Thursday, December 8, 2016

puppets from labyrinth

huh?! cha! rasengan! whuaaa?! augh! agh! hunh! stooop--! you have topay attention. when you're up againstpuppets, you can't letyourself getdistracted by them. just focus on the chakrathreads being used tocontrol the puppets.

naruto, why didn'tyou use the chakrablade on them? what?! let chakra flow into your swordand cut the chakra threads.that's how you stop puppets. come on! we learned about this already! right. sure, i remember now! more importantly, wherethe hell did that puppetmaster mukade run off to?! [naruto]what's this big hole?! [yamato]mukade's trying toget to the ley line. it's under theruins of loran.

ley line? don't you remember? it's a huge mass of energy that flows underground here. there's an almost infinite amount of chakra hidden in the earth beneath us. [naruto] whoa. yamato... you will lead team 7, naruto, sakura and sai. go to the ruins of loran in thedesert of the land of wind. as part of our pact with the hidden sand, we're to capture the rogue ninja mukade. [naruto] is that it?

mukade is trying to get to the ley line that lies beneath loran. the ley line is an immensesource of chakra energy. it was sealed away by thefourth hokage's jutsu formula. your orders are to protect thatsealing formula with your lives! that's it. that's the fourth hokage'ssealing formula. [sai] mukade! well, it looks like you're toolate to try to stop my plans. i'll possess the power ofthe ley line and use itto fuel my puppet jutsu.

and then i shall rule over notjust the five great nations,but the entire universe! i highlydoubt it. you'll never be ableto break the seal thatthe fourth hokageplaced upon it. oh, yes, i'm wellaware of that. what are you doing? i'll just absorb thesealing formula! on mayura girante sowaka! uh-oh. hyeah!

damn it! no! don't do it! wood style: giant forest! captain yamato! naruto! ♪ a light rises above the tower ♪ bursting with emotion ♪ that path of the dragon which must be protected ♪ looks to the sky, reflecting itself on to the blade

♪ even if the sands and winds turn violent ♪ the bright sun blooms proudly ♪and its flowersdance as they fall ♪ a lightspirals-- ♪ hey. [gasp] where are we? ah! hey, wait! uh!

what was that? [grinding stone] wait! hold on! huh? whoa... where am i?! whoa... how cool! all the buildingshere are so tall! hm?

agh! what the hell arethose things?! shadow clone-- whoa! wah! huah! they're puppets! damn it, mukade!where are you?! what the hell is going on here?! you gotta be kidding! how many of thesethings are here?!

whoaa! wahh!augh! gah! they're pissing me off! naruto, why didn't you usethe chakra blade on them? i forgot!the chakra blade! unhh! there's just too many of them,i'm not going to be able to keepup with my chakra blade! again?! partial expansion jutsu! ninja art:beetle sphere!

i've never seenpuppets like that. seems like they'repowered by chakrafrom the ley line. and you guys?who're you? you're a hidden leaf shinobi? we're from the hidden leaf, too. we really shouldtend to that woundof yours right away. well, well. so thoseintruders evaded mypuppet unit. very impressive indeed. there, thatshould do it.

thanks, but you didn't answermy question; who are you? sorry, but i can'ttell you that. then, can you at leasttell me where we are? this is loran. what?! are you kidding me?!that's impossible! we don't have time togo into all the details. but the short version is we're here because we have a mission to complete. i need you to leave thecity until it's done. i can tell you more then. look. you can findthe main gate if youturn left over there.

uh... okay? do i have your promise? but-- what was that about?i can't leave; -i- have a mission! hey, hold on. where is everyone? this really is anamazing place. is it true? is this really loran?

it must be. loran was surrounded by desert. i remember when i- wait, that's right!i gotta go find myteammates! [firework pop] [cheering] your majesty! your majesty? i miss you, mother.

