Friday, December 23, 2016

puppets giving birth

towards the end of 18th century... british who entered our country for trade, gradually they became mastersand we ended up as slaves. great leaders fought against them andbecame martyrs for the motherland. but still some smaller kings like palayarssupported the british empire. this is a fictionalized storyabout one of those palayars. 1771 a.d. - chozhapuram palayam midnight, owls howling time king mokkayappar

minister sangilimayan palace guard palace lizard brother-in-law, l'm anxious. why anxiety king? ls it because you've lost22 new born till date? or is it because my sister is in labour painsprematurely in the 8 month itself? what can we do now? a neighbouring palayar has bravely launchedan agitation against the british.

on the other side hyder ali is goingon a rampage against the british. shouldn't l also fight the british? shouldn't l need a heirto it? prime minister, a boy baby is born. wow! happy news!we have a prince... twins? -yes, minister. l can usurp this kingdom if there's onlyone child who will grow at my command. doctor, don't reveal to the kingabout child birth till l tell you. who is there?

prime minister, l've studied thehoroscopes of the twins. l'll briefly explain it to you. elder one follows orders blindly. and younger one is sagacious. stupid law gives the right to rulekingdom only to legal heirs. there is no chance for peoplelike me to rule it. a prince is born. he must dance to my tunes only. blind follower of ordersand sagacious!

to fulfill my plan of usurpingthis kingdom, l want the elder one,who blindly follows orders. doctor, kill the second child. prime minister!?-what? do you want me to kill a baby boy? this is waxing of moon. lf you kill a new born child now,it's a bad omen for our kingdom. let's dispose the childat unknown location. oh! really?

doctor... -yes, minister. leave the child on vaigai river bank atthe outskirts of pandia's kingdom. have it. why sweets? a happy news... l've committed a l need sweet to celebrate it? why? what happened? our king mokkayappan had twins. but minister sangilimayan ordereda child to be...

when l went to take bath in the river,goddess gifted this child to me. you sinner! -what happened? what the hell you have done?! this is the king's childl left it to float in the river. l'm afraid, if sangilimayan comes toknow about fostering this child... we are staying 18 milesaway from the palace. so? we are moving to kanchipuram shortly. hubby, we don't have children.let's fosterthis child.

my dear citizens, after losing 22 children, now god has blessed mewith this 23rd child. he is an answerto umpteenprayers of this kingdom. once when l went to meet hyder ali, on the way, l visited 'pulikesinathan' temple, offered prayers there wishing for a son. since he was born with lord's blessings, l give him the name 23rd pulikesi.

l think an insect has bitten him. what the hell are you doingwithout taking care of him? to keep our prince smiling always, a man from every home shouldget slapped. come fast. ouryoung prince is torturing us now.what's in store forthe future? after 25 years 3 months17 days and 8 hours... same chozhapuram palayam morning office going timeyou're the supreme power. you're the ruler.

you're the only one with eternal fame. you're the mother and the father. you're my god, who protects me. my dearfather, as your son, bless me to become great warriors likealexander & napoleon and emperor ashoka. oh my god! hey, priest.... -yes, my lord. why did you keep these things here? l had told you several timesto keep them away.

l'll...who is there? who is there, man? you fools! where were you? take this priest to the cell... and pour green chili juiceinto his eyes. do it till he loses his eyes. oh king!.... - take him away. oh king! - get lost...please forgive me. - get lost man. oh my mother! oh my goddess!

oh my brave mother who delivered mepreamturely in the 8th month. please bless me, mother. my dear son! king 23rd pulikesi,long live son. thank you, mother. but my son... - mother... once you sit on throne,you're a different man. that's worrying me. l can't help it, mother.ruling a country isn't a joke. royal blood is flowing in my body.

sword and spear are my eyes. battlefield is my playground. l breath in the pools of blood.rolling down heads are playing balls to me. this sceptre and fortwere your gifts to me. l present our enemies'crowns at yourfeet. l didn't mean that... lt seems you dozed off foran hour on the thrown yesterday. l meant that. those who have eyes will sleep.

l may have dozed off in tiredness. even lord vishnu has a bed of snake. lt seems even great raja raja cholanused to sleep on the horse in battlefield. stop it. you are the only hope of this country. don't sleep while on duty.go...l say go... greetings king. my king ! what is it? lt seems l dozed off andshe's making it a big issue.

ls it?- let's go, minister... minister... -yes, my lord. are you all ready?-yes, king. oh king! you can never catch up with king's speed. fools! are you really warriors? l don't know when you'll getshredded by my anger. great king, great warrior,great administrator.... great king 23rd pulikesi is coming...

have you noticed?-what is it, king? did you listen to his welcoming notes?- no, king. you never be alert.repeat the notes. great king, great warrior,great administrator... great king... did you notice now? l didn't get you king.-are you a minister? he has left 'great ruler'. has he? lt's unbearable.l'll behead him with my sword.

l left my sword at home. who is there?who is there? coming, my lord. you stupid, where were you? you put him in the jail for weekand feed horse gram to him. one time a day... let him practice this slogan properlyin the mean time. take him away. let this punishment start from today.

great king, great warrior,great administrator.... greetings, my rajaguru.- long live. l was watching yoursentences of punishments. not as a rajaguru. but as your maternal uncle,l'm spellbound by your administrative skills. rajaguru, the full credit goes to you. sit down. oh king! mr. nixon is here to see you. to collect tax, king.

lt's pain that comes on thefirst of every month levy, tax, interest etc., let him come, l'll teach him a lesson. no, king. uncle, look there. welcome, my dear ones. welcome mr. nixon. how is sirjohn of chennai pattinam? he is fine.

he wants to talk to you. what's this? why are you standing still? come on, let's sit and chat. what would you like to have? milk? - oh sure. please have it.- don't worry, sir. we will always stand by you. all persons aren't good like you.some are opposing us. ls it so?

tell me their names. l'll cut the hands thatrefuse to pay you taxes. who else? lt's veerapandiya kattabomman. what? veerapandiya kattabomman?! why are you struggling to breathe? king, kattabomman is in tirunelveli. he won't come here. even if he dares to come here,l'll chase him away. you take your seat.

no need, pulikesi.thanks foryour co-operation. lf needed l'll ask your help. no, that is... - nephew... uncle... l'll sit obeying your words. to hell with kattabomman! one more important thing... few business men from my placewant to sell soft drinks here. you have to give permission to them.

