Wednesday, December 14, 2016

puppets from sesame street

- hi. i'm murray from"sesame street," and i'm looking forthe word on the street. what's the word on the street? - binoculars.- what are binoculars? - binoculars you useto see things that arefar away from you. - you can see even closer. the image becomes larger. - i use binocularsfor bird watching. - to look at boats.

- oh. - we wanted to see the statueof liberty right out there. - keep listening forthe word binoculars today on "sesame street." binoculars. that'sthe word on the street. ooh! an airplane! - ♪ can you tell mehow to get? ♪ ♪ can you tell mehow to get? ♪ ♪ sunny day,sweeping the clouds away ♪

♪ on my way to wherethe air is sweet ♪ ♪ can you tellme how to get ♪ ♪ how to get tosesame street? ♪ ♪ come and play ♪ ♪ everything's a-ok ♪ - ha ha ha!ha ha ha! ♪ friendly neighbors there ♪ ♪ that's where we meet ♪ ♪ can you tell me how toget to sesame street? ♪

- [giggling] - you have it, leela? - yep. we're almost there. - elmo hears clicks. - yep! there you go!- oh, good! - there you go,spaceship commander elmo. - leela fixedelmo's spaceship. thank you, leela. - whoa! ha ha! are you readyto blast off into space, elmo?

- yeah, abby. here we go! - ready? [making spaceship sounds] - where is it?where's the pigeon? - pigeon?- pigeon? - yes. i'm on a quest to finda special pigeon, and i just heard one right here. - uh, i'm afraid wehaven't seen any pigeons. - no, bert.- really?

oh. well, i guess i'll justkeep searching then, thanks. - you're welcome. - there it is again! it must be here someplace. oh. it stopped. - oh. i think i seewhat's happening. - what? what's happening? - bert, what sounddoes a pigeon make. - well, it goes "coo coo."

- that sounds a littlelike our spaceships. - yeah.- spaceships? - oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.elmo and abby are playing spaceships, and theysound like this. - oh, no! you mean to tell methere was no pigeon after all? - i'm afraid not. - i'll never findthat blue bar pigeon. - blue bar pigeon? - yeah. it's the last pigeonon my pigeon life list.

- what's a pigeon life list? - well--ah ah ah! oh. you're serious. well, this isa pigeon life list. it's a checklist withall 7 different coloredrock pigeons on it. - there are 7 differentcolors of pigeon? - mm-hmm. see?look at the list. there's a spreadpigeon right there. - that's 1.

- and that's a white pigeon. - that's 2. - and that'sa checkered pigeon. - oh. that's 3. - ooh. and down here isa red pigeon. - 4. - and this is a pied pigeon. - 5! - and down here we havea red bar pigeon.

- that's 6! - and over here finally isthe blue bar pigeon. - last butnot least, 7! - wow! there are really 7different kinds of pigeon? - that's right, and i've seenevery kind of pigeon in my life exceptthe blue bar pigeon. - really? you'venever seen this guy? - uh-uh. no. there'sno check next to it, so that means ihaven't seen it.

- huh. i'm sure i've seenhundreds of them in my life. - what?! some people have all the luck. - i don't know ifi'd call it luck. - that's it. i give up! i'll never find a bluebar pigeon, never! ugh! ohh! - leela, bert--he's so sad. i wish we could cheerhim up somehow.

- maybe we could help himfind the blue bar pigeon. - oh, yeah! hey, leela.can you help us? - i'm sorry, guys. i have to go back to work,but think about it. you already know a lot aboutwhat you're looking for. good luck. - we already know a lot? what do we know? - well, it's a bird.

- oh. that's true! elmo, you are so smart. we are searching for a bird,not a dog, not a horse or a fish. no. we arelooking for a bird. - that means something withfeathers, a beak, and wings. - yeah! and there's birdsall over this place. - that's right. sohow hard could it be? let's get started.

- whoa, whoa,whoa! wait, elmo. we're almost ready. there's just onemore thing we need. - what? - ahem. curds and wheyand whey and curds, what do we needto look for birds? - wow! look. abby and elmoare dressed like bird watchers just like bert.

- yep. completewith binoculars! - oh, yeah, baby! now elmo can see stuffreally, really far away. - ok. let's start the greathunt for the mysterious blue bar pigeon. - yeah! - that's not a bird.that's a mailbox. - no feathers ona mailbox. ha ha ha! uh-uh. nope.that's not a bird.

- that's a tree!no feathers either. those are leaves. - yeah.- ohh! wait! i see something! - where? - look over there. it has feathers. - ooh! and a beak! - and wings!