♪ a light rises above the tower ♪ [older woman sings] ♪ and the bright sun blooms proudly ♪ ♪ and its flowers dance as they fall ♪ remember, the day will comewhen the task of singing thissong of peace and happiness toall the people of this fair city will fall to you, sara. yeah? all right, so would you liketo practice with me, then? yes, mother!very much so! [both]♪ a light spirals

♪ to the garden ♪ that shall cut the dragon's hand. ♪ [door opens] what are you doing inhere, queen sara. your people areawaiting you anxiously,so they may sing yourpraises. and you must give honor to this beautiful city of loran, which you and your mother practically built. the time has come for you to stand before your people and smile upon them, and for you to guide them in your mother's place. are you ready? [sniffs]

yes, anrokuzan! [cheering] it's the queen! her majesty, queen sara! she's the queen?! her majesty the queen! i should ask her. i bet she knows something! ah! aaaahhhh!!

uhh.. you're safe now;no need to be afraid. augh! ow! ow! ow! unhand me! what the hell?! listen- oww!! you insolent boy! what is your problem?!i just saved your life!did you forget that part?! huh?! oh, yes,of course, howsilly of me.

thanks. what's with this girl? he's so uncouth! so you're the queenof this place, huh? i am sara, the high queen ofloran, if that's what you mean. loran? oh! and i'm naruto uzumaki.a shinobi from the hidden leaf. so this place is known as lorantoo, huh? because i was just ina loran a little while ago andit was a total wreck, a ruin. how dare yousay that to me!

loran's the city iinherited from my's more precious to methan life itself! oh, uh. boy, i justdon't understandwhat's going on here. anyway, whathappened up there?how come you fellfrom the tower? it felt as though someonepushed me from behind. [gasp] seriously?!is someone tryingto kill you? what?! no! who would everwant to do something likethat to me, the queen?! you saw! my people were showering me with adoration! but you just saidsomeone pushed you! yes, well...i probablyjust imaginedall that!

so, you didn'tkeep your promise! hey, i had no choice!i saw this girl falloff that tower! whatwas i supposed to do? excuse me!just who areyou people?! hold on, don't tellme you're here toassassinate her! look, just relax. don't get the wrong idea.we're here to protectthe queen, too. [naruto] puppet attacks out of nowhere, the ruins of loran suddenly turning into this amazing city, i don't have any clue atall what's going on here! if you know something,please, guys, just tell me!

ah, the grand opening'sfinally here! half-price ramen?! awesome! oh, man! hey, there! jiraiya sensei! come with me fora minute willya? now watch carefully.and be amazed! what do you think?! this is the hidden jutsu that you took three fullyears to perfect! and i've mastered it already!isn't that incredible?

it's amazing!i'm impressed,jiraiya sensei! ha ha ha ha!i know, right! but, i'm in ahurry, so... hey, wait... [giggle] oh, boy! i just can't waitto eat some of thatawesome ramen! mr. teuchi's gutsy noodles!and soup for the soul! i'll enjoy each drop withevery fiber of my being! to create delicious flavors,that's also the will of fire.

hunh. all this excitement just forsome ramen noodles! it'sabsolutely ridiculous! you're one to talk,kakashi hatake!you're standing inline to eat, too. minato sensei! is it a mission? that's right.we're assembling now. don't you want any ofmr. teuchi's ramen?! unlike you, i'm too busy forthat kind of stuff. later! i really can't standthat guy at all!

me either. ...and that is the overviewof your assignment. minato namikaze.choza akimichi.shibi aburame... depart for loran right away. understood. but lord third hokage. i'd like to get your permission to include this shinobi,kakashi hatake, on the mission. you have something inmind for this young man?

i do. he may still be young buthe's also extremely talented. very well. that's loran. minato sensei, what willi be doing on this mission? i have something special thati want you to handle for me. do you think thatyou're up to it? yes! i'll do my best! i guess it can'tbe helped. i hate to do this,and i can't tellyou everything,

but i'll tell you what you need to know. the hidden leaf village sent ushere on a top-secret mission. you're right about one thing.this isn't the loranthat you know. but if my guess aboutthis is correct, you came from loran in the future. the future...the future?! yeah. i didn't want to tellyou anything because ifsomeone from the futurealters something in this era, the events of history could be drastically changed. this is roughly twenty years before your own time.

and another shinobifrom the future camehere six years ago. like you, he just suddenly found himself here. his name is mukade. huh? the guy myteam's after hasthe same name! auuauughh! i don't understandany of this at all! please, just tell mewhat happened to you.we'll start from there. we may be able to learn something. the four of us, we followed mukade to the ley line. but before we could stop him, he absorbed the jutsu formula into his body.

