Saturday, December 31, 2016

puppets got talent

happy to be together on "happy together"! - nice to meet you. / - hello. saeho is not here today. - is he fired? / - i knew it was bound to happen. - you knew about it? / - you look so delighted today. you got me. saeho has been very entertaining on "happy together". he vanished all of a sudden. - he was very funny. / - that's what i'm saying.

we've got to work hard to make this show more fun without him. someone came all of a sudden. saeho's gone and we have a guest. - who is it? / - buy the wedding box! - welcome... what a surprise! / - buy the wedding box! gosh. it's saeho. - goodness. / - buy the wedding box! - saeho wasn't gone after all. / - i see.

- buy the wedding box! / - the squid is smelly. what did you bring the wedding box for? - our guests are newlywed husbands. / - is that right? buy the wedding box! - please welcome the first guest. / - all right. he was known as one of the four old bachelors along with kim gunmo, shin seunghun and kim minjong. he's now married to a prosecutor who is 14 years younger than him.

- the baby face kim wonjun is here! / - welcome! - my goodness. / - wow. - wonjun. / - congratulations. he's a newlywed husband. he looks like a newlywed husband. - have a seat. / - he just got married last week. - give me a second. / - are we doing it right away? - wait. / - he just got married last week. this is a traditional korean ritual.

live a happy life. (i wish you a happy life with your future children) (this is meant to wish you a happy life) we wish you a happy life. (should we be scared?) - wonjun was the first husband. / - yes. let's welcome our second guest. he was formerly the best starcraft gamer. he's now a professional poker player.

sadly, he's now the least important person among his family. lim yohwan is here. - welcome. / - he's here. - yohwan, please sit here. / - don't be scared. - come over here. / - come over here. - he's so slow. / - his wedding day is coming up. - it's may 8th. / - yes. are you getting married or not?

- i am. / - then sit down. (if you're getting married, sit down!) - sit down. / - sit down. - take off his socks. / - no, don't. - he's wearing stylish socks. / - right. be good to your parents. (be good to your parents) you should be good to your parents. it really hurts!

it hurts! he captured this woman's heart with his magic. he's the best illusionist in korea. the magician lee eungyeol is here. - hello. / - welcome. - my goodness. / - have a seat. (have a seat first) - even the magician can't avoid it. / - of course. he has huge feet.

- my gosh. / - all right. - hold on. / - it works as acupressure. - it's good for your stamina. / - yes, it is. - here we go. / - it's good for your health. (this is all for eungyeol's happy married life) this is good for you. he was famous for his line, "who's going to raise the cow?" now he's found a woman

he can spend the rest of his life with. park youngjin! (park youngjin is a funny husband) - come over here. / - i will. - live a happy life. / - i wish you the same. this is for your stamina. stamina, stamina. these are the four hot newlywed husbands that we have invited for today.

- welcome. / - please give them a warm welcome. is there a rule that old men cannot be on variety shows? i'm the best! there is no woman who likes that. oh, really? (his hands move faster than saeho's eyes) gayeon disapproves of it right away. that was a brave move.

you are both working on the wedding, right? all men have a fantasy about the honeymoon. i feel great. - hold on. / - what is that? - what's up? / - he got beaten on his calf. did you fall asleep in exhaustion? no, i didn't. many people are getting married these days because it's spring.

hyunmoo, it's about time for you to get married. you can get married now. he went to find a new home a while ago. you just have to get married now. your face doesn't look good. i should get married one day. whoever my bride will be, - i'll announce it here first. / - please do. will you announce it on "happy together"?

we'll pretend we don't know anything until you announce it, then. what are you talking about? - we'll pretend / - don't make it up. there's nothing. that we don't know anything until you announce it. - we'll stay silent. / - what are you talking about? yohwan's wedding day is coming up soon. yes. it's may 8th.

- may 8th. / - it's parents' day. why are you getting married on parents' day? there's no reason behind it. jaeseok is going to host our wedding ceremony. he told me that he's available only on that day. - my goodness. / - is that for real? - my goodness. / - let me explain. - i can't believe you. / - i'm baffled. i had a conversation with gayeon before.

she asked me to be the host for her wedding. i told her that i'd love to be the host. - you are friends, right? / - yes, we are. she suddenly called me last october. she told me that she's getting married, so i congratulated her. she said, "you told me that you'd become the host." she asked me when i was available. i was fully scheduled on weekends.

- she asked. / - and she said, "all right." she called me again, "i discussed it with my husband." "we'll set the date according to your schedule." i could not believe it. i couldn't believe that they'd set the date according to the host. i asked her, "what about your parents and your in-laws?" "that's fine. we're going to stick with our decision."

that's how they decided to get married on parents' day. if you were available in winter, we would've gotten married in winter. seriously. - it could've been next year. / - she was resolute. excuse me, but aren't you afraid of your wife? we're not related but i'm still afraid of your wife. "come to our wedding." "you know what will happen if you don't come." she was serious.

we're close but i'm scared of her. aren't you afraid of her? if i try to beat her when we argue, she will turn scary. i've only seen her for a few times when we were on the same shows. - she texted me. / - what did she say? she asked me if i can come to her wedding. i told her,

"i'll let you know after checking my schedule." "what schedule?" we're not even that close. i ended up texting her about my schedule. - he reported his schedule. / - i told her the schedule and that i'll try to go. - gayeon is like that. / - she was thorough. she told me that i'll regret forever if i don't attend her wedding.

"you'll regret" - "forever." / - i'm afraid she'll hit me. i'm always intimidated to see her. - are you serious? / - i'm being honest. - gayeon / - oh, dear. has a great charisma. jaeseok hosts a lot of wedding ceremonies. he hosted wonjun's wedding, too. i was the host last week.

last week, we filmed this show at 7 a.m. it was because i was the host for his wedding that day. those who saw the show last week must know. our faces were swollen. - we filmed at 7 a.m. / - my apologies. my eyes were puffy. my friend got married at the age of 45. i wouldn't have done it if he got married in his 30s.

he asked me a favor for the first time in 45 years. it was the first time he asked jaeseok a favor. that's why i asked the crew members to change the schedule. didn't you host his wedding because his wife is a prosecutor? - that's not the reason. / - really? - it was for him. / - did you get something in return? - i did it for wonjun. / - thank you, my friend.

did you like him as a host? - how was he? / - i was really pleased. you two are best friends. how was he when you were getting married? yes. i called him up with courage. i knew that he'd be busy. i asked him if he was busy. he said, "yes. what's up?" i asked him, "do you know why i called you?" he was quiet for a moment.

but he immediately said, "congratulations!" we usually text each other. he figured out that i was getting married right away. i told him about the wedding date. he told me that he'd try to make it since he has a schedule that day. - that's right. / - i waited for his answer. i met his wife in person. - i heard she's beautiful. / - she is beautiful.

what's the age difference between the two of you? - 10... / - 14 years. - 14 years? / - that's correct. - that's more than 12 years. / - you're amazing. usually, when i host wedding ceremonies, i say, "we'll begin the wedding ceremony of groom kim wonjun" - "and the bride." / - that's right. i paused for a moment. i wasn't sure if i could call him mr. kim wonjun

because he's old. "the groom, mr. kim wonjun..." you could've called him "the old." "the old mr. kim wonjun." that didn't sound right, either. some use their nom de plume. like "the show, mr. kim wonjun"? "the show." - there will be a caption. / - "the show."

