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i greet you in the love and the light of theinfinite creator. mcdonald�s, an illuminati outlet, servesup some things that will shock and disgust you! stop eating there and live!! when one thinks of the name mcdonald one immediatelythinks of the fast food hamburger chain which has franchises all over the world. the mcdonald�scorp. has been rumored for years to be connected to satanism. in fact a book which tries todebunk belief in a satanic conspiracy entitled satan wants you reported the rumor that mcdonald�s owner ray kroc tithed to the church of satan. (see satan wants you, pg. 140).ray kroc does spend time with nwo elites and is a member of the bohemian grove. there isno doubt that the mcdonald�s corp. has an

inside track with the illuminati, becausethe u.s. government has given according to one source 40 million dollars in public taxmoney to mcdonalds to help them set up mcdonald restaurants in foreign countries under thedisguise that this was money spent on foreign policy. in 1991, the total of mcdonald outlets(restaurants) in the 3 primary european nations of britain, france and west germany totaled959 restaurants. in spite of the millions of dollars of taxdollars the u.s. has given to mcdonalds corp., the money doesn�t seem to be directly connectedto the mcdonalds family, because the mcdonalds family (richard and maurice mcdonald knownas �dick� and �mac�) which started the restaurants in 1937 were bought out byray kroc around 1954. by the time ray kroc

had bought out the mcdonald brothers, theyhad a very successful business going. the mcdonald brothers lived in the rich sectionof san bernardino, and had around 11 mcdonald restaurants. the brothers made about $100,000profit a year and were quite content. the mcdonalds had designed the golden arches andhad put together the taste food concept and had been selling franchises. however, themcdonalds were too content. the mcdonalds didn�t want to expand, and when ray krocformed mcdonald�s system. inc. on mar. 2, 1955 after buying out the brothers with borrowedmoney, he vigorously went to work to develop mcdonalds into the international franchisethat it is. ray kroc (bn. 10/5/194)2 in oak park. chicago) lived frugally for many yearsputting his whole life into building up the

mcdonald�s franchise. it was his drive thattook a good idea and changed it from a success in hollywood and san bernardino into an internationalsuccess. ray kroc knew a good idea when he saw it, and developed other people�s goodideas into a great success. james a. collins, chairman of collins foodsinternational, now the largest kentucky fried chicken franchisee and the operator of sizzlerrestaurants talked about his time with the mcdonalds in 1952, �there was a fraternityof us, and every one of us saw the mcdonald�s in san bernadino and basically copied it afterthe boys, [the mcdonald brothers gave us a tour." "weall took our lessons from the mcdonald brothers," collins remembers. the concepts that franchisespay for the mcdonald brothers were giving

out free, and collins turned around and begangetting $100 a day training people from carnation, with the concepts that the mcdonalds had shared.henry�s drive ins and ken�s were mcdonald look-alikes that started from people trainedby collins. glen bell who started taco bell, who patronized the mcdonald�s main restaurantin san bernandino started taco bell from ideas from mcdonalds. the first year collins imitatedmcdonalds with his own fast food restaurant, collins made $80,000 a year take home pay.the mcdonald brothers became a part of the local elite of san bernadino, ca along sidesuch rich local families as guthrie, stater, and harris. readers are reminded of all thearticles in my newsletters about how san bernadino is a major headquarters for the illuminatiand satanic hubs because there are so many

thousands of practitioners of black magicin the area. i do know from working with survivors of the illuminati that the mcdonald familyhas part of their people in the illuminati. how far back does the mcdonald family go inthe occult? the mcdonald family was a scottish clan thatwas part of druidism. many of the mcdonald have gone on to serve christ. however, thereis still a large powerful contingent of the mcdonald family which is connected to themystery religions, and which has family members who are part of the illuminati. each of themajor scottish clans had an area that they controlled of scotland. the mcdonalds controlledthe islands and coastal areas on the west coast of scotland. when the knights templarstied persecution, in order to escape the various

british fleets, they sailed a route that tookthem to western scotland. during the time of king philippe iv of france. the mcdonaldswere involved in the movement of the knights templars. the knights templars had adoptedgnostic/satanic practices during the centuries they guarded the pilgrims in the middle east.the order had also become the international bankers of europe and large landowners ineurope. the king of france twisted the pope�s arm (so to speak) to get him to go along witha campaign to eliminate the knights templars. because the mcdonald clan was in private stillpagan. they were willing to help the knights templar escape the pope�s decree againstthe templars. the knights templars were not the only internationalbankers to move north. later, during the 16th