and then, both you and mukade musthave somehow been carriedbackward in time via thetransportation technique. i still don't really get does that mean i cannever go back home? hmm. you said he absorbedthe jutsu formula intohis body, right? maybe if you defeat mukade, time will correct itself and you'll return to the future. you think so?! i'm not sure. but either way,we must bring mukade down. or all of timewill be disrupted. wait, i remember now!

i knew it! that's why youlook familiar! ha ha! you look like the mountainside image of the fourth hokage. now that's a funny thing to say;there have only been threehokage in the leaf up till now. but he came fromthe future;it's a different now for him. that's enough about the's dangerous; knowing too muchcould lead us to change history. uh? the power of the ley lineis deep underground,beneath loran. mukade is using that power to develop formidable puppet soldiers. i will possess all thepower of the ley line,and then i'll use it tofuel my puppet jutsu.

yeah, that's right,mukade said he'd-- enough! i demand you stopspeaking such lies! it wasn't some evil shinobinamed mukade who appeared inthe city six years ago, it wasa good man named anrokuzan. and today, anrokuzan serves asmy minister and has faithfullycarried out my mother's wishes. he loves peace; he would never develop military weapons. and i won't stand foryou speaking ill of him! i beg your pardon, your majesty,i don't mean to upset you. but this man hasbeen deceiving you.

i refuse to believesuch tales! in fact, if anyone'ssuspicious here, it's you! hey, where are you going?! i'm going to go askhim about this myself! wait! you almost gotkilled a little while ago! what if ankuru- an-argh! mukade was behind it?! (om bit at a loss, concernedreax) i think we should split up.i want you to stay withqueen sara and keep her safe.

look, i don't mindguarding sara at all,but my real missionis to capture mukade! this entire mess gotstarted because myteam let him get awayin the first place! it'll be faster if we look for him; we're familiarwith this city. besides, we can't includeyou in a mission that'salready in progress. you should know that since you're a hidden leaf shinobi. plus, protecting sara is just as important. all right, i see what you mean,you convinced me. we can't forget about sarawhen her life's on the line. here.

this kunai looksreally familiar. i had that one madespecial for me. but you hang on to itfor now, and if you'reever in need, i'll cometo your aid immediately. [naruto] this is the kunai used in the sealing formula... then that means he's--! say, mister-- you'd better get going, kid.we're working againsttime here. oh. okay, see you later. make sure that you takegood care of sara. they know nothing about anrokuzan! nothing at all!

how could naruto and those others make such accusations? all right, then,where is she? i will prove that anrokuzan is innocent of these charges! unh! aah! these people... so it's true! there are people who wish to see me dead! is it you? are youreally queen sara? yes! and i won't betreated this way!

if you wish to kill me, havethe courage to stop hidingin the shadows and do it! return them! return what? if you don't, who knowswhat'll happen to you! yeah! that's right! we mean it! sara! get away from her!

nyeh! please don't kill me!i don't want to die! [naruto] who the heck are you guys? my name's sarai, and--i'm not a bad guy, i swear! and my name's masako.i'm sorry; forgive us. we just wanted queen sara tohear our plea, and we couldn'tget to talk to her otherwise. what are you guystalking about? all right, just tell me:what do you want me to return? [cheering, festival music] how beautiful!

it's so wonderful to see theparade from down here, isn't it? i think you'remissing the-- a while ago, anrokuzanstarted this parade in my honor. i was still grieving overthe sudden loss of my mother. so he and my peopletried to cheer me up. you know, that'skinda funny. and what is sofunny about it?! that all of your peopleactually just make funof you and call you thepuppet princess. what?! but why wouldthey call me that?!

hush now! not another word! okay. please try toforgive sarai,your majesty. but still, i don't blame him forspeaking what's on his mind. all of us have had closefamily members takenaway from us suddenly. and all because ofthe orders you gave. wait, is that true? no, it's a lie!i've never givensuch an order! [sarai]masako isn't lying to you!