- we found it,we found it! come on! - we found it! ha ha ha! - hello! hi. elmo and abby areso happy to find you. - hey. yo. how you doing? - that was quick! we can't wait to tell ourfriend bert that we found his blue bar pigeon. - yay!- pigeon?

- yeah.- blue bar pigeon? i beg your pardon, but whatmade you think i was of all thingsa--ha ha--pigeon. i am a chickadee. - a chickadee?- chickadee? - but--but you have a beak. - yeah, yeah. andyou have feathers. - and wings. - well, yeah. of course i do.

i'm a bird. you think allbirds are the same? i mean, come on. look at me. there's lots and lots ofdifferent kinds of birds. i am a teeny, little bird. if you're looking for apigeon, then you're looking for a bird that'sbigger than me. - gosh. we didn'tthink about size. - now if you'll please excuseme, i got to make a call.

- birds have cell phones? - no! we make bird calls. all birds make bird calls. listen. this is mychickadee bird call. [chirping] - wow! that's so cool. elmo wishes he could do that.- me, too. - well, you could do sort ofa chickadee bird call. - we can?- sure you can.

you do it like this. chickadee-dee-dee,chickadee-dee-dee. - like this, like this? - chickadee-dee-dee,chickadee-dee-dee. - right. - chickadee-dee-dee. hey. do the chickadeebird call with us. ha ha ha! here we go!

- hey! that was pretty good! - thanks, mr. chickadee,but now elmo and abby are off to find a bigger bird. - good luck with that.- thank you. - see you later.- ok. bye-bye. ha ha ha! let's see. uh... - oh! elmo, look! - what, what? it's a bird. - and you know what?

it's sort of big, too. - boy, that must bethe blue bar pigeon. come on. let's go!- ok. - whoa! yeah! wow! we finally found you. - well, hello, are you? nice to meet you, too. - we can't wait to tellbert that we found yay!

- pigeon? i am not a pigeon. - you're not?- no? - no. i am a robin, madamerobin redbreast to be exact. what in the world madeyou think that i, i was a--ugh--pigeon? - oh, dear. well, you see,we've been looking for a bird. - yeah. with feathers anda beak and wings. - yeah. but we founda chickadee, and he was much too small, so we needed a biggerbird, and then we found you.

- yeah!- ha ha ha! yes, but, my dears,there are ever so many birds that are biggerthan a chickadee. were you looking fora bird with a beautiful red breast, hmm? - gosh. um, no. - no. we neverthought about color. - wait, wait, wait. elmojust thought about color now. it's called a blue bar pigeon,so it must have blue on it.

- oh, yeah. that's right. hmm. i remember thepicture on bert's list. the blue bar pigeon had bluestripes on it, so we need to find a bird that hasblue stripes on it! - right!- well, now if you'll excuse me, i have to sing my song. - what? you're a singer? - oh, ho ho ho! of course. all birds sing songs.

i used to sing atthe nestropolitan opera house. ♪ listen to this ♪ - ok. - wow! that is beautiful. - thank you, thank you. yes. we robins are knownfor our lovely song. if you hear this... you will always know thereis a robin nearby. - oh, boy. i wish icould make that sound.

it's so nice. - ooh. well you can doit just like this. chirrup, cheerly, cheerly. try it!- ok. - chirrup, cheerly, cheerly.chirrup, cheerly, cheerly. - come on, come on, come on. make the robin soundwith robin and abby. - here we go. - oh, ho ho! splendid,darlings, splendid.

- thank you, miss robin. - well, if you excuse us,please, we have to find a bird with blue on it. - yeah. elmo and abby will belistening for your pretty song from now on. - thank you. ta-ta. - ta-ta. ooh! look, look, look, abby! another bird, andit's kind of big.

- ooh, yeah! and ithas blue stripes on it. - wow! that must bethe blue bar pigeon. come on!- ok! - you can come, too. hello, mr. blue bar pigeon. - me a pigeon? ha!don't be ridiculous. - but you have bluestripes on your wings. - oh, yeah. i do haveblue stripes, but i am not a pigeon.

i'm a blue jay. - wow! i never knew therewere so many different types of birds. - oh, yeah! but the goodthing is we all look different and we sound different. it's actually kindof interesting. - well, elmo and abby heardthe call of the chickadee and the song of the robin. would you let us hearthe call of the blue jay?

- ooh! with we go. [screeching] - whoa! that sure is differentfrom chickadee-dee-dee! - or chirrup, cheerly, cheerly.chirrup, cheerly, cheerly. - yeah. for sure. - well, let's see if we canmake this blue jay sound, ok? ooh. you can try it, too. here we go.- all right. - jay, jay, jay!jay, jay, jay!