& 17th century, the elite satanic bankingfamilies moved their operations from southern europe to antwerp flanders and then on toamsterdam. many of the knights templars lied to scotland, where they helped bruce, theking of scotland. when the english invaded scotland they were defeated by bruce in animportant battle named bannockburn. bannockburn kept scotland free from england for the next289 years. the knights templars fought with bruce in the battle under the command of angusog mcdonald, who was a large scottish landowner and a friend of bruce. angus og mcdonald hadpreviously in the 1308 time period given protection to the knights templars. the knights templarsbrought their treasures and their military might to scotland & to the mcdonalds. manyof the knights templars went on to the orkeney

is., but some stayed in scotland and becameimportant in the occult world. the descendents of these knights are still guarding some importantoccult relics, which may be revealed in the next few years.the sinclair family has been part of the prieure de sion, freemasonry and the illuminati. vice-pres.of the sinclair oil & gas co. in tulsa in �59-�61 was marshall mcdonald, who wasan active freemason who married into the collins family. note that the cities/towns tulsa,wagoneer, muskogee, broken arrow in okla. are totally controlled by the illuminati.the atmosphere in these little towns sw of tulsa has been described as oppressive & proneto violence by people who have lived in them. one of the lodge systems set up by the illuminatiwas the jacobin club (originally known as

club breton). its jacobite members got financingfrom the illuminati and were a big part of the cause of the french revolution. the jacobitesalso played a role in the early history of the united states and the american revolution.the jacobites had a number of aristocrats who were also secret satanists as their leaders.they had a lodge in rome. one of the scottish jacobites was flora macdonald. she saved princecharles edward�s life. etienne jacques joseph alexandre macdonald (scottish blood) was a330 freemason & also an officer who fought on the side of the french revolution. he wenton to become a marshall in the french army. in 1805. he became the grand administratorof the grand lodge symbolique in france. some notable mcdonalds include:� ramsay mcdonald�british prime minister

during 1920s privy to insider info, and whowas in favor of working with communist russia. ramsey mcdonald was a member of the fabiansociety working for a socialist one-world government. he rubbed shoulders with annebesant and clarke a disciple of llluminatus mazzani.� alexander mcdonald (?-1910)- pres. of standard oil of kt, bn. in scotland, livedin clifton, oh. � alonzo lowry mcdonald- u.s marine (�50-�52),member cfr, illuminati, lived in london, zurich, and paris. asst to pres. u.s. white housestaff director 79-81. � angus daniel mcdonald (1878-1941)- railroadpres. w/ all types of railroad leadership positions, trustee of notre dame, knight ofmalta, member bohemian club.

� david george mcdonald�did secret medical& psychological research including secret research for the neuropsychiatrical researchunit in san diego for the u.s. navy in �62-63. � donald s. mcdonald�bilderberger steeringcommittee (this is the select illuminati group of men who actually run the bilderbergers),canadian minister of defense, trilateral commission, canada�s institute of international affairs(the equivalent of our cfr). and the director of the following: dupont of canada. the elitesshell can ltd., mcdonald douglas corp., etc. � christopher w. macdonald � member ofbohemian grove. � edmund b. macdonald�member of bohemiangrove frank bethume mcdonald�nasa scientist involved with sending pioneer 10 & 11 to jupiter.� george g. mcdonald�member of bohemian

grove.� graeme l. macdonald�member of bohemian grove dr. gordon mcdonald�astrophysicistwho wrote that �enhanced electrical oscillations in the earth s atmosphere might be used toimpair human brains. � harold d. macdonald�high ranking occultistin the sricf which is a branch of the sria, which started many of the satanic kaballisticgroups such as the oto, the golden dawn, etc. lived in massachusetts.� ian bruce mcdonald�member of bohemian grove.� prof. dr. james e. mcdonald�suicide by cia after discovering their involvementwith ufos, mcdonald had addressed the un�s outer space affairs group concerning ufoson 7 june 67. why was this very informed scientist

suicide?� jeffry r. mcdonald�a grn. beret doctor whose family was murdered by the satanic cultthat alinea stockley belonged to. ted gunderson tried to help him legally. the murder wasto hide an army/cia/satanic drug oper. sir john a. mcdonald (1815 -1891) � 1st primeminister of canada, freemason, knight of the order of bath, knights templar, and memberlafayette royal arch chapter, of wash. d.c. � john bartholomew mcdonald (1844-1911)�dueto his father�s connections with the corrupt tammany hall in ny this railway engineer andrailway executive was able to get important jobs. john built the ny subway system andwhen he died the electricity in all the subway system was shut off for 2 min. in respect.he built the vanderbilt tunnels north of 42nd

st. ny & other items. john cecil mcdonald(1924-) �32� freemason, shriner, national republican chrmn, on the court of u.s militaryappeals, delegate to rep. nat. convention in �64, �72, �76, �80, �84.� john garwin mcdonald�oil executive john warlick mcdonald, jr. (1922-) �llluminatimember, lives in arlington, va. was with the u.s. supreme court 1951, was with the u smilitary govt. running occupied german after w w il�see the krupp illuminati family articlein this newsletter. worked with nato, cento, ca, national war college, the un, the statedept., went to numerous (almost countless) un conferences for the u.s. he was the u.s�scoordinator for the un�s drinking water work. he is a member of the cosmos club, andthe club of rome.

