Thursday, December 29, 2016

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felicia day: i think we're readyto broadcast "vaginal fantasy book club."hello everybody. are you here? because we're here. bonnie burton: yay. veronica belmont: hello. kiala kazebee: hi. felicia day: all-- [garbled]

kiala kazebee: what? veronica belmont: so felicia'shaving a little technical-- bonnie burton: i don't knowwhat's happening. [laughter] bonnie burton: we are live. veronica belmont: we aredefinitely live, yes. bonnie burton: oh, god. kiala kazebee: felicia'shaving some technical difficulties.

felicia day: hi, everybody. i am clearly on the worstconnection ever. [inaudible] fine until we startedbroadcasting, and then now it's terrible. anyway, welcome to "vaginalfantasy," everyone. bonnie burton: it's canada. felicia day: yes. i'm in canada, andunfortunately, i am not as

clear or as awesomeas i could be. so the ladies will take overif i crash somehow. but regardless, we are here, andit is our tenth hangout, and we are very happyto be here. and everybody introducethemselves again, if you don't know everybody. bonnie burton: ok. i'm bonnie, bonnie burton. and my dog sophie's to theleft, or that way.

and i dressed up. i dressed up. so i'm wearing my red shirt. veronica belmont: uh-oh. that's trouble. kiala kazebee: no, no. bonnie burton: you'regonna die. bonnie burton: it's areally good shirt. and i have my spock ears on.

i don't know if youcan see that. spock ears. so i tried. i tried to dress up. and i have an r2-d2pumpkin, too. felicia day: at least you putsome effort in, bonnie. bonnie burton: i did. kiala kazebee: jeez. felicia day: i put zero,because i'm traveling.

what about you, kiala? do you have an excuse? because i saw you tweeting aboutyour costume all week. kiala kazebee: i-- yeah. i couldn't think of anything. hi, i'm kiala. but also, i couldn'tthink of anything. i have, like, a green velvetcape in my closet.

veronica belmont: ooh. kiala kazebee: i do. and i have a mask, buti couldn't figure out what that was. like, i couldn't make it intoanything, and then i just gave up. 'cause i'm the worst. bonnie burton: awww. kiala kazebee: i know. felicia day: well, at leastyou had a little bit of

imagination in the intention,and then in bailing on it, at least you went through somecreative process, right? kiala kazebee: i did, and iengaged with social media. like i do. felicia day: well, that'salways the key. and then we have veronicabelmont. veronica belmont: helo, i am-- i tried. i'm wearing my gersbermsshirt.

ermahgerd, you guys,gersberms. kiala kazebee: gersberms. veronica belmont: i've literallywore this shirt on every single show that i do thisweek, so you've probably seen it on me already. anyway, yeah. i'm veronica. i don't have a costume,really. i was going to do my cosplayoutfit, but then i got lazy.

i'm not going to any halloweenparties or anything this week. bonnie burton: me neither. kiala kazebee: me neither. veronica belmont: i'm going toa grown-ups, no-kids-allowed, no-costumes-allowed partytomorrow night. felicia day: why is itno costumes allowed? i've never heard of a halloweenparty that-- veronica belmont: it'stoo much pressure. it's too much pressure.

kiala kazebee: really? veronica belmont: we justwant to drink, yeah. bonnie burton: so i hate doingcostumes, so i always do last-minute costumes. so last year i put sponges allover me when i went to the lucasfilm halloween party, wheni was still at lucasfilm, and i put sponges all over me,and i went as self-absorbed. but no one-- felicia day: ohh.

bonnie burton: no one got it. veronica belmont: funny. that took me a second. bonnie burton: absolutelyno one got it. some little kid was like, that'sthe worst spongebob squarepants costume ever. veronica belmont: i draggeddown the veronica barrier. kiala kazebee: yay! oh, god.

we are doing good workon this show. we are breaking down barriers. veronica belmont: breakingdown barriers. felicia day: we figured you werein the ghetto for long enough, veronica. we actually-- veronica belmont: the ghetto. felicia day: because of googlehangouts, the way it works, everybody's in alphabeticalorder by first name, i guess.

veronica belmont: yes, yeah. that makes sense. felicia day: so our geek andsundry account was under the name of my co-producer, kimevey, and that's why there was a veronica barrier. and we had to literallychange it to zim evey. veronica belmont: oh, that'swhy it changed? veronica belmont: oh,i feel so special. wow.

i brought about, like, greatchange within the whatever. that's funny. felicia day: well, you blessedsomeone to have their first name as zim. veronica belmont: i feellike real people now, like i'm a real-- kiala kazebee: like "invaderzim." i've watched that. veronica belmont: totally. totally.

that's a good one. felicia day: i don't likethe fact that you're so close to us now. veronica belmont: i'm sorry. i know. i'm getting my non-"guild"cooties all over everybody. felicia day: awww. veronica belmont: they'rewafting over. felicia day: i have to doanother season now.

veronica belmont: oh, but i amespecially bummed out, because i had big plans to do "poisonstudy"-themed cocktails, and bonnie can attest. and i totally just forgot,like 100% forgot. bonnie burton: i wasgoing to do it too. i have my giant wine glass, butbecause i have bronchitis, it's full of vitamin water. veronica belmont: is thatwhat's in there? bonnie burton: yeah.

it's actually the defensevitamin water. so i'm pretending it's booze,but yeah, i'm too sick, so i can't booze it up. sorry. kiala kazebee: you've beensick for weeks, bonnie. i'm really concernedabout you. bonnie burton: i am too. i'm starting to feel like i'mgetting the zombie plague. i've been sick for--

since, like, three months now? veronica belmont: you'vebeen sick for so long. bonnie burton: yeah, it startedwith cold, and then whooping cough, and thenbronchitis, and then-- kiala kazebee: can adultsget whooping cough? kiala kazebee: yeah. kiala kazebee: i had no idea. veronica belmont: there's beena whooping cough thing going on this year.

bonnie burton: and i was healthyfor like a week, and then i got those bronchitisout of nowhere. veronica belmont: ihad to teach her how to cough properly. felicia day: did you getvaccinated for whooping cough? bonnie burton: i know. i don't want to cough intomy elbow and get lipstick on my shirt. kiala kazebee: onyou red shirt?

bonnie burton: can'ti just do this? can't i just do theconsumption? i need like a little-- veronica belmont: don't jokeabout the consumption, bonnie. felicia day: oh. veronica belmont: there'snothing funny about the consumption. bonnie burton: i need a littlelace handkerchief so you see the little droplets of bloodand know that i'm

going to die soon. felicia day: i always wantedthat when i was a kid, not knowing that it was terrible. i always wanted-- veronica belmont: well,i didn't even get-- when i had the consumption,i didn't even get my coughing rag. that's right, you had it. kiala kazebee: youhad consumption.

veronica belmont: i hadtuberculosis, yes. i'm a tuberculoid. felicia day: how is thatpossible in this day and age? where did you get it? veronica belmont: did yougo to south america? bonnie burton: no. lower haight. veronica belmont:lower haight. kiala kazebee: yeah, therewas a tb breakout.

when i was living in thecastro, there was one. veronica belmont: oh, really? same thing. veronica belmont: i got coughedon by the wrong person, apparently. who knows? but anyway, we are wildlydigressing. we haven't even startedto talk about what it is we do here.

felicia day: ok. what we are doing is "vaginalfantasy." we have a book club, and every month, we read a mainbook, and we have an alt pick that we try to touchon at the end. and our forums talk about thebooks during the month, and we sort of round up-- bonnie burton: [coughs] felicia day: and this-- wasthat a good summary? what was that weird cough?

oh, bonnie. bonnie burton: thatwas me, sorry. felicia day: that's all right. it was good-- bonnie burton: i'm tryingto cough away from the microphone. felicia day: no worries. so basically, thismonth, well-- we have people on the forums whointeract, but also we have

a lot of local hangouts. if you have a hankering tomeet other people who are reading books in the club, wehave tons of local meet-ups. in fact, our first new york citymeet-up is going to be november 2 at argo. veronica belmont: oh, yes. and we are actually having a-- bonnie burton: isit still there? felicia day: i--

i hope so. good point. you're right. she tweeted me yesterday. i hope you're stillhaving a hangout. oh, boy. veronica belmont: we're having abay area hangout on the 11th of november, on 11/11. felicia day: whereare you going?

veronica belmont: we're doing itat borderlands, i believe, at the borderlands cafe. kiala kazebee: oh, i hopethat cat is there. veronica belmont: no. bonnie burton: ilove that cat. veronica belmont: ishe still around? i thought maybe he-- kiala kazebee: did he? oh, is he not around?

veronica belmont: i'mnot 100% sure. bonnie burton: whoa, really? aw. veronica belmont: i thinkhe's still around. he's really cool. he's a sphinx, andhe's adorable. felicia day: somebodyshould bring a cat. veronica belmont:i have plenty. felicia day: well, i'll haveto do an [inaudible] when i

get back from traveling. i'm going right to-- i'm going to australia. felicia day: yes, and i thinkwe're trying to get a meet-up there in brisbane, too. so-- veronica belmont:i'm so jealous. felicia day: yeah, igotta jump on the-- i know, i'm reallyexcited, guys.