no need to ask permission forthis. this is your need of permissions. ls it liquor or local brew? lt's an energy drink foryoung to old. oh! ls it an energy drink? have you started digging the gold mine? yes. work is going on well. very glad. our queen elizabeth permitted to digin kualalampur and chozhapuram.

she will be happy if we find gold. shall we visit the gold mine? certainly. sleeping? without paying attention to king's arrival,are you sleeping in day time? l'll kill you. lf you repeat this again,l'll make you go mad. forgive me, king. forgive you, crook.

this is our gold mine.take a look. they are digging forthe past 3 years. they are doing it fastly. l'm making them to work hard forthis. nixon, you may fall down. l need your help to achieve many things. you're ourtrue friend. we will do anything foryou. ask... gentleman, l'll ask you.

your country confers the title'sir' to scholarly men. lf you conferthat title to our king, we will be happy to call himas 'sir' great king 23rd pulikesi. l'll try. - thank you. you finish this work quickly.we will take leave. yes, nixon. l'll also take leave. my body has become hot.l have to cool it. where will you go? harem

harem- 24 hours open full moon day, king will come for a swim... great king 23rd pulikesi is comingto the harem. be alert! welcome, my lord. she is gajalakshmi. thin tender waist!ls she an example for it? how tender is your waist my dear? you're a naughty king. wait a minute.l'll change and come.

hey...- oh no! minister... why are you in heap?! where is the king? oh no! king...hey mountain of flesh, get up... king, please get up... please get up, king...- king, did you call us? you never come when l callyou in the palace. but when l call you from here,you rush over me. minister... -yes, my king. you take them to the terrace,

and roll them naked in the hot sun. l'll obey your order, king.come on, move. lt was like few elephantsstepping over me. l escaped by a whisker,otherwise they would've finished me. oh smart king!welcome to this harem! hail to you who is a scholarof all the arts. all beautiful damsels areattracted by your handsome appearance oh my king.... oh no! what type of a song is this!

this isn't the right song tohear in this place of pleasure. music should be so fastto rupture the drums! play the music... dance and sing...find out your partner... let's go to the world of ecstasy. your eyes are like fish...your heart is full of honey... l'm a cupid. don't delay...l'll take you to the heaven... oh handsome man! oh handsome man!oh my fabulous man!

you're the smartest man in this world... you're the one who provokedthe desires in me... you captured me by your eyes... you're a kind hearted are soft... you're my man... you are a master in the art of love... my heart is craving for your company... this moon is hot during nights... come and embrace me tightlyto stop my agony...

oh my darling...oh my sweet heart!spread the flower bed... let my blooming flowersbecome balls to play with. let it reach your royal handsand attain salvation... let him count moles on my body... let him shower me with kisses... you can carry me on your hands... you can drench in the rain of my love... are lotuses found in the clouds? water falling from you is nectar...

come, cajole me and have fun...come on to give pleasures... come near me... come near me to enjoy my beauty... give me a kiss... show your gentle face... hoist your flag of victory... lock me inside you.unleash the pleasures of love... my cheeks are filled with honey... you've the only right to taste it...

give me a kiss.. oh king! oh king of kings! oh my dear kanna.... your finger touch keeps us delightful... come on, dear... our youth is inviting you for the feast... every night show a new tactic of love... we need your company forever...

from top to bottom, you make us happy... you recite a poem of love with us... engulf us in the pleasure likegentle rain and thick fog... lt's a bliss to enjoy thesemoments of pleasure in youth... my lord... yes commander agandamuthu.what's the matter? my lord, you're supporting thebritish who want to conquer us. and you're paying them taxes it courage? let's fight against the british.l'm ready to sacrifice my life.

oh really! so, you're very interested to sacrifice life.- that's in our blood, my lord. do one thing.-waiting foryour order, my lord. l'll give you rope.get yourself hanged in that. you can easily sacrifice your life. you don't know the difference betweenbravery & statesmanship. you do get your monthly salary, don't you? get the salary & keep quiet.or else go home & sleep. mere empty skull isn't need me.

l would've been happy if lhad died in the war. l'm living like dead. unable to look after my son, l have pushed him into the clutchesof my cunning brother. please don't worry. the good times will come.and l'll be with you always. l think these 2 beautiesnever visited my harem. what is the reason?who made this delay? l'll take care of them, my lord.-what?

do not mistake me.these 2 will entertain you tonight. being my minister,you read my mind better. my lord...-yes, that's me. poet palapathra onandi has come to see you.- palapathra onandi...? let him in. what bloody name is that? my dear 23rd pulikesi may you live long!may your kingdom expand! will he always call me by name?- that's the arrogance of every poet. ls it?-yes. reason for coming here?

to sing my new poetry to you and get rewards. reward...? sing... sing your shit! o my lord!you're a plmp. you're a scoundrel. ln politics, you're a klng of ldlots. forthe poor, you're a stupld. keep your doors open & help the needy.

when you see your enemies army,you become a wastrel. useless. you're the black crow. stop it you onandi... how dare you play with a lion'smane in its own den? what is my fault, my lord? why did you abuse me?-abuse you? l sang poetry in praising you. what is he blabbering? why did you abuse the kingwithout giving a break?

but when?- stop called him ''mama manna'' (plmp). lt means lord of lords. you called him ''mollamari''.- lt means rain. l compared him to the rain. you called me ''mudichavukki''.- lt means you open knots of problems easily. you called him ''mooda''.- connect with the next sentence. lt means that his doors arealways open forthe needy. what about ''punnakku''?- lt means to destroy the enemies. what else did he say? minister...-yes, my lord.- this time he can't escape.-yes.

what do you mean by''andankakka'' (black crow)? lt means saviour of this universe. does it mean that way?- that's what l meant. no way. l can't accept your explanations. no rewards foryou.better leave now before you're kicked out. my lord...-yes. don't force me to curse you, my lord. l'm elderto you, listen to me. there is a limit to everything.

how dare you talk against me?your eyes will pop out now. throw snuff powder on his face.- this is injustice. but this is justice to me. sprinkle well. hey you poet!only foryou, it is snuff powder. for any other poet who comes here,it is going to be chilly powder. o you arrogant king! you will fall.-who is there to bring down my fall? let's break the locked prisons... let's start a revolution...

the rising sun will wipe awaydarkness & give light... questions will be raisedagainst the government... lt will bring down the governments... gone are the days of slavery... why fear? have courage & face the difficulties... everything is for the public...this is our law... everyone can exercise their rights... no more day dreaming...

