Wednesday, December 7, 2016

puppets for toddlers

♪ wake up in the morning,let's start the day! ♪ ♪ wimzie! ♪ ♪ everybody's comingover to play! ♪ ♪ get up mom and dadthe kids will be here ♪ ♪ at wimzie's house! ♪ ♪ go to grandma's room,is she still in her bed? ♪ ♪ she's already in the kitchenbaking bread! ♪ ♪ forget the stairsuse railing instead! ♪ ♪ spend a day with wimzie,her family and friends! ♪

♪ welcome to a place wherethe fun never ends! ♪(door bell rings) ♪ everybody here is waitingfor you ♪ ♪ because we're laughingand we're learning ♪ ♪ we're singing a song ♪(doorbell rings) ♪ if you learn to trustyour feelings ♪ ♪ you'll never go wrong ♪ ♪ and you know thatwe will always belong ♪ ♪ at wimzie's house! ♪(door creaking shut) hi there!

today on wimzie's house,"bo goes bonkers!" tain!choo-choo-choo! oh!goodness, bo. where'd you getall that energy? it's hard to concentrateon making these puppets for the children. (bo giggling) choo-choo-choo-chooahh! tain!bo!

choo-choo tain! choo-choo-choochoo-choo! very good, bo. can you do atrain whistle too? ah ah...woo-woo! (yaya giggling) excellent!goodness me, you're growing and learningnew things every day. ha!bo big!

mm-hmm! bo is getting very big. (chuckling) huh? scissors!bo want! no, bo. the scissorsare too dangerous. no!bo want scissors! no, no, no, no...

'cause scissorsare very dangerous for little kids. aww! choo-choo-choochoo-choo-choo... that's a good boy.go play. ah! well, what do youthink, bo? how do you likemy puppet, hmm? bo?

where are you?bo? (babbling) ohh. (giggling) yaya: yoo-hoo, bo... where are you, you little dickens? come here. oh, bo...where are you? (laughing)there you are!

here i cometo get you... no, no, no!you can't get bo! can too,and here i come! i am going tocatch you. better watch out,here i come! uh-oh...gwandma coming! i'm gonna get you... no, no, no!gwandma can't catch me! wanna bet?

(both giggling) yaya:i told you so. bo down!bo down! no, no!bo down! yes, in a while, bo. now it's time to have a snack.yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! bo hungry!yum-yum-yum-yum! oh, i should say! you've burned upso much energy this morning.

(babbling playfully) let's have a snack. grandma? did you make the puppetsyou promised us? well, i started to,but i had to stop. wimzie and jonas:aww. but how come,grandma? yaya:oh, i had to keep an eye on bo. that boy is reallyfeeling his oats today!

huh?no he's not, yaya. he's just sitting hereeating a snack. hey!ow. "feeling his oats"is another way of saying he just can't sit still. it means he's growing upand becoming adventurous. uh, that's good, huh? yaya: of course it is. but when a little onegets adventurous,

you have to keepboth eyes on him! ha!well, maybe you could keep just one eyeon him and the other eyeon our puppets! oh, no. i've got to give allmy concentration to bo or all my concentrationto the puppets, but i can'tdo both. aw, darn!

aw... i really wanted to doour puppet show. yeah, me too. wimzie: grandma? hmm? maybe we couldkeep an eye on bo while youmake the puppets. oh, it's a bigresponsibility, looking after bo.

do you thinkyou can do it? no problem!can we? loulou: mm-hmm! well, okay. (kids cheer) we can try itfor a little while to see howit works out. but make sureyou don't take your eyes off himeven for a split second!

horace: we won't. wimzie: what do you wanna play, bo? bo want pway game!tating game! tating game?what game is that? gee, i don't know. i've neverheard of anything called thetating game. the tating game? hmm, hmm, hmm.

tating game?hem, hem, hem! aha! i know:the imitating game! bo: innatate! oh! he wantsto copy us! (giggling)okay. oinga-boingaoinga-boinga! uh, oinga-boingaoinga-boinga

oinga-boing! ding-da-dingda-bing boing boing! uh...binga-dingaboinga-boing! (all laughing) uh, zwinga ba-doo be-booba-bang-bo zway-zway! uh, zwingabadhkqafkdosjomphfzway-zway! haaa haaa! oh, baby brothersare so much fun! wimzie:hey, hey, bo!where you going?

he's trying torun away! bo:can't catch bo!can't catch bo! oh, come on!we gotta follow him, guys! (kids chatter excitedly) oh, boy, this is such fun!haaa! (imitating locomotive) come back! wimzie: we're gonna get you, bo! whoaa!

can't catch bo,no, no! wimzie:look out!he's being tricky! (kids whooping) bo: no, no! can't catch bo! (train whistle blows) loulou: we're gonna get you, bo! horace: (chuckling) look at that little kid go! jonas: we're on your trail, bo! (wimzie giggling)