i've never been to australia. it's a very long flight,and i don't know what to do with myself. veronica belmont: i've alwayswanted to go, but there's so many tiny things thatcan kill you there. felicia day: you canprobably get-- veronica belmont: like koalas. bonnie burton: veronica. veronica belmont: there's somany tiny little things that

can kill you. it's like the little greenoctopuses, octopi. kiala kazebee: you'retalking about koalas again, aren't you. veronica belmont: octopussy.(giggling) i just said a bad thing. bonnie burton: koalaswill cut you. bonnie burton: koalasare dangerous. they--

they're like ewoks. they're cute, but-- veronica belmont: yeah, andthe platypi, with their spines, with their-- bonnie burton: they'vegot these, like, claws, shred you up. veronica belmont: yeah, theygot their little hooks. bonnie burton: they're likelittle wolverines. felicia day: no, that'a honey badger.

you're thinking of a honey-- kiala kazebee: no, that'sa slow loris. you're thinking-- bonnie burton: no, koalasare deadly. veronica belmont: i don't thinkwe're thinking about slow lorii. bonnie burton: koalasare deadly. felicia day: ok, anyway. veronica belmont: slow loriiis the name of my--

kiala kazebee: tumblr. veronica belmont: chat room,slow lorii is the name of my what cover band? come on, chat room. felicia hates this game. come up with a good one. felicia day: i hatethis game so much. i can never think of any. that's why i hate it so much.

veronica belmont: they'll comeup with one, and then i'll scream it out randomly. felicia day: anyway, if youenjoy this club-- which if you're basing it on thisviewing alone, you probably aren't. felicia day: if you enjoyromance in fiction and want to meet up with local people, wehave a whole list on our forums on goodreads. and the link is either belowor on

all right. this month's book. let's get to it. we had two books. "poison study" was-- well, ourmain was "master of crows," and then it was pointed outafter the broadcast that-- veronica belmont: slowlorii is the name of my rush cover band. veronica belmont: thank

you, brit c. [laughter] felicia day: thank bonnie burton: so "master ofcrows" was my main pick, but unfortunately it's aself-published novel, or is it has a very small press,e-book only. and so we had a huge controversyon the forums, whether we should switch them,and i went ahead and switched them because there were manypeople on there who only read paper books.

we have a couple herein our group who only read paper books. so we didn't want todisenfranchise paper book readers, so i switchedthe main and the alt. which caused even morecontroversy later because of sort of the ilk of "poisonstudy." now we'll get to that, but what was the-- did you guys readthe alt as well? veronica belmont: yeah,i read both.

kiala kazebee: i didn't read-- i read some of it. bonnie burton: i brokemy kindle rule. i read it. so the theme i picked were twowomen who were sort of-- the heroines in both thesebooks, "poison study" and "master of crows" are sort ofat the mercy of the male protagonist, and that's why ithought they kind of went-- bonnie burton: this is thekindle one, the "master of

crows." felicia day: yeah. so "poison study" is by mariasnyder, and it's a book about a fantasy, alt-fantasy worldwhere a woman is a prisoner and then she becomes theruler's poison-taster, basically has to eatall the food. and let's see. kiala, you start. what did you think of"poison study?"

kiala kazebee: um, i didn't-- i didn't love it. i-- i really-- i felt like it was a kindof bad "hunger games." veronica belmont: really? i wanted-- i wanted to like it. i really did want to like it.

i just felt like it was, likethe exposition was too exposition-y. and i just-- i don't know. the character didn'tdraw me in. i felt like it was a littletoo easy to read. and i don't know. i just couldn't get into it. i'm sorry.

i hate not liking a book. felicia day: no, that's ok. kiala kazebee: nowi'm gonna go cry. bonnie burton: that'sall right, kiala. they can't all becthulhu erotica. felicia day: oh, boy. well, we'll go down morespecific stuff, because in every book, there's good thingsto find and then things we don't like as much.

and we'll go over the charactersand the lore. let's just go over overallimpressions. bonnie, what did you think? bonnie burton: ok, so i-- hm. ok, so i would always be eatingor drinking when i was reading this, which kindof warped me a little. because there's a lot ofdescriptions of how you're supposed to poison-taste.

and i'm always intrigued bythat, because i have this old book that's like the big book ofpoisons for writers, and it tells you how to write shortstories to kill people with poison and have the rightkind of reactions. 'cause i always hate readingbooks that people die of poisons, but they don'tdie the right way, and all that stuff. veronica belmont: hate that. bonnie burton: so i wasdefinitely intrigued by it.

like, i thought it wasinteresting, but at the same time, it didn't-- i just didn't compelme enough. and i also thoughtshe was just-- as a character, i didn't likeher as much as i wanted to. it's yolanda? how do you pronounce her name? veronica belmont: yelena. bonnie burton: yelena.

and i just, i don't know. for some reason, i just-- she talks a lot about filth,too, and we'll get to that later when we talk about theonly freakin' sex scene. which is pretty disgusting. bonnie burton: yeah, 'causewhere they're having sex is like, eww. but anyway, there's just a lotof like, i don't know. i felt sorry for her, becausein the beginning, she's in a

dungeon, and then she becomesthe taster so she doesn't die. but you're kind of-- throughout the whole book, i'mlike, man, i would've just picked death, because she-- she just doesn't havea good time throughout this whole thing. and also, it felt more likea young adult book. it didn't feel likean adult book. bonnie burton: becausethere was hardly

anything adult about it. felicia day: yeah, thatwas interesting. bonnie burton: it kind of feltlike i-- it wasn't that i felt like i was reading "hungergames," because that's definitely a differentkind of book. but all the way throughit, i'm like, is she ever gonna have sex? or is this one of those bookswhere throughout the whole thing, she has to ordeal majorstuff and learn about herself

and learn about all herendurance and history and blah-de-blah, blah, blah,and then finally, she gets to kiss a dude? i was just, like, neh. i was more intrigued by the sidecharacters, which happens a lot with me when weread these books. but we can talk aboutthat later. but my overall impression was itwas like a young adult book on how to not dieof poisoning.

kiala kazebee: oh my god. um, veronica, whatdid you think? veronica belmont: i actuallykind of liked it. i thought it was good. i didn't think it was up toour normal levels of sexy times, obviously, because therewere virtually none. and i remember checking in ataround 40% of the way through, being like, uh, so guys? this-- is this gonna--

is this gonna get a littlemore exciting in the sexy times department? but i definitely get theyoung adult vibe. i didn't even think of "thehunger games." i'm only kind of seeing that comparison nowthat you've made that point. but i liked yelena. i thought she was kind of astrong character, and i liked a lot of the decisionsshe made. i question some of her motives,i guess, but i

thought the characterswere cool. i'm not explaining this verywell for some reason. maybe it's becausei've already had half a glass of wine. but i did like it. i did enjoy the book. i read it pretty quickly, too. bonnie burton: yeah,it was a fast read. felicia day: yeah, well i readthis a long time ago and i

remember loving it. and this is the first in atrilogy, and i remember this being, i thought, the strongestbook in the trilogy. and then when i was rereadingit, i saw a lot of things that i don't remember, which yeah-- i remember it being a lot moreromantic, and then when i reread it, it had a lot lessromance than i thought. as well as it was muchmore young adult in nature than i thought.

maybe it's because it was oneof my first forays into romance-y books,so i thought-- somehow perceived thatit was bigger. but this caused a hugecontroversy in a really interesting thread on the forum,because some people were like, i don't even thinkthis qualifies as a book that should be in this club. so i was wondering if you guyswanted to go down the line, just talking about, what do youguys think qualifies as a

"vaginal fantasy" book? one that we wouldread in this-- bonnie burton: onethat we've read? or one that should read. felicia day: well, thatwe should read. like, we should haveguidelines? or should there be a minimumstandard of romance in it? is it ok to just havea female lead in it? should it always havea female lead in it?

veronica belmont: yeah, i kindof came across some of these questions myself this week,because i was trying to think of-- because it's supposed to bemy pick this month, and so i was kind of going through alot of the suggestions that were being made in the forumsand on twitter, and trying to figure out really whatconstitutes a pick for this club, and being like, well,it's hard to tell, judging from a lot of the descriptionsthat i'm reading on goodreads and on the web, whether or notthis has the right amount of

romance in it. it's really difficult to knowunless you have someone who's read it before. and fortunately for us, a lot ofthe time either felicia or kiala has actually read thebooks, or at least is very familiar with the author, so wehave some kind of idea of what to expect in termsof the romance quotient in that story. so yeah.

i think it needs to have alittle more romance in "poison study." that felt a little bittoo young adult for me. i like it when a book that weread gives you that kind of like ooohh! kind of feel. like i we need alittle oohhhh! that's why we're readingthese books. that's kind of why it'sthe point of the club. bonnie burton: we needsome titillation.

veronica belmont: a littletitillation. bonnie burton: but yeah. we need some, like, whewww! so we need to blush a little[inaudible] the book. veronica belmont: we need to atleast put it on a 1 on the felicia blush-o-meter. felicia day: all right, sominimum requirement, we need to have a strong romance. but we're saying we have tohave, like, naughty parts.

there has to be some part inevery book we read from here on out that makes youblush, felicia. felicia day: well-- all right. kiala kazebee: that'snot that hard. bonnie burton: that'sreally good measure. felicia day: i mean, sometimesit's hard to know if a book-- it reads like it's going to havea romance, but then it doesn't have, like--

bonnie burton: i'm pretty sureyou could tell by the cover of most of our books. if the guy's like half-nakedand she's being caressed, and he's got-- felicia day: well, that'sa guarantee. but yeah. i'm-- ok. i'll give you that one.

i mean, "master of crows," ithink if you read it, is probably more along the linesof what we would consider a "vaginal fantasy" book, becausethere are several racy scenes in it. i think that were reallyracy, personally. veronica belmont: mm-hm. bonnie burton: well yeah, butshe's also half-naked in the cover, so that's agood indication. felicia day: yeah, all right.