- that is not bad,not bad, you two. - so if we ever hear, "jay,jay, jay," in the trees, we'll know that there'sa blue jay in there! - exactly.- thank you, mr. blue jay. see you around.- ok. bye-bye, you two. - bye-bye.- bye. - wow! oh, my goodness, elmo. who knew that findinga blue bar pigeon would be so difficult?

- yeah. no wonderbert hasn't seen one. - yeah. it's too bad we don't know the sound that blue bar pigeon makes. - why, abby? - well, because it'slike the blue jay said. every bird makesa different sound. if we know what soundthe blue bar pigeon makes, then we couldlisten for that sound and then find it.

- oh, yeah. ha ha ha! - if we only knew whatsound a pigeon makes. - wait a minute! abby andelmo do know what sound a pigeon makes. - we do?- yeah, yeah. remember? look, look. remember? when elmo and abby wereplaying spaceship and making space noises... - yeah. like this.

bbbbllll, bbbbllll,bbbbllll, bbbbllll. huh? - well, bert thought wesounded just like pigeons. - that's right. so we needto listen for a sound like bbbbllll, bbbbllll,bbbbllll, bbbbllll. and then we can finda blue bar pigeon! - yeah. come on. let's listen. - [chickadee chirping] - ah. that sounds likechickadee-dee-dee. - [chirping]

- yeah. and that'sthe call of the chickadee. - let's keep listening.- ok. - [robin singing] - that sounds likechirrup, cheerly, cheerly. - yes. - [singing] - elmo remembers that sound. it's a robin's song. - hey. we betterkeep listening.

- [blue jay screeching] - oh, oh, oh. boy, thatsounds like jay, jay, jay! - do you remember whatbird makes that sound? - [screeching] - yeah. a blue jay! - oh, yeah. hey.let's listen some more. - [cooing] - what? elmo, is that you? - no. is that abby?

- no. - huh? oh! - oh. look! it's a bird! and it has a beakand feathers and wings! - oh, boy! and it'sthe right size! - yeah! and it has bluish barson its wings, and it's makingthe right bird call! - that must be...

- the blue bar pigeon! - bert, bert, bert!where's bert? bert, bert, bert, bert! we found it, we found it!come on, come on, come on. - what's the hubbub? what are youtalking about, huh? what, what, what? - bert, bert,bert. look, bert! - ohh! it's--it's--it'sthe blue bar pigeon!

ohh! yow! it's the most beautifulthing i've ever seen. oh. this is the greatest dayof my entire life because... i get to do this. ah ah ah! - oh, yay! - yeah. thanks, friends. - you're welcome.- yeah. you're welcome, bert.

- i think this callsfor a pigeon party! coo coo! - whoa! - what? hey, guys. - come on and join the party. - hey, fellas. come on. dance. yeah. everybody'sinvited! ah ah ah! do you know my friend bernice? yeah. she might come later.

- ha ha ha!- ha ha ha! oh. hi. i'm julie. - ooh. and elmo's elmo. - and we're here to tell youabout the word binoculars. - yeah. binoculars. - now binoculars are a toolto help you get a closer look at things that are far away. - yeah. let's show them elmoand miss julie's binoculars. - that's a good idea, elmo.- here's elmo's.

- these are binoculars. now when i look throughmy binoculars like this, everything lookslike it's closer. - oh, cool. canelmo try it now? - oh, yeah. go ahead.use your binoculars, elmo. - whoa! miss julie's noselooks really close to elmo. miss julie's nostrils looklike giant bear caves. - ok. elmo, when you're donelooking at my huge, cavernous nostrils,check out how close they look

when you use your binoculars. - let's see. whoa! you do look really close. boy, elmo wishes you hadbinoculars so you could see elmo and miss juliereally close. - hey. hey. i have an idea. why don't you guys at homepretend you have binoculars, too, like this? - hey. yeah, yeah, yeah!come on!

look through yourpretend binoculars with elmo and miss julie. - yeah. ready?- go ahead. - binoculars up. - whoa! does elmo andmiss julie look closer? we do? cool! - great! now binoculars down. - wow! let's do that again. - ok. ready?- binoculars up.

- ooh! binoculars down. - binoculars up! - wow! those pretendbinoculars really make things that are far away look closer. - yeah. - binoculars! - hee hee hee! - oh, boy! it's almost timefor abby's flying fairy school, but first,let's talk about...

the letter "p"! that's why we're going toplay...what's on me that starts with "p"? what sound does theletter "p" make? - ppp.- ppp.- ppp. - ooh! you gotsomething in my eye. can you find anything onme that starts with the letter "p"? - a purse.- yes! purse.

