Tuesday, December 13, 2016

puppets from puppet master

*wapuush!* top of the mornin' to ya laddies! my name is jacksepticeye! and welcome back to "inside" where we left off... i was stuck in this tiny, tiny little water area... actually, its not tiny at all... it's huge. i thought it was just a tiny little crevice somewhere. ah, shit what do i do, how do i get out of this?

can i go down? its hard to see anyth- oh! are you boards or something i can use? yes. oh, my little boy is drowning! go up! go up! for the love of god, go up please! oh, yes. oh. what happened?

god, i thought he drowned and died. and then i glitched the game. huhuh okay, movin' on. this game controls fantastically as well. because "limbo" had a few issues. that, when you were running around... and then you stopped your character... it kinda felt like you were battling some sort of momentum system. but this one just feels spot on.

is that enough? yeah! hup-yabayah that's a good one. right. lets move on! and move far away from the faceless people as we possibly can. because those guys suck! oh, so does this room...

this has a very interrogator vibe to it. wha- oh god. so that drained the water. i thought it filled it up all the sudden. we good? are you going to fill it up again? okay. there's likely a puzzle going on here. anything i can grab? no. fill me up, buttercup!

can i have this bike? that is a very nice bike. i didn't have a bike growing up as a child. i did! i'm talking about this little boy here. hue-haha. this way? i have no idea where i'm going or what i'm doing but i am happy to be doing it. ree-aha oooh-hua ...why?

okay, i don't get this yet... but i have to figure out what the hell is going on. is there anything i can drag to pull in there? oh, i can go over here when the water goes up.. got it. i like the reflections in the water, too. that's really nice! okay, that area closes and there's a chain here. so, obviously, i need something for the chain. i can't bring the- no.

i was gonna say, "i can't bring the thing from before, can i?" can i hit the button here? oh i can! oh i hit it twice... shit! if i hit the button then i can come over here when it goes down- and then i can get in the door. aaaaaaaand... go! oh go. oh go. go little boy go! go little boy go!

yeaaaaaaahhhh! now the door should open. woohoo! that actually wasn't all that hard. why did i need to open up the top of the other place then? what's going on? was that a big robot thing? oh, this is the way.. no...

that's scary! its a very war-wua... "war of the worlds" kind of thing. the tripod's, like, shining their lights in and looking for people to kill... (dog panting) and pull you across, and i can use you on the chain. goody! i still have no idea why i opened up the top place over there. maybe we'll find out soon.

maybe i'll actually need it. hup! up ya' get! thatta' good boy. can i swing? oh, god. oh, there's people up on the bridge! fucking artstyle is awesome! it looks like post cards! holy fucking shit, look at that! yeeeah! good job, playdead!

oh, its a train full of people. okay.. we have to go, we have to go, we have to go. i don't know what that light is coming from, but it scares me. i thought- oh god! that scared the shit out of me. i was looking at the fucking cage up at the top right! i forgot that perspective, light, shadows.. all that jazz. like the shadow shifts as the light moves across it. that happens in real life as well!

oh, god- i was moving too fast! ok, so.. maybe if i just stay over here then... it looks like there's, like, a giant baby head over in the fucking cage over there. yes. not all at once. whaat the fuck? that fucking shadow didn't show up there for ages. can't do it all at once! you've got to- you've got to time it. you've got to be- you're got to be patient. patience is not something that jackaboy has in spades, okay?

oh, they're just people. ahhh, god! i keep forgetting, like, how big the pipe is- how much of a shadow it's going to cast. ouu- this game is really good at, like, cranking up tension. it's really good at cranking down cages as well... can i make that? make it.. make it! yes, i'm one with the people now! they'll never know.

huah! sorry, dudes. uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh! don't come the entire way! fuck you! hueh okay, we good? we good. i got this, i got this. there's a door over here that i have to lift up... got it, got it, got it! ah, come on!

oh, god. lift it! oh, thanks jesus! (monkey sounds) that was scary! that was tense as all hell! there's a piano over there, can i play it? sing us a song... those industrial sounds are creepy. like the big "ronks"... of, like, metal roping off each other. it sounds like a ship.

this game is terrifying. like, put yourself in the position ofthe little boy in this -fucking auschwitz people stealing everyone with no faces. and then make- turn them into puppet drones. and then you come along, and you're just a little boy... you can't do anything, you can't seeanything. you don't know what's going on. maybe the boy does know what's going on. we as the player might just not know. electricity... water... bad. this would make a really good horror game. like, walking by

if some shadow just flashed in the train. i'm gonna make a horror game. wait, why am i crouching? oh, dogs... was that it? am i good? okay, thank god. that doesn't sound too good. oh, they definitely heard that. oooh, the feeling of, like, deep sea creatures going to gobble up my legs.