so half-naked people on thecover is probably-- veronica belmont: so we shouldjudge a book by its cover, is what you're saying. bonnie burton: yes. this is what this genre is. veronica belmont: weshould absolutely. bonnie burton: it'sthe bodice-ripper. i mean, that's what theseare supposed to be. kiala kazebee: well, haveyou guys read--

i think it's-- is it "lady inthe forest" or "lady of sherwood?" felicia day: oh yeah. the [inaudible] marillier, right? kiala kazebee: i think-- no, not those. the ones where it's the robinhood story, but told from the point of view of marian?

bonnie burton: oh yeah,those are great. and those have a really strongromance component. i mean, it's huge. and then also, and there's somesex, but it's not like super explicit, but it'sdefinitely hot and heavy in a bodice-rippy kind of way,but it's not explicit. and i'm wondering, would thatfall into this, to "vaginal fantasy" or not? felicia day: i mean,i think that we

should read good books. i don't know if we should havelike a sex litmus test. veronica belmont: but that'skind of what we're out to do. we're trying to find that happymedium between like a book that's-- like we said in the panelat dragon*con. like, we want it to be able tostand alone by itself without the titillation, but we also-- that's part of the reason.

we're having fun talking aboutthis stuff because a, it cracks this up, it makesus giggle, it's fun. and it's something that a lot ofus wouldn't normally read. we're trying to promote thisgenre that we think is exciting and fun and has somemerit to it as well in the literature department. so i think all those elementshave to kind of come together in the perfect storm of a"vaginal fantasy" pick. bonnie burton: but it's alsokind of fun to make fun of the

really way-out sex scenes. because i mean, we've read somebooks in the past where it's like-- especially, remember thatshape-shifter book? felicia day: well, the[inaudible] shape-shifter last month was kind of like, whoa. i mean, wait, i mean, he wasrubbing vanilla lotion on himself and it was most uneroticthing possible. you know, and it's also aquestion-- like sometimes,

some books kind of getput in an erotica category but still have-- and it's like, can we picksomething that's too racy? because i'm always concernedabout picking something that's like, whoa, dude! bonnie burton: well, i mean,we sort of did that with cthulhu erotica, because thecthulhu erotica did have, technically, erotica in it. but i think we got through it--

but that was an anthology. that wasn't just one story. so there were plentyto choose from. but i don't know, like imentioned different stuff like "story of o," and like actualerotica books that are considered classic erotica, thatare actually taught in colleges, too. so they have a literaturecomponent to them. they're not just smut.

and we haven't readany of those. felicia day: yeah, i think it'simportant that we pick things that aren't just forsmut's sake or [inaudible] boring. because honestly, i've read alot of books like that, and they it gets very repetitiveplot-wise. because obviously they'reconstructing, the authors are constructing it to fit inthis genre, which is a little bit out.

because i really, i love readingromance, but within the confines of a futuristicworld or a medieval world. kiala kazebee: oh! oh! the youtube-- oh, i'm sorry. bonnie burton: go ahead. kiala kazebee: oh, the youtubechat is saying that the books i was talking about isjennifer roberson.

did you-- felicia day: oh, yes. kiala kazebee: yes, andthen have you read the tiger and del books? because i think that those fall directly into our category. so i'm sorry. i just-- felicia day: oh, no,those are good.

well, maybe we can do thoseafter next month. bonnie burton: and i like thatwe do a paranormal element and a historical novel element andsteampunk and all that, because obviously i don't wantto just read straight-up bodice-ripper. like i mean, i read "fiftyshades of grey," but i would never wish that on anyone. so i don't want us to--you know what i mean? felicia day: no, i would neverwant to read a romance novel

where it's just like, he's a hitman, and she's on the run, like in our world. if it's on another planet,they can do that. but i don't know, for somereason, i can't take it seriously if it's real life. i can't either. it has to have some sort ofparanormal element to it or i just start giggling. um, ok, well, i'm glad that we--and then everybody can

continue to discuss that. and you know, as we go along, wewill open up suggestions to the club, so maybe you guys onthe forums could be able to pick the month after next, ordecember, maybe, we'll just put it on the forum. so we'll be able to mix it up alittle bit, so we rotate and everything like that. let's get back to"poison study." felicia day: we had some reallyinteresting comments

about the story. sarah on the forums thought thatthe issue of trust was a really interesting theme in thebook, which i thought was really interesting as well. and then there were a lot ofcomments on the ending about the dungeon scene, where theyfinally got together, and we get all of yelena's backstory,telling all the backstory to her love interest, and thenthey have sex on a really dirty floor.

which was like-- bonnie burton: yeah, ok. yeah, so i wanted tobring that up. so the only sex scene we get--'cause there's hints that sadly, she was raped byher previous owners or captors or whatever. thankfully it does not go intogreat detail on that, because i hate books like that. i don't want to readrape stories.

it's just not-- yyech. and it makes me feel really-- itmakes me feel worse, and it takes me out of aromance book-- felicia day: oh, i just readthis horrible book-- that was suggested on the forums,actually-- by johanna lindsey, "prisonerof mine," or something. guys, this was thew-- this book. i was just like, i cannotget into this book. veronica belmont: whatwas bad about it?

felicia day: well, first of all,the whole set-up for the book is it's medieval, and theset-up for the book is that the heroine basicallyassaults the hero. [canned laughter sound effect] felicia day: and everything fromthere is this horrible, abusive relationship-- bonnie burton: did you justuse a sound effect? veronica. felicia day: did youuse a sound effect?

veronica belmont: ididn't do that. felicia day: do it again. veronica belmont: nope. bonnie burton: see, this is whygoogle+ uses thus in their presentations, is because weplay with all their sound effects and freakingmasks and stuff. anyhoo-- yes, it was just wayover the line. i cannot see that there's anyromance in there, when you

start your relationship withassaulting each other, or during the relationship. but a lot of people actually hada problem with this book, because they felt like it waslike a munchausen syndrome, where yelena, being captiveto the spymaster-- felicia day: they fellin love because she was captive to him. which i didn't get at all, evenon the second reading-- bonnie burton: wait, is thatcalled munchausen?

kiala kazebee: i thinkyou mean stockholm. it's stockholm syndrome. felicia day: oh, what'smunchausen syndrome? kiala kazebee: munchausen byproxy is where the parents make their kids sick? you know like in "thesixth sense?" veronica belmont: oh,that's funny. do you guys watch "top gear?" veronica belmont:that's funny.

they were doing that same joke,where he was calling it the helsinki syndrome, and theywere like, i think you mean the stockholm syndrome. bonnie burton: let'sjust call it the haight & ashbury syndrome. veronica belmont: thehaight-ashbury syndrome. bonnie burton: yeah, i kind ofthought that too, because i kept reading the book, and i'mlike, who's she actually going to have sex with?

because the two guards, jacoband ari, i thought were gay. so i just put them off as liketwo gay guys that were-- which is hot, to me-- but ididn't think of them as like love interests. and then everybody else inher life beats her or is just kind of a jerk. and then when we got to thecommander being transgendered, i was like, i am so confusedat this point, i don't even know what's going on anymore.

veronica belmont: why, youdidn't think that-- i thought that was kindof awesome, actually. bonnie burton: no, i didn'tthink it was bad. i didn't think it was bad. i was just confused. because i'm like, 'cause you getglimpses of this woman in furs or something. doesn't she have like a visionor something, and she sees the commander as a woman, and she'slike, oh, that's weird.

and then it doesn't getrevisited until the very, very end, when he's in his coma stateor whatever, and that's when you find out. and it just felt likean afterthought. i felt like if you're going todo something like that in a book, really explore it. don't just mention it once as aweird dream, and then at the very end, have this hugething about it. like, bring it up more.

to me, i was just like, why isthis even in here if you're just bringing it up asan afterthought? and then the fact that she hassex on a dungeon floor-- i mean, there's vomit-- veronica belmont: i'msorry, i thought that was kind of awesome. i don't know why you guysdon't like that. bonnie burton: crap,are you serious? would you do that, veronica?

would you have sex ona dungeon floor? veronica belmont: if i thoughti was going to die? definitely. bonnie burton: ew! felicia day: oh, yeah. veronica belmont: definitely. felicia day: yes, if you'regonna die, and that was the last time you could ever-- kiala kazebee: yeah, i'dtotally do that.

yeah. veronica belmont: yeah, see? nope, sorry, bonnie. kiala kazebee: that partdidn't bother me. it did bother me that she justsuddenly came on to-- is it valek? or valick. bonnie burton: yeah, valek. kiala kazebee: valek.

she came onto him, like-- wasthat right after we find out about what happen to her? or are we still-- felicia day: right after. it's right after. i mean, it just-- felicia day: that's whata couple people on the forum said. bonnie burton: it kind of cameout of nowhere, 'cause she

didn't actually seem like shewas attracted to him at all during the book, at all. felicia day: no-- kiala kazebee: it didn'treally describe him. veronica belmont: ithought she did. i thought ashley on the forumshad some really great points. she mentioned thegoing after-- what's his-- i can't remember his name.

kiala kazebee: rand? veronica belmont:the main guy. bonnie burton: valek? veronica belmont: valek. felicia day: rand? the cook? no, the main male character. felicia day: oh, the bad guy. kiala kazebee: no.