- a parrot.- parrot! yes! parrot! - pencil.- pencil. yes! pencil! - ooh. pirate hat! - yes! pirate hat! perfect! now let's check outmore about the letter "p". - "p" is for princess. purple. pearls. picnic.

poodle. pink! prince... playmates. [all laughing] - "p". - hey, jake.what's coming up next? - abby's flying fairy school. - oh, boy! ha ha ha!

[horn honks] - ♪ look up high in the sky ♪ ♪ it's a school, it can fly ♪ - ♪ let's all hurry tothe flying fairy school ♪ ♪ grab your wands ♪- yee-ha! - ♪ bring your wings ♪- yeah! - ♪ we will learnmagic things ♪ ♪ how to make us grow ♪ ♪ and how tomake us shrink ♪

- ♪ how to solve a problemwith a simple twinkle think ♪ ♪ the school isreally magic ♪ ♪ and magic's really cool ♪ ♪ let's go in, let's begin ♪ ♪ it's flying fairy school ♪ - ha ha ha! - ha ha! - oh? hmm.hmm? ohh. mm.

- hello! welcome to the flyingfairy school puppet theater. it's puppet time,so grab a puppet and make it move. - ok, puppet,let's see your moves. excuse me, puppet.aah! oh, no! [gasp] i can't feel a pulse. go on, breathe, darn you!breathe! - blogg, you do know thatpuppet's not alive, don't you? - not on my watch!

[gasp] it worked! it's a miracle! hey, what are you doingwith those strings? - puppets can't moveon their own. you got to pull their stringsto make them move, like this. - i can do that. - well, actually, i thinkit's more like this. - i don't need help. - well, maybe if you--- ah-ah-ah!

i can do it myself. ooh, this puppet stuff hastoo many strings attached. i'll just get himto move another way. - how?- i'm gonna turn this puppet into a real boy. - oh, that doesn't soundlike a good idea. - sure it is.i'll just usethe blue fairy special, and i think it goes like this. go to a luau, eat some poi,

and turn this puppetinto a real boy. come on, real boywho was once a puppet. let's boogie down. why can't i boogie down? - you're a puppet. - nonsense. puppets aremade of wood. [knocking] aah! i'm a puppet! - oh, dear.looks like someonetried to turn a puppet

- don't worry--i canjust turn myself back. [grunting] - i'm afraid that's impossible even if you couldmove your arms. you see, the only way to turna puppet into a real boy is to go throughthe pinocchio process! - what's the pinocchio process? - the pinocchio processis a series of steps that goes like this.

hop with a cricket,do the donkey dance of joy, swim with a whale, and you'llbecome a real boy. - looks like we haveto find some animals. - yeah. first up, a cricket. - i can do problem. - um, maybe i'd betterpoof us there. but where do you find a cricket? - well, a cricket's an insect, and i always see insectsout in the grass.

- then let's get upand get out of class and look for a cricketin the grass. - all right, class,let's find a cricket. they look like this. - [cricket chirping] - ah, something moved. - oh, is it a cricket? - hey, can't a ladybugget some privacy? - a ladybug. ha!we better keep looking.

- something's crawlingbetween my toes! [giggles] - maybe it's a cricket. - yikes. what kind of bugis that? - time for a termite snack. - [gasp] a termite.they eat wood, you know. - eat wood?! - [munch] this woodtastes like feet. blergh. [chirp chirp] - ha! what's that sound?

- [gasp] it's a cricket! - go, boy!time to hop! - you want us to helppull your strings? - nah. i can do it myself. well, you can help if you want,but i definitely do not need it. hop, hop, hop.hop, hop, hop. my legs--they're back to normal. - yay! - darn you!

- uh-oh. why isthe rest of blogg's bodystill puppet? - because blogg has to gothrough the next step of the pinocchio process-- the donkey dance of joy. - then let us go find a donkey. - we don't needa giraffe or a monkey. what we need is a donkey. - come on, donkey. let us dothe donkey dance of joy.

- [donkey brays] - aah! donkey tells me he does not want to dothe donkey dance of joy! - probably because he'sa very angry donkey. aah! what are we gonna do? - maybe we need somethingto make that donkey happy. - but what makes donkeys happy? - i don't know!let's ask spot. - spot. oh, spot.

