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puppets girl

what are you doing, idiot? help me, please!i beg you! he'll kill me! get in! star media presents hello? yes? i used to be a model80 years ago. if you're interested in the world of highfashion call someone younger. sorry. what were we talking about? about men. you said thatall males are selfish. yes, this is right. youshould not limit your life

with your husband's interests.this is what you're doing. you've lost all yourfriends and acquaintances. you even failed to congratulateyour mother on her birthday. martha, you don't understand.roma is like a child. he needs me by his side all the time. this is nonsense. yourhusband will find a new toy when he gets tired of you.while mother is a constant. today you don't have time for her. and tomorrow you'll realize that yourlife has come to an end.

martha, we've discussedit a hundred times. right, but you never listen. oh! what's wrong? what is going on? girl! call the manager! where is the manager? oh, god! girl! what iswrong with your hands? what is it? what does it mean? my apologies...

what apologies? we'll pay for the drycleaner's services... to hell with you! let's go! what happened? i'm sorry... it was an accident... i don't care whether itwas an accident or not. you almost burnt our regularclient with hot water! but he... he was... hewas indecent with me... what? in his girlfriend's presence?think of a better excuse!

look at yourself! who wouldtake any notice of you? but he... i don't care about him!you don't work here anymore! if everybody wants you so much you won't have problemsto find a new job! wait! i've alreadyapologized, haven't i? i promise that i'll never happen again.i do need this job very much! you need it, don't you? i was kind to you. i hired you despite the factthat you had neither experience

nor papers. i did it on myresponsibility. and now what? you burnt our regular clientbecause he suddenly decided that you were a beauty queen and started to courtyou! get out of here! do you know how to use a vacuum cleaner? what? i asked you if you coulduse a vacuum cleaner. ‒‚ i can. why?‒‚ get in the car, then. ‒‚ what for?‒‚ i want to offer you a job.

what job? housekeeping. you will do theironing, cooking and cleaning. will you cry now or what?are you afraid that i'll kill you to sell for organs? don't worry. you nothing valuable for themedicine except for your gastritis. no, this is impossible.i can't stay here all day long. i thought you were in need of a job. wait, wait! stop! ‒‚ can you cook?‒‚ i can!

do you know how to use an ironing press? i don't. but i can walk a dog. thanks god i don't have one. i can type. i can type at acomputer or a typing machine. i can embroider. i can also sing! god save me from your singing! your trial period will last for one month. you'll live and eat at my place. youshall not leave without my permission. ‒‚ no boyfriends. no alcohol.‒‚ ok.

‒‚ is everything clear?‒‚ it is. ‒‚ get in.‒‚ all right. come in. get undressed. where shall i put these things? these? throw them into a garbage bin. eat, eat. sit down. was he really indecent with you?

he was. it's weird. you don't look seductive. when i'm talking to you pleasetry to look me in the face. i don't like it when peoplehide their eyes. is it a deal? it is. your room is on theleft down the corridor. the bathroom is opposite to it.finish your meal and go to sleep. you'll have a lot of do tomorrowand i don't need sleeping staff. by the way, my name is martharudolfovna. what is yours?

i'm yulya. help yourself. do you know what sheis capable of doing? do you know what will happenif you fail to find her? nothing! nothing will happen! neitherthe business, nor the elections, nor the house — nothing! i won't exist too! idiots! you failed to find her and youexposed yourselves to the police! what if the police dig deeper?

do you think it is difficult to get to knowthat you're working for me? they know about that already! oleg borisovitch! then they'll get toknow about that tomorrow! oleg borisovitch, they don't boys had no papers with them. i came to take them away personally. the police don't know about it,oleg borisovitch... did you just saidsomething or was i mistaken? oleg borisovitch...