brazell? valek? felicia day: oh, valek, yes. kiala kazebee: the good guy. not reyad-- veronica belmont: themain good guy. also i agree with ashley aswell, that the reyad lame ghost situation wasjust, like-- what the hell?

veronica belmont: ghostfollowing her did not make any sense at all. kiala kazebee: i don't know. veronica belmont: maybethat was part of her magic or something. bonnie burton: i thought itwas like a weird "hamlet" thing, like maybe-- bonnie burton: she killed him,she was haunted by her conscience.

or i-- that was-- kiala kazebee: yeah, i got"hamlet" too, but i've been rewatching all of "sons ofanarchy," so that's-- bonnie burton: yeah,that'll do it. veronica belmont: and why didmark hate her so much? bonnie burton: 'causemark's a-- mark's a freakin'-- you know. i can't say it.

kiala kazebee: she's a jerk. felicia day: she's a jerk. bonnie burton: ok,put it this way. have you ever worked in anoffice, and there was like an older woman that's like asupervisor that hates all the young women that comeinto the office? that's what she's like. kiala kazebee: that's like me. veronica belmont: that'slike me in ten years.

kiala kazebee: that'stotally me. it's like a mean littleoffice thing. it's like at everyjob i've had. bonnie burton: well, notcurrently, but you know, other jobs i've had, where you comein, and if you're younger, then the older woman that's incharge, she'll just totally be rude to you. it's like what happened in "madmen." just watch "mad men." you'll see it.

felicia day: there werea couple people-- holly mentioned that-- did you figure outthe butterfly dust really was not-- bonnie burton: oh, yeah. kiala kazebee: yeah,right away. felicia day: and also, rhapsodywanted to know, did you want to eat the creo or-- veronica belmont: yes.

veronica belmont: yes, i thoughtit was like a rolo. veronica belmont: yes! me-- veronica belmont: no, what isthe one, the cadbury flakes, the cadbury flake-- bonnie burton: you knowwhat i thought it was? those chocolates that youget at christmas. you know those ones thatare wrapped in gold, and they're crunchy?

veronica belmont: maybe,like a truffle? felicia day: oh, fair rosay? one of those ferrar roche? veronica belmont: roche,like a roche! yes, like a roche! yeah, totally. felicia day: that's whati thought it was. veronica belmont: yeah. i was like, i wouldtotally do that.

i don't care if my brainturned to mush. veronica belmont: how didthe commander not-- how is he/she not at all-- he. he self-identifies as male. i should say he. felicia day: right. bonnie burton: right. veronica belmont: howwould he not be suspicious of this candy?

this is the stupidest thing i'veever heard in my life. kiala kazebee: and he's givingit to her every morning. veronica belmont: nom,nom, nom, nom. i test all of my food, but thiscandy from brazell, who's like one of my, you know-- kiala kazebee: mymortal enemy. veronica belmont: i'm justgonna keep eating this. bonnie burton: i don't thinkthey had chocolate there. because remember, they talkabout they remember coffee,

but they hadn't hadcoffee in so long. so i kind of feel like chocolatefalls under the coffee category, where maybethey haven't had chocolate in so long, everyone forgot what ittastes like, and it became this huge delicacy, and that'swhy he's like, screw it, i'll just eat it all the time. and then it's addictive. felicia day: i think that someof those plot things were a little obvious, and i think thateven hinted at that young

adult nature. because when i first read this,i was enamored of it. i loved it. lots of people on the forumsloved the book as well. so there were some-- i don't think the storytellingis quite a complicated because it's on more of a young adultlevel than it was on an adult level, where it was likemore mystery threads. the thing that i found mostfascinating, re-reading it,

that i never noticed before,is that this is a messed-up government that thiswoman/man-- man-- has imposed on everyone. like, ok. everyone gets paid exactly whatthey need and no more. no one goes hungry. they're fed by the state. if you commit any crime, you'rebasically a prisoner and you're killed.

you can never claimself-defense. you're just killed. bonnie burton: or accident. or accident. everyone wears a uniform. felicia day: like thiscrazy communist-- bonnie burton: and they renamedall the countries by letter and number. veronica belmont: that wasa little "hunger game"-y.

that was a little"hunger game"-y. bonnie burton: yeah, you don'tget any sense of identity. and i thought it-- [inaudible] was pretty bad. like i was like, i don't wantto live in this world. this world sucks. veronica belmont: that's whyshe gets out, so she can go live in the awesome magicalworld that's over on the other side of the mountainsor whatever.

that place sounds way better. but did anyone think she wasgoing to hook up with rand? because that's what i thoughtwas going to happen. felicia day: really? veronica belmont: so i know aguy named rand, and for the whole book, i was justpicturing this guy. bonnie burton: ohh! veronica belmont: and itactually fits him really well. bonnie burton: because honestly,i think she should

have hooked up with him. because hooking up with thechef is pretty awesome. kiala kazebee: buthe was a jerk. veronica belmont: hewas a total jerk. bonnie burton: what? he fed her cake. veronica belmont: hesold her ass out. bonnie burton: well, later. later.

veronica belmont: hesold everybody out. bonnie burton: but beforethe betrayal, he was giving her free cake. veronica belmont: he gotwhat's coming to him. felicia day: i thoughthe was creepy. and whenever i seethe word rand, i just think rand al'thor. kiala kazebee: randal'thor, yeah. felicia day: and how i haven'tread the last three books, and

how am i ever going toread the last one? i'm going to have togo back and reread 28,000 pages of book. veronica belmont: justgive up like i did. just give up. book four. just end it. kiala kazebee: no, i'm readingthe last one right now. veronica belmont: end it.

felicia day: is thelast one out? i thought it was january. kiala kazebee: no, thelast one from last-- bonnie burton: whatbook is this? what are you talking about? veronica belmont: don't tellsanderson i said that. bonnie burton: what areyou talking about? [interposing voices] felicia day: it's an epic.

and when i was-- kiala kazebee: it's the "wheelof time" series. felicia day: when i was like13, 14, it was my messiah. i used to read them[inaudible]. bonnie burton: are you guystalking about ayn rand? veronica belmont: i get playedby the internet every time i say i gave up on book four,so i should never mention that again. kiala kazebee: you gaveup on book four?

felicia day: some of the bestones are after that though. veronica belmont: shh! don't say it loudly. the internet will kill me. felicia day: well, you justsaid it on record. kiala kazebee: i love all thetar valon stuff, and then i will skip over all thebattle scenes. i'll just skip to thetar valon stuff. i'll skip over allthe aiel stuff.

felicia day: aiel, howdo you say it? i loved all the godstuff the most. that was my favorite part, andi would skip over mat a lot. veronica belmont: bonnie,what are you doing? bonnie burton: i'm checking mytwitter, 'cause you guys are talking about a book,i have no idea what you're talking about. kiala kazebee: sorry. let's go back to--

[ominous music sound effect] felicia day: let's talk aboutthe characters, guys. oh, man. yeah, so we had a lotof comments-- veronica belmont: why does thatdo the "inception" noise? bonnie burton: that'snot right. kiala kazebee: isthis real life? felicia day: take thataway from her. um, zita and amy felt thatit was stockholm-y, their

relationship. which i don't know about that,because i really liked valek. i mean, i always likea guy with a very noble creed, though. i'm a total paladin-lover. bonnie burton: yeah, butfelicia, do you like guys throwing rocks at you? because that scene kindof pissed me off. bonnie burton: he threwa rock at her.

twice. those rocks were heavy. those were for sculptingbutterflies and panthers. those weren't light rocks. felicia day: i mean-- kiala kazebee: yeah,plus he did that. felicia day: he needs to justtend his corners a little. bonnie burton: ugh, felicia. felicia day: all right,you're right.

ok, fine. courtney on the forumssaid he was sexy. he's the closest thing to aninja i've read in a book, and ninjas are sexy. so there you go. veronica belmont: doesn't hekind of remind you of-- felicia day: yes, jocelyn. veronica belmont: jocelyn. felicia day: another guy--

kiala kazebee: he remindedme more of-- the other guy. her, oh crap, you know. her, uh, felicia day: oh, [inaudible] kiala kazebee: her trainer. no, no, no. the guy who buys her from thenight court in "kushiel's dart."

felicia day: oh, delauncy. kiala kazebee: yes. felicia day: delauncy. anael, or whatever. bonnie burton: i've got a-- i got a bit of a "kushiel'sdart" vibe from this book. it was just not-- there wasn'tany sex in it, but yeah. it was kind of-- veronica belmont: and itwasn't as well written.

bonnie burton: i'min charge of you. veronica belmont: and thecharacters weren't as interesting. bonnie burton: die ifi don't give you-- [inaudible]. well what about-- so valek, we have some-- what about yelena asa main character? uh, alithea on the forumswas appreciative that

she was not a virgin. also, a lot of people likedher acrobatic skills-- bonnie, another bonnie. and then nancy elizabethsaid, yelena is my preferred sort of hero. far from the damsel in distressbut not automatically kick-ass and a saucy minx. bonnie burton: well, she did endup killing like five guys. so i mean, she did kickass at the end.

like she turns all buffy andshe just starts cracking skulls and breaking necks. felicia day: she is surprisinglygood at everything, though. like i loved her when i firstread it, and then when i read it again, i'm like, whoa, thischick is great at-- she's great at poison. she's an amazing acrobat. she takes off everysingle thing--

bonnie burton: yeah, but to behonest, she threw up a lot. veronica belmont: yeah, shewas terrible at running. she's like me. bonnie burton: yeah, me too. i can't run. kiala kazebee: i cry. i cry when i run. veronica belmont: i cry andpuke and go cry some more. bonnie burton: yeah,i can't run.

