a child called janardhan. do you have a child?

did that wretched womantry this new trick? don't answer my questionwith another question! answer me. when she was talking nonsense,why didn't you catch her neck? why are you troubling me? i asked her gaurav. she said that you trickedher in having this child. and i had my doubts wheni heard the child crying. it was exactly like yours.

just like you would cryin your childhood. now tell me, is it true or not. have you ever seen my horoscope?- yes. in it, is it written that lam going to murder a girl? no. - then now you see, i am goingto change my horoscope! i will poison her and throwher at your feet.. ..and if she doesn't tell youthe truth before dying.. ..then you can cut off my nose. nonsense!

look, there is a limitfor everything. he must be your mistake,don't make me his papa. you are a liar. otherwise you would have broughtyour child at the park. i had come. but when i saw that..i couldn't see it. you were talking sweetlywith some other girl. how can i tolerate that? after all, you are thefather of your child.

strangle your child. don't talk to me you liar! it's not a lie; i have evidencein a sealed envelope. i have couriered it. it will reach your house any moment. see it before it fallsin your father's hand. and then tell me, who is the liar. courier! evidence!

my house! have you heard the story about themonkey's tail catching fire? - yes. now see it for real! father, was there any courier? who told you? that same miscreant soul. why did you go tothe park yesterday? to see where your fatherand mathur are going? and which colour shirt wereyou wearing that day?

white. that's the colour of your face now. the shirt was black,like your deeds. let's play with colours later,first give me the courier. so you don't know rose? no. - no. and you didn't evenpromise to marry her. not at all. and you are not the fatherof her child too.

was there a courier or not? if you want to lie, thendo it like a rabbit. innocently and somethingthat can't be caught. don't do this foolishness! that you commit the crime, andlet everyone know by the deed. here, look. her.. - what? she.. she.. she was waitingfor her husband. you had sworn on the gita.

you were about to cut offyour nose, isn't it? where is the knife? was i dead? you could have told me, i wouldhave taken care of it. and what's this? you have fallen at her feet! i had fallen. - oh. you have stooped a lot, son. the father a wandering, useless man!

and you, a pious man! father, i am tellingyou these photos.. are fake. must have been made on the computer. is this your mouthor a japanese fan? you have been waving it! it's her call. hello. - hi gaurav, it's me. baby food is completely over.

then feed him poison, leavehim at the signal.. ..why are you after me? you can't do all this alone,you must have a team. tell me, who is behind you.tell me. what has happened to you? i have lost my mind,now tell me who is behind you! behind me?- i don't want to hear anything. just tell me who is behind you? gaurav, mannu is behind me.

the idiot! mannu! mannu! yes, what is it? i will kill you. today you will die. i'll kill you. you idiot. you dare cheat me! stop! what are you looking at, come! tell me, who is this rose?

who rose? - you won't tell me. who? - where did you bringthe child from, the street beggar! what are you saying, lam telling the truth. you are telling the truth! yes. - lie! she told me yourself, thatyou are behind her. i.. i.. i.. behind who? tell me the truth! she told me herself!

i told you! how do you know? are you both from the same gang? me! what about me! you were angrily asking me,who is behind you! what, you had called at home! yes, i had called you. for the baby food. and you just startedshouting at me.

and yes, you are talkingabout rose, isn't it? she has sent a letter for you. it's kept there. hit me! hit me! hit me! where is it? so she wants an answer. i will give it. send mannu in the cabin.

come, come, come. forgive me. first kill someone dreadfully andthen give him a wonderful send off. forget it, i was mistaken. it happens in friendship. alright, abuse me. why? who? come on, i need it. right now.- yes.

and it should be so bad thatthe person hearing it will puke. get your ear. are they new? - no. don't you thinkthe standard is a bit high? all are of the same standard. you will have to doone more thing for me. the letter which i am goingto write right now. you will have to takeit to this address. and i want an answer from there.

if they ask you to waitfor a while, then do so. but i want the answer. - yes, okay. he is the worker of shop. but what is he doing here? greetings! there is a letter for you. seems like gaurav has sent it. i want the answer right now. i won't move without it.

wait for two minutes, youwill get your answer. why did she go inside? will she give buttermilkto that fool? hello, police station. you are beautiful. dumb or a fool. he is dancing. just wait and watch,i'll teach him a lesson now. name. who is the foolish, stupid moron?

greetings.- he writes abusive letter. and that too to respected women! he is the one! he is the goon! and here is the letter. i.. you idiot, you forgot your limit! you dare cross your limit! why you.. i am not one of those.

so, shall i turn you into one? hey! stop there! hold that shorty. oh god, seems like the matterhas gone out of control. so be it. let's see when he comesout of his hiding. hello gaurav!- yes. this is bhawani bhagmar,from the police station. what happened now?

come quickly, right now. is there any problem? i told you, right now. that's it. if this drops, thenyou will drop dead. only your corpse will gofrom here. understood. you! how did he come here? so, you know him. no! i mean yes, he worksin my shopping mall.

what happened, sister? what happened! do you know this fool hasdone such a awful thing. he has written abusive lettersto respected women. the idiot. bend down, don't move. really! and such abusive language that eventhe police feels shy of saying it. and when i asked him, he saidthe boss had given the letter.

yes! what? me! when? you had..- shut up! i will grind you in the ground. sister! sister, just a minute. keep standing there. listen! actually he has an ailment. then shall i give him an antidote.

just two drops and he willbe rid of it forever. i don't understand one thing. your neighbour,your cook, your servant.. ..are all of them are womanisers. no.. actually.. his motherran away with the neighbour.. ..since then he is in this state. my mother.- don't talk about your mother.. ..or else i will rip off yourtongue. - no, sister. please. this poor fellow was in theasylum for a long time.

we were together in school.. ..that's why i appointedhim on work, or else.. nothing like this will happen infuture, i take the responsibility. move. if i heard that you even lookedtowards the statue of a woman. then i will blind you! get out! you fool, you defamed me! me!

i went to the addressthat you had given me. and i had written a name on theletter in big letters, rose. before handing over the letter,you should have asked.. ..whether she is rose or jasmine. sending fools like you islike insulting myself. excuse me! may i come in? yes please. go! get out!

