Wednesday, December 21, 2016

puppets gif

["the working class goes to heaven"] yep, the cranium we are buying beckenbauer 400 million and we buy riva and who'll give you the money? lumu, we're not desperate like you coffee? do you want coffee?

how are you my love? my love... my love all here... the brain in the brain there is thecentral headquarters it decides makes projects, programs andgives the go to production they see and the machine(?) starts to move arms, legs, mouth, tongue... everything it starts to move and...

takes up food, which is its raw material what you talking about? one. time to eat... what a discovery! the food... goes down here isthe machine that crunches it and it's ready for exit the same as in a factory so? the same as in a factory! yes, so what? a shit... makingfactory!

shit, shit, shit! whyso early in the morning?! no, no, listen... sorry...think about it... imagine if it had a price! everyone nice and happy with theirassured income... - oh shut up- instead nothing... theydon't know where to put it! shut that mouth of yours... it pollutes water you arturo will be forcedto eat it when you bigger with the excuse that its goodfor preventing cancer

leave him alone what is he a boy? he's a fake... a fake a martian lunatic... workers! workers! do it for your student comrades it is 8 in the morning! when youcome out it will already be dark today for you thesunlight will not shine you will be doing piecework...8 hours of piecework and you will come out old empty

convinced you have earnedyourselves a day-wage and instead you will havebeen robbed! yes, robbed! of 8 hours... it's not with pieceworkthat you have to earn more money but with your involvement as a worker... who sends you? why don't yougo back to university to study? they earn more, they the owners earn 100 workers! you are entering prison! today, after 8 hoursof work, it will be dark for you today the lightof the sun will not shine

workers! to splitowners from union leaders we propose a revolutionary alliancebetween workers and students between workers and students... more money less work! good morning workers! thedirector wishes you good work in your interest, treat the machineyou have been given with love take care of it... security measures suggested bythe factory guarantee your safety your health depends on yourrelationship with your machine

respect its needs... and don't forget that a machine incondition equals a productive one good work! hey, come on... pass through... lulu, two new workers... for tomorrowi won't them ready to work... understood? menne tarcindio... of manfredonia... what is it? municipality of chiave what doi care what your name is? you see... lost the rhythm...

between one ball and theother some 30 lire less... iã­m sorry, i didn't know silence... this work even a monkey could do so even you can do it lost the rhythm stand up! like that you produce half- i have a prostate problem either you sign miss work,or i fine you or you stand up but if i stand i have to goand piss all the time... you want me to go and piss all the time?what the hell am i supposed to do here?

why don't you go to the insurance?- what insurance... i either work or piss i told them 200 times -come on, you should behappy -the prostate maintains your heartbeat you're losing 2 seconds on the return- why don't you do the work leech you didn't cut your hair? then, asaccording to the security measures... like female manual have to wear a cap piss off! workers! the unionistshave called for an assembly go to it united and askthat they open up politically everything and immediately!more income, less labor!

who pays those guys? united against the unionists who pays those guys?they know everything they're trying a "splitting" maneuver and organized... forme, here there are spies but why the union leader? [more income, less work!] they've taken me for a charity menne tarcisio of manfredonia- menne, and the other one?

quaranta salvatore, born in lecce massa ludovico, known as lulu lombardia, nearly switzerland this one is eustaquia narcisa. sit down both of you if you also want my food take ittake it because anyway iã­m not hungry i've got a split in here excuse me mr. massa, a curiosity,how do you work so fast? it's that in the factory iget bored i break my balls

so i work, what am i supposed to do? listen to this concept: life is a winningpost, banner everyone on the racing-track we're all running here i am a little champion inhere she knows it doesn't she? it's true and then there are the "terroni",like this one eastern sicily that are all commuters they arrive in the morningalready tired and i screw them on the rhythm i was able to make 25,000 lirein a month of piecework, 25 cards but pedaling eh! pedalingbecause i concentrate

because i am concentrated, concentrated i have the technique forconcentrating... she knows it i fix something with my brain i think of a bum her bum thereã­s not much else todo here, what d'you expect since we have to work, let's work without fussing understood? work!without fussing -yes yes

yes i understood, butyou... how old are you? i've been working for 15 years,i worked twice with varnish... lulu. lulu! we haveto redo the work times ready? ready. we have to check the piecework boss, iã­m going to smoke a cigarette let me see allow me? 14. 35.

12. 28. 12. 30. 8. 27. 12. 27. 10. 32. 10. 30. stop! do you want a cigarette? yield more no!?

production on this machine has toincrease from 115 to 320 an hour it's only a question of rhythm come on- you are a bastard reason. reason! bloody southerners! if he stops the car he wastes time come on you hear the noise? if he takes the pieces while theymove, he saves 3 seconds! - 3045. moving piece, 3 seconds...