- [spot barks] - oh, hi, spot. how do you make a donkey happy? - fetch, spot, fetch! - hay. hay. hay. ♪ go and tell your whole class ♪ ♪ that it comesfrom the dry grass ♪ ♪ you find it in a haystack ♪ ♪ some animals have itfor a snack ♪

♪ talking about hay,hay...hay! ♪ - [spot barks]- what did that song have to do with donkeys? - let's twinkle think. - ♪ twinkle think,twinkle think ♪ - i know.- yow! - i think the donkeyis a punk rocker. - i think the answer probablyhas something to do with hay. - [donkey brays]- oh! oh!

maybe the donkey likes, that can't be it. - sure it can, gonnigan. the song said animalshave hay for a snack. maybe the donkey's hungry, hungry for hay. - ok, then. listen to what i say. give us a big plate of hay. - it worked![all cheering] - wingwhack. [all cheering]

- and the donkey's happy. - and he's doingthe donkey dance of joy. - i got to dance with him. i don't need help. if you insist. [moaning]- [giggling] [grunts, sighs] - hee-haw!hee-haw! hee-haw!

- wow! it worked. blogg's arms and wingsare back now! - but i still havea puppet head. - that's because you haven'tdone the last step of the pinocchio process. you have to swim with a whale. - and whales livein the ocean, so, let's get our wheels in motion. poof on down to the ocean.

well, here we are,and there's the whale! - aah! i didn't expect itto be so huge! - now's your chance, blogg.swim with a whale. - ok! here i go! [whimpering] - what's wrong? - i can't do it. - sure you can.your arms and legs and wings are allback to normal.

- but i don't know how you swim. - oh, no. - maybe you can ask forsomething to get you to swim. - ah! how about rocket fins? - blogg...- ok. i admit it. i can't do this on my own.i need help. - you heard him, gonnigan. - ok. i can help,i think. - let's swim!

- ha. and reach and pulland a-kick, kick, kick and a-reach and a-pulland a kick-kick-kick. i'm doing it.i'm swimming with a whale! and i'm back to normal! - thanks, whale,and thank you all. i couldn't havedone it without you. - swimming with whaleswas really cool, but now let's allgo back to school. - i know a different wayto get them to move.

- no! - ♪ da-dum-da-da-do,da-dum-da-do ♪ - great work, blogg. - [laughs]i love puppets. - me, too.- ha ha. - bert and ernie's greatadventures are coming soon, but first we'regonna talk about... - the number 12! how many is 12?

- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12! let's count eggs! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12 eggs! the number 12 makes me twitter! come on! let's see some moreabout the number 12! [ticking] - ♪ 1, 2, 3 ♪

- ♪ 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ♪ - ♪ 9, 10, 11, 12 ♪ - ♪ do do do do dodo do do do ♪ ♪ do do do do dodo do do do ♪ - 12! - [chattering] - ♪ ooh,ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ - go! - hey, guys! tell themwhat's coming up next.

- bert and ernie'sgreat adventures! - oh, boy! - [snoring] - ♪ every night wheni lie in bed ♪ - ♪ i see picturesdancing in my head ♪ - picture sleep. - ♪ buddy bert ♪- what? - ♪ buckle up,and we'll fly away ♪ - whoa!- yeah!

♪ we're adventuring ♪ ♪ every time the bedstarts tapping ♪ ♪ something special'sgonna happen ♪ - baa!- this is kind of catchy. - ♪ my favorite kindof traveling ♪ - hyah! ♪ come along withbert and ernie ♪ ♪ we're gonna takea little journey ♪ ♪ bert and ernie'sgreat adventures ♪

- the bird games. isn't this exciting, bernice? [coos] - [humming] - ernie, what are youdoing in a duck suit? you're not a bird. - oh, i know that, bert,but i'm rubber duckie's coach. [coo] what's with bernice?

- i think she's a littlenervous about competing. it's her first time. - well, then, maybe you shoulddress up as a pigeon, bert. cheer her on like i'mcheering rubber duckie. ra ra ra, sis-boom-ba!you know. [whistle blows] - our first event is thesquawking competition. - better get going. good luck, bernice.

- dress up as a pigeon? now that's reallyabsurd, isn't it? [cooing] - bert? - i know. i look ridiculous,but anything to help my bernice. oh, nonsense. you'llbe great at this. - ok. birds, ready, set... [blows whistle]

squawk! and they're off. look at that turkey puff up. can he gobble for the gold? [gobble] that wasan interesting effort. - come on, bernice. coo. - psst. bernice, rubber duckiethinks you might want to put a little more oomphinto it, like this.