hi gaurav! can you recognise theface of the person.. ..whose voice you couldn'trecognise on the phone. look. take a look closely. remember! some years ago, in theengineering college.. ..under the pretext of ragging,you snipped a girls hair. remembered something.

sheekha. that means you didn'tforget my name. how can l, it's not possiblein this birth. sheekha kapoor, right. please. sit, please. if you would have met me then,i would have killed you. i had so much anger andhatred against you. i didn't do anything like that. just a small sweet revenge.

but someone else will haveto bear the brunt.. ..i never thought that. i hope i didn't trouble you much? not at all, i was a devil! according to that, this was nothing. very good! then let's forget the past tiffsand from today, we are friends. done. it was just amusement, foolishness.

i wanted to rag someone. so i played a prank on you. then someone told me thathow much you cried.. ..stopped coming out of the house. excuse me. - then someone toldme that you went to america. then i realised that my prankwas not an innocent one but.. was a bad joke. i wanted to apologise to you,but you had already left. unbelievable.

i could never think that thedevil can be innocent too. my knee length tresseswere very dear to me. when you cut it, i feltlike someone beheaded me. i couldn't breathe. that's why i ran awayto america to my dad. to hide myself. now i have realised, what's thedifference between the face and hair. now these small tressesseem like a problem too. you want to cut it, go ahead.

don't say this, i feltvery bad. by the time.. i have forgotten all that andchucked it out of the window. now we are friends. i am here for a month. i will trouble you forevery small thing. so. what's there to laugh! you used to pose as my fatherand throw your weight around. a little girl taught you a lesson.

punishment! this is a punishmentfor your ill-deeds. what do you mean?- you troubled me so much. that girl caught you bythe nose and floored you. if you have never thought ofit, then i will tell you. when a woman decidesto do something.. ..then not even brahma, vishnuor shiva can stop her. - yes. she fooled you too. but i wasn't fooled.i didn't believe her.

you were fooled. you! you! you! and you ran like yourtail was on fire. you say i defamed you. no!- you have defamed yourself. now pay the price. father, you didn't understand. she clearly told me thatshe was just joking. she doesn't have anythingagainst me. she behaved so nicelywith me. you know.

really, that's her quality. it's not your miracle. forgiving someone isa very big thing. learn it from her. you defame your fatherso frequently. drives away his friendsso shamelessly. this has got nothingto do with that. you can blame me for that matter. no matter what, i wantto meet that girl.

i want to meet herand congratulate her. she fooled you. seema. - yes gaurav. she is my friend; they haveto go to ramu's showroom. - hello. i will talk to him on the phone. what's your programme for lunch? let us go somewhereclose after shopping. i have lunch with my fathereveryday at home. father.. father! do youonly have father at home?

there are many people. there is mother, sister, youngersister, aunts and uncles.. ..grandpa, grandma. but there is just one manequal to all of them. my father. i want to meet your father. to apologise. i had troubled him a lot. he will be very happy.

he is eager than you to meet you. i will surely come one day. okay. see you. bye. what a state. exactly the way to welcome a guest. for a guest like you, an underwearis more than enough. what nonsense are you talkingin front of a girl? - what? since when did you turn into a girl? seeing his state did you recognisewho this fool is.

and did you recognisewho this man is? i am not a fool like youto not to recognise her. come dear, come. come, no, no. just to fool gaurav, i saidsuch nonsense to you too. i am sorry, uncle.- no matter. if you wanted to play anothercharade for this fool.. ..i would have played along. that's fine, but somethingis burning inside.

oh god, my milk. i am coming,just a minute. gaurav, why do you letfather work like this.. ..why don't you appoint a maid. you can ask that question to her. since i was this small, he isthe maid, masseur, everything. take a seat. whatever the son eats, thatshould be made by his hands.. ..that's his law. he thinks i am still a child.

still, this is too much. your mother.. when i was born.. then why didn't fatherget married again? the family forced him a lot. but father was afraidof a step-mother. whatever, you are lucky tohave a father like him. and isn't father luckyto have a son like me? how come there is a girl'svoice here, rane?

there is a girl, but not your type. her tooth is broken,and white tresses. hello uncle. you know each other. uncle, tell him about our affair. run! - where are you going? wait. i forgot to takemy blood pressure medicine. i am going for that.

mathur had come, i heard his voice. he came and he left,why i don't know. because he saw me. that day in the park,with the rose flower.. so you had fooled him too. smart girl, you did the right thing. that's the way to teach alesson to such smart alec. but why had he come here? you don't know.

this man is that smartalec's best friend. uncle, you have friendshipwith such men. now did you realisemy father's standard. keep quiet. that's not it dear, that poorman's wife ran away.. ..from the marriage dais. he too feels that he has someone,to hold hands. and whenever any girls smileshe loses control. biscuit! eat biscuit.

father, seat belt. where are you staying dear? bungalow no. 1 6, road number.. not that, who are you staying with? with a friend of my mummy. she is a lecturer in arts college. earlier too, my parents had leftme with her and gone to us. i call her lecturer, but sheis just like a mother. stop! stop! stop!- what?

not you dear? i am tellinghim. stop here. i will drop you at the shop. then you will have to take a u-turn. father, you will come at my housewon't you? surely. - yes. bungalow no. 16, college colonyi will drop kin one day.. give you a surprise. okay, see you, bye. won't you come inside? should l?

wow! who is singing? teacher. i was telling about her. before going to americai used to live with her. suddenly i left for uswithout telling her.. ..and she felt very bad. so my pranks made her suffer too.. i told you, let bygonesbe bygones. understood. teacher! teacher, look who has come!

sorry, i hope you aren'tdisturbed by my arrival. no, no only i have theright to disturb her. she likes singingand i like talking. that's why, when she practiceseither i read.. ..or go out of the house. but teacher never minds it. she has spoilt me. you didn't recognise him! the barber, who changedmy appearance.

sheekha, you shouldn'tmock the guest. he won't mind. he is very thick-skinned. thick. this girl won't let youlive in peace. sit. see, that's how our teacher is. always tensed. if there is fire, thenwhy isn't there smoke? if there is smoke, thenwhy isn't there a fire?