30.- paura does 90. 48. 3, 3 and 3 makes 9 seconds 30. 48. listen lulu. you're not going to die inbed. you're going to die here. on the machine what difference? i'm going to smoke acigarette boss. yes. so this machine has to increaseproduction from 200 to 250 an hour, okay? boss! in you opinion when do the newtimes come into play? - immediately.

who says? - the machinessaid it, and i decide it. well we're not happy with that before fixing new times you haveto tell us how much we're pocketing first you work, thenthe management decides no no, no management. we haveto discuss this immediately. you want to increase production.then increase our salaries as well in any case all those who haveleft their work posts are fined look here. we're not in prison you know?you have to learn to discuss with us. we have to discuss!

everyone fined! what's he doing? he'sputting his hands on me! you will end badly. - ass-kisser!- i didn't invent piecework now i invented piecework sheep all of those, sheep! they talk and talk, then at theright moment they shit themselves they screw you those guys do you have a piece of land?- i don't have anything.

if i have strength i work.only that. i don't care. i concentrate. i think of that girls bum [? some sort of song in dialect] youngsters... look and learn.i'm already concentrating i'm already in another world. think only about the piece. even if itthere is no use. every piece is a hole every hole is a piece.just don't fall in the hole to not fall this thishole, think of the girls bum how to concentrate?it's all a matter of technique.

i concentrate with my brain...and think of the girls bum a piece, a bum a piece, a bum piece, bum, i think iã­m anass-kisser -not with me. why d'you say this? - an ass-kisseris one who is a slave of his boss. who knows his boss? the factory it's not like the hairdressers this is why i work at myshop and not at the factory

but the boss is there and if he feel like ithe will even kick you in the factory... the boss isnot there. he's got his place switzerland, america l- legastan- what? you're ill even tonight? it's reforming, reforming the return of the ulcer tonight its ulcer, one night itsheadache, another it's backache

all excuses. i'm fed up. you have to tell me now do you. why not? you're never in the mood it's three months iã­ve been takingthe pill... - stop it, stop it stop it... you stop it. no. i say stop. give it a cut... cut it, cut it what d'you want to cut?

where are you going now?don't go into the living room. i'm not going to make a mess i told you to not go intothe living room stay here but why? isn't there a television there also?- if you want to watch tv you can watch it here. [he mutters incomprehensible about makinglove to her] -what you muttering about? what? yeah. you try and do it fake hair poor man... it's all real dear -no you seem fake... fake hair- why should i have fake hair? '

yes and fake breasts -noit's all my own stuff dear fake nails... - all my ownstuff, don't look for excuses go and visit the doctor...go... go to the doctor what d'you mean i look for excuses,what excuses? what d'you think,i have a machine between my legs? i don't remember you know what i say to you? that i onlyget the urge in the morning -hm, morning in the evening nothing, in the morning... wheni go to the factory, i would even do it 3 times but you're not're in the shop

in the shop... in the evening nothing... i don't know... it's probably fatigue damn it! don't you want to understand that tomake 20 cards more each month i bust myself! and they attack me,tease me, they question me and iã­m the one thatsuffers... like a dog... like a dog! come on... come on... - leave it don't behave like this my love

come here my love workers! the three unitedunions call you to fight! against the rhythms, against politics to fight for healthand to earn more money and to have more time to bewith your children and wives when you made 1000 piecesa day they gave you 300 lire now you make 3000 with the new timesand the piecework has remained the same this means for them anincrease in profits of millions whilst for you only the prices increase

everything is more expensive exceptout labor which they get for free piecework should be paidmore! more pieces, more money! [another voice] less pieces,more money, less work! workers! workers! impose on theunions a revolutionary platform! piecework is non-contractable!it must be abolished! the factory is a prison, andfrom prison there is escape! lets fix our feet to the ground, ouraim is to improve the piecework contract! let's show the owners our strength! this is the voice ofthe three united unions

everything! today!... you have to give us the 10,000lire this week because we need them no, no... iã­m not givinganything -what d'you mean i live like the shitand maintain your child and you live with mywife and keep my child...? no no sir, at least you help your child, instead of that child at homewho is not even your relative and anyway his father should do that... but the father doesn'tgive anything, he refuses to

he's a worker, you understand? i can't take the boy andthrow him down the toilet... well this iã­m not interestedin... sort yourself out you know... of course iã­ll sort myself out- i won't give anything hey! i was actuallythinking about you... come on... why don't you confess to me that youwere lying about not knowing men... eh? come on... a cousin in the countryside? [something in dialect]

hey but you always thinkabout the same things you eh? why, what d'you expect meto think about... paradise? and why not? it's here paradise... here isparadise... - hey stop it... massa! what you doing sir... iã­ll break him... slowly... slowly... the money you losewe'll give you... we'll do a collection massa, they want you on the phone,

it's the administration... theywant you to clean the toilets... you would have to break you spine tokeep up with me! break your spine... you'll break your spine becauseiã­m not doing piecework... they'd have to break their spinesto keep up with me... - massa the life of a man is the only one... think of old age...think of when you'll have your broken spine...from arthritis... in hospital with bronchitis... half blind and deaf... and without a friend...- i'll break you... break you...

break your head... make your guts spill out... break the spine... the spine... go... go... what did you do? - it'snothing... nothing... what did you do? the finger! let me see' -whatfinger? no... it's nothing... go back to work! massa has injuredhimself... stop working! \ stop, stop... there's been an accident!

strike! strike! these are the presentsthat piecework gives you... let's strike together... strike!!! it's just a littlescratch... it's nothing... calm, calm though...let's not lose our minds... calm why you pulling back now eh? - i'm not pullingback, i want to reflect you understand... assembly!!!this is the result of piecework! you cut our times,and we cut our fingers! assembly!

i can to visit my son -come in, come in he's over there? yes, over there. hello, i came to visit armando did you hear about thebad news? - what happened? what? he didn't tellyou that i lost a finger good morning! - good evening even they didn't know i had lost my finger?- we didn't know anything about it... armando, what you doing?- hi daddy, iã­m drawing 'even you didn't know that daddylost his finger? - let me see!