[squeaking] - listen to thatduckie squeak. now, that is a squeakyou can dance to. and the winner is... the rubber duck! - what do youknow, rubber duckie? you won! heh heh heh! - [coo]- oh. don't befrustrated, bernice. you'll do greatin the next one.

- our next eventis speed pecking. the first bird to finish theirbowl of bird seed will be the speed peck winner. - this is your event, bernice. you're a naturalbird seed pecker. - birds, ready, set... peck! the rubber duck doesn'tseem very hungry, but what about that pigeon?

[gobbling] whoa! look at that turkey go. and the winner is the turkey! - maybe pecking justisn't your event, bernice. - now for the--awk--finalevent, fancy flying. - hey. you're a great flyer. come on. [squeak] - what's that, rubber duckie?

you want to sit this one out? ok. good luck, bernice. - all birds, ready,set, fancy fly! and the turkey's off. he's flying, he's flying. he's not flying. but wait. what's this? she has laid an egg. - come on, bernice. like this.

flap, flap. aah! whoa! oh! - wow! the little--awk--pigeonhas saved the big one. now, that's what i call flying. - keep going, bernice. show them your stuff! - go, bernice, go!heh heh heh! - the crowd's got wild!

she's flying backwards. she's going fora loop-the-loop. what's this? the pigeon dancein midair? no doubt about it, our winner is thelittle pigeon bernice! - yay!- yay! heh heh heh! - all she needed wasa little confidence. - good job, bird olympians. you're all--awk--winners today. - you were a great coach,bert, not to mention a very

fine pigeon. heh heh heh! - aw. ah ah ah! - good night, bert. - good night, ernie. uh-oh. - i can't wait for elmo'sworld, but right now, let me show you backward and forward. right now,i'm moving backward.

now i'm moving forward. now backward. now forward. which way am i going now? - backward! - which way am i going now? - forward! - right! let's keepmoving forward--whoa! oof! uh! ouch!

elmo's world is on the way. - hi. this is my friend rocco. - hi! - ooh. ooh. elmo wants tomeet telly's friend, too. - ok, ok. rocco, this is elmo. elmo, rocco. - hi, elmo.- hi, rocco. - elmo's a furry monster likeme, only he's littler and has kind of buggy eyes onthe top of his head.

- uh, telly, why is tellytelling rocco what elmo looks like? - because i can'tsee you, elmo. i'm blind. - oh. sorry. - you don't have tofeel sorry, elmo. being blind feels fineand natural to me. - oh!- i'm used to it,the same way you're used to beingable to see.

- oh. well, elmo is veryhappy to meet you, rocco. - i'm happy to meet you, too. i'd like to meet everyoneon sesame street today. - oh. that's a great idea! elmo will help!hey, everybody! - w-w-w-w-wait, elmo. rocco has a special planto get everybody to come. - really? what's rocco's plan? - it's a song.

- rocco likes to sing? - i love to sing. - oh. elmo, too! but how will a song geteverybody to come meet rocco? - oh. it's not justany song, elmo. - it's everybody's song. - oh, cool. - ♪ do you hear that beat? ♪ - elmo hears it!

- ♪ makes youleave your seat ♪ - ♪ makes youmove your feet ♪ ♪ yeah, that'severybody's song ♪ ♪ makes your fingers snap ♪ - snap, snap! - ♪ and your hands can clap ♪ ♪ your feet can tap ♪ ♪ come on and join along ♪ - ♪ well, your voice can hum,hum-a, hum, hum, hum ♪

- ♪ and your heart's a drum, bum bum bum bum bum ♪ - ♪ wherever you come from ♪ ♪ you just can't go wrong ♪ - ♪ with this pretty ditty ♪ ♪ 1, 2, cheer ♪ - ♪ 1, 2, cheer ♪ - ♪ i got an itchy ear ♪ - ♪ got an itchy ear ♪ - ♪ every time i hear ♪- what?

- ♪ everybody's song ♪ - [cheering] - rocco's plan worked! - yep. everybody's here! hey, everybody. meetour new friend rocco! - hello, rocco! [all talking at once] - ♪ la la la la ♪ it's time for...