oh, i don't like it. oh, shit. oh, shit. into the water! into the water! ooouguhg... ahh! fuck, the dog can go into the water, i didn't know that. good to know, though. good- good reference point. goods... good test. can i just go? go, go, go, go little boy, go little boy!

i am so dead. i am so fucking dead! aah! god. oh, it's so hard to look at. oh, fuck me. do i have to go in the water and wait at the edge? and then when the dog jumps in, i jump out? let's test. that or i have to go under the water. aaand, that didn't work!

hue-hue-hahaha. fuck. okay, the only other option- is... go into the water. bring the dog all the way over to the left. while the dog is all the way over to the left, i go under the water. the dog can't go under the water, right? where is he? i can't see him!

there he is. fuck the dog. fuck the dog! oh, god. he's fast. oh, god. he's a fast swimmer as well. shit! okay. he's fast but i'm faster. go! go little boy, go! the camera angle changed, that means i did a good thing.

oh, please. oh, please. oh, please. oh, please. oh, please. oh, golly gosh. oh god, no! (hiss) ooh! what is that sound? oh ma- aaagh! no, no, no, no, no, no, no. fuck! come on! that sounds like big, giant robot and i am in love...

if that's the case. oh, don't make me do the water thing again- okay, you start me here. okay. good call, game. good call. aaand, pull one board off. and go back. go back, go back! go back! ahh-haha! this is scary! oh, f--

their fucking sounds are horrifying! fucking love the sounds, though. i love this shit! i love what sounds like giant monsters all the time. and i love big, giant robots. i love audio. i'm a huge audio nerd. that's why i went to college for it. whatever's up there is huge! whatever is making that sound is big and metal.

can i go through now? yeah-haha! ooh, bless me little baby heart! they would be able to fit through that so i'm not just going to stick around, because that's scary. okay, i need to move my light... i know it might de-illuminate some of the background but it's reflecting off of my screen and it's making it hard to see stuff. ohh. i love this game. i know i keep saying it over and over again. the sound.

the art style. the atmosphere and everything. i can't help it. when a game's this good, it's this fucking good. are you good? or are you a bad? oh, he's a bad. oh, oh, oh oh! don't do it, don't do it! let me go!

the other guy comes up and he's like, "oh, hey! you found a child!" "that's cool. that's pretty neat." okay, am i hidden over here? is submarine dude going to come up and see me? i think so. okay, what's going on? you guys have no faces either. okay, face.. face the wall. uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh. i'm gonna take your submarine and i am gone.

dude, sick! nice! okay, but... why underwater? oh, god! these guys should make a horror game. because lighting is like a big part of horror games. at least for me. this looks nice. am i able to, like, grab shit?

or do something? plunk oh? i can boost! okay, good to know. i literally just figured that out now by holding buttons. he-he. eu-lelelelele... boom oh, my god. that's good audio.

look at that! that's a fucking wallpaper right there. so in love. (jack's amazed noises) ahh, i love it- it just.. makes it look like there's big kraken tentacles coming up. i would love it if there were giant creatures in this game all of the sudden. i'm just a huge fan of giant creatures. i used to always say that if i made a game on my own, it would just be full of giant creatures. that's why i love shadow of the colossus so much.

ah. physics, man. and all the little dust particles in the air, it's so atmospheric. (gasp) i thought that was a robot. what the fuck is going on in this game? that's what we're going to find out, huh? is that a projector? i'm so confused. okay, give you a little bit of a warmup...

kyyyyyyeah uuah okay, have to break this a couple times... don't anything attack me from the- from behind me. oh, it feels like that's what's going to happen. uueh did i do bad? god... just keep chipping away at this fucking thing.

hueeh kyeeah no, not up! i thought you were going to go where the light was pointing. what else is there to break? there's nothing else here. there's no more pieces to break! ohh, that looks like a window and i'm just waiting for something to, like, fly past it. do i even go through there? it's nice to be able to hear actual sounds.