they got married at the prosecutors' office. many prosecutors marry there. - at the supreme prosecutors' office. / - wow. the bride's co-workers who are also prosecutors - sang the nuptial song for them. / - that's cool. what did they sing? what was the song they sang? "nameless gangster - rules of time"? ("nameless gangster - rules of time")

♪ i heard it through the grapevine ♪ - no way. / - goodness. prosecutors usually have strong personalities - because of their work. / - what is your wife like? she isn't like that at all. have you never felt that she has a strong personality? - she's really kind and wise. / - i see. she often advises me. - is that right? / - what kind of advice?

she advises me on life. you're 14 years older than her. age doesn't matter. - this is love. / - young people can also advise. - it's not even legal counsel. / - she must be wise. she could advise him on life. - it's not even a legal counsel. / - she must be wise. - she was good at school. / - it's possible that you go to see houses

with a girl who's not even your girlfriend. you got real estate consultation with her. you carried her bag, too. yes, you could totally carry her bag. you can invite a girl to your place even if she's not your girlfriend. - it's totally possible. / - she's not your girlfriend but you got her a place and carried her bag. (hyunmoo is speechless)

wake up, hyunmoo. (it's time to wake up) i'm awake. (he woke up) did you give him enough monetary gift for his wedding? i did. you hosted their wedding and you gave them monetary gift? - yes, i did. / - did he give you a lot of money?

were you surprised - with the amount of money he gave? / - it wasn't much. (was it a lot of money) (or was it a decent amount of money?) thank you, my friend. (thank you, my friend) "thank you, my friend." "my friend." (wonjun almost kissed jaeseok)

you almost kissed him! - goodness. / - he seems to be in love with him. - were you going to kiss him? / - i was so surprised. i was so surprised. - i was thankful for his time. / - don't mention it. on top of that, he was really generous. i was moved. my wife was especially moved. if your wife was deeply moved by jaeseok's generosity, please tell her to let it slide

in case jaeseok gets arrested. - what are saying? / - please pass that to her. - we never know what will happen. / - that's nonsense. she should cut some slack on him. - she needs to be fair to everyone. / - i know. all i'm asking is be nice and warm to jaeseok. what do you mean by "nice and warm"? fine. arrest him, then. what do you want me to say?

she's a prosecutor. there's no way she'll be like that. since she's a prosecutor... since she's a prosecutor, she needs to be stern and sharp. - i mean... / - you want her to cut slack on him. that's not what i'm saying. at least she can be nice to him. "i didn't expect you to commit such a crime." "what happened?"

by the way, hyeongyeong, don't you have many weddings to attend lately? i'm still pretty young. - is that for real? / - you're over 30 years old. you'll be in your late 30s soon. you sound like you're in your early 20s. - hyeongyeong. / - you'll be 40 years old soon. you're not young at all. my friends are planning to get married late.

- that's the reason. / - women in her age catch the bouquet at the wedding. they catch the bouquet. - i caught a bouquet once. / - is that for real? it was my close friend's wedding. i burned it. (i burned the bouquet) - is that for real? / - why did you burn it? there's a myth that you need to burn the bouquet,

if you don't want to get married in three years. it has been six months since you caught the bouquet. if not... did you burn it because you weren't going to get married in six months? - i burned it. / - you're a scary woman. - you may never get married. / - it's a myth. - she's a scary woman. / - i agree. jaeseok also gave youngjin a big wedding gift.

i couldn't attend his wedding. we haven't really had a chance to meet and he's a senior comedian. i was a little shy so i didn't even invite him to my wedding. on the wedding day, - he sent a huge garland. / - wow. there was a label with jaeseok's name. i thought

jaeseok was the garland. it looked like jaeseok had a makeover to look like a garland. i was not sure if it was really from jaeseok. there weren't many garlands, so it stood out. - he didn't expect it. / - i felt great. many guests have come a long way to attend the wedding. rather than taking pictures with myself, they took pictures with the garland.

even my friends took pictures with the garland from jaeseok. you've dated your wife for 14 years - before you got married. / - really? - is that for real? / - you've dated her long, right? they have 14 years of age difference and i've dated my wife for 14 years. you got married on the same date as when you first dated your wife.

it was either 2001 or 2002. - am i right? / - how would i know that? - it was 14 years ago. / - why did he ask me? it was 14 years ago. because you are sitting next to him, you look like an assistant beside the magician. there's no assistant who would dress in tracksuits. - i could be an assistant. / - they look like a team. - it was sunny afternoon, right? / - that's right.

- sunny afternoon is right. / - yes. it was. we discussed when we should get married. we decided to get married on our anniversary, - which was sunday, too. / - i see. you've dated her for a very long time. how did you first meet? on the first floor of the building where i worked, there was a cafe. she worked as a part-timer.

her beauty caught your eyes. - this is like a drama. / - it's like magic. i liked her right from the start. my office was on the third floor. the cafe took up the 1st and 2nd floor. she was on the first floor. one day, i got into an elevator without a reason. the elevator stopped on the second floor and i thought, "i will talk to her if she gets in."

- you had that thought. / - yes. and she got in the elevator. - it was fate. / - i said, "excuse me." however, i didn't know what to say afterwards. the elevator reached the first floor and the doors opened. she answered, "yes?" and waited. (they quietly looked at each other on the first floor)

about 30 to 40 seconds passed. - this is like a movie. / - then... you should have pulled out a dove then. come on. (that would have been funny) why would he pull out a dove in that situation? a pacifist will love doves. - she might have been a pacifist. / - i asked her if she could meet me at the cafe 30 minutes later.

- did you ask her? / - yes. - what did she say? / - she said, "okay." we sat opposite of each other on the long table. - you and she chatted. / - yes. i asked her number. we went out afterwards. i guess she liked your advances. apparently, she had feelings for me. (his wife had feelings for him) did she know who you were?

i had just started working back then with my hair spiked. - i remember that. / - i was on a show. please give me the ring. (spiky hair) this symbolizes love. you will break up with him but will meet him again. (he was a young magician with stage manners and skills) i heard that your first impression of your wife

was special. yes, it was. it was very strange. one day, she looked brusque, agitated, - and tired. / - really? the next day, she looked fresh - and greeted me warmly. / - why was she so different? she changed from day to day. so i wondered if she had a bipolar disorder.

i was concerned because her attitude changed on a daily basis. later on, i found out that she has a twin sister. - they were twins? / - really? - who was the tired one? / - her sister. - she was the tired one. / - that was a relief. - don't be mean. / - she was the tired one. she is his sister-in-law. - no, you asked him first. / - don't be rude.

i only described her as "brusque." the tired one was your wife's twin sister. - are they identical twins? / - yes. i wondered if i could use them for a performance. my goodness. you are an opportunist. because they are twins. twins must be the best for teleportation magic. do friends and family help with magic tricks? - that's interesting. / - that's how magic tricks work.