- elmo's world! - ♪ la la la la la la ♪ ♪ elmo's world ♪ ♪ la la la la la la ♪ ♪ elmo loves his goldfish ♪ ♪ his crayon, too ♪ ooh! yeah! ♪ that's elmo's world ♪

oh, hi. welcome to elmo's world! oh, elmo's sohappy to see you. ooh. and so is dorothy. say hello, dorothy. guess what elmo'sthinking about today. ♪ ya da da da ♪ [doorbell rings] [alarm clock ringing] [bells clanging]

shade. ♪ da da ba do ba boo bado do do do ♪ oh, look! ha ha ha! bells! you know... bells! ha ha ha! ♪ dee dee dee dee dee ♪ [ringing] [dinging] [clanging]

[ding ding ding ding] [tolling] [playing notes] [jingling] [bong] oh, look. dorothy'sbeen thinking about bells, too. what's that, dorothy? uh-huh. uh-huh. ok, ok.

and dorothy wants to knownwhat do you do with a bell? oh. good question, dorothy. let's ask mr. noodle. mr. noodle! oh. thank you, shade. hello, mr. noodle! hello, mr. noodle! hello. hee hee hee! oh. mr. noodle, dorothy--

[sputtering] ah-ah-choo! oh. [blowing nose] hee hee! oh. thankyou, mr. noodle. mr. noodle, dorothy hasa question for you. yeah. mr. noodle, what doyou do with a bell? - what do you do witha bell, mr. noodle? - look. there's a bell.

- a nice bell. - what's he doing? - a dress?- on a bell? - that's silly. - it's very pretty,! - they don't wear hats either. - you don't playdress-up with a bell. - try again. - milk?!

- what's he gonnado with milk? - no, no. don't pour the milk. - oh. no, no.uh-uh, mr. noodle. - you don't drink froma bell like a cup. - no. mr. noodle, come here. come close, close, close. - that's not what youdo with a bell either. - think, mr. noodle. - you can do it.

we're rooting for you. - he's gone.- where'd he go? - oh. ok. - wow! - look. there's bellsall over that hat. - boy, that's a lot of bells. - shake it! - that's it!- he's doing it! - that's what you dowith bells, mr. noodle.

- yeah. you ring bells. - you shake them tomake them ring. yay! - that's how you ring a bell. - you did it. ha ha ha! mr. noodle, look atall those bells. - he's got bells all over. - ha ha ha! that mr. noodle. what's that, dorothy? huh? oh. ok.

dorothy wants toask someone else. what do you do with a bell? - dorothy, i have a bell onmy tricycle, and this is how i ring it. [dinging] - dorothy, this toy hasa bell in it, and my cat likes it. [jingling]- [meow] [purrs]

- dorothy, i made thiswith bells, and this is how - aw, thanks, everybody. oh. and thanks, dorothy. now elmo will ask a baby. ♪ do do do do do do do ♪ oh, hello, baby. - [baby talk] - really? ha ha ha! thank you, baby!

ha ha ha! boy, thatbaby was so cute. and now-- - elmo has mail,elmo has mail. - oh. look. thecomputer. elmo has e-mail. - elmo has mail,elmo has mail, elmo has mail... - wow! the computer ishere with bells on. - stop, computer. yeah. now let's see who it's from. oh, yay! it's fromelmo's friend ernie!

- hi, elmo. i'm here withmy good friend and expert bell ringer the dinger. [ding ding ding] you see how he's got thatbell right there on the top of his head? and, you know, one ofmy favorite things to do with bells is to get togetherwith some friends and have a honker, duckie,dinger jamboree. ready, everybody?

here we go. [music starts] [honk honk, squeak squeak,honk honk, ding] [honk honk, squeak squeak, honk honk, ding] ♪ it's a honker, duckie,dinger jamboree ♪ heh heh heh!bye-bye, elmo! say good-bye, everybody! bye, elmo! heh heh heh! - bye, ernie. bye, computer.

ha ha ha. oh. and now elmo has a question... ♪ for-or-or-or you ♪ yeah, you! how many dancing cowsare wearing cowbells? let's count them and see. dancing cows! - 1... 2...

3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8! - yay! ooh! 8 dancingcows wearing cowbells. oh. look. and onewearing a horn. [honk]

ha ha ha! wow! that was really loud! gee. cows have bells,dingers have bells. elmo wonders whatelse has bells. let's find out. drawer. d--drawer? where are you, drawer? drawer! are youover there, drawer? drawer! yoo-hoo, drawer!

oh, ho ho ho! there you are. does drawer havea bell inside? let's find out, ok? oh, oh, oh, oh! which one of these thingshave bells--a cat, a carrot, or a clam? - the cat! - a cat has a bell.