in america, i would receiveher letter every week. do you apply almond oil on your air? do you eat your green vegetables? am i saying it right or not? sheekha! she thinks i am stilla small, two year old. that's it, i am feelingjealous now. - why? you have two mothers. then you keep one.

what would you have gaurav? no thank you, nothing today. i have to rush back to the shop. i will come again. uncle mathur, what is this joke.father is still there. no he is not here. where are you coming from?- from my house, sir. i am searching for my father,he still hasn't returned home. did you call uphis friends and relatives?

no one knows anything. did you check the hospitals? there is nothing much. he has only hurt his leg. we have given him oneinjection of sedative. are you his son? don't worry, you can takehim home in the morning. carefully! walk carefully. i am troubling you a lot, isn't it?

a lot. i never faced so much trouble. actually, all this meant for a wife, but.. but we are two bachelors. where will we bring wives from? shall i bring the neighbours,with some deal? gaurav.- grandfather. how are you now, father? i am fine.

gaurav, don't worryabout breakfast.. ..rupali has prepared freshbreakfast in the morning. yes, keep it on the table. grandpa, father is lying. he has prepared the breakfastin the morning. we understood thatwhen your papa said it. then, i slipped and fell off.- come, dear. father, i wantedto stay back but you know.. ..back in the office..- no problem, son.

you made breakfast for us in themorning, that's more than enough. work shouldn't stop. come on dear, come on. weare getting late, come on bye, grandpa. once i find that car driver, i willgive him such a sound thrashing.. why are you cursing him,it was my fault. if someone will cross theroad lost in his dreams.. ..then will he live or die. you too father, couldn'tyou find a better place.

that day i got down, you andsheekha were together in the car. i started weaving dreams thatevery father sees for his son. nothing, just a sprainin the leg, that's all. still you should have informed me. when i called at the mall, theysaid gaurav is not there, mobile is switched off. and nobody answeredthe phone at home. i was tensed.- sheekha. it was such a bad state..

yes, of course! why will youthink of me in a bad state? you will think about the peoplewho are close to me. father, i am going to stayhere the entire day. if your son doesn't feel jealous. why will he feel jealous? very nice. send him to the mall; i amgoing to take care of him. no sheekha, only i know what fatherwill need at what time. he has sprained his leg,not his mouth.

i will ask him, he willtell me i will do it. still.. - you feel, i can't takecare of father like you do. fine, then i am leaving. and i won't ever come back, okay. hey!- sheekha! then get in the bathroomand rush to the mall. there your people are having a ball. go, there is no need for a daughter has come. father and daughter.

what will you have forbreakfast, father. a broom. gaurav! there is no need to make anything,it's lying on the table. mind blowing. i will serve it. it's love.- baby it's so wonderful. it's love.- nothing is as beautiful. it's love.- lts gonna baby move your world. it's love.- come on now, come on get it.

wonderful! wonderful! wonderful!wonderful! love is wonderful! love is going to take you higher. it's going to set you hot on fire. love is a reality. love is devotion. love is the need of the heart. it's true. love is wonderful! wonderful!wonderful! wonderful!

you know, this is the bestthing i could ever have. this isn't just a hot. i am as peaceful as a love. and everything is beautiful to me. you stole my slumber. you awakened a pain in my heart. love has made us crazy. stole my peace and serenity. your charm, your fragrance,you dwell in my thoughts.

father! father. are you daydreaming, father? the door is open, we arrivedand you didn't even notice. you are absolutely right dear. i was dreaming. what was it, tell me. come.- father. this is anjana my friend. greetings.- anjana!

my marriage is on the 18th. wow, congratulations. what does the groom do? he is the owner of a biglt company called metnet! arjun rao. right now he is here,that's why madam is here. after marriage,she will shift to new york. yes. - lsn't it. the marriage is in kerala,in our ancestral house.

you have to come a day before. yes of course. tell me dear, how shalli sweeten your mouth? nothing now, father!we have to rush! there are a pile of cards. we have to go many places. bye.- fine. rane, i have found a new one. show me.

show me.- later. uncle, we have to giveyou a card too. for what?- her marriage. you will have to come alongwith father and gaurav. i will drag him along. okay father, shall we leave. go carefully!- okay. i am not going to attendanyone's marriage. - why? when someone takes the nuptialrounds, i feel giddy.

i can't see it. you go, we will come. bye.- bye. small milk drinking childrenare getting married. you sit here. nothing can happen to you.unlucky girl. did you see sheekha? yes, i saw her once. that blemish is stillthere on my face.

fool, i am talking about this girl. i like this girl, for gaurav. these days alli dream about is both of them. what good is sitting idleand watching dreams? try to find out what theythink about each other. i will ask gaurav. there is no fear of the son. he will marry even a goatif you ask him too. but the question liesabout the girl.

what is her wish? whatdoes she think? you have to find that out. take me for instance. i saw so many girls. and i liked each one of them. but did they like me? that's why, first the girl. and then take the matter ahead. fine.

i am stuck at the same place. i hope they move ahead, that's it. come on.. - check it out.- hey you, give it back. will you just keep laughing?answer me. you are talking about olden times. that if you like someone's company.. ..then fall in love and makethem your life companion. these days no one thinks like that. ask your own son.

that means my son,you don't like him. he is a good friend. but what you want to turnthis relation into.. ..i have no such intentions. actually me your hands. i never thought in that way. it is possible that.. show it,start thinking like that. that's not possible, is it? i don't know that.

okay, fine. but whenever you developthat intention.. ..iet me know first. gaurav. what are you thinking? father, why did you sayall those things to sheekha. so she told you. so what's so great about it? i was expressing my desire to her.. ..and she gave me her view.

it is not necessary that.. - yes..- whomever we love should love us. so you feel somethingin your heart for her? sheekha's world lies there,in america. friends, home, family,god knows what. how would we know what plansshe has for herself? you don't think before you leap. still son. for the first time, in your heartthere is something.. - forget it. please, come.

they are my mummy-papa. and you must have recognizedthem both. why wouldn't we recognise them? both of them always talk about you. you speak hindi very well. i was in the military. coincidentally, i was postedin u.p, m.p and delhi. good, at least i cantalk with someone. now that we have come forthe daughter's wedding..