the world will become one... when the volcano spills lava out,the hills & the mountains go to ashes... the poor suffering at the hands of rich,a new awakening & new dawn is in offing... look, my son has returned afterfinishingstudies at nalanda university. son...- mother.- do you recognize her? she's feeling shy. who is she?- she is vasantha soundari,sundara nachiar uncle's daughter. how are you vasantha? still playing hide & seek game with me?

oh no! ukkiraputha, vasanthi is gone. please look at me. a crowd is waiting foryou. surprised!ln short, l'm a revolutionary. what are you saying?-yes. when l went to nalandafor my higher studies, a nationalist organization is very active. young men are trained thereto fight the british.

l've undergone a year's training there. my next plan is to send you totippu's camp in a group of four. there you will be trainedin all guerrilla warfare. we must first eliminate puppetswho help the british. who is 23rd pulikesi? we must kill him who does notrespect people's sentiments.- sure. we are already furious. we will sacrifice our lives forthe cause.-you are a sincere patriot. l'm an extremist revolutionary.

leave him. give him the bow & the arrow. your intention was to kill me. l'll give you the opportunity. use it if you are a true soldier. l'm sangilimayan who decidesevery move of this kingdom. and you're a small antwho dared to stand against me. who are you? he who sent you is oneamongst us, right?

show me who he is. l'll spare your life. not only that,l will offeryou diamonds, gold... shit! l'm not like you. l'm not a traitorto pledge my country to the british. l'm not a coward to bend my back either. so, you're one of the revolutionaries. then, you won't tell the trutheven if you die. not only me, every stone of this palacewill support the british. ls there anyone who is against this? this is an iron fortress.

without my knowledge....- uncle. nothing can get inside without our knowledge. but if anyone dares to get inside... looks like only a 8 dot rangoliwas put infront of the palace. won't they put a 16 dot rangoli?don't make my sword do the work. my lord, don't take swords for rangoli.leave silly things to me. l'll handle it. my lord...-yes.-a message from vallavarayan. and bad smell c.we can sell in the same brand name, right? an english name.

everything can be english inside.but name should be in tamil. yes. we are very concerned about the translator. the name is sistermala.he found this drink. so, we named the drink after him. what do you mean by ''sister''?- lt means sister. whose sister?- my sister. age?- she will be 60 this september. 60...? she is my elder sister.keep the name as akkamala.

wow! another liquor name is ''bad smell c''. what do you mean by ''bad smell''.- lt means stink. keep the name as gup - c. we are planning advts. forthe drinkswith drama stars & sportspersons. scoundrel! lf we advertise well, our people will drinkeven urine as tender coconut water. that's our strength. friend, a small request.-what?

can l wearthat hat once?-yes. how do l look like?-wonderful. by letting the foreigners dobusiness in our country, you will be called as ''pulikesi, who openedthe doors of business to foreigners''. why are looking at me like that? l can sing a poem only when l look at it. poetry?- yes. you're my dream... you're a magical moon...

let's go to the world of love... you're the fragrance of goldwith a heart of a lion... come & enjoy this young girl... ln the city of koodal & at thebank of river vaigai, come, let's unite... enchant me with your beautiful poetry... let's fly to the dreamland of happiness... let's fly... o beauty! your beauty is always mine... my heart will yearn for your embrace...

o angel! l saw cupid's arrowsof love in your eyes... l want you to give me a bathin the river of love... the sound of kissesmesmerizes me... let our hearts getengulfed in the bliss... let the kisses get spilled all over us... enough poet! l've brought sweet for my beloved.- really? you nevertold me. what do you want?- for me...? l heard that there are beautiful deerin the forest next to our village.

l love them.will you get me one? no. we shouldn't harm animals. others hunt them.but l asked you to catch one for me. only arrogant hunt them. only capital punishment willstop them from hunting. we got a message from nixon.-what is it? when he was hunting deer insundaravadhana garden yesterday, someone had hit him with a stone anddestroyed his chariot.- oh no! then? then his advisortold himthat he looked just like you.

our king? hitting bulls eye...? our king and hitting bulls eye? no chance. forgive me my lord.sorry for revealing the truth. people are here with new issues. solve them.-what is that new issue? caste problem. lt will look like a small spark. blow it to a big fire so that we can warmourselves in that heat for generations. so, there has been communal clashesamongst yourtwo castes for a decade.

yes my lord. which caste do you belong to?- nagapathani caste. and you...?- nagappathani caste. confusing me...? both claim to belong the same caste.but call yourselves different castes. we belong to nagappathani caste,our name has an extra p. we only belong to nagapathani caste. they are a new we are the seniors. no, we are the seniors.- no way, we are the seniors.

people's wish is the king's wish. guard. ln the vacant land next to the lake, construct a stadium by overnightfor people to sit & watch. all communal clashes will be take place there,so that the world will watch it with awe. lsn't there anything to stop them? we can't make them understand. rajaguru is everything. only a sword can restrain them.

vallavarayan has threatened to wagea war on us if we support british. he will unleash hell.this isn't important to us. we'll know the consequencesonly if he ravages us. hail the king 23rd pulikesi! hail our golden son 23rd pulikesi! hail our brave king 23rd pulikesi! hail the king pulikesi. klng 23rd pullkesl stadlumfor communal clashes silence please.

so, ourfirst target is rajaguruand king pulikesi. let them be our relatives or siblings,we shouldn't spare anyone. swearto sacrifice your livesand join this organization. my lord...-yes. your body & his head is covered. why? what's happening here? that body and this head are going to unite. that body & this mean murder. lt is an art & not murder.

how can a murder become an art? you always prove yourselfto be a foolish minister. how could this be possible?- like that. wow! you seem to be very strong. how did you get this idea?- l will tell you. everyone knows that l'm an emperor. but if someone makes a portrait of me,it would look awful.-yes. l wanted 23rd pulikesi to bepraised in heaven & earth, and must be as strong as a bull.

when l was sitting on the pot and thinking, l got this idea of paintingmy portrait like this. how shrewd l am, right? the future generations will bestunned looking at this portrait. people from the next centurywon't know how l would look like. history is very important.-yes my lord. o my lord! vallavarayan is coming. they come to disturb my thirst for art. tell him he can't meet the king now.

lf possible, l will meet him next month. right? vallavarayan has come with his army. do l need this? vallavarayan sent messages twicenot to pay taxes to the british. you ate the pigeons which carried the message. and now he is with his armystanding at our palace gates. only god knows what else he will do. awarfor a pigeon..?lt is very bad. he has taken a hasty can he fight with me?