i know it's happening,'cause my own dad andbrother were taken away. [masako]it's rumored thatsomewhere in our land, the captured people are being used to manufacture weapons. so we had no choice but to make a direct appeal to you. that masked guy from my villagesaid something about that, too. so?! it's still a lie! if what they'resaying were true, then why would all my people beso happy and continue to cheerme on the way that they do?! but nobody in this city isreally happy, queen sara.

what are you talking about?!just look! there are happycitizens all around you! look. it's a puppet. what!? all of those "people,"they're all puppets. sara... just watch. i'll show you. see the chakra threads comingout of that big pipe up there? energy from the ley line flowsthrough that pipe to bringpower to the whole city. then that pipe must also bedelivering the chakra that'spowering all of the puppets.

[fanfare] [fireworks] what is that?! what is going on here? just what it looks like.mukade has turned youinto a puppet, too! no way! i won'tbelieve that!anrokuzan would neverdo such a thing! wait! sara! [wooden rattling] where are you going?! come back!

wait! [wooden rattling gets louder] ah man! where thehell did she go?! ♪ bursting with emotion... ♪ that path ofthe dragon... [naruto] you were singing that song, the first time i saw you. i remember how my motherused to sit there and singit to me all the time. it was anrokuzan who convinced my mother to use the power of the ley line for the good of all our people.

through my mother's ability to control the ley line and anrokuzan's engineering skills, loran was transformed into a city of a thousand towers in practically no time! but then, my mother died beforeall her hopes and dreams forour city could be realized. when my mother died,i had no one left inmy life aside fromanrokuzan. i really had... no one at all... i don't have parents, either. but i had a mastercalled pervy sage. he's also gone now. but even still, heleft me somethingvery precious.

he passed on to me his gutsyninja way of never giving upon something once you makeup your mind to do it. i bet that your motherleft you somethingprecious, too. yes, she did! well, then, you've gotta think really hardabout what your mother left you. and figure out whatyou have to do now.i'm sure you'llfind the answer. look inside yourself. do what you have to do. and never, ever give up. here it is; i have tofind out the truth aboutwhat's going on in loran! as queen, i am able to sensethe power of the ley line.

if i follow the flow of power in that pipe, maybe we'll learn something. [naruto] let's do it! this exhaust vent leadsall the way down to the central core thatcontains the ley line itself. don't worry, if we findyour families, i'll makesure to rescue them. but for now, stay here andwait with the others. you'll help us? i give you my word as queenthat we'll get them all out. mm.

come on, weshould go back. don't forget! i won't, just leave it to us! now let's go. what is this?! look! puppetsoldiers! i just can't believe it. anrokuzan is really using my people to create weapons?! what now?

what i have to do.i'm going to stop him! i need you to getme down there. and quickly!naruto, please! i can cut off the power from the ley line there. all right! let's go; just hang on tight! [gulp] i'll need you to stayhere, all right? you got it.

i, the queen of loran,command you. ley line! let thy flownow cease. and quell thepower that's within thee! kyu kyu nyo ritsu ryo. [machinery winding down] there, it's allshut down. the energy from theley line flowing intothe factory hasceased completely. way to go, sara!okay, now's our chance. [anrokuzan] your majesty, this is quite a surprise. what are you doing here? it's anrokuzan!

that's anrokuzan?! i stopped the flow of the leyline! i will not allow itspower to be used for warfare! as your queen, i orderyou to stop production ofthese puppet soldiers, and to release all theseunfortunate citizensthat you've captured andforced into labor! i see. so you knowthat much about whati've been doing. well, if that's the case, sara, then i cannotallow you to live. a puppet will be a suitable enough replacement for you. and besides, my puppet army is already complete. i no longer have a needfor the ley line's powerthat you've cut off. go, sara, takeeveryone and run!

what about you? i'm going tocapture this guy. go on, go! tell me, is thatreally you, mukade?you sure put onsome weight! hmf. leave it to ahidden leaf shinobi tofill the queen's headwith noble nonsense. it's been six years sincei saw you, hasn't it?! hah! not for me;it was only yesterday! i don't know how you got sofat, but as long as you admitthat you're mukade, i'm notletting you get away! hm hm hm.