..tell us what workdo we have to do? do we have to cut the log,fill the water.. ..or keep a watchon the sweet-maker? why will you work?you are our guest. your arrangement has beenmade in the guest house. your journey has been a long one. freshen up. show them their room.- come. until then i will arrangefor tea and eatable.

o boatman. o boatman. - rane! why are you sitting upset like this? as if you have just foundout that your future wife.. someone else's wife. have you gone deaf? hey. what a wonderful ambience! there is greenery all around.

30, 32, 34. there are women of every age. the courtyard is filled with girls. there are groups. what if she is there amidst them? then in which language willyou converse with her? love doesn't have any language. what did you think,i have come here.. hear the trumpetof the marriage.

or to gobble up the marriage sweets. what wrong with you? i have a solution for that too. let's have two glasses. and then we will take adip in the ocean of love. we will take children from thelap of the gorgeous women. play with them and return it. we will take the child, playwith them and then return it. what's wrong in it?

you sit, i will go and get it. no need. meaning, there is no need. don't finish the entire bottleand sway here and there.. ..iike insects, understood. don't puke and defame us. don't worry, i won't letrane drink that much. i am talking about you. we are going down, there will besinging and dancing all night.

whenever you feel like,you can come down. come quickly, we have to getup early in the morning.. ..and go to the temple. the marriage will be held there. out. you have to go to yourbeloved's courtyard. adorn the dot, wear the bracelet. the breeze of wind, the fragranceof the courtyard. says the echo of the marriagetrumpet, my dear.

listen, my sister. only fortunate ones getto live this moment. every moment was special. with great difficulty i have woven. the strings of the groom's turban. adorn yourself. beautify yourself. don't be shy of us. my dear, my sweetheart,feel proud of yourself.

may he always remain dear to you! may he always make you laugh! you darling beloved. you have to go toyour beloved's courtyard. heart! you lose your heart! they unite and come closer. just like the riversunite with the ocean. not from the body or the heart. nor with an bond.

time is bound by love. may this bond of love never break! may lovers never separate! you and i can only be intoxicatedby love and nothing else. son. the girl that was singing.. do you know her? she is not a girl, she is a teacher. sheekha stays with her. she sings so well.

what a nice body! what are you saying? i am not making a mistake. i meant what i said. body! okay.. will she teach singing. why are you flaring up,i am not asking for free.. ..i will give him whatevershe asks for. she isn't going to ask foranything, she is a professor.. arts college!she teaches music.

by the way, what exactlydo you want? i didn't see any nuptial necklace. there wasn't any nuptial necklace. those who don't get married, theydon't wear the nuptial necklace! rane! rane, did you hear? as soon as he falls on bed,starts snoring. son, listen to me. my son. you talk to herabout the alliance. tell her, i am ready.

if you talk aboutalliance with her.. ..then you will be beaten up. listen, at least talk to her. look, at the most what willyou lose just your energy! that's it! but if she agrees, thenwe will get a hot girl. keep quiet! idiot! go to sleep! idiot, talks nonsense.- son.

sleep!- listen to me! i will introduce you to someone. father, my teacher. teacher, do you know who he is? gaurav's father. and him.. come, come, come the weddingprocession is leaving. come on, father. where has father disappeared to?

i don't know. he must be watching thescenery somewhere. that's your job and not my father's. this is tejas. congratulations.- thank you. but you will have to congratulateme once more. before leaving for new york,right in your own city.. ..for friends and office colleagues,we have held a reception. so you will surely have to come.

hundred percent. using the colour of flowers. and using my heart as a pen. everyday i wrote to you. how do i express, every momenthow you trouble me. i slept with your dreams,i woke up to your thoughts. i was engrossed in your thoughtslike the thread in the necklace. like the clouds, thunder, teak,water is our love. we will have to takebirth many times.

so melodious.. have you gone mad? what's all this? the door is open and youare prancing around. what if a thief wouldhave broken in? i am there. how? and what is this new item? where did you steal it from?

it's not stolen, it's mine. and it's not new it's very old. it was rusting so i cleaned it up. we need many more things inthe house other than you.. build it's prestige. but its voice is still wonderful. he sings great. listen to songs, sing, dance..then who will come to the mall? new stocks were going to arrivetoday, do you remember?

and i can't even issue a chequewithout your thumb impression. sorry, i forgot. you forgot. at least serve food, i am famished. i forgot that too. what has happened to you father? you have forgotten everything. what's going on in your mind? i have been trying to remember..

..what am i forgetting,why am i forgetting it. your son left on an emptystomach, remember that. now i will go to a hotel. no..- don't say anything else. seems like i will haveto bring a stick. not for the old man's support but.. oh god! you spilled my entire milk. can't you see?

you blind lover.. - you came inbetween, i had sounded the horn. you didn't sound the horn, youdirectly dashed into me. i have been shouting froma long distance.. ..milkman! milkman! come on, now pay me for the milk. it's your mistake,now pay the price. if you don't pay me for themilk, i will blind you. you will blind me, doyou know who i am? you don't look like a minister.

pay me for my milk, idiot. you fool, come back. he has returned, i willtalk to you later. what is this father? what is this new guise? i couldn't find anythingin the morning. so i opened your cupboardand wore it. whose bike is it? mathur's, he left it.

how much did you pay to the milkman? milk.. which milkman? where.. we paid him last week! how can he ask again? this milkman is not that milkman. this milkman is the milkmanwhom you dashed into.. front of sheekha's house. father, don't act smart.

just now sheekha called. no, no that couldn't be me. she must have seen a dream. oh yes, she must haveseen my duplicate. it's said there are 7 look-alikesin the world. what has happened to your hand? is that blood? where? yes.. i was jogging in the park..