� lovatt mcdonald-pres. of draycott whohas worked with p2 freemasons in secret arm smuggling deals linda mcdonald�victim ofmonarch mind control programming by dr ewen cameron (dr. white of the illuminati) at allanmemorial hospital. linda mcdonald at the age of 58 and living at vancouver, b.c. was ableto prove that cameron did programming using drugs, electroshock, psychic driving, depatterning,etc.) she has no memory of her childhood, but was able to prove that in 1963 at age26 she was given mind control programming. because the cia had funded cameron, the u.s.fed. govt. gave her via the canadian govt. a $100,000 settlement, if she would not talk.a newspaper did pick up on the settlement on 11/18/92 and i have reproduced that newsarticle at the end of this article. the money

was hush money, for it was stipulated forthe $100,000 out of court settlement, linda would keep quiet about her mind control.� robert a. mcdonald�member of bohemian grove w. patrick mcdonald�member of bohemiangrove walter joseph mcdonald- important cia officer, cath., lived in annapolis, md, boston, ms. mcdonalds are publishers of occult books inthe u.k. mcdonalds who authored occult books & othernotable titles. � douglas r. macdonald�the scot�s bookof lore and folklore. � george mcdonald�wise woman & other fantasystories (part of a series on the fantasy stories of george mcdonald.)� john mcdonald�the magic story message

of a master.� john warlick mcdonald, jr.�the north-south dialogue & the united nations pub. by georgetownuniv. � michael macdonald�mystical bedlam, cambridge univ. press. � reby e. macdonald�the ghosts of austwickmanor and a contemporary collection on loan from the rothschild bank ag, zurich.the mcdonalds and macdonalds (and some of the donalds) are descendents from king somerled.king somerled helped expel the vikings (norsemen) from scotland. king somerled�s son was ranaldand ranald�s son was named donald. the grandson then became argus mor mcdonald (mac means�son of�) argus�s grandson married macrorie and became lordship of the isles. the mcdonaldswere the chiefs of that area. families that

sought their protection sometimes took theirname too. so it is not inconceivable that some of the knights templar bloodlines endedup one way or the other as mcdonald. the powerful mcdonald of glencoe lived in glencoe untilthe 1692 massacre by the english government against francis stewart sympathizers. francisstewart was the grand master of the witchcraft covens in that area of scotland. and the mcdonaldswere supporters of him. also in the 17th century the mcdonalds were forced to participate withothers in piracy. there are some powerful stewarts (also spelledstuart) in the illuminati today, some who are friends with the rockefellers. at leastone stewart intermarried with a rockefeller. another stewart has family members who owna series of theaters in california which have

secret tunnels to day care centers so thatchildren can be ritually abused and programmed. (this stewart had a father in satanism whowas associated with the hungarian palace.) james c. stewart, a member of the illuminati,built the mormon�s capital building in salt lake city, 60 wall tower in ny, and the savoyhotel in london that the illuminati use for their pilgrim society headquarters. jamesbelonged to the pilgrim soc. too. now that the reader knows this, he or she will understandwhy this author did a double take when i ran across stewart mcdonald, who was the directorof savoy plaza hotel, in new york. a place frequented by the elite. stewart mcdonaldwas president of army war shows in �42-�43. see the article on the van duyns in this newsletterto understand the connections between the

army war shows and the secret mind-controlops done in w.w.2 under the auspices of the illuminati.stewart mcdonald was also the police commissioner in corrupt st. louis, mo and the fed. housingadministrator for wash. d.c., as well as being an auto manufacturer. there is a stuart whoactually has a stronger claim to the throne of england than queen elizabeth. he is 11thin line as a claimant, while she is only 13th. his claim is a carefully preserved secretby the media. queen elizabeth is of the hannover dynasty which is part of the 13th illuminatibloodline. this stuart claimant was recently asked if he would like to have the throneof the newly formed nation of estonia, but he rejected it. the stuart bloodline and theirhenchmen have been an important part of the