here you go!- dear dear!! so that guy didn't say anything?- i didn't want to worry everyone yes, he's right -whatsort of reasoning is that? a guy loses his finger... seems important thatat least his son should know, at least... no? the finger of a father, for theson, is always the finger of a father yes, but you should also haveother things to worry about even with 9 fingers a fathershould have money for his son unless someone is interestedin twisting the truth... iã­m going out

where you going daddy? i'm going for a moment to thebranch... - come back soon please shouldn't he have called him uncle?- it just comes out like that... spontaneously spontaneous? brainwashing... yeah... iã­m stupid... stupid... to be called father you haveto pay... now the father is him grandmother... be quiet ginevra... can i have aword? - stay here my dear... don't you start! - what... no i won'tdo anything, who is the father?

stay calm and stay put...- what have i done? everything! what have i done? what havei done? - and don't touch me what have i done? don't do as you alwaysdo... don't touch me... leave me... leave me... leave me... i don't want toanymore... leave me... leave me... go, go! [background music says "happiness"] how is your finger my love? eh?

does it hurt today my love? you went into the living roomyesterday... iã­ve told you many times not to go there was a mess everywhere... i even found ash on the ground.and me there cleaning. there were 1,000 lire missing last nightmy love... - straighten the cutlery! aligned! who was it that took 1000lire...? it's that guy that robs! what d'you mean that guy! you took them to give them to yourwife... and she's not missing things eh...?

you could have just asked meeh... i couldn't find them... straight the pepper! straight! arturo saw you take them... tidy up will you!!- don't get angry with arturo now it was you my love wasn'tit? tell me the truth watch out that iã­ll stick it in! christ damn-it! have you seen the militina? have you seen the militina

have you seen the militina?- no. how old are you? - who's seen the militina?- who's seen the militina? repeats it!- who's seen the military? hi militina! i came to visit. did you hear that i lost my finger? eh? i even brought thatbook you asked me about and also the salary bags... it says... normal hours, 17,400 lire...- yeah... normal hours...

piecework... - wait a secondiã­m writing piecework... 9,918... you see iã­ve lost my finger? look here, chimpanzeejoe from stockholm... "chimpanzee really believes its a man" poor beast! - come onthem... let's check it holidays: 1,600-1,600 you pretending to write?- no no... iã­m writing... 17,400 then you tell me why you needthis stuff... - error... error listen! - yes, what is it?

what's the food like?- like the food in the factory only that at nightthey don't let me leave but where do you wantto go? - to the cafe' coffee with the comrades... by the way,do they still talk about me the comrades? they do they do... you're stilla symbol -i don't believe it i'm an asshole... - they talk aboutyou, they do... you're still a symbol so they talk... they talkbadly of me, because... there is always the "but" what is this "but"?- "but" means that...

they talk well but whenthe discussion is over they add a "but" and so down to destroy... they say... listen. listen... you promise youwon't get pissed off like last time? and why should i get pissed off? - i'mjust asking you something... talk, talk... how did you... i mean... how didyou realize you were going crazy? ' it is others who decide whenone should become mad... but... but to tell you the truth,i arrived before them, i fooled them...i already had my suspicions suspicion is like a nervous fox,sour, bitchy, villainous, reactionary

every so often some strangeness wouldcome out... - what strangeness was it? at the table... when one eats... the cutlery... has to be all nice and straight,in line, you know, like soldiers i was at the table, eating, and in that moment dreamingof being in the factory i knew that, i knew it...- you would like to know... what the hell we produce in thefactory? - this i know, i know this even those piece theymake in their millions?

no no! i know, i know...i make these piece... that are necessary fora motor this motor... and this motor then ends up in anothermachine which isn't there, it isn't there... ah, it's not there? - no imagine that one day,i met the engineer... i grabbed him by the collar and i said "what the hell are we making in this factory...what the hell are these shits for?" look iã­m going to kill, iã­ll killyou! - look iã­m going to call the nurse! be good, we're here to reason,why d'you come out with this stuff?

i reason but... heh... if they didn't take him away iwould really have strangled him but this lulu is not madnessbecause a man, a man had the rightto know what he's doing what it's for yes or no? am i right? yes, yes. -you seem them?you see all those over there? they were all workers, peasants... manual laborers, builders, policemen...

lawyers, drivers, mechanics of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, categorieseven of 6th, 8th and 16th the real crazies are not here,they're hidden in private clinics... and of course, it's understandable... just imagine if people realizedthat even the rich go crazy! it would make them cry, wouldnã­t it? they're crazy those guys, leaveit alone, don't get involved lulu, it's the money,it all starts there... we're part of the same group...owners and slaves

we become mad because we have too little,and they because they have too much and so, in this hell, on this planet full of hospitals, lunatic-asylums... cemeteries, factories... barracks and buses... the brain slowly slowly... runs away it goes on strike... on strike...see you later have a nice stay -thank you strike, strike, strike...

hey, where you going? away! actually it's me who has to leave...- oh yes, i always get it wrong. bye! lulu! when they admit you... bring weapons comrades. managementhas suspended 6 workers following the agitation bornfrom your indignation... of the accident received bymassa, victim of the work rhythms

but we will be clear to thedirectors and owners of the factory that if they don't remove their suspensionswe will... united, i mean united! we will shift ourstruggle to a tougher level workers! to the violence of owners,we reply with the violence of workers! [another] to violence of owners, werespond with the unity of unions... [another] who pays those guys? union unity! union unity! down with the owners! always with these damn things in theear... i have to ask for some information

who are those who were suspended? me first of all... - yeah but apart fromyou - de simoni, de antoni, delori... and all these guys supposedly acted the heroesbecause of my finger? yes for you.for you, for your finger... not for your finger! for the class war! owners are more arrogant... - but why didn'tthey suspend you? because he's a "straighty"' they know iã­m good at my work. owners! bourgeoisie!only a few months left! good morning workers!