(panting) good hiding pwace! uh-uh!shhh. kids: (panting)ugh!whoa! hey, bo, where are you? horace:yoo-hoo...hey, bo! wimzie:oh, no! hiding pwace! we lost him!

loulou:haaa! having a baby brotheris fun! haaa! ♪ where is bo, where is bo,did you happen to see ♪ ♪ where is bo, where is bo,do you know where he could be ♪ ♪ he's not behind the sofaor over by the door ♪ ♪ he must be somewherein the house ♪ ♪ we'd better look some more ♪ ♪ where is bo, where is bo,we've run and run and chased ♪

♪ where is bo, where is bo,bo has been misplaced ♪ ♪ we let him playhis own game ♪ ♪ now he's run and hid somewhere ♪ ♪ we let him get away from us ♪ ♪ can't find him anywhere ♪ ♪ where is bo, where is bo,yaya will be upset ♪ ♪ where is bo, where is bo,we haven't found him yet ♪ ♪ where is bo, where is bo,he's nowhere, lost, he's gone! ♪ ♪ where is bo ♪

all:♪ where is bo? ♪ we've got to find bo! yeah! he was right therein front of us. grandma said she'dmake the puppets if we took care of bo. it was our responsibility. i know. hey, bo?bo!

wimzie:not so loud! we don't want grandma to knowwe can't find him. jonas:oh, horace:bo? (giggling)no can find bo! (humming) there we are. oh. hmm.

well, i wonderhow the kids are doing looking after little bo. huh.i think i'd better check. wimzie: bo? where are you, bo? come on, bo.where are you? we gotta find him! mm-hmm. grandma told usto watch him very carefully!

but we were careful.we watched him. yeah, it's true! he's just fasterthan we are. well, then, everyone!having fun? kids: (stammering)! yeah, sure. we're having ourselvesa ball-what fun!, where is bo? jonas: uh, he's here. somewherenot very far away.

uh, you know howhe gets around... he was just here. stop! of course, you know exactlywhere bo is. kids: oh, yeah, sure! of course we do. sure we do. stop it! you have no ideawhere bo is now, right? well, we were with himall the time, honest!'s true, yaya. and we chased himin here, but now... we can't find him anywhere! (giggling)bo wight here! (gasping)he was hiding! so that's why wecouldn't find the little guy! (everyone laughing)

bo:bo good hiding pwace!bo hide real good. yaya:oh, i'll say! you know how to hidereally well. no, bo down!bo down! (chuckling)goodness gracious! there's no stopping you today,is there? i think i'd betterkeep an eye on you from now on. i'll finish those puppetslater on. kids: aww...

bo! uh-oh. the food is supposedto go in your mouth, and not on the floor! bo like frow food!i frow it! grandma... you always say if i feelsomething, i should say it. well, it's not fairthat we can't watch bo just 'cause of one littlething that happened.

but one little thingis all it takes for something badto happen. but that little thingwasn't our fault. bo ran away to hide! (giggling)bo hide real good! oh, i know. i know you were alldoing your best, but children don't expect things like thatto happen, you see,

while grown-upshave more experience. and that's why...mmm... they try to be readyfor anything. hey,look what he did! bo! no! bo: aww! you won'tpunish him? it's betterjust to tell him he can't do that.

he's still so little; he hasn't yet learned all the thingsthat you have. hmm, okay. and now, children,it's naptime for everyone. oh, bo no nap! no, no, no, no!bo no go nap! oh, yes! no!

no!bo no nap! no nap, gwandma! you have to havea nap, bo. even the older kidsare having naps. no nap!bo no nap! i know you'refull of energy. i'm going now, hmm?you have a little sleep. no!bo no seep! no seep.

bo no go seep! (yelling)gwandma! bo no seep!bo no go seep! bo no seepy! (groaning) bo: get up now! no seep! ugh! he's so loud! i can't sleep!

arrrgh!me neither! (horace groaning) yaya... yes? we can't get to sleepwith all that yelling! (horace groaning) yaya,make him stop! he'll fall asleepin just a minute. you finish your naps,and in the meantime,

i'll try to finishmaking your puppets. jonas: oh, yeah! loulou: haaa! no go seep!bo get up! ♪ taking a nap is great ♪ ♪ taking a nap is best ♪ ♪ taking a napyou get some rest ♪ ♪ unless you got a brotherwho's a pest ♪ ♪ oh, i got my pillowright here ♪

♪ i can't waitto rest my head! ♪ ♪ i wanna close my eyes tightand dream ♪ ♪ snuggle up warminside my cozy bed! ♪ ♪ i wish bo would be quiet ♪ ♪ i wish he'd count some sheep ♪ ♪ he started quite a riot ♪ ♪ and no one canget to sleep ♪ ♪ it's a good thingwe didn't get undressed ♪ ♪ this noise has got meso depressed ♪

♪ 'cause naps are therefor you to rest ♪ ♪ unless you've gota noisy guest ♪ ♪ unless your little brotheris a pest ♪ (giggling)bo no nap! no seep! bo up! ah!shhh. bo go down. no go