you could've told me thatthere is no way here. so, you will simply followwherever l go, ah? bunch of idiots! there is a well overthere. l can't tolerate you guys. that's one way, my lord. oh no! l'm in trouble for eating a pigeon. let your soldiers not knowsoldiers your weakness.

the entire army will lose hope.- ls it? soldiers, a cloud of war hasengulfed our kingdom. waging a war against pulikesi! hey vallavarayan! l was waiting for a warto take placeand l will rip out your skin. ldiot! the horses are raring to gallop. soldiers! we are tigers. while going to a war, do not run. we have to hide & then pounce.

we are lions.we shouldn't roar. our looks should kill our enemies. we are elephants. we should bend ourselves to them.we must crush them under ourfeet. we are foxes. we shouldn't fight for our prey.lnstead we must kill our enemies. understood..? start now. let our army march. hail lord murugan! say ''victory is ours''.

hail lord murugan!- ''victory is ours''. start now. why are you so lazy? move fast. my lord! please lend me your hand. am l running high fever?-yes my lord. just like me, you are also running high fever.-are you also running high fever? we hurt no one. why is this happening to us?

should god play with us only? what sound is that?- blowing conch.- conch..? vallavarayan is very impatient. he might break the walls andenter into the palace. why are you crying?are you afraid of the war? don't get scared.l'm there with you. you're my man. what's wrong with you?- nothing my lord. come.- my lord, you arestrong enough, ah?

where is our army of elephants? we sent the elephants on hirefor thiruvaroor king's marriage. ls it? so, there are no elephants in army today? we took money.- shut up. are these people ready?-yes. we must fight well.once we open the door... what's this? give that to me. my lord...-what's all this?

where is that blacksmith who made this? did you call me? who made this sword?- l made it. just drag the sword. here l do. what are you looking into it? when your king is in danger, all swords are broken.what do you have to say about it? everything is fine. but l didn't get timeto repairthem properly. but the enemies have come.what should l do now?

do something.- sure l will. chain him & make him lie down there. let the elephants crush his bodywhen they come back. guards! my lord... shall we go?-wait a minute. hey pulikesi... my blood freezes at the noise he makes.what will happen to me if l fight? this is not the time to play.

let anything may happen.let's march forward. come out pulikesi.- he is calling my name again & again. let's go to the war.-yes. soldiers! the time has must be like an arrow shot from a bow. our entry must demoralize them. let the victory bugle be blown. god! save your children. hail victory!

war...! war...! what's happening, my lord?he is coming with a white flag stop it, you idiot. who did he call?- not us. so, he called me...?! so, the while flag did not work. pulikesi, l've come to take your head. take my head? l sent a message with my pigeonnot to join hands with the british.

how dare you fry my pigeon & eat it? please do not suspect me. even l sent a message thatl won't pay taxes to the british. but you didn't get it. no l didn't get it. he says he didn't get it. l got a couple of complaints too.what can l do? the pigeons carrying messages arehunted down by the eagles. l've sent men to catch those eagles.

the soldiers didn't come back. they never came back. stop spinning yarns. l will kill you, wastrel! yes l am a wastrel!you are always right. my lord, please believe me.l'm yourfriend. please don't be angry on me.l always support you. please tell him. he is begging.

l wouldn't have sent himany message if l knew this. he has no honour. l heard it. we have come with our army to fight him. that's good. look at his shit face. a big moustache isn't just enough. you coward with a shield. having come so far, let's pluck out his eyes.

oh my god! vallavarayan, l want to live. shit! he has fallen at ourfeet. let's go. you made vallavarayan to runfrom the battlefield. what did you say? oh no! who asked them to come here? since you escaped waving the white flag,you will called as the king of white flag. ls that enough? let's go back.

an army of revolutionaries isformed in our kingdom. for what?- to kill you.-what? army of revolutionaries to kill me? enemies in your own country? who are they? why do they want to kill you?again a white flag? are you watching fun? lf we don't nip it in bud,we may need an axe to cut it then. any other news?- no, my lord. king!-who is there?

our spy has come. king, the news has come immediately. he's my spy, he's very sharp. minister, we must honour him today. l mean you've decidedto increase his salary. yes.-yes, my lord. get up minister.let the spy sit there. sit here, would you like tohave any hot drink? hot milk?- no lord.

ginger coffee?- no stomach is upset. then, you must have a herbal tea?- no lord. don't you want? okay.what's that stick in your hand? l'm in a cart driver's disguise, lord. o spy! yourthoughts andworks are just like mine. you've proven that you're indeeda worthy chief spy. lt's all the effect of elephant's milkl had with you. lt's not elephant's milk,it's milk of wisdom. elephant!-wisdom!

l give up. okay, what's the news? king! a calamity is fast approaching us. what calamity? vallavarayan had sent a pigeonwith a letter, right? so what? he's planning to attack us with armyas the pigeon didn't return to him. vallavarayan?-yes. attacking us?-yes, lord.

when is he expected to attack us? any moment my lord. tomorrow... bloody...damn fool...l told you to get latest news. will you come with outdatedold rotten news? today, l will...get up. showing your strength on me?watch my intelligence now. save's paining. tell me the truth, where did you go actually? forgive me lord.

there was a grand feast in my uncle'shome on the way in seerkazhi. l enjoyed the feast & their hospitalityfortwo days and returned. did you grace theirfunction?-yes. now l'll disgrace you. boy! what is that?- tender coconut water. give me. king. what is this? tender coconut water, king.

tender coconut water? l'm on fire and you're having coconut water. what are you saying king? l've got news about rebelsfrom thieves close to us. astonishing! so fast? you're a geniusin information & communication. our meeting must be a secretbetween us only.- okay lord. come, my lord. minister! why is the horse galloping? l don't know my lord.lord, be careful.

l could feed the horse onlyone drug filled coconut, another one...-another one? king drank it. let him drink and go to hell.let the horse run helter skelter. commander! ls everyone ready there? yes commander. our people are waiting in theforest to kill the king. great! our men are coming backfrom tippu sultan's camp.

how are we going to dislodgethe king and rajaguru? dislodge them? l'm doubtful of doing it withthe strength we have. without being foolishlike the opposition camp, if we just raise cries ofcomradeship always, we can never achieve our aim. sometimes we must also becomeschemers like them. we must do it ourselves. will anyone jump from sky to do it?