the director wishes you good work respect its needs... and don't forget thata machine in condition equals a productive one hi piero! hey howã­s it going? hey lulu! finally! - i lost my finger. from when that disgrace happenedto you production has gone down 7% 7% it went down! here we have to do like before... we have tofind that spirit of collaboration between you...

which had made ourfactory a jewel! a jewel! ' in which the interests of theworkers and capital combined! i say this for you, iam a worker like you' what d'you think i get in my pockets? we want to destroy everything for a stupiddiscussion on the timings of piecework no no no, and no. i guaranteewe are not going back! for four poor guys who wesuspended, we are not going back... even if it means paying, i tell you... you agree?

you lulu are with us aren't you? "militina" says hi -okay, andgood work! - to work! to work! your under the average.your rhythm is below 80 sorry mr. stop-watch, but i time myselfaccording to my speed of masturbation you understand? work "terrone" if you don't want toreturn to living amongst pigs -shut up! [singing] love, love is beautiful!!! [singing in dialect] my love my love my love...

fuck love...! at night i sleep... lulu how is your finger? [something in dialect,possibly:] really great... come on! work! work! what shall i do? ' leech! obey the boss,you have to check me... lulu! what are you doing?your output is very low you have to make an effort, otherwise you'lllose the piecework (bonus). understood?

maybe in these few days ofholiday you became rusty? rusted my penis! look here, look at this stuff, look! what did you think leech? it's not thati can't... it's that i don't want to! i have other thoughts in my head but the times you're doing is like kids woulddo. - kids? yeah, kids who go to school... its all a fake that... what you don't thinkwe're treated like kids who go to nursery school? in fact, who go tothe house of correction look that if you continue like this,not only do you lose the bonus

but you go under the averageand i have to fine you oh yes the fine! the fine!i was forgetting about the fine! why don't you just fineme! come on fine me! but then you'll have to giveme back everything you stole from me wheni worked before... you'll have to shit everything out!even the finger! what is this? a pipe and this? - a trumpet

and this one? a calendar, and thatã­s aprotractor and a flower-pot these pens... always in disorder... why you laughing? because iã­m happy you see... iã­m happy how's it going with the finger?- the finger is no longer there do you feel less crazy? what d'you think i care...finger more or finger less... think about this carefully...

what does this finger make you think of?- "luzelle" no. the penis! - youallude to the male organ? just that! if we want to follow this through... you feelthat finger is as if you were castrated look that since the accident my rhythm hasincreased... i do it even 3 times a night listen, joking apart... what d'youthink of me, what have they told you? i have always like women... iã­mnormal, like all the others... if i separated from my wife, it'sbecause of questions of character with lydia, the hairdresser,she attracts me just like the first time...

we care for each other and she's the sort of woman who wouldsplit herself into 4 piece for me. and we even have somesaved money, just imagine! you like money? - of course and yet since the accident you show clear signs of problemstowards work and therefore towards money why?- yes exactly, why? [sign: impartial] it's red, let yourself get searched...

but i don't rob oh come on,the "impartial" decides not us the search massa! come on!- take your hands off me! worker! don't let yourself get searched!violence in labor follows you everywhere! ...your body and you mind!- what are you saying!? what are you saying!? they think you are the thieves,but they are the thieves! we have to perceive where they hidetheir profits, created with your blood! with your lives, with your work,don't let them search your bodies! ...and your minds! and now where are you going? to spendyour free time? and how do you spend it?

in front of the television?or talking about football? about juventus... you have to phonedaniele and make decisions... eh? or maybe time passes and your wifecome home... and what do you tell her? or maybe you go and work another job, becausethe money your boss gives you isn't enough? damn you! damn you! why do you get angry with me? get angry with the directors!if you're so strong, get angry with them! pick on a work-mate! tomorrow morning, when you go back to work,pick on a director if you're brave enough!

comrade, come on! come on!i'll break you! you have to forget it! go to your dad go! join us instead of faking! lulu? what is this, life? this is life? stop it and go away! - let him pass! slave, slave! 8 hours of work andon sunday the football game! shame! shame on you! you onlyknow how to do this? you're only capable of doing this! you'rea slave and nothing else! you understand!?

so. here until now only the negativeaspect of piecework has been spoken about but my dear comrades, the 20,000 lireof piecework... iã­ll throw them in the bag i think the pieceworkis important, i mean... when we open up the bag and thereã­s20,000 lire in there, what's the problem? [general yelling] fuck off! we're fed up of hearing good thingsabout piecework whilst they exploit us! we're fed up of this, let's vote! i'm for the piecework but negotiateddown to the last penny... i mean, to obtain the maximum possible...

listen! listen! i repeat... for who hasn't understood,or has just arrived... who is in favor of the immediate abolishmentof piecework raise your hand! 1, 2, 3, 4... 1212 votes, 12 votes! one moment! one moment! slaves! slaves! slaves! who is for an reasoned fightthat leads us to negotiate through a representative.

piecework, moment by moment,situation by situation raise your hand! wait! listen! i propose something... this: who is in favor of strikingto the end, raise your hand! 1, 2, 3, 4... 12 now we vote on another proposal. whois in favor of a reasoned action... that beginning on monday, for twohours a day, we strike... raise you hand! this is the answer to provocations...