i wanted to come up with a trick. i have seen a magic trick with twins. when one disappeared on the stage, the other descended from a helicopter. - that's not how it works. / - no? - i was mistaken. / - saeho is a swindler. - i didn't know. / - he is a swindler. call your wife so she can arrest him.

why do you want them to be arrested? please ask her to forgive me. i will live an honest life. have you ever made a mistake because of your wife's twin sister? have you ever been confused? people can't tell them apart, but i can. the tired-looking one is my wife's twin sister. (the cheerful one is his wife)

- it's understandable. / - "tired." that's how he described her from the start. the one who looks tired is his sister-in-law. the one who doesn't look tired is your wife. i heard that your wife and her twin sister had been on the stage as your helpers. they did help me for a performance. - really? / - which role did your wife play? - she was my first assistant. / - really?

she had a crucial role. did you cut her with a knife? i used to hate such magic tricks, so i didn't do them at first. why did you hate them? i apologize for bringing them up. - i don't like silly magic tricks. / - i see. i thought, "why do magicians cut female assistants?" i couldn't understand why magicians

- had to cut and saw women. / - i see. i used to not do magic tricks that i find unacceptable. i only started doing them later. you did them later. did you find them acceptable later? when my wife quit and i got a new assistant, i started doing magic tricks that involve cutting. (he cut his second assistant) youngjin, i heard

that your attempt to get married on a special day - led to troubles. / - what kind of troubles? i heard that your wife scolded you. my wife and i wanted to get married in january. available dates were 9th and 23rd. january 9th is my wife's birthday. i thought it would be meaningful for us to be born again on my wife's birthday.

(let's be born again on your birthday) the day of our wedding would be our second birthday. - how meaningful! / - right. i wanted to convince my wife and set the date, but - she got angry. / - why? she said, "this is my birthday." she made plans with her friends for her birthday. - do you understand his wife? / - i understand her. the more anniversaries, the better it is for women.

- there are too many. / - we feel sad if we have to celebrate two anniversaries on the same date. we ended up getting married on january 23rd. i memorized the date. you can't forget your wedding anniversary. - it's one, two, three. / - i said the same thing and my wife told me to memorize it as one, two, three, four. - why? / - "on january 23rd, buy"

"four gifts." it's one, two, three, four since she wants four gifts. - that's funny. / - did your wife really say that? why would anyone else say that to me? don't speak nonsense. - youngjin is doing quite well / - that's right. - on "gag concert." / - he tells old men's jokes. he is famous. - my goodness. / - this is nice.

who is that old man? (he looks like an old man) (and dresses like one!) (it's in his nature!) do you know what's bigger than a small fish? - what is bigger? / - a large fish. for goodness' sake. - what are you doing? / - beating a book. (beating a book!)

guess what this is? beating the back of a book. (beating the back of a book!) please tell us a few jokes. to do that, i have to get into the role. - all right. / - let me get into the role. you know, old men can also be on variety shows. old men don't have to watch news all day long. we can do well on a show like "happy together". don't be mistaken.

if being popular is a sin, then jaeseok is a sinful man. (jaeseok is a sinful man) it's an old joke. (was that a joke?) park myungsoo, shoot a cupid's arrow to me. it's myungsoo with a bow. (myungsoo with a bow!) are you an artist?

your outfit is a work of art. wow. (he is good) magician, buy me a drink. "buy me a drink." i will beat you! why are you scared? (why are you scared?) that is impressive!

he is good at telling wordplay. why is the atmosphere strange? is it because of yohwan? "strange" and "yohwan" sound similar in korean. (he breaks out of his role!) his jokes are great. he is witty. you must really like the jokes. you were smiling the entire time. - he is an old man. / - that's right.

wonjun, you returned from your honeymoon yesterday. did you have a good trip? - yes. thank you for asking. / - you look exhausted. there are dark circles under his eyes. are you okay? - are you feeling all right? / - yes. maybe, you need an injection. i am feeling great. "i am feeling great." his words lacked sincerity.

it doesn't seem like you are. - my goodness. / - his eyes look sleepy. you don't sound reassuring. all men have a fantasy about the honeymoon, but people tell me that couples fall asleep in exhaustion. they really do. the wedding ceremony is exhausting. - were you... / - perhaps, people lie because they don't want to talk about it.

- i am not lying. / - no, it's really exhausting. the wedding ceremony is exhausting. - it really is. / - how was your wedding night? tell us about it. i loved it. i was very happy. - my goodness. / - he didn't fall asleep. - my goodness. / - i was very happy. you don't seem happy. why do you keep saying you were happy?

of course, you were very happy. - i'm sure he loved the wedding night. / - right. - how was it? / - the entire honeymoon was amazing and dreamy. - it's true. / - did you memorize those lines? we traveled with a map and drove a rented car. - it was really nice. / - i see. we never fought. i was very happy.

you keep saying that without giving us details. he keeps repeating the same line. you sound like a broken record. we want to hear the answers with details. - please give us the whole story. / - please tell us. from the beginning to end, our honeymoon was like a movie. - this is frustrating. / - what kind of a movie? wonjun is ridiculous.

- it's like he is under orders / - he was instructed. - to not give anything away. / - like an interrogation. "how was the honeymoon?" "i was very happy." did you memorize these lines? give us the full story. i was very happy. - wait a minute. / - this is ridiculous. - wait a minute. / - what is that? (he has a wound on his leg)

- what is that? / - there is another one. his wife must have kicked him while wearing heels. i got these from "law of the jungle." - i was very happy. / - i have a question. how was your wedding night? - was there a bottle of wine? / - of course, there was. did you spread rose petals on the bed? no. i didn't since both of us don't drink a lot of alcohol,

- we stayed up chatting. / - then you made love. my goodness. that is an awkward thing to say. it's a cheesy expression. of course, they made love. what else would they make? i didn't mean to make him feel awkward. what happened when the night deepened? - the show started. / - "the show." ♪ show! there is no end to this show ♪ ♪ i will give you a show! ♪

♪ with a secretive heart ♪ - the lyrics tell us everything. / - you are right. "i will make love to you" "when everyone else has fallen asleep." - his happiness must be genuine. / - yes. he wrote a song for his wife. - he did? / - he did it on the plane. i carry around a tablet and my wife gives me requests. - it's like "music and lyrics." / - wow.

we enjoy working like that. (it's a song he composed) it reminds me of hawaii. it really does. - i can see the shrimp truck. / - that's right. it's the music you hear at the lobby of a hotel. it's the lounge music. (it sounds familiar) when is our tour guide coming?

(this kind of music plays at vacation spots) why does this juice cost 20 dollars? it was the tour guide who asked us to be here at 8 a.m. i can't believe he is running late. - for goodness' sake. / - i like the song. it's a nice song. out of curiosity, how long does this euphoria last? - my goodness. / - it's over now. - it's over now. / - wonjun is happy now

- and will continue to be happy. / - i'm just curious. will his euphoria end? saeho, there is no end to this show. - i want to be as happy as he is. / - i see. - happiness will come. / - wonjun, are you happy? yes, i am very happy. (he's a happy man who answers like an old computer) - my goodness, wonjun / - it sounds like he is acting. is the happiest man.

we will talk more about his happiness later. - welcome back. / - what? compared to wonjun, this man isn't smiling as much. - yohwan, are you happy? / - please be honest. i am not involved in preparation for the wedding. - gayeon is in charge. / - for this show... yes, she takes care of everything. she told me, "you can come empty-handed to my wedding."