kiala kazebee: snot rockets. bonnie burton: it's true. bonnie burton: when the zombiething happens, i'm going to be in the corner throwing up,because i can't run. so i'm gonna be-- kiala kazebee: well,neither can they. veronica belmont: well,are they fast? or are they shamblers? what kind of zombie is it?

depends on what kind ofapocalypse we have. felicia day: i liked-- oh, youknow that scene where she was flying through thetops of trees? that was my favorite scenein the whole book. bonnie burton: oh, when she"jungle book"ed it? kiala kazebee: oh, like"crouching tiger, hidden dragon?" like that. veronica belmont: "crouchingtiger, hidden yelena." [laughter]

bonnie burton: i will saythere's a lot of smearing of mud in this book. bonnie burton: and there'sa lot of-- i don't-- it's not-- ugh. this book was too descriptivein smells. i just couldn't get over it. i kept smelling likestable horse crap.

felicia day: but i thoughtthat was good. it was very sensory. i think that's good writing,when you-- bonnie burton: lots of-- i mean, i don't know if you'veever woken up in a pool of your own vomit, but that'snot a good smell to keep reading about. and that was three timesin the book. i kept counting, like-- sothere's no sex in this book,

so i was like, ok, instead ofmarking down how many times she has sex, i'm marking downhow many time she pukes. [sad trombone sound effect] bonnie burton: she threw up likeseven different times. she threw up a lotin this book. there's a lot of vomit. felicia day: whydid you give-- kiala kazebee: veronica. felicia day: a mariachiband for the vomit?

veronica belmont: it wasn'ta mariachi band. felicia day: what was it? veronica belmont: itwas a sad trombone. kiala kazebee: sad trombone. bonnie burton: sad trombone. bonnie burton: i'm really gladthere's no vomit sound effect on google+ hangout. i'm just gonna saythat right now. veronica belmont: bleeghhh.

felicia day: yeah,you're right. you know, the one thing was,one time after she puked, shortly thereafter,valek kissed her. and then i was like-- veronica belmont: ugggh! bonnie burton: it's true! it's true. and, by the way, not one mentionof brushing teeth ever in this book.

so i all i keep thinking-- veronica belmont: well,that's that era. they don't do that-- bonnie burton: worst breath. veronica belmont:i was thinking about deodorant today. veronica belmont: lifemust have been really smelly before. kiala kazebee: yeah, 'causeif i go one day--

veronica belmont: one day. i know within a couplehours if i forgot. kiala kazebee: me too. veronica belmont: likepretty quickly. felicia day: that's whyi always have a tiny one in my purse. veronica belmont: yeah, thetiny one in your bag? yeah, the tiny one. kiala kazebee: yeah,i have that.

i have that too. bonnie burton: i'd like toimagine in medieval times they had the hippie rock. you know, the rock that allthose hippies use underneath their-- you don't think so? felicia day: that's advancedtechnology. kiala kazebee: they had-- veronica belmont:that is a lie. that's like healing crystals.

kiala kazebee: they had thosepomander things that they wore around their neck andthey smelled. bonnie burton: oh. veronica belmont: oh. that's why they havescented gloves. bonnie burton: really? veronica belmont: thesmelly, you had-- kiala kazebee: yeah, 'causeit's like filled with cloves and stuff.

bonnie burton: oh, ok. anyway. i'm just saying, there was a lotof vomiting in this book. felicia day: it was a lot. i agree with you. bonnie burton: there was a lotof bodily fluids, and they weren't the right bodily fluids,let me just say that. well, we've already established,we're definitely going to try to have more sexytimes in the books, but keep

the standard of writingvery high. this one definitely-- in retrospect, there was alot less romance than i remembered. i think i'm imbued it alittle bit more, so i apologize for that. and we will hopefully makeup for it next month. bonnie burton: butyou know what? a lot of people tweeted how muchthey liked about-- they

liked the book. so there were a lot of peoplethat liked the book and want to read the series. so i don't think itwas a bad book, necessarily, for our group. i just personally prefersex over vomit. kiala kazebee: yeah, a lot ofpeople really liked the book. felicia day: i really stillenjoy the book and i would recommend it, but iunderstand why--

a lot of people didlike it, but the flipside, i agree with. let's wrap this book up so wecan talk about the alt and other things. what kind of casting areyou thinking, guys? felicia day: lovecasting broads. who would you picture as valek,and who would you picture as yelena? bonnie burton: well,yelena, yelena's

supposed to be tan, right? they describe her as havinga darker skin tone. well, she has dark hair, andi think she has light eyes? but i'm not sure. green eyes? she has green eyes, and she hasdark kind of gypsy-cast skin, they said. bonnie burton: soi pictured her-- i don't know if you guys arewatching the new "beauty and

the beast" on cw? kiala kazebee: oh, withkristin kreuk. the girl who was on"smallville," right? kiala kazebee: yep. she was lana. bonnie burton: so i kind ofpictured her as yelena. i think that's just because i'mwatching a lot of "beauty and the beast." kiala kazebee: no, that's good,because i pictured the

girl from "vampire diaries,"which is basically the same show. which, they kind of, they'reboth really super pretty. did you notice in those shows,their guns are bigger than their thighs? i don't understand that. felicia day: have you beenwatching-- did you like "beauty and the beast?"i watched the pilot. i thought it was ok.

i haven't watched it since. bonnie burton: you know what? i mean, maybe kiala caninterject, because i'm a big cw addict, so i watcheverything on cw. but i honestly-- it feels like "the nagginggirlfriend and the beast." because she's really naggy,and she only cares about finding her mom's killers, andshe constantly puts the beast in jeopardy.

because the beast isn't likethe old-school ron perlman. he's like incredible hulk kindof guy, where he had military tests done on him, and when hegets angry, he hulks out. and he's hiding from themilitary, because they want to kill him, because he's proofthat they did military experiments. he's in hiding forlike, five years. she finds him, she constantlystops by his house to talk to him about cases she's workingon, 'cause she's a detective.

she's putting him in jeopardy. like if anyone followed her,they're going to find him. and he keeps tellingher, you know what? i kind of am in hiding. and she just keepsignoring it. and on the last episode, shegot mad at him because he doesn't call her morethan once a week. i'm like, are you kidding me? you're not even dating.

it's just annoying. i like "arrow" better. felicia day: oh, but "arrow"-- i've been watching "arrow." istill enjoy it, but that guy murders probably 30people an episode. bonnie burton: he'ssupposed to! i like "arrow" 'cause it's"revenge" meets "lost" meets "batman." i mean, i like it,i'm just saying--

i'm surprised between that and"revolution," the body count on this season's tv is likethrough the roof. ok, we should probablytalk about books. ok, so casting, i picturedcamilla belle. if anybody knows her. kiala kazebee: oh, yeah! veronica belmont: yeah, youcould ugly her up a bit. bonnie burton: yeah, you couldwipe vomit on her. she'd look good in vomit.

felicia day: and valekis daniel craig. because i saw the "skyfall"trailer-- but he's supposed tobe alkaline and like skinny, and frail-y. felicia day: well, he's supposedto be a little slight, but if you rememberdaniel craig in his early years-- also, he's supposed tohave piercing blue eyes and be very proper.

bonnie burton: you knowwho i thought? you can't laugh too hardwhen i say it. bonnie burton: david bowie. veronica belmont: it's funny yousaid that, 'cause a lot of people said david bowiefor the commander. bonnie burton: yeah, yeah. kiala kazebee: oh. mm-hm. veronica belmont: and also, ithought it was a pretty great

choice, but lauren in the forumsaid tilda swinton for the commander. kiala kazebee: oh, nice. bonnie burton: i agree. veronica belmont: whichis pretty cool. that's would be agreat casting. bonnie burton: well, actually,tilda swinton might be good as the lady that's magicalthat comes in. veronica belmont: no, i saw hermore as a lucy lawless.

veronica belmont: more type. veronica belmont: vibe. bonnie burton: i thought of heras eva green, but that's just 'cause eva green was in"camelot" and i can't not think of eva greenas a witch now. bonnie burton: asa naked witch. felicia day: yeah, i know, youalways think about her naked because she looks really goodnaked, objectively. bonnie burton: she does.

she really does. kiala kazebee: she does. felicia day: she was meantto be naked, that girl. veronica belmont: wait, who arewe talking about naked? kiala kazebee: eva green. bonnie burton: eva green,in "camelot." veronica belmont: oh, i haven'tseen that show. felicia day: in anymovie she's in. wasn't she naked in one ofthe james bond movies?

i feel like she was. kiala kazebee: she was in it. felicia day: [inaudible]naked. bonnie burton: naked-ish. felicia day: i think[inaudible], where she's-- that's such a good movie. bonnie burton: by the way,someone just posted on twitter, george doggett justposted, sex over vomit is my name of my aerosmithcover band.

veronica belmont:ooh, not bad. bonnie burton: awesome. veronica belmont: not bad. let's move on to our alt book. well, so wrapping it up, we hadvarying reactions, but i think overall, if you like theblurb and like how we describe it, you will definitelylike that book. bonnie burton: i kindof-- and the second book might be better.

i feel like the secondbook would be better. bonnie burton: no, i mean,there's less romance. so if you need romance, there'sdefinitely less romance in the other two. and in fact, i kind of like hernewest series about the healer better than this one. but you know, "poison study," ithink, is a good standalone, like you could read it as astandalone or you can go on and read the series.