oh, i can actually get out of this thing. hmm... maybe could i get out and do something with this. or maybe i can't- oh, i can get out. ohh, clever. maybe have to open the gate haha that'sgood but you really use your noodle i mean they're super simple puzzles ishould be getting them a lot quicker than i am but whatever - silent emphasis on the dead

that's you wait you're not as cute asthe fucking chicks yeah i'm super curious as to what the hell isgoing on in this game all these are like aquarium things likestuff behind that that's going to break isn't it and water is going to shout oh good boy behind oh shit my dad and dead the barrel squash me yes the wall ohyou're bad from now and then causing his death all these times they can imaginestanding here now watching something by

the window in the water cool thanks this time don't jump just fall well i have oh i don't think kind of sound that'sawesome wait they didn't do anything going to goup again let's go to see what was in that room this is what a good game should do aswell it should make your imagination run wild how do you create what you think is likebad or scary or whatever in these games

the game doesn't have to over to showyou a bunch of shit because in your your brain just like that scary was itimportant vibes i go with the aperture science place allovergrown sort of thing you anything that they can use but that all the shit they have to do itagain it's like the fucking you do okay waitfor it wait for it to space / so spry and bouncy i love it you look you're young you have goodknees the older you get the worse it gets

believe me here's the rope'n squeeze it's all broken ankles again you look here young there we go now try shh awesome can i like use oh was that all fukn knewit i knew it had to be something in the water all god get the fucking and don'tcome back out or give me heebie-jeebies it like that weird feeling of my backnow and i like to do this but oh

whatever that was i don't want to see itagain i knew it i knew it had to be fuckingsomething in the water it was too fucking cam this is i want to get out and press this buttoni can't i can't get out of this thing well it's submerged so don't make me getout of this thing that i know there's some weird creepy by some things rolledaround i do not want to get out of this ever happened when i have to get out ofit that's that like when you go under thewater you can't hear anything and then you go over the water you can hear stuffdid you get in here before i just get

out of it here and then go underwater shitballs - i'm scared me get into wait you know we did you want to get in before our shit that i do bad i did bad isupposed to keep the submarine over that side fukn knew it i was going to say that aswell wait for them to attack me and get veryparanoid very quiet

wow that's so much food ok so keep this dude over here then andthen when it goes out this is making me nervous because nowi'm an extended period without my submarine dude oh no whoo littleatmosphere what was that was it a fish or was it aman fish is it a mermaid is the number man mermen just like this i'm so nervous

so tense so awesome oh sh nice play basketball with asubmarine what do those do is realize that thesubmarine yet either just sitting there going nah fuck that go oh what is it it is a person get back yourfollower beast it back ok so it's afraid of light which makes sense because it'slike in a deep ocean creature it's so weird

no no no no go away shoo you swim verywell for a creature of the deep that looks like a human got her to go we do shit shit so i supposed to do withthat oh no this horrifying came supposed tokeep the creature on this site that's a person that's like a personwith no face so we turn into keep the creature on this side and thenwhen i go through i can lock it out right there we go yes

this is cool scammers a lot more than iexpected i didn't expect to have like oh god turning off that expect to have mycreatures like that or whatever room so exciting my free kick it out and leave forevernow thank god that was the scariest thing sofar just a fear of the unknown is like when you're on land is like oh i'm aland creature i know it's on land nothing up here canscare me too bad there we go to the ocean is like yeah that's that's yourterritory

i've not got to do with this only nowfor this game three perfect is a giant robot to just like walk by in thebackground some time just to hear like footsteps and then one like pops out andjust shines the light at you be really scary and i love it yeah oh oh thank god for sand hello ok so i need to you need to putyou to open that door there's a lot of like sounds in thebackground there if you can hear them if you really good headphones you hear them what is that thing in the distance

what is anything in the distance wheream i does that sound okay what do we do withthis can turn it left right up or down i want to know what's making that sound it's fucking awesome 19 you're not a countdown or anything oh god it's decided to go down wherethey say to go down but it is an elevator okay i'm getting further away from thenoise whatever it was i just love the

cavernous spaces what am i doing a cool noise nope it sounds like something is like somany . that as well that this is very abe's oddysee and i very much agree withthat like all these like mood darkens storyknow what to do or where to go and then you come along and help them well help have really helped anyone butthat sounds sounds like something like striking the ground like makingearthquakes or something oh don't be a mer bitch down here

oh faster please faster don't drownlittle boy we got it we got it we got it were fineexcept why and where down no idea where i am they go the wrong way it's very dark asyou increase the brightness hold on a sec sorry i hate like changingshit mid game there we go what a time to fuckingchange the brightness with something staring at me with a light what is that ask a lot of questions that that

oh it's just a broken light jesus scareme like that hey dudes ok i'm save you ah is 19 oh shit oh no he just control your likethis awesome oh you're just following the thing okayyou're not actually like following my orders or anything ok need to get everyone on the track is19 the amount of people i had in that area before ah you guys can help me up as well shit