- my goodness. / - she called it her wedding. the wedding is hers, not theirs. my goodness. it's a bit frightening. it's convenient for me. i am not good at anything other than my job. - i see. / - i saw a post online titled "the happiest man in the world." it had pictures of yohwan and gayeon. he doesn't need to eat out

because gayeon can make all kinds of dishes. gayeon is a good cook. she can make juice. they even have a menu at home. - it's like a restaurant. / - they have a menu at home. when she is coming up with new dishes, she uses me as a guinea pig. she makes me try new dishes. - a guinea pig? / - that's right. most korean dishes she makes

- are tasty. / - i bet. - there is a peculiarity. / - what is it? her first dish is always the tastiest. for some reason, when she tries it second time, it doesn't taste as good as the first time. when the dish isn't tasty, - do you tell her? / - it just tastes different. "the dish tasted better before." a good feedback is important.

there are many sides of gayeon's personality. - she is pretty. / - she is. - sometimes she can be irritating. / - i see. she sometimes hates losing in an argument. sometimes, she listens to me and acts cute. not for long, though. - it's too short, right? / - she is seldom like that. it must be sad to see it pass.

she acts cute as she pleases - regardless of how i feel about it. / - my goodness. it will be nice of her to act cute when i want her to. however, she acts cute - only when she wants to. / - i see. she acts cute until i say something. - how does she act cute? / - show us. - what does she do? / - show us.

- show us. / - "come on." (does she talk like lee deokhwa?) - "come on." / - what was that? his voice is gone because of the fine dust. it must be because of the fine dust. - yohwan's voice is gone. / - seriously. "buy a wig." i heard your father-in-law got angry the first time you met him.

yes, he did. he was against gayeon marrying me, so she and i went to his house without telling him in advance. we were afraid he would forbid us from coming. i found him at his house and went down on my knees. i told him that gayeon and i are in love and asked him for his blessing. older generations are not familiar with my job.

you are a professional gamer. yes, it was an unfamiliar job to him. - it's possible. / - is that why he didn't like you? he was protecting gayeon. (his father-in-law had to be cautious) since it was her second marriage, he had to be more cautious. - he was taking precautions. / - that's right. moreover, gayeon and i have a big age gap.

i am eight years younger than her. i think that's why he was so sure that this relationship wouldn't work. he told me that he doesn't know anything about my job, and it's not good for her future. he didn't think i would be competent, so i told him that i have a six-figure salary. then, he brought up the age gap. the conversation was going in circles.

- he was finding excuses. / - yes. - he got angry in the end. / - what did he say? "i am against this marriage." didn't your salary sway him? - not even a bit? / - i don't think - he believed me. / - i see. when i spoke confidently, he moved on to another subject. he was trying to find faults in me.

he was against gayeon marrying me. i stayed on my knees for an hour. how did you convince him? what happened in the end? i failed to convince him that day. did you get kicked out without having a welcome meal? yes, i had to leave. however, i had allies. mother-in-law and

my first daughter, seoryeong were on my side. i had met seoryeong for a couple of times. we had conversations over meals and watched movies. the three of us hung out together. i think the relationship i have with her helped a lot. since my father-in-law loves seoryeong very much, she could tell him good things about me. - he slowly changed his mind. / - he opened up to you. yes. i revisited her parents' house

on chuseok the next year. i had dinner and watched movies - with my father-in-law. / - you got to say hello. what did he say to you? he gave us our blessings. which movie did you watch with your father-in-law? (what was the first movie?) - i think it was a hollywood movie. / - "avatar"? - i don't remember exactly. / - a hollywood movie?

- a hollywood movie? / - his pronunciation was weird. since many movies are made in hollywood, it's an accurate description. you pronounced it in a way your father-in-law would. i think it was an action movie. how did your family react? what did they say? i bet they were against as well. - i know. / - it was easier for my family.

gayeon can talk really well. she really does. "gayeon can talk really well." were they against the marriage before she opened her mouth? yes. i have never seen her - lose a debate. / - i see. - really? / - she is undefeatable. my relatives fell in love

with gayeon even deeper than my parents. - really? / - yes. there wasn't much of an argument. what do they like about her? they loved how lovely she is. no one in my family knows how to act cute. gayeon knows how to act cute when she wants to.

she controlled the atmosphere with her cute acts. after bowing to my parents at chuseok, she ran up to them and said, "time to open your wallets!" - my goodness. / - that's cute. it was something my parents had never seen. no wonder they fell for her. it's kim miwha's line from "srirang couple." - happy new year. / - thank you.

♪ time to open your wallet! ♪ it's a custom to give money for a bow on new year's. gayeon is the same age as me. that's right. - she knows old shows. / - she grew up watching those funny shows. i can't believe she said, "time to open your wallet!" she ran up to my father - and did that. / - she said that to your father.

- she is lovely. / - this coming chuseok, everyone should use gayeon's trick to their parents-in-law. hyeongyeong, when you found a man you want to marry and go to his house to say hello to his parents, try this trick. - i will do that. / - bow first. there you go. your facial expression...

- why did you make thumbs-up signs? / - it's too... your facial expression didn't look sincere. it's always like that with you. don't do that to your mother-in-law. they will vehemently oppose to having her as a daughter-in-law. - they will oppose strongly. / - that's right. youngjin, did being a comedian work out in your favor with your wife's family?

my wife wanted to see what her family would think before telling them that the man she is seeing is a comedian. when i was on tv, she asked her sister, "what do you think of park youngjin?" "isn't he funny?" her sister said, "he looks like he can mistreat women." that was the image she had of me.

his jokes are harsh. there were jokes about women, too. "who would take care of the cows?" "women aren't capable." "you shouldn't ask for money like that." such were my jokes. - that's what you did in the past. / - that's right. men are the sky. i am representative park youngjin. women are like that.

women's tricks are obvious. they are ridiculous. who would take care of the cows? it was just a character i played. it's not who i am in real life. how did you win over your wife's sister? - when i went to see her, / - what did she say? she told me that she is a big fan. - really? that's unexpected. / - yes.

my wife told me afterwards that since she didn't know me well, she greeted me warmly since i became a part of the family. - i didn't meet any opposition. / - i see. of course being good to your wife is important, but being good to her family is very important. there's nothing better in gaining favor than that. what did you do?

did you give pocket money to her sister? - tell us what you did. / - yes. i heard he captured her grandmother's heart, too. of course. her grandmother is - the eldest in her family. / - she is the eldest. it's important to be good to her. they once had a family meeting and as i walked in, i looked around to find the oldest person in the room.

i tried to look nice in front of her most of the time. i don't talk much and i'm not that cute, either. since i'm much younger, i'm like a little baby to her. so, i went to her and danced to entertain her. then, she told everyone, "you're the best, youngjin." since then everyone liked me. how do you normally entertain her grandmother? first of all, i greet her well. "hello, grandmother."