mukade, huh?i put that hoodlum's name behind me long ago. i'm now lord ministeranrokuzan of loran,and i control this city! raaah! minister, my ass! all right... fine! [chuckle] i told you my puppet armywas complete, and nowi'll test it on you! i'll open a path.and then you makea run for it.

okay! shadow clone jutsu! now, go on! run! right! hmf!very well! hng! rrgh! [superior chuckle]eh hm hm hm can't escape. can't muster up any strength? that's because the puppet that now surrounds you is siphoning off your chakra.

please stop this, anrokuzan! you know, i have to say,i really should thankyou, queen sara. you took your late mother's place, and in your role as queen,you were able to help mebring this grand scheme ofmine to fruition. but i'm afraid that now,you are no longer useful to me. so the time has comefor you to die, justas your mother did. don't tell're the one whokilled my mother! did you just now realizethe truth, sara? well, your mother was a muchshrewder queen than you!

she saw through me right fromthe start and completely refusedto cooperate with my plan. i couldn't have askedfor a more idealpuppet than you, sara. a puppet virtually askingto be controlled by me. hm. however, it's time for meto make the final switchand rule this city myself. mukade!i'm your enemy here!forget her! sara! snap out of it! [sobbing] listen!

you are not a puppet,you hear me?! aaahhh!! hrmf! what! what's going on?!that chakra is immense! you're the queen! don't cry!don't you even start! you have to do what you have to do! i'll take care of this guy. don't you worry about that! hm hm hm hm.

what could you doto me now, anyway?you can't evenmove your limbs! haaaaaaaaaa! that's enough! while i'm in loran,my power is infinite! hm heh ha ha ha ha ha! heh heh heh heh heh! behold my ultimate body,brimming with endless power! whoa, no way...what's with that thing?! hee heh heh heh heh heh.

you and sara will die here! there's nowhere to run! damn it! no! gyah! hey. you all right? it looks like the plan worked. explode! get queen sara out ofhere while you can! go on, sara, hurry!free all the captivesand get to safety, fast!

huh? oh, yeah. right! okay! shadow clone jutsu! let's do this! you got it! damn you, sara!you won't escape! listen to me!we've got to getout of here now! it's too dangerous to stay! there! now hurry up and getthe rest of these chains off.and then follow me! your families are allwaiting for you aboveground!

come on! this way! huuaagghhh... whoa, he canstill move?! don't let your guard down yet.we can't be sure what elsethis guy's capable of. don't think that i'mdone with you yet! rrrmh! didn't i tell you that mypower here is infinite? i've had enough! multi shadowclone jutsu!

haaaaaaa! choza, go! on it! how dare you?! shibi! we did it. huh?not again! witness my ultimate power: boundless, merciless, and thirsty for your blood. my puppet army! this is now my newflesh and bone!

what's that?! look! it's dad!big brother! my beloved! dad! i never thought i would see you again! i just can't get over it! ireally never thought that i'dsee you again! queen sara! thank you!you kept your promise,and we will neverforget that! everyone, we have to getout of here immediately!it's dangerous! huah! nice try! but you're nevergoing to shake me off!

sara! i'll take careof him somehow; you just get everyoneout of here! but--! you've got to keepyour people safe!you're the queen! that's it! everybody, listen!please, follow me! but where arewe going? we're going to run tothe central square. [uncertain murmurs] come on dad, big brother,i say we go with her!

please trust me!i have an idea! after what she did, we shouldall have faith in her majesty! do you reallythink we should? yes. let's go. this way! i'm the one you needto worry about now! don't get in my way,leaf brat! i don't get it.why's he so determinedto stop sara? you're right, there must be areason he's so focused on her.

so naruto, you have to protectsara for a little longer! there's somethingwe have to do! you can count on me! all right then. i'm on it! huh, that's weird. why do i just automaticallydo whatever he asks? well, whatever. [weary panting]

we've come far enough! the towers will serve as a barrier. that monster won't be able to get near us. [relieved sighs] [explosion] [gasps] oh, no... it can't be! everyone, get back! augh!

queen sara! it won't budge! you guys go! you're nothing but a foolish,weak puppet princess! you've outlived your just stay still... and die! haaaaaa! naruto... listen to me, you'renot just a puppet!