because it's the majority that decides,democratically, you understand back there? we created these assemblies byfighting and now you sabotage them! no, no... let him talk please... it's you, all your fault andthe piecework that i got ill! you don't think about the conditionsover there... the humidity! go and try! now iã­m going up to talk! - go massa! i don't know what to call you... workmen, comrades, workers...i don't know stop it! come here and talkinto the microphone, come here!

just to talk for a moment...the student, the student outside said that we come in when it's dark,and leave when it's dark what sort of life is ours? whilst we're at it, why don'twe double the piecework? eh? then we can work on sunday too, maybewe could work throughout the night... actually maybe we could bringin our children and wives we force the children to work, whilstour wives stuff a sandwich in our mouths and we just go on and on withouta break, onwards! onwards! onwards for these 4damn lire, until we die!

and so from thishell... always with no break... we pass directly to the other hell! listen to me carefully massa,you who talk so much now... where were you when we all withthe comrades of the unions created the union in this factory,of the b.a.n.? eh? answer? where was i? i was a piecework laborer. i followed the politics of the unionists, i worked for productivity, iincreased output, increased it!

hurray! you're right! 'and now? and now what have i become?i've become a beast, a beast... you are a beast, not us! the student outside says... he says that we are like machines!understood? that i am a machine! i am a nut, i am a screw, i am a transmission belt, i am a pump! but for me, my pump is broken, i don't have it anymore, andthere's no way of fixing it now

i propose this: to immediately leave work, everyone! and who doesn't immediatelyleave work now, is a scoundrel! is a shit-face! massa! wait', listen to me... the breaking of union unity, whichwith great effort we conquered... - re-enters the political game that theowners play... we have to be all united if we really want to win an extremist and adventurist politics,would dissolve itself...

therefore try to understand!comrade massa! let's try to all understand,we have to remain united! united! look at the tramps how theyrun! they wait for the workers! the shit-faced workers! go and have fun, you who have money! waiting for the workers,look how they run! how did it go?- i said what i had to... a few concepts they're still going in those guys! come on! let's go to the other side!

losers! fascists! coward! ass-kisser!! at what time does thisshift end? - now! let's go! to the gates! to the gates! here we are. look at thisstuff. there's nothing here. this was a place where iworked. building frames. empty now. the owner is inprison. for fraudulent bankruptcy. here we are. we'll stop here,put on the heating- -but iã­m cold! listen is it really yourfirst time? - well...

let's not waste time, we'll strip,put our clothes back there... \ come on, we're well here... but how does one do this... iã­mscared -scared? come on... but you'll hurt me...- no, let me guide you you're not going to hurt me? - no, i won'tdo anything... come on... i won't hurt you if i feel bad you'll helpme? - put them behind... wait wait... i haven't taken anything off.i have to take everything off... trousers... hey! i have a mini-bar here! i'm a teetotaler. i don'tdrink... iã­m scared...

scared of what? throwit down, throw it down! why are you taking your trousersoff? - i'm also taking off my underwear no, underwear no...- everything, everything hold something -yes,iã­ll hold the underwear i'm taking everythingoff -i want a kiss take this off... - no, not this... who knows what will happen? - no, no, you'll seethat nothing will happen. it's good for you. now get up while turning...- but iã­m hitting my head! look! - but it's complicatedno it's not complicated...

careful with the gear-shift! youhave to only be careful with the gear. be very careful. now i just do this...- ouch! the steering wheel! ouch! the gear! listen,iã­m scared -come on! what's there to bescared of? - yes, but... look, look, only this armhere -but iã­m embarrassed! the gear! ouch! like that!

your hurting me! - but no! but come on... how am i hurtingyou? did i hurt you just now? yes! you hurt me! - no,i didn't do anything no no, wait, now you're hurting me calmly... - where do i go? wait, wait... ok. the leg no? the leg! come on, listen to me... put... - where? where do i put it? - the foot? yes.

if you put you foot...- don't pull! no, come on! i have the gear! - there!what's the problem!? come here. come here! pass me... pass me the other foot... lean it there... hair... hair, hair! how damn cold it is! there you go, finished! finished! nice. it's a year iã­ve hadit, but i still look at it.

nothing to say... nice car... you have no idea what pleasureyou gave me, because... that ugly pig over theredoesn't attract me anymore! so you see, you want to beti finish off like militina? i had blamed the factory... allday there... pedaling! i mean... how? at 31 years? - ididn't feel anything haha... felt nothing! i just feel pain, that's all... and now? now what?

is this love? love? love... love... is done. and when it's doneit's done. and one returns to oneself. exactly. like animals? like animals. i have hands, feet and a penis,like animals... so... just like animals. the nicest thing is that whenit's done... it's done, no? go to hell. take me home. i have to wash myself.

women... the first timethey don't feel anything. they feel it at 30. there's no need to insult you should pay your lulu for thisnice maneuver he made for himself reality is reality... there'snothing else. [sign: every hour isan hour of our life] comrades, your assembly hasdecided on 2 hours of strikes for the regularization of the piecework. the three united unions inviteyou to not attempt provocations...

workers! 2 hours of striking are not enoughto resolve the problem of piecework! come! workers! don't let yourselves be fooled! no, no, no!enough of these provocations! why all these police?it's a peaceful strike of only two hours! calm down, calm down... we have to guaranteethe freedom of the worker! workers, comrades!do not accept provocations. calm down! neither from the policenor from the extremists! workers!they have called the police...