- oh, my. / - hello. oh, my. i think you will attract bees. your skin is as soft as honey. is that how you dance in front of her? is this what you do for her to like you? - this is kind of weird. / - because everyone is so quiet. - it was too... / - they don't talk that much either. the dance looked weird.

yes. i was shocked. i didn't really like it. i guess it was a little too much. i did overdo it. - she was probably shocked. / - why don't we all learn from youngjin? saeho can play the grandmother. am i the grandmother? - that was uncalled for. / - yohwan, you can go first. do you remember how youngjin did?

hello, who were you again? grandmother, i'm yohwan. let me bow to you first. - all right. / - hello. - hello, grandmother. / - yes. i'm a pro game player. - you have a huge face. / - my hands are soft though. your hands are very soft, too. - he's the best, too. / - he is. - my goodness, yohwan. / - yes, grandmother.

say, "you're the best, yohwan." you're the best, yohwan. you're the best, too. i can't do this. i'm sorry. i give up. - i can't do this. / - you should continue. - come on. / - who's next? no, just do it. - it's hyunmoo's turn. / - hyunmoo.

- come on, hyunmoo. / - he's still single. - you have a house. / - it'll help you in the future. most grandmothers love me. - who? / - grandmothers and mothers love me. do they? - make it realistic. / - yes. (gosh!) (i don't even want to see him!) (walking away)

that was awesome. (dance of shame) he ran away. i think i've seen that happen. hyeongyeong, if you meet your mother-in-law in the future, how will you act cute? - let me try. / - try to show your adorable sides to her.

he's your mother-in-law. hello, mother. - who are you? / - i'm your daughter-in-law. - so, it's you. / - yes. why are you here? i'm here to say hello. my goodness. are you doing all right? "are you doing all right?"

- what are you doing? / - this is strange. hyeongyeong, what was that? why did you hold my hands like this? what was that about? why would you ask her if she was doing all right? she's dressed like a nurse, too. she's in a pink dress. - she's cute, though. / - she is. mothers would love her.

she looked at him in the eyes. yes. it's eungyeol's turn now. - it's your turn. / - for mothers, right? - they will love you. / - you should do it. - really? / - your wife's grandmother will. you'll be loved by your wife's grandmother. i'm dressed like a grim reaper. i don't think he should dress like this for the elderly relatives.

they'll be shocked. - it's your time to go. / - is it? you have to go. - that was rehearsed. / - you should improvise. let's pretend he's wearing something else. - we'll do that. / - sure. i heard my granddaughter's husband is coming today. oh, hello! hello. let me first bow...

- you look very healthy. / - he laughed at her. i was shocked to see how healthy you are. what is that? (his talent show begins!) he's doing a magic trick. wow, eungyeol. eungyeol is the best. that was good. that was really good.

- that was good. / - this thing - was crazy. / - doing magic is a good idea. i thought there were eight fingers. i think grandmothers will love that. it works like a charm to everyone. - what else do you have? / - he was the best. eungyeol did well. then, shall i show you more? yes, teach us something.

- something simple like this. / - well, finger tricks will work well for everyone who is under six. ouch. look at where his fingers go. - that's amazing. / - that's awesome. - i have a spoon magic trick. / - a spoon? i brought this to teach all of you. what he did with his fingers was amazing.

he tricked me really well. what are you doing? i can show you some tricks with your glasses, too. are these expensive? well, they are quite... i didn't break them. - are they okay? / - yes. that was amazing. - teach us something. / - okay.

all of our viewers can try, too. you also need a ring. and then put this ring through the spoon. i'll show you first. - it went in, right? / - yes. it can't go through the bottom part. why is that? it's obvious. - why do you even ask? / - no one can do that. - exactly. / - we aren't stupid.

that is very obvious. but this time, it'll go through the other side. how did you do that? - what have you done? / - let me show you again. - show us slowly. / - i'll do it slowly. show the audience that it can only go through the top. show that it can't go through the bottom. don't drop it. then, put it through the top part again.

(i still don't get it) i will teach you how to do it. i saw the trick from behind. i told you to be quiet. he leaned back to watch my trick. i saw how saeho kept on leaning back. (peeking) - don't do that. / - i'm sorry. - my goodness. / - i was going to tell you.

teach us. you need to use your pinky. - put your pinky here. / - i see. everyone, follow my lead. put your pinky there. then your pinky and ring finger can cross each other. you can hold that tightly. wait, he can't do it. grandma, are you okay? this grandma has no strength. give him a second.

then put the ring there. - i did. / - and show it to your audience. you can shake it around. after that, take it out again. that's easy, right? - yes, it's easy. / - but this time, we'll do this. release it and catch it very quickly. i'll show you again. the ring goes down like this. - did you get it? / - yes. but people can see that it's going down.

that's why you should take the other hand to cover it up. and pretend to take out the ring. the ring already went down. some people can get confused with the process. it's very confusing because you can't pick it up. some people do this. the ring already went through. - it's already done. / - you gave it away.

that is magic. - how do we end this? / - now, hold the spoon with your thumb and index finger. then, bring it up from the bottom. (hold the spoon with two fingers) (and bring down the ring) this is how it's done. - he's really good. / - we should practice a lot. this is all about practicing.

- do you want to try? / - yes. - it can go in like this. / - yes. - and here, it can't. / - yes. (that was too obvious) - your ring is gone. / - hyunmoo should try. - look, here's a ring. / - yes. it can go in through the top but not through the bottom. - you're right. / - do you see that?

all right. - come on, don't do that. / - that's an old trick. - that trick is old. / - that is really old. i will put the ring now. (swinging his hand around) he seems like a con artist. (failed) you shouldn't do it like hyunmoo. it's important to distract the audience from this part.

- i see. / - people will be able to tell. - how was his nose trick? / - that was the worst. what was that? - this thing. / - why did you do that? - you have to practice. / - we should. yohwan, all of your wife's friends are older than you, right? what's it like to hang out with them? gayeon is eight years older than me,

and her friends are about her age, too. she looks like she's about my age. - but her friends don't. / - that can happen. how do they look? - well... / - what was this? "how do they look?" do they also have strong personalities like gayeon? they do. they can make their men listen. - they're like that. / - it's a club, then.

they are probably very strong. they can lead people easily. - like a leader. / - well, gayeon is like that, too. do you feel the age gap? - she's eight years older than you. / - no. i have never felt that with gayeon. do you sometimes realize that she is older than you? - not at all. / - not at all? that's why we're perfect.

we played online games together and we had no problem. youngjin must have been popular among comedians. i heard other comedians were sad when you were getting married. park sungkwang and oh nami cried. - did nami cry? / - why did she cry? - she cries all the time, actually. / - she does. - she cries quite often. / - i'm like that, too. if i see someone cry, i cry too.

she cries if i tell her to cry. she cries quite often. - did park jisun cry as well? / - yes, she did. - didn't she like you? / - who, me? - not at all. / - no? i'm like an older brother to her. when i told her i'm getting married, she didn't believe me at first. then she shed tears in happiness. your wife may misunderstand.

many of your female colleagues cried at your wedding. don't you think your wife may misunderstand? i don't think so because jisun and nami were the ones who cried. (he has nothing to worry about) did they give you wedding presents? when jisun heard that i was getting married, she volunteered to be the flower girl at my wedding. (a runway of comediennes at the wedding hall)