now you go and dowhat you have to do! augh, damn it! do what i have to do. mother... ♪ that path of the dragon, which must be protected ♪ a light spirals to the garden ♪ that shall cut the dragon's hand ♪ the shadow of days past-- ♪ aurgghh!

sorry we're late. [sara] naruto! huh?? i know i can protect allof my people if i stop theley line at its source. that's it! that'swhy mukade wants tostop you so badly! you know the gardenwhere i first saw you? the power of the ley line can'treach there, so anrokuzan won'tbe able to get too close. that'll work! nice one!

please listen!i know of a safeplace away fromthe ley line! so, let's head there right now! if we can reach it, that monsterwon't be able to get us! let's go! sure! we're all with you! yes. that's right! we're with you, queen sara! [mukade] sara! i cannot allow youto live any longer!

go on, sara! don't give up!find the courage to do this! i will! come on,everyone,hurry! there's no way you'regonna get past me! wait! it's a jobfor my team to do! guard sara. it'll savetime if we split upthe duties like that. come on, you've gotto be kidding me! sorry, naruto,they're right. he's powerful. we have to put up as many lines of defense as possible.

yeah, but... we'll go underground here! quickly, everyone! have faith in us!now let's go! okay, let's do this! good luck.i'm countingon you! sara! i won't let youget to that ley line! you don't getto say that! unless you're ableto defeat us! what is this? the ground is--

ninja art:insect deception jutsu! rrgh! hauughrr!! that's right, you's over for you now! my insects can devour any amount of chakra! take care of the rest, choza! huaaaaa! yes! he's absorbing more chakra! even my insectscan't devour it all!

this is nothing!i have more chakrathan you can ever imagine! it doesn't matter howmuch chakra he's amassed,he's still only a puppet. there has to bea limit, right? no. his power is infinite! looks like those towers aretransmitting chakra that's beentransformed into plasma. puppet rotation! thought so. what is it?what's the matter?! mukade. he's absorbing all the power of the ley line.

and unless we're able toseal it off, he'll havean infinite amount of chakra. seriously?! but even if he does have thatmuch chakra, there's always aweakness somewhere. [rumbling explosion] anrokuzan!! get everyone out! right! come on! gotta hold him off till saragets everyone to safety. agh...

i'll take over have to keep sara safe. no way! you can't fight him head on.but i have a way to uncoverwhat his weakness might be. so please, go. pshh. yeah, okay. shuriken shadow clone jutsu! there! that's his weak spot! what?! he regenerates so fast! graahhhh!

there's an inner gardenthrough those doors behind me! and the power of theley line can't get inside! he's almost here!hurry, sara! no, it's... what is it?! the impact of the towers fallingmust have jammed the lock; it won't open! it what?! oh no! what are we gonna do? hnngh!

haaaaaaa! big brother!speak to me! my love!are you all right?! [naruto] haaaaaaa! i'm never gonna stop! shadow clone jutsu! please, it has to open! please! open...

[straining] come on! let's help her! everyone! come on now,put your backsinto it! [all straining]hrrrgghh! huaaahhh! [awe]oohh... [massive cheers]yeah! all right! now everyone,get inside,quickly!

we did it!we made it! queen sara! what are you doing?! where are you going? there's still somethingthat i have left to do. hrgh, damn it. everyone made it intothe inner garden safely. that's great. [stomping] i found you! sara!

as i thought: while thesource of the ley lineremains open, anrokuzanwill have unlimited power. no matter what, i'm going tohave to go shut it down. yeah. it's up to you. and i'll make surehe doesn't follow you! multi shadow clone jutsu! you sneaky little brat! i'm not done yet! ley line: great dragon fire! damn it, he just hasso much chakra!

but... ...there is absolutely no way... you'll get by! i'll stop the source of the ley line's power! there's only onething left to do! here we go! [fainting]it's all yours! wind style!rasen shuriken! take this!

wha? what's the matter, leaf brat?! damn it... i don't have enoughchakra left... are you finished already? die! are youall right? okay, i'll strike athis weak spot. when i do, hurl yourrasengan right at it! i can't. i can't infuseanymore chakra.

i'll give you someof my strength. won't work. rasengan's thefourth hokage's own jutsu. only pervy sage and iknow how to use it. of course!that's why iknow it, too. come on.just put outyour right hand. okay... so you still have somechakra left, do you? a rasengan?! no way. how's it possible?!