his highness... the mightiest of the mighty...emperor amongst emperors... king, he forgot to say again,'bravest of the brave' l said it right this time, king,totally seven... lt's enough if you announcethe arrival of the king. no need of lavish praises,it's detrimental to the ruler. all of you please be seated. minister!- king. whose statue is that?

lt's been here for many years.- l know it. l find it little different today. there's no difference in it king. a gift to us from sirjones,it's the statue of sir robert clive. a mark of our loyaltytowards the british empire. loyalty? great! king! douglas and gerald are herefor an audience with you. king, they are soft drink makers andthey are here to give our share. hello pulikesi.

hi mangudi! how are you? greetings douglas.-yeah. my dear britishers, welcome. this is your share. just asking you for curiosity, what's the manufacturing costof a bottle of soft drink? 2 coins a bottle. sold at?- 10 coins a bottle. why is it sold so expensively?

this nation is full of ignorant fools. they will not ask questionsand we can mint money. good, you've understoodmy citizens very well. are you doing man? god! traitors! bloody beggars, you came insearch of a livelihood, are you cheating us? lt's a mistake for allowing youto sell soft drinks here.

are you selling it at higher ratesand cheating us? l don't want even a drop ofyour drink in my land. lf you dare to step into mycountry again, you'll be dead. go away. minister.- king. there's no point in accusing them, bring those who acted as modelsforthe ads to sell the drinks. as you order lord. he's stage actor sevilipandi bhagavathar.

she's stage actress chellatha.- greetings king. he's wrestler sangoli rajan.- greetings king. ls it right or wrong to actas models for ads? tell me. tell me, is it right or wrong? won't you answer me? you've been spared becauseyou're a woman. whiteman is clever, l'm useless, you're selfish,

lsn't this your idea? will you eat anythinggiven on a platter? how are we different from animals? shouldn't we think logically? forgive me king. call the painter, andask him to do as l order. enjoy palmcola like chellatha! enjoy fresh tender coconut water! bloody cowards.

commander! your men failed to kill me,what's your next plan? excellent! l'll behead you to savemy motherland! commander! l'm not pulikesi.l'm his brother ukkiraputhan. yes, it happened like this. that demon rajaguru's treacheryis breaking our nation. we need a man like youto chastise men like him. thank god! pulikesi escaped from us.

make my brotherto do hard labour ingold mines under heavy protection. how can he be a king without knowingthe hardships of people he rules? keep this a secret frommy parents too. who is there?hey fools! who is there? l'm pulikesi the king. they are torturing me moreif l say l'm the king. l don't know why l'm in captive andwhy they are torturing me? l don't mind the torture butplease give me some waterto drink. just a while ago we had thrashed youforthese arrogant outbursts, right?

thrash me again but offer me waterto drink man or else l'll die man. then answer my question,l'll give you a pint of water. a pint? come on ask me. lf you give shirt to uncle,short boy will beat you with a baton. who is he? why are you staring at me?l'll repeat it. answer me man. lf l've to tell you that secret fora glass of water, l don't need it man. secret?

ls it really a secret? please tell me,l can't bearthe curiosity to know it. then l'll ask you a question, answerto that question is that secret. ls it? come on ask me. thanking the pig, scaled a mount and stood there, you can win over kulasekhar. what is that?

use brain not weapons. l'll kill you man. ls it a question? bloody dirty face! l'll rip you apart. why are you in jail? l'll not confuse like you,l'll tell you clearly.- tell me. l asked is the gold mine necessaryin the condition our nation is now? l was jailed immediatelyunder section keda. who? by the foolish king rulingthis country, pulikesi.

people are struggling for gruel,is gold a necessity now? you can say anything sitting here. only the man sitting on the throneknows where it hurts. this country is prospering underthegolden rule of pulikesi, the great! lf you belittle him againl'll put you in jail. bloody criminal! am l myself in a jail? l went overboard mistakingit for my royal court. l found gold...l found gold. where did you find gold man?- here!

why are you pointing at me? how intelligently you spoke to mejust a while ago, indeed you're gold. hey! you are shouting with a scheme. where is the gold man? gold? my foot!you denied him water, right? he's making false claims offinding gold to fool you. throw him in underground cells, quick! when did l claim of finding gold? look, he's lying again.

he's a mad man, poke and torture him. don't beat me...don't beat me. a king getting beaten up black and blue. they are squeezing me out. everything happening here mustbe brought to our notice. commander!- king! why so many fruits have been kept here? who is celebrating honeymoon here? that is...- clear it out first.

boy! come here. who is this boy? to run errands, king. what? child labour? so they have sent thesechildren to work in poverty. you've engaged them forlower wages. lsn't it? lt was my idea to rajaguru tosave escalating salary bill. show me your palm. king...king.

ln few days a trunk willgrow on yourface. you are growing fat everyday but makinglittle innocent children to work? bloody stone hearted man. how many steps lead tothe palace terrace? 0 steps, king. ask him to climb up and downthose steps till today's dusk. let his big tummy know what is work.-yes king. children! why didn't you go to school? no money to pay fees.-what?

children, don't worry, you'll go toschool from tomorrow. commander, let education be made freeto every citizen of this nation. the sky will fit into your fist... lf you have the will power... even mountains will give way... lf you march ahead with an aim... let there be any obstacle... let's march ahead... by hook or crook...

do good for your motherland... provide pension for these girls every month. let them take up some joband eke out a livelihood. harem... children's playground. the word ''no'' will be removedfrom the tamil dictionary... lf we give charity generously,poverty will totally vanish... our blood & sweat will liftour motherland to new heights... let love prevail everywhere...

god dwells in... the smiles of the poor.... god is in the hand that helps others... 23rd pullkesl stadlumfor communal clashes. stop it. lf l had done such a foolish thing, don't you have brains? shouldn't you've fought against me? mother...- by god's grace you have reformed.

yourfather's soul will rest in peacelooking at your good deeds. oh my god! how many times shouldl carry this big stone? lt is rolling down... he is staring at me. what's happening?walking like an old man! playing with the stone.what's wrong with you? l think my spine is broken.- ls it? lf you don't work properly,your bones will also break. go & carry the stone back to the top.- okay sir.

stop. no one should be permitted inside. please do not stop us. we will leave after seeing our son. listen to me, sir. l wonder how he is struggling. don't cry. we will make a request to our king pulikesi. l should beat myself with slippersfor ordering to find gold in mines. the king who opened thisis being squeezed.

what can l do? l can't. drink. she is not here. has she left? there she comes. stop acting. get up. good! how did you find that l was acting? won't my heart know that?-your heart?