you'll be extremely luckyif you're right. otherwise... i'll tear your boys' heads off...with my own hands! oleg borisovitch, it was my fault,but i'll sort it out. we'll do everything boys got a bit carried away. they thought that if they pressedon yulya's girlfriend she'll... explain to your boyshow they should act! all right. sure, i will, oleg borisovitch. find yulya for me! we will, oleg borisovitch.

ask some private detectives for's their job to look for people. do you know some good private companies? yes, i know some very good guys,oleg borisovitch... one second... here you go. call them! sure, oleg borisovitch. go and work! i am, oleg borisovitch. what did you do, assholes?what did i tell you to do? hurry up now!

find that yulya wherever you want to! i don't care where! am i clear? ilyushin makar andreyevitch,a private detektive. dogs used to guard peoplefrom the ancient times. nowadays people actively use dogsto guard important military objects, to look for new ores deposits aswell as to detain dangerous criminals. right? you're my good boy... al right. we'll be there in an hour. have some sandwich, my honey...

serega, get ready. what are you doing? are you playing withyour flee-bag again? get read, we have an order. come on! he is not a flee-bag. he is asouth-russian sheep dog, by the way. aren't you, honey? a south-russian sheep dog. right. serezha, do you knowthat they get as big as a horse? what will you do then? what do you mean — as big as a horse?

read about it, serezha.we'll ride a horse soon. come on, get ready. the client's name istogoyev oleg borisovitch... togoyev, togoyev... thisname sounds familiar. of course it does! it'shanging on each and every pole behind the city ring road. who is hanging there? togoyev does. i don'tmean him but his photos. the pre-election campaign!a deputy, serezha.

i see. what does he need us for? to throw in some false bulletinsat the polling stations? this is not our business... you've brought it, haven't you?no, no, i'll come soon. yes, all right, i'm coming. all right. bye. where are you going? wait! look, makar. they broughtsome dog food for my dog. i've been waiting for adelivery from germany for a week. go without me.

look, babkin, i'm sickand tired of your dog! without me! what's the matter? nothing. just a bad dream. i see. i'm lia. and you? i see. so... marthahired you as a house help, didn't she? is your life very bad? why? otherwise you wouldn'thave ended up here.

all right, get dressed.martha asked about you twice. remember not to be late in future. otherwise she'll make your life aliving hell. when you serve breakfast don't forget the orange's on a shell in the kitchen. she adores it. all right. put newspapers on her right.if you put them on the left she'll slap you on yourforehead with a newspaper. don't touch the dishesuntil she asks you so.

just stay there and listen, will you? i'll try to remember everything. do it. it's in your own interests. i want you to find my daughter. i see. yulya is my daughter.she disappeared six weeks ago. why did you wait so longto start looking for her? some more tea? thank you.

we quarreled and she left. is yulya your native daughter? yes. but i barely know her.i got divorced before her birth. tatyana left for yuryev at once and... is it your wife? yeah. she died a year and a half ago. she died, didn't she? yes. it was an i bring yulya here... i see. go on.

yulya decided that i must keep her.i paid for her studies, i gave her a job but to no avail.she is a lazy girl. i don't have any feelings towards her. why do you want to find her, then? this is a good question! politics!i want to be elected to the local council. can you imagine an article thatsays that oleg togoyev's daughter was found, say, in a drug brothel... was she taking drugs? of course not. but whatdifference does it make?

she could have done anything.this is all information about her. and one more thing... when you find her don'tcommunicate with her. she will understandthat i'm looking for her and run away... just to make me mad. sakharova yulya. your wages. i have another question. didsomebody try to find her before us? maybe your own security service?

my security servicehas other things to do. this is why i turned to you. coffee...toasts... the newspapers... damn it, the orange jam!damn it! the jam! oh! i beg your pardon!i'm so sorry! hello. valya? hello. i thought you were having a walk.the doctor prescribed you to. i'll drink some coffee and go out.