'cause when similarchakra natures merge theystrengthen each other. and when that happens,the end result is... an ultimate,supreme rasengan! what the hell-?! this is it!ultimate, supremerasengan! whatever that jutsu is,i'll still send you to hell! and sara's next! now, i shall reveal to you,my most powerful jutsu! ley line: ultimatedragon fire jutsu!

what? shurikenshadow clone! [straining]regeneration jutsu! naruto! his weakspot is right there! what have you done, sara?! i trust you tofinish this up! haaaaaaa!! no! i won't let you! supreme rasengan!

haaaa! yeeeaaaahhrrghh! blargh...unghh... my plan! the fivegreat nations! this can't be happening!i was going to rewrite history! i won't let it end like this! if i fall, then so will you! all of you will perishalong with the ley line! that's not good! the ley line's going out of control!

sara, quick! run! aaaaahh! gotcha! i won't let go! whoa! watch out! wood style! heh! that wasa close one! give me the flying raijinkunai i gave you before. i need it to completelyseal the ley line.

yeah... seal! d'huh? whatis this?! [minato]with anrokuzan dead and thesealing formula in place again, the pendulum of time is starting to swing back. so the two of you are about tobe returned to your own era. kakashi, you completedyour mission, i see. kakashi... sensei?! yeah, i sure did! and i alsosaved this hidden leaf shinobi.he was out cold by the frontgate, not a care in the world.

aah!! the heck was that for?! well, you're always pickingon me, so i figured icouldn't pass up the chance. i'm honoredto meet you. huuh? captain yamato,is this guy really-?! unfortunately,it's time to go. so you''re reallyleaving? yeah. but sara, don't you realize?you did what you had to do!

you're anawesome queen! so even if we're not here,i know you're going to dojust fine. naruto, i'll neverforget you! but we don't want to change history... it would be best if weerase all memory of this. so i'm going to use a jutsuformula to make everyone forget.are you ready? wait, hold on! you said thatyou'd talk to me after themission was complete! i did. but i didn'tmean right now. we'll meet again one day,i'm sure that we will.

no, listen! i need to talkto you about somethingreally important! and unless i tell you rightnow, i may never be able to! i know the day will comewhen we'll meet again. suppress! please, wait!by any chance... are you... if i have a son, i can thinkof no better wish for him than to grow up to bea shinobi like you. naruto! thank you!you were right!

loran may end up in ruins, but i'll still have the most important part: the people of this city! i'll continue to dowhatever i have to do forthe sake of my people! because that's what youtaught me to do, naruto! yeah, sara! as long as you stay gutsylike that, then you canachieve anything! naruto! narutoooo! are you all right, naruto?! what's going on? my head feels weird.i can't remember a thing.

[yamato] yeah, me either... i wonder what happened. so mukade just disappeared, huh?you never found him? what's the deal, sakura?why did you stop like that? i was just passing by and senseda disturbance in the ley line, so i thought that i'dcome check it out. you sensed it? a long time ago, mymother was the queen hereand ruled over loran. i inherited a little of herability to sense the ley line,although i need this to do it. it's gone...

that sword is a hiddenleaf chakra blade! it's my mother's mostprecious keepsake. she once told me that agreat hero appeared in adream and gave it to her. you mean your mother,the queen? that's right. loran was ravaged by war, andthe whole city was destroyed. but thanks in large part tothe efforts of my mother,our people managed to survive. i intend to carry on herwill and live among thepeople like she did. anyway, sorry i took upso much of your time.

oh... sure! if you'll excuse me! it's strange, i feel like iknow that girl from somewhere. [sigh] look, will you stopstaring at her?!it's creeping me out! it's not like that! it's not like that at all! yeah, right; i betyou had perverteddreams while youwere unconscious. augh! no! actually, totell you the truth, it wasa really nice dream. see? it was perverted.

no, it was a nice,warm, cuddly dream! exactly! sakura!

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