"master of crows,"however, i found just randomly on goodreads. bonnie burton: there's"master of crows." felicia day: and it waspublished through a very small publisher, and it's onlyavailable on kindle, so if you like that. but it's about a fantasy world,again, where a girl is sent to live with a sortof renegade magician. and she's sent to infiltrate andsort of basically root out

the fact that he's corrupted. and he is in fact corrupted. so we see a differentpoint of view. we see her point of view infalling in love with him, but still her overarching goal is tobasically entrap him to get him killed. and then he's fighting, tryingto hide this demon, or this angry god inside him that'strying to get out and basically take over the world.

veronica belmont: corruption. felicia day: so i-- and there's definitelymore romance. is much more romance-heavy. and i think if you compare thetwo books, like "poison study" has very strong lore andworld-building, versus, i think the main criticism of"master of crows," although a lot of people liked it better,especially 'cause of the romance, was the lore-buildingwas probably the weaker part

of the book. what did you guys think? i definitely agree with you onthe world-building part. because they just give youlike a few main things to accept as truth. do you know what i mean? like we have the conclave. they don't really go intoor explain what the conclave is all about.

they just, this is thisthing that exists. and then we have, youknow, this mage, this master of crows. and he has his backstory. and there's like a separateworld, or like a separate group that he kindof comes from. and we're not really going toexplain too much about that, but this exists. veronica belmont: so it juststates a lot without going

into the backstory too much. i also felt bad for martise,because i mean, i feel like half the book was taken up bythem just explaining how plain and boring she looked. bonnie burton: i know! veronica belmont: like leavethe poor thing alone. god. felicia day: yeah, a lot ofpeople commented about that. it's like, ok fine, i like thefact she's plain, but i don't

want to hear it every second. bonnie burton: yeah, itwas like a slam book. it was like-- (laughing)it was so mean. it was like in high school. veronica belmont: it wasa burn book on martise. felicia day: andthen courtney-- by the way, i reallyliked this book. and the fact that it's not themajor publisher, is even more, i think that's evenmore interesting.

and actually, the author, thesecond day, donated a portion of the proceeds from ourgroup, all the books we bought, two autism research. veronica belmont: oh, wow. felicia day: so thatwas kind of cool. veronica belmont:that's awesome. bonnie burton: cool. veronica belmont: i thoughtit was great, though. i loved so silhara.

courtney on the forumswrote this, and then it made me laugh. every time they mentioned howraspy silhara, the hero's voice was due to garroting,he became-- oh, no, it was the other guy. he became batman. this alone made the bookmuch more entertaining. bonnie burton: totally. felicia day: [inaudible]

veronica belmont: (growling)i'm silhara. bonnie burton: i totallyenvisioned batman too. it made it better. veronica belmont: insteadof bats, it's crows. bonnie burton: "master of bat." [laughter] bonnie burton: whatdid you think-- veronica belmont: andthe sex was hot. felicia day: [inaudible],bonnie?

bonnie burton: huh? felicia day: what did you thinkof the book overall? bonnie burton: i liked it. it was funny, because when i wasreading it-- now first of all, this is my firstkindle book. ever. felicia day: yay! bonnie burton: i broke mykindle rule and i read a kindle book.

so that was-- i feel like the applause metershould go up for that, because that was-- or shock meter. felicia day: veronica, where'syour applause? bonnie burton: i know, where'sthe applause sound? veronica belmont: oh, holdon, hold on, sorry. felicia day: i gota new kindle. guys, the new kindle-- [applause sound effect]

veronica belmont:i was hydrating. bonnie burton: but i missedhaving a book, so i don't think i'm going to be readingkindle books often. i still think-- do you have a new kindle? are you reading onan actual kindle? bonnie burton: i'm reading onmy phone, the kindle app. kiala kazebee: yeah, that'snot the same. felicia day: it's not--

i mean, the new kindle. veronica belmont: i'dgive you a kindle. felicia day: i have an oldkindle you can have. kiala kazebee: giveme a kindle. give me. veronica belmont: i sleepon a bed of kindles. i just get one, a newone, every week. just take one. bonnie burton: how about,veronica, just loan me--

kiala kazebee: i willtake kindles. felicia day: i willgive you a kindle. i will give you mykindle, kiala. because honestly-- yes, i will. i'll send you my old one. kiala kazebee: well,thank you. felicia day: i just gota brand new one. you can have my second-gen.

[ta-dah sound effect] that wasn't even appropriate,really. that was just superfluous. felicia day: it wasa free kindle. what's not appropriateabout that? bonnie burton: i likedthe story. i mean, it was weird, becausewhen i started reading it, it didn't feel likea romance book. it felt like this old-timey"lord of the rings" kind of--

just the language that's usedwas very eloquent and lots of big words, like someonehas a thesaurus. so it wasn't your atypical-- well because "poison study,"when you read it, it feels like it's in this time. bonnie burton: eventhough it's not. but it feels like it's thistime because the verbiage that's used, the dialogue,there's a lot of comments and mannerisms and just thingsshe says that sound very

buffy-like. so it was like-- and a lotof things that the side characters said were verylike sidekick-y type camaraderie talk. whereas with "master of crows,"it felt like this was supposed to be "lit-ra-ture."you know what i mean? veronica belmont: the writingwas very good. bonnie burton: itwas eloquent. it was eloquent.

and it was very richin detail. i don't necessarily think itshould have gone page after page after page of certaindetails, and i started to get bored and raced throughdescriptions so i could get to dialogue and action. but that's just me. i mean that's-- felicia day: i was justsurprised she doesn't have a major publishing deal.

like i think, i read so manybooks all the time, and i think the writing level of thiswas really much higher than a lot of books that i readthat have big publishers behind them. veronica belmont: absolutely. i totally agree. felicia day: i find it tobe really interesting. i like the fact that we canhighlight books and maybe explore alternate publishers.

bonnie burton: well, keep inmind, too, she might actually be making more money this way. because when you self-publishor go through smaller publishers, you have a chance tokind of erase the middleman and erase all that extrastuff that goes into paying for things. so it just may benefit her. i mean, "fifty shades of grey,"i hate to bring it up, but that was published first.

felicia day: yeah,that's true. i mean, it's a lot. it probably wouldn't-- bonnie burton: and "twilight." kat was bummed at the lackof actual crow magic. felicia day: where it'smore like, just chilling in the crow. which actually i totally get. veronica belmont: the one crowthat had any magic got like

blown up in the fourthchapter. bonnie burton: i feltbad for that crow. veronica belmont: he was like,he's like, oops, sorry. oh, well, my bad with that. bonnie burton: i know, right? i was kind of hoping itwould be, like, "the crow," where the crow-- veronica belmont: he wasn'treally the master of crows. they just kind of hungout in his orchard.

bonnie burton: theyjust hung out. felicia day: but a lot ofpeople loved the two characters. like syl loved the fact that itbegan organically and their loins didn't start pulsingimmediately. felicia day: and then the factthat martise was plain, even though it is over-mentioned,for sure. but i kind of liked thefact that it was-- she had very low self-esteem,but it was completely

justified in her character, inher backstory, in her looks, in everything. it was really, i thought,believable. as well as his isolationand his hostility it was very organic, the waythat the characters were built, and i think that wasthe strongest part of the book, is that relationship. so when they finallygot together-- i read that scenelike 50 times.

i was like, oh my gosh,it's so romantic. kiala kazebee: it sounds likeyou're describing "jane eyre." it was. because when they startedtalking about how plain she was and how dynamic he was, iwas like, this is "jane eyre." 'cause they spent so many pagestalking about how boring jane eyre was. felicia day: yeah, i couldn'tget through it. but a lot of people,you're right.

jessica said jane eyre. briana said "howl's movingcastle," which i thought was ok, yeah. felicia day: melissa said it was"beauty and the beast." so i got all of those, whichis kind of fun. bonnie burton: "beautyand the crow." veronica belmont: i bet shewasn't even that plain. i bet she wasn't eventhat plain. i bet she was actually hot.

felicia day: well, i pictureher as cate blanchett. you know, not plain, but nottraditionally gorgeous. and she has that great voice. veronica belmont: hm. felicia day: i don't know. bonnie burton: this is my onlybird that i have, by the way. veronica belmont: i can't see. where are you? where's your bird?

oh, god, i thought was like-- felicia day: oh, bonnie. veronica belmont: i wasn't onthe tab, and then i clicked back over and there'sjust this giant bird like right in my face. bonnie burton: yeah, i try notto collect dead birds, but-- i didn't get it off theroad or anything. veronica belmont: wheredo you think you get these diseases from?

veronica belmont: where do youthink this, this cough-- bonnie burton: no! veronica belmont: where doyou think you got this consumption? felicia day: it's true. a lot of people would-- veronica belmont: youhave bird flu. bonnie burton: sars, clearly. veronica belmont: bird sars.

bonnie burton: sars. veronica belmont: that'sredundant. bonnie burton: what'syour bird's name? kiala kazebee: is that-- yeah. bonnie burton: i don't havea name for him yet. maybe someone should namehim on our forums. felicia day: they should. maybe these people canname this bird before we wrap it up.

bonnie burton: do we want totalk about-- like, did anyone have questions on theforums about--? felicia day: well, holly wantsto know, again, did you think martise should have losther magic at the end? and then let's talk about--because a very interesting thread came up on this-- the fact that martise-- and this whole idea femininesuperpowers. joya started this whole threadoff of this comment by kat.