we have to remain united! workers! follow the example ofyour comrades that are here with us! two hours of striking are useless!better to stay outside all day and night! rather than working at the factory! for36,000 lire a month, i pay it with my life! what are your intentions? - todayno one goes in. not even the directors but the police is around. what are wesupposed to do? - the police is always around. and if it isn't, there's always someloser who calls them... - of course! the factory works when we are inside. but if weare outside, why would the directors go inside? yes ok. ok. but for us,the moment hasn't arrived

neither here nor anywhereto create a confrontation! for you there has never been a momentfor a confrontation, neither with the ownersnor with the police! listen listen... as if i stillhaven't understood you... we will continue to strike for two hours a dayuntil we get what we demand, is that clear!? in the assembly we decided on two hours,not a revolution! two hours of strikes! and which side are you on? calm, calm... today thedirectors will not enter! let's go.

form the picket-lines up here! comrades!the committee of worker-students calls you to fightfor the abolition of piecework! no one must go into thefactory, not even the directors! outside, outside in the cold with us. these directors who scientificallyorganize your exploitation. comrade-workers! picket-lines arethe strength of the working-class! the expression of class discipline! everyone must be in the picket-lines

the other scoundrels must fightagainst the strength of united unions! let them get out of their cars! make way, make way... let them pass! let us know who you are!let me show us their faces! my god! these guys will geton! i hate... hate violence! workers! united! let'snot let anyone pass! where you going? where you going!?it's dangerous... get down! get down! i'll pull off your ear!what are you going to do? what you going to do in there?- no, not the ears!

give me the microphone... tell everyone whatyou're going to do in there! - i'm not going!! what d'you mean yournot going? - inside... you're not going you stay here... stay here... here with us...he's not going inside come on... let's pull him up...tell the others you're not going inside! go back! back... back! calm... stay calm... i say this for you... good morning engineer...there's a bit of disorder here,

a workers strike, you go ahead...we'll take care of everything... stop! go away! where you going engineer!?where you going? don't take me with you! help! help! come on! i'm an employee... i havenothing to do with this! yes? - it's me. are you alone? - with who should i be? here, take these. - comein. come in... come on.

you got hurt again eh? but! come on... this is my wife. she works at a hairdressers these are the comrades. - what are they? students no? arturo! - leave him there,then he'll learn something he's a student to no? - arturo!

out! house full of strangers... i was missing something... ah... at least we meet people- yes, what nice faces we see if you were head how i talk... youwon't understand a word! i'm missing the clip... - whichone's that? - the one with the dog. there it is. they're fugitives. - you brought themto not be alone in the house with me. let's not let them recognize us...and take this stuff off your head.

come on. come over there. who is it? - it's me. come in! - hey there... we'reso hungry here... the engineer collapsedand they took him to a doctor... all the newspapers are talking about it! where is the kitchen? 8 wounded among thepolice... we had 20 hurt you going to make a sandwich there? hey! you were photographed!

what do they say about this in the city? the unionists are isolated... beaten! lydia... be good...i forgot to tell you that these fugitives will sleep herefor two or three nights... hey let me see! - yes, sorry,there's the televisions are there any eggs?- no, there are none left. the theory is correct.the struggle against the whole. if we had a strong revolutionary party, we would reach the critical pointwithin a few months...

the workers are ready forpower... forget the piecework the workers? the workers?this guy is totally incapable! i know workers... forget communism... listen... go across the road andborrow a few eggs... be good no! you go and get them yourself,there's your communism... what's communism go to do with it? of course it's got something to do. becauseafter you will behave like that -the eggs! when you go to rome to govern,what will you do? what will you do!?

we'll get rid of allthe bosses no? obviously! what would you be withouta boss? a starving wreck! and instead look, they've given useverything... you have security with bosses... what are you saying? whatare you talking about? let her talk no? she cuts out the picturesof agnelli, she does! why doesn't she talk? here's you freedom and liberty... iã­ll talk, because anywayiã­ll never become a communist! never!

because iã­m for freedom, you understand! and i like mink, i like it,and one day iã­ll have it, because i deserve it, you understand?because i work! i've worked since 12 and ideserve it because iã­m good... poor arturo! - arturo! go arturo! go with you mum who'llmake a fur coat for you too! agnelli will make you a mink coat... to think that even she is exploited! poor girl!

it's just amazing... exactly the sort of contradictionsthat explode in this sort of family! the average proletarianis exploited in factory but he models himself on the examplesgiven to him on the television... newspapers... cinema...- of course, of course... he lives in misery butalways imitating his exploiter mummy, why are we leaving? what d'you want to do?what d'you want to do now? no no, stay put! put thisstuff back. put it back!

then you pay me back for allthe times iã­ve forgiven you look, iã­ll get the fur-coatfor you -you jacket arturo! stop it! - i didn't say a word... tell your mother! what did i say?what did i say? did i say anything? stop it! i can't take it anymore! stay here with us.even the students are here! stay here... arturo come with me!he's not your father that guy... you idiot! no, not the kid! not the kid! go with you mother... come on...with done enough embarrassing things in here

what you crying about? lulu just pretends to care about you. don'tyou remember the slaps he gave you? stop it! she's not gone to call anyone!- i think that girl went to call the police! she votes for the christiandemocrats but sheã­s good... please... listen... you tell come on! don't get offended lulu...we'll see you later lulu... it is 7:45... go back to work calmly...but remember, watch out for provocationsand don't play the owners' game there will be a workers assemblyin the canteen

with the three united unions...thank you! watch out for provocations! don'taccept the unionist blackmail the unionists are theslaves of the owners! they are reformists! to the violence of the owners,respond with revolutionary violence! sabotage production and refuse to work! workers! don't letyourselves be insulted! massa, you can't come in... - what d'youmean can't come in? just wait a moment... there is a letter for you. - whatletter? why can't i come in?