what do you mean — "you will"?where is lia? i let her go till dinner. very good! lia is here for youto let her entertain herself and for you to go for walks on your own! i can go to the park on my own. well... i'm valentina zakharovna. and you..? yulya will be our housekeeper. somebody has to keep the housein order. lia is totally helpless!

but it's not lia's job... right. lia is to take you for a walk,to take you to the doctor, to give you injections and tomeasure your blood pressure. by the way, what was yourblood pressure this morning? 130/90. no coffee today. please bringvalentina some wild rose decoction. but martha, i don't like wild rose... it is useful for you.don't be capricious. it's summer but it is so cold!

why are we sitting here, tell me? we could go somewhereto the south of france, to a village. we'd sell wine from our own vineyard... you'd be the first to starthowling in that village. right. look! the one who guesses the secretof dubrovina will get a prize. what prize? 100,000 rubles. it's a lot of money. it's a pity thatdubrovina stopped writing.

she used to write good books. roman mansurov opens hisexhibition at the solyanka. oh, god, another 50paintings of god knows what. why are you standing?do you like roma mansurov? forget about him, honey.with your looks you have no chance. and take this glass away at last! martha? tell me the truth. what did you bring this girl for? don't tell me about the housekeeping.

why not? we do need a housekeeper. you could have hired onethrough a proper agency. and don't tell me thatyou took pity on her. did you bring thisgirl... for a purpose? serega, we came right on time. hi. did you buy it? i'm trying to figure it out. we'll do it later. look,serezha, this story is weird.

it's rather complicated. togoyev's daughterdisappeared six weeks ago. togoyev didn't worry duringall this time and then suddenly he turned to us. why would hedo that? serega, pay attention. the elections... serezha, the elections are not a war.they don't happen without warning. people prepare for them for a year. yes, something is wrong here. it is. he should have eitherhired us a month ago or...

...or somebody had beenlooked for a girl before us and failed to find her. it might be so. he has his ownsecurity service, by the way. it might have failed. did you mean that? maybe. we'll sort it out. yes, this story is not simple. what is it? serezha, i beg you. please buy some food for yourdog otherwise it'll eat us soon. a beast... all right. whatdo we know about togoyeva?

she is togoyev's daughter. after thedivorce she got her mother's surname — sakharova yulya olegovna, 21.she used to live with her mother, sakharova tatyana stanislavvna, upto the age of 20, in yuryev-polskiy. yuryev-polskiy? where is it? i think it's in the vladimir region. do you think so or..?all right, i'll check it myself. after her mother's deathshe moved to her father. she studied at the academyof finances for a year. six weeks ago she left home...

go on. why are you keeping silence? this is all. what do you mean — all? give it to me. give me the file!yes, we don't have much information. i so understand that you don'twant to go to yuryev-polskiy, right? oh, babkin! all right, you have moscow. you'll go to that academywhere yulya used to study and talk to her girlfriends.i don't need to teach you what to do. give me the map.

look, serega, i'll makefur hats out of your dog! there is nothing funny about it. oh, makar? i forgot aboutthe most important thing. you did? what is it? bring some organic milkand custard from yuryev. wait! the dog might getrachitis if it lacks calcium. i might get rachitisbecause of your dog. i'll make fur hats out of it indeed! she won't do it again, i mean he won't.

buy some dog food! come here, glutton. cometo daddy. eat some more... what a good doggy... stop making her up. one can'tsee her behind the layer of plaster. stand still. stop! why did you move yourtight? you're not a doll! do you understand? you're not a doll.just stand without moving. where did you look?why are you looking there? look straight! look right at me!

this way? this way! damn it! vasya? are you out of your mind? the photos are to be printed intwo hours! where are the pictures? what i need is eyes, just eyes! eyesand nothing more! sheer emotions! just eyes!live emotions, do you get it? vasya, do you hear me? what? what pictures?

where are the pictures?the chief editor is going mad! what... what are you doing? work! i told you to work! are you out of your mind? good girl! you're crazy, did you hear that?if you do it once more... one should kill forsuch behavior. damn it! why are you standing? you may be free. here are your pictures.