..and i collided withthe branch of a tree. i noticed when you told me. you should have.. i will clean it. thief! your father.. you dare abuse my father. i am your father, janardhan rane. father!- father!

how did you get so burnt, didsomething burn in the kitchen? it's not burnt. i have dyed my hair. where are your moustaches? i shaved it. what do you mean by why? whenever i go out withyou, people say.. ..gaurav is going alongwith his grandfather. am i your grandfather? i am neither your grandfather,nor am i old.

and this is not a big thing. these days young boys colour theirhair too.. so i did it too. then why don't you get itdone properly in a salon. otherwise people will say.. ..son toppled a can of taron the father's head. i will be accused of that too. and father. i have been observingfor the past few days. you are getting cleaner by the day.

what's happening? what's wrong? can only you can look handsome,and not me. my son, actually no matterhow many times.. bathe in milk,you won't look young. it's going to rain, don't go out. or else you will looklike a drenched crow. dear, where is the music department? not music, history.history department.

history for you. where is the history department? turn this way from here. this way.- yes. you go. you go, talk to her. only when youwill like her will i talk to her. and listen, i will takecare of some work here. and don't get restless. stay calm. stay calm.

greetings. music department. - yes. anuradha joshi. we didn't see her today. she is one a leave. she was supposedto send a leave letter.. ..but we stillhaven't received it. any message? yes, tell.. no!

there. - there? look, uncle. look, that old man. uncle! hail lord hanuman. father. you are reading the gita, andreciting the lord hanuman prayer. and what is this,english to hindi dictionary. the charade that you putup in the college..

if you put up the same charadein front of the lord.. ..then he will teach youa worse lesson than the children. remember. i heard, they disrobed you and madeyou stand in your underwear. stop right there, father. it's a good thing that sheekhawent to the college.. ..with the teacher'sleave application. and i got each and everymoments information. i am tired of thinking, whydid you go to the college?

it's no use hiding from you. i had gone to meet the principle.. ..for taking admissionin 12th standard. admission in 12th standardin a senior college. 12th! who said 12th? b.a! i said b.a, you heard12th! so in this age you are going totake admission in the college. not for myself!

i had gone for my friend's son. but mathur is still a bachelor. he passed away, the poor fellow.he was in london. i had gone for his son. another friend. which friend do you haveabout whom i don't know? he was along with me in london. so the friend's son came to me. your dead friend came back.- who?

not dead! he is a total loss. he smokes and drinks a lot. he is a total loss. not dead! father, do you knowwhy i am still quiet? so that when i go outthe people don't say.. ..that there goes a father-beater! how many mistakes will you commit? you can hide it if it's a small one. but you let the entireworld know about it!

in future, if you want to keepsuch friends and be ruined.. ..then i will take youto old people's home. lord, if the father is like thisthen what can the son learn! if you step out of this room, thenyou won't get a drop of water. i have already eaten. yes, you must be famished. the children have thoughtyou a lesson. lord, which was the inauspicioustime when this father was born! hello.

hello. hello. hello. hello.. you can never find things on time. hello!- hello, who is it? whose house is this? i want to know whose voice is this? my own. tell me, whose house is this. you should rack your brainsbefore dialling the number.. know who you want to talk to. sheekha, you. did father call? when? just now? no. but a dumb person has beencalling since a long time. the phone rings and i pick it up. breakfast is ready.

hello, i will call you later. did you call sheekha? this is going to take a long time. why will i call her? father, the redial button on thephone is not just for adornment. i pressed it. yes.- why? shall i cut some fruits? you will be dissected.

why did you call her? someone told me that a musicteacher lives there.. ..who teaches music. you can't even clap properlyto kill a mosquito. how can you learn melody? not for me, for guddi. guddi! drink some juice.- yes. i didn't even hear her hum.

chirag forced me, brother finda music teacher for guddi. chirag called you brother! what is this? what do you think? i haven't just grown old like this! asking questions oneafter the another! do you want to takehim to the court? you always start offwith your questionnaire. surprising!

what's the meaning of gettingangry unnecessarily? my old man has lost it. something must be goingon in his mind. he is hiding something from you. what will he hide from me? making excuses to you andgoing to the college.. ..wandering in front of my house. is he trying to meet someone? whom?

someone who is presentat both the places. there is such a crowd will we know who is it? you told me that all this newcharade started after the marriage. teacher was present in the marriage. i didn't understand. when i introduced both of them.. ..they were staring at each other. both of them were surprised. why will father be surprised?

that's what, strangersdon't behave that way. i say, there is somethingbetween both of them. father is flirting with the teacher. i won't put it that way. but after the marriage, you lostyour fashionable clothes. he dyed his white hair, and alsoshaved off his moustache. and he was dancing at homelike shammi kapoor. my father.. listen. that's what i feel.

i don't have any evidence. you don't worry about that. hello, who is it? me. anuradha joshi! anu! you are mr. janardhan rane. mr. janardhan rane. why are you being so formal? you would call me janu.

you can still call me that. janu! no.. actually, after somany days.. suddenly.. actually.. i thought manytimes to talk to you.. ..but, i stopped thinkingif you got angry.. angry! no! i want to tell you that.. i didn'tdo anything intentionally. i know its fate. i felt so relieved hearing that.

and, in the marriage you recognisedme at first sight. i was astounded. and then i heard you sing. and all those memories. one after another! memories.. there are a lot of them! which one.. which onedid you remember? remember i had written4 lines for you. that poetry.

on the wings of the breeze,i have written down.. ..the saga of my crazy heart. yes, i remember it. i thought that you musthave forgotten everything. how could i have forgotten thepoetry that you had written.. ..which touched my heart. anu! please sing it once. for your janu! no! no.. sheekha is coming, later.

on the wings of the wind,i have written down.. is this anu? who is speaking? what can i say? only janu for you. why don't you say anything? maybe you are angry with me! angry! let me tell you, i didn'tdo anything intentionally.

you recognised me at the firstsight in the marriage. when i heard you sing.. all the past after another.. you are listening, aren't you? there is a reason why i called you. yesterday i was goingthrough some books.. ..and i remembered that poetry. remember that poetry. that i had written for you.

even now your voiceechoes in my heart. on the wings of the wind.. ..i have written down.. son, son is your papa home? by the way, you are lookingso nice these days. like you are 25 and not 52! your cheeks, these tresses. it still reflects youthfulness. you have already started.

you will never ring my doorbellwithout any reason. quickly tell me what do you want? look uncle, what you failedto do for the past 20 years.. ..i will do it at thesnap of my finger. your marriage. you have opened a marriagebureau too. i haven't, but i will for you. what's in that? you and father have beensuch good friends.

you didn't have money in londonfor so many years.. both ate in the same bed,slept in the same plate. you are saying it wrong. even then. you still remember each momentof your friendship. and my father, traitor! traitor! what harm did he do to me? a damsel! your friend has been seeinga beautiful damsel..