(grunting) bo go down. (grunting) wimzie! ah, ah!bo no go seep. see go down. (singing)dee-da-da-da... and there we are. (bo grunting) huh?that sounds like bo.

no, no. bo's sound asleep. anyway, i'll have finishedthese puppets by the timebo finishes his nap. he usually hasa nice long sleep. (bo cries) do i hear crying? bo: gwandma! no, gwandma! grandma,come quick!

bo's in trouble!quick! oh, dear,i'm coming! hurry up! (whimpering) yaya: oh, poor baby! what are you doing out of your crib? (bo whimpering) yaya:oh, don't bescared, bo. grandma willget you down.

is he hurt,grandma? no,i don't think so. how'd that little guyget out of bed? i don't know. it's scientificallyimpossible. ah, little kids his ageoften do things like that. that's why you can't let them out of your sight for one second! 'cause this is what can happen.

oh, poor bo. you're growing upso fast! we'll have toask rousso to raise the sidesof your crib so you can'tget out of it! no could seep! oh, i know,i know... that was's okay. it's all overnow, bo.

let's go wipe thatlittle nose of yours. mwah! (sniffling) (sighing) that was close! yeah. boy, you really have towatch babies! hey, wimzie? bo was silly to get outof his crib like that, huh?

he's only little,loulou. grandma says he doesn't knowwhat we know. oh,poor little guy. yaya sure was right,you know. it's really hardto look after a little kidbo's age! i'll say!ha! i'm glad i've gota big brother. haaa!

ah, bo's feeling better now.aren't you, little fellow? bo:bo down, bo down! yaya:yes, yes, yes.i'll put you down. gee!he's back to normal. oh, little kidsoften forget right away after something goes wrong. they still want topoke into everything. want tain!bo want choo-choo. you wantyour train?

i'll get itfor you. (laughing) (gasping) oh my gosh! look at whatbo did in here! he got intoeverything! oh, grandma isn'tgonna like this. i wonderwhat else he did. (sloshing)

(tap running) hey! water on the floor? oh, it's comingfrom the bathroom! i'd better check this out... hey, bo!can you do this? giddygiddygiddygiddygiddygiddygiddygiddy... (laughing)giddygiddygiddygiddy... huh?that's funny.

felt likea drop of water on my head.huh! another one? ahh!the ceiling's dripping! ohh! wimzie: grandma! oh! yes? bo turned on the waterin the bathtub and it overflowed!

there's water everywhere! (gasping)oh, no! i'd better get that mopped upright away! i turned the faucet off,and i'm soaking wet. hey, i think it'sraining in the house! ah, ah... i fink is raining inna house! er, i'll beright back down, okay, kids?

do you thinki could trust you to look after bofor a few minutes? you betcha, ma'am! wimzie: no problem. we're responsible! excellent. i gotta clean upthat water before itwrecks the house! oh, wow!

boy, one little kid can sure doa lot of damage! yeah, you should seeour room, too. that's whygrandma says you have to watch himall the time! bo go!run away! oh, we can't let himget away! here we go again... hurry!before we lose him! i'm coming!

loulou: hey, bo! ah, ah!scissors. jonas: whatever you do, bo, don't hide! (gasping)he's taking grandma's scissors! that's dangerous! loulou:i can't watch.aaah! no!bo want cut somefing! wimzie:bo, you know grandma won'tlet us play with the scissors, so don't touch, okay?

wimzie is right,little guy... 'cause you're my pal,and you might get hurt. bo wantcut somefing! (stammering)er, scientifically speaking, you don't havethe necessary motor skills to manipulate scissors. mm-hmm, mm-hmm.that's true. i heard a grown-upsay that once. no!aah!

bo want pway scissors! yayaoh, bo! goodness, what's happened now? no!bo get mad! (everyone gasping) oh, my word! can't i leave youfor just one minute with bo without something happening? we didn't do anything,grandma!

then why is hecrying like that? uh, he wantedyour scissors, and we stopped himbefore he got hurt. and that's whyhe's crying. oh, how responsible of you! oh, i'm so proud of you all. you're good baby-watchers! wimzie:can you finishour puppets now? needs all my attention now,

just for safety's sake. kids:awww! but we wereresponsible! mm-hmm,a lot! oh, i know.and as a reward, i'll finish your puppetstonight, and you'll have them very first thingtomorrow morning. i know you're disappointed, but you've seen what a handfula little brother can be.

(chuckling)yeah, but he was funny too. i guess we can wait. bo's more importantthan puppets, huh? well... wimzie: hmm? oh.yeah, sure. oh, i'm so proud of you kids. you've really learned whatit means to be responsible! i know somethingwe could do

that's responsibleand fun! you do?what? we could clean upthat mess bo made in our room. hmm?mm-mm! that's the responsiblething to do! um... (both screaming) uh, i think that's

a bit too responsible,wimzie. (giggling)can't blame me for trying!

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