- they look like mothers. / - are they playing puppets? i don't know where they found the outfit, but they had it. isn't that what younggu wears? - they had the outfit. / - gosh. i heard you had a sad incident during your wedding photo shoot. during my wedding photo shoot? all of my colleagues

who started working at kbs in the same year usually come to congratulate and take a photo together. i sent a message on our group chat before my wedding. i wrote, "dear colleagues, i'm getting married soon." "please come to our photo shoot." then people sent me replies such as "i'm sorry," "i'm busy," and "i have a business trip." i kept getting replies like those.

i was a little disappointed by that, so i cancelled the photo shoot right away. - you didn't take it? / - no. i told everyone that i'm cancelling it. instead, i called some of the colleagues i'm close to and took pictures together. however, i was disappointed by the other colleagues. i was still part of the group chat, but i didn't say anything

- because i was disappointed. / - you were upset. - i temporarily retired. / - right. it'd be obvious if i left the chat room. after some time, i had my wedding. park won and kan miyoun came to sing at my wedding. i was getting ready to walk the aisle, but suddenly kim joonhyun stood up and asked if he could sing to congratulate me. my immediate reaction was, "don't do it."

i was very close to saying, "no, i don't want you to." you must have been very upset. since joonhyun is famous, people in the audience wanted him to sing. - we have a clip from his wedding. / - really? (the husband is feeling bitter) (kim joonhyun and kim taewon sing to congratulate them) - they're good at singing. / - they're like tenors. (they're engrossed in their singing)

they're amazing tenors. let's have all of his colleagues sing together. - was it a set up? / - they prepared something. (the lights are turned on) - that's so moving. / - it's awesome. they didn't come to the photo shoot. (the colleagues appear on stage) there are so many of them. (the colleagues who didn't show up)

(at the wedding photo shoot) (prepared a big surprise performance) all of them came this time. (jang doyeon cries) why is jang doyeon crying? (a surprise performance) (with love from his colleagues) we wholeheartedly congratulate youngjin on his wedding. we'll shout all together.

in three, two, one. youngjin, congratulations on your wedding! (congratulations on your wedding) congratulations, youngjin. - the bride is also... / - she is beautiful. that was moving. - you had no idea about it? / - not at all. - didn't you shed tears? / - i got somewhat emotional. my wife cried a lot then.

whose idea was it? they made a chatroom - without me. / - they talked amongst themselves. they made a separate chatroom and prepared for months. didn't you feel bad for being disappointed in them? i was too petty. i should have waited until the wedding ended. - right. / - you quickly judged them. you thought you were too petty.

yes, it's very obvious. - you'll remember it for long. / - i know. - this looks great. / - many colleagues helped me. eungyeol, i heard you chose a wedding hall to plan the wedding yourself. i didn't want to have the same wedding like everyone. i chose the music and decided what i wanted. (he enters with a torch) - are you moving in a slow motion? / - yes.

he's doing it himself? it's like from the movie "chariots of fire." he's moving in a slow motion. most grooms don't do things like that for their bride. he's performing. - he's doing magic in slow motion. / - it's not magic. that was to entertain the audience. my friends spent all night to make a pigeon - really? / - that can flap slowly.

we also made the pigeon move in a slow motion. my friends made everything. (he had a one-of-a-kind, fun wedding) (impressed) at most weddings, the bride receives the spotlight. they should stand out. however, if the groom does everything in the beginning...

it was still impressive. i heard youngjin realized something while preparing for the wedding. what did you realize? women usually do a lot to prepare for the wedding. - right. / - men shouldn't engage in it. all they have to do is take care of their girlfriends. your girlfriend may want you to come see her wedding dress.

however, all the dresses are white and no other color. the only difference is the shape of the straps and if there are veils or not. they look all the same, but for women, every dress is unique. any difference is significant. they try on about five different dresses. when they ask which one looks better, you shouldn't think too hard.

don't think about which one actually looks better. tell her the fourth one is nice. she'd ask, "isn't the second one better?" "the second one is better." that's all you have to say. they just want an affirmation. they already know which one looks better. - they want your reaction. / - but, you still have to participate

so that it feels like you helped out. i couldn't remember from the third dress. - you can't. / - they're all white. she asks, "how was the first one?" if i respond, "i think the first dress was the best," then she ends up wearing the first dress to the wedding. what if she asks, "do you remember what the first one looked like?"

i said, "didn't you already try that on?" then the salesperson went, "you're very observant." it was actually my first time seeing the dress. (he liked the dress though it was first time seeing it) when i said i liked it last time, she said i'm observant. i can't tell the difference. they're all like a white cloth. white cloth?

i have fantasies about wedding proposals. wonjun, how did you propose to your wife? my wife always wanted something small and private, so i prepared something in our room. - that looks cute. / - you definitely need candles. i gave her a pair of earrings that i've wanted to give her when we get married. then i gave her my passbook. - wow. / - of course.

- did you have a lot in balance? / - hyeongyeong. i was disappointed at first with just the candles. - really? / - it's because - it looked too simple. / - "it looked too simple"? after hearing about the passbook, i can now understand. oh, my goodness. is there a wedding proposal you hope for? i saw my friend getting proposed. - what was it like? / - he showed a clip of

all the things they did together. what about something like this? a man with a helmet on appears and says, "which one of you is uhm hyeongyeong?" - that's the worst. / - i don't like it at all. - you don't? / - "everyone," "we're getting married. please congratulate us." "everyone, we're getting married." "please congratulate us."

i dislike that the most. suddenly, someone stands up and sing. ♪ you're right ♪ ♪ here is my girlfriend ♪ - this is terrible. / - you can hire someone. is this terrible? - that's women's worst nightmare. / - is it? it was popular back in the day. a man would shout in a plaza, "hyeongyeong is mine!"

(please let me go) a group of 20 men appear in front of her house. and they walk in a line. bride-to-be, bride-to-be. (it's a proposal only possible in dreams) - i absolutely don't want it. / - you don't? - no. / - why not? - i just don't like it. / - why are you laughing? she says it's the worst,

but i have no idea about wedding proposals. gayeon may do things like that for you. i bet gayeon would do it for you. when gayeon asks for a favor that's not related to games, i worry about it until i do it for her. she knows that i'd worry too much if she asks me for a favor, so she told me exactly how to propose to her.

- i see. / - she asked me to dedicate her a pair of wedding shoes in a glass dome. (glass dome wedding shoes) she demanded me to do that for her. was that an order? it was because i was too worried and didn't know what to do. - i was struggling. / - dedicate? i'm sure she was joking.

- she wasn't joking. / - really? no. she really told me to do that. (i'm being very serious) if i do what she asked, she said she'll accept the proposal. - in a way, / - it sounds like a mission. - it's very specific. / - in a way, it is. are you going to order a glass dome?

i already bought a pair of shoes. do you have them already? the shoes will be delivered by the time - i'm at a competition. / - are you a wedding planner? it doesn't sound like it's his own wedding. are you a wedding planner? the shoes will arrive a week after the order, so all i have to do is give them to her. - we now have haryeong, / - of course.

and i get along with gayeon very well. she takes care of everything i need, so when i get old, my life will be good. - what is it? / - who's here at this hour? - another guest? / - no way. (two women have arrived) (at "happy together" show?) (who would they be?) we're not expecting anyone.