you have to help me up on this but thank you dudes can i take thisthing off oh man i really want to be able to takeit off because i'm gonna leave these guys that are doomed then they're goingto fall into the thing no se say oh oh wait you're not gonnawait the edge anyway i think god is that we're going to fall down into the hole everybody up this is cool come on the mood darkens jack voice mysavior you're like fucking zombies as thosedays 19 you wanna do - were saved

how many dudes are alive or something inthis area like workers then help of a great guys any day now during these guys into the elevator cool it was over this site shit i'm gonna goup one floor all right you guys up and parity up hereand then we're all good right i take the helmet off where the instant i suede like moths toa flame that this isn't gonna kill you staying see if this changes this is not 19 here

ah that's how many i need on the thing shit so i went to bring you guys everywherenow that's going to make my life of fuckingliving hell can i just like trap some of you behindthe door keep you over there something take this thing off okay we're gonna go left i didn't checkdown there this might make things a bit trickierthis is good though right this is my type of game very incrediblyatmospheric there might not be anything

over here so really want to know what's makingthat fucking sound whoo everybody grab this everybody grab andpull you guys do have a use it under this what all no wait maybe maybe i'msupposed to you guys left me up please i need to get up there no wait here daddy will be back soon it's like dudes over here that i candrop down into the thing well they're pushing it again no dudeswhy

damn it i have no idea what i do like nothing uphere oh i was supposed to drop into the thingcan i drop it up dying sorry that i'm supposed to drop into thething so if i pull it back further if i drop into the thing is reporting on thisand i can push no just a light because they're going topush it then and i'll be in it so then i can jump out of it so i'm like that somesort of bullshit so that's underneath me i should be ofthe drop into let's see . me fellas hoist

thanks i actually don't think it makesany difference because i start walking they're going to start pushing itbecause there's a reason i can see this underneath here we go i don't fall into a high standard of itit does make sense he portion fellas you get to jackeventually they won't that ok wait there i'll be back oh pulling all these rocks off made upyou gonna do it and further away from the sound againnow good so curious as to what this whole placeis like what they were doing all that

kind of shit ah well why these suitors you're readyfor it are these guys inside this wow thatdidn't help are you serious oh wait haha you mean never mind i didn't do anything you saw nothinmaybe to go higher if i'm not on it yep what man let's see what happens if wejust let it up on its own

oh let it up and then push underneathand i was fire yay now we should be good come on rocket me into space wow i got you fellas oh before you for dudes you okay these two of you are wearing ahard hat so you're all right the poor last guy just a put it i mean all jokes aside you're prettybrain dead already you're following a boy who has amushroom on his head right now can we pull this stuff all together

yeah that he oh it is a thing we were supposed to doany more friends i needed i needed 12 and i got threegoing to see so money well it didn't go up yet just likefloors up from the other place don't ruin my helmet thing oh shit oh shit on your dog's drive me amangy fucking model get away back it up now back it up now back it up down that's a really coolfire effect oh now

to secure these things what do they do these secrets okay good scared the dogs away whateverit was that's a really nice torch effect alittle smoke trail ok got actually came down here to dothat now is it's a thing where you going to quench yeah but i said the thing where it'slike you have to collect every single one of them are then you'll never knowwhat they actually do so by the end of the night wait what were they wouldactually tells me i'm for me

there's some sort of power anywaythey're always connected to something so fellas i guess we'll find out maybe or not oh god it's so creepylooking at them all i'm birds men but they only the workerarmy all you need is a helmet and then theydo whatever you want sorry my thumb slipped this is my ownflash mob making my way downtown walking fast lotsof zombies of all mad again welcome to the top floor could have beenup there yet that and i still need more dudes just like yeah they're okay 33night

no you guys not a fan of mj jacksonmichael jackson jackson hello this is where the party is i havea party of 12 ok actually have a party of 11 because i had 12 and then i got three soi need 90 20 other yeah you get it we're still need 11dudes ah shit there's only three in here everybody push everybody eve wait or can we lift the door off nopepush we're pushing dudes they are dead

oh god the end was a gate back therethan i didn't open let's go around in the mid level unlessyou guys hoist me up and i can jump from like if you hold me up can actually makethis gap only one way to find out right no wait there thank god you have thebrains enough to stay there anyway are you dead we close to finding out what's makingthat noise i'm closer to it now than i've ever beenthe pipes are swelling up from that you might be my last week oh you are my lastyear except actually have to drag you