just once i want a heroine whosespecial, unique, magical gift does not have anything todo with bonding or being a vassal or sharing magic orsomething touchy-feely. i just want a heroine whowill blow crap up. felicia day: and then thisstarts a whole thread on people complaining about howmost chicks will have these healing powers and supportpowers, and they don't get to blow stuff up. bonnie burton: yeah, i agree.

why do we have the florencenightingale powers, but we don't have the-- veronica belmont: but you guys,we just read an entire book, "poison study," shehas magical power that blows shit up. bonnie burton: no, she doesn'tuse her magical power till the very end. she uses-- veronica belmont: no, she usesit several times in the

beginning and the middle of thebook where she attacks-- felicia day: she canfreeze people. veronica belmont: andshe-- well, she-- bonnie burton: oh, you mean whenshe opens her mouth and does that weird sound thing. felicia day: the weird sound,where she's like ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. veronica belmont: i thinkit said it's like bees. like a swarm of bees, like beescoming out of her mouth.

bonnie burton: is her magic thatshe sings something and people freak out? or is her magic-- felicia day: i never got whather magic exactly was. 'cause she could do a bunch ofdifferent things, and she had that ghost going aroundwith her. so it was a little vague whatyelena's power exactly were. veronica belmont: someone inthe chat room said that it explains it better later.

felicia day: yeah, in book two, it's much better explained. all her magic, the wholebook is about her-- which i didn't enjoyas much, because it was not as much valek. but i think if i reread it, iwould be like, oh, ok, it's cool if valek's not around. veronica belmont:alaskan girl. alaskan girl wants us to readthe rest of them, 'cause it

all will be revealed. bonnie burton: i do agree withthat comment, though, 'cause i'm more of the buffy field ofheroines, where i like my female heroines to be ableto hold their own. and luckily in "poison study,"she does, because she get trained by ari and jacobhow to fight. and that's good because-- andthe other woman, who's like the best woman warrior,teaches her how to use that bow.

so i kind of feel likethat was cool, 'cause she'd learned that. but i don't know. i get kind of tiredof the healing-- [car horn honks] bonnie burton: witch crap. veronica belmont:that wasn't me. that was a real sound effect. that was not--

felicia day: what? felicia day: who? veronica belmont: the horn. kiala kazebee: lies. bonnie burton: oh, thehorn is n-judah. i live right next to a train. felicia day: also, likeinvisibility and force fields, joya on the forum was talkingabout any stuff based on empathy or shyness is basically,usually what female

characters have in fantasyworlds, as much. i think there was ayoung adult book. it was about a girlwith a fire sword. i can't rememberthe name of it. it was really good. i'll link it on the forums. where she-- veronica belmont: alexcraft had real magic. veronica belmont:the wind girl.

kiala kazebee: and "mirrorof her dreams." that's-- she's, like-- felicia day: we'vegot to read that. we should read that. felicia day: is thereenough sex in that? kiala kazebee: yeah, yeah. all the stuff that she doeswith what's-his-face. felicia day: all right. maybe we'll put thaton the list.

veronica belmont: speaking ofwhich, should we talk about our next thing? felicia day: let's do castingfor this, and then we will get to-- oh, oh. there was a lot of-- i guess we're goingto probably have nsfw this video anyway. so a lot of people had aproblem with the word c-u-n-n-u-s, which i don'teven know if that's

a bad word or not. kiala kazebee: is thateven a real word? kiala kazebee: thatsounds like, they put two words together. pronounce it sesamestreet-style. bonnie burton: like, you know,they would pronounce words in sesame street, and they'd saythe first part and the second part, and then they get closer,and then the pronounce the whole word.

veronica belmont: cun. nus. kiala kazebee: nus. felicia day: is thateven a word? i don't understand it. kiala kazebee: i can't-- felicia day: anyway, everybodyhated that word in the racy parts. they were like, this is theworst word i've ever seen

felicia day: kristin took anentire star off the book just because of the useof that word. bonnie burton: wow. really? kiala kazebee: howis it pronounced? veronica belmont: is it"cunn" or "coon"-- felicia day: ok, let's nottalk about it anymore. bonnie burton: i just keptthinking mila kunis. mila kunis.

veronica belmont: all right. we'll just call it, we'll callit a mila from now on. bonnie burton: yeah,there you go. kiala kazebee: oh,that's nice. felicia day: (laughing) that'snot nice at all. bonnie burton: but anyway, ijust wanted bring up the fact that sometimes words are usedin the racy parts that are just like, whoa, stop it. just doesn't that word.

bonnie burton: well, no,we had this problem. remember we had this problem inthe shape-shifter, what was it, the shape-shifter wolfbook or whatever? wasn't there some sort of sexdescription where we're like, don't do that. don't use that word. veronica belmont: you guys areso missing out right now in the chat room. it is hilarious.

kiala kazebee: oh, god, what-- what are they saying? bonnie burton: whatare they saying? veronica belmont: they're tryingto figure out what these things mean. they're talking them out. they're like, figuring outwhat they stand for. it's really elaborate. it's cracking me up.

kiala kazebee: oh, i love it. i love it. bonnie burton: what'stwitter saying? i feel like we need to checkin with twitter more. are there any twitter questions we should be answering? veronica belmont:ha-ha, they said "cunning linguist." [laughter] veronica belmont: "cunninglinguist."

i haven't seen-- i've seen some. we have a lot of commentseverywhere. kiala kazebee: i've seen a lotof people are upset that we didn't talk about thetwo guards in-- let's talk about them. kiala kazebee: ari and jacob. veronica belmont: yeah,they were great. they were some of my favoritecharacters.

i thought they were awesome. i wish they were morein the book. bonnie burton: i actually-- i would read a whole bookjust of those two guys. like i think they should havetheir own storyline. kiala kazebee: they could havesex with each other. veronica belmont: likerosencranz and guildenstern? kiala kazebee: no,a love story. felicia day: also, in the--

veronica belmont: werethey in love? bonnie burton: in "master ofcrows," the gern and anya, and the dog which needed to bewashed really badly, but gern-- and there's were somegreat secondary characters. veronica belmont:gern is great. felicia day: definitely makesthe book [inaudible]. bonnie burton: like i could havetotally seen jacob and ari have a love triangle withthat woman warrior that was really good, that wouldn't givethem the time of day,

that was constantly tryingto impress valek. so i wanted that to happenmore than the valek/yalena thing. because i was like, these guysare awesome, and they're totally funny, and they'reengaging characters, and i totally pictured them ashot dudes, and i was totally all over that. veronica belmont: i thoughtshe was going to get it on with ari.

bonnie burton: i know, me too. veronica belmont: but ifhe's getting it on with jenko, then that's-- veronica belmont: we don'twant get in between that. bonnie burton: what'shis name? veronica belmont: jenko. bonnie burton: jenko? oh, i called him jeko. veronica belmont: that's ok.

bonnie burton: sorry. before we close out, let's doour casting, and then we have a couple questions, andwe'll announce our books for next month. but for casting, we hada lot of suggestions. i believe rufus sewell andsummer glau were two top picks for casting "master of crows."i picked hri-- i can't even say his name,but he's roshan-- roshan--

felicia day: he's likea bollywood-- he's that bollywood starwho's like the hottest guy on the planet. and cate blanchett. those were my two picks. veronica belmont: cate-- i don't see that. veronica belmont: i don'tknow why, yeah. felicia day: she's plain,but has a great voice.

but she's-- i mean, she's not plain,she's gorgeous. but you know, not ina traditional way. bonnie burton: but shehas to be plain-- veronica belmont: no i'm-- i was going to saycumberbatch. bonnie burton: ah! veronica belmont: and maybe alittle swarthier, but i'm agreeing with chat room, becausei was about to say

that, and they weresaying that too. that was my top pick. but not in my mind at the time,only thinking about casting later. i didn't really have apicture of anyone. i had made up my own guy. almost like a johnny depp as,you know, "pirates of the caribbean," but likea little-- kiala kazebee: not drunk?

veronica belmont: lessweird and crazy. veronica belmont: if hewas like serious. bonnie burton: mayberichard armitage? you always suggesthim, don't you? bonnie burton: no, i alwayssuggest cumberbatch. felicia day: oh, ok. bonnie burton: don'tpigeonhole me. felicia day: i mean, listen. you can be pigeonholedwith cumberbun--

batch-- i mean, i would be pigeonholedwith him forever. bonnie burton: ok, i take backmy vomit crap dungeon thing. if i could have sex with him inthat dungeon, i'd do that. see? veronica belmont: well,there you go. we all have-- we allhave our limits. bonnie burton: only if i couldbe closer to the window where the straw is.

kiala kazebee: oh yeah. you can breathe. febreze it out. veronica belmont:febreze it out. bonnie burton: agh, that dungeonscene though, oy. kiala kazebee: i only read thebeginning of the alt book, but i pictured what's-his-face from"rome." or not "rome." what am i talking about,"rome?" "the tudors." veronica belmont: oh, he'sa little pretty.

veronica belmont:yeah, i pictured him more, like, swarthy. more like-- felicia day: yeah, a little bitrougher around the edges. graceling. delia on twittersays graceling. graceling was the character i'mthinking of who has the kick-ass fire swordand just awesome. she's definitely acharacter that--

she has power, let's say. it's a really good youngadult novel. veronica belmont: god, i canpicture his body perfectly. i just can't picture his face. bonnie burton: me, too. felicia day: cumberbatch? veronica belmont: no, thecharacter in the book. like they describe his body somuch, but they never really describe what hisface looks like.