..and he didn't even let you know. damsel. don't get tensed. don't get me tensed,tell me quickly. sheekha's teacher.professor anuradha! that melodious. but you said she will beatme instead of marrying me. then! that was then.

and now the situation has changed. go and talk to father right now. he will arrange for yourmarriage and honeymoon. how is that? how will he do it? that melodious girl and fatherare from the same village. they know each other. she respects father a lot. i tell you, if fathertells her once..

..she won't be able to refuse him. just see uncle madhu. you have such a big house, wealth. you need someone to take care of it. i am capable of looking afterthis house and the wealth. i just want that. marriage. nothing will happen if you sit here. go and meet father right now.

he is alone at home. did you understand anything? then get up. and listen, don'tdrag me in between. if you take my name, theni will break this alliance. my back. my good time is about to start,and this had to happen. get up! get up from here!

and get lost!- why? do you know who she is? professor anuradha! for you, and everyone else! for me.. for me, she is just my anu. we were born in the same village. in the same neighbourhood. we grew up together. when we used to go toschool we had decided..

..that we will livetogether forever. her brothers fixed her alliancewith someone else. but my anu forced me.. takeme away from here, janu. i want to run away from this house. and before the nightof the marriage.. ..we eloped with whateverwe could get our hands on. but we were caught atthe railway station. her brothers beat me up, and threwme on the railway tracks. when the railway tracksstarted clacking..

..because of the approaching train,i regained my senses. somehow i pulled myself up andthrew myself in the train. i didn't have the sense to thinkwhere that train was going. i stayed a few days inmumbai and then london. i kept running. anu gave in to her brothers,and got married. i left my life behindon this sad note.. ..and got entrapped in the trapof duty and responsibility. when you and gaurav were talking inthe marriage, i found out that.. anu is alone. my.. anu.. she spent her entirelife waiting for me. and me.. when i met her..a prospering family.. two young sons. and my anu! alone. i am responsible for it. only me.

when is anjana's reception? day after tomorrow. teacher is coming, isn't it? that's my responsibility. that great, then my plan is ready. i am dying to see whatwill happen next. this love story had startedin front of me. what if i have to leaveit incomplete? home! america!

dad had called. he is coming to take me back. you are going! when will you return? dad has made some arrangements. but this world is round. we will bump into eachother some day. nice to see you again, gaurav.- hi. and your presence hasfilled in a void. hello

we won't be missing our families. you are like family. hello arjun.- hello. congratulations. - thank youvery much. congratulations. okay, we won't takemore of your time. yes, please make yourselfcomfortable. yes, thank you. where were you so long? these days father takeshours to get ready.

he takes as long as ten womentake time for wearing makeup. that's why you are in danger. when the elder brotheris so dashing.. ..then who will noticethe younger brother. heard that! stop calling me father. call me.. j.r! j.r!- yes. hi!

j.r, come on. there is no need to introduceonce more, isn't it? teacher, everybody isin the mood to dance. and we need a good singer. and you are the best, come on. no. it's not right. why? sing! please, please go!- no! i haven't been teaching thechildren for the past one week.

please spare me. if i spare you, then i willhave to take to the mike. and if he takes to the mike.. ..then we will have todrag people back in. so, please teacher! sorry! i am sorry! i think you are going to be sorry.. ..because now you aregoing to hear me sing.

on the wings of the breeze.. ..i have written down thesaga of my crazy heart. have you read it or not, beloved. meet me and let me know. in the flowers and the stars. in everything i saw,my eyes saw only you. i made a world of my thoughts. i only dreamt about you. i immersed you into thedepths of my heart.

i cherished every night. i never hid anything from you. i tolerated this distance silently. whether you believe it or not.. your face.. is spreading..the radiance all around. your beauty.. is sprinkling..the melody everywhere. what can i do? your flair makes me restless. the universe wouldlook so beautiful.

the night would look so charming. i never thought we will meetagain, my sweetheart. the entire ambience hasbecome intoxicating. the atmosphere isgetting enchanting. i am getting so restless. my intentions are getting wild. what remained close.. was..this little distance. it didn't break.. even.. afterthis small saga shattered. we have come close again.

my breath is fragrantwith your fidelity. you told the childrenabout the song. you read it or not. - me! you told them about our past. i didn't start this. all the sights. you called me andreminded me everything. what? you had called. you reminded me everything.

no! you had called. you both don't need to argue. your culprit is in front of you. both of us called you both. what we did maybe that waswrong, we know that. but the love that you bothhad for each other.. ..we could clearly see itsdepth and sincerity. all we want to say is.. your love is so sincere,both of you get married.

sheekha, let's go from here. wait please. just answer one question. why didn't you marryanyone till now? because only my fatherresides in your heart. place your hand onyour heart and say. did you ever hate my father? father, don't you dare say anything. i have felt your heart closely.

you have done so much for me. let me do something for you. you cannot leave withoutsaying anything. tell me, what was father's mistake? he never returned to your village.. ..because he couldn't see yougetting married to someone else. i know that.. i am notthat experienced. but understand one thing. everything has beenalready written down.

in his book. father put me to sleep on hisshoulders and not in the cradle. even today he keeps me closeas if i am his heart. so much love that i cannever repay him back. and without your acceptance,maybe never. because only you are an invaluablegift for my father. gaurav, it's me. i think teacher didn'tsleep the entire night. the light of her roomwas switched on.

and in the morning she camein my room and said.. can we meet somewhere and talk? i knew it, she will surely say yes. i kept praying to lordall night for this. how nice! how nice! i will go and tell father right now. i want to tell him somethingon my behalf. tell him, his son loveshis father a lot. and ask him, can i get asmall piece for myself.

because i really likethis son of his. where had you gone? you always tell me before going? i called at the mall,you weren't there. your mobile is at home.. i am talking to.. come on, come on. first devour the breakfast thati made toiling so hard. then you can dance crazily.

what foolishness father? you have written the message oflove on the wings of the cloud. people who write suchfoolish poetry.. ..always dangle in between. like a wing. if you want create a stir. then you have to takegaurav's approval. what stir? at the end of the charade.