borya? will you lend me about 10,000? are you crazy? you still owe me 15,000! what 15,000? as you wish. he needs money! yes, i do. ask dubrovina why sheis keeping silence. you'll have money then.

what do you mean? the one who gets to know why dubrovina doesn't write anymore will get a prize. look here. borya! dubrovina and you are friends. get to know why she doesn'twrite novels anymore. go to hell! dubrovinaand i are not friends. as you say.

cal me in the evening. i'm sorry. lena! wait, please. dubrovina! hi. tomorrow. what — tomorrow?you had to give them yesterday! i'll give them to youyesterday, then. lena! you're going down, aren't you?all right, all right... lena! lena, wait!

vasya, i'm in a hurry. ihave an interview to do. if it's a business issue we may solveit tomorrow at the editing meeting. lena, i need five minutes of your time!we have to talk. i may give you a lift. thank you, no need to. andwe have nothing to talk about. lena, wait! all right, all right... i beg you — don't start. vasya... lena!

go! somebody is waiting foryou if you're not mistaken. i beg your pardon. you'reelena dubrovina, aren't you? you're a writer. we love your books. my sister and i are your fans. no. i'm not a writer. you are mistaken. i'm sorry. she looks exactly like her! such an unbelievable coincidence!all right, come on... oh.. good afternoon.

i've come to martha rudolfovna. are you a writer? dubrovina? i'm very pleased to meet you. yulia, if you have noother important things to do please brew us some coffee. right. you want to take myinterview, don't you? i do. it's for theanniversary of our magazine. thank you for agreeingto be interviewed.

i'm not interested in your magazine. i like your books and i wantedto get acquainted with you. this is why i agreed. thank you. shall we start? are you crying? i am not. what's with your face? i tried to make it up a bit... are you crazy?

if martha gets to know she'lleat you alive. take this. did you see a tonometer? it's in the living room. don't go there. i'll bring it myself. she has a visitor. do you know who it is? dubrovina! the writer? yes. oh! do you think she'll kill martha?

oh, god! what's wrong with you?i meant in a novel. she writes detective i thought — maybe she decided to write about out old woman.a mysterious murder of a former model,something like this... no. dubrovina doesn'twrite novels anymore. she just came to interviewher for a magazine. this is the end of our lesson. see you at the session.thanks to everybody. where are you going?

home. are you going too? i must work at the library? hello. i wanted to talkto you about sakharova. who are you? i'm sorry, i forgot to present myself. i'm sergey babkin, a private detective. sakharova... sakharova... she was expelled rightafter the winter session. did she fail it?

no. she just stopped coming for lecturesand she didn't come to take her exams. when did she stop attending lectures? about four months ago.we called and tried to sort it out. we were told that some familycircumstances were the reason. i see. did she have anyconflicts with professors or her mates? did she have any friends? you know, she didn't have's weird... did you always dream to become a model? i never dreamt about it. i justthought that if i were a model

i'd easily find a good husband.what about you? did you always want to become a writer? no. never. however ialways liked reading. after gradating from the philologicaldepartment of the university i was hired by a magazine. i wasediting other people's articles. i used to do it every single day.then i started to write a book. passions, murders, was so unlike my routine life. i see. you wanted to depict yourown imaginary life, didn't you? you know, my life did change.i started to live like a heroine

of my books. a new photographcame to work for us. he was a womanizer. i fell for him.or no, i made him fall for me. this is what he said —"you made me fall for you". we went to italy. it was happiness. just sheer happiness... sakharova didn't have any friends.this is all i can tell you. come on! if you want to know,people like your sakharova should not be allowed tocommunicate with people! she should have beenisolated in her childhood!