lt thrills me from head to toe. what's your name? go. ''go''! what a beautiful name! your name sounds so sweet! ms. go... l said go. oh l see! what's your name?- soolayini.

even this name tempts every man. then?- enough. do you want guavas? guavas...? are you telling the truth? here it is. caught you. give it to me. soolayini, we've exchanged our hearts too. l will bite it now itself.

welcome pulikesi.-welcome uncle. l was waiting foryou. when did you return? just a while are you, my dear? with your blessing, l'll always be fine. how was your journey? very fine. the britishers inquired about you. we are important to them. so, they will inquire about us.-you're right.

l heard that in my absenceyou ruled the kingdom very well. lt is the knowledge which you imparted to me. but still, the change is impeccable. ln this world, change is indispensable. so, you've read bhagavad gita too. why read gita when l livea life of lord krishna? good. you mean to say that hewho lived a life of allah or he who lives a life of jesus doesn'thave to follow quran or bible?

following is different fromleading a life of the same. how is my thought?-wonderful! l heard about the changes you havebrought in this kingdom. you've started to leada life of lord buddha. lt's all because of you, uncle. as an emperor, l thought aboutsomething else too. what was that? we will be destroyed if we leada life of buddha. so, l need to be a ferocious buddha.

what are you looking at?showeryour blessings. you can leave. l will also cometo the court.- okay. becoming ferocious midway andborn ferocious has lot of differences. pulikesi, l am your uncle. uncle who never likes changes. why did you hit me the other day? you bad mouthed our king l hit you. what bloody pulikesi? do not bad mouth him.he is a warrior.

l heard a secret about him today morning. do you know what he did?-what did he do? once he went to forest to hunt bears. do you know what happened there? so, he also knows the secret. minister...-yes my lord. looks like a dense forest.-yes. do not forget the path we came. l hear many sounds. what are they?

look there. lt's a bear, right? lt's the same bear which createdhavoc in the village. lt's tallerthan our horse.- don't get scared. we can reach the palace ina minute with these horses. let's run.- stop being foolish. lf we run away, our soldiers will spreadthis news & defame us. just shut up. bear's eyes...

was ours a hasty decision to get down? no doubt about it. the arrow is pointing towards yourthroat. the beginning is not right.let's run away. come. why are you scaring me? we have an army behind us. watch now. watch how l shoot arrows. minister... my lord, you have wasted 41 arrows.this is the last arrow.

atleast... what are you looking at? l saw you murmuring something. l prayed to god.- pray. lt caught my arrow. oh no! where are they?and where is my horse? the bear is coming towards me. lts coming. what am l to do now? l forgot the path l came.

minister begged me to run away.but l never listened to him. oh my god! how big it is! shaking its back! practice well! you will get it right. where is my arrow? l aimed at his head but thearrow struck his abdomen. next. where did this arrow go? oh my god!- l missed it again.

why is the arrow going the other way? worry not. practice makes man perfect.practice well. you must take revenge onthe bearthat spat on you. nothing wrong in losing10 of our soldiers. where did this go? has it crossed the mountain? minister...- my lord. minister! am l not worth enoughto use bow and arrow? nothing like that. practice later.

okay. but will the bear come tonight? let's do one thing.let's hide in the underground jail. minister, you're very clever. now you know what sort of a king he is. a bear spat on him. he can't even shoot arrows properly. lf you talk great about him,l will kill you. get lost. rajaguru might find the truthif we make the slightest error. only now we must be verycareful with our moves.

mere moves aren't enough.we must be ready to fight. keep the revolutionary army on red alert.-yes my lord. greetings. did you call for me? guru... are you also a spy of the armywhich is against me? don't you know about my family? we do not indulge in anything.we are mere spectators. please believe me.- ldiot! tell me the truth. as far as l know, a revolutionary armyis ready to attack in our country.

who were you searching? l searched for no one. you are were looking for me, right? l'm not eligible forthat. why do you say that? everyone over here makes fun of me. then how will you havea good opinion about me? the whip will caress a tigerwhen it is caged. by calling me a tiger,you're making me go wild.

ls it because l found the tiger in you? you're very clever.-what do you mean by that? lt means that you're very clever. you're very shrewd.come inside. he is there. he was bitten by a big rat.come inside. lt is locked.- don't worry. you are very can easily get through. come that way.

now it is yourturn, my dear. now you know how clever l am. this is foryou. eat. you brought peanuts & flouryesterday. and today, you brought turtle gravy & rice flour. lf you weren't there,l might have grown thin. you cross so many hurdlesand dangers for me. what if someone catches you?- no one can touch me. even if the king comes here,l'll smash his face.

please don't say that.he is our king, right? so many are beating him to pulp. and now, you've joined their list too. my heart changedthe first time l saw you. l hated food. l feel like walking in the air. sometimes, whatever l saysounds like a song to me. l can't differentiate between sun & moon. l feel like my stomach has vanished.

l feel like butterflies flutteringand hovering around my head. what are these symptoms? signs of smallpox.- really? you can't even understandone's love foryou. sweetheart, do you love me? soolayini, what do you see? am l there with you? you're a sweet little're my colourful parrot... let's romance on the bed...

you're the king of sword fights & wars... let's make it a memorable one... when l kissed you on your forehead,your sweat tasted sweet... after you kissed me,even honey tasted sour... my kisses will be sweet..and it's a war on the bed... ayngaran dvd your body is made out of fine silk... and my touch made it still finer... with sizzling looks of my king...

my heart went mad... are your eyes a sword? ls love a bunch of lies? night is of 12 hours... ls that enough for love? let's put sun to sleep... and continue our romantic ploys... let's exchange our heartsand fly into the sky.. making a swing with your tresses,let me swing in it...

open the doors to your heartwhich is heaven to me... the creator has made youbeautiful & attractive... my heart, soul and body will alwaysyearn for union with you... your waist line so thin,it's where the love fire was sparked... are you my dream boy? or are you my darling? ls pleasure sculptured & hidden in you? my kisses will be sweet...and its a war on the bed... my lord, from rajaguru's room...- minister has come, right?

yes, my lord. he might've blabbered's alright. l'm prepared for everything. greetings, my lord. mr. nixon has come to see you. make sure rajaguru doesn't knowabout mr. nixon arrival. let's inform rajaguru... to safeguard our interests. he has given a very good idea.why don't we kill him forthat?