a few minutes beforethe curtain drops. hero janu and heroine anu. are going to unite. listen, this is not a puppetplay. understood. i know, this is the unificationof old people. and the children have to do it. earlier, elders would decide andthe children would have to listen. but the world has changed. now the children will decide andthe elders will have to agree.

seems like you have gone mad. because sheekha told me..teacher said yes. father, sheekha also said.. father, shall i tell you? she also said that. i have a lot of love for you. i mean, that's what she said. and then she asked if.. she canget a piece of that love too. can l..

not a small piece. give her your heart. give it. mr. gaurav rane, correct.- yes. i am nirmal kapoor. come in, come in. hi. so.. i guess you musthave understood.. ..i am sheekha's dad.

i am going to tokyo fora business conference.. before coming here i hada talk with sheekha. she said that, first you come here. there is very important work. i asked her a lot, whatis so important.. ..but she didn't say anything. until i came here, i wastotally in the dark. absolutely. now i understood, you werethat important work.

well.. frankly, i am impressed. you are educated. successfulbusinessman. good family. and.. i am even more impressedafter meeting you. handsome devil. what more can i praise you? i don't have the heartto refuse my daughter. thank you, daddy.

okay, enough. look, waiting for you,i forgot to have my breakfast. come, let us eat. you wait here. under the pretext ofhaving breakfast.. ..iet us get to know each other. come. okay. i have been staying in americafor the past 20 years. but at heart i am real punjabi. i have always loved myculture and my land.

sit. i could never get used tothe living habits there. first they have children andthen they get married. people whose childrenhave children.. ..such old grandpa and grandma getmarried with their entire family. you know. i hate such nonsense.- excuse me, sir. you got my point? what will you have?

i just had breakfast. single egg, over easy,bacon on the side, coffee. will you have tea?- no, water will do. room temperature. - okay, sir. so.. what was i saying. yes.. culture. and about our old thoughts. now.. i am like i am. so you tell me, how can i sendmy daughter in a house..

..where the father-in-law ispreparing for his own honeymoon? i hear that your fatheris to be married. if you want you can get your fathermarried, that's your choice. but you can stop expecting.. ..that sheekha will come backto you after her studies. i will have to refuse her. that's my will. and please, its better that thisstays between the both of us.. ..sheekha shouldn't knowanything about this.

you will have to respecta father's selfishness. the reason is clear. if she finds out, thenit's possible that.. .. she might refuse to come with me. then i won't have any other option. and i will have to talkto your father. i will have to talk to anuradha too. and i don't think, anuradha canthink about her own happiness.. breaking sheekha's marriage.

so, why should we wandernear these bad waters? all i am saying is that, itis for your own betterment. you have to take the decision. whose happiness do you value more? yours! or your fathers! all i have is my one andonly sweet daughter.. ..and i want the best for her. daddy, uncle sinha. from singapore. thank you dear.- hello sinha.

hello sinha. what were you both father-in-lawand son-in-law discussing? nothing. why are you upset? no, there is nothing like that. whenever i get happy,my face becomes like this. wow. you are the first personin the world.. ..whose face turns likethis in happiness.

you know, what do i dowhen i get happy? yes. okay. happy birthday. happy birthday to you. please come, my fatheris calling you. - yes. excuse me. yes. so all of you are here. are you all cooking upa surprise for the children? not the children, we are talkingabout the elders, rane sir. he is worse than children, papa.

we are feeling so shamefulbecause of you. anyway, it is your personal matter. we are no one to interfere. but we couldn't stop ourselves. it's beyond our understanding. why do you want to getmarried at this age? people are taunting us infront of the children.. can we tolerate it? don't you care thatthey are growing old?

is this the example youwill set for them? just see papa, he hasshaved his moustache.. ..dyed his hair, just puta red ball on your nose.. ..and you will looka complete joker. ruplai, just a minute listen to me. what else, papa? he didn't think aboutmy daughter even once. god knows where that wretchedwoman appeared from! she must have made some gestures..

..and he fell flat for her. what interest could shehave in a 60 year old? she is after your wealth. but he is blinded by love. how can he see it? i won't let someone take mydaughter's right so easily. at this age, people attendreligious gathering.. ..and not go for honeymoon. this is not a good thing.

it will be better if youdon't insult us anymore. aren't you ashamed? before her husband, youwere this father's son. how did you let this happen? i was along with the children. i didn't know she will putup a charade like this. but i know what fear is developingin your wife's mind. father's new relation, thatmeans another heir. that's all she is thinking about.

forget about that, becausei don't want anything. i am ready to give it in writing. but i won't tolerate it if someonetries to ruin father's happiness. gaurav, please. why are you fighting amongstyourself because of me? we don't like this, but whatthey say is right too. she is the mother of a daughter.and i am her grandfather. we are all beads ofthe same necklace. how can we be separated?

by ruining the happiness of my kin.. can i be happy? it was a breeze from the past. it passed away. but i should have thoughtthat my actions could.. ..have shattered many images. i cannot do this. - no father, nowthis decision will not change. with great difficulty thisalliance has been formed. don't break it.

no matter what you say,now i am not with you! and we won't discuss this issueanymore in this house. rane! rane! what are you doing? you are sleeping, lazy. is it true what i have heard? that your old love storyhas shattered. now give me that right. i will become her groom. when i saw her for the first time,i fell in love with her.

but i kept quiet, becauseyou are my friend. good that you stepped back. you couldn't even handle her. so what if the fish escaped the net. she is still in our pond. whenever you feel likeseeing her, come home. and take a peek fromthe door and go back. that's all. stop blabbering.

you didn't understand. i will explain to you. what do i consider your son as? my friend's son. meaning, my son. just like that, what willyou consider my wife? friend's wife. meaning, your sister. look, your elder sonand daughter-in-law..