anya, stop it! you shouldn't have remindedme of that sakharova! you know, i'm very gladthat she disappeared! i hope she is never found! anya, calm down! get off me! i apologize for her. this isbecause of that story with vadim. what story do you mean? it's not important.try talking to nika tserkovnikova.

she used to communicate with sakharova. tserkovnikova nika. i didn't have any affairsbefore, and then... you didn't, did you? i don'tbelieve it! what happened next? nothing. we mother's friend mentioned that he had another woman. i stayed at home for a month.i would go mad but for mum. this is incredible! insteadof living with a man you love you shut yourself insideand try not to go crazy!

i was writing much during that time.i was writing all the time, in fact. then a moment came when irealized that i didn't need a man or even my mum.i felt such happiness... how can you be happyif you aren't writing? i just don't write. i'm sorry, martha rudolfovna. i must have bothered you.i came to take an interview and i told you about my life instead.well... where did we stop? if you want to go on doingsilly things like this interview

this is your right. you'rethrowing your talent away, not me. go on, ask! after the divorce shetook her maiden surname and came back to her native city. how long was she and togoyev married? not for long. she and herdaughter came back in 1995. from that time on theystayed here. this is it. how did she die? tatyana?

it was an accident. an accident? can yougive me any details? you're not a prosecutorfor me to give you details. do you want me to give youthe copy of the materials? sakharova died in anaccident. the case is closed. sakharova is at the cemetery.i have nothing more to say about that. i see. i have just one more question. did yulya come to yuryev in thecourse of the last two months? no. why would she? she hadno place to come back too.

strangers live in their flat now.yulya wouldn't want to come here. she dreamt of moscow for so many years. why would she come back to yuryev? very good. any other questions? where can i spend the night? is there a hotel in this townor some private places to stop? what do you need to stop here?nobody will tell you anything new about the sakharovs. go tomoscow, look for her there. to tell you the truth,you shouldn't have come.

you just lost your time. i see. thank you. sergeant? yes, comrade captain. look at this guy. don'ttake your eyes off him. he shouldn't find anything out. i got you. come on, let's go for awalk. come on. don't pull! stop! hello.

my name is sergey. i'm happy for you. you must be nika. i must be. nice to meet you. i'd like to talkto you about your friend yulya. i'm sick and tired of you! wait! nika, i won'ttake much of your time! nika, wait! yulyadisappeared and her father... i warned you! i warned you, didn't i?that's why don't get hurt.

wait. you didn't warn me of anything. i warned people who came from you. nika, who came to you? nika? hello? police?hello, this is tserkovnikova. snigiryov told me to call youif somebody comes to me again. they came. please register my call... nika! nika, wait! nika, listen! nika! yes, i'm waiting. thank you. i'm glad for you.

are you looking after the grave? no. a local warden looks afterthe graves. are you from moscow? from oleg borisovitch? i am. how did you guessthat i am from moscow? i've been teaching in amusical school for twenty years, so i hear such things. i'm sorry, i didn't introducemyself. my name is makar. sophia andreyevna. i usedto be tatyana's neighbor. nice to meet you. let me help you.

i come here every week. my parents are buried here.i visit tatyana too. you can see that the grave is in order.say so to oleg borisovitch. of course i will. by the way, what shalli do with the things? what things? yulya left some of her things.i'm keeping them. look, if you've come maybeyou can take them with you? there are not too many...

of course i can. i have a car. very good. i'll behome after work tonight. come at about seven,i'll give them to you. of course. thank you. one more question. it's a delicate one. i feel uncomfortableto ask oleg borisovitch about that... what did happen to tatyana? everybodysays that it was an accident but... it's very convenient tosay that it was an accident. one can feel that nobody knowswhat had happened in reality. i beg your pardon? whatdid happen in reality?

i think you should askabout that at the kulitchki. sophia andreyevna? the lastquestion. what is the kulitchki? there is a psychiatric clinicin the kulitchkova street. i'm sorry but i'm in a hurry. thank you. i hate mental homes... end of episode one

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