very good idea.- my lord, please forgive me. so, you're mr. nixon, ah? what happened to you pulikesi? we meet quite often, don't we?- so what? the pulikesi you met before is differentfrom the pulikesi you're meeting now. your welcome is not proper. lt's not ourtradition towelcome scoundrels. you're talking too much. l'll talk even much more.come to the point.

l came to collect tax.- l won't pay. reason? this is my country.and l'm the king. then, why should l pay tax to the beggarswho came here for a living? beggars...?but you paid tax all these days. yes, that's a mistake. lf you've any loyalty forthis countrywhich gave you prosperity, return back the tax moneywhich l had paid you till now. arrogance?-justice!

someone has poisoned your mind. nobody can poison my mind sincel'm the master of my will. pulikesi, itching to wage a war?- l'm warning you. okay. forget it pulikesi.we both lost cool in hot temper. when will you pay the tax?now or later? do you think l will dance to yourtunes? l will never ever pay tax to you. even kattabomman refuses to pay tax. why won't you pay tax?

how dare you ask me to pay tax? why should we pay levy? what share do you have in our produce? when we sweated it out in ourfields,you were busy hunting animals in forest. when we watered our crops, you were busy taking sun bath...nude sun bath. when we had no waterfor our crops, you were busy drinking liquorin the himalayas under woolen rugs. how dare of you ask us to pay tax at thetime of harvest, you shameless beggars?

pulikesi, l had already told you. you need tax to run a government. do you know anything aboutmanagement rules? we gave to this world ''arthasashtra''and ''thirukkural''. asking us about management, ah? the rules you know aboutmanagement, tax & income. l too know the sub-sections of these. l know that tax is the backboneof any government. but the reason why l refuse to pay tax,

is that why should we pay to thosewho came here for a living? like me, if everyone refuses to pay tax,your empire will fall. after we chase you out of this country, we will correct the flaws in the systemand will rule ourselves. so better leave this place. l'm leaving pulikesi. but collector 18th edward isa very angry man. tell him if he dares to steps intomy kingdom, he'll get beheaded. you're going to face the tanks.

our women are running short of washingstones. bring yourtanks. arrogance...? get out. pulikesi...- get out, you foreigner! welcome...welcome... welcome mr. nixon... pulikesi... who are you to decide not topay tax to the british? address me with formal respect.l'm the king.

l'm the rajaguru. which means you are allowed tospeak when l need any advice. so, you won't respect me, ah? just because l respect you,l let the englishman go. or else l would've broken his teeth. you don't know about my true nature. threatening me? what will you do? you're nothing when comparedto my experience.

your experience is nothing whencompared to my courage. you never saw my true nature. only good men have anotherside known as bad. you can't have a good side, can you? you will die. before that happens, l will destroy you. have you dared to destroy me, right? not only you, anyone who betrays my motherlandwill not be spared.

we'll meet again. by god's grace, our king has reformed. and he is ruling the country very well. what? which king? which king!? our king pulikesi. you're asking this as if you don't know. l heard that the king has gone an expedition. before he does some good to this country,he won't go anywhere. shut up & do your work.

forget about him. our king spoke to anaiapparregarding water, didn't he? lt was a great feat. spoke to anaiappar...? why are getting surprised to everything? l'm eagerto know what all has happened. our king spoke to anaiappar.stadium for communal clashes is closed. converted harem into a school. closed the soft drink factoriesof akkamala & gup-c.

robbers & thieves are rottingin underground jails. what else do you want to know, tell me? who did all these? our king 23rd pulikesi. 23rd pulikesi...? he is getting surprised again & again. let me put this spear into his mouth.- stop it, please. please go. mind your work. leave him. let's go.

23rd pulikesi...!? when l'm here...there.. the king is coming with commander. let's go there, quick. every second we delaywe get closerto danger. as planned, do what you areinstructed to do. got it? so, it is you who is helping him. ruling the kingdom in my disguise. you've made me fit for nothing.

you'll die today. welcome my lord. please take your seat. ukkiraputha...- father. agandamuthu told me thatyou're 23rd pulikesi's twin brother. you look very much like your brother. my younger brother... the truth about you twins wasnevertold to anyone. sangilimayan sent you in the river.

l was helpless. on one hand, my mother is not well. on the other hand, my brother pulikesihas become a wastrel. yes. that's why ljailed him knowingthat he is my brother. to reform him. poor boy pulikesi.he is a good man. lt was time which paralyzed your mother. lt was your uncle's treacherywhich spoilt your brother.

sangilimayan was close to the british, hatched a plan to killyourfather mokkayappan, then queen, your mother went to the battlefieldleading the army on king's orders. she faced defeat. because of the defeat,she was bed ridden for 12 years. unable to move from her chair. poor boy pulikesi. he was only a child. he became a puppet in that demon's hands.

pulikesi is my brother.l must save him. be careful ukkiraputha. he doesn't know his own condition. you are right. you don't need to lift your sword, commander. l heard everything. brother... l've a brother just like me. my brother is the king of this country.

we are brothers. we both lost a chance ofgrowing together. we haven't lost it. lf you realize your mistakes, we can be achieve morethan what we had lost. how can that be possible? what do l have now to lose? lt's okay if this cuckoo wasbrought up in a crow's nest. lt was brought up in a eagle's nest.and it is now a slave to the eagle.

don't worry, my brother. forget it. you've corrected everything. why fear when you have a brother! o god! thank you very much. l know that you both will unite. how? how...!? lt is easy to question me. what else can a screenplay writerthink otherthan a re-union? what?

l prepared your horoscopes. only l knew that you bothwill unite in future. brother, let's decide as towhat has to be done. l've a message thatedward is coming tomorrow. guards! get my clothes. l'll unite revolutionaries and peopleagainst the oppressive rajaguru. you go to the palace.- okay. mother... l'm ready to get punishedfor insulting you.

l'll present you with a gifttomorrow morning. my lord...-who is that? greetings my lord.- okay. what's the matter? a small doubt... there is nothing called small & big.knock my door even at night. tell me. so, it was this. for what & why? yes mr. collector, what they said is right.

pulikesi has written a letter sayingthat he won't come back. yes mr. collector. everything happened inthe blink of an eye. a coward. he planned but left the field midway. lt was you who wrote that,but blaming the king. why? l'll tell you the reason. bring him here.

he is responsible for everything. he hatched a plan tocapture the kingdom. so, he made pulikesi his slavewith his mesmerizing words. their plan was to kill me. join hands with veerapandiya kattabomman. and fight against you. l'm a black cheetah. l've shattered all their plans. tell me, what punishment does he deserve?