.. have brought thisalliance for me. you were first in the queue, soi came to take your permission. do whatever you feel like! brother-in-law. i will perform the first child'sfirst head-shaving ceremony.. your lap. i will go to office, anuwill go to college.. the child will remain with you. you know how to take care ofthe child without the mother.

get out of here. if you wait here another moment,i will kill you! i can understand your restlessness. it is your fault. but i won't give the first marriagecard to the lord but to you. okay, bye. i am going. suddenly, you didn't even tell me. actually i thought ofleaving uninformed.

without letting anyone know! then i thought, no matter what.. ..i shouldn't do anything wrong. but father, how canyou betray teacher? and that too, twice! dear, try to understand. can i tell you something? now i am scared of you too. like father, if you toothink love is a joke.

i don't want to becomeanother teacher. i am sorry, gaurav. i can't. is this invitation for ourkin or for foreigners? hindi is more than enough. isn't it brother-in-law, hindiis more than enough. you have written a lot of poetry. write an invitation..give me the pen. that will be printed on paper, butit leaves a mark on the heart too.

and people flock to the marriage. look, what i had said to you. look, how upset he is. i wanted, you to come alongto select the girl. but he and his wifestarted blabbering. is he chirag or something else? i had gone to her homein the morning. anu's! anu insisted a lot.

there is no need to see each other. let us get married quickly. she was looking beautifulin that yellow sari. that's because, peopleare spreading rumours. what else can she do otherthan saying yes? that's why she said, whetherit is mathur or anyone else.. ..i have to get married, that's all. did you write? hurry up!

before she changes her mind,i want to wind up done. that's why i am so restless. we have bought the sarifor the marriage too. look, this is his choice. and this.. iook, thisis his wife's choice. but until you won'ttell me your choice.. can i gift the sari to anu. tell me, which one did you like. tell me.

tell me, which one will look nice? if you ask me, this willlook very nice on her. whitish complexion. and her tall and gorgeous body. she will look like an angel. move that side. i have booked a honeymoon suiteon the mountains by the river. for a week. for the full week.

and not even one day, we are goingto come out of the room. forget about the mountainand the river. tell me, which one should i keep? close your eyes andpoint out anyone. touch it and see. here, touch it. get lost! take this garbage andget out of here! you are not of that stature!

only i have the rightto call her anu! get out of my house! you stepped back.. ..that's why we arrangedfor this marriage. now which right areyou talking about? look, you, your wife, allthe kins.. all the fools.. ..don't understandmy hearts feelings. but i will get married;now i won't step back! rane, you have changed!

are you in your senses? no matter what, now you won'tchange your decision! never! call sheekha! call her! she left with a sucha sad face and.. and i don't want you to lose her. call her. i am right here, father!

i didn't go anywhere. forgive me friend. to make you say yes, all ofus put up this charade. the story and screenplay, gaurav. little mischievous director, her. and me and chirag.. the puppets. just console him. have you lost your mind? how could you ever think..

..that your anu can evermarry someone else? forget about your marriage. we didn't even let her knowthat you have refused. what if she would havedone something? and then, how can i thinkabout my happiness.. making you sad. that's not friendship. what say? why should we delay suchan auspicious thing? the little one is leavingday after tomorrow.

let us wind it up before that. isn't it? forgive me father. i was influenced by rupali. seeing gaurav gave me courage. father and son have made alaughing stock out of me! you go home, i will comethere and talk to you. i am going home. but my mummy's.

and i am taking the children along. everything that's going on hereis right, don't interfere. who am i to interfere? i will attend father-in-law'smarriage.. to adorn mother-in-lawwith the bangles. everybody here is ignorant. get out of here! why did you do that? i did what i shouldhave done long back.

either she will come to her senses.. ..or she will get rid of me. smile, please. who are the witnesses?- we are. sign here. the father comes as the relativein the son's marriage. and what will the sons bein the father's marriage. if sheekha and you would have.. no father, first you.

my father. - what is it? first you. - no. first you. - get lost. how can i tell you? don't be obstinate. please agree. - please agree. first you. i'll go on a mare witha flowery veil on my head i promise you that..

..i'll get the bride with me. but first understand my sign. don't go away. first understand my sign. everyone stand in a line. happy photo. come on.- yes. quickly, i will miss my flight. i have lost half my agelooking for a wife.

and you are worriedabout the flight. but anyway, rest of my life willbe filled with merriment. meaning. i have found a girl too. i would go to look for a girl,but i would run into her. we spent so much time in thepolice station together.. ..that we have understoodeach other very well. she is the girl. now ready for departure.

sorry daddy.- hi. we are a bit late.- doesn't matter.. we got father and teachermarried and came here. father, this is my daddy. and this is gaurav's father. congratulations to the both of you. when her mother finds outshe will be surprised. you are waiting here, sheekhatold us that in the car. that's when we found out.

we will first go to delhi. the connecting flight is from there. now we should.. decide somethingabout our children. yes! yes, the most important.. ..thing is decidingsomething about them. but before that, i wantto talk to gaurav. your attention please to delhi. so that was your decision. you love your father morethan my daughter.

i don't know how to measurelove, kapoor sir. but, i don't want anything bydestroying father's happiness. what you have lost. you will realise that all your life. i am not going to lose anything. you will lose. did you see that? that's because she doesn'tknow anything. but after going to america whenshe will know the truth..

..then you won't see the smileon her face anymore. she will realise, hiding allthe fear in my heart.. ..without telling her anything,i let her go from here. then your plan will be foiled. she will come back to me. you think i will allowher to do that? she won't need anyone's approval. if love is true, then no onecan separate the lovers. and its live exampleis in front of you.

my father and teacher. i will do what teacher did. i will wait all my life for sheekha. if my love and waitwill be sincere.. ..then no matter howfar you take her.. ..and keep her undera lock and key.. ..she will come back. how can you be so sure? you know how much she loves you.

but do you know how muchshe loves her daddy? it's futile to try to know that. one should have faith in his love. and i do. you entire life is in front of you. let's see what happens. tell me, what decide you? i was very proud of myself..that i have the entire world. but today i am very jealous of you.

because.. i don't havea son like him. if you would have brokenyour father's heart.. ..for a girl of recentacquaintance.. ..i would have felt pity for you. you have shaken the value of love. what were you saying that you willwait all your life for sheekha. i won't let you wait for a moment. she is yours, take her away. my father. what is it?

first you. no, no! my father. get lost. get lost. how do i tell you? don't be so stubborn. listen, listen. my father! when my wife arrives,she will take me away. i will try to explain her,but she won't listen to me.

in this age, its more importantfor you to get married. look for an auspicious time.

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