they're not letting me in! there! you see whathappens with your extremism? you have to get in the middle of the road!a worker is not a daddy's boy! enough! i won't do anything... staycalm... - lulu! you see? i've lost my job! first they run me over,then they fire me! they want me dead!strike! strike comrade-workers!let's go on strike! to the assembly!- wait for us massa!

this one they will pay for...let's have an assembly! ...but a worker like me?where do i go? where are we going? eh?are we going to school? to the theatre? to the cemetery?to our mums? where do we go?where? where!? where is the little one with the beard? at the "pizacar" school what d'you meanat the pizacar? i lost my job! lulu! lulu! who made you do it!? come on! your brain turnedupside-down! who made you do it?

and to think you were the engineersfavorite! have you gone mad? go away! go away! stay calm lulu! go home a sleep! go on lulu! massa! massa! listen.the assembly is long and tough... listen... don't get discouraged...- tell me the truth! at the exit. wait for me at the exit.stay calm. at the exit massa! at the exit? what's the result? is it good? listen lulu. the assembly has rejectedthe proposal of a long-term strike

now we will try again?- rejected it?! we will return and try again, listen to the workers...maybe trying again they will be convinced... the assembly has decided to not leavethe current plan of struggle i knew it, i knew it...- you know what they're like. you see lulu, the situation is aboutadjusting the piecework... here it's not about making arevolution... you are always doing somersaults look that each time we go on strike,it's not only the owner who losses out it's also us who don't bring home any understand?! the money! look, the 10,000 lire formaintaining the kid, iã­ll give it to you now!

and give the kid this letter...he'll frame it... damn it! they rejected me... you can't keep them... he needs them.go and give him them! - lulu?! lulu. i assure you that theunions will defend you to the end. i don't care. - but yoube careful. help us. try and understand -what do i care? isolation is ugly lulu... be careful... now i have to go inside... stay calm. this is an occupied school!

at this moment students discuss theessential problems of their life! they discuss politics. parents are asked to leaveand return to their houses! to watch television!- excuse me! excuse me! he knows me. i'm the guy from the b.a.n.i lost my job, my finger... you remember? where do i go? - over there! why do you let himpass? why can he pass? would you be students as well?- we are sicilian immigrants. look at him... look at him over there...

hey it's me lulu... it's me. you heard that i lost myjob? - i know, i know... i know, i know... you're here sleeping. butthis morning you could have come over there... we can't be everywhere but at least you? - i do what ican... there are still few of us. yesterday we were in the in the schools. and tomorrow maybe we'll be down there... yes... the lunatic-asylum with militina... we try, with our work, to makethe contradictions explode.

to change this way of life... - butyou've changed me 'cause i lost my job. it's because whilst you obey your bossno one touches you... then you become aware and your fucked. but this you already knew, didn'tyou lulu? it's not new to you. i'm not stupid. even i knowhow things stand, even i do. leave now!- why? let's go with thesestudents in front of the factory no? we are divided, and we are few. - few? i have to eat, eat! you understand? - youshould know that one always finds food.

i don't what charity eh... imagine i never said anything.look, iã­ll just pedal... indifferent yours is an individual case, a personalcase, and this is not what interests us. we want a class-based story... youwant a personal story? you want mine? what do i care about a personal story? look me in the face. i'm 30years old. look at my condition! don't shout! - i've only done threeexams, iã­m sick with pyorrhoea i got factory-intoxicated...- and i have pyorrhoea ok? massa where were you? - where have youpopped out of? we were waiting for you

what do i have to do now? - whatdo i care what you have to do? do whatever you like. thereare a thousand ways to live. try to change. try to change!to not live as you were used to. stay here with us. now you'reunemployed you can do what you like. anyway, something toeat is always found. if you feel like it, you caneven be a full-time activist. listen... don't try and befunny. keep your hands down! massa you will be hired again! i've taken decisions that... iknow what i have to do for myself...

goodbye and best wishes again! massa why don't you stayhere? - you are a student. yes it's true, iã­m a student - inthe evenings... - you are a student! of course! i work and i payfor my studies! don't talk shit. and what are you, astudent too now? - me? why? tell everyone to leave...- why don't you stay here? yeah... with the students! the worker has to make italone... even for three people before in the factory you didn't haveanything to do... you can't go away like this!

listen. to hire you again we will need to fight.why are you going? don't isolate yourself!stay with your friends, it's better for you... damn it! arturo!- hi lulu! you all look like little workers! what you doing around here? nothing. i'm here. i came to see you. i'm glad. mother never comesto pick me up at school. i go home alone.

instead i came to meet you... didn't i? and your son armando what'she doing? is he with you? it's a while that i don't see him one day we'll take a trip together -haveto see if my mum let's me go with you she has such a character that one! what does she say aboutme now, your mother? she always says, "thatdisgrace", and then she cries. why do you always shout? you like to be with me? - yes

you look like small workers! which way are you going? i go that way, no? - andi go this way... bye. see you! - yeah... bye! the storm that moved over the atlantic,moved slowly towards kazakhstan... it's been raining piss for 10 days on all oflombardia... 100 dead and 10 disappeared... - 20 [a nonsense rhyme] how are you today...?- well...