across the fucking end instead of youfollowing my orders because you like to get to the end youlike wait i need one more where's my last dude i guess that ohthanks dudes the fucking crowd surf me feel like arock star you guys make me want to fly high butall you don't get left behind gym is back there fuckin gym he likes tohang around through the stroking the helmet that sounds really bad did you guys alldied we have to drag you across now as well i think they might have

yeah dead as fucking dodos other life so good job dudes i mean alive and what since you're notreally doing anything ok let's open up this people please here we go who's in here anyone do there i need a whole bunch more throw me trust me you're going to have to touchme or not that's fine if you want to ask me that's cool but could you toss methough

come on i was just holding open if itoff oh i have to hold jump not just press itmakes sense shit we go go across ok go back there have to build momentumwith you guys pull it up on this come on i always had it oh it from wait what wait what waitsorry go back to its throwing what has happened to him pink but if you don't fall out and go perfect

they're so cute i guess that's way the game is verycleverly you go back to the last episode i was getting the chicks incharacteristics was accused moment ever those getting the chicks in that's theequivalent of this it was trying to teach you the mechanicsof you're going to guide a bunch of characters at one point at least i i i'dimagine so and if so that's genius game design comeon fellas you're going to jump when i jump now ok that's cool

i didn't expect you guys to do what i dowhatever i'm cool that you got any pants on dude you're fake ok music is startingnow i think that means i have enough characters except dropping mcgee over here yep two and one thank you it is some sort of like pulse that is fucking freaky

oh shit i guess that's the games weretelling you act run oh my god that are so fucking love it i think what he wants that of the newgodzilla that time and the moon ho was like the hand that creates like a bigemp pulse just the audio mix with everything so fucking awesome can't waitfor it go don't go go go go go go i mean i have no idea what it is and whyit's happening but i really fucking like it it's like the dudes who made this gamejust like jumped inside my head does that help me

they have to figure out what that thingis and how it helps me that's how it helps me i didn't realizethe fucking pool single jersey chunks of me through off it's fucking gross right there should begood god height 00 so groups oh there's another switch itwas supposed to pull because it can block me over the other side as well buti mean i don't know how i make it do

that can come back down and pull theswitch in so how okay now i'm confused so you're gonna pull the switch and makethe thing go over the other side because then i'm gonna die climbing up theladder i fuck around too fast so i'm done you have the time you runalong with this shit ok if the jump and get the thing to movealong with you why didn't i think of that as i have tofigure pic pick the perfect time to stop

and then go nope nope nope nope and it and that okso when is the perfect time i need the thing to be on me as a strikehappens that's not it that's not it it's a weight then hopefully that's not right god 34 to go all the way around againnow ok so to jump when a thing is going tohappen this might be good yeah

oh so ok now it's going to save me overhere as well the music changed oh god it's not goingto save me yes thank you thank you so that they over there that's makingthat noise it is like a pulls going into the ground the trainer like someone satan whichdirection icon i fucking forgot about that with thisshocks me even though the sources over there and it's coming at a bad angle atme for cutie go go go mama never ever want to seethat again

oh, god. what is going on in here? oh, god. what did i just do? oh, god. i've damned you all! ...or not. oh, you're not immune. i was like, "how are you guys immune to this shit?" i really to know what the source of that is. aah! i should've known. all the ground different all shits gonnapush me and then i was dead but you've

got a thought to go through my head instantly and then the the thing that ifear happens almost immediately after that seems like it's some sort of likefucking and i was like electric our shit fuck they always had that adores the wrongsite so let's keep the momentum going becausewhen you stop then it makes it harder to push the door get me out search cool know if you don't have likedecent headphones a decent speakers or

anything you're losing so much of the sound shit that slows you down as well godfucking buildings fall in the parents got it got it that's the perfect one yes yeah yeah second place is falling apart ok i haveto have to go with this shit that's it ok time is going to be right time isgoing to be right the time is going to be right there

yes i have no idea what the fuck isgoing on i'm glad to be life sort of a bitch had the perfect nevergonna get that perfect thing again ok maybe i will there we go perfect nice nice nice nice please can i just get out of thisfucking area for once and good for all okay.. and we're out. okay. and with that, i'm going to leave this episode here.

hopefully, there's not like 5 minutes of the game left. and then i'm just like.. "oh... crap." the game- the game's ending was right there. and now i stopped it here. anyway... thank you guys so much for watching this episode! if you liked it, punch that like button in the face... like a boss!

and.. high fives all around. wapuush thank you guys! and i will see all you dudes... in the next video! so good. absolutely blown away by this game so far. so simplistic, but it's just got atmosphere in spades and i love it. (subtitles by community and user jackismybabyboo. have a nice day!)

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