- no way. / - oh, my goodness. - who is it? / - wow! (kim gayeon) she surprised me. - goodness. / - hello. - hold on. / - goodness. - isn't that your daughter? / - they look alike. - she's my oldest daughter. / - oh, my. wait a second.

- i've never met your daughter. / - really? hello, i have multiple personalities. i'm kind-hearted, kim gayeon. why are you establishing yourself like that? don't mess with me today. - you never age. / - what's with that comment? just answer my calls! calm yourself down. what was that all of a sudden?

- she's like a thug. / - did something happen? your daughter looks more like a sister. - they look like sisters. / - yes. when the three of us go to a restaurant, they ask seoryeong if she's the younger sister. they tell me i look just like her. they say they look alike. even their voices are similar.

then i say, "hi, sister-in-law." - people would believe that. / - exactly. when did you get here? i've been here for a while. - did you know? / - i didn't. i was having fun talking about her. your posture has changed. i'm sitting upright. - honey, was it tough? / - no, it wasn't.

- what's wrong? / - did you hear us talk? yes. i heard everyone talking behind my back. - i heard it all. / - but, i was about to say good things about gayeon. but then she walked in. the reason i chose gayeon is because my old age will be secured. that's what i thought. your old age?

is she your insurance policy? - what are you saying? / - what i meant is... it's absolutely guaranteed. call 1588-gayeon. is she your insurance policy or something? i'm going to protect my husband. i think gayeon will really protect her husband. did you really choose the wedding date based on jaeseok's schedule? it's true.

i texted him last october that i was getting married. i asked when he was available. he said not to go by his schedule. why choose a date based on the host's schedule? why go by the host's schedule? that's how jaeseok is for you. "i feel like the marriage will last" "if you host my wedding." that's what i replied.

what if he can't host this year? i won't marry then. - i don't understand. / - seriously. just do it. you have no choice. it's may 8th, right? but myungsoo, why didn't you answer my calls? you read my messages but you didn't answer. i'm really upset right now. will you come to my wedding?

it's on parents' day, right? - yes. / - shouldn't i see my parents? shouldn't i see my parents? - it's at three o'clock. / - visit them afterwards. my wedding only comes once. it's at three o'clock. - are you coming or not? / - i'll try to go. thank you. (she's back to the kind gayeon) - yes. / - right.

- i wanted to say something. / - what is it? - i asked you if you're coming. / - yes. - there's a reason for that. / - what is it? - everyone knows you're the host. / - yes. now everyone wants to come to see jaeseok. they just want to see jaeseok. people that i don't even know want to come and see you. so people who are actually invited might need to stand in the back.

i couldn't have that. we designated seats for all 380 guests. so not just anyone can sit. only invited guests can have a seat. - how strict. / - yes. - so... / - did you know about this? i heard about the designated seating. but i didn't know she designated seats for everyone. why don't you know anything?

it's like an award show or something. is there a penalty for not showing up? it'll be a live broadcast. (live wedding produced by kim gayeon) i've known gayeon for 25 years. but actually, i'm scared of her. - is she scarier than kang hodong? / - yes, she is. at least i can communicate with hodong. it's completely one-sided with her.

"come, come to my wedding!" "why don't you answer my calls?" i'm scared of her. - i heard you had a crush on her. / - yes, that's true. - be honest. / - you had a crush? (the truth comes out two weeks before the wedding) - i've had lots of crushes. / - it can happen. - i wouldn't say i had a crush. / - right. actually, she auditioned to be a comedienne.

the beautiful, kim gayeon is 22 years old this year. (she started her career a year after myungsoo) she was a comedienne. she was pretty for a comedienne. - yes. / - i admired her from a distance. i never had a crush. did you know that myungsoo liked you? i remember mbc used to have kimbap restaurant

- on the second floor. / - there was. they used to sell kimbap, a beverage - and sausages as a combo. / - right. myungsoo always bought me that. he liked you. i can never forget that. i said i didn't have a crush on her. why do you keep saying that? why did you pay for her then?

she was very cute and she was my colleague. i bought her some while i ate. - really? / - buying a meal doesn't mean - that i had a crush. / - there was also an atm - on the second floor. / - yes, there was. he used to brag about his salary. you tried to appeal to her. why did you tell her that? so she could check if she got paid, too!

why does that mean i had a crush on her? does that mean that i liked her? it makes sense. i don't think you remember, jaeseok. my friends... (gayeon's friends) - you met them. / - when? i set you up on a blind date in 2000. what? wow.

- who? / - you met them in apgujeong at a chinese restaurant. my friend cancelled the date 30 minutes before the meeting. - goodness. / - really? - my friend cancelled. / - she must regret it now. - she really regrets it. / - i bet. so i called my other friends. "we have to make sure that we cheer him up."

i told them to come and all of them did. so you sat in the middle while six women chatted. do you remember? i don't. don't lie. you remember, right? - i'm sure he does because... / - come on. gosh. i remember now. it was fun but i had a really tough time. right.

i told you it was fine and there was no need. i said i could meet her next time. - i said, no. / - but gayeon felt bad and insisted on calling all her friends. there was this friend called hyohyeon. among our group, she's second when it comes to looks. because i'm the first. - the rest must be awful then. / - awful? - i'm sorry. / - he's courageous.

i'm sorry. please forgive me. i'm sorry. i'm really sorry. - i'm sorry. / - i shouldn't just let it go. - anyway, when i / - i'm sorry. introduced that friend to jaeseok, she said, "hello, i'm second." he thought her name was second. - second? / - while we were talking, he called her second.

so he found out it's not her name. i think i remember. - right? / - it was 16 years ago, but it was such a burden. all i wanted to do was leave. - i remember that name. / - that friend is now married to coach yoon junghwan. i see. second... another friend from that group

married coach seo jungwon. - she's his wife now. / - wow. another one is the wife of the tennis player, lee hyungtaek. you're the wife of a professional gamer. - are they all hot-tempered? / - no, they're not. all wives become that way while supporting their husbands. if wives feel like they want to be protected

by their husbands, they can always play that role. "i'm scared, honey. hit him for me." they can always do that. (they're taken aback by gayeon's portrayal) - what's with you suddenly? / - wait. eungyeol and wonjun are both stunned. yohwan said earlier that you have - five different personalities. / - yes.

i'm the fifth woman today. she doesn't come out often. the one who acts cute? no, i'm kind-hearted. (kind-hearted gayeon) are you kind-hearted right now? i heard you ask your mother-in-law for money as gifts. - how can you do that? / - let me tell you this. i saw my husband being very cute earlier.