if you tighten your eyebrows,you get a brilliant plan but ugo...if you want to become mad as i am... believe have to return to the factory i became mad in the factory. [nonsense talked in the background] down with this wall... the wall... down... down... down with this wall! i brought that stuff.

the wall! massa! we got our first victory!they transferred the engineer! lulu! we know you're there! come out! open up! what you doing in there alone? come out! go back to the factory!- lulu, the comrades need you! massa! now you're a symbol... you have to comeout... all the comrades are waiting for you! you understand that 30% of theworkers went on strike with us today? you have to come out... to the gates! lulu, even you have to participate inthe fight if you want to be hired again!

come outside, come on! i'm selling everything... everything... emigrate... emigrate... couple in love... 1,500 1,500... if they give them to me...two days work. dark small tablewith foreign stamp... 30 hours work! 5,000 lire

picture of a clown...10 hours... 24,000 lire puppets... 5,000 radio and book of "promessi sposi"... 10,000 in switzerland, 15,000 in milan...they'll give it to me here. crystal vase... with plastic... 2,000 lire' this one... even brings bad luck various animals... prizes. all natives

if i meet that guy who had theidea to make all this stuff... wizard in the kitchen openscans... prepares mayonnaise... sharpens knives magic moment [reads english] get out of here! if i meet that guy... who hasthe idea to make this stuff... it hurts my cranium! four alarm clocks? who knows why? a museum...

where did i put them... memories... one day iã­ll put myself in here... bitch of a cow! look for them! here they are. nice packet... packet of stocks one day iã­ll put myself in there...go in there... damn it. what you doing, checking? checking?you're falling now? being a ghost? to scare me? toscare me? what you checking?! i'll break you! what you checking?i'll break you!

he checks! what are you checking? look mum! ' the duck exploded. wall... the wall. wall... the wall who is it? - it's us! open up! is your dad not here? - yes he is. quickly, wake him up!tell him it's important! what is it? - there's a man. lulu, there are people! - there'sa man who want to speak with you

he said it was important -who is it? excuse me? - it's twoor three of them... come in! excuse us... it's something important. come into the living room,lulu will come right away. lulu! we did it! you have been hired again!you're going back to work! we signed tonight, at 2. we goteverything! even on the piecework! lulu, what you gave was decisive

well? aren't you happy? - i'm happy. you want some "grappa"? well, i told you we would succeed. you told me.- this is the result of union unity just imagine,it's the first time in the province that they hire a worker firedfor political reasons. important isn't it?- damn! the first time? militina... - who is militina?they didn't hire him again. those were other we are much stronger

more aware... today wescare them... don't we lulu? lulu, you see? are you happy? i am. come forward too...- come forward bassi! you want coffee? i'll go make coffee. well then... yourhealth! "chin-chin"! is it true? - of course. worker-comrades! we have brought victoryon the two aims we had given ourselves! the re-hiring of massa, and theregulation of piecework... - workers!

but the fight has not ended... ...still dark! today, after 8 hoursof forced labor, you will come out and will be dark again!the sun, for you, today... will not shine! you might see a littleof it if the boss gives you permission! workers! rebel! what you gained today, isnot because of the unions! but to your will to fight!fight with us students! your immediate aim is,and will be, all and at once! work! slaves!

you behaved badly... theyput you on the assembly line! look at the man's destiny! i was back there dreaming... hey!you hear me? i'm talking to you! what? i was there dreaming!- dreaming of what? a wall! - massa dreamt of... what are they saying? i don'tunderstand? i can't hear! massa dreamt of a wall! - dreamof a wall! massa! an ass? i was there dreaming of awall... i was... i was dead no?!

who? - i died! massa dreamt that hewas dead! - who died?! i was buried alive... and militinaleft me... - massa died? nice dream! militina? - at a certainpoint, militina says... he explains... - he says he died! who militina? - militina died! he died in the lunatic asylum!- no, militina didn't die! militina says... he shouts... - whatdid militina say? - militina shouted! he says... let's break everythingan go inside!? - we're going inside!

yeah, let's break everythingand take over paradise! where is that? where? i don't know that, inside thewall... on the other side of paradise... he says, let's breakeverything and go inside i don't say anything... andanyway... i have a tremendous vision! just imagine! there was a guy with his headin one place and his body 10 meters away. i still remember it.down with this wall! down with this wall!down with the wall... and the wall went down!

it went down. - yes but whatwas there!? what was there? inside this wall? there was fog. - what fog? yes, but what was there in this fog? at first nothing. then i started tolook, and i saw militina come out of it who? - militina! who is militina? a guy at the lunatic asylum then i saw a manual-laborer,an idiot with a missing finger and i said, who is that? and ithought... but that's me! holy shit!

try to fix it! one by oneyou all came forward... we were all there... in the the dust, in the fog... but what does it mean?- what does it mean!? 3, 6, 42, eternal century here... hey napoli! 6, 7, 42! wow he's slow in understandingthat guy... what does it mean? it means that if there's a wall toknock down we knock it down, no?! wow, he's slow that guy! damn... i understood massa! - but i haven't yetunderstood you... who you are, what you want...

i want to immediately knockdown the wall, that's who i am! was i there? was i there? - i don'tknow, i think so... where was i!? in the fog? in paradise?is there fog in paradise was i there? - i don't knowif even you were there! what do i care? - why don'tyou have a nice dream then?! at the lunatic asylum, was i there?inside the wall? look! even i wasn't there...there was no one there! forget what i said!

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