leadership of freemasonry down through thecenturies. the scottish stewart family, as well as thecameron, campbell, douglas, hamilton, and montgomery scottish families were originallypowerful families that came from flanders area (now belgium & north. france) which istoday a strong point for the illuminati. these families emigrated to scotland in the 12thcentury and were part of the strong occult bonds between scotland and the flanders area.(today, flanders is divided between northern france and belgium.) later, flanders becamea banking center for the international bankers. the hungarian occult world also connects toscotland with such ancient historical figures as saint margaret (a hungarian noble), whosehusband malcolm ceanmor murdered in real life

macbeth. her son david introduced feudalisminto scotland, and she herself brought in catholic priests. there are many occult tiesbetween scotland. flanders, hungary, and rome. parts of the mcdonalds continue to practicedruidism, which was the original religion prior to the christians. the mcdonald heritagegoes back to the picts and gaelic people. some of the mcdonalds have become part ofthe catholic hierarchy. i believe i know of five macdonalds which have become air marshalls(top rank) in the british ray. the names of these raf marshalls are: someried douglasmcdonald, thomas conchar mcdonald, sir william mcdonald, air commander john c. mcdonald,and major general john frederick matheson mcdonald. the nwo has been called the airdictatorship because the nwo�s air power

will be so important, so it is significantthat the raf has had so many high officers who were macdonalds. just one example of thetie-ins, the british minister of aviation roy jenkins (64-65) has been part of the trilateralcommission. thomas conchar macdonald did secret research for the air ministry after ww ii.he went to the univ. of glasgow. another marshall sir william laurence niary) macdonald wasinvolved with british air force intelligence. a number of other mcdonalds have worked forintelligence agencies to, incl. david george mcdonald, james michael mcdonald, jr. etc.william mcdonald was a doctor who worked with fdr in 1925.henry ford also spent time with a doctor named william mcdonald. a number of mcdonalds arebankers (or important in the stock markets)

and in an attempt to keep this article briefi�ll just list some of them: andrew jewett mcdonald (yale, usaf), archibald macdonald,allen colfax mcdonald, angus daniel mcdonald, john garwin mcdonald, william henry mcdonald(can.), and witten mcdonald. archibald niacdonald is director of joseph freeman, sons & co.,ltd. as well as being important in other things. the freeman family is one of the top 13 bloodlinesand connects to the prieure de sion. sir peter george macdonald has heen the director ofguardian assurance co. ltd. which also has connections to the freeman family and theprieure de sion. there are a long list of mcdonalds who have served various governmentsall over the world in leadership positions. danny lee mcdonald of tulsa, ok served onthe corrupt federal election commission (�82-�83)

as its vice-chairman, and from �83 onwardhe served as its chairman. william c. mcdonald was the first state governor of new mexicofrom 1911-17. the freemasons ran the state at that time.this author would wear the readers patience thin by describing all the mcdonald�s whohave been in important government jobs. the policeman who found lee harvey oswald afterjfk was shot was a mcdonald. this policeman was then assigned to protect marinna oswald(the widow of lee harvey oswald). this heavy-set policeman mcdonald (who attends the oakridgechristian church) has appeared on television recently such as on channel 32, on top copsat 7:25 p.m. where he speaks out against conspiracy theories in the jfk assassination. the entirearrest of oswald by m.n. mcdonald is filled

with questions. jack ruby was in the sametheater. oswald tried to shoot mcdonald with an unloaded gun. some unknown person had tippedmcdonald off that oswald was in the theater, and the police had for some reason alreadydecided oswald was guilty because while arresting him the policeman was heard saying by witnesses,�kill the president, will you.� and yet the warren commission said that oswald wasnot a suspect until later. this is just one place of many where the mcdonald family connectsin with the larger satanic conspiracy. jack ruby was involved with the carousel club whichwas tied to the monarch project. the assassination of jfk was done throughpermindex, which was set up by louis mortimer bloomfield, who worked for the illuminatiin soe (british special operations executive)

within the us army intelligence. he workedfor oss and ran the fbi�s counter intelligence div. 5, while working for british soe andthe illuminati. george demohrenschildt, oswald�s best friend or closest contact was himselfan ex-nazi spy who worked for the cia. the mob�s connections to the top 13 illuminatifamilies is explained in the van duyn family article in this newsletter. bear in mind,the mob had turned against jfk too. in summary. some of the mcdonalds have held importantpositions for the illuminati, and part of the mcdonald descendents are in the will also find mcdonalds very active in protestantism and catholicism. the mcdonaldfamily�s involvement with the occult goes clear back to druidism, and then the protection& leadership they gave to the knights templars.

today, some of the mcdonalds are barons, someare bankers & some are leading intelligence and military men.the videos after the article go into more interesting detail. see the video links inthe article link in the description. please share with those you love, who may still beeating this garbage!!

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