felicia day: no, wellbecause-- yeah. veronica belmont: but she talksabout his muscles, and his, like, being all cutand kind of wiry. felicia day: i have to saythat romance-wise, this was a good book. felicia day: all thescenes were good. i--yeah. veronica belmont: girl. felicia day: gurrrl.

bonnie burton: notas much vomit. veronica belmont: ok. ok, we're going to wrap it up. already? veronica belmont: well,we have to talk about the next book pick. felicia day: yeah, we can talkabout the next book pick. oh, wait, we did have a questionby the pipers twins. what "vaginal fantasy" bookwould you written about

yourself, each of us. veronica belmont: what? read it again? bonnie burton: it startswith cumberbatch. felicia day: what "vaginalfantasy" book-- veronica belmont: i am not-- felicia day: writtenabout yourself. bonnie burton: ok, so actuallyi've thought about this at great length.

felicia day: wow. bonnie burton: so yeah. wait, is the question aboutall four of us? or just ourselves? felicia day: i thinkindividually. veronica belmont: i still don'tunderstand the question. bonnie burton: it's like ifyou were going to be a character, perhaps, in a"vaginal fantasy" type book, what would you wantthe story to be?

that's what i'm thinking. and mine is, because i was abig fan of the "beekeeper's apprentice," i always envisionedmyself as like an irene adler type. veronica belmont: ohh. bonnie burton: youknow what i mean? like kind of like, i am anapprentice to sherlock holmes, but i pretend i'm amaid, but i'm not. i'm like this royalty person,and i go in, and i pay mrs.

hudson off, and i hang out, thecampfire, and i read all his books-- oh my god,did felicia go away? oh there she is. felicia day: i had toplug my computer in. bonnie burton: so when i thinkabout this a great length, because i am bizarreand weird. but i just think of all thedifferent ways that i could warm sherlock's heart. so i have all this sherlockholmes slash fic with me

starring as the pluckyyoung apprentice. so i've thought aboutthis a lot. and i've also thought of abuffy-type line with me as her successor, and i hookup with xander. bonnie burton: there's lotsof xander hooking-up. felicia day: i would definitelybe transported to another world andwear dresses. and it has to be a place withmagic, where i have powers. it would have to bea fantasy world.

veronica belmont: i would bea reluc-- yeah, go ahead. finish yours. felicia day: that'sall i have. i have nothing elsemore detailed. but everybody'd have to beshowering and clean. like it can't be like-- bonnie burton: no dungeon sex. felicia day: [inaudible]dirty. veronica belmont: i wouldbe a reluctant princess.

i would be a princess that wassupposed to be, i was supposed to learn how to take care ofthe kingdom, but i was too much of a tomboy, and i wantedto go out and fight with the other boys. and my best guy friend becomeslike my love interest when i come of age. and i like realize thati actually have real feelings for him. felicia day: oh, that'sreally good.

that's a good-- you shoulddo a nanananonobra. kiala kazebee: ananananonobra. veronica belmont: i love everyyear how felicia refuses to say it right. it cracks me up. a nanananomomo. bonnie burton: i can'tsay it either. veronica belmont: nanowrimo. felicia day: a lot of peopleon the forums are doing

nananomoro. veronica belmont: menomena. kiala kazebee: ok, so mine-- veronica belmont:[sings "menomena"] felicia day: ok,kiala's going. kiala kazebee: so i would alsowant to be transported into another world where i wake upand i'm there, and i'm being set upon by bandits, andsuddenly i save myself right before somebody else saves me,because i am suddenly very

good with like a knife. because it just comes outof me in the new world. and then the place that i'm at,like the world is always cold, like the darkovernovels. so it's always cold. and then the castle or whateveris heated through the floors, like they do in "rome."and there's bathtubs, really big bathtubs. and you have sex in them.

so that's really-- this is-- i've thought aboutthis a little. felicia day: maybe you havea nananoro in you too. you need to do it. veronica belmont: we all have alittle nananamanomono in us. bonnie burton: i have a bathtubscene in my sherlock think too, so yeah. i think bathtubs play alot of parts in our--

felicia day: i mean, we allwant to just be clean. i want to be clean and warm. veronica belmont: ihave hot springs. kiala kazebee: oh, see? yes. veronica belmont: volcanichot springs. kiala kazebee: there's alwayssome kind of swimming scene. veronica, tell us what we'rereading next month. because it is your month.

veronica belmont: all right, sowe are doing sexy zombies. bonnie burton: yay! veronica belmont: i'm hoping-- i do not know the level ofromance, and hopefully it will have romance in it. i know at least our alt,hopefully, will. but the main pick is going tobe "my life as a white trash zombie," by diana rowland. felicia day: which i love herdemon series, so i'm sure this

is going to be really good. so the cover looks really fun. should i read the description? veronica belmont: or shouldwe just let people-- living with her alcoholicdeadbeat dad in the swamps of southern louisiana, she's ahigh school dropout with a pill habit and a criminal recordwho's been fired from more crap jobs thanshe can count. now on probation for a felony,it seems that angel will never

pull herself out of thedownward spiral her life has taken. that is, until the day shewakes up in the er after overdosing on painkillers. angel remembers being in ahorrible car crash, but she doesn't have a mark on her. to add to the weirdness, shereceives an anonymous letter telling her there's a jobwaiting for her at the parish morgue, and that it's an offershe doesn't dare refuse.

before she knows it, she'sdealing with a huge crush on a certain hunky deputy anda brand new addiction-- an overpowering cravingfor brains. plus, her morgue is filling upwith the victims of a serial killer who decapitateshis prey-- just when she's hungriest. angel's going to have to growup fast if she wants to keep this job and stay in one piece,because if she doesn't, she's dead meat.

literally. bonnie burton: uh, this maybe my new favorite book. felicia day: really good. veronica belmont: it does havea little bit of a sookie stackhouse vibe to it, exceptmaybe a little more raunchy. so it could be kind of fun. bonnie burton: yeah, itsounds really cool. felicia day: and then the altlooks like really fun, too. the alt one's a little morebodice-ripper-y, i think.

bonnie burton: what is it? veronica belmont: it's called"dearly departed-- gone with the respiration,book one" by lia habel. felicia day: i love the wayveronica pronounces things. veronica belmont: am ipronouncing them right? i don't even know. felicia day: no, you do,you just always sound well-rounded. veronica belmont: oh, i'musing radio voice.

that's why. felicia day: you havea good radio voice. bonnie burton: yeah,she gets paid for a living to do this stuff. felicia day: that's why ilike listening to it. veronica belmont: this is a longdescription, but just to kind of make it short, it'sanother victorian-era-style, bodice-ripper-y typeof book, i believe. but it also has to do withzombies and the undead.

and there is a brave soldier--a handsome, noble, and dead soldier. so i think that'll bea fun one, too. i'm not sure how long it is,but it had some pretty good reviews on goodreads as well. both of them do, actually, so. veronica belmont: ithink they'll be-- i think they may balanceeach other well. one's more modern, ones a littlemore, of course, the

victorian-era style thatwe've read previously. that's why i didn't make thatone the top pick, because it felt like some of the stuffwe've read in the past. and you know, sometimeswe get to the alt, sometimes we don't. but this one sounds like reallyfun for next month. veronica belmont: yeah, a littlebit different, huh? zombies. felicia day: oh, i love it.

bonnie burton: just so you know,just to get back to our last alt book, not this one butthe one before, the nina bangs dinosaur shape-shifter-- i made more puppets when i wasout sick this week for our book trailer, veronica. veronica belmont:oh, good, ok. i've been waiting for that. so i made a bunch of puppets. so i thought we could shoot abook trailer soon for what we

think the book trailer shouldbe for that book about the dinosaur shape-shifters. felicia day: i cannot wait. ok, if you can make it, we'llshow it in the hangout. bonnie burton: i'llmake it short. it won't be that long, butit'll be hilarious. veronica belmont: oh, and i haveto say one thank-you to-- i was at geek media expo thisweekend, and i met a "vaginal fantasy" listener named amandawho was awesome, and she gave

me a bottle of wine. veronica belmont:which was great. so i had to say thank you. and i'm not drinking tonightbecause i had to ship it back to myself, because icouldn't bring it in my carry-on luggage. but i will enjoy it, hopefullynext month. kiala kazebee: oh, awesome. bonnie burton: and i think alsowe should thank people

that aren't in this country thatstay up till 4:00 am-- felicia day: i know. thank you. bonnie burton: or like, theyjust get up early, like they have an alarm, just towatch this show-- thank you for watching. because that's-- we must be awesomely hilariousat 4:00 am. bonnie burton: becausei can't imagine--

veronica belmont: hopefully it'sa good way to wake up. felicia day: yeah, hi. but the cool thing is that youcan join our forums and there are people all around the world,like bonnie said, who are talking. and even if you can't make thehangouts live, you can talk to other people live on hangoutsor get together and meet them in person. so we have a great community.

so if you want to enjoy oursmutty fun times, just come over to our goodreads. vaginal fantasy hangoutforums. bonnie burton: and i promisedthis a while ago, but i'm going to bring up the threadagain on goodreads where i go through every bookand list all the pages of the sexy scenes. please do that. bonnie, [inaudible].

veronica belmont: you'rea valuable resource. treasure. bonnie burton: yeah, for thislast book we read, i'll have the two sexy-ish scenes, andthen i'll list all the pages that talk about vomit. kiala kazebee: oh, god. felicia day: ok, on thatnote, we will see you guys next month. last tuesday of the month.

bye! bonnie burton: bye! kiala kazebee: bye! veronica belmont: bye!

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