ls there no one to save thisgreat king 23rd pulikesi? hey you scoundrels! you've hit frombehind and brought me here. you never saved rain water. but you've saved so much of waterto kill a single man. oh no! lt's very cold... wow! light has come. he will help me to escape. my dear guard! come fast... please come and rescue your king.

l can't, my king. l'm rajaguru's man. really? rajaguru's man? lt's alright, guard. you're the one who usedto fan me, aren't you? don't you feel pity on your king? no king. one day, since l didn't fan you properly,you burnt my mouth with a hot rod. did l do like that? my dear! l've forgotten it.

you do one thing...please release my hands... l'll fall at yourfeet and seek pardon.- l can't, my king. guard, please listen to me... you used to pester me forfestival bonus,have you forgotten it? your generous king is goingto die now...- king... ls this how you show yourloyalty to your king? won't future history depict you as bad man? think deeply... l'm coming, my king.

excellent, pulikesi. you've won him with your oratory skills. you're a great administrator. who has opened it?- lt's me, my king. ls it you? l've opened the hot you will feel warm. hey, you fool, you scoundrel,you betrayer.... phew! talk less... all my plans fell flat.

do l need more practice? l wish you become the king. thank you, sir.l'll obey the order. shoot him. pulikesi? you said pulikesi ran away, didn't you? how did he come here? who gave you the right to punish him? pulikesi, l'm not satisfiedwith your administration.

a revolutionary army is formed tofight against your bad administration. uncle, l agree with you.but it's formed to destroy you first. pulikesi, stop it. you've accepted that thereis a revolutionary army. that's enough to removeyour administration. shut up! you scoundrel, who camehere seeking livelihood. this is my palace. you're too late, pulikesi. warriors, come on...

oh god! water level hasreached my waist. ls there no other wayto escape from here? oh my god! what can l do now?- king... -who is it? oh my saviour! how did you come here?- l didn't come here voluntarily. my king, l'm here for arms scandaland they're punishing me severely. l had a hope that atleastyou will help me. ls this my fate? look how l'm suffering!-very bad, my king.... l feel sorry that you're going to diewith the chain which l made.

what? did you make this chain?-yes, my lord. you stupid, couldn't you tell me this earlier? l was unaware of it till now. who made this window?- l only, my king.- thank god! betrayers! you can't execute your plan. even if you talk bravely,we won't spare you alive. oh no! they are in trouble. oh my brother! don't get scared. your brother pulikesi is here.l'll rescue you.

from now, l'm ukkiraputhan. wow! a horse is ready for me. l've to jump down to rescue our fear... jump. don't go soldiers! don't get scared of them.come on... greetings rajaguru.revolutionary army is outside the fort. sir, excuse me. lt seems revolutionary army has come.let's leave it to them. they will reveal the truecolour of pulikesi.

let the world know theydeserve capital punishment. call them. welcome... explain him clearly aboutthe things happened. two of you come here... your name? my name is ukkiraputhan. tell me, what all did this king do?- he did many things. he hasn't cared about public, has he?- never. he was an irresponsible king.

he was always in harem, right?- harem was everything to him. not only that, he tortured hissubjects very badly. you mean to say that he was a cruel king. you silly... oh no! he is our king... pulikesi?! sir, he is pulikesi's younger brother.they are twins. danger... where were you all these days?how did you both meet each other?

all of you put down your guns.or else your edward's head will roll down. you fools! are you planningto kill us in our place? l'll leave you. run away...escape from hereand lead a decent life. get lost! everyone here knows to fight.- order me, my king. we are always ready forthe war.are you ready to fight against us? you know, l'm 18th edward.- so what? we're 23rd pulikesi. pulikesi, finally what do you say? brother, just a minute... get lost!

go and tell everyone that pulikesi who gotpatted by a bear spat on you. why did you reveal thebear spat matterto him? why did you reveal it to him? all of you get out of this place. no englishman should stay in my land. minister... - tell me. where is rajaguru?-yes. he is missing... since he had failed, he might'vehidden somewhere. okay then. first let's go andmeet our mother. come on...

come, my dear...come... come my dear sons... come near me... oh my dearyounger son... no mother. l'm pulikesi.he is the younger one. mother, l'm your son, ukkiraputhan. don't cry, my dear son... mother, don't cry.we got back ouryounger brother. my son pulikesi... -yes mother.

your highlight is your moustache. why did you lose it?- that is a big story. fate played havoc andour near ones shaved it off. don't worry forthat. l've a duplicate of it.l'll come with that. have you all united? this country belongs to me. people are my slaves. l'm the heartbeat of this kingdom.

l never spare my enemies alive. let's see... l'll fix the blade and come. ukkiraputhan, get up... get up... hey uncle... take it and get lost! brother, don't spare him alive. shit! lt's my statue!

brother, please save me... please save me... no...don't kill me... my dear son, don't kill him. lf you do so, then there won't be anydifference between you both. sangilimayan, you're my brother. then how come you are heartless? though you've done so many crimes against us,l always wished you'd reform. brother, is it justified on your part?

ls it not a betrayal to this country? lsn't it a great insult to our clan? can our deaths get all that you desired? tell me, my brother... l'm not asking this as king's mother.l'm asking this as your sister...tell me... long live, great king 23rd pulikesi! long live, great king ukkiraputhan! hail great king 23rd pulikesi! hail great king ukkiraputhan!

my dear children, you should live long. stop, respected public. don't be in a hurry... you always consider marriageas the curtains down for a show. first stop thinking like that. all of you take up your positions. only now you're going to seean important event. my dear public, l was aimlessand loitering around. my brother ukkiraputhan had openedmy vision of knowledge.

you people are depending on me. to promote peace andlove in our country, l've formulated 10 new commands. 1. education to all. 2. cleanliness. those who defile our placewill be severely punished. 3. cutting trees is sin.those who do it will be sent to jail. 4. ditching old people and abortion is sin.those who do so will be caned. 5. 50% reservation to women. 6. everyone should respect his mother-tongue.

so, those who can't speak or write in mothertongue won't get theirfamily cards. 7. only there are 2 castes. males and females. 8. for crimes like rape, dacoity, murdersit will be capital punishment. . everyone should pay taxes.evaders will be punished. 10. corruption is worse than famine.punishment for it is public humiliation. lf you all strictly follow these10 commandments, peace and prosperity will sustainin this country. we need not have to fearto fight british.

alexander, emperor ashoka, mel gibsonof braveheart will be our role models. go home happily. thank you.

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