- that's not the right way. / - then? - you have to appeal to elders. / - how? pretend he is your father-in-law. this is bothersome. after bowing, i approach like this. then i say, "father, time to open your wallet!" like that. - that's how you do it. / - i'm sorry but your daughter and husband seem very intimidated.

they do. i think they're avoiding you. you're sitting closer to youngjin. honey, come here. (come here before i get mad) everyone else is intimidated, too. - i feel like an audience member. / - right. it's as if i'm in the military. since your mom is so

- authoritative... / - authoritative... what do you mean? sorry, honey. - take it easy. / - sorry, honey. - she's not like you though. / - you're right. - she doesn't take after gayeon. / - the two of us - are so different. / - she seems more like yohwan. i became this way because of my husband. my husband doesn't know how to say, "no".

- so? / - so i get tough. "no. forget it! ask me first." "you must go on happy together." when i told him to go on the show, he asked why. i said, "be quiet." - and you locked him up. / - yes. - then you locked the door? / - yes. why did you tell him to be on "happy together" all of a sudden?

- it was all part of my plan. / - what is it? i really wanted to receive a proposal. - here? / - yes. this is what he was referring to earlier. - is this it? / - on the shoe, it says, "use these if you want to kick something." - what is that? / - "kick something?" he came up with that after two weeks of pondering. now all you have to do is propose.

right, there are two weeks left. two weeks? (the wedding is two weeks away) (the professional gamer and) (the supportive wife meet) my father-in-law didn't support our relationship. afterwards, he got angry and forbade our marriage. it's like you're being dragged by gayeon. i'll get in trouble if i disobey.

(but as time passed,) (their feelings didn't change) (they decided to make it official) (yohwan's proposal to gayeon) - i'll do this for you. / - my goodness. - honey. / - yes? will you marry me? i'll take the flowers. will you propose with the shoes? - okay. / - with the shoes.

(oh, right, the wedding shoes) - don't break it. / - take the cover off. - honey, take the cover off. / - yes. is he an avatar? pardon? gosh. why didn't you practice? honey, marry me. - he really wants to marry her. / - wow. (although he's nervous,)

(he loves gayeon more than anything) i'm nervous. - where's the other shoe? / - this is my answer. prince, here's the other shoe. this is so funny. wow! they're pretty. congratulations! - we wish you happiness! / - we're getting married!

- congratulations. / - we'll be happy! (kiss me!) (kissing) (congratulations on your marriage) since we focused on one guest, we didn't get to hear from the others. it's like they're our only guests. it's been the kim gayeon show instead of "happy together".

- it was a proposal show. / - we hear that you were touched by your wife, eungyeol. why are you asking me that suddenly? please tell us. what can i say in this atmosphere? - tell us. / - but why does it have to be me? - please tell us. / - but why does it have to be me? - there are others here! / - everyone needs to speak. - go ahead. / - come on.

- pull out a pigeon or something! / - well... we needed to change the topic. our eyes met coincidentally! - make something up! / - just tell us. i'm happy as long as i can escape from gayeon. we had eye contact! - hurry up. / - i suddenly feel dizzy. well... you know... i don't want to be disturbed

while doing something i like. but my wife completely understands that. she leaves me alone when i need to think about things. it's important that i have that freedom. - she trusts you. / - but i really agreed with what eungyeol said. i was envious of how his wife gives him time for himself. - you're being brave today. / - yes.

are you finally speaking? since you're with others, you became braver. i think it's very necessary. after i gave up gaming and turned to poker, i needed time to study the game. it requires continuous study. if she bursts in and tells me to be on "happy together" all of a sudden, i end up thinking about that instead of studying.

my focus shifts. he's a professional gambler now. no, gambler isn't right. - what is it then? / - professional poker player. gamblers have less than 50 percent chance of winning. they're people who bet. poker player is an unfamiliar term. it's not the best image, right? - i agree. / - it's associated with gambling.

there are many who think it's gambling. it's part of the culture in the us and europe. - it's a sport. / - the chips used to play have no actual cash value. you have to remain playing until the very end. - i see. / - yes. the wsop in las vegas is the most famous tournament. the prize is eight to ten million dollars. - what? / - in one game?

- yes. / - it's the main event. i have to learn. you need the ability to trick the other players. - when you sit next to players, / - it sounds scary. you look at their eyes. let's say you bet during the game. you look at the players when you bet and bluff. you have to read their eyes. people wear sunglasses to hide their eyes.

- poker face. / - they also wear hats and hoodies. they don't want to give anything away. that's where the term "poker face" came from. myungsoo has a great advantage. his face doesn't change. he always has the same expression. no matter what hand he has... - he wants time alone. / - right. you finally spoke up for yourself.

before we had a child, gayeon was 100 percent focused on me. now the baby has 80 percent of the focus while i have 20. - i have 10 percent. / - right, it's divided now. she has 10 percent. i'm getting more time alone like eungyeol. is this your daughter? haryeong?

she's cute. - how cute. / - she's so cute. she looks like you, yohwan. - she looks just like her dad. / - yes. eungyeol performed at the national theater of korea. - national theatre of korea? / - you performed there? isn't that unusual? i was nervous because it was the first time in 20 years.

- i'm looking forward to it. / - can i borrow a bag? get him a bag. - give me a bag. / - let's see what eungyeol can do. well, it's miming. - he's already doing great. / - like this. this is it. - he's like charlie chaplin. / - this is it. - wow! / - look at that. - wow, look at that! / - wow!

it's like this. then do this. then, hold on. he's opening it? there's kimbap in here. why is there kimbap in the bag? can you lend me a belt? a belt? - do you have a belt? / - i do.

it's just a belt. - it's not mine. / - right, it's mine. - is he going to cut it? / - will he hit someone? miming is all about the imagination. (the world of imagination) imagine it's a snake. i borrowed this as well. no way. - there's no way. / - no way.

this kind of thing is commonly done in india. - no way. / - no way. - this can't be. / - i'm leaving. there's no way. that's really my belt. this is the scriptwriter's bag. a snake is supposed to come out - when you play a flute. / - a cobra. - it won't be a real snake. / - really?

- are you sure? / - yes. just a moment. i have to blow harder. (his second attempt) i'm sorry. - it should make a sound. / - he's doing it on purpose. - he's acting. / - no. i'm not acting. watch carefully. (he's trying his best on the third attempt)

- should it make a sound? / - really? (she lets her guard down) - how long will this go on? / - well... i'm afraid something will come out. - this isn't working. help me out. / - okay. - can i help? / - can you blow hard? - will i swallow something? / - no, no. blow hard. just a moment. - what's going on? / - i'm scared.

that's just my belt. - should i blow now? / - now blow hard. (he successfully tricks saeho) - that was so funny! / - that's funny. (everyone's amused) i didn't see that coming. i'm always grateful to my wife. i might not be the best husband. but i'll do my best to support her.

as time goes by, i feel like i owe a lot to the people around me. to my parents and my wife, thank you for always supporting and believing in me. thank you for marrying me, honey. even though we're married, let's always live like we're dating. thank you. i love you. - yohwan? / - i'm ready.

it's yohwan's turn. even though it was only the two of us when we first met and... she's right next to you. - it's a video letter, right? / - yes. but now we have seoryeong and haryeong. we're a family now and we're about to get married. let's live happily with our oldest daughter, seoryeong and our youngest, haryeong.

thank you for watching "happy together". see you next week. - thank you! / - thank you! (see you next week) ("on the four lane road" by louie, feat. yuk seongjae)

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