- what else has bells--an alarm clock, an apple, or an alligator? - alarm clock! - that has bells! - what else has bells--a bear,a birthday cake, or a banana? - none of those have bells. - unless the bearis baby bear. he has a bell onhis telephone. [loud ringing]

- whoa! too loud! [soft ringing] too soft! ah ha ha! just right! hello? ha ha ha! oh. thanks, drawer. boy. bells tell you whenthere's a fire or when someone is on the phone.

elmo wonders what elsebells can tell you. hmm. oh, yeah! elmo knowshow we can find out. yeah. we can watchthe bells channel on tv. turn yourself on, tv. - welcome to the bellschannel, all bells all the time, and now a song aboutbells that's got a nice ring to it. - i love bells.

want to know why? because they're so helpful. for instance... ♪ i was lying in my bed ♪ ♪ i heard thealarm clock ring ♪ ♪ the bell woke me upas quick as anything ♪ ♪ i sure am glad the bellwoke me up that way ♪ ♪ 'cause otherwise i mighthave stayed asleep all day ♪ ♪ oh, the bells ♪

♪ listen to the bells ♪ ♪ ding-a-ling,hear them ring ♪ ♪ everybody listento the bells ♪ ♪ i spent the day at school ♪ ♪ until the final bell ♪ ♪ it said the schoolday was over ♪ ♪ and the week, as well ♪ ♪ if the bell hadn't rung,what were we to do? ♪ ♪ we might have stayedin school all night ♪

♪ and all the weekend, too ♪ love those bells! - coming up next on the bellschannel "for whom the bells toll," starringharry bell-afonte. - thanks, tv! bells sure can dolots of things. elmo's friend kimberly learnedhow to make music with bells, and she told elmoall about it. [playing music]

- my sister kirsten is ina hand bell choir. they play songs by ringingbells, and each one plays a different note. when they all play together,it sounds really great. i wanted to learn to play,too, and the teacher invited me in. my sister saidshe would help me. first, i had to put on somespecial gloves to keep the bells clean.

then i had to learn how toring the bell the right way. the music teacher said to holdit like an ice cream cone. when you ring it,don't let the imaginary ice cream fall out. after a little practice... i got it right. then it was time totry a simple song. [playing "frã‰re jacque"] i didn't know whento ring the bell.

i really didn't. oops! - [laughter] - my sister said she wouldfollow the music and tell me when to ring my bell. i waited for my turnto ring my bell. i waited... and i waited,and then it came. i did it!

i can't wait to playthe bells again. - wow! elmo didn't know thatbells could make such pretty music, but elmo still wantsto know more about bells, don't you? how can we find out more? oh. that's the doorbell,but you knew that! ha ha! [humming] - want to talk to a bell?

- wow! looks like we'vebeen saved by the bell! - you'd better bell-ieve it. - well, bell, elmo waswondering what makes a bell ring, anyway. - metal.- huh? - i'm made of metal. go ahead. touch. - oh, yeah! metal! - yes! and inside i havethis metal clapper, see?

- wow! look at that! - mm-hmm. and when i shakefrom side to side, the metal clapper hits mymetal side like this. - oh, wow! hee hee hee! - hear that?- clear as a bell. and different bells makedifferent sounds, depending on their size. little bells makehigher sounds. - oh. look, look, look!

dorothy is imagining elmoringing a little bell. one little ringy dingy.ha ha ha! - and really big bellsmake very low sounds. - hmm. whoa! ha ha ha! whee! whoa! yay! ha ha ha! oh.thank you, dorothy, and thank you, bell. - glad i could chime in.

- boy. elmo loves bells.oh, and so does dorothy. that's why dorothy wants usto sing "the bell song." - ooh. can i sing, too? - does bell know the song? - oh. it rings a bell. - then sing alongwith elmo, everybody! ♪ do do do do ♪ ♪ bells, bells, bells,bells, bells, bells ♪ ♪ bells, bells,bells, bells, bells ♪

elmo can't hear you. oh. say good-bye, dorothy. say good-bye, bell. - ♪ good-bye ♪ - bell, do you like to dance? - dance? i'm thebelle of the ball! - ♪ do bop a do do do do ♪ - ♪ do do do ♪ - ♪ da da da daring-a-ding-ding-ding ♪

- ♪ ring-a-ding-ding-ding ♪ - ♪ that's elmo's world ♪ ooh. good-bye! elmo loves you! bye-bye!- see you later. - aw. thank you. - "sesame street" was broughtto you today by the letter, uh--by the letter,uh--huh. i can't remember. let's rethink the day. ooh. there it is!

what letter is that?- "p"! - right. "p" isthe letter of the day. now, what's today's number? what number is it?- 12! - right. 12 is the number ofthe day, so "sesame street" was brought to you today bythe letter "p" and by the number 12! this is murray saying,see you next time on the street. peace!

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